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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #886 5/17/10
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TONIGHT: It’s the second-ever commercial-free Raw. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is guest host. On tap: Bret Hart takes on The Miz for the US Title, and John Cena faces Sheamus in a non-title match.

-WWE Open.

-RAW Open.

-The announcers previewed John Cena vs. Sheamus, as well as Buzz Aldrin hosting the show.

-Bret Hart opened the show by coming out to his music. Hart had a Blue Jays jersey on, as if he needed any help getting face heat in Toronto. Bret said that he couldn’t believe when he heard watching Raw that The Miz actually had the nerve to challenge him for a US Title match in Toronto. He said he called “WWF” headquarters and told them to book the match. I’m surprised that’s the first slip of those letters by Bret thus far (if it is the first, in fact). Hart said he didn’t want to be known like the old wrestlers who hang on to long, as so many do. He said he didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but he isn’t going to be wrestling tonight. He was interrupted by Chris Jericho’s music.

Jericho got to the ring and asked, “why?” Bret said he explained himself, but Jericho said no, he’s asking why Bret came back to WWE in the first place. He called Hart a shell of his former self. Then he called him a “pathetic has-been” who is tarnishing his legacy. Jericho said the worst is that Bret has become an ultimate hypocrite, more than any of the fans in the arena. He said Bret came back for the same reason he left: he’s a shameless, ego-driven phony. Then he said Hart deserved to be screwed in Montreal. Hart asked Jericho when the last time he took a look at himself was. Bret reminisced about Jericho training in the Hart Dungeon, and called Jericho a phony himself. Jericho said he already has looked in the mirror, and he sees a man better than Bret ever was. He called himself “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be,” which got a lot of heat. Jericho accused Hart of coming out and getting one last moment of glory tonight. Jericho continued berating Hart while the crowd chanted, “We want Bret.” Jericho said he’ll only be remembered as the guy who backed away from a fight with The Miz. He said the Hart name means nothing anymore and that Stu would be so very ashamed of Bret. Then he left.

Bret told Jericho to tell Miz to put his wrestling boots on, because he’s going to have a match tonight. Jericho said Bret was born to be a con man, and Bret will get himself intentionally disqualified in the match. Jericho said if Bret has any guts, he’ll make this a no-DQ match. Hart said he wouldn’t want it any other way. Bret said he’s not a hypocrite and after tonight, he’ll be walking around Toronto as the United States Champion. And at Over the Limit, the Hart Dynasty will wipe out Jericho and Miz. I wonder how they’ll get around Bret actually wrestling for the U.S. Title tonight.

-Cole and Lawler talked on camera about being commercial-free (except in Canada).

-Still to come, Pick your Poison matches, where Edge and Randy Orton have submitted names to the WWE Offices, picking each other’s opponent on the evening.

-They spoofed the Geico commercial with the guy talking to the camera to plug Shopzone. He said, “Does the Great Khali hate rental cars?” And we saw Khali and Ranjin Singh crouched in a compact car, uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Hornswoggle drove by, taunting them in a Hummer.

-Edge came out. He said Orton thinks he can RKO anyone he wants, but that’s not going to happen to him. Christian’s music interrupted, and he came out as Edge’s opponent. Giggity.

(1) Edge vs. Christian
Lock-up led to a bit of a stalemate in the corner. Cole touched upon the history between these two. Forearm by Christian to the face of Edge for a quick one-count. Edge slapped Christian, so Christian chased him around the ring. Edge got the advantage back inside and did the thing where he stands on Edge’s back while he’s throat-first over the middle rope. Hard dropkick through the ropes sent Edge crashing into the barricade. Edge came back and threw Christian into the barricade, with Christian just making it back in the ring before the count of ten. Arm-bar by Edge, then he proceeded to kick away at Christian. Christian tried for a comeback, and finally elbowed out of an arm-bar. Christian’s back-kick through the ropes was countered. Christian fought out of the corner and went to the top. He had to fight off Edge, who met him up there. Tornado DDT turned the tide for the time being. Cover got two. Flapjack by Christian, who then went to the second rope. Missile dropkick got two. Neck-breaker over the top rope by Christian. Back to the top he went, but he missed a dropkick this time. Edge flattened Christian, but only got two-and-a-half. Spear attempt was met with a big boot by Christian, who rolled Edge up for two. Crowd really getting into it now. Edge tried a spear again, but Christian side-stepped it and hit his flipping kick. Flying European uppercut and Christian set up for the Killswitch. Edge countered and threw Christian shoulder-first into the ring post, then speared him for the win.

