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20.4.18 2314
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 7-14-03 (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on
Molly looked so hot tonight!!! She is now my favorite diva,but Gail Kim still hasn't shown me anything in the ring. Maybe she just needs a few more singles matches but I just really don't see anything special there.

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Hmmmmm ... two good Raws in a row. I'm impressed.

As others have pointed out, Test was on tonight. He played a perfect asshole, and the crowd responded. I may be lynched for saying this, but Steiner is also growing on me lately.

Maven looked completely out to sea. How many years of training and he can't put together a three-minute special with Lance freakin' Storm without embarrassing himself? Horrible, horrible match.

I really, really, really liked the six man tag. Flair was awesome tonight, Bubba looked pumped up facing the Nature Boy, and everything clicked. I liked it a lot.

The women's match was terrific ... Molly and Gail worked a fun match and looked great. Molly looks really sexy when she makes the angry heel faces. Yum.

Couldn't they have had a plastic jerry can instead of the lame tin can with "gasoline" on the side? I mean, really, come on ... if they would just have had Kane put a jerry can on the table, 96% of the audience would have known it was supposed to be filled with gas, and the other 4% would have caught on when JR ignited. But they had to spell it out for us ...

If only the WWE could make the "sportz entertainment" portions of their shows (Kane and Austin, Vince and Steph) as entertaining as they once did, the shows would rock. But they are still fuhfuhwud material, and being pushed as the centerpieces of the show really hurts the shows overall.

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#23 Posted on

    Originally posted by Gavintzu
    How many years of training and he can't put together a three-minute special with Lance freakin' Storm without embarrassing himself? Horrible, horrible match.

Hey, come on, those hiptosses are hard. I mean, Flair and RVD last week, then Maven and Lance this week? Clearly this is indicative of the high level of difficulty that a hiptoss requires. Hell, you know as well as I do that Japanese wrestling students don't get to try hiptosses until they've done at least five years.

So, who wants to start a weekly pool on who'll screw up the hiptoss first each week? My money's on D'Von for next week.

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#24 Posted on
see here's the thing about what DX did. I mean HHH was the guy to beat Kane and make him unmask, but he had already seen him unmask. So in context, DX should've been suprised that he had no facial scars and could've even taunted how he's a phony that wasn't hiding anything.

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#25 Posted on
I find myself wondering if I've lost my edge, because the La Resistance/Dudley Boys segment actually offended me. And having laughed off the crucifixion, Mae Young and everything Mark Henry has ever done, I'm a bit unsettled by that.

I get pissed off when I hear about people booing the American national anthem; I found myself equally disgusted at the booing of the French. Partially because, quite frankly, I don't see the goddamn point. It'd be one thing if there were some sort of story they were building up to, but it seems like, as with many things in the WWE, they're just...there. "We're French, we're arrogant, hate us."

Maybe it was the "that song sucks" that got to me.

Either way, on a happy note, I must admit that Test is showign some dick-heel promise.

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#26 Posted on

    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    Who knew that Kane was such a good actor?

Well, Kane has his college degree as an English major... he must;ve dabbled in stage acting during that time...

I was only able to catch some of the Booker/Christian Match... and the Gail/Molly match...

I missed the Dusty end because of the long line at the bar... but I like the weekly matchup of the two... Kinda like the old Benoit/Booker series of WCW noir...

I like to watch Gail wrestle... I've seen better things from Gail in her training... but yea, I don't think she's heading down the Lita road... she just needs to become comfortable in the WWE setting... I mean going from 100s of people to 10s of 1000s of people is rather un-nerving... I mean, come on, Benoit is her favorite wrestler... Once she shakes that nervousness in the ring, she'll be a sight to see.

I like the Kane thing... brought us back to the attitude days... since it was loud in the bar, JR's yelling seemed kinda realistic...

But yea, from what I saw... it was a fun show... Kinda sad about no Goldberg on the show.

