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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #825 3/16/09
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TONIGHT: One match announced for tonight: In tag-team action, opponents at Wrestlemania team up as Shawn Michaels & Undertaker combine their powers to combat Vladimir Kozlov and new I.C Champ JBL. Will Ric Flair accept the challenge of Chris Jericho and return to the ring to face Y2J? Plus, follow-up to HHH’s breaking the law and probably a Divas battle royal plug. Also, it’s March 16.....3/16....and we’re in Texas....just food for thought. And we may get a final H.O.F inducte....tough to follow Koko, I know.

-WWE Open.

-Clips from the contract signing from last week with Edge, Big Show, and John Cena aired.

-RAW Open.

-Lotsa fireworks opened the show (WWEHD, BTW) live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler plugged John Cena vs. Edge tonight. Oh, and Vickie Guerrero is special guest ref. Well, I guess they’ll beat that match into the ground some more.

-We’ll have an update on Triple H, who was arrested last week.

-Plus, Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair? Maybe!

(1) Shawn Michaels & Undertaker vs. JBL & Vladimir Kozlov
Quite appropriate that HBK would be the first one out in his hometown. Michaels got pushed away on a lock-up and offered a hand to Taker, who didn’t bite. Michaels jumped onto Kozlov and soon got back off and made the tag. Kozlov walked straight into a boot and was clotheslined down. He got clotheslined over the top rope. If no one got sent to the outside during matches, would the show ever go to break?

[Commercial Break]

HBK just tagged in to go to work on his former employer, JBL. Flying forearm by Michaels and he started hitting all his vintage moves, including his flying elbowdrop. He dodged a shot by Kozlov and got hit by a big boot from the big Texan. Headbutts and a bell-to-belly by Kozlov for two. Hard right hand slaps by JBL after he tagged in, then a short clothesline. Bear-hug by the Moscow Mauler. Kozlov tried a suplex, but HBK countered with a DDT. JBL tagged in and so did Taker. Guess who got the business end of that one. The Dead Man went all Old School on his counterpart. Snake Eyes and big boot. Taker set up for a chokeslam, but HBK tagged him as Taker had his arm outstretched for the upcoming move. He landed Sweet Chin Music on JBL and got the win.

Winners: Taker & Michaels, at 9:21. I’ve seen worse.

After the match, Taker stalked Michaels up the ramp ‘til Michaels disappeared backstage. The gong hit and Undertaker’s music played. As he was posing, HBK came back out of nowhere and superkicked Taker.

[Commercial Break]

-We got a replay of what just happened, vis-a-vis HBK and Taker.

-In her office, Vickie Guerrero met up with Edge. Vickie whined that she didn’t know what to say to Edge and apparently they haven’t talked in a week. That seems to be a common thread between the two. Edge said he has something he needs to tell her. He forgives her. Awwww. Vickie then said Show forced himself on her and that he’s so overpowering and so.....big. Edge claimed Big Show was using her to advance his career. He said what they have is real. Edge said he doesn’t blame Big Show, but rather John Cena. That’s interesting. He said Cena humiliated Vickie and tried to ruin her life. She told Edge to take Cena apart tonight. If Cena lays one finger on Vickie, even accidentally, he’s out of the match at ‘Mania. Guerrero said she really hoped Edge wins at Wrestlemania. Embracing ensued.

-A video package showed what happened between Orton and Triple H last week.

-Jerry Lawler said HHH posted bail and was released after Trips was arrested. He also said Orton was not going to press charges. Cole said Triple H is in the arena tonight and will be facing Cody Rhodes later tonihgt.

-Todd Grisham was backstage with Legacy, with Orton pacing back and forth. Grish asked Orton why he dropped the charges. Orton called HHH a homicidal maniac. He said he traumatized Orton’s wife and she may never be the same. Orton ran down the charges and said Trips could’ve gone to prison. He said if that happened, he would’ve paid his debt to society, but not his debt to Orton. So a Title means more than the safety of his family and everything. Yikes. He said it’d be Orton’s Law at Wrestlemania.

-Layla, Jillian Hall and Beth Phoenix are in six-Diva tag action next. They made their entrance, along with Santino and Rosa.

[Commercial Break]

(2) Layla & Jillian Hall & Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly & Mickie James & Melina
They previewed the 25-Diva battle royal at ‘Mania and showed that all 19 Divas on the roster (including Gail Kim) would be in. No surprise, but that allows speculation now to be down to six former Divas. Santino Marella joined the commentary team.

