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23.6.18 1507
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 8-18-03 (Page 3)
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    Originally posted by vsp

      Originally posted by redsoxnation
      What mentally twisted individual thought it was a good idea to put Linda (I was Katie Vick's inspiration) McMahon in 4 segments? And yes, I agree that the Linda heel turn appears to be coming. Oh joy.

    It could be worse... They never followed up the Stephanie-Bischoff kiss with much of a resolution.

    Imagine a Stephanie vs. Linda war with Bischoff as the prize. Now try to get THAT image out of your head without surgery.

I still fear that eventually some McMahon family angle will settle into incest land, whether it be mother/son, father/daugher, or mother/daughter.
And, I agree completely with fuelinjected that they should take Vince's son at his word from his RAW promo and cancel the Bischoff/McMahon match.

Ok, so Ted Williams is decapitated now? What will his son do next, sell him to the Japanese dog food company that bought former Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand?
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-Highlight Reel- Jericho starts off the show, mentions how he's going to win the hair match then calls out Shawn Michaels. HBK comes out with full spectacular entrance steps to the mic and says "Well" before Jericho cuts him off and says he's got more pressing matters to take care of in his match tonight... Out comes Evolution. HHH keeps calling it the EVOLUTION chamber, maybe saying the Team Name over and over again will help get it more over Evolution, Evolution, Evolution! HBK throws the first punch but gets a beat down. Crowd cheers and eventually Nash gets in the ring(what's with the hair!). Goldberg comes down in much quicker speed and spears Nash.

-Molly vs. Trish- We start off with a flashback of Saturday Morning Superstars of Wrestling with Trish cutting an interview saying "Tonight in(insert city) I'm gonna gets ya". Trish's hair is curly(pretty). Trish looked good tonight in the ring as well, really digging the spinebuster she's breaking out. Also like her hoping over the top rope, shoulderblocking Gail & one motion running up the other side & going for a crossbody attempt... On the other hand, what was the deal with Molly tonight. Is there some sort of sloppy potion being passed around the women lockerroom because the most dependable diva messed up a sideslam & one of the scariest moments hold Trish upside-down with her head inches from the mat, I'll say my heart was at my throat for a second, thank gawd she hit the shoulderbreaker. Gail jumping on Molly was odd, don't really know what direction there going, thing is I doubt they do either.

-Test v. Steiner- *pats myself on the back* The injury never fooled me, it was too over the top, Ref gave an exaggerated X sign(and who says that don't think about the smarks!)... I guess we are seeing Pillman/Marlina angle version 2

-La Resistance interview- Hey look its GI Plant. French guys ask "How many innocent people did you kill last year" (ouch)"Oh we're just kidding"(oh whew then if that's the case your forgiven)"Where just having some fun" "Shake our hand be a class act". These French guys make me laugh with their constant, where just kidding, just having some fun, but a class act talk... Dudleyz come out and chase French guys away and asks the military man to come in the ring but The Air Force turned heel(it's always the Air Force). JR screams "He's no more a Military man then Saddam Hussein" (well). We can insert a GWB joke in here but I guess it should be saved up in the Political forum. LoL

-Jericho vs. Nash- A 10 minute match with Nash! This was probably Nash's best match in a long time. Some decent back and forth action. plotting at times but that was expected. Crowd was into it, Jericho had some positive reaction... Jericho wins and he went to town on Nash's hair. Then starts kissing it and rubbing it on his face. Umm yuck. Why did Nash bleach his hair so much? Maybe he had a bottle of hair dye the he didn't want to go to waste? Nash now looks like WCW's Wall/AWOL. Jericho needs to make Nash's hair a necklace or a trophy for the highlight reel.

-Rosey vs. Rodney- Rosey can be as funny as he wants with his gimmick. But in the ring he's still Rosey. The Palm Punch of Doom?! Rodney Mack lost the 90 second comedy gimmick challenge, which he jobbed in quicktime to Rosey.

-RVD vs. Christian- Little sluggish in the beginning but they started moving quickly afterwards. After all the controversial statements by RVD, surprisingly J.R went out of his to be complimentary to RVD... Sick chair shot, when RVD dived through the ropes. Kane drags RVD into the back and punks him out, has there ever been a PPV feud/match that the build has been ALL one sided? (maybe Trish/Jazz going to backlash). Odd that they have RVD hanging and then take a shot of the crowd sitting and watching and FORGETTING when popping for Austin's entrance.

-Goldberg vs. Orton- Flair and H are on commentary, Flair sounds strange. 5 minute main event with 2 performers I can't really get into... Multiple sneak attacks after the match to set up the PPV. Very interesting the HUGE heel reaction Nash got when taking out Goldberg, biggest reaction I've heard him getting since his comeback.

