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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #879 3/29/10
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TONIGHT: For those out of the loop, Wrestlemania was last night. Generally, the night after is the night for things to be re-set, but there was a lot that happened last night that certainly didn’t FEEL like the end of feuds. Therefore, we’ll probably get follow-up on most of the Raw matches, including Sheamus vs. Triple H, Jack Swagger winning MITB and John Cena vs. Batista. Randy Orton vs. Legacy seems like it’s reached its end, so it should be interesting to see where those three go from here. Plus, will we get a Shawn Michaels retirement party? says he’ll say goodbye to the WWE Universe tonight. Rob Corddry and Clark Duke of the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine” (and legit wrestling fans) are your guest hosts.

- WWE Open.

- The first WM XXVI video package was for Taker vs. Shawn Michaels, with some sad, dramatic music over the action. Surprisingly short.

- Raw Open.

- All the fireworks left over from last night went off inside the arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler said that an emotional night was expected, as Shawn Michaels will bid farewell to the WWE Universe tonight.

- But first, Batista. He took his time coming to the ring, jawing with fans. He gave a PG-rated “Loser” sign with his hand to a fan at ringside, who responded with a very un-PG double-middle finger. The fans got on his back almost as soon as he started his promo. Batista said the fans were expecting him to come out and throw a fit, but he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction. He called last night “a blip on the radar,” and a fluke. He said next month, no one will remember Wrestlemania. Wishful thinking, I guess. “You tapped out” chant. He said he’d regain the title in his re-match, emphatically stating that John Cena can’t beat him. Then Cena’s music hit and the Champ made his appearance.

Cena came to the ring and grabbed a mic. He said there was a lot of Wrestlemania energy left in the building tonight. Cena reminded Batista of his promise that Cena wouldn’t beat him. Loud “Cena sucks” chant picked up plenty of steam. Cena said if Batista is the face of the company, the face looked like this (and he over-exaggerated a Batista face here). “You tapped out” chant dueling with boos. Cena reminded Batista that Wrestlemania moments live forever, but tonight, Batista can make history. He said that HBK will write the final chapter in his storybook career tonight. He said that Batista can add another chapter to his career by beating Cena tonight, on possibly the most historic Monday Night Raw ever. He said he’s been down this road before though, and this is usually where the other guy declines the offer. Cena told Batista to give the WWE Universe what they want. Batista polled the fans on whether or not they’d like to see it. They wanted to, but he said not tonight. He dropped the mic, then tried to get a cheap shot in, but Cena briefly fought him off ‘til Batista fled to ringside.

From behind, Jack Swagger attacked Cena with his MITB briefcase. He leveled Cena a number of times with it, and Swagger called for a referee, as he wanted to cash in his contract. Cena began to get to his feet before a ref could come, and tried to get Swagger in the STF. Swagger escaped just as Mike Chioda reached the ring. Swagger grabbed his briefcase and headed to the back, so his attempt to cash in was waived off. Interesting start to the show. Cena got his title and started walking to the back as the announcers discussed Wrestlemania. They said we’d get some highlights from Michaels’ career tonight. The first one shown was June 18, 1988 when Michaels and Marty Jannetty made their WWE debut, against the Fabulous Rougeaus.

- Another plug for Shawn’s farewell address, to come later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- New WWE Hall-of-Famer The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Nick Bockwinkel, IRS, Pat Patterson, and Arn Anderson walked to the ring to DiBiase’s music. There’s a ref in the ring, for what it’s worth. Coming out to his own music was Roddy Piper, followed by Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea and Ricky Steamboat along with him. Lawler pretended to know what was going on, but Cole didn’t. Lawler left his broadcast position and headed to ringside to join the legends. Justin Roberts then introduced the guest hosts for tonight, Clark Duke and Rob Corddry, of “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

