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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #778 4/21/08
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TONIGHT: A big three-hour Raw on tap for tonight. The King of the Ring tournament, of course, in which no wrestlers have been announced yet. Plus, each one of the three presidential candidates will have videos airing during the show. Thats a big coup for WWE, since theyre already getting tons of mainstream coverage for it. There will also be an eight-man tag featuring Backlash main event participants: Taker, Kane, HHH, and Cena vs. JBL, Orton, Edge & Chavo. All three of those segments would make for a big show, but all in one? Wowzers.

-WWE Open.

-RAW Open.

-Raw is LIVE this week (and in HD!) from an unnamed town ( says Greenville, SC). JR and The King immediately plugged the eight-man tag as well as the presidential candidates addressing the WWE audience. Plus, WWE will present their OWN match of Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama. Some royal music started us off with the camera zooming in on the throne. JR then sent it to Lillian Garcia to get things started.

(1) Chris Jericho vs. MVP- King of the Ring First-Round Match
Well, this is a good start. Both men were quite aggressive at the outset. Jericho got the first real advantage on a knee-lift. Jericho crotched MVP on the top rope, then went flying onto MVP on the outside. MVP hit a knee-lift on Jericho on Y2Js way back in. MVP tied Jericho up in a version of an abdominal stretch. Jericho came back with a couple knock-downs, but MVP stopped his momentum with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near-fall. Y2J landed a Norther Lights suplex for two as the crowd was getting hot. Kick to the head from MVP for two. Lawler noted that MVP has been U.S. Champ for 11 months. MVP had developed a large goose-egg over his right eye. Not sure what did that...may have been a knee from Jericho. MVP tried to hit his finisher, but Jericho countered to a Walls of Jericho. And he tapped.

Winner: Jericho, at 5:13. I wouldve thought this would be closer to a finals match than an opening contest.

As Jericho went to the back, he posed by the throne and even sat in it. The two guards standing next to the throne arent doing their job, I guess.

-CM Punk was shown warming up backstage....he may be in a KOR match next!


(2) CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy- King of the Ring First-Round Match
Both men wrestled pretty evenly at the start. Punk got the first cover of the match, for just one. Rear chin-lock applied by Punk. Hardy tried to get out, but Punk kept him in the headlock. Crowd was behind Hardy for the most part. Knees to the gut by Punk in the corner, which drew boos. Hardy was set on the top and he gave Punk some headbutts to stave him off. Hardy came down with an elbow on the back of Punks neck. Punk pushed out of the bulldog attempt and got a knee to the face in the corner, followed by a bulldog of his own. That got a near-fall. Hardy countered and hit a Side-Effect for two. Twist of Fate, no, Punk got him up for the GTS. Hardy slid down into a roll-up attempt, but Punk sat down, grabbed the legs for leverage and picked up the victory.

Winner: Punk, at 3:51. This is the only problem with doing a KOR tourney- lots of unrealistically short matches.

After the match, Punk took a seat in the throne with his briefcase. I guess that means he isnt winning either.

-Tonight, WWE presents Hillary vs. Obama in the ring! Im hoping theyll just show the video from of them fighting on the Smackdown vs. Raw video game.


-They showed the brackets for the KOR thus far.

-Then they showed Barack vs. Hillary in the Smackdown vs. RAW video game. Obama seemed to come out as Batista, with Hillary as Mickie James. Lots of boos for Hillary. They aired part of the mtach too. They didnt show who won the match, just that the two stood face-to-face in the ring. I guess theyre still saying a match will take place between them tonight.

-They showed what happened at the end of the main event last week. Apparently, theyve changed the WWE Title match to a Fatal Four-Way elimination match.

-JBL did a pre-taped promo. He mainly talked about his accomplishments inside and out of the ring.

-The Great Khali came out for another first-round KOR match. He stood by the throne....the match is next.


(3) The Great Khali vs. Finlay-King of the Ring First-Round Match
Finlay kicked at the legs of Khali, but Khali put him on the mat. He followed up with a scoop slam. A legdrop missed, and so did a seated dropkick by Finlay, but I THINK it was supposed to hit. I couldnt tell if Khali was selling it or not....its tough to tell with him. Finlay came off the second rope, but was booted by Khali. Hornswoggle came in the ring with a shillaleigh, but Khali threw it down. Finlay ushered Horny out of the ring and a big chop landed on Finlays head. Khali went to the outside to find Hornswoggle. Nope, I guess he went out to wrap Finlays leg around the ring-post. Referee Charles Robinson DQed Khali because he wouldnt stop knocking Finlays leg into the post despite several warnings.

