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22.2.19 2228
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #670 (3/27) Last RAW before Wrestlemania
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Lap cheong

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Unlimited: Lillian, wearing a Lita type top with bra, is out for the night about 8:54pm to her "You don't know me" song.

National Anthem, man I love her signing. USA Chant! USA USA USA USA! Keeping the Hacksaw gimmick alive. On quick personal note I got to meet her in Ohio and she's the nicest person to ever meet in the WWE. Short tight girl woman. :-D

Kings out, Joey's out, Coach is out to a nice boo.

It's time to wake up! It's MONDAY NIGHT RAW from OMAHA, Nebraska

We open to a Vince promo saying he's taking on Cena. Vince booking a match against HHH in the oldest fued in the WWE to date.

Tires peel crash! Mick Foley is out, video footage of last week with Mick beating Egde/Lita to the punch on everything, basically tell Edge he's not supposed to hurt Lita but has a
present for Edge. Edge is out! Cuts music to start back an fourth with Foley, crowd injects on Edge with "You Suck" chant, with Edge comparing Foley's returns to credit and how
he's using it to disadvange Edge. Foley getting graphic with depictions of what's he's going to do to Edge. Only Foley can say it that way. Edge opens the box to find a baseball bat. Edge heads to the ring where Foley open his box with the barbed wire baseball bat.

Preview of Edge/Mick "Cactus Jack" Foley

We return to the ring where Catus Jack is sitting in the ring chewing on the barbed wire bat. Catus Jack music plays and we have the ad break run in.

Unlimited: Catus Jack walks out and give bang bang at the top of the ramp. Carlito's out.

We're back: Carlito is in the ring and it's rematch from last week with Carlito is saying it was a fluke. BOOM! Helfire and brimstone it's Kane! Carlito trying punches on Kane with no affect. Riding Kane in a sleeper hold from behind Kane. Kane is out of the sleeper with a toss over. Thumb to the eye and Carlito goes down from the boot. Punches in the corner by Kane. Two clotheslines in the corner followed by the walkout sidewalk slam.

Clothesline. Carlito going for his legs. Chokeslam, Carlito grabs the ref to counter. DQ! Kane corners Carlito in the back as we have a sneak attack with Cade/Murdoch and Masters throw Kane into an room. Big show shows up a minute to late as they've parked a forklift in front of the door. Masters is out w/Carlito. Back in the back Big Show is pushing the fork lift as Kane walks out of no where. Asks Show: "Do you need help?" Show with surprised look finds out there was a back door to the room. Show says Carlito and Masters are stupid and he can't believe he pushed the fork lift. Ad break

Unlimited: Carltio asking Masters why he didn't know there was back door. Masters says it doesn't matter because they'll win this coming Sunday at Wrestlemania.

We're Back: HBK vs Vince Wrestlemania Preview. Masters is on the mic saying: "No one breaks my Masterlock". Show is out with Kane. Kane takes off after Carlito. Show vs Master in the MasterLOCK challenge. Can GAS Masters lock Big Show. Masters trying to put his arms around Big Show shoulders but Masters is looking upset. Masters saying he's greased up.

Big Show towels off. Masters trys again. Instead start cheap shoting Show. Show fights back and CHOKESLAM! Masterlock challenge ends when Masters can't apply the Masterlock.

Hellfire and brimstone pyro. We preview the rest of Raw with Women coming up, HBK vs HHH, and Vinnie Mac vs Cena. Ad Break runs in.

Unlimited: Signs of the NIGHT! Last stop in OMAHA. Kane sign, Cena sign. Vince sign. Eddie forever sign. HBK sign. Diva kiss me sign. Another Cena sign. Bang Bang Foley. Masters sign. Cool HHH sign. Vince for President. Down since day one sign. With bulit in WWE logo.

We're Back: Bigtime...Wrestlemania Retro...RETRO!!! HHH vs Cena...preview...showing Cena's roots. Hall of Fame with the final inductee this week: Tony Atlas. HBK walking toward the ring in the back. Ad Break runs in.

Unlimited: Todd out to do Wrestlemania triva to win autographed shirts. Bret has been in 12 consecutive Wrestlmania's and Diesel is one of only 4 men to walk in and of Mania with the World Title.