Duke said they could not be happier to be guest hosts tonight. He said that tonight’s main event will be Batista & Jack Swagger vs. John Cena and a partner of his choosing. Corddry said there’d also be a special hot tub match: He and Clark against the WWE Divas. He said the fans were all invited too! Then, he took it back and asked why they would invite all the fans? He said that would be stupid. Duke said all of the legends are around the ring because they’re all 1980s legends, and in their movie, they travel back to the 80s. It’s a legends lumberjack match, and the first man introduced in the match was Christian. His opponent was Ted DiBiase. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Christian vs. Ted DiBiase – Legends Lumberjack Match
Match was joined in progress (at least, I think….I was late switching over from Impact thanks to the commercial for the movie “Knight and Day” catching my eye). The lumberjacks came into play at one point, but just threw the man back in without assaulting him. Christian went for a tornado DDT, but was thrown off by DiBiase. Christian made his comeback and landed a second-rope dropkick. Christian went to the second rope again, but DiBiase pulled him off by the legs. Christian avoided Dream Street and found the mark with his jumping European uppercut. Somewhere, DJ Gabriel is frowning. Killswitch was reversed and both men went over the top and to the outside. All the legends started fighting on the outside after they each helped their man (the faces that came out with Piper helping Christian, the others helping DiBiase). Christian got the win back in the ring.

Winner: Christian, 3:19 shown. Fine match for what was shown.

Ted DiBiase Sr. went into the ring to console his son, but DiBiase Jr. shoved him away. Well, in storyline, they should still be on bad terms dating back to when Senior was guest host and Junior slapped him.

-Another Michaels moment: Putting Marty Jannetty through the Barbershop window. It’s amazing how long this angle has stuck in fans’ memories, yours truly included. Michaels’ farewell is still to come.

-Triple H was walking backstage. He’s out to chat next.

[Commercial Break]

-Lawler thanked Kevin Rudolf for “I Made It” (for probably the last time), one of the themes to Wrestlemania.

-Cole plugged for match photos from ‘Mania.

-The announcers threw it to a video package of Wrestlemania Week events, the same that was shown on ‘Mania last night.

-Corddry and Duke were backstage in their robes, awaiting their hot tub visit I suppose. They talked about getting rid of Craig Robinson, their co-star. Santino Marella walked in with a boom box over his head and told them not to worry about John Cusack. Lame. Tiffany, Eva Mendes, and the Bellas were already in the hot-tub when the guys joined them. A little mood lighting and champagne was added to the atmosphere. Duke said there were no losers in this match.

-Triple H came out, only to the top of the ramp though. He soaked in the cheers and the chants. He called tonight “surreal,” and “the end of an era.” He said he knew Shawn could beat Taker, but he didn’t think it would happen this way. Trips talked about meeting Shawn for the first time in WWE, then said sometimes they were alone in their struggles, but they took on the world. He said they fought for each other and with each other. He started to break up a bit and said he wanted to come out before everything. He said there was something he wanted to say to Shawn, something he’s never told him. But before he could get it out, Sheamus attacked from behind with a lead pipe, laying Hunter out on the ramp. “What did you want to tell him?” a fan shouted to an unconscious Triple H. Medics and a ref came out to check on him as a “Sheamus sucks” chant morphed into “Triple H.”

[Commercial Break]

-They replayed Sheamus’ attack, which Lawler categorized as “gutless” and “cowardly.”

(2) Gail Kim & Mickie James & Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse & Alicia Fox & Vickie Guerrero & Layla & Michelle McCool
This is a Wrestlemania rematch. Maryse got in Eve’s face to start, then posed for the crowd. Eve rolled her up for the three.

Winners: Kim, James, Torres, Phoenix and Kelly, at :21. I wouldn’t have guessed this match would be shorter than last night’s.

Eve got in Vickie’s face after the match, and the faces were about to have their way with her when the heels came to her aid. However, they ended up being thrown out of the ring, with the faces standing tall.