Winner: Finlay, by DQ at 2:01.

Big Show came out after the match and Khali simply walked away from him.


-Finlay was being helped to the back by referees and trainers.

(4) William Regal vs. Hornswoggle- King of the Ring First-Round Match
Well, this makes sense from a storyline stand-point. Regal went up the aisle and grabbed Hornswoggle, dragging him back to the ring. Regal pretty much pie-faced Horny, pushing him down. He locked in the Regal Stretch for the win.

Winner: Regal, at :20. For a moment, I had fears that Hornswoggle would somehow win the tournament.

After the match, Finlay came back to help Hornswoggle when Regal kicked him in his injured leg. For those scoring at home, the semi-finals will be Punk vs. Jericho and Regal vs. Finlay. The announcers wondered if Finlay would be able to compete in the next round.

-Shawn Michaels was walking backstage. Another interview segment about his thing with Batista is next. Havent we heard enough?


-Highlights of WWEs European Tour were shown.

-Shawn Michaels came out to discuss his Backlash match against Batista. HBK said he had one question for Batista tonight, and he knew he was in the building, so he called him out. After a few moments, The Animal came out. HBK said Batista didnt answer a question Jericho posed to him on Smackdown: Whether or not Batista wanted to be the man that wanted to retire Flair. Batista asked if it would make Michaels feel better if he admitted it were true. Batista said its not about Ric anymore, but about him and HBK. Batista said this is the last thing hell say about the match because hes sick of talking about it. And IM sick of hearing about it. He said at Backlash, hes going to finish this. Michaels said hes everything Batista said he is. HBK said he does have blood on his hands: its called collateral damage. HBK snuck in a plug for Batistas match against Undertaker on this weeks Smackdown. HBK wished Batista luck, because hes going to need it. He extended a hand and Batista shook it, pulling HBK closer. The two kind of played head games with each other as Batista left the ring. They seemed to set HBK up as the heel here it seemed.

-Coming up, and eight-man tag match. Plus, well hear from all three presidential candidates. Well get to see how much their speech writers know about wrestling by seeing how much lingo they throw in.


-Jerry Lawler introduced Hillary Clintons video. She called herself Hill-Rod and said the election is a lot like the King of the Ring. She said shed go to the mat for us Americans. She said if things get tough shell deliver the Peoples Elbow. She then said shed stick to the political arena, so Randy Orton is safe for now. It felt strange, as shed do a slight pause before every wrestling analogy as if to let us know it was an analogy or something.

(5) Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito
Both mens tag-team partners were ringside with them. Holly was on offense until Carlito got a boot up in the corner. Holly came back with an inverted atomic drop. Knee-lift by Carlito. He hammered away with left hands on Holly. Of course, Carlito and Santino Marella are number one contenders for Holly & Rhodes tag titles. Chin-lock by Carltio. High dropkick by Carlito for two. Some more back-and-forth action. Carlito worked the back of Holly, then both men started punching away at each other. Theres a trademark dropkick from Holly. Hardcore got the crowd into it as he set up for the Alabama Slam, but Carlito slipped out and hit a Back-Stabber for the win.

Winner: Carlito, at 5:01.

-Santino grabbed the mic and told Hardcore and his boy, who is a friend....which makes him his boyfriend to watch out for them. Cody grabbed the mic and asked him if he ever shut up. He asked Santino for an Italian translation, then hit him in the head with the mic. Both tag champs threw out the heels and stood tall in the ring.

-Jericho and Punk were on their way to the ring....their semi-final match is next.


-JR and King talked about the fatal four-way at Backlash for the title. Triple H then did a promo in front of a dark backdrop like JBLs.

