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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #723, 4/2/07
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A day after WrestleMania, the only hint gives us is what will the backlash from Mr. McMahon’s head shaving? Who knows? Let’s find out!

-Cold open to John Cena, the champ, making his entrance as we are live from the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. JR and The King, newly minted Hall of Famers, welcome us to RAW. Cena shows no ill effects from his match last night. Mostly boos here. Cena drinks it all in. He simply holds up the belt, drawing more jeers. “The Champ is here” is all he says, but before he can say anything more, the DX music hits and Shawn Michaels makes his way out. HBK is sporting a band-aid on his forehead. HBK takes a shot at Hogan and Hart, saying their match “wasn’t about screwjobs or egos, brother.” He said it was simply about winning and losing- Cena won, and he lost. He says he’s tired of extending his hand and lying to himself, saying the other guy was the better man. HBK says Cena is NOT the better man. Cena says anytime, anyplace. Michaels says he ain’t busy, and he wants to go right here, right now. Right on cue, Coach comes out and says the Championship won’t be defended tonight. “You suck” chant from the crowd. Coach says Cena and HBK will compete in a 10-team, 20-man over-the-top-rope battle royal. The tag titles will be on the line. And it starts now!

-First out are King Booker and Finlay. Team two is RVD and Sabu. We take a break for the rest of the entrances.


(1) 10-team, 20-man Battle Royal for the World Tag Titles
The match is joined in progress. Kenny and Chris Masters have been eliminated. It’s one man out, whole team out rules. Highlanders, Cryme Tyme, Deuce and Domino, Striker and Burke, Duggan and Eugene are the other teams. Lawler says Helms and Guerrero, but they showed up in the next one, so I only count nine teams here. . Cryme Tyme is tossed by Deuce and Domino. Haas and Benjamin or Taylor and Regal or Cade and Murdoch. Burke dropkicks Eugene out, so Duggan has to go too. Burke uses his towel to choke Michaels. Deuce uses his leg choke move to eliminate the Highlanders. Nice heel kick by Deuce, but they take time to cheer, allowing Cena to FU both of the team members out. Striker gets tossed by Finlay soon after. Booker pushes RVD off the top rope. That leaves two teams, the champs and Finlay and Booker. Cena fights off both Booker and Finlay. Mis-communication leads to Finlay clotheslining Booker. Finlay almost gets tossed by Cena but lands on the apron, so HBK comes up and superkicks him out.

Winners: HBK and Cena, 6:15 shown

-Coach comes out right after, and says that he arranged for a second battle royal with ten more teams, because he figured the champs would retain. First team out is the Hardyz as we take another break. This certainly is interesting, if nothing else. This is more time they’ve devoted to the tag division in ages.


(2) 10-team, 20-man Battle Royal for the World Tag Titles, take two
We come back with Kendrick and London coming out. Wait, Chavo and Helms are in THIS one. Viscera and Venis are in there, Taylor and Regal, Cade and Murdoch, Cor Von and Thorn. Venis is out. Benjamin and Haas are in, Nitro and Miz (?), Sandman and Dreamer. That makes 11 in THIS one. Does WWE not know how to count? I guess all in all, they ended up with twenty. Dreamer tosses Regal out. JR is quite hoarse tonight. Chavo and Helms almost toss Cena out. Dreamer does the Dusty elbow but gets tossed by Murdoch. HBK is teetering as the Smackdown champs and Nitro try to toss him. ANOTHER break, we take.


As we come back, we’re down to the Smackdown champs, the RAW champs, Cade and Murdoch, the Hardyz, Chavo and Helms and Nitro and Miz. There goes Nitro, courtesy of an HBK superkick. JR says HBK has done most of the heavy lifting for their team. As he says that, Michaels tosses out Cena! Now we’re down to four teams. Chavo gets hurricanrana’d over the top rope by Kendrick, but Brian falls out too. Hardyz and Cade and Murdoch are left. Matt and Jeff are in control. Murdoch hits the big boot on Jeff and now the Hardyz are down. They try to toss Jeff out, but for some reason, can’t. Matt is on the ropes for a legdrop, and Jeff hits one in stereo on the opposite side. Somehow, Cade and Murdoch are able to hang on. Cade ends up on the outside, but the bell doesn’t ring, so I guess he went through the middle rope. Murdoch is crotched on the top rope and Jeff catapults himself off Matt, dropkicking Murdoch out for the win.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz, new Tag Team Champs, at 12:14

[Break- The Whitest Kids You Know looks like the dumbest show ever, and I am so sick of that commercial during EVERY break.]