-This Shawn Michaels moment was his Wrestlemania X match against Razor Ramon, the famed Ladder Match. They did show clips of Michaels talking about the match. A reminder that his farewell is tonight.

-Also tonight, John Cena and a partner of his choosing face Batista and Jack Swagger.

-Bret Hart was walking backstage. He’s out to address the WWE Universe next. He was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of him and Owen on it.

[Commercial Break]

-An actual cool fact from WWE’s Did You Know: Already, the photos of the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels match on have been viewed over 10 million times.

-From 1996, the Iron Man Match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels was the next career highlight of Shawn’s to be shown.

-Bret Hart came out. He congratulated Shawn Michaels on an epic, storybook career. He called Michaels one of the greatest of all-time and wished him the best in the future. He reminded people that Shawn said “good things will happen” if Bret came back to WWE. Hart said he finally got closure, thanks in part to beating the holy hell out of Vince McMahon last night. He said not only did he beat Vince, but the entire Hart family beat Vince. He said up in heaven, he could feel his mother, father, Owen and the British Bulldog giving high-fives. An “Owen” chant started up by the crowd, and Bret showed off his t-shirt, him with Owen in a headlock. Bret said he has joy and satisfaction from his latest WWE run. He thanked all the fans for the last three months. No music played, so you knew someone was going to interrupt. Sure enough, it was the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

Miz complained about Bret beating Vince in a glorified handicap match, and Bret being proud of that fact. Miz said Bret has robbed him of his time, time he can’t get back. He said he’s sick of hearing about who screwed who. Miz said if anyone deserves to talk about themselves, it’s not Bret; it’s him. Miz said he is 1-0 at ‘Mania, 17 wins away from tying The Undertaker. He said he’s awesome, but Bret is overrated. Not only Bret, but the entire Hart family, including Stu. Boy, I’m sure the WWE Universe would pay good money to have seen Stu stretch The Miz in the Hart Family dungeon. Bret said that if Miz wants him to leave, he should make him. Miz took a step forward, but Big Show pulled him back and stepped up to Hart himself. He tried to talk Bret into leaving, but the Hart Dynasty’s theme hit and they came out. They stood next to Bret and backed down the tag champs. Is the power of the rub of Bret going to all of a sudden make the Hart Dynasty a credible tag team now? Bret asked where the two clowns were going, and told them to come back so the Hart Dynasty could embarrass them. Miz wanted to, but Show told him it’s not the time. Show grudgingly came back to ringside with Miz as they went to break. I guess the match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) The Big Show & The Miz vs. The Hart Dynasty
Match was joined in progress out of break. It was a non-title match. They came back with D.H. Smith dropping Miz with a standing vertical suplex. Bret and Natalya were at ringside. Kidd was dumped onto Miz at ringside. Miz rolled back out fo the ring after a pin attempt, and came back in the ring after tagging Show. It was David vs. Goliath when Tyson Kidd was in with Show. Big bodyslam by Big Show. Corner clothesline by Miz after being tagged in. That got him a two-count. The heels kept working over Kidd until Tyson rolled through and tagged Smith to a good pop. Smith showed more fire in ten seconds as a face than he ever did as a heel. Kidd went for the Figure-Four on Miz and Big Show dropped to ringside. Show got in Miz’s face and asked if he’d listen to him now, then helped him out of the move and out of the ring. Show had Miz around the neck like a big brother keeping his little brother from a fight. They walked up the ramp, taking the count-out loss.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty, via count-out, 4:39 shown. Good match, and the fans seemed to take to the Harts as faces.

-The next Shawn Michaels moment was his time in the original and new DX. Shawn will bid farewell to the fans tonight.

-Also tonight, John Cena and a partner of his choice face Batista and Jack Swagger. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-The guys were still in the hot tub with the girls. They said they weren’t sure who was winning in this “match,” but the girls were neck and neck. Eva and Tiffany were creeped out, so they left. Craig Robinson came on the TV behind them and asked the guys how come his plane ticket for Raw was changed for him to arrive tomorrow. He awarded Nikki and Brie Bella the “match,” and said Rob and Clark have another match, with someone more appropriate. Robinson called for Mark Henry, who came into the picture in trunks and no shirt. He got in the hot tub next to Rob and Clark, as did Hornswoggle. The guys looked a bit put out by these changes.