We're Back: Melee at the end of Raw from last week. Time to play the GAME! MUHAHAHAHAHA! All about the GAME! HHH is out! Guitar rip for his spitting water! Time to play the

game...hahaha. Ah ah ah ah! I think I'm SEXY! HBK is OUT! They don't wait to lock up they're after each other like they've never met each other. Clothesline over the top rope

to send HHH to the outside. On the outside HBK send HHH into the announce table. They roll in the ring to break the count. Clotheline on the outside to HHH. Off the announce table by HBK to a counter punch. Action fast and furious with them getting back in the ring. Off the ropes to a face buster on the knee by HHH to HBK. To the corner with two quick punches to take down HBK. HHH punting his boot to HBK's throat. Throw to the other corner.

Counter by HBK. Pedigree attempt near the ropes and HBK counters. Vince is break runs in.

Unlimited: Vince stands on the ramp and make shis way to the ring as he try to distract HBK. HBK gets HHH in the 10 count punch in the corner. HHH nails the big jumping knee lift to regain control of the match. Wait, a battle of puches, HHH to the sleeper on HBK.

We're Back: HBK fights out the sleeper. Vince is at ringside watching as HHH currently does the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith TEXTBOOK suplex to HBK. Punches in the corner by HHH with HBK fighting his way to the middle of the ring only to be shot off the ropes into an elbow. HHH throws HBK to the outside. HHH is countered by HBK as he sends HHH face into

steel steps. Now throws HHH to the steel steps. HHH is still up before HBK in the ring. HBK going tow to tow and thrown off the ropes. HBK flying Fourarm/FIVEARM kip up by HBK Atomic dropping HHH. Vince distracts HBK. Slingshot into Vince by HBK. HBK with the Macho

Man Elbow drop. Vince stops the turning of the band. Vince with a punch to the face. HHH with the PEDIGREE! Vince is in the ring and HHH has his favorite weapon of choice. The

sledge hammer. CENA is out to save HBK. HHH backing down from Cena and throwing away the hammer. HHH and Cena goes at each other with Cena besting HHH. Cena and Vince head to the back saying it's not over. Ad Break runs in.

Unlimited: HBK Music is playing and Cena helps HBK to the back. Joey, Coach, and King discuss what just happened. Todd in the back with HHH and Vince. Vince Promo. Vince

saying he's bringing HHH tonight to the match so Cena can have HBK. Ladder and briefcase setup for MITB preview.

We're Back: Bigtime Moment from last years MITB ladder match. Edge finally making it to the breifcase. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is out! Flair promo. Talking about Wrestlemania 8. The history books only count 16 world titles. All in all it's unoffically like 22 something

like that. Sort of like Jerry Lawler in Memphis. Flair is going to climb the latter to win the MITB match. Flair fired up. Shelton is out talking like a heel. Has he offically changed yet? Boy Shelton looked like the Rock coming out for a moment. ECW chant? RVD is out. Saves Flair and the ROLLING THUNDER on the Ladder as called by Joey Styles. Flair thumbs RVD and nails him with ladder. Women up next and stil Cena vs Vince with HHH and HBK
in corners. Ad break

Unlimited: Maria is OUT! Kiss Cam! Smooching by the first couple. Second couple. Whoa!

Two guys do it. Hellow Ladies...WTF VAL! Val, Vis, and Eugene are out. We have a six man match coming up out of nowhere.

We're Back: That's why they're out they are up against the SPIRIT SQUAD! Yeah, whoo hoo! Go go SPIRIT SQUAD! Wait isn't that Power Ranger?!? Umm wrong show. Mikey takes a Bossman Slam by big Vis. Johnny trys to get Vis down but he tags Eugene who rides him like a pony. Kenny gets in the ring and starts taking down Eugene. Quick tags. Covers galore this match. Kenny with shots to the head of Eugene and another pin attempt. Ready...ok! Elbow drop...umm new peoples Elbow? Eugene makes the tag to Val with the house of fire. Val

going to the top for the money shot. Mikey with a push from the trampoline. 3 count by the ref and the SPIRIT SQUAD win. They take out Vis, Eugene, and Val like a street thug team. Now a cheer about the Cena match at the top of ramp. Preview of HHH vs Cena...HHH is the top guy to go through. That's what the greatest is about...HHH. Live, eat, breath, kiss ass wrestling...HHH. Ad Break

Unlimited: Val being taken from the ring with a sling around his battered arm as Eugene trys to help him bouncing around him like he doesn't know what to do.