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From: The Hague, Netherlands (Europe)

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#27 Posted on

    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    On the other hand, after tonight I'm sick of Austin. Where do I go to sign Jericho's petition? The GM/owner/commissioner/whatever, even if it's Austin, just shouldn't be going around beating up active wrestlers. All it does is make them look bad since they apparently can't defend themselves against a retired wrestler with a bum neck. And the Dusty Finish in Booker T/Christian was totally unnecessary, an ugly growth on an otherwise good match.

    Gail/Molly was good, but you'd have to be blind not to notice how much Molly was carrying Gail. I have an awful feeling that Gail is going to turn into the second coming of Lita. She's got the bad ranas down already.

Great! They got you exactly where they want you to be, Shem..
You too think that Austin is a liability and not dong his duties well. Ofcourse being on the smart-ish side you notice he is going over true wrestlers. But looking at it from the average fan p.o.v. you could say the man is dishing out stuff left and right for now reason with no control. Whaddayamean nice set up for what is gonna happen?

As for Gail Kim..give the girl a break. It's her 3rd match on Raw I believe? She is way beyond what most ladies do in the ring, brings a new style, no matter if she is still a bit green or not. As for Molly carrying her, Molly carries ALL the women to better matches.

*sigh* Why bother?

Since: 6.1.02
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#28 Posted on
Starting off with Jericho and Bischoff immediately was great, I really enjoy both of them and I like how they just went straight to Jericho without anyone even hyping tonight's matches etc, there's plenty of time to do that later in the show. IF they really want to get Kane over as a heel they need to make him the one who eventually destroys the Jeratron.

Wow, Trish and Victoria have actually gotten so good that the WWE is not afraid to let them carry a match with Nash, Test, and Steiner. Really one of them should be women's champ right now.

I didn't see all of Lance vs. Maven, but Maven had a great match last night. I guess he really should be farther along than he is now but I don't think he's horrible either.

I don't think I would say I'm offended by the whole attack La Resistance thing, but I certainly don't like it. I'm not sure when being proud of your country started meaning you had to bash everyone else's at the same time. Plus it was just a pointless segment if you're going to bring La Resistance out then atleast have a match or something.

Triple H had great matches with RVD and Maven his last two matches so I was hoping for a third but it's very rare that a six man is a great match. It wasn't horrible either but not as good as the last two matches. Of course it was obvious that Spike and D'Von would be the first eliminated and as I was watching with my friend I predicted that Flair and Orton would go down next before Triple H defeated Bubba. But then after a minute or so I said, actually watch it be a sweep for Evolution, and it was, it was still kind of surprising to me that atleast one member of Evolution wasn't pinned though.

It was noticeable that Dreamer wasn't in on the Austin signing with everyone else so I thought for sure they were going to do something with him, but then never did. I wonder if he's going to play a part in the Austin angle in the future.

I have no idea what the point of Austin stunning Christian was.

Man, Molly looked great. I think that's the best she's looked since she was still blonde. Still not impressed at all with Gail Kim.

No HBK and Goldberg. Not sure if a Goldberg job for Rico or someone would've added to the show any. But HBK they could've used in some way to hype next week's match. He could've run into Jericho backstage while Jericho was getting signatures or something.

What I really like, and I think this was mentioned in a nother thread, is that they are signing matches ahead of time so they can hype them up. This week's hyping of Gail Kim and Molly Holly didn't look all that promosing but knowing ahead of time that RVD and Kane will hook up next and knowing two weeks in advance that HBK and Jericho are wrestling next week is only going to help next week's show.

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#29 Posted on

    Originally posted by dmp
    As for Gail Kim..give the girl a break. It's her 3rd match on Raw I believe? She is way beyond what most ladies do in the ring, brings a new style, no matter if she is still a bit green or not

Is that REALLY someone you wanna give a big push to? I'm not seeing the "new style" either. She's about on par with Lita as far as her mastery of the lucha libre style goes.

Blah Raw...nothing offensive or memorable, and they're at least going back to the episodic formula to keep you watching in order to see what happens next week. Here's hoping for Jericho vs. HBK getting at least 15 minutes next week.