-Otherstuff- Commenting on Bischoff/Linda, I'll look at the bright side it could be worse, Kane could have been there. They teased a good reason for the Shane/Bischoff match. Shane getting WCW like a graduation gift something Eric worked hard to do. Why not do THAT storyline instead of this horrible Bischoff & Linda thing. One other thing, why does Linda have Lita photos all over her desk?... I was actually a little happy when Shane said his match with Eric was off Summerslam

I guess the Rosey and Hurricane skit was okay... What the hell happened with Lance Storm and the women lockerroom?, and when did Goldust transformed into a total Jim Carrey?... And what does Miss Jackie and Victoria think of Stevie and Rico hanging around Test and seeing Stacy dance. Were Jackie & Victoria getting some H.L.A, HURTIN' LANCE ALTERCATION.

-Line of the Night: Lawler"I think Jericho has naturally curly hair"... JR"I wouldn't know anything about that."
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Jericho. 2)RVD. 3)Trish.

Jericho is on such a role, he IS Raw these days, the build and match with Nash was good. Trish was pretty good and Resistance and military guy turn was decent... But much like last year Summerslam not much going on in the Raw side building to the PPV. Bischoff/Shane, RVD getting beatings again by Kane.

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--First of all, if the implication of rape on a WWE show (given that the WWE "doesn't do rape") isn't enough to piss you off and get you going on a tantrum about Vince's morals, you obviously haven't had many girlfriends, or even one.--

I'll take "Stupid Blanket Statements" for 1000, Alex.

My girlfriend was WITH ME at the time, and she though the segment was excellently creepy. Would you be tearing your hair out if someone was raped in a movie? Hopefully not. RAW's just like any other TV series ... probably with a bit more of a mix of reality (since many characters are said to be aspects of the wresters' actual personalities, plus the backstage politics), and with big shaven guys in tights hitting each other, but it's a TV show.

Also, Ubermonkeys brought up something interesting ... with HHH/Stephanie, we pretty much had date rape (even the slipping of mickeys). Were all of you griping about it then? Jeez, if you think the show sucked, just say so.

EDIT: Sorry, still haven't mastered the board's HTML.

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And yes, Rosie channeling Iron Fist probably was the highlight of the show for me. But that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing ;)

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    Originally posted by Quezzy

      Originally posted by Amazing Telephone

        Originally posted by Cactus
        I just want to know what the hell happend after Lance Storm went into the women's room.

      He met a nice girl and they went out for sausages and midgets.

      Then Perry was hitting on Sherri, so Terri hit him with a serving tray, and --

      No, wait.

    I five the garbage can.
    I six the garbage can.
    I seven the garbage can.
    I eight the garbage can.
    She eight the garbage can.

I wonder if Brian Gerwirtz was still the waiter or not.

Kane's inabiltiy to light the matches (But gasoline is supposed to make MORE fire, not kill it. I'm starting to wonder if pro-wrestling is legit or not.) should have killed the segment. But both men never really lost a step and kept doing what they were doing. Plus, I thought Kane repeatedly lighting matches made him look like even more of a mad-man.

I didn't even think about offensive raping of Linda McMahon, as her acting overshadowed everything for me. "I don't know if you can hear, but the doorbell is ringing, so, um, I'm gonna' answer it if, uh, you'd... excuse me." stares blankly into the screen before getting up. stands with her hands to her side, looking for all the world like a fucking statue "How did you, err, get in... um, here?"

The Rosey/Hurricane vignettes are pure gold. Who'd have ever thought that this company could get Rosey over? But they're doing it. It goes to show you that cheesey comedy DOES have a place in pro-wrestling (Just not in the main-event portion of it).

Hopefully the WWE will smarten up and send Grenier back to OVW and let Rob Conway permanently take his place.

Was Trish sandbagging Molly tonight or something? Molly seemed to have a tough time getting her up for a sideslam, and then almost dropped Trish on her head during a shoulder breaker. Scary stuff.

I loved the SummerSlam commercial until it reminded me that Albert was on the show and John Cena isn't.

Nice hair Kevin Nash. And I'm talking about BEFORE it got shaved (or cut, I guess).

Does this mean that Test v. Steiner has to continue? God. Well, it got Steven Richards on RAW, which is always a plus. BUT, if they're trying to get Rico to be gay, why was he cheering on a free lapdance by Stacy Keibler?

Evolution Chamber?

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    I still fear that eventually some McMahon family angle will settle into incest land, whether it be mother/son, father/daugher, or mother/daughter.

They gotta pretty close there before WM18 when Vince was staring at Stephanie's implants in her wedding dress.

Also, I sure hope that God walks out of the "Evolution Chamber" as the "World Heavyweight Championship". I bet those people who always vehemently defend Triple H castrating every face for the past year because when he finally dropped it, it would make a huge superstar, I hope they can wipe the egg off their faces.
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    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    I sure hope that God walks out of the "Evolution Chamber" as the "World Heavyweight Championship". I bet those people who always vehemently defend Triple H castrating every face for the past year because when he finally dropped it, it would make a huge superstar, I hope they can wipe the egg off their faces.

Well, I'm sure that whoever leaves the Evolution Chamber deserves to be the world heavyweight championship, lol. Okay, I admit, the Championship was really off last night on the mike. He was flubbin' up a storm.

