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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #652 11/21/05
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Obviously we値l never forget Eddie Guerrero, but tonight WWE gets back to the business of telling stories. I知 not sure it値l ever be the same, though容ven if Guerrero *was* on SmackDown and thus I didn稚 get to see him as much.

典he Power is Back opening.

And two weeks ago, Bischoff had a meeting of all the RAW Superstars, which was just an excuse for the RAW roster to invade SmackDown. Surreal, but it痴 not exactly the nWo invasion. (I mean the first one.)

I didn稚 see RAW or SmackDown two weeks ago, but judging by the montage, apparently Team RAW are the bad guys. Interesting.

Forget the lies, the money, we池e in this together

And we池e apparently in the UK this week, hence the Union Jack遥up, Sheffield, England.

And with the RAW theme still playing, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Big Show, Chris Masters and Carlito come out. Eric Bischoff trails them after a few moments. Odd freaking team, if you ask me.

EB: 鄭ssembled before you is Team RAW! The five RAW Superstars who are going to Survivor Series to prove once again what is so obvious葉hat RAW is the pre-eminent brand in all of sports entertainment! But apparently, Team SmackDown doesn稚 feel that way. As a matter of fact, there have been rumors all week long on the internet, including their own website,, that Teddy Long and SmackDown, they don稚 wanna wait for Survivor Series. No, the rumor is they池e going to be here on RAW, tonight! But don稚 believe everything you read on the internet, see I致e been here all day long and I have not seen one sign, not one, of SmackDown. As a matter of fact, I致e got Todd Grisham out in the parking lot on SmackDown watch, let痴 check in with Todd.

Todd痴 out in the parking lot, all right, and no.

典he short answer is no. You see they池e not going to be here tonight, because three weeks ago Edge came to me with a plan, and that plan lead to the World Tag Team Champions coming to SmackDown and decimating the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! And that, as we say here on RAW, is cool! SmackDown won稚 be here because of my army, because of my soldiers, because of my strength.

BS: 擢irst of all Bischoff, we are your nothing. Kane and I went to SmackDown because we wanted to. We wanted to prove that we were unstoppable, and the best way to do that was to chokeslam Batista straight to hell. And if Batista got hurt somehow, it痴 too bad. Because bottom line, Batista was in the wrong place. He was the wrong guy, and it was definitely the wrong time. So if any of those SD guys wanna step up欄

And speaking of which, Todd Grisham is freaking out, because JBL痴 limo is here, and here comes Team SmackDown. Grisham wants to know why they池e here. Long痴 about to answer, but Batista grabs the mic instead.

哲o disrespect, Teddy. If you RAW guys got the guts, you値l bring your sorry asses out here to the parking lot.

Team RAW consults, and Michaels says, 滴ave no fear, GM裕eam RAW is on the way. Bischoff is apoplectic [paraphrasing] 哲o, no, no, this is a setup, get your asses back in this ring! He orders his guys to return to the ring immediately, but they池e having none of it.

When we come back, Team SmackDown is getting themselves pumped up預nd Team RAW is on their way there. Michaels is taking off his tie, unbuttoning his collar, and this is interesting camera work. This thing reminds me of West Side Story. All that痴 missing is the singing. 典eam RAW is coming out on top, tonight we池e gonna watch Batista drop, tonight

Carlito says it痴 a trap, but Michaels is counting on it. Big Show says that if Batista痴 still standing, he and Kane have work to do. And here we go唯atista smashes Big Show痴 head into a car window, starts tearing through Kane, Masters has the Master Lock on Rey Mysterio, and we hear a large crash幽OLY SHIT. Apparently Batista got double-chokeslammed on a car, which got totally demolished by it. Long is screaming for medical help for Batista, and the rest of his team is surrounding him with concern. You can稚 help but think, though, that Randy Orton痴 thinking 添ES!

When we come back, we might actually have a match, which would be good since this is a *wrestling* show, after all. Stay tuned. But seriously, that was an awesome segment.

We hear the opening rock chord of Bret Hart痴 theme music, but unfortunately he痴 not coming down to the ring擁t痴 a commercial for his DVD, which looks phenomenal. WWE obviously wants my money and wants me to be happy.

