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18.6.18 2211
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #806- 800 Celebration- 10/3/08
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TONIGHT: Itís a Raw-stravaganza tonight, three hours and three brands to celebrate WWEís 800 episode milestone. DX takes on Miz & Morrison in what will no doubt be a competitive, spirited, back-and-forth exchange. Also, Batista defends his newly won World Title in a Steel Cage against Chris Jericho. Plus, WWE is advertising ďthe biggest divas match in historyĒ for this evening. Lots of buzz for this show. What we wonít see tonight: is reporting that Low-Ki is getting a tryout in a dark match before the show (edit: He did not wrestle in a dark match, as it turns out).

-WWE Open.

-A video showing clips of the previous hundreds of episodes of Raw, then we got the usual gibberish about how Raw has lasted longer than any other show in history (or thereabouts).

-Raw Open.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introíd the show from Tampa, Florida, and also panned the large crowd. They plugged DX vs. Miz & Morrison as well as the World Title Steel Cage Match. The camera then ominously showed the cage hanging above the ring. Lawler also mentioned a 16-diva tag match.

-Randy Orton came out. He talked about the ultimatum he laid down last week to Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Orton said he wasnít leaving until Shane and Steph addressed the issue. Orton took a seat at ringside. Címon Randy, REAL heels take a seat right in the ring!

(1) Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. MVP & The Brian Kendrick
They showed highlights from episode #764 in January, when Jeff jumped off the set and onto Randy Orton. Shoulder knock-down by MVP, followed by a bodyslam. Kendrick tagged in and was all offense. He went for The Kendrick (which Cole called Sliced Bread #2), but Jeff flipped Kendrick out of it. Both men made tags and Matt came in against his old rival MVP. He bulldogged MVP as he simultaneously clotheslined Kendrick. Kendrick broke up a pin attempt and both MVP and Hardy clotheslined each other in the middle of the ring. For some reason, as Matt was holding MVP back, Jeff interfered and was ushered back to his corner, so the ref didnít see MVPís tag to Kendrick. As the ref tried to get him out of the ring (and Ezekiel off the apron), Jeff came in and hit the Swanton, with Matt getting the pinfall on MVP.

Winners: The Hardys, at 4:19. Meh. OK, but enough with the burial of MVP please. Finish was kinda weird too.

-They showed clips of Rawís episode #1. Ya know, with the return to USA, the 15th anniversary and now the 800th episode, they certainly do celebrate Raw a lot.

[Commercial Break]

-The next clip was from episode #17, 1-2-3 Kid upsetting Razor Ramon. Did they skip over Perfect vs. Flair?

(2) Eight-Man Battle Royal for an I.C. Title Match Next Week
The contestants: Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Snitsky, William Regal, Shad Gaspard, JTG, Jamie Noble, Manu. Santino Marella joined the commentary team prior to the match and said he didnít recognize Lawler without his sandwich. Eight wrestlers is all they could find for this? Whereís D-Lo? Noble tried to get Rhodes out, but Rhodes pulled Noble out with his legs locked around Jamieís head. Oops, he stayed in. Team Priceless couldnít get Regal over. Snitsky threw JTG over, but he landed on the apron. All three members of Priceless threw out Snitsky, then Dibiase dumped Manu and Rhodes. Regal eliminated Noble, but Noble pulled him out and continued beating on him. Dibiase back-dropped JTG out of the ring and to the mat. So is Regal eliminated or no? Down to two: Shad and Teddy. Dibiase dodged a big kick and dumped Shad. Then Regal came out of nowhere and threw Dibiase out. How many battle royals has he won doing that?

Winner: William Regal, at 3:23. No one really had a chance to get over, but it played upon the Noble/Regal feud and also made for some future Team Priceless conversation. Oh, Raw is from Manchester U.K next week, thatís why Regal has a shot.

-A limo pulled up backstage, and Stephanie and Shane got out. Iím hearkened back to the Monday Night Wars, where limos were a weekly appearance. Stephanie stopped before walking in with Shane and said she thinks Shane can handle things alone. Shane obliged and walked in by himself.

[Commercial Break]

-Episode #409: From 2001, Vince McMahon purchases WCW.

