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18.6.18 0828
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 7.7.03
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Booker T v. Christian: Title changes hands on DQ or countout? In this match? It'll take weeks to clean up all the smark spooge. Nice little bit with Christian trying to weasel out of the match again by just not getting into the ring. Match itself? Could have VERY EASILY been the main event. And now, Booker's the ONE-TIME... <_<... >_>... Intercontinental Champion. Raw match of the past few months, as far as I've seen.

Rosey v. Hurricane: And the vest cape is gone faster than girls club. That's an accomplishment. Nice Shinning Wizard on Mack, but... uhm... what the HELL? Face turn for Rosey? Okay, YOU explain this. I got nothing.

Victoria/Steven Richards v. Gail Kim/Val Venis: Hellllo, Canadians! Kim's having none of Val... his loss... or not. MY loss. WWE Camera Ops, I thank you for that shot of Kim bridging Victoria. And I firmly believe I am not the only one. Val once again brings the swank with the powerbombs.

Test v. Kevin Nash: So, if the Kane Turnbuckle Principle holds, Nash goes down hard-fucking-core. Lessee if I'm right, shall we? Well, sounds like "Kevin Test" won, so that's a no-contest? Test continues being a Supreme Douche... someone's found his niche. TSN-ites, what'd you see during the post-match festivities?

Chris Jericho v. Mark Jindrak: ...whaaaaa? No one cares about Jindrak? SURELY you jest. He certainly takes a beating nicely. Springboard clothesline... oh, we all know how well that worked for Bull Buchanan.

Trish v. Molly Holly: Yet another reminder of the importance of a daily butt flossing. Molly was a powerlifter? Who'd'a thunk she'd stretch Trish out so? (No comments on that last line, PLEASE.)

Flair/Orton v. Bubba Ray Dudley/RVD: Wow, Lawler actually explains why D-Von's not there? Good thing SOMEONE thought of it. Flair blows out his shoulder on a hiptoss... what the HELL were JR and Lawler doing? I have NO idea what they were talking about just before the figure-four. RVD sells the shin on the top-rope kick landing... that's new.

Other Shtuff:

Commentary: Wow, Lawler kept the felon references to a minimum. Did someone beat him senseless or something? And 9:41 until JR's first "goofier than a pet coon"? What's taking him so long? Oh, Lawler? I'm sure if Glen Jacobs knew anything about being an electrician, he could get a job on one of those "Monster shows". Not like the guy they had for the Wild West house knew what the hell he was doing. You'd think he'd learn you can't get away with lying on your resume anymore... thanks a lot, George O'Leary. -_-

Enter Jindrak: Well, based on his intro, doesn't look like he's made much progress. Then again, I never really cared as much about him. He was a fine compliment for O'Haire, but not much more.

Kane, The Kill Everyone Project Is Just A Website: Dreamer and Rico? Hey, whatever's available, I guess. And Glen... you are STILL one ugly muhfucka. But not THAT ugly. Yeesh. Go pick on Goldberg or Michaels if you're THAT worried about getting booed.

Test, Before and After: Congratulations, Test... THAT'S you in about fifteen years. Like what ya see? Whaddya mean, no?

Sign O' the Night: "I AM STILL NOT OVER 1997". So, uhm... why are you THERE? -_- Oh, Michaels on the Highlight Reel? THIS should be fun. Will someone slaughter Michaels? And if so, will they blame it on extreme emotional disturbance? Judge might actually buy it, too. And the "HHH AND STEPH RUINED WWE"... all right, which Wieners were there tonight?

HBK, Don't Heels Tell the Truth?: Wow, do they chant "You Screwed Bret" at (Bret's wife)? Gots to say this was a great segment. If that sign about Bret Hart being God is true... at least admit Jericho's a demigod. Bow down to Your God and Mine (now who came up with that name? Was it CRZ?) already.

Austin, You're No Matt Foley: And this is supposed to motivate Kane how? Ya do something good, and you get Stunned? Ah, whatever works for them.

Today's Out-Of-Context Quote, Courtesy of hardygrrl:

"...between the grime layer and the Seventies game show host hair, I'd rather rim Undertaker after a White Castle/Schlitz bender."
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That was a pretty good show. But, why did they not just give Booker the strap at the PPV in his hometown? You would rather give the win away for free on TV? I don't get that logic. But a great match either way.

