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24.6.18 0037
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 8-11-03
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It's only 8PM. Why won't you wake up? Because it's Raw, live from the Quad Cities, now on Spike TV...and a Fashion Report, too. So, um, they're no longer Pop, right?

Debuting tonight: the "Lawler Annoyance Level". Every segment I'll give a rating (out of five) on just HOW annoying Lawler was to me. And I'll calculate the average annoyance level for the whole show so you can understand just how much I was annoyed.

OMG, it's a large lightbulb-studded "Spike" sign!

Bisch, in black leather jacket with some kind of yellow patch and blue jeans, talks. And he's got FOOTAGE! Okie (lightly toasted), in black "WW" tshirt and bllue jeans, at a Nash pace, comes out to blab. Um, but wasn't Bisch acting under the auspices of WWE at the time? Stupid legal-based plot devices. Coach, in a black polo shirt, and King, in black/white vertical sparkly-striped shirt with gold scrollwork, are the Greek Chorus (for now). Now, Austin, in black "F*CK FEAR/Drink Beer" tshirt, jean shorts, and kneebraces, with clipboard, working the crowd, eventually books a match - Bisch vs. Kane. Silly Bisch, read the dang document. 16 minutes of our lives. Lawler Annoyance Level: 1.5

Steiner, in chainmail and black "Freakzilla" tights, and Stacie, in black latex top and skimpy shorts, with elbowpads, vs. Rico, in pink tassled tights, and Jackie, in pink top and silver tights. And Hebner draws duty for THIS? Test, in light blue tank top and blue jeans, runs interference. A poor match. Lawler Annoyance Level: 3 Post-match, Steiner rambles, and Test manages to put-off the match until next week. Who else smells a Stacie turn?

In the back, Flair and Orton discuss. Then HHH comes in and pimps the diffuculty of the Elimination Chamber, to which Orton lends support. I do think an evil plot is in order. But, guys, stop saying "screw", please!

In the back, it's the Paddy-wagon, with a bobblehead Kane!

Dudleys, Bubba in "Dudleyville 3D" jersey and black warmups, and DVon, in sleeveless black "Dudley Boyz 3D" tshirt and blakc/white camo pants, with USA flag, vs. La Resistance, in in blue sparlky coats, black berets with yellow trim, and black "La Resistance" tights with French flag, wearing the Tag Titles. Not even a minute of action before the flag-induced DQ . Piece of shit match. Lawler Annoyance Level: 1 When did this become Nitro?

In the back, Molly shines-up the Women's Title, when Golddust bumps into her. It's Lance Storm, made-up like Golddust. Hilarity ensues.

Also in the back, Nash and Shawn discuss. Then Goldberg arrives. Why must the faces alwasys squabble?

Christian!, in yellow tights with black "C"s on red circles, wearing the IC Title, to BookerT's music, vs. Adbreak, vs. himself talking(?), vs. Spike, in black sleeveless "Dudley Boyz 3D" tshirt and camo pants. A nice match. Lawler Annoyance Level: 1.5 (mostly for talking about Spike TV).

In the back, Kane is brought-out and Bisch tries to ingratiate himeslf. But Kane is implacable.

JR replaces Coach as Greek Chorus member. Bisch, in same, vs. Kane, in black latex and red stipes, with black towell and shackles, escorted by six rent-a-cops. I do like Kane's "kneepads" and contacts. Count out for ANOTHER piece-of-shit match. Lawler Annoyance Llvel: 2.5 Special JR Annoyance Level: 4.5 (but if he said "slobberknocker"). Post-match, Kane vents at the crowd - pretty nice, actually. Then RVD, in black "RVD" tshirt, comes out to get some abuse.

In the back, yep, it's Trish (bouncy bouncy).

Trish, in black hat, sparkly black trenchcoat, black top and bellbottoms with blue trim, vs. (in the back, Gail and Torrie discuss the hard issues) Molly, in black with pink cups and wearing the Women's Title, vs. Gail, in slitted red trenchcoat, red bikini top, and lace-up red skimpy shorts. Molly is smart! An average match. Lawler Annoyance Level: 2.5.