Todd Grisham recaps what happened, and confirms that indeed, Batista got double-chokeslammed on that car by Kane and Big Show. Bischoff runs out, 添ou want a news flash, I値l give you a news flash! Don稚 mess with RAW and *never* mess with Eric Bischoff.

展OO! Ric Flair痴 music plays, and he comes out resplendent in a blue-and-black robe. We池e told that Ric Flair will battle Triple H in a Last Man Standing match at Survivor Series. Apparently tonight痴 match will be a non-title match, though. I壇 have thought by now they壇 have gotten the Intercontinental Title off of Flair.

Huh揺is opponent is Trevor Murdoch. *This* is an unusual match.

Flair and Murdoch circle, Flair runs his fingers through his hair, they lock up again, Murdoch hits a shoulder block, but Flair knocks him down with a back body drop. They lock up, Flair痴 cornered, and Murdoch punches away on Flair庸inally knocking him down預nd telling the crowd that he thinks they池e number one. But Flair comes back with wicked chops, punches, and finally knocks him down. Flair heads up top, gets a thumb to the eye, but kicks away揺e goes for耀omething, but Murdoch will have none of it. Murdoch gains the advantage, concentrating on Flair痴 back, and hitting an elbow, getting a two-count. Murdoch applies a seated abdominal stretch, I guess, and the crowd痴 trying to rally Flair. Murdoch breaks the hold, lifts Flair, scoop-slam, and now Murdoch heads up top揺e pulls his kneepad down, getting ready to hit Flair in the back of his skull, but Flair dodges, chops away, and starts going to the knee. Flair tries the figure-four, Murdoch kicks him into the corner, but Flair grabs a handful of tights欄and we get an eyeful of something else迫to get the three-count. Damn, Murdoch痴 a fat guy, isn稚 he? But at least he痴 not Just Another Musclehead.

Murdoch berates the referee all the way back to the locker room, and Flair raises the Intercontinental Title over his head.

HHH: 的mpressive victory, Ric. Very, very impressive, Ric. I know what you池e thinking, [] the Nature Boy is back, right? All you致e done, Flair, is buy yourself some time. This Sunday, Survivor Series, Last Man Standing, it痴 not gonna be about winning, it痴 not gonna be about losing, it痴 gonna be about surviving, Ric. I値l show you that later tonight. Ric, about a month ago, you said 選 will beat Triple H if it痴 the last thing I ever do. Congratulations, Ric, you beat me. Now this Sunday I知 gonna make sure it痴 the last thing you値l ever do.

When we come back, Tajiri and Rob Conway are having a match, but JBL interrupts and beats the shit out of both guys. No doubt he has something to say.

JBL: 添ou wanna fight? Do you want a fight? Batista, our World Champion, is going to the hospital right now because of two cowardly guys from RAW. JBL wants to call out RAW right now熔nly one, though佑hris Masters.

EB: 笛BL, I thought we took all the garbage out. How the hell did you get back in here, anyway? You know what, that really doesn稚 matter謡hat matters to me, what matters to me, is who the hell do you think you are, interrupting a match in my ring濫

JBL says he痴 JBL and that痴 enough for him. But Bischoff thinks JBL must be the dumbest man on Earth. Bischoff will give JBL a match that値l knock some sense into him, but it won稚 be Masters. He値l give him a match with the captain of Team RAW, Shawn Michaels. JBL likey. Why didn稚 he book a triple-handicap match?

典hat痴 right, you go, JBL, before I get the rest of the roster out here to beat your ass. 鉄ee you in the main event, Bischoff. Bischoff invites JBL to go to the concession stand, get some treats, and such, because that match is coming up later tonight and Bischoff can稚 wait.

But up next揖urt Angle and Shelton Benjamin will go at it once more. In my recent memory, Benjamin痴 0-2 against Angle謡ill this be the time he gets the win? And thank God Benjamin isn稚 relegated to Heat this week like he normally is. You want a reason for WWE痴 recent problems, I point to, number one, the blatant misuse of talented performers. Which was the same reason WCW went out of business, so

When we return, we preview John Cena痴 appearance on MadTV悠値l pass.