Nash in another match with no promo. Talking is the thing he does best and I think his skills are being wasted. The Jericho/HBK skit was awesome. Some GREAT TV. I hae no idea where they are going with this Kane thing. That is a good thing, IMO. It has been awahile since we had no idea what they were going to do. Hopefully they aren't thinking the same thing, "What do we do with him now?"

A pretty good show, IMO. Alot more star power than last week and alot more happened on the show.

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A few thoughts:

I'm shocked Booker got the belt after the earlier Dusty finish. I think they realized how they killed the crowd the week before by not putting Booker over.
I'm not a big Hurricane fan I admit, but how far down the ladder do you have to be in order to be the jobber for Rosey in order to set up a Rosey turn/Rodney Mack feud.
They really like Michaels in Montreal. Of course, JR talking about how no one outside of Montreal cares about the incident brings one thing to mind: Why put a 15 minute segment on TV if no one who is watching cares? And, looking back at the video from '97, you can tell Vince has really hit the juice hard since he hit his mid 50's.
Jericho though killed the crowd for a while when he turned heel on them. They should have had him wait until after his match to do that, thus Jindrak could have gotten some sort of reaction (gee, and he's the fourth member of Evolution, good luck.)
Lillian celebrated the one year anniversary of Jackie Gayda/Kevin Nash oblivion night with the Kevin Test winning the match announcement.
Austin should not have gotten as much offense in on Kane as he did. If Kane is going to be built as a monster, a non-wrestler should not cause him to blade.
Let's look at who was not on the show:
No Trip: Gee, I wonder how they were allowed to air a program without him.
No Disappointment: Perhaps a good decision, because the Montreal fans would have boo-ed him out of the building for scrambling Bret's brains.
No Lance Storm or La Resistance: Perhaps fear of face reactions.
Scary announcement about RAW being at Staples in two weeks: Does this mean the reject from the Copa is going to be able to show up and babble for 45 minutes about how he is able to raise his eyebrow?

If Vince would just hire Dick Dastardly and Muttly and tell them to Catch the Pigeon, it would draw at least an 8 rating.

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RVD/Kane/Bisch FOOTAGE! With eerie Kane-distortion effects.

No opening. From Montreal, Raw...and a Fashion Report, too.

Austin, in black "Stunner Inc." tshirt with white radiant skull and jeanshorts, and knee bracers, talks. What - a match? On Raw?

BookerT, in black hot-crotch, flamin' "BookerT" undies, vs. Christian!, in red tights, with gold plates and black "C"s, wearing the IC Title. Austin makes stipulations BEFORE the match 'cuz he's smart (?). It takes King about 5 minutes before he brings-up the "Law" thing. Fuck the dusty finishes. Ad break interferes. The Crowd is really behind 2. New Champ! A good match - King, even, was slightly less annoying.

Meanwhile, in the back, Austin talks to some jobber. Then Nick Patrick shows up; he and Austin run off.

Tommy Dreamer bleeds in the back.

King, in black/white vertical stripes with gold slightly sparkly scrollwork, and JR, in black "Raw" shirt and hat, commentate, and show FOOTAGE!

Mack, in black sleeveless "Mack" hooded, and Rosie, in "Big Daddy" jersey, and Long, in navy blue pinstripped suit, talk. Coach interviews in the back.

Rosie vs. Hurricane, in sparkly "H" cape, mask, and neon green/black getout. Poor match. Post-match Mack beats-down Rosie. Color me apathetic. Rosie as a face? Screw that.

Bubba confronts Flair and Randy in the back. Austin shows up just in time to book a match. And THEN he runs off with Miss Jackie. Golly, Austin's getting a good workout tonight.

Rico bleeds. Is Kane responsible?

Victoria, in black latex lace-up top and black pants, and Stevie, in cute lil' pink hat and pink "Stevie Night Heat" fullcuts, vs. Gail Kim, in slitted trenchcoat and black leather-zipped top and skimpies, belt slung over her shoulder, and Val, in a towel with black undies with red "V". King, shut the fuck up. Gail should really cut her hair. The pet coons are out in force. Et two? Victoria's vocals are great. Okay match, despite the commentry.

In the back Ivory and Trish talk, and Test hits on Trish. Hey, remeber T&A? Test gets violent but Coach Nash saunters over. Book a match. Just imagine the workrate!