-Lawler thanked Audioslave for “Be Yourself,” another theme to Wrestlemania.

-The announcers talked on camera about Shawn Michaels’ final farewell, then they threw it to a video of Sheamus attacking Triple H earlier in the night.

-Jack Swagger came out for the main event. He inhaled into the mic and said it smells like Money in the Bank. I thought it smelled like a powerbomb, but Sid is nowhere to be seen. Swagger reminded fans that he promised to win MITB last week on Raw. They responded with “what” chants. He said he was just toying with Cena earlier. He said when he does cash it in, he’s the odds-on favorite to walk away with the WWE Championship. The tag match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Cena came out and said he has a big announcement about his partner. He called him an old friend of Batista’s. It was Randy Orton. Oh boy. Giant pop for Orton.

(4) Jack Swagger & Batista vs. John Cena & Randy Orton
Cole acknowledged the “major issues” Cena and Orton have had over the years. Orton started with Swagger and got the best of him, which the crowd liked. “RKO” chant from them, as Swagger finally managed to get outside the ring for a breather. Match continues after the break.

[Commercial Break]

Swagger had Cena in a rear waist-lock to wear him down out of break. Batista got the best of Cena during the break to turn the match in the favor of the heels. Vader bomb by Swagger for two. Cena fought back against Batista, but Big Dave landed a big spinebuster. He set up for a Batista Bomb, but Cena back-dropped out of it. Both men were down. Wow, they’re setting up Orton for the hot tag. He was begging for a tag too, and got it. So did Swagger, and Orton unloaded on the youngster. Back-breaker for the All-American American, and that got him a two count as Batista broke it up. He speared Cena, but stood up to get RKO’d by Orton. RKO for Swagger too, and that’s how it ended.

Winners: Cena and Orton, at 8:05. Swagger looked like he belonged in the ring, but not so much on the mic.

-The Heartbreak Career video this time was HBK vs. Taker from last year’s Wrestlemania. Shawn’s farewell is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Justin Roberts told the crowd to welcome Shawn Michaels. Michaels came out in a red shirt and cowboy hat. Before Michaels could speak, the Undertaker’s music hit, to mostly boos from the crowd. Taker walked out to the ramp, tipped his cap ever so lightly, then walked to the back. The fans applauded and chanted, “HBK.” Shawn said he didn’t know what he was going to say, so the fans chanted “please don’t go.” Michaels talked about coming into the fans’ homes so many years ago, but not doing it anymore will be tough to get used to. “Thank you Shawn” chants. Michaels said he appreciated the thank yous, but said the fans are the ones that he really needs to thank. Michaels said that for the longest time, the ring and the fans were the only things he had in his life, the only place he felt good about himself. Tears welled up in the corner of his eyes. He said the fans were the only ones that made him like himself. Shawn said he didn’t want to thank anyone for fear of leaving someone out, but did want to single out Hunter. He thanked him for being a friend when nobody else in the world wanted to touch him. He said he wasn’t an easy person to be around, but Hunter never once left his side. In this line of work, he said it’s tough to have real friendships, but he had one with Triple H.