We're back: This week in wrestling history...William Perry enters the 20 man battle royal at Wrestlemania 2 and pulls out Big John Stud. John Cena inducts William Perry in WWE Hall of fame. Wresltemania card recap. Mickie James in the shine of Trish Stratus with a psycho promo. Mickie is out to destroy Trish. Trish sees it on a monitor in the back and looks shocked. Torrie comes to get Trish and scares her and has Torrie been in the fridge? Little cold in the womens locker room? Dang hard nips in pink. Shesh...what an image. Deadman streak at Mania. Ad break.

Unlimited: Matt Striker is out and he's our TEACHER! Yes he's smart. Someone smarter than Striker?!? Vince is smarter than Striker?!? Oh he's Strikers hero. Vince is going to teach Cena a lesson in the ring tonight and HBK at Wrestlemania. Matt Striker is your teacher.

We're back: Bigtime RETRO in 6 days. Trish is out with Torrie. King with: Oh look puppies. Victoria and Candice kiss as she takes off her entrance gear. Torrie and Victoria start it off. Whirling sidewalk slam by Victoria on Torrie. Candice is in and kicking Torrie. Boot to the face by the girl Candice. Cover by Candice but Torrie kicks out. Torrie's face to Victoria's boot. Victoria rams Candice who was choking Torrie until she excaped. Trish is in. Chop by Trish on Victoria. Candice saves Victoria from the chick kick three count. Widow's peak counter. Statusfaction by Trish on Victoria to win. Preview of Trish vs Mickie at Wrestlemania. Ad Break

Unlimited: HHH is out with his own entrance again. Trips teases his spit but doesn't do it a second time.

We're Back: The Chairman is out...Vinnie Mac and does a lap around the ring. HBK is out to be in Cena's corner. Cena is out...a crowd pop for Cena. I'm not hearing boos as bad when this feud first started. You know...I think I'm going out on a limb and saying Cena to retain at Mania and HHH to pick up at Backlash. What the f*ck! HBK and HHH both hand cuffed to the ring on different sides of the ring. The bell rings...the Chairman vs the Champions has started. Cena getting chanted apparently Vince is a good heel to get Cena cheered. They lock up! LOUD Cena chant. Headlock by Vince. Cena powers out of the headlock to shove Vince down. Vinnie Mac bleeding from the ear. The old test of strenth by Vince. Cena has Vince down in the test of strenth. LOW BLOW by Vince. DQ! Vince has the key and unlocks HHH to damage Cena. Sleged hammer to Cena's head! We're running over folks...Cena busted open by HHH shot. HHH taunting HBK with the hand cuff key. Vince coming after HBK with a chair. HHH sledge shot and Vince with the chair. HBK bleeding. HHH and Vince stand tall going into Wrestlemania. Cena and HBK left laying. Coach saying both of them are history six days until Wrestlemania. Replay of Sledge to the head. Up the ramp they go. Copyright.


It felt pretty good for going into Wrestlemania...what do you think? That's what's it's all about here at the W. You decide.

(edited by jwrestle on 27.3.06 2321)

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Good, intense interview from Foley. I think, with the real hardcore imagery and the promise of Foley's "idea" for Edge at WM, this may have gotten some people interested in the match....It would've been fine for them to leave Kane blocked in the room. Instead, they get beat up AGAIN, and I don't really see any reason why anyone should believe Masters and Carlito can win....Looks like they're appealing to the boo-ers men with Cena's toughness vignette....

It looked pretty silly when Vince was still celebrating, even when Shawn reversed the pedigree. The match seemed to be on auto-pilot, no surprise with WM coming up....The MIB segment was alright, similar to what they did last year (I think)....Oh my God- did anyone see the kiss cam segment on WWE Unlimited? They showed some people in the crowd, then went backstage to Patterson and Brisco at the Gorilla position, and Patterson took Brisco and planted a big, long one on him....

Six Man tag was okay, and the beatdown proved that SS is more than a joke....The women's match was okay, 'til Victoria mis-timed the matrix move....As expected, the ME match was nothing. The post-match with the heels getting the advantage was nothing great, but it did make Shawn Michaels look pretty stupid.

