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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #841 7/6/09
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TONIGHT: The Raw crew is overseas, so tonight’s show was taped last week. But no spoilers for me! Ted DiBiase (Sr.) will be YOUR guest host tonight, and in a match to find out who will face Randy Orton at Night of Champions as Triple H takes on John Cena. I don’t often root for Cena, but....

-WWE Open. Was that the NBC Nightly News logo that popped up for a mili-second beforehand?

-RAW Open.

-After fireworks and panning the crowd, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler plugged Triple H vs. John Cena in the finals of a four-man tournament to find a number one contender.

-Lilian Garcia introduced The Million Dollar Man as the guest host. And he’s got the Million Dollar Belt! Then he signaled for Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase (Jr.) to come out. All three walked to the ring. The senior said that Trump and Vince proved a few weeks ago that everyone has a price. He said he heard about the guest host thing and had his people write a check to put him in charge. Then he said this gives him the forum to tell people about the greatness of those who stand before them. He talked up Teddy Jr. and Cody Rhodes. The old men said he was told there would be no title defenses in the Raw before Night of Champions. DiBiase said that Edge and Jericho would have to fight Legacy. He said it’s official and we can take it to the bank. As for tonight: He asked Rhodes how he felt when Mark Henry beat Randy Orton last week. Rhodes said Henry showed disrespect. DiBiase then made Rhodes vs. Henry. Rhodes seemed surprised. The youngest DiBiase asked him what he was doing and the elder said he was making an impact. Ted Sr. told his son that he should’ve told him this earlier, but what better way to do this but in front of live TV. He said he saw what Teddy did at The Bash and the GM of the night said Orton is holding him down and using him. DiBiase Sr. said Teddy Jr.’s match tonight would make a statement and change careers: Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase. Teddy said he wasn’t going to do it, but Ted said not only is he going to face him, but he’s going to beat him (insert trademark laugh here). It’s been a while, but it didn’t “feel” like a traditional DiBiase promo.

-After DiBiase left Legacy in the ring alone, the new tag champions came down. They seemed to be eye-balling each other (the two teams, that is), then they went to break. The champions will be facing the Colons (again) next.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Edge & Chris Jericho vs. Carlito & Primo

Carlito hit his knee-lift/clothesline combo early on, to boos from the crowd. Jericho eventually made the tag and the heels took over offense on Carlito. Jericho even got some cheating in to try to get the crowd against them. Carlito hit his springboard elbow (the one that Primo messed up last week) and both men were down. They both made tags and Primo, as usual, showed a lot of fire in picking up the pace. Springboard cross-body on Edge got two. Primo tried another springboard move, to no avail. He twisted Carlito’s arms up in the ropes. Carlito knocked him free, but Edge ran into Carlito when Primo moved. Primo went for a roll-up, for two. An angry Carlito stormed the ring, and while the ref was distracted, Jericho gave Primo the Codebreaker and Edge speared him for the win.

Winners: Edge & Jericho, at 5:18. Just a tag match. Didn’t have a lot of energy, but I can’t blame’em, fighting two matches against each other in one night.

After the match, Carlito showed more fire than he has in a while, throwing his brother shoulder-first into the ring-post, then tossing him out of the ring. He threw punch after punch to the head of Primo, then tossed him over the announce desk. Wow, that was a quick turn. A ref and a medic tended to Primo after Carlito walked to the back.

-Teddy and Cody were in the locker room chatting and Orton walked in. He wanted to know what Teddy was going to do about this. Teddy said his father is stubborn, he won’t budge. Orton said Teddy losing on TV won’t do anything for him, but DiBiase took exception to Orton thinking he’d beat him. Teddy got upset and said his father was a hell of a lot better than Orton’s father. Then he said he’d face him and beat him tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole and Lawler talked about the guys Raw received in the 15-person trade initiated by Trump.

(2) Maryse & Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James & Gail Kim
Alicia’s lackey-dom continues. James faces Maryse at Night of Champions. Hey, a women’s match I’m looking forward to! Mickie and Maryse finally tied up here, though I don’t know why they’d waste it since the whole feud has been around Maryse avoiding Mickie, so why give them finally getting together away for free? Maryse took Mickie down and celebrated, but Alicia came in and got rolled up for two. Neck-breaker by James, who then knocked Maryse off the apron. Seated dropkick for two. Kim tagged in and hit a hurricanrana on Fox. Shoulder to the gut in the corner, then a springboard cross-body for two. Fox sent Kim throat-first into the middle ropes, then Maryse kicked her right in the head when the ref was distracted by Mickie. That got two. Maryse tagged in and landed a back-breaker on Gail. Kim fought back and nailed Maryse with a jawbreaker using her foot and picked up the victory.