In the back, Evolution part two. Orton takes his shirt off! Fanservice galore!

Earlier today, somewhere in Illinois, Rosie helps an elderly lady across the street, while in white bedsheetcape, neon green/purple shorts, grey "Super Hero In Training" tshirt, orange shirt and tights, with purple mask. Afterwards, Hurricane, in black/green "H" poncho, and black/green "H" suit, shows up to give words of wisdom.

In the Co-GM Room of Fun, Austin and Bischoff drink. And Austin lets Bisch know he'll be facing Shane at Summer Slam. See, kids, reading is not only fun, but pretty darn useful, too. But wouldn't it have been awfully unfair to have made Kane wrestle twice at a PPV?

Hurricane, now in sparkly green cape, vs. Mack, in undone, sleeveless, hooded black sweatshirt and grey "Back the Mack" undies. Best I've seen of Mack yet, but still only an average match. Post-match, Rosie makes the save. Pose. Lawler Annoyance Level: 1.5 (I was paying attention to the match and had tuned-out to commentary).

The Elimination Chamber, with music!

Hilight Reel: Jericho, in blue/silver sparkly "Hilight" shirt, sparkly silver pants, and glasses, playing with his hair. Nash, in black "Hustle" (?) tank-top and blue jeans, with a metal briefcase, chats back. The Jeritron stuff was pretty funny, actually. Book that hair match for NEXT week. But the segment dragged-on at the end there. Lawler Annoyance Level: 1

Randy is the special ref, in sleeveless striped shirt and plain black undies. LIllian's in a green tanktop and skirt this week. Flair, in purple with silver-sparklies "Nature Boy" robe, with black undies thereunder, vs. Goldberg (coming out of a storage closet?), in black fullcut undies with white trim and barbedwire butt. Flair is Flair, Orton is Orton, and Goldberg is (unfortunately) Goldberg. Shawn, in black tshirt with white radiant cross and bluejeans, is out for interfering fun. I'll be generous and say an average match. Lawler Annoyance Level: 1.

Overall: This show was carried by the backstage skits to being an okay show.

Average Lawler Annoyance Level: 1.56. Frankly, I was surprised by how low it was. So maybe I'm not THAT annoyed by him, afterall. Hmm, more research is needed.

Fashion Reporter Extraordinare

Eric tries kicking a sheild held by Time Keeper Dan, but Time Keeper Dan is +3 with Sheilds and the Sheild carries a 2 Armor Rating with +4 v. Crappy Kicks, so it doesnt go well. Anybody who has played the WWE Backstage RPG would know better. Just ask Scott Stiener.
-Excalibur05's Raw Satire for 8-4-03

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Since: 12.7.03
From: st louis, missouri

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#2 Posted on
Good Show.
Kane & RVD was furthered.
Shane vs. Bischoff was set up. Meanwhile, Stone Cold makes another fun night.
The Elimination Chamber match was made out to be a big deal which it should be.
Rosey is S.H.I.T. but that spinning sidewalk slam is cool & Hurricane is always entertaining.
Molly Holly retains. Molly go round is on a roll!
If Goldberg is gonna be champ tonight was a good push towards that goal. Ending the show with him standing in the ring victorious was a good move.
Once again WWE does a good job of building up the next show. Hair vs Hair with Jericho and Nash hopefully will put Jericho over huge and be his step towards the title. I have a feeling Steiner vs Test might end with a swerve of either Stacey going back to Test and turning or Steiner just losing and Stacey facing hell with Test.
Overall, good effort & fun show!

and thats all i have to say about that!
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#3 Posted on
Thank you, I was NOT hallucinating Goldberg coming out of a storage closet


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Since: 26.1.03
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#4 Posted on
RAW Thoughts:
The whole JR's "i'm not gonna press charges" thing was asinine. It's good to see that anyone on RAW can get away with attempted murder and get MORE screentime than before. Everyone on Heat should be trying to kill each other...Steiner v.s Rico: the kindest thing i can say is the right guy went over. And Jackie didn't screw up, of course...The Dudleys/La Resistance thing had to be done eventually I guess, just to get some heat on the Frenchmen...I have one word for the Goldust/Storm segment: BRILLIANT. Seriously...Nice to see a title change at a house show. Christian v.s Spike was, well, there...