Beth and Mickie started things off. Beth powered Mickie into the corner, but James fought away. Beth stepped on Mickie’s throat near the ropes. Dragon sleeper applied by Phoenix. Mickie dodged a reverse suplex but ran into a shoulder tackle. Santino said you don’t want to run into Glamazon, calling Beth “a very solid woman.” Melina tagged in and was on-fire, including hitting a face-buster. High back-breaker by Beth. Mickie broke up a pin attempt, but Hall tripped her up and Mickie fought her off on the outside. Santino went to get a closer look and got a foot to the balls. Beth tried pulling Mickie into the ring and was rolled up by Melina for three.

Winners: Kelly, Mickie, & Melina, at 2:54. Not so good. Only half the divas made it into the match.

-“12 Rounds” trailer aired.

-Cena faces Edge one-on-one tonight. Vickie Guerrero will be special referee.

-HHH is in action next against Cody Rhodes.

[Commercial Break]

-Lawler thanked AC/DC for supplying one of the Wrestlemania theme songs, “Shoot To Thrill.’

(3) Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes
Before Rhodes got in the ring, Orton and Dibiase came out. Rhodes tried to attack before the bell, but HHH tackled him and sent him to the outside. He threw Rhodes off of just about everything. Trips got a sledgehammer from outside the ring as Orton and Dibiase watched from the aisle. Trips kicked Rhodes in the gut and Pedigreed him, while trying to keep an eye on Orton and Dibiase. Triple H waved his hand as if telling Orton and Dibiase to come in, but a steel cage started lowering. Trips rolled out of the ring and went after the duo, who retreated to the top of the stage. Trips backed down to the ring and ran in under the cage. Orton and Dibiase didn’t make it back to the ring in time to get into the ring under the cage. Somehow, the door was already locked. Rhodes STILL hadn’t gotten up from the Pedigree and the ref rang the bell to officially start the match. O....K.

(3) Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes- Steel Cage Match
Orton and Dibiase tried to climb the cage, but HHH kept throwing Rhodes into them from the inside. Triple H pounded away at the forehead of the youngest Rhodes. He again threw Rhodes into the climbing Orton and Dibiase. Triple H got right in Orton’s face with the sledgehammer. Dibiase had made it to the top but ended up dangling and falling down. Apparently, Triple H hinted that what he was about to do was Orton’s fate at WM. He slammed the sledgehammer into Cody’s noggin and made the pin.

Winner: Triple H, at 2:15. This wasn’t the burial of Rhodes that I feared. I don’t think it did too much damage to him, really.

Triple H climbed to the top of the cage and sat on the top, looking down at Orton and Dibiase. What’s that blood-looking substance on the outside of the ring when Teddy fell down off the cage?

-Still to come tonight, Edge takes on John Cena with Vickie as “special” guest ref. If Cena touches Vickie, he’s out of ‘Mania.

-Also, will Flair accept Jericho’s challenge and face him tonight?

[Commercial Break]

-Earlier tonight, Ric Flair arrived on the scene at the AT&T Center in style.

(4) Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler
Poor Dolph got the “currently in the ring” treatment. Cole mentioned that Rey would be on the 500th episode of Smackdown this Friday night. Ziggler worked the arm to start and Cole said Rey issued a challenge to JBL for an IC Title match at Wrestlemania. Several elbowdrops were laid in by Ziggler. He tried a pin by putting his foot on Rey’s face. Jaw-breaker by Rey got him out of a full-nelson. Rey headscissored Dolph into the ring-post, then hit a seated Senton. Headscissors again to get Ziggler in position for the 619. Rey won with the flying splash off the top.

Winner: Rey, at 2:17. Ziggler got much more offense than I expected. Just a match to set up Rey challenging JBL.

-We’ll find out if Flair accepts Jericho’s challenge next.

[Commercial Break]

-Chris Jericho came out. No referee in the ring, based on the wide shot, if that means anything. They showed clips of Jericho attacking Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, and Jimmy Snuka. Jericho got on the stick and said Flair stole his chance to be on Wrestlemania. He said that’s why he challenged Flair here tonight and called tonight his Wrestlemania. Jericho said Flair has been waiting to be asked back in the ring and he’s giving him that chance. Jericho said Flair wasn’t a man, but a coward. “You suck” chants from the crowd. He called Flair a washed-up has-been but he’s giving Flair tonight a chance to return to the spotlight one more time. He begged Flair to come out and take his chance. Flair then came out in a suit. Thank God.