-Randy Orton was back in the ring. Orton whined about Adamle putting his health in jeopardy, then slapping him in the face last week. Orton again said he goes or Adamle goes. Shane came out. McMahon said he doesnít appreciate the aggressive tones and wonít deal with threats. Randy interrupted and said if Vince were here, heíd make sure his top superstar was happy. Shane said heís not his father. Shane wanted to talk about Mike Adamle, so Adamle himself came out. Adamle said there is something he needs to say. He said everyone that has been in charge of Raw has had an agenda, but for him, he wanted to remain neutral and not take sides. Adamle mumbled through something, saying he wasnít going to let it happen to him, and got emotional. Adamle said by slapping Orton last week, he became everything he doesnít want to be. He said this job corrupts, and said he doesnít want to let it happen to him. He then resigned as General Manager of Raw. He thanked Shane and Steph for the opportunity. Orton demanded an apology as Adamle walked off. Shane said Orton owes Adamle an apology. Doesnít Shane need to focus on getting a new GM? Shane said Orton looked the best heís ever been at Cyber Sunday. Shane talked to the doctor and said Orton has been cleared to compete for weeks, but hasnít told anyone. Orton mentioned Survivor Series, but Shane asked about tonight? Shane said he couldnít deny people a chance to watch The Legend Killer in action. Orton said he didnít bring his gear and heís not ready to go tonight. Shane said heíd compete against a man heís familiar with: CM Punk. Iím sure Iím asking the question on everyoneís mind right now: Where does Adamle go from here?

[Commercial Break]

-Episode #778, from this year: The Presidential Candidates appear on Raw.

-Vladimir Kozlov came out for his match. Then Bret Hartís music hit. You can probably guess from here....

(3) Vladimir Kozlov vs. Bret ďHit ManĒ Haas
Haas brought up the fans screwing Vladimir in the voting for Cyber Sunday, then said the fans didnít screw him, Vladimir Kozlov screwed Vladimir Kozlov. Thatís actually a play from Vinceís line, not Bretís. He then did Bretís signature line. Haas was wearing ring attire similar to Bretís.

The match didnít last long as Haas got booted down to the mat, then was tossed back to the mat and headbutted for the three.

Winner: Kozlov, at :23.

-DX faces Miz & Morrison later tonight.

-Plus, a Steel Cage match will decide the World Title: Chris Jericho vs. Batista. Weíll hear from Batista next.

[Commercial Break]

-Clips of Batista beating Chris Jericho at Cyber Sunday eight days ago aired.

-Todd Grisham was backstage with Batista. Interesting red backdrop this week, it fits the red Raw scheme. Batista said Jericho had every excuse in the world for why he didnít win last Sunday and Batista said there would be no excuses in the cage, as heíll walk out champion.

-Cole and Lawler threw it to episode #257 in 1998, DX attacking the Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, home of Monday Nitro that week.

-DX was walking backstage, heading to the ring for their match with Miz & Morrison.

[Commercial Break]

-DX came out for their match. The boys did their schtick before the match of course. After ďAre You Ready,Ē HBK said he wasnít ready. Michaels said he watched ECW last week and Miz & Morrison laid it on the pretty good, then he showed clips on the TitanTron. You mean Triple H didnít watch ECW? HBK said itís revolutionary to bring people out dressed as other people and attacking them. HBK said no one has done that since.....last week. HHH said no, it happened in seg (segment) four. HBK then said he didnít realize how big Triple Hís nose is. He said what sent him over the edge is making fun of his chaps; they can make fun of his kids, and punch his wife in the face but making fun of the chaps crosses the line. Oh great, heís joking about the awesomeness of that angle. Triple H said they really crossed the line by making fun of Shawn Michaelsí impending baldness. Shawn got mad and said to never speak of this again.

Triple H said they were revolutionizing the business while they were in high-school. HHH showed a picture of The Miz from high-school, then said it was taken right after he took second in the Kentucky Derby (ďno offense Lillian,Ē he said. Huh?). Then they showed a pic of Morrison on the wrestling team, bending over, with Triple H saying that is a position he took in many rest-stops over the years. Triple H showed a clip of No Mercy 2006, Big Dick Johnson giving the unsuspecting Miz a lap-dance. They finally finished the spiel, well not before a gay joke at Miz and Morrisonís expense. Before Shawn could say his part, Miz and Morrison came out.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Shawn Michaels & Triple H vs. John Morrison & The Miz
Match was joined in progress. HHH hit Morrison with a hard clothesline out of the corner. Michaels went to the top and hit a big elbow onto Miz. Miz came back to hit Michaels with a 360 degree clothesline. Morrison locked a rest-hold onto Michaels, then threw him into the corner where Michaels did his flip sell. Miz hit his corner clothesline on HBK. Michaels caught Miz in a backslide, but the reality TV star kicked out. Enziguiri by Michaels on Morrison. Triple H got the tag and came in, using the knee. He fought off an attack by The Miz, but Morrison hit his springboard kick to the head, but HBK made the save. Morrison hit a flying forearm, then nipped up a la HBK. He set up for a superkick. He connected with the kick, then tagged Miz. They both came in and gave the crotch chop as HHH was down. Miz set Trips up for the Pedigree, but HHH back-dropped out of it. HBK low-bridged Morrison when he tried to attack, then he superkicked Miz into a Pedigree by Trips.