Another one that he said would sound strange to the fans, but he wanted to thank the guys in the big ol’ trucks out back, those holding the cameras. He thanked Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and the greatest announcer of all-time, Jim Ross. Good pop for that. Michaels said the fans made him feel better than he really was. He also wanted to thank a crazy red-headed kid in Stamford, Connecticut, a guy named Adam. He said he’s the one that puts together the video packages over the years, and he thanked him for making him look like a superstar. “One more match” chant now. He said he knows how a lot of people feel about career-ending matches, and that people will be skeptical of his decision. Shawn said he doesn’t want to go back on his word to the fans, or to The Undertaker. Applause for that one. He said he doesn’t hide a lot from the fans when he comes out in front of them and he wants to honor his word to them and Taker, so he appreciates the “one more match” chants but wanted to do everything in his power to make sure it doesn’t happen. “HBK” chants. Michaels said there was one other guy he wanted to thank: Bret Hart. He said he couldn’t tell the fans how much he drove that poor guy crazy back in the 90s, and everything Bret has said about him, he had every right to say. He said he wanted to thank Bret for understanding and believing that Shawn made mistakes and changed, knowing he’d want their friendship if he ever got the chance, and Shawn thanked him for that chance.

Then, there’s Vince McMahon. Boos for that. Shawn said he doesn’t know if he’ll get in trouble for mentioning that name or not, but it’s his farewell speech, so he’ll say what he wants to say. Shawn said there is no one he’d be able to work for again, after working for that crazy sun-of-a-gun for so long. He said the only person he drove crazy more than Bret was Vince. Michaels acknowledged that McMahon gave him the opportunity to do what he did, but thanked McMahon for stopping him from making bigger mistakes. He said if Vince hadn’t kept him on course, he wouldn’t be here today. Last but not least, each and every one of the fans. Another “thank you Shawn” chant. He said he’s got to travel all over the world, meeting millions of people and listening to each and every fan for the majority of his life. He said he spent more time with the fans than with his own family, but he doesn’t say that with regrets. He thanked them for giving him the honor of letting him show off in front of them every night of his life. Another “HBK” chant. This is enough to send shivers down your spine. He thanked Jesus Christ for saving him, which was met with mostly cheers. He told his wife and kids, “daddy’s coming home.” He ended by saying “the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels has left the building.” He waved to the fans and left the mic in the ring. Huge pop as he exited the ring. He started walking up the ramp, no music. He shook hands with fans in the aisle. A shot of a fan crying. Michaels got to the top of the ramp, waved goodbye and clapped. His music started playing as he took in the scene. Hunter came behind and hugged Shawn, with Shawn kissing him on the cheek. They embraced in a hug again. Trips had two DX glowsticks that he symbolically laid on the top of the rmap. The show faded out as Shawn disappeared backstage. Different than the Flair retirement, but neither was better than the other; they were both awesome in their own way.

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highlight of the night for me was briefly seeing Steamboat vs Arn and Sarge vs Patterson. Why was Patterson a heel?

It appears that Shawn didn't mention Marty. that's a shame.

Also, did we need Lawler using the Owen Voice to talk about Sheamus' attack on HHH?

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    Originally posted by odessasteps

    Also, did we need Lawler using the Owen Voice to talk about Sheamus' attack on HHH?

How else do you want them to sell a serious attack? I think it's more offensive to use the term "Owen voice" than it is for the announcers to actually use that tone. But that's just me.
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    Originally posted by geemoney
      Originally posted by odessasteps

      Also, did we need Lawler using the Owen Voice to talk about Sheamus' attack on HHH?

    How else do you want them to sell a serious attack? I think it's more offensive to use the term "Owen voice" than it is for the announcers to actually use that tone. But that's just me.

Totally agreed, Gee.

Not to nit-pick (because your reports ROCK), but I'm pretty sure Kidd pointed at Brett first and then went for the Sharpshooter (to a HUGE pop from the crowd).

I love their version of the Heart Attack.

The retirement speech was fitting for HBK, and you could tell he meant it. Stuff like thanking Bret, Vince, his family, and Jesus Christ.....yeah, that was very fitting. And thanking the camera guys and the VIDEO PACKAGE guy? CLASSY.

The crowd was great and TOTALLY respectful. Was it just me or when Shawn started talking about the "one more match" thing the crowd started a couple of "woooo's"?

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You know, I really don't know what to put here. Close your eyes and thank of something funny!