Flair said he knows he can beat Jericho, but he’s officially retired as an active competitor. He then said he will always be “The Man.” He also said he will not tarnish the send-off he was given by the whole world a year ago. He said he won’t let everyone down that made that night the greatest of his career. He said he can’t wrestle Jericho, but he’s found some men who can. Jimmy Snuka came out. Well, define “can.” Ricky Steamboat followed (not dressed to wrestle) as did Roddy Piper. All four men headed to the ring. They all look so....grandfatherly. They surrounded the ring and got on the apron and each got into the ring. Y2J tried to run, but Steamboat grabbed his leg. They all collapsed on Jericho, who fled the ring, but ran into a hard right hand at ringside by Flair. Well that was anti-climactic.

-This week’s Wrestlemania moment was Wrestlemania XV from 1999. They even showed clips of the Brawl For All and Bart Gunn getting knocked out by Butterbean. Also, they focused on The Rock vs. Steve Austin.

[Commercial Break]

-Jericho was walking backstage when Grisham found him. Before he could get five words out, Jericho vented about how it was supposed to be his WM tonight. He said he’s not embarrassed because he was attacked by four men at once. Jericho said maybe it’s time he teaches these legends a lesson about respect. He challenged Snuka, Piper and Steamboat to a match with him at WM. Jericho then demanded Flair show up at Wrestlemania in their corner, as the pain he inflicts on the legends will be on his hands. Jericho said he’d buy Mickey Rourke, the guy who started it all, a front-row ticket to see Jericho put them out of their misery once an for all. That’s the worst match they could come up with.

(5) Mark Henry & Kane & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston & MVP & CM Punk
All six men were in the ring to start, with Finlay, Christian and Hornswoggle on commentary. Shelton, then Henry worked over Kofi. Of course, Horny just made nonsensical grunts and laughed on commentary. Henry threw Kofi off on a side headlock attempt, allowing Kofi to tag MVP. A couple dropkicks sent Henry reeling into his corner and he managed to tag Kane. Finlay told Christian it might be his last Ladder Match at WM. Shelton distracted MVP and all six men came into the ring. They went to an abrupt break with referee Marty Elias trying to regain control of things.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Kane had Kofi in a back-breaker. Finlay wondered why all these guys are getting along and why they don’t turn on someone to weaken them going into WM. Shelton beat down Kofi, including a belly-to-belly suplex. Tag to Punk, who hit a springboard clothesline on Shelton an kneed him in the face, followed by a bulldog. Kofi and Kane went at it and dumped each other to the outside. MVP low-bridged Henry, which got Tony Atlas on the apron. MVP botched trying to help Punk by getting at Shelton, and it ended with Punk giving the GTS to Benjamin and getting the win.

Winners: Punk, MVP and Kofi, at 8:36. Largely inconsequential, just a hype job for the MITB match.

-We got a profile of Danny Fisher’s wife Molly from “12 Rounds.”

-Big Show was in Vickie’s office when she walked in with her referee shirt. Show begged her not to believe what Edge said. Vickie claimed Show was just using her to get into the WM match. Show said it’s not true and that Vickie pursued him. He said he was anatomically superior to Edge. She said that wasn’t the point. She said Show was telling her one thing and Edge was telling her another. Show said Edge is doing the same thing, using her to get ahead. Show said he’d prove he loved Vickie, then planted a wet one on her. He said she looked sexy in that shirt.

[Commercial Break]

-Another thanks to AC/DC, this time for “War Machine.”

-Clips of what happened earlier with HBK and Taker.

-Lawler and Cole ran down the card for Wrestlemania. They also showed what happened when Triple H caught Legacy in his trap.

-HHH was walking out of the arena when Grisham caught up with him. He asked how Trips got Vickie to cooperate with him in lowering the cage. The Game didn’t answer, instead getting into his truck....with Stephanie McMahon in the passenger’s seat.

-Lillian Garcia introduced interim Raw GM Vickie Guerrero as special guest ref. The main event is next.