(6) Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk- King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
They both got out of the gate quickly and worked to a stalemate. Punk and Jericho both used their feet to their advantage. Jericho hung Punk up ribs-first on the top rope, and Punk landed on the mat awkwardly. Punk went to jump on the top rope, but Jericho kicked it, causing Punk to fall off. Lawler noted that they havent heard any update on Finlays condition. Hurricanrana by Jericho for two. The two then tried a series of counters and roll-ups, none that got a three-count. Enziguiri by Jericho for two. Powerslam by Punk for two. Punk walked into an elbow, but Punk lifted him up for the GTS. Jericho countered and took Punk down. Punk got his knees up on a Lionsault, but Jericho landed on his feet anyway. He locked in the Lionsault. After about 30 seconds, Punk made the ropes to a chorus of boos. Jericho went to the top, but Punk caught him with a kick. That made him unsteady and Punk lined him up for the GTS, which he hit, to advance.

Winner: Punk, at 6:22. Very good match.

-Next, well hear from Barack Obama. I never thought Id write that during one of these reviews.


-Senator Barack Obama cut his promo. He said it was a historic era...and not because Randy Ortons reign will soon be coming to an end. This has got to be a rib on him. He also made a King of the Ring reference. He then pulled out the Do you smell what Barack is cooking? line.

(7) William Regal vs. Finlay- King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
Finlay limped to the ring with his knee taped. They did a bit of amateur wrestling, and Finlay monkey-flipped Regal out of the ring. On the outside, Finlay was pushed knee-first into the steps. Back in the ring, Regal went to work with kicks to the leg. Loud Regal Sucks chants. All of his offense revolved around the knee of Finlay. Fit came back by throwing Regal shoulder-first into the ring post. A roll-up, and Regal kicked out. Butt splash by Finlay. Knee-lift to Regal, but he couldnt hook the backslide. Knee to the head by Regal, followed by the Regal Stretch. Finlay didnt tap, but the ref stopped the match.

Winner: Regal, at 3:38. Good for what it was. Im a fan of the style, so your mileage may vary.

-They plugged the eight-man tag match thats still to come.

-Plus, well hear from John McCain next.


-John McCain was the final presidential candidate to give it ago. He said The Mac has come back to Greenville. He threw out a few of Hogan, HHH and Rocks similar style-phrases. Then he said he would introduce Osama bin Laden to The Undertaker. He said itd be a cage match in November, then used Rocks Do you smell... line, which Obama already used. He finished up by saying And thats the bottom line, because John McCain said so.

-JR and King previewed the Backlash card.

-John Cena then cut his pre-taped promo. He talked about what wed hear from the other competitors. He said theyd have to go through him to get the title.

-The ring was being decorated for WWEs version of Clinton vs. Obama. Dear God, its next.


-A video aired on WWEs reading initiative with the younger generation.

(8) Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama -Democratic Primary Presidential Smackdown Match
Hillary came out to Hogans Real American. They had a Clinton look-alike, along with a Bill look-alike (who looked quite like him, if not a bit bigger). Bill purposely tripped getting into the ring. They both did the Hogan cupping the ears thing. She cut a Hogan-like promo. Bill posed like Hogan, distracting Hillary. This was met with boos, either because the fans didnt like the segment or they dont like Hillary. There were Monica, Monica chants at Bill. Obama came out to The Rocks music. Thats the deadest Ive ever heard the crowd for that music. Well, it looked a BIT like Obama, though they had totally oversized ears. His suit looked a bit big for him too. He did Rocks mannerisms and interview style. This is so ridiculous. Obama asked if Hillary thought they could change Washington. Bill took the mic and began talking and Barack stopped him, saying It doesnt matter what you think!

Double-leg take-down by Hillary, then a kick to the gut and a bodyslam on Barack. Off the ropes, legdrop. Obama kicked out at two. Knee to the gut by Obama. Hillary walked into a Barack-Bottom. He went for the Peoples Elbow but Bill tripped him. I did not have illegal contact with that candidate said Bill. As both candidates lay in the ring, Umagas music hit. Bill came in the ring and helped Hillary into a corner. The ref called for the bell, as if it mattered. Samoan Spike to Obama. Bill went over and chatted with Umaga and tried to convince Hillary Umaga was going to vote for her. Umaga screamed and Bill ran out of the ring and to the back. Umaga picked Hillary up and Samoan Dropped her.

Winner: No Contest, at 2:14.

-The eight-man tag match is still to come tonight.


-Highlights of what just happened aired.