They went the right way with Kane v.s Bischoff by keeping Kane heel. I was wondering why they made this match cuz it would make Kane a face...The triangle women's match was okay. Gail Kim earns my respect by surviving that nasty flip outside the ring...Rodney Mack needs Teddy Long. I loved Lawler's excuse as to why Theodore wasn't there tho...The Hilight Reel wasn't too bad...Flair has become a joke in the ring and WWE should be ashamed. The guy is a legend. Sure, he may not be able to hang anymore, but he shouldn't be jobbed left and right...All in all, a good RAW, better than last week...Hot crowd, too.
The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
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#5 Posted on
When the WOMAN'S MATCH was the highpoint of RAW, I know something's wrong. Molly is my new favorite Diva, since she is TEH SMART OMG!

And La Resistance, running around in short trunks, posing, and getting wet with French wine? I can see the Ladies' forum firing up a mile away!



Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15
It was an okay show, nothing great, nothing horrible, just kinda blah. Now that it's announced, I hate the fact that Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff will be having a match at SummerSlam when there's gonna be guys way more worthwhile left off the show.

They've yet to make any kind of solid storyline case as to why Eric Bischoff doesn't like Shane McMahon and IT'S SITTING RIGHT THERE. In the storyline, Shane bought WCW and lost the Invasion. But for Bischoff to be mad about it, they would have to give WCW credit on WWE TV and not constantly bury something they own. Like in that press conference where HHH said Goldberg was a big fish in a small pond. Funny I don't consider Goldberg headlining a 40,000+ paid show built around his first title match a small pond.

On the bright side, the Hair Match is next week. And Austin seems to be enjoying injury imposed retirement by doing lots of eating.
It's False

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#7 Posted on
Man, as much as I used to be annoyed by JR, it's GREAT to have him back! At this point, ANYTHING'S better than Coachman.

Opening interview was the same as it ever was. Blah blah blah, let's move on...

Hey! Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda WRESTLED...against EACH OTHER...and it DIDN'T SUCK!! I'm as shocked as you are! I can't believe this Test/Steiner feud is STILL going. And if Test wins next week, the feud will only continue. Can we please put Steiner over next week to end this feud once and for all?

Check it out! G-Dizzy's on Raw again! And is that Lance Storm wearing the Goldust makeup and wig, but acting like Lance Storm? I wonder where they could have gotten that idea? Hmm... (I've said it before and I'll say it again. Who says WWE doesn't read the Wienerboard?)

The women's match wasn't bad, but Gail Kim came within inches of killing herself on that tope. Yikes! And hey, remember when the writers were building up a Gail Kim/Victoria feud? Neither do the writers.

The mystique of Kane is starting to wear off, as he's quickly becoming just another "I do the opposite of what the fans want" generic heel. And why the hell does Rob Van Dam even bother anymore? All he's done since this Kane feud started is get his ass handed to him every single week! I haven't seen a feud this one-sided in a long time and that includes just about all of Triple H's recent feuds.

Glad they played up the IC title switch last night. Christian is YOUR Intercontinental champion again, but they haven't given him anyone to feud with. I guess the Raw writing crew's waiting until the last second again. The only potential challenger I see right now is Hurricane. And Christian shows why he's deserving of another run, because he and Spike TV Dudley put on a great match!

Hurricane and Rodney Mack didn't set my world on fire, but who the hell gave ROSEY a personality??? I can't believe how much he's winning me over with the S.H.I.T role. The over-the-top mannerisms and his cheesy speech ("ALLLLLLLOOOOOWWWW me...") is just too good. And did anybody else notice that while Hurricane gets a "WHOOSH", Rosey gets a "CRUNCH"? That's just GOLD! And all this is actually getting Hurricane over too, which is a good reason why he should be challenging Christian for Summerslam.