And, hee, Kurt Angle痴 土ou suck! thing is censored again this week悠 recall that it was censored two weeks ago, at least I know that from reading the recap. I was watching the Colts/Patriots game, thanks.

Shelton comes out, and he looks as confident as always. Let痴 go, Shelton! But just as they池e about to lock up, ALEAYEYEYALEYALEYEA and Daivari is coming down to be the special guest referee. Oops, 0-3 for Shelton, apparently.

Shelton isn稚 pleased, but Daivari is gonna ref. He pats Shelton down for weapons, but doesn稚 do the same for Angle. And the crowd痴 still rooting for Kurt despite all this. They exchange running moves, two arm drags by Shelton into an armbar. Kurt comes back with punches, and then hits an overhead BTB suplex on Shelton. Kurt lifts Shelton into a backbreaker, and gets one. Kurt kicks away on Shelton痴 back, and even does it on the ropes優aivari is doing a very, very slow five-count, but Angle breaks after one, both times. Snap-suplex gets two, and two again. Kurt applies a rear waistlock, and Daivari asks if Shelton wants to submit--- yeah, right. Shelton gets up, elbows, running moves, flying forearm by Shelton! Both men get up about the same time, but Angle runs into two clotheslines. Kurt comes flying out of the corner, but gets drilled with a Samoan drop. Shelton tries the T-Bone, Angle counters, but Shelton hits the Scorpion Deathdrop, kinda. They go through a great series of reversals, finally ending with Shelton hitting his signature enziguri. Kurt rolls out of the ring, and Shelton comes in after him, punching and uppercutting. But as Shelton tries to return to the ring, Angle gets up behind him and tries to drill him with a German Suplex off the apron, which ain稚 happening. Kurt is forced to break the hold, and comes up alongside Shelton, but eats an apron DDT.

They return to the ring, Angle tries the T-Bone, but Angle counters and applies the Ankle Lock. Shelton痴 reaching for the ropes, but Angle gets him back into the center of the ring. Now Shelton is again lunging for the ropes擁s he gonna get there?! He touches the ropes, but Angle again gets him back in the center of the ring. Now another desperation lunge by Shelton預nd he gets there! But Daivari doesn稚 call for the rope break. Shelton reverses, finally, into a roll-up, but Daivari ignores itbut he doesn稚 ignore it when Kurt reverses into a roll-up of his own. But Daivari rolls Kurt over so that Shelton's shoulders are pinned, and then counts three. Big-time bullshit three-count, but a great match.

The 土ou suck censoring has got to go, by the way. After the match Angle says he has something that will change the face of his WWE Championship match with Cena at Survivor Series. You know, I would致e thought Angle would致e won the title by this point. (You didn稚 say that. *Tell me* you didn稚 just say that.)

Tuning into Unlimited for the first time tonight, I see a Survivor Series promo, and, well葉hat痴 it. Oh, yes, *that* was certainly worth the effort.

鉄ay hello to my lil friend! Scarface after RAW tonight.

Angle痴 still in the ring. 擢or the past couple weeks, people have been asking me why I致e associated myself with Daivari. To tell you the truth, Daivari and I are a lot alike, because we both have been abused by you, the people. Daivari is a proud American just as I am who has been abused, unjustly abused, by you people just because he痴 Arab-American. Lemme get this straight遥ou people will cheer a misogynist, [something] like John Cena濫 (and they do) 釘ut you unjustly deny this man right here, his right of expression as a proud American? As a proud American? Which he is. Which makes me sick. I知 about to change all that, I値l tell you why. Thanks to Mr. Bischoff, you池e looking at my full-time referee for every single one of my matches. My own personal referee, including the match at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship against John Cena! And, you people *will* show us the respect that we deserve when I walk out of Survivor Series the new WWE Champion! Oh, it痴 true, it痴 damn true, because you池e looking at a worldwide champion here, baby, and John Cena is nothing, he痴 nothing!