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This is the heel they should have turned Shelton originally rather than that Mama's Boy crap. Cocky, athletic heel who thinks he is better than everyone but actually is.
In terms of watching Vince wrestle, the only interesting part is seeing whether he actually has a stroke when he goes into the test of strength.
If they really wanted to get creative with Edge and Foley, do the C-4 match Cactus wanted to have against Funk at Mania XIV between Edge and Foley. Now, that would be something that hasn't been done at Mania before.
Reason #5,478,089 why I don't want Bret Hart to return, especially at Mania: If they have him do the run-in for HBK vs. Vince, that virtually guarantees that that match will go off as the main event. The other 5,478,088 reasons why I don't want Bret to return is that I don't like him now, didn't like him in the past, and will never like him in the future.

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*I think it looks like that Cade and Murdoch might be reuniting sometime in the future.

*Victoria should wrestle Mickie James for stealing her gimmick.

*Speaking of Vicky, Whorrie Tilson did her usual job of being Vicky and Candice's jabronie, and letting Trish doing the dirty work.

*Missed the Spirit Squad and Val-Vis-Eugene match, 'cause I was eating dinner.

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Lap cheong

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Bret Hart will not be doing Wrestlemania, don't worry. (In fact, it's no longer really in WWE's best interest for him to make an appearance, since they really wouldn't have time to advertise that fact anyway)

Tonight's theme must have been RAW is stupid. Edge's stupidity of thinking that Foley would just give him a bat to beat his ass with was trumped by Carilito/Master's stupidity of locking Kane into a room that had multiple doors. But that was trumped by Show, who would rather push a forklift out of way before checking to see if there was an easier way. Then that was trumped by McMahon standing on the apron like an idiot while Michaels was reversing the pedigree. But not to be outdone, you had Victoria watch Trish go into her Matrix evasive maneuver, and thought the best way to counter would be a aggressive clothesline through air, with the hope that the draft from her swinging arm would be enough to send Trish down to the mat. But nobody was going to be more stupid than Michaels and Cena on this night. Yeah, handcuffed to the ring rope, what could possibly go wrong?

If they wanted to make the audience believe that nobody on the roster has an IQ that exceeds their age, I think they did a great job.

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    Originally posted by Duo_Shinigami_1083
    *I think it looks like that Cade and Murdoch might be reuniting sometime in the future.

    *Victoria should wrestle Mickie James for stealing her gimmick.

    *Speaking of Vicky, Whorrie Tilson did her usual job of being Vicky and Candice's jabronie, and letting Trish doing the dirty work.

    *Missed the Spirit Squad and Val-Vis-Eugene match, 'cause I was eating dinner.
Let me just save LanceJr another chance to fail to take the bait and offer as gently as I can that probably nobody really cares when you were eating dinner and this post looks like a really laboured attempt to come up with some "content" to surround what you think is a brilliant nickname.


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By watching the Triple-H/Cena workout promos, it made me think that the writers want them to come off as a new version of Drago and Rocky.

Btw, it's nice to see that the WWE was able to get the most "well known" member of Destinys Child to sing at Wrestlemania.

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Come on, the Big Show thing was funny. Sometimes we nitpick wayyyyy too much, and forget to chuckle at things once in a while. "Howd you get out??"..."Uh, there's another door". Good stuff.

Could be wrong, but when they showed that old clip of Flair in Triple H's asskiss package, they listed him as "Rick Flair". Wonder where that interview was from.

I just hope Bret shows at WM, at least for the HOF Ceremony. He's THIS close, might as well go all the way now. When will there be another chance like this? Just come out and take a bow, dammit. DO IT. DO IT.

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I actually like Big Show and Kane as the champs. The tag division is pretty much dead and these two often have nothing to do, so why not let them dominate. I do think that most of their tag matches should be Tornado style though. It would make their wins seem more brutal and eliminate the need for a hot tag.
Shem the Penman

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I liked the Cena video package, but they should have been doing that sort of thing months ago when people started taking him less seriously, not one week before Wrestlemania.

While "mama's boy" was crap, I don't think turning Shelton into generic cocky heel #342 is going to be much better. The open shirt and shades reminded me a bit of the Rock, but Shelton's nowhere near that league when it comes to mic skills. I hope the abrupt change in gimmick means he's winning MitB, though.

And if Vince's pecs get any bigger, -he- could pose for Playboy.