Tonight's Highlight Reel was good stuff with Nash finally getting to show a little of his comic side. If only that could happen more often, Nash would still be OVER, despite his horrific lack of wrestling ability. Next week's Hair vs Hair match is a go. Be there for Nash's haircut! Or WWE could pull a SHOCKING SWERVE and have it end with a double pin and BOTH guys lose their hair. That would be...uh...SHOCKING!

Despite the overbooking surrounding Orton, tonight's main event is probably one of the best Goldberg matches I've ever seen. Kudos to both Goldberg and Flair.

Hey, guess what! This week's Raw DIDN'T suck! I enjoyed the hell out of it. I just hope they can keep it up!

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I must say I really enjoyed tonight, I mean the Spike/Christian match was pretty good, the backstage skits ruled(Especially Rosey) seeing as Samoan means "happy people."

I'm anxious to see next Raw..if only to see a bald nash.

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#9 Posted on
highlight reel was pretty damn awesome once again. in the main event those backdrops that ric flair took looked *mean*. he kept landing on that right shoulder. was that intentional? and on another note, something i just realized from the backstage evolution skit, and maybe somebody mentioned this before, but

Triple H is the game.
Ric Flair is the dirtiest player in the game.

don't know if they meant it to come across that way, but when they say it consecutively cracks me up everytime.

it says so right here in the wcw handbook!
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Enh. Only a few weeks ago, the Kane storyline was the hottest thing in the WWE. Now it's just been subordinated to the Fussin' and Feudin' GMs crap, and Kane looks like just another heel. I guess they ran out of ideas at some point.

Would it have killed them to take a few minutes from all the yacking at the start of the show and give RVD a chance to talk? Yeah, he's not the Lord of the Mic, but he really, really needs to give some kind of explanation of what he's thinking going into Summerslam, given that Kane has killed him dead every time they've met since the turn. There should be -some- emotion behind this match given that they were tag partners and buddies and all, but it feels about as meaningful as Kane squashing Spike Dudley. And no, having RVD run in -- again, for no clear reason -- and attack Kane doesn't make me any more interested in the match.

The Goldust/Storm bit was kinda sorta amusing, even if it did resurrect the always unhilarious "Molly's got a fat ass" joke. Once this one has run its course, though, I hope I can convince you all to write WWE and beg them to pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease impose a minimum one-year moratorium on the "wacky, mismatched partners" gimmick.

When Christian, Spike Dudley, and the women have the best matches on the show, something odd is in the water. Although I enjoyed the women's match mostly for Gail Kim nearly killing herself twice on her pescado, and the finish where Molly demonstrated a shocking level of intelligence for a wrestler.

"I do have a degree in electrical engineering... from almost 20 years ago. Punchcard systems were just becoming obsolete, we had rotary phones in the dorms, and a modem was still a gizmo the size of a shoebox into which you squooshed the phone receiver itself. In short, we lived like animals.

The instant obsolesence is why I became a writer. The rate of punctuation in a sentence doesn't double every 18 friggin' months, and you never have some 22-year-old looming over your shoulder, shaking his head, saying "dude... you're still using adverbs...?"

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#11 Posted on

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#12 Posted on
First off Molly was looking unbelievably hot!!! Storm in Goldy paint and wig was hilarious, and a nice touch keeping the cue cards.

The opening was too long for my taste. They get an F on the Kane vs. RVD build up, SummerSlam is so close I wish more would have happened between them. I think Bisch is a great heel, but why all the matches? Bisch on the mic is sweet, Bisch in the ring I could do without, and this didn't really push the Shane vs. Eric story any further.

Christian coming out to Booker's music was classic, he played it out perfect. I hope Booker gets well soon.

Flair and Trips slaping Orton across chest after he got the ref shirt was a nice, subtle, quirky move. Flair and Orton were fun in the ME.

And Molly pulling out that heelish clothesline at the last second was sweet.

La Resistance drinking french wine has been the only enteraining part of this fued, every Raw I hope a Dudley(any Dudley) can entertain me, because it hasn't happened in years.