Winners: Michaels & Triple H, at 6:33. Better than I expected as far as the heels getting offense in.

-JBL was backstage with Shane, watching what just happened. They made some small talk, but JBL said he had a business proposition. JBL volunteered himself as Raw GM. Shane said heíd take it under advisement and talk it over with his sister. Shane mentioned putting JBL in a high-profile match and JBL assumed he meant putting him in the Steel Cage Match to make it Triple Threat. Shane said not quite: He wanted JBL to fight Undertaker tonight. JBL was unhappy but tried to act happy because he wanted the GM position.

-16-diva tag match is up next. Is that really necessary?

[Commercial Break]

-Raw Moment: Episode #243, Mike Tyson and Steve Austin scuffle.

(5) Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Michelle McCool, Eve Torres, Brie Bella, Tiffany, Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Victoria, Layla, Maryse, Katie Lea, Jillian Hall, Lena Yada
Lena Yada is a heel? The faces were one short when....yes.....Mae Young sauntered out. The match started before she got to ringside, but Kelly tagged her in. She got a few shots in on Beth, who sold it like she was shot. Then she knocked out a few other girls, until the other four confronted her. Four faces speared them though, and Mae threw Katie Lea out of the ring. Then Beth rolled up Mae for three.

Winners: The heels, at 1:33. Ugly match, as youíd expect with Mae in there as much as she was.

The faces all checked on Mae in the ring while Santino celebrated with Beth and the other heels. Mae got up and was able to wave to the crowd while the faces cheered.

-Smackdown Rebound aired.

-CM Punk faces Randy Orton, next.

[Commercial Break]

-Episode #456: From 2002, The Rock challenged Hogan for a match at WrestleMania.

(6) CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
Orton did the Garvin stomp on Punk and about a minute in went to the chin-lock. Punk dodged an Orton charge and hit a springboard clothesline. I canít believe theyíre giving away Ortonís return un-advertised. Orton sized Punk up for the RKO, but Ted Dibiase came out of nowhere for an attack. Rhodes and Manu were there as well, but Orton punted Dibiase right in the head when he was down on Punk. Well, I guess THIS is why they didnít advertise it.

Winner: Punk via DQ, at 2:51

Referees came out to check on Dibiase. Kind of an anticlimactic end to that segment.

[Commercial Break]

-We saw what happened moments ago. Dibiase was wheeled out on a backboard and stretcher.

-Backstage, Rhodes and Manu met up with Orton. They had a problem with what happened out there. Orton said they have a beef with Punk, but he was about to win the match so he had to kick some sense into Dibiase. He said if they have a problem, they should do something right now, then he got in their face and yelled. They did nothing, so he called them smart. Orton said there might be hope for those two just yet. Kind of emasculating for the new guys.

-Raw #772- Floyd Mayweather and Big Showís weigh-in.

-Stephanie McMahon was on her phone when Mike Adamle walked in. She complimented his speech tonight, but Adamle said she knows why heís leaving. Adamle said everytime he has a good decision, Stephanie calls and nixes it, contradicting everything her brother says. He said she wants to be in charge of everything. Adamle said motherhood hasnít changed her a bit and sheís still a megalomaniac. Stephanie said controlling this show is her birthright. Shane walked in and said he had to go out to make a major announcement. He refused to tell Steph, telling her to trust him. Good job here by Adamle.

-Undertaker vs. JBL is up next.

[Commercial Break]

-Raw Moment: Episode #475, 2002, Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker for the Undisputed Title in a Ladder Match. Good, underrated moment.

-Jim Ross came out and Lillian announced him as the voice of Raw for over 600 episodes. Come on, heel turn JR! He joined Tazz at the Smackdown announce table. I was wondering what that other table was for.