Winner: Edge, at 12:07. Real good match, as you’d expect between two friends in front of their home crowd.

Randy Orton got Edge’s attention on the TitanTron and congratulated him for beating Christian. Orton said he didn’t get why Christian was out there, because that’s not who he’s facing tonight. The bell tolled and the lights went out. Oh, my.

(2) Edge vs. The Undertaker- Pick Your Poison Match
So does that mean Vickie Guerrero booked Edge in a match BEFORE his PYP match? That’s mean. It’d be funny if Edge picked Undertaker for Orton, too. Edge went right to the apron and feigned getting into the ring, but jumped down to ringside at the count of eight. Smart move, nothing at stake here.

Winner: Undertaker, via count-out, at :40.

Christian, still at ringside, threw Edge into the ring for a chokeslam from Taker. They showed Taker leaving the ring, then a replay, then Edge’s reaction in the ring.

-A video package aired on the Cena vs. Batista feud.

-A close-up of Trish Stratus on the cover of a magazine, then we saw it was Maryse reading it in the makeup chair. She scoffed at the idea of Trish being on the cover. She made the distinction between being Canadian and being French Canadian, as she is. She called Eve a “fake champion” when Eve came from behind and poured powder all over her head. The two brawled until it was broken up by referees. That’s the worst she could do to Maryse?

-Buzz Aldrin and, I don’t know, his wife I guess were backstage. They talked about how nice it was to be back in Canada. Vickie Guerrero walked in and introduced herself. Buzz introduced himself and his wife. Vickie said that was her office and she’s the GM of Raw. Aldrin said he walked on the moon, and last week, Vickie walked out as GM of Raw. He even said that he checked with WW…..E headquarters and her replacement will be on Raw next week. Vickie said it’s a big mistake. Buzz said she could stick around in his office and he tried to show off one of his iPhone apps. Aldrin brought the Bellas in to escort Vickie out against her will.

-They showed the CN Tower and the exterior of Toronto.

-Clips of Batista beating up Mark Henry last week were shown.

-Mark Henry came to the ring for a match when Batista came from behind and ambushed him with a 2X4. Perhaps it’s for the best. He continued the beat-down, throwing Henry into the steel steps. The house lights went down and Batista posed in the ring with a stoic look on his face. More posing as Batista walked to the back.

-The announcers talked on-camera about Cena vs. Sheamus, and we saw how their match ended at TLC in December.

-Another “word from our sponsor.” It was a take on the Mastercard commercials, with the Priceless tag line, based around Ted DiBiase. Self-Respect was Priceless in this example. “There are lots of things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s R-Truth.”

-Ted DiBiase walked out for a match. He paused on the ramp…and Virgil walked out. Holy shit. He wore a white t-shirt and black pants, holding the ropes open for DiBiase. DiBiase faces R-Truth in singles action this Sunday.

(4) Ted DiBiase vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Hip-toss by Tatsu, then an arm-drag and a dropkick. “Virgil” chants. What dimension did I land in? After DiBiase got the advantage for some time, Tatsu got a heel kick in and both men were down. Tatsu used his kicks to neutralize DiBiase. Crowd didn’t seem to care much for this one. Kick to the head missed and DiBiase planted Tatsu with Dream Street for the fall.

Winner: DiBiase, at 3:11. OK match. They tried.

Virgil retrieved a mic from ringside (I can’t believe I’m typing that) for DiBiase. Teddy addressed R-Truth and said, you know who isn’t ashamed to be Virgil? The original Virgil! Does that make him Virgil Classic? DiBiase said Virgil will be in his corner this Sunday. He talked about being able to buy anything he wants, and if he can’t buy it, he’ll beat it.

-A video package aired on CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio.

-The announcers briefly talked on camera about the Over the Limit card.

-The Miz and Jericho were talking strategy backstage. When Miz walked away, Josh Mathews tried to get a word, but Miz took the mic and shoved him out of the way. Miz made fun of Canada and Bret Hart while walking to the gorilla position. He said he’s excited about facing Bret Hart tonight. They went back to the arena and shot the entranceway as Miz came out to no music, still working the mic work. Miz promised to humiliate and embarrass Bret this evening. He said he wanted to spit on the Hart heritage. Miz said Hart would be screaming for help from his own family, but he will make Bret tap out with the Sharpshooter.