-JR thanks the fans for watching WrestleMania last night. Timbaland is in the house tonight, and he actually doesn’t pose for the camera.

-Todd Grisham is backstage with Shawn Michaels. Grisham asks why he did what he did. HBK says there’s only one goal and that’s the world title. Randy Orton interrupts and says Cena cannot beat him. HBK assures Orton that Randy is not the better man, either.

-JR and King introduce the WrestleMania video package that was shown after the show last night.

-Backstage, Coach is talking to Vince, but the camera is at Vince’s P.O.V so we can’t see him, a la Vince talking to the baby last night. On his way to the ring, Vince runs into Maria and Candice. He asks him their opinion, so they lie to him and tell him he looks better than ever. Eugene and Cryme Tyme they run into next, and Eugene tries to stifle his laughter, so Vince insults him. Next, they run into Ron Simmons. Simmons debates whether or not to say his line and he does. They also pass Venis and Viscera. Vince is pissed, and he says he’s going to take it out on the crowd. The entire skit was from the Vince point of view, so we never saw him.


-Vince comes out wearing some sort of fedora, or some kind of hat Joe Friday would wear. He has a disgusted look on his face. Vince claims the fans find humor in the misfortune of others. Vince says a miscarriage of justice happened last night and while spewing venom toward Austin, manages to plug his budding movie career. McMahon is wiping the slate clean, saying WM didn’t even happen. Well, he knows a thing or two about revisionist history. He makes Lillian say the battle of the billionaires was Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He says he can’t take Lashley’s hair, but he can take his World Championship. Tonight, Lashley will defend his belt against Umaga. “We Want Austin” chant from the crowd. Vince says no one will see him bald tonight. Well, you can always go to to see it. Vince says he went to his physician, and had the hat surgically cemented to his head. That sounds painful. The doctor told Vince he has more testosterone flowing through his body than an all-male prison. He says last night, or by going to will be the only time you will ever see him with a bald head. As Vince goes to leave, Lashley’s music hits. Lashley and Vince stare each other down. Vince goes for a punch, misses and Lashley takes off the hat. Vince grabs a towel from ringside to cover up, but Lashley follows right behind him takes it off. He tries King’s crown but Lashley takes that off. JR’s cowboy hat is next, and you guess what happens. He tries to hide under the ring to no avail. He goes back in the ring and hides under Lillian’s dress. Lashley takes the skirt off of Lillian and Vince heads (no pun intended) to the back.


(3) Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Todd Grisham has taken over for Lillian on ring introductions. Carlito and Benjamin give it a go to begin things and Benjamin takes down Carlito with a clothesline, then hammers away with a closed fist on him. Carlito fights out of the heel corner and gets a knee-lift, clothesline combo on Shelton. He gets distracted by Haas and Benjamin gets a big boot. Haas is in and gets a big boot in the corner, too. Right hand sends Carlito down. Shelton is back in and hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two-count. Chinlock and the crowd has been dead most of this match. Carlito elbows out and hits his back elbow off the ropes. Flair and Haas tag in and he chops through TWGTT. Reversal and back-body drop by Benjamin. He cheap-shots Carlito and they set Flair up on the rope for Benjamin to jump over Haas and land on Flair’s back but Carlito low-bridges Benjamin and chops out Haas’ knee. Flair takes it out too, and locks in figure four.

Winners: Carlito and Flair by submission at 4:31

-We get clips from the Hall of Fame ceremony.

-A special photo-op with Melina is coming up next. Who knows what that entails.


-Todd Grisham is at ringside with Timbaland. He doesn’t make much sense at times.

-Melina comes down to the ring now. Melina says she proved that Ashley is nothing more than a pretty face. Even that’s being generous. During her photo op, Mickie James attacks. Jumping DDT, and a nice one.