Daivari: [Farsi chanting]

Cena痴 on the TitanTron. Cena痴 gonna find out the real story, he痴 gonna find out what the WWE Superstars think about Kurt Angle. And he walks into the women痴 locker room, where Candice tries to seduce him, and he痴 gonna get busted for sexual harassment because it痴 FUNNY~! Haha. No, it痴 not.

In another locker room, Tomko is getting a massage from Snitsky. And Cena accuses them of being gay, because it痴 FUNNY~! Haha, no, again Cena is acting like he痴 ten years old.

He goes into another room, where The Boogeyman is doing something strange with a clock and heart. 鏑ondon Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down I知 the Boogeyman, and I知 coming to get ya! Cena closes the door, opens it again, 溺y fair lady! And he smashes the clock into his skull. OK, maybe this whole thing wasn稚 a good idea, Cena admits, but he wants to hear what the people have to say.

You know, this is a serious momentum killer after the hot opening. 典ell us, what do you think of Kurt Angle? 滴e sucks, he sucks, and so on and so forth. Not one person has the cajones to say anything else. And now Cena gets the crowd to chant 土ou suck!, while Angle goes apoplectic. Angle痴 looking like a ten-year-old, too, by overreacting to this whole thing. He痴 been hearing the crowd boo him throughout most of his career, and the 添ou suck! thing has been going on since his feud with Edge in 2002, so he needs to get over it.

Cena comes to the conclusion as an unbiased reporter that Angle still sucks, and he hits the ring, clearing it of Angle and Daivari. Whoop-dee-doo. Careful, though邑WE Logic states that whoever gets the upper hand just before the PPV *loses* at the PPV.

That was about ten minutes of my life, maybe more, that I値l never get back.

We mention that HBK and JBL will meet in tonight痴 main event, but when we come back, Triple H will whoop Val Venis ass and hit him with a sledgehammer for no apparent reason face Val Venis in a match.

On Unlimited, we see the 砺ote of the Flair/Triple H match at Taboo Tuesday of *course* the damn steel cage match was going to win, given the lack of an equally violent alternative, idiots. We need to get an independent commission up in this bitch.

In any event, we see black-and-white stills of the Flair/Triple H match, because blood is bad, m談ay? Even though Scarface is next.

When we come back, it痴 time for Val Venis to play the game, and it ain稚 the game of love, that痴 for sure. Anyone wanna predict a Venis upset? That壇 be funnier than hell, though. Won稚 happen, of course. Still, if the odds on Venis were 200 to 1, I壇 gladly throw away $1 for the chance of getting $200 back. As infinitesimal a chance that is.

滴ello, ladies! Val will no doubt be looking for some payback after what happened to Viscera awhile back. Three weeks ago, I think? Lawler and Coach try very hard to convince us that Venis *could* beat HHH悠壇 have believed it in 1999, but not in 2005.

Venis goes right on offense, punches, clotheslines, a scoop-slam, and Venis clotheslines Trips over the top rope. But he allowed Hunter enough time to get a steel chair-- CRACK!! Hey, Venis wins by DQ妖oes that mean someone owes me $200?

Post-mach, Hunter goes to town on Venis with the steel chair, for no particular reason other than to send a message to Flair. Doesn稚 Venis have *any* friends? For that matter, does *anyone* getting beaten down by Triple H have any friends while it痴 happening?

Pedigree ends the beat down, mercifully, and this 杜atch is over. OK, I predicted it壇 be a sledgehammer, and it was a steel chair. But hey, I won $200, and I didn稚 even have to pass Go! (You can mail me the check at your earliest convenience.)

Someone, Styles, I think, says that Flair had better pack a lunch and dinner for Survivor Series, 'cuz it's gonna be a long night. They're not going to pause during the Last Man Standing match for meal breaks, are they?

Eric Bischoff痴 talking to CRZ on his cell phone, and someone comes in, saying Teddy Long is demanding to speak to Bischoff. Bischoff tells dude to escort Teddy to his office, and tells Zed, 添ou池e gonna love this. Jeez, CRZ, does *every* member of the WWE roster have your phone number?