Winners: Mickie & Gail, at 3:25. Curious decision there, but I’m all for making Gail a serious threat. Good women’s tag match.

-DiBiase Sr. was getting his nails done when Cody Rhodes walked into his office. Rhodes thanked him for being on Raw and sucked up to him when Ted told him to get to the point. Cody had a bunch of money in his hands and Ted said he got the point, but it’s not nearly enough. He knew Cody didn’t want to fight Henry tonight and Cody said it’s best for him to focus on his tag match at Night of Champions rather than fight Henry. DiBiase talked up Cody’s father and Cody even started singing the “Common Man” theme. DiBiase got serious and talked about how he hated Dusty Rhodes and said it was a travesty that fat, bloated common man is in the Hall-of-Fame and he’s not. Ted said that if Cody didn’t leave the office, he’d put him in polka dots like his old man. Now THAT’s a DiBiase promo.

-Tonight, Randy Orton faces Ted DiBiase Jr. Also, John Cena vs. Triple H in the finals of the Tournament of Champions.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry
On a lock-up, Henry just pulled Rhodes in and Cody bounced off his...well...body. Rhodes got his feet up on a charge, but Cody foolishly jumped into Henry’s arms. Cody was hit with the World’s Strongest Slam, but he was able to roll out of the ring. Cody, holding his mid-section, was walking up the ramp, clearly giving up on this match.

Winner: Henry, via count-out, at 1:37. Well, at least they didn’t job Rhodes outright. And it does kinda make sense to have him walk out on things.

-John Cena was shown backstage getting ready for his match with The Game.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase
A few lock-ups went nowhere. DiBiase sent Orton to the mat, and then arm-dragged him and dropkicked him. Orton went to the outside, and Teddy baseball-slid him. They went to a break two minutes in.

[Commercial Break]

Orton had DiBiase in a chin-lock when the show returned. They showed Orton turning the tide during the break, sending DiBiase into the steel steps. Orton trash-talked DiBiase and proceeded to slowly Garvin Stomp him. The match really slowed down here. DiBiase tried to get back in the ring from the apron, but DiBiase pulled him through the middle rope and DDT’d DiBiase with the youngster’s feet on the ropes. Teddy kicked out at two. Orton was shocked and he went for another pin, getting only two again. Cole tried to say it would be an embarrassment for Orton to lose to his protege, but Lawler quickly covered saying it shouldn’t be an embarrassment for anyone to lose to DiBiase. I’m surprised they even bothered to cover that line by Cole. Another chin-lock from Orton. Crowd started getting behind DiBiase. DiBiase got out of it and came off the second rope with an elbow, getting a two-count. Orton turned an whip into the ropes into a back-breaker. He seemed ready to strike with the RKO. DiBiase countered with a backslide for two. Scoop slam by DiBiase for two. He’s putting up a bigger fight against Orton than he did against Super Shane-O-Mac. DiBiase tried to hit Dream Street but Orton countered with an RKO to put him away.

Winner: Orton, at 10:47. Good, albeit really slow in parts thanks to Orton’s chin-locks. Made DiBiase look quite credible here.
-Triple H was walking backstage when Josh Mathews stopped him. Mathews asked about how the winner going on to N.O.C. changes things. Triple H said every time it’s Cena vs. Triple H, it’s epic. He said he didn’t care who he had to go through to get what he wants; including John Cena.

-That one-on-one match is later tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed clips from the BET Awards where MVP took Sherri Shepherd to the show and people were talked to on the Red Carpet about it. People.....I generally have never heard of (save for Elise Neal and Arsenio Hall).