Highlight Reel: Jericho, in turquoise/black sparkly "Jericho" silhoutte shirt and turquoise silhoutte tights. Crowd likes him, for now. But Shawn's not Canadian. FOOTAGE! of "the screw". Shawn, in black sleeveless with white radiant cross and blue jeans, is out. Ha - he rips on Montreal (as is proper). OMG - they're sitting! Book a match (in two weeks).

Austin and Coach talk in the back. Kane, in towel, does the whole "evil-guy-in-a-tall-backed-chair-spinning-around" bit. Oh no "We need to talk" - they're breaking up!

Hey, I was right (conversion in media res). The blood is a clue! Nice job of Austin averting his gaze.

Test, in black undies with red somethings, vs. Diesel, in black singlet with silver "Nash" nameplate and black leather pants, with pyro. JR says Nash is still in the title hunt - I don't know whether to laugh or crings. Hey, I could recap this match. Nash with a knee*3, elbow*3, clothesline Test outside. Test whips Nash into the post. Test with a knee, kick*5. Trish is out, thrown into Nash. Test with a big boot and the 1-2-3. Boring match. Post match, Test violences Trish (too bad TSN'ers).

Teri, in yellow dress, interviews happy Booker, IC belt over his shoulder. WHat - a face champ on Raw?

Jericho, in same tights (sans shiert) vs. Mark Jindrak, in black undies with blue "Jindrak" crotch. Poor match, 'cuz I just couldn't care about Mark.

What - HHH on Heat?

Molly Holly, already in the ring, in black body suit with turquoise "neck" line, vs. Trish, in translucent robe and black with floral print top and pants. A nice lacy black thong for Trish ('cuz us guys can objectify the talent, too). Fuck you, Lawler. Okay match.

Randy, in black "Orton" undies with red bolts, and Flair, in red and gold sparkly "Nature Boy" robe and black undies vs. Bubba, in black "Dudleyville 3D" jersey and warmups and RVD, in black "RVD" singlet with yingyangs. Much "Two!" goodness. Stupid crowd - this isn't a table match. Spike is out to help. Nice match.

Austin, in same, and Kane, in black towel and arm-baring red straps and black spandex. Hey - are those new kneepads? Behold, the power of FOOTAGE! Kane gets taken-out by Austin - WTF? Ooo, that chairshot took a piece outa Kane's forehead.

Overall: No Earl Hebner tonight, I noticed. Glad to see last week's show was just an anomoly. An entertaining show.

Edit: Ad of the night was Gamecube/Legend of Zelda with 7. Gatorade was a close second with 6.

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It seems like a lot of things started off well, but finished pretty dead tonight.

Victoria came out and played the total psycho that I love so much...then just sort of died...Not taking away from Gail Kim's 'rana.

The Highlight Reel was completely awesome with one of the most anticlimactic endings of any segment in some time. Couldn't they find SOME other way to finish that?

Then we had the opposite. A non-wrestling main event actually turned into an Austin/Kane brawl, which is just fine by me. Though admittedly I would have loved it if, after Austin told the crowd to respond however they wanted, if they responded with a "Boring" chant.

If they're not even going to TRY to make Kane look the least bit scarred, disformed, or anything else, WHY is Austin trying so hard not to look at him?

While Austin was at it, why didn't he throw a "if Christian pins Booker T, Christian is disqualified and Booker T wins the Intercontinental Title" stipulation?

Boy, it sure didn't take long for them to get Booker T's name on that title.

It ultimately seemed like a night that started with ups that just went down. But I got a lot more out of Austin and Kane at the end than I could ever have expected. Decent show overall.

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So looks like they've decided to go with the Uncle Fester look for Kane after all. Not a bad ending, but I maintain he should have slaughtered Austin, or at the very least sold those punches a lot less. I know, it's Austin, but getting beaten up by a retired wrestler doesn't make Kane look much better.

I wasn't sure last week but I am sure after tonight: Gail Kim has the scariest ranas since Lita. She looks like she's going to do a headplant every time. Still, Gail vs. Molly is something to look forward to next week.

Nash actually lies down for Test. You have to kinda feel for Test -- first he feuds with Steiner, and now with Nash. That's like getting necrotizing fasciitis right after you recover from your monkeypox. Think Nash is going to get the job back?

Why is it that every new guy seems to gravitate to wearing black logo trunks and boots? Mark Jindrak is only the latest to try that look. You'd think someone would pick up on John Cena's example and try to be a little more distinctive.