(5) The Miz vs. Bret Hart- No Disqualification United States Championship Match
Miz went to ringside upon the ringing of the bell and got a mic. Miz said he forgot to tell Bret that he doesn’t trust him very much. He said he paid a couple guys to neutralize the Hart Dynasty when they do show up. Vladimir Kozlov’s music hit, and he and William Regal walked out. As they stood at ringside, the Hart Dynasty came through the crowd. The fought with Kozlov and Regal in the aisle and up the ramp. Jericho, still in his suit, also came through the crowd, and he and Miz cornered Bret in the ring. Natalya got in the ring to stand side-by-side with Bret. The heels tried to tell her to leave, but she slapped the taste out of Jericho’s mouth. Bret punched Miz, but Jericho nailed Bret in the gut. Jericho trash-talked Bret while he was on the ground, and D.H. Smith attacked Jericho, clotheslining him over the top rope. Miz took Smith out, and it was back to one-on-one. Miz got ready to lock on the Sharpshooter, but Kidd came in and landed a missile dropkick from the top rope. The Hart Attack was hit and Bret put the Sharpshooter on Miz. He tapped shortly thereafter.

Winner: Hart, at 3:55. Not a big fan of this move. I anticipated Bryan Danielson getting involved.

Bret celebrated with the Dynasty and the belt in the ring after the match.

-A video package on the Wrestlemania DVD aired.

-The announcers talked about the Money in the Bank PPV and tickets being on sale this Saturday.

-They showed two weeks ago, Cena beating the clock by defeating Wade Barrett, but before he could announce a PPV stipulation, Sheamus attacked.

-Another word from our sponsor, a take on the Dos Equis commercial. It was about Santino Marella, “the most entertaining man in the world.” Santino even sat with ladies around him and said he doesn’t watch much sports entertainment, but when he does, he makes it Monday Night Raw. He took a sip of wine and spit it in Jillian Hall’s face.

(6) Michelle McCool & Layla & Maryse vs. Nikki & Brie Bella & Eve Torres
Both McCool and Layla wore Women’s Titles on the way to the ring. It’s official: Maryse vs. Eve at Over the Limit. Maryse attacked Eve before the bell, and the other women had to separate them. Eve and Layla had a pretty decent exchange, with Eve catching a kick and slamming Layla down, then hitting a neck-breaker. Snap-mare by one of the Bellas, but Layla turned an arm-drag into a pinning combination for two. McCool kicked Brie off the apron when the referee was distracted. Michelle tagged in and kneed Brie in the gut. Layla tagged back in and slammed the back of Brie’s head into the mat. Layla missed a legdrop and both women were down. Brie made the tag to Nikki, but McCool brought her in the hard way. Loose clothesline from Nikki, and a pair of dropkicks. Monkey-flip, then a seated dropkick that looked like it wouldn’t have hurt a fly. Fans were not impressed. Maryse and Layla were knocked off the apron, but Nikki missed a second-rope splash. Maryse tagged herself in to a pop and DDT Nikki for the win.

Winners: Layla, McCool and Maryse, at 3:41. Not as bad as you’d expect, actually.

Maryse and Eve had to be separated again after the match.

-Josh Mathews was backstage with John Cena. Mathews talked about facing Sheamus tonight and how he responds to his critics. Who wrote that question? Cena addressed his fans, the people who wear his colors proudly. He assured everyone that he’s facing Sheamus tonight to make sure he’s not an obstacle come Sunday. Cena said if Batista makes him say I Quit, he doesn’t deserve to be champion, which is why he would forfeit his rematch clause. He promised that he would not quit on Sunday, and repeated that phrase three times. was plugged by the announcers.

(7) Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger- Pick Your Poison Match
Christopher Gorham and Kari Matchett were shown at ringside, the stars of the new USA Network series “Covert Affairs.” No elbowpads or wrist tape for Orton here. Orton took Swagger down and brushed his face with a knee. Orton stomp after Swagger got in a few shots of his own. Kneedrop missed and Swagger responded with a clothesline for two. Swagger ran into an elbow in the corner, and Orton exploded out with clotheslines. Swagger held on to the ropes on a whip and escaped the ring. Swagger banged Orton’s head of the announce table when Randy went after him. “RKO” chant from the fans, which distracted Swagger and allowed Orton to try to hook the DDT. Instead, Swagger picked Orton up and slammed him. He landed hard on the back of his head/shoulder and Orton did not seem happy. Two Vader Bombs and Orton retreated to lower ground. Cole accidentally called the referee by his name and he knew it, hesitating after he said John Cone’s first name. Swagger continued the assault on the outside, and hit a belly-to-belly suplex in the ring. He called for one more Vader Bomb, but Orton got up and booted Swagger in the gut. Scoop slam and Orton began his comeback. Rope-assisted DDT by Orton. He set up for the RKO, but Edge ran in for the DQ.