-In the ring, it was MVP’s VIP Lounge. MVP talked about Donald Trump arranging the 15-person trade, which brought his guest tonight to Raw, him being Jack Swagger. MVP wanted to ask what it felt like to debut as a Raw superstar....Jack interrupted, but MVP reminded him that it’s HIS lounge, and he wasn’t done. MVP finished by asking how it felt to expose himself as a fraud by getting himself counted out last week. Swagger reminded everyone of his credentials. He said he was a Division One athlete. Swagger called MVP a fraud, trying to pass himself off as an athlete, but he’s really a con, having spent significant portions of his life in prison. Swagger said if anyone is an MVP on Raw, it’s him. MVP said he doesn’t hide his past and said he ran the streets when he was younger and made some bad decisions that cost him dearly. He said he uses his influence now to try to get kids to stay off the street and not get involved with that stuff. MVP said he paid his debt to society and served his time like a man. Swagger told him to stop making excuses. MVP said they didn’t teach Swagger at Oklahoma the difference between “excuse” and “explanation.” Some guy in the crowd shouted “kick his ass!” MVP said there was another difference between them; he then began to disrobe and said he’s never been afraid of a fight. They went nose-to-nose and the crowd chanted “MVP, MVP.” Swagger said he doesn’t fight people below him, especially criminals. MVP said it’s obvious that since Swagger has been on Raw, he doesn’t fight anyone at ALL. He told Swagger when he did want to fight, he could find him in the MVP Lounge.

-Backstage, Ted lauded his son’s efforts in the match, while Teddy said he set him up to fail and put him in an impossible situation. He said it’s still all about him and he can’t get over himself. Teddy said it’s his time and his father was stealing his spotlight. Ted looked down and quietly said it wasn’t that at all. Then Teddy slapped Ted (hard!) and said that it was, and walked out. Ted held his cheek, disappointed in his son’s actions.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne
Bourne got a quick roll-up when Kofi tried a leapfrog. They traded pinning attempts, each getting about two. Half-crab by Jericho as Cole asked when the last time we’ve seen that utilized. Probably on Smackdown. They stayed on the mat and Kofi took Bourne down with a headlock. This isn’t even living up to the hype Cole put into it beforehand. Backslide by Bourne was blocked and Kofi hit a spring-board cross-body for two. Big splash in the corner on Bourne, but Kofi went to jump on Bourne in the corner, but Evan got the knees up and hit the Air Bourne (shooting star press) that it looked like he almost over-shot, landing on Kofi’s face. He picked up the pin.

Winner: Bourne, at 3:04. Good dose of athleticism for the show.

After the match, Big Show walked out. Kofi and Evan had plenty of time to leave the ring, but didn’t. Show kicked Kingston in the gut and headbutted him. Bourne tried to help, but Show swatted him away. Dropkick to the back did nothing and Show picked him up high, and sent him to the mat. Kofi tried to fight back, but Show continued his dominance. Once Evan made it to his feet, Show speared him. He just destroyed Kingston with right hands to the gut. That’s right: Put the most unathletic, boring veteran wrestler on the roster on the show and have him destroy the two youngest and most exciting guys they have. Is that supposed to make Show more of a heel or is that just more of WWE’s stupid booking?

-Up next, Triple H vs. John Cena.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed John Cena appearing at FYE after Raw last week.

-Cena was backstage with Josh Mathews. Cena said Triple H was right in saying that “all bets are off,” and said tonight’s Raw has transformed itself into Wrestlemania. He said Triple H isn’t going to walk through him tonight to get to Orton. Cena said the two biggest forces in WWE are going to lock horns and there will be one person who will earn a chance to hold the belt. He said he respects Triple H, but it’s been way too long since he’s said the words everyone wants to hear: The Champ is here.

-Triple H made his entrance, then they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Triple H vs. John Cena- Winner Faces Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions
The two men faced off in the center of the ring, then backed away. The Game got Cena in a quick headscissors, but Cena got out with ease. They again faced off, then backed into their corners. After a tie-up, Trips peppered Cena with right hands, but Cena did his best to fight back. Off the ropes went Cena, who hit a flying shoulderblock, sending Trips down. A high knee did the same to Cena. Then Trips took his stupid bump over the top rope before he even hits the corner and this time, he had to stop in the middle of it to see where he was. Cena got to meet the ring post up close before going to break.

