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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #716 2/15/07
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Ah, Thursday night RAWs. I haven’t read the spoilers yet, but tonight’s sounds pretty newsworthy. And one the Thursday RAW from few years back is often credited as the turning point in the Monday Night Wars. Tonight’s probably won’t live up to that standard, but there’s only one way to find out....

-RAW opening.

-Jim Ross welcomes us to the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. We immediately preview the 8-man tag match that is set for the Main Event. Plus, Roddy Piper makes an appearance, his first one since undergoing treatment for cancer. “No Chance” brings out the Chairman. McMahon kisses Trump’s butt for a little while, then brings out The Donald. Apparently, he’s playing the part of The Godfather tonight. Oh, it’s just Torrie and Ashley. Vince tells the divas to leave, to some loud boos. He suggests the Donald is probably intimidated a bit, standing next to Vince. Trump assures us that he’s not intimidated. Ah, he does get in a cheap-shot at Rosie. Vince says he was embarrassed when Trump dropped money from the ceiling. Donald says he’s doing it again tonight. But Vince counters with his security escorting out the stage-hands that were going to drop the money. Vince finally gets down to it, asking Donald why he’s here, but the fans get their “asshole” chant in before the answer. Trumps says he’s taller, stronger and better looking than Vince and then challenges him to a match at WrestleMania. Vince says his doctors are advising he never wrestle again (YEAH!), and McMahon counter-proposes two representatives to duke it out on their behalf. Trump wants to up the ante, and Vince thinks it’s money. Trump wants the person who’s representative loses to get his head shaved. Trump defends his hair and says Vince’s isn’t real. The King is a BIT too enthused about this idea. Vince shoots the idea down. The Donald calls Vince gutless and then rips on his Rosie/Donald match from weeks ago. Vince finally breaks down and agrees to the match. “See you in Detroit, Vince,” Donald says as they shake hands. Vince played the ultimate heel in this segment, to ensure Trump got all the cheers. Pretty entertaining segment.


-The announcers go over what we just heard.

(1)- Johnny Nitro and Melina vs. Super Crazy and Mickie James
The ladies go at it before the bell, and the men separate them (though they both hold onto the hair). The men start things off. Nitro gets monkey-flipped, the Crazy goes to the middle buckle and gets ten punches on Nitro in the corner. Melina takes out Mickie on one side, while Nitro hangs Crazy on the top rope. Nitro gets a few near-falls. As Mickie gets back on the apron, Nitro shoves Crazy right into her, and she goes flying again. Speaking of flying, Crazy nails a hurricanrana, then Nitro tags. Mickie gets some hair-related offense in. She hits a Thesz press and dodges Nitro, who tried to interfere, but Crazy took care of him. Melina comes back, but gets thrown out of the ring. Crazy looks out of position in the ring. But Crazy and Mickie hit a double baseball slide on the heels. Back in, Melina hits a back-breaker of sorts on Mickie, then gets the pin

Winners: Melina and Nitro by pinfall at 4:01
Match was fine, with some good energy from Mickie and Crazy.

-We get a highlight package of what happened two weeks ago, with Cena/Michaels/Taker/Batista. Main event is then previewed again.


-We come back from break with Eugene in the ring, with his Ric Flair doll, I think.

(2)- Eugene vs. Great Khali
Hey, remember when Eugene turned heel? Eugene’s peace offering of the doll goes nowhere. Khali with a clothesline and a giant chop to the head (TM Giant Gonzalez). Khali picks Eugene up by the throat and throws him back down. Khali gets the pin.

Winner: Khali by pinfall at :58
Not sure what the point of this was. Yeah, we know Khali is big and dominating.

-Roddy Piper’s appearance is plugged again. My that’s a young picture of him. But next, we hear from HBK!


-A sneak peek of Ashley in Playboy tonight! Wait, was that it?

-HBK is backstage with Maria, and talking on a cell phone. He plugs the new DX DVD. It’s Trips on the phone, making sure he plugs the DVD correctly. Man, he’s even telling Shawn what to do from home! HBK talks up his WM match and the tag matches (NWO and tonight).

-Todd Grisham is backstage with Ric Flair, as we look back at his dressing-down of Carlito last week. Before Flair can answer Grisham’s question, Carlito enters the picture and wants an apology. Flair goes off again on CCC. Carlito wants to show Flair passion by challenging him to a match tonight. Flair accepts. So he was just wearing that robe and tights and he didn’t even have a match scheduled?

[Break- Steve-O, apparently still a fan of RAW, even after the Umaga beating.]

-We get stills from the Cena/Umaga LMS match from last night.