Maria, Kelly Kelly, Ashley Cherry & Michelle McCool came out to the ring. They said they saw something last week they never thought was possible. They then showed a girl kissing Todd Grisham. Kidding. Clips of Mickie beating Beth aired. The new champion, Mickie James, was introduced. She celebrated with the divas in the ring. Mickie said everyone said she couldnt win, but last week, she proved everyone wrong. She was going heavy on the makeup this week it appears. Mickie was interrupted by the heel divas- Beth, Melina, Victoria, Natalya, Jillian and Layla. Beth said her ladies may not all be friends, but they had to break this love-fest up. She said its not a question of if shell get the title back, but when. Michelle tried to hold Mickie back from attacking. Michelle then said this celebration isnt a slap in the face. Michelle then slapped her herself. A brawl broke out among all the divas, with the face divas getting the upper-hand. Beth shouted that it was just a matter of time before she got the title back.

-The finals of the King of the Ring tournament are up next- CM Punk vs. William Regal.


-A brief video package on Mr. Kennedy aired. Remember him?

(9) William Regal vs. CM Punk- King of the Ring Finals Match
Regal laid in the forearms on Punk in the corner, but Punk got himself out of harms way. He then kicked away at Regals head. Suplex by Regal, who then went to work stretching out the arms and ribs of Punk. Punk struck Regal with some slaps and a hard kick to the head. Punk grabbe dRegal for the GTS, but Regal had hold of the ropes. He got out of it then kneed Punk in the head. He locked in the Regal Stretch and Punk tapped.

Winner, and King of the Ring: Regal, at 4:06. Id like to see a 10-minute match with these two. They both have unique offenses that would jell well, IMO. Hopefully, this goes toward making Regal a more serious (and active) wrestler.


-Randy Orton came out and said hes sick of hearing people talk about how THEY will be winning at Backlash. He prefers to let his actions do the talking.

-All the heels made their entrances for the eight-man tag


(10) Randy Orton, JBL, Chavo Guerrero & Edge vs. Triple H, John Cena, Kane & Undertaker
Taker hit a quick flying clothesline on Edge. Taker knocked some of the heels of the apron as the show went to break.


back to the show, Chavo had a cover on Triple H, then tagged out after HHH kicked out. Edge set up for the spear, but jumped into Trips arms for a spinebuster. Cena tagged in and went to work on Edge, hitting all his pet moves. Edge got the advantage and tagged Orton in. Orton got some offensive work in, then tagged JBL. Clothesline by JBL (not the from hell variety) for a two-count. Tag in to Edge. Cena powered out of Edges hold, but Edge put him back down with a boot. Orton back in with a chin-lock, though he did lock Cena in a body-scissors as well. Double-clothesline and Orton and Cena were both down. Kane tagged in and took out Chavo and the rest of the heels. Kane went for a cover on Chavo, but the heels simultaneously broke up the count. A few of the faces came in to even things up. Spinning DDT by Chavo on Kane. He went to the top, but Kane caught him in a chokeslam. Edge, though, speared Kane and got the win. Was he even the legal man?

Winners: Orton, JBL, Chavo & Edge, at 10:05.

Cena FUd Edge after the match. Triple H then went at it with Cena until JBL clotheslined Trips. Then Randy hit Cena with an RKO and went face-to-face with JBL. They turned around and Undertaker chokeslammed them both. It looked like a car wreck in the ring, bodies everywhere. They played Takers music as the show went off the air.
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Had fun watching tonight. Enjoyed the main (and seeing "Hil-Rod" take the Samoan Drop (U-May-Gea is a Republican)).

My comment: 'Taker looked really old tonight.

We'll be back right after order has been restored here in the Omni Center.

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KOTR sucked. No other way to put it although no one saw Regal winning this. Regal also looked larger and more muscular then I've ever seen him & looked sharp in the ring. I hope he goes back to full-time wrestling and they bring Coach back as GM and away from play by play duties.

Hillary vs Obama - Who was Hillary??? even though the skit was dragged out, that was one impressive bodyslam by a female on a rather large man playing Obama. Didn't like the ending of a Umaga beat down. Obama's ears were funny. They should have brought in a diva to distract Bill away from Hillary.

Khali appears to have gained one wrestling move, a scoop bodyslam and does appear to be improving in the ring. He still sucks though and I hope Show beats the tar out of him.

Pretty good 8 man event at the end although it was predictable.

The rest of Raw was uninteresting.... a wasted 3 hour program.


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Ho ho, ha ha, I am a fool for thinking this could be a better show than it was. I should have listened to Denny Green as it was what I should have thought it was.