(7) JBL vs. The Undertaker
Good God that entrance is long. Perfect timing though, as I was able to watch about five minutes of Boston Legal. Undertaker went Old School early. Taker hit Snake Eyes, but JBLís head was short of the turnbuckle. Taker chokeslammed JBL. JBL fought out of a Tombstone, but collided with Taker coming off the ropes, and JBL got sent to the outside. He stayed out there and was counted-out.

Winner: Taker, at 2:54. Interesting in the shortness and JBLís lack of offense.

HBK after the match came from behind JBL and threw him into the ring, leading to a Tombstone.

-Shane walked into Stephanieís office where Jericho was. He said Steph just left and asked about Shaneís big announcement. Shane said the World Title will be defended at Survivor Series....against John Cena. Jericho talked about karma in regaining the belt.

[Commercial Break]

-Raw #304, from 1999: Austin and the beer truck.

-Kung Fu Naki was in the ring doing some karate moves when Hornswoggle came from under the ring and they danced a jig in the ring. Then Boogeyman came out and did his gyrations that he does. He also seemed to be foaming at the mouth. Goldust came in and started dancing as well as Jesse, Festus, Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Dusty Rhodes, Teddy Long Lillian Garcia and Michael Cole. Cole danced with Lillian, then Goldust cut in. Then the music stopped and Ron Simmons walked out onto the stage with a mic. ďDamn!Ē he shouted as Funakiís music played again and everyone continued dancing (except for Festus, who just stood there). One of the most bizarre segments on Raw, and that covers a lot.

-Episode #775: Ric Flairís retirement.

[Commercial Break]

-Episode #630: From 2005, Edge and Litaís wedding.

-Tampa Bay Buccaneers were shown at ringside, doing some play-wrestling.

(8) Kane & Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston
Hurricanrana by Rey, but Kane caught him with a sidewalk slam. Henry tagged in and lifted Rey over his head. He went to drop him behind his back, but Rey landed on his feet. Kofi came in but his offense had no effect on Henry. Kofi came off the top onto Henry, but he got caught. Rey tried to dropkick Kofi to knock Henry over, but it didnít work. Kane knocked Rey down and Henry slammed Kofi for the three.

Winners: Kane & Henry, at 2:25. Actually decent while it lasted.

After Kane threw Rey out of the ring, Great Khali came out. Kane went outside and got Rey in a choke, but Khali gave him a shot to the head. Then he came into the ring and punished Henry. Henry got set up for the 619, so Rey came in and hit it. Then Khali hit another brain chop on Henry. Well, the face turn for Khali seems to be taking pretty well according to the crowd reaction.

[Commercial Break]

-Another John Cena video aired. With three hours, Iím surprised it took so long for them to get a Cena video. They talked about his first appearance on WWE. They also talked about his rapping.

-Shane was backstage in the McMahon office as Steph sat down next to him on the couch. Shane asked how the surprise of Cena fighting at Survivor Series for the title was and Steph said she loved it. She then said she wanted to be kept in the loop on future stuff. Shane said he wished dad was here to see that. Steph said she thinks Vince would be very proud of him. What? Did I miss the Vince funeral?

-The battle for the belt inside the steel cage is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Episode #761 from 2007: Tribute to the Troops.

(9) Chris Jericho vs. Batista- Steel Cage Match for the World Title
Batista whipped Jericho into the buckle, so Jericho just climbed the buckle and the cage to get to the top. Smart move. Batista pulled him down and gave him a spinebuster, then a hard clothesline. Batista dodged Jericho and tossed him into the cage. He did so again three more times. Cole wondered whether Batista could be stopped as they went to break. At least they couldnít go to break with a man getting thrown to the outside on this one.

[Commercial Break]

The show returned with Jericho trying to turn Batista over and into a Walls of Jericho. Batista kicked Jericho off of him, but that caused Jericho to almost fall out of the ring and win. There mustíve been a timing issue, because it looked as if Jericho had to hold himself in by grabbing onto the door. Both men fought by the exit, and Jericho shut the door on Batistaís leg. Batista hit a spinning side slam but only got two as both men were winded. Batista hit a spinebuster, but The Animalís leg gave out and Jericho got a two-count. Batista went for a spear but Y2J moved and Batista speared the fence. Jericho tried to climb out while Batista went out the door. Jericho went right over the door though and came out in the waiting arms of Batstia. Batista walked away from the open door and went to do more damage on Jericho. Batista got Jericho up for the Batista Bomb, but it was close to the side and Jericho grabbed the cage and started to climb. Batista went up after him; they both came down, but Batista was crotched on the ropes. Jericho got to the top and tried to make it over, but Batista got up there again. From the top rope, Batista set up for a powerbomb. Jericho took a hook off the cable and punched Batista in the head with it. Batista looked out of it sitting on the top rope and Jericho made it to the other side of the fence. Batista reached through and grabbed Jericho by the throat, but Y2J got free and fell to the ground to win. Batista came up bleeding.