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I missed the first hour, but apparently didn't miss much besides the Foley stuff. Hopefully SD does a better job of firing me up for Mania, but I doubt it will. But who am I kidding, we will all pony up the dough Sunday evening. We just can't help ourselves.

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Matt Tracker

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Cena damn near won me over by name-dropping Malenko. Seems the whole point of the video interviews was to subtly underscore the street-kid vs. money angle.

Again, the Spirit Squad does good. I admire their ability to project that kind of manic energy throughout the match. Of course, they haven't been in long matches yet, but they are consistently setting a tone. One that I look forward to each week.

I'm gonna buy the PPV regardless of what they did this week. They did manage to convince me they're gonna TRY to put on a good show even if it lacks that one "hot damn" match.

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I missed the beginning, but overall I would have to say I didn't see anything that would make me want to watch WM. I was a huge RVD fan from back in his ECW days, but the more I watch him, the more I think his ship has sailed. I will probably end up watching just to see what sick, sadistic things both Ric Flair and Mick Foley end up doing to themselves. I enjoyed the HHH v Shawn Michaels match even though it was mostly punchy/kicky. Has Eugene always been, umm, round? Apparently, his rehab involves Twinkies. How in the world can Trish walk to the ring, let alone wrestle, in a top like that? Somewhere tonight, I saw an ad with Randy Orton in it. Boy, is he a convincing heel. Just 10 seconds of his face on the TV and his smug voice proclaiming himself to be the best, and I personally want to drop a piano on his face. I don't think Vince was oiled up last night, I think he went to Earl Scheib and got a layer of clearcoat applied. Either that, or they dipped him in lacquer. Oh, and I sure hope Shawn's HAND is ok after that chairshot.

Not a great build to WM, but who am I kidding. I'll be watching like the sheep I am.

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    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    I actually like Big Show and Kane as the champs. The tag division is pretty much dead and these two often have nothing to do, so why not let them dominate.

Im not sure that the tag division is really dead, on Smackfdown the tag division was great for a few months, with alot of teams with a chance for the titles (then they put them on Batista and Rey and ruined the whole thing!)
The whole story line with Carlito and Masters will be a huge waste of time IMO if they don't get the titles at mania. I can see them winning and then having constant "fallings out" during and after their matches during the weeks that follow. - I think that would fill out wwe protocal for how a storyline works anyway lol

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X-E's co-Worst Poster of all time! says:

Behold the brightest spot of last night's show...

Johnny Jeter for President.

(edited by AngryJohnny on 28.3.06 0705)

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    Originally posted by cranlsn
    You haven't lived until you've had to wake up for an exam after listening to an all night marathon of squirrel passion.
Lap cheong

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.04

To busy turning and typing or I would've called that. Wow...that's funny.

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After reading all of this and watching the show my only thought is " Lillian in a Lita type top with a bra and I missed it!!" ARGH!!!! Gonna have to look into this Unlimited thing....

Aw It was alright I guess for what it was, which was a big interview and setup for Wrestlmania. I am an old school Kayfabe fan and would rather them spend more time wrestling than talking and crap. But it wasn't too bad although the ME was so predicatable you have to think that it has to be a show and not real or HBK is the most ignorant person in the world. Handcuffs, jeeez, how many times does this happen and the heel doesn't have the key?? hummmmmmmm>>

Hehe I guess I have always thought that since they usedto do that angle so much you would think that the faces would just buy a cheap key to keep with them..LOL!!! Then again I never figured out why in a no DQ match the faces never brought a ballbat or something out, I mean what are they gonna do, disqualify them?? Maybe i am just getting old........hahahah!!

I'm still thinking they need Lillian in front of the camera more and besides if she is at Wrestlemania why would they need anyone else there to sing???

Hahaha can ya tell I am a Lillian fan?? :)

Kei Posiskunk

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    Originally posted by R-Dub
    Has Eugene always been, umm, round? Apparently, his rehab involves Twinkies.

Having to drop off of the roids will make you lose your definition, yeah. Unused muscle can turn to fat, as well.

Maybe he can be Dinsmore the Hutt next, ohohoho.

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I think Taker'll be back as the classic Deadman, purple gloves, hat and all. He'll be gone by SummerSlam, though. BTW, his name is Mark Calloway. "Mean" Mark Callous was his gimmick in WCW.
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