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So was Batista freaking out about not getting his spotlight right away planned, or not planned? I can't decide which way is better.

The HBK retirement was one of those moments where it was impossible not to think "wow, I've been watching wrestling a long time. ... Maybe I should stop?"

(probably won't!)

Big Show as sensible veteran to hot headed Miz is another one of those moments. It's a great bit, though.

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    Originally posted by El Nastio
    The crowd was great and TOTALLY respectful.

Awesomest crowd ever.

How cool must it have been to be Randy f'n Orton last night and tonight?

The Orton-Cena Dream Team made its triumphant return, but sadly, no Super-RKO.

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    Originally posted by geemoney
      Originally posted by odessasteps

      Also, did we need Lawler using the Owen Voice to talk about Sheamus' attack on HHH?

    How else do you want them to sell a serious attack? I think it's more offensive to use the term "Owen voice" than it is for the announcers to actually use that tone. But that's just me.

I KNEW someone was going to bring it up.

Here is the deal:
-The voice itself is fine. It does not bother me because it is the "Owen" voice. In fact, I think it is stupid to get on them for using a concerned voice to express *gasp* concern for wrestlers when something horrible happens to them. I get it that Owen died and that was real, and they talked like it then. But to now from now on not EVER allowing commentators to use it to get over a story? That's a little too far. What is the fear? That we are actually going to think HHH died? That it disrespects Owen or actual injuries?

I think the voice is fine for HOLY SHIT INJURY angles. Hell, when Orton was putting people out with the Punt and they would sell it for weeks, I had no issue with it.

-Sheamus weakly hitting HHH in the back with a pipe was not an injury angle. I think they were going for the whole shock and awe of Sheamus attacking HHH in a vulnerable emotional state, but really that was a moment that called for outrage more than silence. My beef is overusing the voice when not associated with an injury angle. Why is this pipe to the back worse than a Sledgehammer to the spine/head mid match?
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It WAS the awesomest crowd ever.

You hit on something there Cubs.....I'm really digging the Big Show right now. I think back to that time that he punched out the referee by mistake and was apologetic shouting "I DIDN'T MEAN TO!". It really seems as if he's doing a great job of being a face who just so happens to be hanging out with a heel. And the "big brother" reference is totally accurate. "Will you listen to me now?", PRICELESS.

The Big Show does so many little things well character wise. And the Miz is showing he's pretty good at being a foil off of the Show. What would happen if Miz, Show and Punk formed a stable or had a feud? EPIC.

You know, I really don't know what to put here. Close your eyes and thank of something funny!

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As for the show itself, I actually sat through the entire two hours with the sole intention of watching Shawn ride off into the sunset, and see if his retirement would be even more awe inspiring than Flair's.

It was. It was perfect. The crowd was respectful as hell, and even when they went with "One More Match" Shawn simply said "I'm not gonna Ric Flair this one guys," without actually saying that.

Also, Minus the Undertaker and HHH Cameos (both well done, BTW), he did this solo.....


Thanks for the Memories Shawn!

Rest of the Show:

Holy Crap everyone was pretty amazing minus the Divas.
-Batista/Cena at the beginning was great as usual. Cena owned on the mic tonight. Lots of two way heat that night.

-Swagger was funny as hell in the first segment, slightly awkward later. Someone on the 411comments had this witty bit: "I've finally figured out Jack Swagger's Gimmick: Mentally Challenged Brock Lesnar." No idea how original that is, but I nearly spit my Fanta reading that as he did the angry gorilla dance.