Winner: Orton, via DQ, at 7:20. Not particularly enthralling, but not bad either.

Orton fought away to RKO Swagger, but Edge speared Orton to stand tall.

-An ad for tomorrow night’s NXT aired.

-The announcers talked about the Over the Limit card.

-Justin Roberts introduced Buzz Aldrin to the live crowd. This could be bad- he’s got a mic. He talked about what a great time he has had on Monday Night Raw. He mentioned the Orton vs. Swagger match and then talked about what he’s been doing to improve the space program and the crowd was greeting him with the “what” chant, even as he complimented Canada. He then mentioned how he loves Monday Night Raw when Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox came out. Ryder insulted the Canadian space program then asked if Buzz even really landed on the moon. Zack said he’d rather be homeless in America then in a mansion in Canada. Aldrin said the last person who questioned him landing on the moon got punched in the face, so they showed the footage on the TitanTron. He told Ryder that he wasn’t going to pound him, but then seemed to lose his place, and Evan Bourne and Gail Kim came out. He talked over Bourne’s music, probably trying to fit his lines in, but did mention he’d be in Bourne’s corner.

(8) Zack Ryder & Alicia Fox vs. Evan Bourne & Gail Kim
Bourne tried a sunset flip, but Ryder kicked out. Neck-breaker by Ryder, but the ladies tagged in and Kim dropkicked Alicia from the top rope. Kim got low-bridged by Ryder (well, the second rope), sending Gail to the outside. Suplex with a bridge by Fox for two. Jaw-breaker by Kim and Ryder tagged in, and Bourne got to him first. Kicks, then a hurricanrana, but then was stopped in the corner. Knee to the jaw by Bourne, who then went to the top. Fox rolled Ryder out of the ring, and Bourne dove onto him on the outside. Back in the ring, Fox dragged Kim into the ring, but Kim landed Eat Defeat, her finisher, for the win.

Winners: Bourne & Kim, at 3:22. I think this can be a pretty decent mid-card feud.

Aldrin celebrated with the faces after the match and even did the moonwalk. They even replayed it.

-An ad for Over the Limit aired.

-Next week’s guest host: Comedian Jon Lovitz.

-Another word from our sponsor. Another Geico spoof for, this time, “does Goldust make an awkward blind date?” The answer: Yes.

(9) Sheamus vs. John Cena
The announcers played up how Cena has never beaten Sheamus. Sheamus pounded on Cena in the corner, but Cena fired back. Crowd was really into it early on. He threw Sheamus out of the ring and threw him head-first into the steps. Sheamus took back control on the outside and booted Cena against the barricade. Cover inside the ring got him two. Hard whip into the buckle by Sheamus, then an Irish Hammer to the back of the head. Cena got Sheamus up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus came down with a back-breaker. Cena back in command with rights and lefts. Cena caught an elbow running into the corner. As Cena was trying to get from the apron back into the ring, Sheamus kneed him in the face. And he did it again. Cena made a comeback, but Sheamus avoided the bulldog. He kicked Cena out of the ring. Sheamus put Cena back in the ring and made a cover for two. Hard forearm to the chest by Sheamus. Two of them, in fact. Cena again made his comeback, to the delight of some, and to the chagrin of others in the live crowd. Five-Knuckle Shuffle connected, but Sheamus grabbed the ropes on an Attitude Adjustment try. As Cena dumped Sheamus to ringside, Batista blind-sided him with a spinebuster for the DQ.

Winner: Cena, via DQ, at 9:20.

Batista delivered another spinebuster after the match, and a third. Batista Bomb, but no, he went for the Crippler Crossface, which Cole compared to the STF. Batista yelled for Cena to say I Quit, but he wouldn’t. The show went out with Batista still holding Cena in the move and the referee trying to free him.
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FYI, Santino was the most *irritating* man in the world. lol.