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#13 Posted on
Shane versus Bischoff on a PPV just doesn't excite me. Shane can do some good work (vs. Kurt Angle, King of the Ring 2001) and a match with Kane could be pretty enjoyable and help add to his giant killer mystique. However Shane versus Bischoff just won't do it.

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#14 Posted on
I was really surprised by how well Goldberg sold in the main event. Were there missteps? Yeah, of course, notably that he retained the ability to spear the crap out of people even with a bum leg. But I can't recall Goldberg selling that well or that long for anyone ever. Hell, even on the finishing jackhammer, he made it look as if he took Flair over extra fast because his leg couldn't support the weight long enough to hold him up there for an extended period. Kudos to Bill for putting in some effort out there instead of just being indestructible monster man.

Also loved the timing of the zombie sit-up/frogsplash during Kane's beatdown on RVD. Missed him by -that- much...

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#15 Posted on
Just got in from the RAW telecast. Don't ask me for Heat spoilers because I can't even remember, and I didn't take notes. Dreamer jobbed to Stevie Night Heat w/Victoria, that's all I recall. Oh...I also recall that Al and Coach were at the desk for precisely ONE Heat match, then they left. Jacqueline refs a match.

There were three tarped-off sections of the upper tier opposite the camera and maybe a couple rows along the rest of the top, but a solid gate overall.

The "Spike TV" logo is HUGE. They had it lowered and were fiddling with it before broadcast. In relation to the crew working with it, it appears to be about ten feet wide and six feet tall...NOT counting the tail on the "p".

As for the show, I enjoyed it a lot. The backstage/outdoor segments were great. I loved how Flair and HHH just started chopping Orton for no reason and he was going "Ow". The crowd totally ate up the Rosie stuff and gave him a great response when he came out. Rosie is over. Storm and Goldust...well...Gold.

Good Highlight Reel. But you should have seen Jericho and Austin at their house show Highlight Reel on Sunday. That was "Rock/Austin Singalong" awesome.

Hurricane's making money at the souvenir stand. Green Hurricane shirts were EVERYWHERE.

The crowd dug the main. Orton was perfect as the evil ref.

Good show.


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#16 Posted on
Did anyone else notice that Scott Steiner asked Jackie Gayda if she wanted to "suck his d!ck" when she confronted her?

Best part of the night was when Flair flipped the bird to Goldberg while he had him in the Figure Four. Classic.

(edited by Malfunkshon on 12.8.03 0355)

[l] [/l]
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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.65

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    The "Spike TV" logo is HUGE. They had it lowered and were fiddling with it before broadcast. In relation to the crew working with it, it appears to be about ten feet wide and six feet tall...NOT counting the tail on the "p".
It won't be around too long. If you look carefully, that's the OLD logo - that's right, they've already changed it between the time they were SUPPOSED to premiere and tonight. (Maybe Spiegel went harrumph? ;-) )


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#18 Posted on

    Originally posted by Jericholic53
    highlight reel was pretty damn awesome once again. in the main event those backdrops that ric flair took looked *mean*. he kept landing on that right shoulder. was that intentional?

Flair broke his back in the mid-70's in a plane wreck. I think he always lands on his shoulder on backdrops to protect his back.

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#19 Posted on
You know I would pay to see hair vs hair. Thank you WWE for saving me 35 bones, idiots. If Nash had the mic more often and his Wolfpac music he'd be over in no time.

Goldberg look impressive in his match with Flair. He sold the leg to the Figure Four! When was the last time somebody did that. Beware, Goldberg is getting over.

Those Triple H Stacker 'Sting' commercials rule. He feels the sting alright ... the sting of a steroid filled needle jabbing his ass!!!

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#20 Posted on
Opening segment was alright, but went on way too long.

StormDust was funny.

Women's match was way too short.

Oddly, one of the highlights on RAW was Rosey. I'm actually starting to like this gimmick.

NashHole ruined the Highlight Reel. Jericho was good, though.

Main event was decent.

Overall, RAW was so-so.

(edited by tomvejada on 12.8.03 0457)

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