-Still to come, Lashley vs. Umaga for the ECW World Title.


(4) The Great Khali vs. Super Crazy
Lillian is back. Crazy goes to the top and hits a dropkick which staggers Khali. Off the ropes, Crazy gets grabbed by the throat and Khali chops him. Double-handed chokeslam and Crazy rolls around then magically lays still for Khali put a boot on him for the pin.

Winner: Khali by pinfall at :51

-Vince is backstage with a backward baseball cap on, pacing in anger. AAE tries to comfort him, but it doesn’t work. He says Estrada is Umaga’s tag partner tonight and they better not let him down.


-Earlier tonight, we see Cena get eliminated from the tag-team battle royal by his partner, HBK. The Hardyz went on to win.

-Maria is backstage with the new champs. Jeff says it’s nice to be known as six-time tag champs. Matt says there’s nothing better than being tag champs with his brother.

-JR and King introduce a montage of The Condemned’s premiere from Friday night.

-Edge makes his way onto the ramp, mic in hand. Edge puts over the brutality of last night’s MITB match. He’s upset that Shawn got a title shot granted tonight. He also heard Orton wanted a shot at the title. Edge says he’s beaten Cena plenty of times. Edge says he’ll be champ soon.

-Lashley and Umaga/AAE are backstage coming to the ring, and that’s next!


-Next Week, Mick Foley has a make-a-wish surprise and also, HBK faces Randy Orton in a #1 contender’s match.

(5) Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Bobby Lashley, ECW Championship
Umaga attacks outside before the bell and throws him into the steps. The Samoan Bulldozer throws Lashley back into the ring. A charge misses as Lashley elbows Umaga, then goes after Estrada. Umaga makes the save and Umaga punches him down. Again, not much heat at this point. Lashley tries a sunset flip by Estrada kicks him and Umaga sits down for a two-count. Lashley comes back to boos from the crowd, but Umaga drops him with a Samoan drop. Umaga sits down on Lashley again and I hear some clapping. Umaga tries to sit down again, but Lashley gets the knees up. DDT and the crowd is SILENT. Umaga is back up with a boot to Lashley. Two-count follows. Lashley with some right hands, but a bell-to-belly suplex. I just noticed that JR is not even trying to talk anymore because of his voice. King has taken over all announcing duties. After a kick out, Umaga hits a splash, again for two. Estrada gives instructions to Umaga. Umaga puts Lashley down again, this time with a chop to the throat. Estrada covers, but Lashley with a power kick-out. Umaga with a side heel kick. This is just awful. Lashley comes back, again to boos, but is put down AGAIN, this time with a clothesline. Lashley is sitting in the corner and Umaga hits the splash. Umaga sets up for the Samoan Spike, but Lashley makes the kick and comes back with a flurry of punches. Umaga misses a splash and hits the spear, but AAE breaks it up as the crowd wakes up. Lashley chokes AAE in the corner and Umaga splashes Estrada by accident. Umaga gets taken out and a powerslam to Estrada ends it.

Winner: Lashley by pinfall at 10:23
I think the crowd said it all here. This match was wretched.

-We leave with Lashley holding the title over his head. Not a good post-WM RAW.

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Kane Is Ugly

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And they say the tag team division is dead...

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I'm a big fan of Battle Royals so having two like that really worked for me, but I don't know how HBK knew he had until the second Battle Royal betray Cena. Who would have guessed there were so many tag-teams?

Lawler did a better job covering for JR than I thought hewould and I actually was okay with the match, but Lashley really needs to learn a few more moves.

Edit: McMahon was pretty good tonight with his song and dance.

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It's nice that they finally got the belts off of HBK/Cena. Now will they actually do anything with them? Probably not since the only team they seem to be pushing is Flair/Carlito and they are faces and seem to be setting up a Summer Slam feud.

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Lap cheong

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Haha, wow, that show was terrible. But then, everyone was probably worn out from Wrestlemania, so it's understandable.

Still, that last segment just DIED. The crowd was apathetic and Jerry Lawler, god bless him, can not carry commentary on his own. They should have thrown Grisham out there, or Coach, or SOMEBODY to fill in the dead air.