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Since: 26.8.02

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#30 Posted on
certainly appears that Gail is a practice superstar...but then again if I had training videos I'd edit out mistakes as well. She just seems like she's still not that used to competing, shoulda had her do stuff in OVW or something.

Was it quota time for JR to involve himself again? And what, Al can't announce for RAW?

Since: 11.7.02
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#31 Posted on
IronGeek, I think that is the all around best I have seen Steph look, ever.

What about the Wrestlemania where there was a McMahon in every corner match?


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#32 Posted on
ok, some thoughts:

-missed the starts of the 6-person intergender tag match. But it was interesting seeing Big Daddy Cool, Big Poppa Pump, and Big Boobs vs. Big Stevie Cool, Big Boot, and...umm...Big Boobs 2. I enjoyed the match.

-Storm vs. Maven. Ack. instead of "BORING!" they should've been chanting "SLOPPY!". Lance is carrying the gimmick well locking on all those chinklocks and getting the fans to bring out the chant, which amazingly didn't appear elsewhere in the show. I marked when he wripped off the extra padded elbow pad. I was kinda shocked that Maven got the win since this is supposed to be Lance's "push". But then I assume they want Lance to get all riled up before having him snap.

-The whole National Anthem segment was total filler. Though D-Von was the best singer out of the Dudleyz...but that's not saying much.

-The Evolution/Dudleyz match seemed like it went on forever. I'm digging the Evolution stable though. Randy looked hurt after getting the pin on D-Von, but about 5 minutes later he was ok...well until he got split open.

-Looks like Rosey may just become Hurricane's muscle man (in a hetero way of course)

-B-Teezy vs. Christian. Have these two had a match for the IC title that HASN'T ended in a Dusty finish? It's getting abit annoying. I don't know what it is. I thought for sure I was going to enojoy the feud but i'm just not digging it.

-Gail Kim vs. Molly. Looks like Molly just came from a party judging by her in-ring attire. Not that there was actually anything wrong with it. I mean YOWZA! But kinda disappointing that they hyped the match all week and it went 3 minutes. Oh and yes, I now know that Gail Kim can do a hurricanrana. I know she could probably do better, but it's just not showing right now. But i'll give her time.

-The Kane interview, seriously, I was into it. I was digging it until he set J.R. on fire. BTW, did anyone notice J.R. reading practically from the script there in his lap? If I were Kane, I would've fucked with him and knocked the clip board away. lol. But yeah, the poorly done ending kinda killed it for me. Amazingly, no HBK to add to the hype of next week's match. Heck, by the end of the show, Jericho seemed more interested in leading the coup against Austin. Also no mention of Goldberg AT ALL.

Overall, this RAW was pretty "ehhh" to me. But I think they're handling the Kane angle well though.

Now i'm slightly worried about next week's show. I'll be there at Staples live (and will have an exclusive report and possibly pictures for my fellow Wienerzens). I'm hoping HBK and Jericho have time to put on a good match. And even though I don't mark out for him like crazy, I hope to see Goldberg next week just to be there and experience him live. *Crosses fingers*


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#33 Posted on
Rosie will become the Hurricane's new side kick, "Samoan Thunder" and his personality will shine through... honestly, the Samoan people aren't nick-named "The Happy People" for nothing... really charasmatic people.

I love Molly's new ring attire... works as ring wear ... and casual wear... and she looks darn good in it. I'd like for Gail to put some Color into her wardrobe as well... she has some nice Red Hot pants laying around... just give her some time... she's only been in the business for 3 years... The Nice Bridged German from last week should show that she has some nice mat skills as well... and well, she has th nicest body on an Asian woman that I've seen... I mean, for overall fitness... the face... well, at least it isn't augmented as most Korean girls in Media are... Pretty lady

I'm loving the Kane stuff... Hopefully the ratings will show that the fans are as well...


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#34 Posted on
I think WWE have seen that the Kane-Austin situation has been delivering the ratings, so they're going to stick with that for the time being. Unfortunately, the logical conclusion of a match between the two of them isn't happening because of Austins neck. Something tells me that the Kane-RVD match won't take place next week either.