Winner: Jericho, at 15:34. Good match with some unique spots, but timing issues as some cage matches do have.
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At the end of the match, I was kind of pissed Jericho was going so slow down the cage, and I had a feeling it would end the way it did. That's good then. I knew he was winning when they announced Cena would be facing the champ. They could have announced that next week, maybe.

Oh well. Good RAW. I liked the main event and the earlier comedy segments were decent as always. DX promo was fantastic.

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An odd Raw, and not in a good way.

The Kung Fu dancing segment was terrible. I actually was waiting for someone to accidentally hit a ring bell to set Festus off, and it just didn't happen. Why was he and Jesse even out there?

The cage match just didn't jive. Jericho and Batista weren't meshing at all and the tense spots didn't feel tense. I think it had the right outcome, although I wonder why they even gave the belt to Batista in the first place when Jericho was having such a nice run.

They're having such a hard time putting together a solid two hours, doing a three hour show just overexposes the shortcomings of the product right now.

(edited by BigDaddyLoco on 3.11.08 2321)

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I'm not a fan of brief title runs like that...unless it ends with Jericho regaining the belt once again.

"I didn't recognize you without your sandwich, Jerry." = Quote of the Night

There's something that doesn't really jibe with Hunter making lame gay jokes about Miz & Morrison...then getting ready to "suck it" 10 seconds later.

We have no GM...

"I don't fight people with the fallopian tubes."

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.22

Well, Meltzer was teasing a Jericho win tonight, so not too surprised.

Holding off Cena vs Big Dave makes sense.

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Lord save me, but I think I liked the Kung Fu Naki segment. Festus in the middle of it all is what sold me.

The DX segment was fun too.

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Am I the only one who thought Adamle completely forgot his lines mid-promo? He stopped...he's looking at Shane, Shane's looking back at him...

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.24
    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Am I the only one who thought Adamle completely forgot his lines mid-promo? He stopped...he's looking at Shane, Shane's looking back at him...

Yeah, he definitely did.
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I liked the fact that they ripped Angle(I think it was Edge) during one of the Cena segments.

Steph. looks a little chubby, Is she pregnant again?

Adamle getting on Steph. was pretty funny too, probably true.

Who becomes the next G.M. now? Austin?

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During Kendrick's enterence, Cole noted that he made history by being the first man to switch shows in both drafts each year.

Didn't he-who-should-not-be-named do it like four drafts in a row already?

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    Originally posted by thefraserman
    During Kendrick's enterence, Cole noted that he made history by being the first man to switch shows in both drafts each year.

    Didn't he-who-should-not-be-named do it like four drafts in a row already?
Supplemental drafts.

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    Originally posted by hansen9j
    Lord save me, but I think I liked the Kung Fu Naki segment. Festus in the middle of it all is what sold me.

    The DX segment was fun too.

My instant thought and I think CRZ might throw a lighting bolt at me for me was.

Monday Night Soul Train RAW.

Ok, poor Mae Young. At least Grandma can handle herself, falls over, in the ring.

Well, overly fair to good show. It wasn't totally something of beauty.

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9.30.08 1st time W of day.

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    Originally posted by odessasteps

    Well, Meltzer was teasing a Jericho win tonight, so not too surprised.

    Holding off Cena vs Big Dave makes sense.

I thought they already blew the first Cena vs. Batista by rushing it, hopefully they learned their lesson. Cena vs. Batista rematch would be good for WM I supposed and if Cena wins they can always build up a rubber match sometime later.

I'm definitely not a fan of quick title changes though. If the plan is for Dave/Cena for the title at some point then does Cena win the title now? That would be another pretty quick title change.

16 woman tag match was definitely overkill, they could've accomplished more just by having Beth wrestle or even attack Mae.

I liked where Orton/Team Priceless was going at first but I'm not so sure now. I like that Orton is making them win him over rather than just joining forces because they are all heels but attacking Orton probably should've been Rhodes/Manu's response to him kicking Dibiase.