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Attended the show live, here are some notes.

Looked to be a sellout, for all intents and purposes. Usual empty spots all around the side with the hard camera, but everyplace else appeared to essentially be filled.

Dark match was Primo v.s. Something Caras(?) A guy I never heard of. First match of the evening, so heat was good. Primo got a chant. I guess more people watch Superstars than I thought. Primo wins with a cross-body off the top.


Cole is out, his music is some crap from one of the THQ games. He is booed. He had a somewhat awkward expression on his face. I kinda felt bad for him. Lawler got a nice pop.

Pyro, then Superstars begins. Santino, who was way over, had a lengthy promo against Kozlov. Pretty sure this mic spot was longer than even the opening segment for RAW. He tried to talk Kozlov into being his partner (in the tag-team sense of course-his words) and said they can march out of there together like Chris Bosh will leave to Toronto...heh. Koz pins him after two headbutts and that other thing he does.

I bought a beer during the Goldust/Regal match. It looked pretty slow from what I caught of the end.

There was a whole video recap of Wrestlemania. From where I was sitting, it sounded like HBK's appearance in the montage got a great pop. Also, CM Punk got a huge face reaction for his bit, tho Rey was popped for too.

RAW intro. More pyro. Bret got a monster pop as you could imagine, and Jericho got great heat. Bret very clearly said WWF at one point, but no one seemed to notice. Set up the later match nicely.

Edge came out and got a face reaction, but not a super massive one. His promo wasn't overly heelish, which I liked. I really hate overbearing turn the hometown crowd bits. Wasn't expecting Christian, who also got a good pop. They had a nice humdinger of a match, which was the MOTN live. Crowd was into everything. Edge worked as a heel but never really got booed. Orton's announcement of Taker of course got a great reaction, and Edge got slight boos when he bailed, but he was never really 'turned on' per se. Big pop for the chokeslam. Taker moved slowly and looked old. I was glad they didn't force the poor guy to wrestle a match. Really good segment.

Buzz got booed for the backstage seg, but he kinda turned the crowd in his favour when they showed that clip of him punching that fat douche. But really, they had no business putting someone out there who was that out of it. I really felt bad for him.

They recapped the Batista beatdown of Henry right before Henry came out. I am not Miss Cleo, but I gotta figure that his pop was diminished. Henry looks ridiculously fat in real life. He needs to lose seventy or eighty pounds. It didn't get much heat, but I dug the gimmicked 2x4. Different, at least. Henry, like the effing pro that he is, sold his injury all the way back.

Virgil got a lukewarm pop, but clearly the kiddies and a lot of the women had no idea who he was. Still, he got a chant for a bit there. I really don't think havin' Ted Jr. do a Million Dollar Man gimmick based on his "trust fund kicking in" is a good idea. Charisma, as his former partner also knows, skips a generation. Having him essentially do his dad's gimmick, minus the charisma and being a great wrestler gives you a white Tiger Ali Singh. Just sayin'. By the way, the Million Dollar Belt looks expensive in real life. Can't be real diamonds, but it looks good.

Miz's promo got good heat, but it wasn't nuclear heat. He continues to develop at a good pace. I was hoping for a chance to assess his in-ring, but this wasn't the kind of match for that. Bret obviously got a great pop and it worked for what it was. I am not that into the product; I really only paid so I could see Bret one last time. I felt quite satisfied with his segments and the great bit with Edge/Xtian and the Taker cameo.

The womenfolk's match tanked but whatever followed that segment was going to. Eve gave me a semi simply by walking. Maryse was also kinda over for the Canadian thing. I know she supposedly sucks, but he DDT looked excellent live. That earlier promo tho, did not heel her. Really, going for the anti-francophone heat isn't the way to do biz in 2010. Well, maybe in Alberta.

Orton/Swagger was good, but if a SD guy was gonna show up I would have preferred Punk.

The mixed tag was not too shabby. I really have no idea who Zack Ryder is. Was he in ECW? Oh well. Gail may botch all her other matches, but she was ON tonight in her hometown. I was kinda disappointed I didn't get to see an Air-Bourne live, tho. Also I miss Booker T. That's off-topic, I just thought I'd mention it.