This Sunday at Survivor Series, the Undertaker returns, but how痴 that gonna work now that Orton痴 on Team SmackDown, I wonder?

EB: 展ell, Teddy Long, you just can稚 seem to get enough of me tonight, can you? He asks his guys to walk outside. 滴ow痴 Batista? 鉄top it Eric, you know how Batista is, he痴 hurt and in the hospital, dog. He tells him that Team SmackDown痴 gonna come to the arena later tonight, and Team RAW痴 gonna want to get in the ring. So why not make the main event a lumberjack match? 擢our guys from RAW, against three of my guys from SmackDown? 的知 really sorry about that, by the way, Bischoff says, disingenuously. But Teddy says those are his kind of odds, and says he痴 on預nd in their match at Survivor Series, he痴 gonna smack that grin right off Bischoff痴 face, 土ou feel me?

We see highlights of the six-woman tag-team match from the Halloween RAW, in which Mickie James took the bullet, twice, for Trish Stratus.

And Candice comes down, accompanied by Victoria, and wearing預n interesting witch-like outfit, with some interesting leather. And Candice shares a small kiss with Victoria蓉m, okay. WWE propagates stereotypes again葉hey want you to know that LESBIANS ARE EVIL~!

Mickie James comes out accompanied by Trish Stratus, and to Trish痴 music. Damn, Mickie is a very, very hot chick. Mickie wants to fight, Candice wants to do her 都exy dance and lie in the ropes, but while she痴 distracted, Victoria comes up預nd while Mickie痴 looking in Victoria痴 direction, Candice jumps Mickie from behind. But her advantage doesn稚 last long柚ickie kicks the shit out of Candice and Victoria. But two masked men kidnap Trish Stratus (no doubt starting a new WrestleCrap article), distracting Mickie and allowing Candice to get a three-count.

Jeez, what痴 next謡e see a video next week in which Trish Stratus is seen tied up half-naked to a post somewhere? If that痴 where they池e going, a big fuck you to WWE. (Except we get to see Trish half-naked, so it ain't all bad, I suppose... OK, let's change topic now...) I doubt they壇 do anything like the last thing, but there痴 little I壇 put past them.

On Unlimited, Mickie James is freaking out欄Where is she?! The referee doesn稚 know. Mickie runs toward the exit, crying, and no doubt she痴 gonna go look for Trish. Wouldn稚 surprise me if she was the one behind it.

We see a promo for the Flair/Triple H Last Man Standing match at Survivor Series, and then Unlimited blinks back to its chyron.

Oh, apparently we値l get an answer right now葉he masked men were MNM, and Melina was behind the whole thing. 哲o one痴 gonna find you down here. What, no one痴 watching RAW? Melina challenges Trish to a match at Survivor Series for the Women痴 Championship欄what do you think about that? She pulls the tape off Trish痴 mouth, and Trish says 的 think you池e gonna get your ass kicked. Apparently it痴 on, then. 溺elina邑WE Women's Champion. Wouldn稚 that be a kick in the face? And she kicks Trish in the face, knocking her out耀till tied to the chair.

And to immediately show the logical fallacy of that segment, Lawler runs from the commentary booth to look for Trish.

Cena vs. Angle for the WWE Championship with Daivari as special guest referee. Triple H vs. Ric Flair, Last Man Standing and apparently non-title. Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long will put on a Flair/Steamboat classic. And Team RAW faces Team SmackDown. Those four plus the women痴 match, that痴 the Survivor Series card? Thank God I知 not paying $30 for it.

We go backstage to an interview with Maria as interviewer, but she sits there reading the cover of HBK痴 book, which apparently means in her mind that she痴 read the book. Michaels enjoys the cheap plug欄my new book *is* available in all bookstores迫and talks about tonight痴 match. HBK doesn稚 agree with anything Bischoff does, and whatever JBL does on SmackDown is his own business. But it don稚 fly on HBK痴 turf, so tonight Team SmackDown痴 gonna find out what it痴 like to get RAW.