(3)- Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters
If Masters wins, he’ll get a IC Title match in the future. Hardy low-bridges Masters out of the ring, then hits a plancha on him. Hardy throws Masters back in the ring and goes for the ten-punch thingy in the corner, but Masters powerbombs him out. He then lays some elbows in on the IC Champ. Back-body drop and Masters seems to be working the lower-lumbar region. He goes to a chin-lock to slow Hardy down. Crowd is behind Jeff, though. He elbows out and puts Masters down with a couple clotheslines. Masters reverses an Irish-whip, then catches a boot coming in to the corner. Hardy gets pushed off the top rope crotch first onto the buckle and Masters locks in the Masterlock. Hardy smartly jumps over the top rope while in the Masterlock, making the ref force the break. Masters tries to suplex Hardy back in, but Hardy instead goes all the way over and rolls Masters up for the three.

Winner:: Hardy by pinfall at 3:58
Strange having Masters lose a non-title match.

-Roddy Piper returns NEXT!


-Jerry Lawler is in the ring to introduce Roddy Piper. Piper’s still got the gut (and the hair). He introduces a video package of the first person to be inducted into the 2007 Hall-of-Fame. It’s Dusty Rhodes. Piper then brings out the American Dream. The crowd shows their appreciation for the Son of a Plumber with a standing ovation. He can still go on the mic, that’s for sure. Before he can get too far, AAE and Umaga come out. The two legends go eye-to-eye with Umaga. Piper backs off, and Dusty goes after Umaga. Before he can hit the bionic elbow, Umaga gets a thrust to the throat. The Samoan hits his running butt-splash in the corner on Dusty. Piper comes in with a chair and hits Umaga in the back with no effect. Umaga gets a shot on into the throat, then hits the Samoan spike on the Hot Rod. Then Dusty gets one. I can just see Umaga in the audience at the HOF induction ceremony in his tux, clapping and laughing with all the wrestlers. Refs are out to check on the two HOF’ers as we go to break


-When we come back, we get highlights of what just went down.

(4)- Carlito vs. Ric Flair
Carlito lands some shoulders into Flair in the corner, but Flair reverses it and hits some chops as the crowd opposite the hard camera is covered by a red light. Carlito goes for two quick pin attempts. Carlito goes back to work on Flair in the corner and goes for another pin. Both wrestlers trade offense, and Flair ends up getting the pin with a cradle.

Winner: Flair by pinfall at 4:33

-Post-match, Carlito shakes Flair’s hand and leaves with Torrie.

-Still to come: Cena/Batista/HBK/Taker vs. Rated RKO/Kennedy/MVP!


-Melina is backstage, pissed that there are no paparazzi. She wonders, “who is more important than me?” We go immediately to Ashley posing for some pics, and Todd Grishams is there to talk to her. We get a sneak peek at her shoot. Ron Simmons walks in and gets a hug from Ashley. He, of course, gets in his trademark word.

-There’s a camera in the heel locker room and the four guys fight over which brand is better. Edge takes the lead, and dreams of injuries to the face side.


-Earlier tonight, the Donald challenged Vince.

-Batista makes his entrance. We’re getting this match already? He’s followed by HBK and then Undertaker. Then John Cena, making, surprisingly, his first appearance of the show. The heels are out next, as Mr. Kennedy comes out. The ticking of the clock brings out MVP. Rated RKO comes out together. They couldn’t take a break during the entrances and save a break from the match? We’ll take a break NOW, though.


(5)-Batista, John Cena, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton, Edge, Mr. Kennedy and MVP
Orton and Cena start things off as the bell rings right when we come back from break. Cena gets a suplex and a pin attempt on an extra-shiny Orton. Wow, terrible elbowdrop there by Cena and Orton takes over control while tagging in Kennedy. Off the ropes and Cena catches him with a shoulderblock. Taker is tagged in and he works the left arm of Mr. Kennedy. Taker takes a shot at Orton on the outside while he’s at it. The dead man goes old-school, then hits a downward spiral for a two-count. Taker tags in Michaels by slapping him in the chest. HBK with some chops, then takes him into the corner. Kennedy catches Michaels with a boot after he put his head down sending Kennedy into the ropes. MVP is in now, and body-suit man gets a swinging neck-breaker for his troubles. Snap-mare and a stomp to the face. MVP catches HBK with an elbow charging into the corner and makes the tag to Edge. Edge gets multiple right-hands on Michaels. Into the buckle, Edge puts on the brakes as Michaels moves, but HBK then hits an enziguiri. Both men are down. Batista gets tagged in and he does some clotheslining on Edge. Powerslam puts the Rated R Superstar down. Edge misses a dropkick from the middle rope and Batista catapults him into the turnbuckle. Spinebusters for Edge, Kennedy AND MVP and he’s channeling the Warrior. They take a break just as Batista gives the “thumbs up, thumbs down” signal. But doesn’t that lead to his finish? Probably not tonight!