Cena was booed into oblivion in his promo and all through the match with Seamus. My buddy, who doesn't follow the product with any regularity, asked if Seamus was "doing okay" because he couldn't get over his complexion. I told him Seamus' finisher was called "Epic Pale", and he believed me. My buddy also said, "Why do these guys chant 'Cena Sucks' when what they really mean is 'I am fat and insecure'?" Well, I laughed. I don't know when RAW went off the air, but Batista eventually released Cena from that hold and got a mic. He said if Cena is too tough to say I Quit, why wait until Over the Limit. He challenged him to a match. Cena agreed. He was caught immediately in an STFU, but got to the ropes. Cena then hit an FU about a minute later. By this point, no one was booing him.

Final Notes:

Only spotted one person who probably thought it was real. Lots of kids, but really, I went to shows during the attitude era and even during the couple years before that, and I don't think there are any more kids now than then. So the theory of Cena as babyface for eternity because he appeals to kiddies doesn't fly with me. Well, except for the merch. He by far had more merch than anyone else. I swear it seemed like every other person was in a bright orange shirt.

I saw a complete morbidly obese guys. Also, roided up juiceheads. Odd how people who look so different can both be attracted to them same thing, and look gross watching it.

Not a bad experience, but it really is hard to follow what is going on without commentary. "Pick Your Poison", for example, wasn't remotely addressed in promos of any kind. We see the "last week" bits on the screen, but they have no commentary included...only enhanced sound effects for the bumps. This probably hurts fan heat at certain points.

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hmmm, so does Bret Hart just vacate the title now or what? Can't imagine he'll be defending it much.

Edge & Christian put on a PPV quality match. Glad they were given the time to do so, but I guess with no commercials, they had to fill time somehow.

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    Originally posted by Mayhem

    hmmm, so does Bret Hart just vacate the title now or what? Can't imagine he'll be defending it much.

Maybe Bret is announced next week as the new Raw GM. Bret then tells the crowd he cannot wrestle AND be the Raw GM, so he draws up some sort of tournament for the belt.

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I only caught the last hour, but my two moments of the night were Hart about to step into the ring, realized something, turned around and put his sunglasses on the random kid at ringside, tuffed his hair a bit and THEN went into the ring. I've been waiting for that moment ever since his return. Moment #2 was after winning the belt, Bret immediatley KISSED THE BELT like he always used to do. Hell, I think he kissed it three times. Besides Miz's nice run as champ, (even if he id only have three title defenses), I think that alone gave the US Title a bit more rub than anything in the past five years.
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By my scale of RAW Is Only As Good As The Night Batista Is Having, it was a terrific RAW. Batista thrashing Mark Henry and then screaming "Where's my spotlight!" and getting it was only a notch below him wrapping Cena up on a Crippler Crossface/Rings of Saturn variation and yelling, "You're gonna quit! HAHA!"

Actually, subtract Batista's awesomeness from the equation and it was still one of the best RAWs of 2010. I thought it was very well-written overall, paced very well, and it was loaded with the Canadians doing their thing. Let the Canadians loose and good things will happen.

The build for Maryse vs. Eve has been surprisingly good. I believe they want to rip into each other, though they recycled Melina pouring the baby powder on McCool on Smackdown last year. Great to see Trish too, as it were. Apparently she wasn't in the building at all. Kind of surprising since Bret was there; she's as big a Bret Hart fan as anyone.

Personally, I loved Bret Hart winning the United States title in Canada. I also loved how happy Bret is to be there. He just can't stop smiling, even when Jericho is running him down to his face.

I won't be seeing Over the Limit. The series finale of LOST trumps a WWE pay per view, but it seems like a pretty solid card.


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That opening promo made me wanna see Bret wrestle Jericho instead of The Miz. I hope Jericho never turns face again. He is an amazing heel. Since Christian wasn't Orton's pick for Edge's opponent why was he in the arena, or is that one of those things tht the WWE doesn't want us to think about? Great match anyway. Virgil is more over than Dibiase. I was hoping he'd come out in the old Virgil outfit. Did Cole and really say Virgil never have issues with Dibiase Sr. hHuh? Strange to here Lawler defend Bret when Cole was bashing him. It used to be the other way when Lawler would bash him and Vince or J.R would defend Bret.

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    Originally posted by JimBob Skeeter
    I only caught the last hour, but my two moments of the night were Hart about to step into the ring, realized something, turned around and put his sunglasses on the random kid at ringside, tuffed his hair a bit and THEN went into the ring. I've been waiting for that moment ever since his return. Moment #2 was after winning the belt, Bret immediatley KISSED THE BELT like he always used to do. Hell, I think he kissed it three times. Besides Miz's nice run as champ, (even if he id only have three title defenses), I think that alone gave the US Title a bit more rub than anything in the past five years.
That was great but it was sad when he tried to climb on the ropes to celebrate and slipped off.