On Unlimited, Flair isn稚 impressed with what Triple H did, because he still hasn稚 beaten Flair. (Well, actually he has, a couple times曜ust not recently.) 徹ne man walks out of that building, they take the last man standing out on a gold carousel, the other guy goes to the hospital. 鉄urvivor Series, Ric Flair, one more time will prove he痴 the dirtiest player in the game. He puts over how badly he痴 been injured in the past, but says this time that *he* was the one who got hit by lightning, so OK. Anyway 展OO! WOO!

When we come back, Shawn Michaels comes out with Team RAW, and does his kneel down in the entryway傭ut no chyron there, because it would致e killed someone, since they were standing behind him.

JBL痴 limo *tries* to drive up, but limo driver dude can稚 drive揺e has to stop from crashing into the barricade, how embarrassing. JBL steps out of the limo, followed by Lashley, Mysterio and Orton.

We see a recap of what happened to Batista tonight, and we come back apparently Team SmackDown had gone back to the gorilla position, because they池e just now walking out of the entryway.

As JBL enters the ring, HBK goes after him before he can even get his hat and jacket off. They trade punches, whip into the ropes, Sweet Chin Music is evaded by JBL, who thinks about leaving the ring傭ut he would have done so right in the middle of Team RAW, so that ain稚 happening. HBK gains the advantage, but on a back-body drop attempt, JBL punches HBK in the back, and hits a swinging neckbreaker. JBL opens up with punches on Michaels in the corner, and when HBK begins to come back, JBL goes to the thumb-to-the-eyes maneuver, tested and true. A boot to the head, elbow, two-count. JBL slams Michaels head into the turnbuckle, whips him into the ropes, but HBK kicks him, knocks him down, goes for the cover憂BL痴 in the ropes. They run the ropes again, Michaels eating a side slam for two. JBL applies the Bear Hug of Doom, and HBK manages to break out after a few moments. They trade punches, Michaels into the ropes, knocks JBL down. HBK heads up top憂BL will have none of it, as he痴 knocked down off the turnbuckle. As HBK gets up, JBL sets up傭ut instead of a clothesline from hell, he goes for the shoulder block, and gets two. Hard whip into the corner fells HBK. JBL pounds HBK痴 lower back, good strategy. Randy Orton痴 talking shit to Michaels as he痴 down in the corner. Scoop-slam by JBL, elbow, but no one痴 there. HBK off the ropes, clotheslining himself and JBL out of the ring. Team SD! gently rolls JBL back into the ring, and then pounds on HBK. Team RAW runs over to make the save, and Big Show lifts HBK back into the ring, over the ropes and on top of JBL. Two-count as we fade to commercial.

Unlimited: JBL and HBK are on their knees trading punches. JBL gets an especially stiff one to connect, and tries to parlay that into an advantage in the corner, but HBK reverses, hitting three chops. We get some reaction shots from Orton, Kane and Big Show. Michaels tossed into the corner and back body-dropped by JBL. JBL crawls over and gets a two-count. JBL grabs HBK痴 shoulders and drives his forearm into HBK痴 lower back twice. Another two-count, JBL complains to the ref who explains Michaels *just* got his shoulder off the canvas, and Unlimited falls silent.

Coming back, JBL痴 got an honest-to-God Torture Rack on HBK, but HBK breaks out, uses his speed, and gets a sunset flip for two. HBK痴 knocked out of the ring, and he痴 immediately pummeled by Team SmackDown. They roll him back into the ring just before Team RAW can get there, and JBL gets two. JBL lifts HBK up, punches him, and then drops one, two, three, four elbows on Michaels. Two-count, and JBL痴 visibly frustrated. HBK chokes JBL from behind up until the count of four, and JBL lifts HBK up曜ust throwing him right out of the ring into Team SD. Orton holds him from behind while Mysterio hits kidney punches on Michaels. Team RAW gets there faster this time, but they致e got to do better. JBL and HBK get to their feet, trade punches, flying burrito denied by a clothesline from Bradshaw.