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    Originally posted by dwaters
    Why is it that Rosey needs weeks and weeks of Super Hero Training, when Molly Holly just showed up in tights and a cape one day as "Mighty Molly"? Had she already been a S.H.I.T?

Mighty Molly didn't need training. She had breasts. Any comic book artist'll tell you that's the only thing that matters.

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Last night, RAW WAS Jericho.. The man was everywhere and really carried that show, where it was lacking in a ton of places. I liked the idea that was posted earlier about Jericho just abusing Nash's hair in every possible way. Like having him glue it to his chest, or using it as extentions to his own beard, or something silly like that.

Cheesy or not, I thought Rosey and the cat slaying was funny as hell. His match with Rodney Mack was pretty good to me too. He moves very well for a guy his size. I give him his props. One question-- does anyone know his finisher? I think I missed it being announced before. That move is pretty famn impressive.

I, too, wonder what happened when Lance Storm went in the ladies room...

I wasn't fooled by the Military guy turning on the Dudley's.. His shirt just wasn't right.. Plus I had seen the match he had with Randy Orton and remembered him because of it.

Onto the heavier topics... For the many years that I've watched professional wrestling, I've never felt that my opinion, as a female, was/is ever acknowledged or considered. I have accepted that the WWE's programming is not targeted to me, even lesser now because it's on SPIKE TV, which let's me know that it's not for women like myself. If I find a guy on the show attractive or whatever, it was not in the WWE's intentions. If I hate the 'eye candy' on the show, I know that it's only my fault because, well... It's for the millions of men who watch the show, and not me.

I don't don't condone or like the way that women are/have been treated notoriously on WWE tv. It's always been like that and I doubt it'll ever change. I'm just going to wait until SummerSlam and find out what really happened before I jump to conclusions on anything.

Hell, we live in a society that can't make up their own minds on what is and what isn't rape. Legislation is passed on it every few years, to make a clearer definition. "No means No" changed when drugs came into play.

Personally, I thought Bischoff just came on TOO STRONG last night... and I even commented that he reminded me of PePe Le Peu (however you spell his name). I even laughed when Linda said "What are you doing here?" once, in this really monotone voice and then said it again, as if she were going to evoke a surprised voice, but only sounded the same as before. The whole segment was worse than Gigli. Did I just admit to actually seeing that?


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RAW thoughts:

Jericho's opening segment was okay. Good to see some hype for the E.C match....Molly v.s Trish was not one of either girls finest hours....Test v.s Steiner- I'm an idiot example #1- I believed the injury angle for a while. Test's acting skills fooled me- I thought it was too genuine to be acted by him. As soon as he started being picked up and heading toward Steiner, I could see where it was going....I'm an idiot example #2- I believed that guy was military. At least, at first. I kept thinking "I've seen that guy before...but where?" Good angle though, getting some real heet on the heels....Jericho v.s Nash wasn't terrible, but it was a typical Nash match. That was probably the most you could expect out of him.

Was looking forward to the end of the Storm-Goldust skit, but nothing....I can't believe I'm saying this- I'm disappointed I missed the Rosey segment....I can't believe how far Rodney Mack has fallen. "Mackout?"....I'm kinda surprised the crowd booed when Shane said his match with Bischoff was off....Goldberg v.s Orton- I've become quite the Goldberg fan and I don't know why. Maybe it's all the hatin' everyone else does on him. Good to see Nash got SOME reaction when he attacked Bill. Flair's crazy-old-man act just cracks me up....The less said about the Bischoff/Linda thing, the better. Seriously, all this McMahon stuff has gotten out of hand.


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    Originally posted by Ticamo
    I give him his props. One question-- does anyone know his finisher? I think I missed it being announced before. That move is pretty famn impressive

Fallaway slam swung into a bossman slam/rock bottomish thing. Pretty much the same as Gunn's Gunnslinger, Chris Harris's Catatonic, D'lo's Sudden Impact, and whoever else does it that I can't remember. It's becoming the Fishermanbuster of 2003...

I did like the Dude Love tribute palm of death though...

Well, I guess evil french sympathizer is better than being the Easter Bunny (or was it santa?) for "Iron Man" Conway.

Why do I have the feeling Vince is going to say 'Why attack this angle, gee, it's not like anyone in the NBA has been accused of rape.

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    Originally posted by BOSsportsfan34
    Wow, no one has made a joke about "The Cat sold better than HHH ever has" yet. You guys are slipping.

Not really. There's another lame Kevin Nash injury joke a couple of posts above you.

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    Originally posted by vsp
    Random thoughts:
    In 400 years, there will be nothing left on the North American continent besides burned-out buildings, cockroaches, and the ongoing Test-Steiner feud.

And Cher. And popups from 1bob.

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I just remembered I forgot to make a huge deal out of this for Fab.
    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    The ramp is camera-right this week.
So did you notice?

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#55 Posted on

    Originally posted by CRZ
    I just remembered I forgot to make a huge deal out of this for Fab.
      Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
      The ramp is camera-right this week.
    So did you notice?

How did I miss that?!


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