    Originally posted by CajunMan
    Steph. looks a little chubby, Is she pregnant again?

They had baby #2 July 28, maybe she hasn't lost all the weight yet? I don't know how long that sort of thing usually takes. She did seem pretty big when she was pregnant and might have had less motivation to lose it quickly since she hasn't been on television.

As for DX, I like their reunions alright. Half of the stuff they say is lame but half of the stuff they say is really funny.

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Santino on Regal: "Ah, he is the sneaky one. I'll have to watch out for him." Now we have the Honk-A-Meter in England. Watch out!

Kung Fu Naki. I honestly don't know what to say, neither good nor bad. It really is good to see Goldust again, tho, belly and all. What WAS bizarre tho was Dust and Dusty in the same ring. They didn't even have that "moment of recognition and blow it off" thing which would have been classic.

I cheered loudly when Jericho won. Dave's look and the end of the match was weird. It honestly looked like he WAS kind of dazed from those bolt shots.

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I am happy Jericho got the belt back. That was a big moment on the biggest Raw of the year perhaps, so maybe they have not lost faith in him just yet. Too bad that match was so awkward. The segment at the door where Jericho had to prevent himself from falling out was bad. As was Batista pounding on Chris while standing in the doorway, when he could easily just step right out the door. Like I said, awkward. In the end, at least the best man won.

What did Cena do to get a title shot? Lose his last 3-4 big matches and then take off 3 months with an injury?

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.79
[quote Quezzy16 woman tag match was definitely overkill, they could've accomplished more just by having Beth wrestle or even attack Mae.

I thought it was underkill. But it highlights the WWE philosophy towards the Divas: Parading as many of them out there as possible is the equivalent of them actually doing anything of substance. I did find amusement in watching the heel Divas feed themselves to Mae's geriatric fists the way Velvet Sky drops her shoulders, runs into clotheslines and plops down in that business-exposing way I've come to love.

Santino trying to bite Beth's bicep is my new favorite thing in wrestling.

Favorite, that is, besides Chris Jericho. Color me surprised at a one-week title reign for the Manimal Baptista. Poor guy chases that World title belt for a year and has it for a week. He's the new Dusty Rhodes.

DX was funny this week. Bret The Hitman Haas was not.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.83
Considering they were in Tampa and he was wrestling a Russian it would have been the perfect time for Haas to go complete Mike Davis and be the American Dream Haasty Rhodes.
Have a feeling we might find out in a few days that we'll see Ted Jr. in 30 days?

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Have a feeling we might find out in a few days that we'll see Ted Jr. in 30 days?
I didn't think of it last night, but that wouldn't shock me.
    Originally posted by Quezzy
    16 woman tag match was definitely overkill, they could've accomplished more just by having Beth wrestle or even attack Mae.
No no no this was the highlight of the night. Mae Young threw tiny old lady forearms and Beth bumped like a champ. Then Natalya ran in and crumbled for a Mae Young left hook as though it had been delivered by Mike Tyson. Then Mae wiped out and nearly took her own head off on the ropes which was scary but she still got up and kept whooping ass. Somewhere in here, Mae lightly brushed against Victoria, who flew out of the ring, powerless to resist the mighty force. In fact, I think Mae might have actually been using The Force. And then Beth won with a desperation roll-up, and Santino celebrated with the air trombone. And then Mae got a round of applause. This was the greatest match of all the times.
    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    The Kung Fu dancing segment was terrible. I actually was waiting for someone to accidentally hit a ring bell to set Festus off, and it just didn't happen. Why was he and Jesse even out there?
They were there for DANCING at the DANCE PARTY.

Lap cheong

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    Originally posted by CajunMan
    Adamle getting on Steph. was pretty funny too, probably true.

It appeared to me that they laid a couple subtle and not-so-subtle bricks in the foundation for another Shane-Stephanie feud. Adamle claiming Steph undercut everything that Shane said; Steph asking Shane to keep her in the loop. I think McMahon v McMahon is a-coming again!!

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What amazes me is that Mike Adamle's ONLY JOB REQUIREMENT is memorizing his lines. Any show where Jericho gets the belt back is a good show, I suppose.

TAKE THAT ... Lillian Garcia.
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I think people are reading too much into this. They never said guys from SD would appear on Raw or on ECW and vica versa. They just build towards the same ppv with their angles. Not unlike for the big 4.
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