JBL lifts HBK, fall-away slam connects. Another two-count. JBL lifts HBK up, gets ready to punch him, but 的blockyourpunchyoudon稚blockmine sequence starts in HBk痴 favor. Flying burrito, nip-up, inverted atomic drop, only one clothesline this time, scoop-slam, Macho Man Elbow connects悠 could致e sworn Orton was going to interfere with that. Now HBK charges up the superkick, and *immediately* Orton and Lashley roll JBL out of the ring. HBK hits a tope con hilo on Team SD, drags JBL back into the ring, and slams JBL痴 head into the turnbuckle. HBK痴 bleeding from the nose. HBK tries to whip JBL into the corner, but it痴 reversed and Michaels flips in his signature style. HBK痴 set up on the turnbuckle, JBL trying for a superplex, but HBK痴 trying to punch his way out預nd does! HBK痴 gonna try the elbow again, and this time Orton *does* interfere, with a smirk on his face. JBL痴 signaling that it痴 time for the Clothesline from Hell傭ut Michaels ducks it and hits Swet Chin Music. RKO on Michaels, RKO on Carlito, essentially all hell breaks loose. Lashley痴 the last SD! guy standing, and he tries to powerbomb Big Show, he must be tripping. Kane and Big Show double-chokeslam Lashley

But here comes Batista, taped up like a freaking mummy, basically. He drills Kane and Big Show with a lead pipe, Kane falls out of the ring, and Batista drops the pipe so he can spinebuster Big Show in the middle of the ring. Now hit his music!

On Unlimited, we ain稚 done唯atista holds up an Eddie Guerrero T-shirt, and we get an 摘ddie, Eddie, Eddie! chant. A sign reads 鏑atino Heat still burns in England. Classy. And after awhile, we play Eddie Guerrero痴 music, and Batista does the signature shuffle. I tear up, just a little bit.

Batista holds up a sign with Eddie痴 picture on it欄you stole our hearts, lied, etc.悠 couldn稚 read all of it.

DASCOOL!: Hell of an opening segment, and Angle/Benjamin was a damn good match despite the shenanigans.

YOU SUCK!: Cena stole ten, fifteen minutes of my life, and I want that lost time to be refunded.

WHAT?!: Who痴 got my $200, anyway? I bet $1 on Venis at 200-to-1 odds, dammit!

[And dang, the report I first posted was all busted up. It's fixed now, though, hopefully.]

[Edit 2: Upon further review, Kurt's "victory" over Shelton involved even more heel shenanigans than I originally witnessed. Hee.]

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    WHAT?!: Who痴 got my $200, anyway? I bet $1 on Venis at 200-to-1 odds, dammit!

The WWE doesn't count DQ's as actual "real" losses though! That cheque's on it's way... CANCELLED! HA! HA! HA!

Other than that, decent show. Cena killed it, but as much as I want to blame him for it I don't think it was his fault. It was one of those segments you could tell that some writer fell in love with and thought it would be Emmy quality material. Cena's not The Rock, and I'm not even sure The Rock could make it good.

I thought the crowd censoring during Angle's entrance was funny the first couple times they did it on the first night he did it. I'm downright sick of it now.
Nuclear Winter
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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.25
Nuclear Winter: Celebrating two years of mediocre posts.

Sure, Cena's backstage segment was childish and immature. It wasn't going well at all, but you can't tell me Snitsky's "it's not my fault!" wasn't funny.

And The Boogeyman had me cracking up, just because it made no sense and had nothing to do with anything.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.19
Davari is makes a great heel ref, and the Coach should shut up and let Joey Styles talk a little more.


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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.45
Well, the first segment was pretty jam-packed. I much prefer Smackdown's team to get the win over RAW....Murdoch/Flair was kind of entertaining....I liked Bischoff's line about taking the garbage out and JBL still being in the ring....Angle/Benjamin was a decent 8-minute match, but I hate that they're putting Daivari with him. Really distracts from the good-great matches he can have....Cena's backstage segment was all-right, but the England fans certainly weren't buying into him....

Triple H/Venis wasn't so much a match as it was a brutalization. Clear in getting Trips' point across though....I thought the two hooded men were in cahoots with Victoria. Perhaps Steven Richards? But no, it was just MNM....Michaels/JBL was very average, and it looked like JBL has put on some weight....