- Regal vs Finlay was just heating up and then it ended.

- Regal vs CM Punk really ended there? I was expecting a rope break and at least another 5 minutes that could have shortened the entrance time of the Main Eventers.

- I can live with Regal as my king, but can we not give him a greater celebration than that?

- Maybe, I should just vote for my president based on their wrestling promo ability, but do I have to watch Vince and his writers jerk everybody off with an unfunny political *satire*? Yes, I guess I do. It serves them right for cutting promos with the Carnies I suppose.

- Chavo even got a Main Event entrance. Aw.

Edit: I also thought Taker looked rather old, it felt like the moment I realzied Terry Funk was really old.

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    Originally posted by AWArulz
    Had fun watching tonight. Enjoyed the main (and seeing "Hil-Rod" take the Samoan Drop (U-May-Gea is a Republican)).

    My comment: 'Taker looked really old tonight.

Umaga is totally Green Party all the way

Hi-def tv is not kind to the Undertaker.

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I actually had enjoyed them making fun of Clinton/Obama and how they incorporated Rock/Hogan into this setting. I'm guessing the WWE it a little hacked at the Rock. The crowd in the arena seemed bored.

Looks like Mickie James has some Art(tattoo?) on her ankle.

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Came back to watch the show because of KOTR, and I have to say that aside from the diva mess (all the heels can wrestle but lost the brawl to "pretty" faces who can't) and the Barack/Hilary impersonation match it wasn't too bad. It wasn't the home run it could've been, though.

-Aside from Finlay not getting any offense in before being Khali'd, I loved the bottom part of the KOTR bracket. The English/Irish vibe was clicking on all cylinders, and putting Regal as an evil schemer once again worked beautifully. Regal's matches with Finlay and Punk were also good, if short. I also like that they let Regal win cleanly, even though a Power of the Punch or some other trick would've been fine for his character too. Celebration was definitely too short, but there'll definitely be more of Regal gloating later.

-The rest of the KOTR was just kinda there. Matches were just long enough to get going, but were always stopped short. Everything really needed more time, and if the show was fully dedicated to KORT and then maybe the 8-man, it would've worked. Of course the show wasn't, heh.

-Seriously, I can't stress enough how much the Diva brawl thing emphasized everything wrong with how the WWE handles women. After seeing what TNA gives us, that "brawl" was insulting. It was, as Beth said, a slap in the face. Every one of the heels is someone we know can wrestle. Minus Mickie, every one of the faces are friggin' stick figure models. And they win the brawl. Uh huh. At least the one wrestler in the face group is the one with the belt.

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Regal is looking much younger lately. He looks five years younger than he did ten years ago.

And it was kinda tacky to have the parodies of the candidates on the same night that you ACTUALLY get the real ones to appear on your broadcast. But whatever.

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    Originally posted by shawnpatrick
    KOTR sucked.
KOTR was awesome!

The Walls of Jericho is OVER

The Regal Stretch is OVER

I love that they managed to use five of the seven matches to educate the audience about devastating submission holds being devastating.

When Punk beat Jericho, I thought to myself "Regal must be winning the whole shebang - they'd rather job Punk than Jericho to him" - I also thought "Jericho's so good at making stuff hit his chin look like it HURTS" immediately followed by "how come JR brought up the superkick but not Big Show's right hand?"

JR missed the chance to talk about Jericho and MVP meeting recently on Smackdown, but we all know he doesn't watch Smackdown.

JR and King BOTH missed Edge's tag at the end of the main event - a replay would have really helped here, but that would have ruined all the post-match brouhaha, I suppose.

I'm almost certain that's the same "Mr. President" they used 15 years ago, which is awesome. Vince McMahon's legendary loyalty strikes again! I still would rather have skipped that segment altogether, but if any man could save it, it's Umaga.

Oh, by the way, Obama's ears...kinda racist (but probably less "racist" than X-Pac in blackface as MIZARK).

McCain should have mentioned how he almost killed UFC

That's all I got. When exactly did this turn into a DVDVR style review? I should have included more comments about outfits.

EDIT: Regal's hair rules. THERE YOU GO.

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Am I alone in thinking that the WWE Reading Challenge logo looked like it would make a better championship belt than the spinner one?

I actually thought the diva showdown was pretty well done up until the point of the brawl. But like it was said, the heels are really the only ones who believably looked like they were trying to beat the shit out of their rivals.