We return with Batista in with Edge. He clotheslines Edge down and Cena tags in. Five knuckle shuffle and he sets up for the FU, but Orton tags in. Orton hammering away on the back of Cena with forearms, then a knee-drop to the back of Cena’s head. Undertaker breaks up a cover. MVP is tagged back in. He puts the champ in a neck vice and gets some knees in there as well. Cena back-drops out of a chin-lock, but Kennedy comes right in and works aggressively on Cena. He drags Cena into the heel corner, tags Orton, and the Legend Killer hits his legendary dropkick. Cena works out of the corner, but gets hit with a slobberknocker of a clothesline (JR’s words, not mine). Edge is back in now and he gets Cena wrapped up on the canvas. Cena fights out and both men are down. Tag to Orton, then tag to Taker, who cleans house. Kennedy gets a snake-eyes and Orton and MVP are going to get a double-chokeslam. But both men fight out, and end up on the ground anyway with a double-clothesline. HBK tags himself in and hits an elbow off the top on Orton. He tunes up the band, but it breaks loose in Portland and everybody’s in. Things settle down to HBK and Orton. It was so obvious Taker was behind Orton to get HBK’s wrath. And on cue, Orton ducks, and Taker catches HBK’s boot. He goes for a chokeslam, but opts to take out MVP instead. Taker gets sent to the outside though, and HBK hits a superkick on Orton for the win.

Winners: Michaels, Batista, Undertaker and Cena by pinfall at 16:39

-Post match, HBK is gonna get chokeslammed but Cena stops that and goes to work on Taker. Batista comes in and Batista-bombs Cena. We end with Taker and Batista standing tall.

The Final “W”ord: 6.0: I thought the first hour was just as strong, if not stronger, than the second hour. Seemed like lots of filler and clips and stuff.

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.37
SO, is the "hall of famer" going to be sacrificed to Umaga each week? If so, BOO on that.

Nice to see Piper.
Couldnt tell if the crowd noise was piped in or not, but they seemed LOUD.

Since: 2.1.02

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.68
Wow, I had two wrestling shows on at the same time. It almost felt like the good old days of wrestling.

- I think I could watch Dusty go up and get waxed by Umaga every week. What was with Roddy Piper's hairdo anyways?

- The 8 man match was fine, but all it really did for me is want to see Shawn Michaels go against The Undertaker in some sort of epic high profile Grudge Match.

Isn't this the type of thing that WrestleMania is for? Can't Cena lose the belt to HBK early? Maybe, Taker should just say fuck the title I want some Michaels. Now that's the Undertaker and that's the WrestleMania I want to see now.

Lap cheong

Since: 4.4.03
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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.51
F**K! I missed a decent RAW! Anyone got at tape or better yet DVR computer file they could hook me up with?

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#5 Posted on
F**K is right! My stinkin' TIVO changed the Monday to Thursday in the title and it didn't record, so I caught the final 20 minutes.

I'm with jwrestle -- recording? Anyone?

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.57
I missed the first hour, assuming it started at 9:00, d'oh!

I agree, now all I want to see is HBK vs. Taker. Maybe they should have booked a title unification match with Cena and Batista? I mean, when else could they do that except at WM in front of 80,000 people? And then have Shawn and Taker on the under card.

Either way, hopefully we will get that match later in the year. rotting for a draw in the Trump-Vince thing, so they both get shaved. Who really cares about 2 billionaires n a dick measuring contest? So Trump is supposed to be the hero because he dumped money on the crowd? What do I care, I wasn't there!

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.97
So the Vince/Donald angle will be all about who Trump picks as his representative because there's no way Trump is gonna lose his wig.

I'm kinda stoked to see a bald Vince, strangely enough.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.16
    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    SO, is the "hall of famer" going to be sacrificed to Umaga each week? If so, BOO on that.

In that case I think the obvious question is, "Have they inducted Mae Young into the HOF yet?" Because if not that feels as inevitable as the sun rising in the East or Kerry Wood injuring himself in a hot tub.

And I agree with Kentish...about the only match that really would interest me at this point would be Taker v. HBK. Of course, they could let the feud build for a while, and then later this year have a 10th anniversary rematch of the very first Hell In The Cell match.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.14
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    I'm kinda stoked to see a bald Vince, strangely enough.

Don't get too excited. If Vince even ends up going through the hair cutting segment, he will probably end up just getting a short buzz cut like Nash and Bischoff did.

"F*cking Chuck Norris."

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.33
    Originally posted by Kevintripod
      Originally posted by Cerebus
      I'm kinda stoked to see a bald Vince, strangely enough.

    Don't get too excited. If Vince even ends up going through the hair cutting segment, he will probably end up just getting a short buzz cut like Nash and Bischoff did.

Maybe, but don't forget that this isn't the first time that Vince has been headed towards a trim. That was the goal of the Mr. America feud (hair vs. mask) before Hogan started bitching about getting paid.

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UGH!!! I missed the first 45 minutes. I thought it was going to come on Tivo, but it didn't get the title and I did not know about the change from 8PM to 7PM Central. We ended up with 45 minutes of Survivor, which was being taped in the other room anyway, and I changed it when Masters was coming out. Missed the entire Trump/McMahon match proposal. At least the first two matches were nothing to write about.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.48
Oi, good news, gents that screwed up, I think USA is replaying Raw at 11 p.m. EST on Saturday.
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