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Good show. If they're going to do anything with Kane, this is how to work it....just have him no-sell and murder everyone

On that note, Tommy Dreamer looked like he was shot in the temple

Molly frigging won a match! Sad to see Nash reduced to jobbing to TEST, but I guess it makes all the smarks happy.....and Jericho of course rules the world, getting the crowd to cheer him, boo him, cheer him, boo him, cheer him again and then boo him in a five minute span

Oh yeah, and I actually semi-marked for Rosie getting to squash Teddy Long. What was that, the first time in three months he's gotten any offense in? :)

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Welcome to RAW ... IS ... CONFOUNDING!

The first match was easily the best. Booker's title win/Christian's title run (as in "run away") is over within the first quarter-hour. And then the show goes screaming to hell.

Every subsequent match was sloppy, dull or meaningless.

Hey, I've been waiting eons for Test/Diesel, the Clash of Alarmingly Similars and what do they do? Put Test in shorts. Blasphemy.

Molly now has the uneviable task of making Gail Kim look like a polished rassler in her first title defense. This has as much chance as Matt Hardy making Billy Gunn look competent in the US tourney finals match. Victoria again steals my heart, however.

As far as capturing my interest, Rosie is not a riveter.

Man, you could see Jericho desperately trying to be booed and just about stammering himself into failure. Shawn looked about as energized as cold bacon. This was an astoundingly bad attempt to make me care about their rematch, and another wasted chance to buld on the Montreal Screwjob, instead of just milking it.

A damn dead show tonight, capped by Kane, the Big Blah Machine pretending to be Joe Pesci.

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Lemme just say this:

Gail Kim is my new favorite Diva.

Val Venis is one lucky bastard.

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God, I love the Montreal crowds.

Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sure calling him "Kevin Test" for the rest of all time now. That name is just perfect on so many levels.

Did anybody else notice that the mixed tag team match was two women who wear black and two men who wear pink? The times they are a-changing. Why does Victoria have to dress like Chyna, though?

Booker/Christian was of course tremendous, and it made me sad that the whole show wasn't that good. But alas. At least if they get into the habit of putting the best stuff first and letting it all go downhill, we can watch until it starts getting worse and then change the channel or play some Suikoden III or do whatever. Because I watched that whole show waiting for something to happen that was at least almost as good as the first match, and except for the "WRESTLEMANIA XX SPOILERS: HHH RETAINS" sign I was pretty much disappointed.

And HHH pulled Heat duty? That's just weird, man.
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The HighLight Reel was fine until they tried to turn Jericho heel right in the middle of it and then it all went downhill from there. In the end, the only point I can see to this whole thing was to set up HBK/Jericho in two weeks. But it could have been done so much better. Only WWE could think it's necessary to completely antagonize the crowd (in a BAD way, the way Shawn did) to advance an angle.

Gotta love how NOW they're willing to sacrifice jobbers like Dreamer and Rico. If WWE had had this attitude during the InVasion or the nWo's return instead of worrying about whose feelings would be hurt, MAYBE things could have turned out better.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Test is just a bigger, less-charismatic version of Kid Kash.

I can't keep up with the wacky world of backstage politics anymore. Which of these were punishments?
-Did Trish get to tap out for daring to have an interview with someone from the hated Internet?
-Did Nash job cleanly in a 2-minute special for daring to whine about his future on the card?
-Did Jindrak piss someone off to go from being the potential 4th Evolution member to being just another jobber?
-Did Goldberg piss someone off? Why wasn't he on the show tonight?

So many questions.

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#12 Posted on

    Originally posted by It's False
    Did Goldberg piss someone off? Why wasn't he on the show tonight?

    So many questions.

Uh, mebbe because Goldberg KICKED BRET HART IN THE HEAD, ENDING HIS CAREER, and thus if he ever showed his face in Montreal, the fans would stone him to death.

Evolution Is Back!

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    Originally posted by It's False
    Did Trish get to tap out for daring to have an interview with someone from the hated Internet

Well, Trish has actually said questionable (to them, at least) things about the current product on WrestlingClassics, as well.