-Orton is crazy over right now. I loved seeing the Orton/Cena super team we have seen every so often for the past few years. Also wanted a FURKO. I still think Orton should have RKO'd Cena right after hitting Swagger and still covering Swagger for the pin just to see the pop he would have gotten. I don't know where Orton goes from here though...He needs to stay on Raw and feed off the live energy of the Crowd, but his only viable feud at the top of the Card seems to be Swagger or Batista

-Also, if we are going to see more Batista/Orton interaction , would it KILL the commentary team to choose a position on who was at fault for the Evolution Break up and stick to it? I'm really sick of King and Cole siding with whoever the face is at the moment for something that happened in the past. When Orton was heel last year, Batista and HHH were justified kicking out Orton apparently. Now that Orton is face, he was kicked out because of evolution's jealousy. Pick a side, I don't care which one. I really miss a heel/face commentary team on Raw, because THAT is how you deal with inconsistent opinions and tell both sides of a story. Why don't we have this again?

-Miz is absolutely astounding on the mic right now, and WWE's call to put Show in tag teams is the best move for him in years. Show has amazing charisma whenever he is interacting with people, and by keeping him in a team, there is constant interaction with allies instead of "I'm A GIANT, SMASH!" I'm really digging Show as a wise veteran right now. He obviously came out there to support Miz, but seemed to think Miz was overstepping his bounds calling out Bret, but at the same time, wanted to put on a decent appearance as UTTCs. But then, when it came to defending the belts, Show wisely said that they needed to back off, because they were not mentally prepared for an on the spot challenge from a young team the caliber of the hearts. Great stuff.

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    Originally posted by El Nastio
    You hit on something there Cubs.....I'm really digging the Big Show right now. I think back to that time that he punched out the referee by mistake and was apologetic shouting "I DIDN'T MEAN TO!". It really seems as if he's doing a great job of being a face who just so happens to be hanging out with a heel.

Something else that supports what you say was when Bret told Miz to make him leave the ring, and Show stopped Miz from hitting Bret and tried to calmly talk to him instead. It didn't seem like Show was stepping up to intimidate Bret, as he'd usually do in a situation like that, but instead was trying to reason with him to leave because he had a certain level of respect for him.

What a weird reason to trot out a dozen legends - a three minute Christian/DiBiase match.

Loved the Michaels segment. I've always been a huge fan of Bret, and used to hate Michaels the person in the 90s (though always loved his in-ring ability) but have really liked him since his comeback, and I love how things have seemingly turned out between the two of them, especially because I thought it would never happen. At various points it looked like Bret and Shawn would be two more guys wrestling destroyed, but they've both seemed to have found a good place in their lives. This would be a fantastic end to Michaels' career, and I hope it sticks.

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Just reading this brought a tear to my eye. And when HBK says it, I believe him that he won't come back.

Thank you Shawn!

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So much to love about tonight's RAW.

- Loved Batista's reaction to the spotlight miscue. Loved Cena's rant about how heels always say they want a rematch then say "not tonight" and imploring Batista to man up. Loved Batista's perfectly timed "not tonight."

- Loved Swagger cashing in his MitB shot, right up until it became obvious he wasn't going to lose his shot the first RAW after WM.

- Love, love, LOVED Sheamus - maybe my favorite "we're being serious - no we're not this is WRESTLING"-moment since Buff Bagwell got up out of that wheelchair to smash Rick Steiner with a chair.

- Loved every bit of Bret/ShoMiz, especially all moments involving the Miz. As mentioned, Show dealing with Miz was great, but also great was Miz pumping Big Show up to get him to agree to the match (right before they went to break). "My fist is gonna have closure with your FACE." Also liked what I saw in the ring from the Hart Dynasty.

- Loved Batista's reaction when Orton was revealed as Cena's partner. (Where was my "the CHAMP is HERE", though?) Not sure I loved Orton as a face, but that crowd sure did. LOVED lack of man-love between Orton and Cena at the end, just a quick nod from Cena to Orton before he left the ring was perfect.

- And loved HBK's moment, especially the Undertaker's simple tribute at the beginning. I wish my DVR hadn't quit before the very end, but that was fantastic.

Holy fuck shit motherfucker shit. Read comics. Fuck shit shit fuck shit I sold out when I did my job. Fuck fuck fuck shit fuck. Sorry had to do it....