(edited by Alex on 3.4.07 1636)

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From the people who had Kane lose a Loser Leaves RAW match then appear more often on RAW than prior to his loss we get Eugene and Duggan as tag partner after they lose a match where the stipulation was they could no longer be tag partners.
So, Vince thought his hat was surgically attached to his skull between walking around bald backstage and when he hit the entrance ramp? That must have been a quick procedure.
The tag team battle royales were entertaining. Echo the sentiment of if Michaels was going to dump the belts, why not dump them during the 1st Battle Royale?
Would be an interesting match-up should they decide to unify the tag titles.
Show just went straight into a brick wall after the Flair/Carlito vs. Benjamin/Haas match.
Some weeks they seem to want to push Super Crazy, other weeks they seem to want to bury him.
One of the great things post-Mania XIV when Michaels had the back injury and couldn't continue his feud with Austin is that they were forced to shuffle the deck. Mania should be the close of one year, the next night the beginning of another. Should a challenger lose a title match at Mania, they shouldn't be in the same position post-Mania as they were pre-Mania. I can understand the champions perogative of getting a rematch in a Taker/Batista situation, but if they wanted to continue Michaels/Cena, they should have shifted the belt. New year should equal new challenger.

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- Note to Todd Grisham: It's NELLY Furtado, not NATALIE.

- Boy, did the crowd crap all over Lashley/Umaga & AAE. You knew AAE (or was it Manny Ramirez?)was in the match to take the fall and keep Umaga looking strong.

- Eugene should slap on a kilt and become Robbie McAlister's long-lost twin. Or, maybe not.

- No matter how big his physique is, Lashley just has too much of a babyface to look tough. Maybe it's time to grow a goatee or a Bad News Brown Tribute Beard...

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Funny when they did the dual battle royales (with cheese), first I thought Fin and Book were going to take it after face miscommunication, then in the second half, I thought they might unify the tag titles. Shawn, if you were gonna turn heel, I'd have loved to see it three weeks ago.

When Vince came out, and Lawler said that "he looks like some old comedian I remember", I was probably the only one who got "Jimmy Durante". For you young W's, it was the hat style, the nose in profile, and the way the hat was scrunched a bit. And I'm sure there was at least one Rick in the Dayton crowd that got his money's worth with Lilian's skirt coming off That's a screen capture for the "keeper" file.

19 tag teams on the show in the first hour, and they still had Flair/Carlito - WGTT in reserve?

I'll ask again, what was the purpose of using Melina in the Women's Championship feud when you had Mickie in place to begin with??

And Lord, did that main event lay an egg - it's hard for me to see where either Lashley or Umaga can go from here.

Edit: Oh yeah, what's up with Edge doing a supposed "signature moment" injury angle, and then showing up the next night walking better than new Tag-Team champion Jeff Hardy? So he can do an even better injury angle at Backlash??

(edited by TheOldMan on 2.4.07 2316)

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    New year should equal new challenger.

Well that's only true like never (88, 89, 91, 92, 99, 00, 04, 05, 06 all continued the Mania programs, and in 96, 98, 01, and 03 one of the main eventers either left or got hurt), but it will be this year, 'cause Backlash will be a fourway, which gives you a bridge/holdoff to another Michaels/Cena singles match.

(edited by JustinShapiro on 3.4.07 0606)
It's False

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I'm cool with a Fatal Four-way at Backlash, except...isn't Edge supposed to be out a while? Wasn't last night supposed to effectively write him out for the foreseeable future? Did he have one of those Kurt Angle Super Surgeries and not tell anyone?

I knew from the moment HBK started laying down the challenge that we'd get Coach. I'm so worn out and bored by Coachman that it's not even funny. He doesn't make me want to boo, he makes me want to change the channel. Now that Vince is bald, he can carry the heel end on his own. Baldness makes Vince somewhat fresh. Coachman is X-Pac-level stale. And if the plan was to switch the tag titles, were TWO battle royals even necessary? Why not just have one and save everyone 20 minutes?

Wow, that main event was ugly. This should show SOMEONE that the Lashley Experiment has failed, which is too bad, because how they could botch a can't-miss prospect like Lashley is beyond me. Although the word "overexposure" comes to mind.