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All right, just counting down the days until my trip to Branson starting this Saturday. But before that takes place, there are a few things I have to do. Go to work, finish packing, and of course, watch Raw. Before I start, this 4th of July weekend wasn't much. By about the 5th or 6th game on Friday, I was getting tired of "God Bless America." Now, the holiday is over and Lee Greenwood can go back to his dwelling for a while. Back to business, here are my opinions about Raw. I started watching around 9:00 PM central time. Love that TiVo.

1) Austin enters...hmm, ref in the ring, I guess that's a clue that there is going to be a match afterwards. At least Bischoff is not here tonight, probably relaxing at home, just taking the night off. That's an improvement. So, we get a match. Booker T/Christian (again?)-> Funny moment for me in this match, Christian leaves, and here comes Austin who drags him back into the ring (LOL). First thing I notice...1,2,kickout....TWO!!!!!! Guess we're in Canada, eh? Anyway, I thought, with the non-finish, that Booker was going to end up losing again, but he ends up winning in a good match. Wonder if this is a sign of what's going to happen?

2) Austin talks, and then runs...finds Tommy Dreamer in a mess. Doesn't matter to me, just one jobber down. If you are in Montreal, just bring up Survivor Series 1997. HBK on the Highlight Montreal...talking about SS '97...interesting. Rodney,Theodore, and Rosey come out. Around the time that Long starts talking, I had on my headphones for the Cub game. Singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" tonight, Indy 500 winner Gil de Ferran. What could be worse, Long talking or de Ferran singing? I picked the wrong one, de Ferran was awful.

3) After missing Long's speech...Hurricane/Rosey -> Rosey wins in a boring match, but attacks Long and beats up Mack? What? You just won for the first time in ages. He squashes Long, but Mack gets him back. I didn't get that at all.

4) Rico attacked, says Kane is the one. Guess there's no ballet tonight.
Victoria/Richards vs. Kim/Venis -> Dad, "She's back!!!" (talking about Victoria and her music) OK match, nice end, even though there was too much blabber about Kane.

5) Highlight reel -> I saw the match on tape a few years ago and replayed the end about 5 times, still confused. The Michaels interview was nothing much in my opinion. I just don't like it when they are in Canada...I apologize to the Canadian posters, but Canada = Bizarro world. I'm sorry.
I do apologize.

6) Test/Nash -> Match = Boring. During the match, I wrote down a couple of non wrestling items. They include: it's very windy outside, there is a storm brewing, and Dad, Conseco Fieldhouse is not named after Jose. After match, we get Test attacking Trish, and the attached JR tirade on Test, like we get for every match. Booker talks and celebrates his win. OK.

7) Jericho/Jindrak -> Haven't seen Jindrak in a while. My dad was getting Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak confused. Jericho wins, boring match, have to build Jindrak more if you want him in Evolution.

8) HHH on Heat??? (LOL X 5 times) I won't be watching. Just started pouring outside, anyway Molly/Trish -> OK match, but surprised me a little with Molly winning. No matter what she looks like, Molly does look beautiful.

9) Evolution vs Bubba/RVD -> Strange move in my opinion...a reverse neckbreaker by Orton and RVD actually lands on Orton and bounces off. Never saw that before. Lawler (when Flair was climbing the ropes): "Don't do that Naitch! I've never seen that work." Took the words out of my mouth, but we were talking about the heel Flair. The face Flair I might have seen it work a couple of times. OK match, but the JR/King banter was hilarious.

10) Austin/Kane -> You got to help me on this, because my picture and audio kept going in and out with the bad weather we were having. But I happened to see a little bit of Austin really smashing Kane with the chair. I never thought I would hear this..."Kane's been busted open!" Thought it was over with the stunner, but I saw Kane sit up, and then I thought "He's going to get it." And he did.

It was so-so, but better than last week. if you were at the Bell Centre, you ended up seeing HHH in the 3rd or 4th match of the night, and unless he came out after the cameras stopped, did not see him after the match.

I just have a Smackdown, and then it's time to go on vacation.

See you Thursday or Friday, whenever we get to watching Smackdown.

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#15 Posted on

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker

    As far as capturing my interest, Rosie is not a riveter.