Revenge of the Sith = one thumb up from me. Fuck shit. I want to tittie fuck your ass.
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I loved Miz's note about how he'll be challenging Taker's streak in 17 more years. That was hilarious --- Swagger should try that next, claiming that since he beat nine guys, he's already up to 9-0.

"In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love. They had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock." -- Orson Welles, The Third Man

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Looks like ole Bret has plans for sticking around after all. I thought his run would end at WM and then he'd say goodbye for real and be gone tonight. But I did see a promo for the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour to the UK and it heavily featured Bret, so looks like we'll get to see a bit more of him. And since he's transitioning into a manager/mentor role for the Hart Dynasty (who need it badly), I'm not complaining.

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It was the awesomest thing to be there for. It was perfect.

So as not to send the crowd home sad, we had one more match. Consider who you could possibly send out there after Shawn's leaving, to make everybody feel better. Jericho. If you all are done crying & blubbering about Shawn Michaels retiring, good riddance. I have suffered a severe & terrible injury. Permanently scarred & damaged. "You saw one career end tonight. You're going to see another one end right now." I can't think of anything better than Chris Jericho being totally self-absorbed to lighten up the crowd. It was a Jericho / Edge rematch "for the championship". And ended up as a DQ, after Chris hit Edge with the 3 Stooges eyepoke. Jericho started to mock our pandering, when he was interrupted by HHH. HHH first hits Jericho with a pedigree, then goes to the corner & "tuns up the band" for a tribute superkick to Chris. Then does just a momentary ouck-groin-pull gesture. Just the right epilogue for us to go home with.

Thank you, Shawn!

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I cried like a little girl!

Great, great farewell!

Overall it was a very strong show (after a not that great WM)! Miz (GREAT promo!), Big Show, Randy Orton and Christian all looked fantastic! And I think they elevated Swagger and the Hart Dynasty pretty nicely already!
Amos Cochran
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With Orton becoming SuperFace, maybe they'll finally pull the trigger on a Cena turn somewhere down the line. That could be HUGE.

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I remember seeing Shawn Michaels wrestle at a local high school gym back in the 80's as half of the Midnight Rockers ... damnit, I'm getting old.

The Miz is awesome.

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A solid Raw after Mania. Steamboat vs. The Enforcer AA totally made my night. I am hoping Bret sticks around, so I can see him on the Smackdown after the 3 hour Raw Draft. If not, then they better have the Owen shirt for sale or his new one. Miz is going to be world champ before Mania. I am getting sick of Sheamus and I am not seeing the IT factor minus him being see through. Cena/Orton has the potential to be really good or back to same old shit. I highly, highly doubt they will turn John, but I could see Orton chasing Batista for the belt in the summer while Cena is sent to Smackdown while they are in another contract negotiation. Cena has champ is as boring as ever.

As for Shawn. Well, he did his way. His speech was heartfelt and emotional. Taker's tip of the hat was awesome as was HHH coming out with the bromance. Nice shout to Bret, Vince and Adam. It was very classy for Shawn to do that. Its amazing how 12 years ago we all thought his career was DOA. Now, we can't imagine the WWE without him going out having 5 star matches. I popped in his From the Vault DVD to mainly watch his SummerSlam 2002. That match was perfect and I had a tear in my eye while JR and King talking like Mantle came back from the dead to pinch hit in bottom of the ninth of the World Series for the Yankees against the Dodgers with the score tied. HBK will be missed, but never forgotten. I just hope he keeps his word.

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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    With Orton becoming SuperFace, maybe they'll finally pull the trigger on a Cena turn somewhere down the line. That could be HUGE.

I mentioned this in the prediction has to be the full Austin/Brett double turn, and even then Orton HAS to keep playing it tweenish or it will go sour fast. Cena has always ignored the haters, but maybe it will finally "get to him" that Randy Orton is getting cheered after all of his evil deeds.

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