Gail is so bland at the moment it's not even funny. They should have kept the title on Jazz and had Gail, Trish, Victoria and Molly chase her throughout the summer.

The Booker T-Christian stuff is confusing, as it seems they don't want to end the feud, but are just going through the motions to keep it going. Booker would be good to elevate Storm and Christian, well, who knows. He needs the title more than Booker.

Honestly, apart from the Kane storyline, there's nothing memorable at all from the RAW brand. The only positive is that they're mixing things up and using different guys.

I think the best thing at the moment, like someone previously stated, is episodic TV slowly being reintroduced, with one week building to the next. It's just a shame that the roster isn't as talented as the SmackDown roster. They really need some good matches. Hopefully Jericho and Michaels will be good next week, even though it'll probably be a cluster with Nash turning heel.

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This Kane angle is pretty dumb.

    Well, Kane has his college degree as an English major... he must;ve dabbled in stage acting during that time...

Glen Jacobs has an English degree?? Ok, now he's my favourite wrestler. Go Kane!

Overall an okay edition of RAW. Would've been nice to see RVD in a match or something, rather than Maven go out there and green it all up.

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I really didn't like the show at all. The matches seemed really crappy tonight. The whole Dudz/Resistance segment was pointless. "Boring" got exposed as a complete failure. Maven/Storm wasn't just bad, it was downright pathetic. All the matches seemed to be either sloppy or dull.

I'm just not sold on Gail Kim. I don't think she's terrible or anything, I just don't understand all the hype. Besides flipping and bridging, what does she really do?

I was actually liking the Kane/JR segment, up until the cartoonish fire-setting and all the Austin/Bischoff stuff.

I agree with the general feeling that Test was ON last night. Don't know why, but I was really liking him.

Goldberg wasn't on the show and I didn't even notice.

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#37 Posted on
The Highlight Reel was good.

Coach was awful.

I loved the Family Guy sign. Maven-Storm was alright, but long.

Booker T-Christian was once again good.

The Dudleys singing the National Anthem was horrible. Austin did a better job with his singing.

No mention of Goldberg again.

I actually enjoyed the "main event." This Kane stuff is turning out to be alright. I liked Austin's role in it. I do think that Austin will stay as G.M. next week, though.

Overall, RAW was decent. Next week's should be good with Jericho-Michaels, and RVD-Kane.

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#38 Posted on
    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    Hey, Kane, if you're going to cook J.R. put some barbecue sauce on him first.

HAHAHAHAHA classic line....tomvejada, what "Family guy" sign are you talking about? Sorry I missed the 1st hour of RAW b/c I was at class.

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#39 Posted on
Count me in as liking the Kane stuff. I give them credit for trying something new and different with him. I think he is doing a good acting job as well. I was getting annoyed with JR reading off the clipboard, though.
Remember: A sit-down interview with JR equals a HUGE push. Look at what happened with Foley and HHH after theirs.

We all know people like Kane. The more you try to help them, the more frustrating and stubborn they become. I'm not sure if that makes me feel sorry for him, or want to boo him or what, but he's got my attention. It's a shame he was stuck on Heat, so Nathan Jones got a Wrestlemania spot. (Yeah, I'm still not over it)
The resemblence to Undertaker is definitely there. I wonder if they were thinking that way back in '97 when they made them "brothers". I wonder if Undertaker will be brought over from Smackdown to try and talk some sense into Kane.

-The Dudleys anthem was just DUMB
-The crowd just DIES when Gail Kim shows up. They need some reason to care about her.
-I didn't miss JR at the announce table at all.
-Sign of the night: "I'm laughing at you Kane"
-Fan most in need of a clue: The one dressed as Mr. America.
A) He's on the other show B) He's been fired from the other show.
-Thumbs up to Rico for staying in character during the whole petition signing business.

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#40 Posted on
I don't know. They are trying to be serious about the Kane storyline, but when they set JR on fire, I felt really embarrassed to be watching, and I was by myself. Unintentional cheese isn't good.

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