Who knows what's next for Khali? Is he just gonna plow through jobbers for the next month or so now?

I also cry foul over the idea of 18 tag teams getting a shot at the titles...and TWGTT not being one of them. What the hell, man?

Not a good show. 40 minutes of Cena & HBK and the abysmal Lashley/Umaga match was just too much.

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Edge has a broken jaw, IIRC. He doesn't need surgery, and is working through the injury and wrestling as few matches as possible until it heals.

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Man, who did Johnny Nitro piss off? ... Sure, he should have been on the Wrestlemania card, but it's understandable that there are limited spots ... but to be paired up with Miz for the tag team battle royal? ...

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I hope this is a slow burn to a full blown HBK heel turn. But I just can't see the majority of any crowd cheering for Cena over Shawn. Unless they don't allow anyone into the arena over the age of 9.

But if he does go heel, how does that affect the return of HHH and DX? Say it with me, HBK vs. HHH at Summerslam for the belt. Or maybe Survivor Series, depending on when Trips can come back.

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Matt Tracker

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    From the people who had Kane lose a Loser Leaves RAW match then appear more often on RAW than prior to his loss we get Eugene and Duggan as tag partner after they lose a match where the stipulation was they could no longer be tag partners.
    So, Vince thought his hat was surgically attached to his skull between walking around bald backstage and when he hit the entrance ramp? That must have been a quick procedure.

I wondered if he would copy Angle and claim the shaving magically removed his ability to grow more hair.

I gave up on the show right after the Melina photoshoot, but the show's most exciting moment was watching Timbaland. I thought he was going to say something completely inappropriate and use shock marketing to sell his CD.

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Agree with the fact Ric Flair and Carlito ought to have been in 1 of the 2 battle royals. Little point in London & Kendrick being there when they already hold the Smackdown tag titles anyway.

Evidently JR's voice must have given out before the last commercial break. Safe to assume Jerry Lawler will never move up to play by play status. He bravely struggled through the last part.

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Pickled pork

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I only saw the last 40 minutes or so, and it was bad. Vince looks like he just came back from chemotherapy. He looks awful. I am scared to turn on the tv when I get home, I am afraid Umaga v Lashley is STILL going on. That match just seemed like it was never going to end. Not a good way to start out after WM.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.73
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    I gave up on the show right after the Melina photoshoot, but the show's most exciting moment was watching Timbaland. I thought he was going to say something completely inappropriate and use shock marketing to sell his CD.

With all due respect...are you serious? Timbaland SUCKED. Did I miss your sarcasm or something?

It always surprises me just how uncharismatic and boorish a lot of these celebs and rappers are when they get on the mic in an foreign envrionment.

"I dunno, ya'll be wrestling fans like me?!?"

Nope. That's why we're at a wrestling event.

I dunno, maybe it's just easier to sound talented over a repeat of "Uhs," "Yeahs" "*&%^%s" and (Insert repeated Catch-phrase heres).

HBK still looks like a cowardly tool. Is he supposed to be going heel or what?

It's just a message board, people. Chill out.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.64
    Originally posted by mikebuk
    Agree with the fact Ric Flair and Carlito ought to have been in 1 of the 2 battle royals. Little point in London & Kendrick being there when they already hold the Smackdown tag titles anyway.

I really think London and Kendrick were meant to win the match to unify the tag titles. Kendrick's reaction when he eliminated himself was a bit over the top, he was crying "No! Damnit!" and seemed legitimately upset. Later during the match, the ref had to talk to Jeff for a while as well, possibly passing on the new finish with London and Kendrick gone.

I guess we'll see if, on Smackdown, the Hardys fight London and Kendrick in a title unification match. That would be the proof in the pudding.
Kane Is Ugly

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PWI reported that the Hardy's WERE booked to win, so the Kendrick elimination was planned, he just acted it out very well.
Summer sausage

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I guess I'll be the desenting voice. Not the best Raw by far but I don't think it was a disaster. I actually liked the handicap title match. I thought Estrada was the star of the match. I think he performed his role perfectly. At first I wondered about Michaels waiting to eliminate Cena in the second Battle Royale but I think Shawn figured that Coach was going to keep screwing with them until they lost anyway so he decided to end it on his terms.

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