DR. Pepper just shot out my nose all over my monitor, THANKS A PANTLOAD, CHET! LMFAO


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#16 Posted on
Didn't really dig the show tonight, not to say it was bad, because it wasn't. It just basically followed the WWE mentality of NO DIRECTION. Like the Teddy Long/Rosey/Mack segment suddenly being cut off. This came after Long said, "smash the face of a white boy" then they showed Tommy Dreamer dead in the back (leading me to believe it was Mack and co). Then Bubba went to find the guy who committed this horrendous attack. Then Bubba accused Flair and Orton (huh). Then Rosey squashes Teddy Long in the center of the ring. Did I get the last two segments mixed up? Well, by this point I forgot to care. Some might say they were trying to add to the unpredictability of the angle, but the manner in which they did this was confusing.

The cloud of confusion didn't break with the Jericho and HBK segment. In there own special way, I think they were trying to tell the fans of Montreal to forget about 1997. A task much more easily accomplished when you set the example. But hell, at least we are getting the continuation of the HBK/Jericho feud that for some reason fell by the wayside.

Which I was hoping would be the case with Booker T/Christian rivalry. That whole chase was really beginning to manifest itself into something special, the likes of which have not been seen in the WWE this side of the millennium. The likes of which would elevate both the competitors and the IC title. And yes, even justify the revolving PPV strategy. So why not drag it out til Summerslam? Christian should have gone over, refused to defend the belt against Booker T. Which eventually leads to Booker having to overcome insurmountable odds to get the rematch. He does, he wins the belt, and we all live happily ever after. Sometimes simplicity works!

Last issue is of course Kane. Boy was that storyline fucked over even more tonight. First off, Kane should be nowhere near a microphone. Secondly Kane should not be civil to anyone for any length of time. As I would have been perfectly content with the backstage attacks up until he came out and destroyed Austin. That means DESTORY Austin, no bitching and moaning because Austin was "making fun of him" no motivational speeches. As someone else mentioned, Austin should have not gotten one bit of offense in tonight. As the old cliche goes, Actions speak louder than words. Especially when those words are Kane's. The premise behind the new Kane character is good. It's how they are implementing it that really has me scratching my head.

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#17 Posted on
    Originally posted by Mild Mannered Madman

      Originally posted by It's False
      Did Trish get to tap out for daring to have an interview with someone from the hated Internet

    Well, Trish has actually said questionable (to them, at least) things about the current product on WrestlingClassics, as well.

a) These Trish interviews and so-called postings are very suspect.

b) Trish has racked up quite a losing streak on Heat already, before the supposed interview. It SEEMS to be an angle. Of course, I'm sure in the internet world, punishment has become the official explanation. And maybe it is, I know nothing of what goes on backstage. But if she is being punished, the timing would dictate it's not for the supposed interview, she's already been jobbing like crazy.

As far as RAW goes, I have only one comment. Does anyone think there may be a chance that Kane faces Austin at Summerslam?

(Edit: And why is there not a question: Who did Triple H piss off to have to wrestle on Heat? You know if any other top star would have had to do it, the question would be asked. There was much bitching about Cena and Hardy having to do Velocity a couple of weeks ago.)

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In response to Nag, I agree about the title chase between Booker and Christian, as I'd have much preferred it to be on that grander scale at SummerSlam, too. But, I think enough people have seen Booker T lose that match where they finally HAD to give it to him. He should have won it much earlier, and perhaps this was a way of paying the fans back for that oversight. I'm just happy I got to see it on free-tv, so you'll hear no real complaints out of me.
And dear LORD was Molly looking hot tonight. Yay Raw.

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    Originally posted by ges7184
    And why is there not a question: Who did Triple H piss off to have to wrestle on Heat? You know if any other top star would have had to do it, the question would be asked. There was much bitching about Cena and Hardy having to do Velocity a couple of weeks ago.

I actually think the logic at work here is that somebody up there believes that Triple H is such a draw that he'll boost the Heat ratings by his presence alone.

If so, this Sunday's Heat ratings could say a lot about Hunter's alleged drawing power. Things could be interesting.

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Drjay asks:

    TSN-ites, what'd you see during the post-match festivities?

We saw Test pull Trish out of the ring, smacking her lovely face on the CONCRETE floor, and then we were treated to 30 seconds of crowd shots. Not just any crowd shots, but a montage of signs like "Get the Tables" and "Morley is a loser" ... so instead of seeing Test act like a jerk, I got to relive old shots from the glorious Commissioner Morley era. Hooray.

This was the best Raw I have seen in months, maybe even a year. Lots of great in-ring action, a good 20 minute interview, and a hot crowd. Good job WWE -- keep this up and you'll get my PPV dollars back.

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