[Commercial Break]

(6) Edge vs. John Cena
Side headlock and Cena began to work the arm. Fisherman suplex (and that’s being generous) by Cena, who went for a cover. Vickie didn’t even move out of the corner. Edge attacked from behind, but Vickie moved. If she stayed RIGHT THERE, Cena would’ve been out of the match. Cena punched at Edge and Edge threw Cena over-the-top and out of the ring. Edge bounced Cena’s head off the announce table. He then whipped him into the steel steps. In the ring, he set Cena up for a Spear, but Cena moved. A couple shoulderblocks were followed by a suplex. Cena gave the “you can’t see me” to Vickie, then as he was about to hit the fist-drop, Vickie laid on top of Edge. She got up as Cena walked around, allowing Cena to hit the fistdrop. Cena got Edge up for the move formerly known as the FU, but Vickie pulled Edge off. Cena then locked in the STF and Vickie tried a hedlock of some sort on Cena. Big Show then came out and the heels double-teamed Cena. They locked Cena’s arms in the ropes and Edge speared him. Vickie then slapped him. Show punched him in the gut a few times then gave Cena his knockout strike. All of a sudden, Edge speared Big Show.

Winner: No Contest, at 6:38.
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... Thats the best they can come up with for this storyline? Snuka, Piper and Steamboat vs Jericho? Can they even put on a good match? It would have been nice to have a Ledgend that could actualy still put on a good match.

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I was going thru really fast, so maybe I'm confused, but are we to believe the announcers (and everyone besides Triple H) did not know there was a cage hanging from the ceiling until Triple H had it lowered? - luchablog

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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    I was going thru really fast, so maybe I'm confused, but are we to believe the announcers (and everyone besides Triple H) did not know there was a cage hanging from the ceiling until Triple H had it lowered?

Yup. My thing was why didn't either Orton or Dibiase have the brain cells needed to go split up so that HHH goes after one of them while the other goes around and into the ring to rescue Rhodes in the three minutes it took the cage to lower down. If I'm Rhodes, I'm going to be pissed at Legacy for leaving him to get squashed with a sledgehammer while they acted 'helpless'.

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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    I was going thru really fast, so maybe I'm confused, but are we to believe the announcers (and everyone besides Triple H) did not know there was a cage hanging from the ceiling until Triple H had it lowered?
Yes. I heard the music playing and wondered for a second who was running in until I realized it was Theme From Cage Lowering and wondered why nobody had brought this cage to our attention sooner.

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.23
    Originally posted by geemoney

Best analyst ever!

What the hell way Rey Mystero wearing? Blue face shirt, gold long gloves, and gold pants. Wardrobe please work on not messing up Rey.

-Taker/Micheals slowly burn to maina.
-Women match, was there.
-Yeah, how do you NOT notice a cage above there ring all night. Cody should have every right to be upset at least one them couldn't get him out of that setup.

-Six Man, yeah MITB build and good grief the timing was off.

-Edge, Cena, Show. Why is Show in this story? He's not bad where he fits in but just makes me lose interest.

Anyway, I'll go back to my pipe since any support for Punk being World Champion again involves that. :-P

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9.30.08 1st time W of day.

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.26

With so many divas on the roster, I wondered if they would give Kelly Kelly the day off.

guess not.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.18
Would've rather had Jericho vs. Lawler tbh. Better, more focused promos and better match since it'd be 1-on-1 and master psychology instead of the backwards psychology of heel vs. 5.

At least it was tremendous when Shawn kicked Undertaker.

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I actually like the Legend handicap match better then Jericho/Lawler. Jericho/Lawler is a Raw match, this is not as great as Jericho vs Austin or Hogan, but at least its is somewhat interesting.

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Since the Jericho match could be subtitled Mid Atlantic 1981, could they bring in Bob Caudle and David Crockett to broadcast the match? After being out for 15 years, this is going to be Steamboat's comeback match?

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I'm still not completely convinced they'll do the 3 vs 1 handicap match; maybe it's a red herring for something else. That might also be wishful thinking. Nobody in WWE could think this would be a satisfying payoff given the build? Still, I won't completely believe it'll happen until it's a confirmed match.

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    Originally posted by hayden
    I'm still not completely convinced they'll do the 3 vs 1 handicap match; maybe it's a red herring for something else. That might also be wishful thinking. Nobody in WWE could think this would be a satisfying payoff given the build? Still, I won't completely believe it'll happen until it's a confirmed match.