[Commercial Break]

Triple H was in control, but Cena came back and hit some of his signature moves. Then Triple H landed a back-breaker on Cena. He really started to work the lower back of Cena. Cena tried to fight back with right hands to counter Triple H’s. Cena did turn things around and went for the “you can’t see me” fist-drop. Then Triple H made his own comeback with a spinebuster and went for the Pedigree, but Cena got out of it. He then applied a sleeper. Cena powered out and locked a sleeper of his own in. Triple H got taken down to his knees. Trips got back to his feet and suplexed out of it. They did the “boo” “yeah” punches in the middle of the ring with The Game getting the majority of the yays. Cena was on rubber leg street as Triple H kept connecting with right hands. Cena missed his legdrop off the top rope. Pedigree blocked again and Cena went for a jacknife cover for two. Triple H got out of the Attitude Adjustment and rolled Cena up for two. Cena tried to lock in the STF but by the time it was locked in Trips was already near the ropes. Cena was forced to break, but pulled Triple H’s leg getting him away from the ropes. Small package by Trips for two. Pedigree countered again, then a flip of HHH into the corner. He held onto the top rope on an Attitude Adjustment, then both men clotheslined each other in the center of the squared circle. Both men staggered to their feet and again punched away at each other. Then, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes came into the ring, beating up on both guys quickly, then leaving.

Winner: No Contest, at 18:35.

Orton was on the ramp after the match and said because there was no winner, no one will face him at the PPV. Ted DiBiase came out and said that while Orton thinks neither man won, he says neither man lost and his opinion carries a lot more weight than Orton’s. Then, he made the title match at the PPV a triple-threat with Orton, Triple H and Cena.
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How is it a man who's been out of the ring for the better part of a decade, can cut a promo better than 90% of the current roster?

Good show overall, I liked everything except the Big Slow appearance.

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At least I don't feel so bad for falling asleep during the main event.


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Yeah, I was digging the Million Dollar Man as well. Strong opening segment by him. I wouldn't mind seeing him take over the GM mantle for an extended period.

The match between Orton and DiBiase was a good example of how to elevate a talent despite a loss. That loss probably has done more for DiBiase's short career than any win so far. Also, the slow burn face turn continues, but apart from the initial "yay-he-turned-on-Orton" face pop, I don't see ole Ted generating too much of a reaction. We'll see, though, and I'd certainly like to be proven wrong.

MVP got to show a bit more character, which makes me happy. Good promo work between him and Swagger. The Swagger-MVP feud would get me hyped. At least they seem to have some sort of plans for Swagger.

Why would you need to protect Cody Rhodes from a clean loss against Mark Henry? Cody's been buried so much over the past few months that he has little credibility left anyway. Why would you want to take away some of the momentum Henry built last week?

That Carlito turn was pretty random, and I bet they probably want to take it back, now that Edge is seemingly going to be on the shelf for a while and there is little in terms of established tag talent on either brand. Sadly, for the Colons, all they will get is a short feud and maybe (if they're luck) one PPV match, and then both of them will be forgotten. Well, maybe Carlito can get back into the US title picture, but I fear for Primo.

Not particularly looking forward to Orton/HHH/Cena, but at least it has the potential to be a better match than any Raw main event since prior to Wrestlemania, and that would be a welcome change.

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I have to agree with everyone here about the Million Dollar Man. He still has the skills on the stick. I honestly wouldn't mind him as the GM if he would be able to do the travel every week.

    Originally posted by used2bcool
    MVP got to show a bit more character, which makes me happy. Good promo work between him and Swagger. The Swagger-MVP feud would get me hyped. At least they seem to have some sort of plans for Swagger.

I was going to FF the VIP lounge but I couldn't find my remote until most of the segment was over. They FINALLY gave me (and the crowd) a reason to care about MVP. I really wanted to kick Swagger's ass because he was a douche before and now they made him even more of a D-bag during the segment.

EDIT: proofreading needed.

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    Originally posted by Zeruel
    I have to agree with everyone here about the Million Dollar Man. He still has the skills on the stick. I honestly wouldn't mind him as the GM if he would be able to do the travel every week.

Isn't he an agent? If so, he's got the travel down. He could/can also keep an eye on his kid then.

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    Originally posted by Mike Zeidler
      Originally posted by Zeruel
      I have to agree with everyone here about the Million Dollar Man. He still has the skills on the stick. I honestly wouldn't mind him as the GM if he would be able to do the travel every week.

    Isn't he an agent? If so, he's got the travel down. He could/can also keep an eye on his kid then.

He used to be, but he was let go some time back.
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Well I have to say that WWF is very inconsistent on this whole paying dues crap. Look at Kurt Angle. When he came on television he got pushed to the moon. He got that undefeated streak. He got the European Title and shortly after the IC title.
- The Vile One, "Paying Dues" - Bullshit or not? (2002)
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