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WWE shoots itself in the foot again. On a night when they actually got the candidates to appear (the biggest coup in WWE history) on the show, they then immediately ruin it by having that stupid, overlong skit.

I thought the KOTR was pretty decent, but Regal winning is bizarre. Didn't realize he was being set up for another in-ring run outside of the occasional match in England.

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Regal gets a big push and Regal stretches a midget. I cannot hate this show.

McCain, bless him, tried too hard. Skip "if ya smell" because that one's Obama's by default. Stick with "to be the man" because it's well known, as well as being a nice nod to notable Republican Ric Flair.

I ffwded most of the skit, but I did like Bill trying to introduce Hillary to Umaga, and then bailing from the ring while screaming OH JESUS

I have to admit that I was amused by "smell what Barack was cookin'" even though it was the most obvious joke in the world. Obama could also have referenced the fact that he's been compared to Kennedy...



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They really shoulda opted for the far away shot on UT's face or a back shot on UT's during his double choke slam. Instead they opted for a relatively close up shot of his face. Right after he looked at Orton and JBL, he noticeably shouts "NOW" to signal the move. Really made Borak Osama's ears look real.

Not a bad KoTR. [gets on the defensive] Hey, we used to pay for this stuff! There were some Great KoTR PPV's but man, there were some bad ones. This is coming from the guy that once considered the Big 5 PPV's instead of the Big 4.

I'll take Regal as a king. It just makes sense really. The crown has meant something significant only a handful of times (if that). Otherwise it goes to the person that can play "The King" the best.

All Hail King Regal.
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I still find it incredibly surreal that the three people looking to become the next President of the United States actually appeared on WWE Raw. And they tossed out WRESTLING CATCHPHRASES! I can't be the only one that's still floored by that fact. It feels like just yesterday when Al Gore and George W. Bush both snubbed WWE appearences and avoided Raw like the plague. Now we're being asked if we "smell what Barack is cooking?" I'm still shocked.

On a somewhat different note, Umaga is my NEW favorite wrestler for bringing an end to that abomination between "Hillary" and "Barack". I only wish that's how they could have ended "Rosie" vs. "Donald" last year. At least they're learning...sort of.

If tonight's victories lead to the return of "Lord William Regal", I'm all for it! And I'm double-excited for a potential Regal/Finlay feud, considering these two aren't afraid to work stiff against each other. Would it be too much if I hope this also means the return of "Squire" Dave Taylor?

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I dreaded the candidates match with images of Rosie vs Trump in my head, but for me Fake Bill Clinton saved this one from disaster. Was that the same guy they used on Leno?

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Considering Regal is the only active wrestler who wears a proper ring robe, he deserves to be King of the Ring.
Took them over 20 years, but I think they really killed Real American.
Perfect opportunity to dust off Jive Soul Bro and they let it pass.
Surprised that McCain didn't mention the pride he felt the night that the wrestling glass ceiling was broken and that young whippersnapper Lou Thesz won the world title for the first time.
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During the blocked Lionsault, Jericho's left foot landed squarely on Punk's face. This was after the repeated spot to drape Punk on the rope. They had troubles.

Our Liege, the Royal King Regal the Potentate could be fun if they give him ring time. But who becomes RAW GM then? My vote? Kennedy. Get him away from the ring and give him a talking gig as with Matt Striker (although I thought Matt was a fine wrestler).

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William Regal wins King Of The Ring on Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. A coincidence ? - thinking not !

They should possibly had the London RAW this week and tied it all in.

Regal vs Finlay - UK vs Ireland ?

No, an all UK clash as Belfast is in Northern Ireland, which the announcers seems to have dropped saying.

The political stuff was BAD, and the in ring stuff worse than the Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump thing last year. Says a lot !

I'd have though Regal in his gown would have clued in JR that he wasn't just making an announcement.

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Regal's hockey hair is beyond awesome.

With his first round match against Hornswoggle, I thought it was going to be revealed that he set up the brackets.

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Its great to see Regal in the ring again. KING REGAL!

I didnt mind the show, could have done without the "hillary v barack" fight, but that's just me.

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This is fantastic news. TNA Impact 2016 with Corgan at the helm ranked up there with Kreski's WWF 2000 and Heyman's Smackdown 2002 as a legendary year for booking quality. I look forward to the NWA's return to prominence.
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