It will probably happen and Jericho will pull some tricks and it could still lead to Flair (post-match) laying him out. Or in the crazy case of JEricho winning, it could still lead to Austin coming to the rescue.

It won't be a pretty match at all, but the audience will eat it up. And Jericho will bump like a champ.

Avatar Mud

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I enjoyed the main event until the super-weak spear. That's not a convincing GOTCHA! for a guy the size of Show. Something with a weapon would have been better.

I thought Vickie did a great job of playing the evil ref and then just laid over Edge to protect him. I LOL at that one.

With so many divas on the roster, I wondered if they would give Kelly Kelly the day off.

I don't think she even got in the match, did she? The match could have benefitted - Melina looks like she hasn't wrestled in three years.
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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.92
Admit it, that's a pretty cool version of the Four Horsemen.

Christian claiming to speak Swoggle-ese was brilliant. I look forward to his draft move to RAW next month. And that's a stone-cold lock I just made up.

Taker selling the superkick makes me much more interested in their WM match. But I do not want to see Rey/JBL again. Is JBL's title defense the history he earlier claimed he wanted to make? That's it?

The Lovely Mrs. Tracker is GLUED to the set for Edge/Vickie/Show/Cena. Well done, WWE.

Hunter bringing in the cage to clobber Rhodes was somewhat cerebral, I suppose. But again, Legacy hasn't shown us anything that can make this a triumph for Hunter. They've beaten Cryme Tyme, and that's about it.

I so like Ziggler's ringwork, and I so hate his name. Ziggler is a better worker than Randy Orton, and that's not right.

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I hope this isn't a dumb question, but any reason there wasn't a Andrew "Test" Martin graphic to open?

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.80
yes there is, we don't know why he died if it comes out it was roid related then they have to try to clean it up. and they just finished cleaning up after Benoit.

So far mania looks like a good show.

Jbl said that his Histroy making moment has nothing to do with the IC title

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Wow, Shawn got the biggest pop of the night for doing the biggest dick move of the night. Gotta love the hometown crowds.

I really hope they are not going to do this 1 on 3 Legends match. It makes all the legends look weak. That's a match booked against a face, not a heel. And if it takes all 3 to beat Jericho, who benefits? Jericho's awesomeness has been wasted on a lack of in ring payoff. Similar to HBK/JBL. By my count there are only 2 Raws before WM, so I doubt this could be a red herring.

Is Rey not on the card for WM??? Why is he not in MITB?

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.15
    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    I was going thru really fast, so maybe I'm confused, but are we to believe the announcers (and everyone besides Triple H) did not know there was a cage hanging from the ceiling until Triple H had it lowered?
Because unless the "Steel Cage Theme (and/or) Strobe Lights" indicate there's a cage up there, then it really doesn't exist.

I hadn't caught the episode yet (thank GOD that The Score here shows it again today at 4:00pm) but that's what I'll take as the truth.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.15
    Originally posted by Oliver
    I hadn't caught the episode yet (thank GOD that The Score here shows it again today at 4:00pm) but that's what I'll take as the truth.
Don't thank God that there's a replay. Thank God that you missed this shit show in the first place. It's a sign.

I came close to losing it when the magic invisible cage came down, and when I realized that we really were getting Jericho vs. Immobile Old Man, Immobile Old Fat Man, and Guy Who's Probably Still Okay But Hasn't Wrestled In 15 Years, I just shut it off.

I get together with some friends for the big PPVs. This year, we'd actually talked about going to WM. Luckily, that fell through, but we're still planning on getting together to watch the show. Anyway, after Raw, I sent them an email reading, in its entirety: "Fuck it, seriously." Within seconds I got a reply saying essentially the same thing. Less cussing but the idea was the same.

We're still getting together for the show, so my complaints are pretty toothless. I'm showing up for the pizza and the hanging out, and though I rarely drink, I am bringing many beers. No matter how bad WWE botches this, I will make my own fun.


Since: 2.6.03
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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.16
Anyone else notice Snuka's sagging old-man tits under his shirt?

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If WWE really has some need to King on the show, we need Heel King, circa 1995. As a youngster, I thought he was annoying, then when I got older, I thought he was great, now he's annoying again.
- King Of Crap, Better Way to work Coach Vs. JR (2003)
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