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The rope climb was sad. So is Cole a heel, or are they going to turn Bret heel? Cole was all over Bret on commentary after he won the belt. Nice show overall. This is the first Raw I have watched in it's entirety since Mania, and I picked a good episode.

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(stolen from somewhere else)


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Christian vs. Cody
Christian vs. Kofi
Christian vs. Edge

Three matches, three very different opponents, all ***1/2+. A good week for Christian. He deserves a run with Swagger, but next month is fatal fourways. Raw I know will be Cena/Sheamus/Orton/Edge, Smackdown is more up in the air and depends on if they keep Show/Swagger going -- weak PPV world title match DQs don't seem as necessary without 15 PPVs anymore. Putting Rey and Punk in the fourway could prolong them and get their angle, which is basically the main event program on SD, in with the title for a month.

Buzz Aldren and Outer Space's Evan Bourne vs. Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox who the radio told that the moon landing was faked is probably the feud of the year.

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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff
    (stolen from somewhere else)

Thank you for that. I was about to respond to the "Batista's awesomeness" post and ask how he could forget the best part of the night!
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It was an alright Raw which had a solid start up match between Christian and Edge.

As for the Yoshi Tatsu match with Ted DiBiase, I would consider that a sub-par match and considering both are capable of putting on a good match, I was rather disappointed. And since Ted DiBiase said Virgil would be in his corner this Sunday, I wonder if that just means Virgil is not going to be seen after Over the Limit (???).....

As for Bret winning the US belt, I am mixed about it. I generally do not like it when actual washed-up wrestlers win belts which to me gives any belt less credibility or even the wrestler faced. However, this does add some questions to how Bret will lose (or if he will lose and just vacate the belt) and to what circumstances will the Miz be in.

The Orton and Swagger match was okay but nothing too spectacular about the match.

The match with Cena and Sheamus was pretty good which by no surprise ended with Batista attacking Cena to end the show. I do believe there were more boo's for Cena in Canada last night.

If I heard correctly, there is supposed to be a permanent GM next week or announced next week which would hopefully end the run of guest GM's (but I could be only hoping).

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I think they just retire or forget about the US Title. When's the last time the Miz wrestled for that title, several months ago? Instead make the Intercontinental title a multibrand title like they did with the tag teams. That would make that title mean something again.
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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff
    (stolen from somewhere else)

Holy crap, I can't believe I forgot all about that moment! Thanks for the gif.

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    Originally posted by The Game

    If I heard correctly, there is supposed to be a permanent GM next week or announced next week which would hopefully end the run of guest GM's (but I could be only hoping).
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Ah, but they haven't been guest GM's, they've been guest HOSTS, so this'll probably keep going. I thought I read somewhere that they've been booking guest hosts to somewhere in mid-summer.

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I really enjoyed Edge vs Christian. It was nice to see these guys go all out for each other and actually get a good chunk of time to work a real match.

I really didn't want to come around on Batista, but tonight was a pretty awesome string of events. I almost felt bad for Henry tonight.

I really thought Undertaker was going to be Orton's hand picked opponent also. Is Taker hurt, or did they just trot him out to remind Raw watchers that he is still out there.

The US Title has sadly died, so giving it to Bret in Canada means nothing for it anyways. It should probably just be remerged with the InterContinental title, so there is only one meaningless singles belt floating around.


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Are we sure that Swagger's theme is not actually done by Rage Against the Machine?
The vocals sound like Zach de la Rocha himself.
If not, the band that recorded that should tour as a tribute band.

Edge vs. Christian was a really good match. Having no commercials helped greatly. Even my ten-year-old commented, "shouldn't they save something like this for pay-per-view?"

Are they trying to make Cena's promos boring? He comes off sounding more like a president or politician than a pro wrestler. Is his character no longer allowed to smile and make jokes and wisecracks??

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    Originally posted by dwaters
    Are we sure that Swagger's theme is not actually done by Rage Against the Machine?
    The vocals sound like Zach de la Rocha himself.
    If not, the band that recorded that should tour as a tribute band.

Tribute band Age Against The Machine.

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