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10

    Davari is makes a great heel ref, and the Coach should shut up and let Joey Styles talk a little more.

Joey totally made that parking lot brawl.


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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.22
Kudos to the WWE for pretty much destroying the novelty of the interpromotional matches. I can totally live with last week's shows because they were heartfelt and awesome. But they've had a bunch of RAW vs. Smackdown matches in the past month, and it's made it feel less special to me.

I just hope they get Smackdown's guys to fill the card for Survivor Series, as there's almost nothing there I want to see (aside from HHH/Flair).

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Booker T and Benoit will probably have a rematch of some type, and if the Dicks (HaHa) don't debut this week, then I'd guess they'll take on the new LOD on Sunday.

Maybe a Cruiserweight match or MNM defending the belts against the Mexicools or something? God, I never realized how bleak their options were until I tried coming up with matches they could put together.
Brian P. Dermody

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.60
I laughed a lot at Snitsky's special friend Tomko. This is the second hilariously creepy bit they've done together (first was on a heat webcast), and I'm actually excited to see more.

(edited by Brian P. Dermody on 22.11.05 0505)

Even if it means taking a chubby, I will suck it up.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75

    Well, the first segment was pretty jam-packed. I much prefer Smackdown's team to get the win over RAW....Murdoch/Flair was kind of entertaining....I liked Bischoff's line about taking the garbage out and JBL still being in the ring....Angle/Benjamin was a decent 8-minute match, but I hate that they're putting Daivari with him. Really distracts from the good-great matches he can have....Cena's backstage segment was all-right, but the England fans certainly weren't buying into him....

    Triple H/Venis wasn't so much a match as it was a brutalization. Clear in getting Trips' point across though....I thought the two hooded men were in cahoots with Victoria. Perhaps Steven Richards? But no, it was just MNM....Michaels/JBL was very average, and it looked like JBL has put on some weight....

I'll might get banned for this later, but I do know who this is based on the sheer amount of ellipses (sp?). I won't spoil it, but I just had to share that I finally got one.

Actually, I was upset that CRZ didn't have someone else like Tom K recap Raw and just try to fool us into thinking it was Ekedolphin.

Oh, and on topic, I didn't watch Raw.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.20
Okay, this may have been my eyes playing tricks on me, but when I was watching Candice Michelle open her towel and flash John Cena, I believe I saw part of her nipple on my television.

I must be wrong, or else it would have been all over the internet by now...

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.28

    Okay, this may have been my eyes playing tricks on me, but when I was watching Candice Michelle open her towel and flash John Cena, I believe I saw part of her nipple on my television.

    I must be wrong, or else it would have been all over the internet by now...

I myself thought I saw a quick glimpse of a flesh-colored bra cup covering her boob....but I'm not sure.

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.92

    I thought the crowd censoring during Angle's entrance was funny the first couple times they did it on the first night he did it. I'm downright sick of it now.

Yeah. Wow, was that ever irritating. The match with Shelton was very good though, and Styles sold Shelton getting closer to a victory with each consecutive meeting very well.

I really try to look past it and appreciate the feud between brands...but seeing HBK, Carlito, Chris Masters, Big Show, and Kane suddenly all chummy to help Eric Bischoff out in his grudge against Smackdown just doesn't make sense. The Smackdown side is a little more believable but suffers from the same problem; isn't Orton's whole thing that he's a selfish heel?

Then again, as I always say, Mae Young gave birth to a hand.

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.05
When the masked guys kidnap Trish, I couldn't have been the only one to think the WWE brought back Hassan's hitmen.

The Lovely Mrs. Anonymous and I didn't really dig the show and turned off the set right after Lawler ran to look for Trish. Can't say I'm digging the PPV card enough to buy it. The Cena segment was nowhere near as funny as they'd hoped. A Snitsky/Tomko team can only benefit that division, just so long as they don't move ahead of Cade/Murdoch to feud for the titles.

I was hoping for a Regal/Burchill run-in since the show was in England. Maybe on SmackDown ...

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.00
Is it wrong that I watched the Boogeyman spot over and over on TIVO? Yes, but shit, that had me cracking up...

It sure seemed like the crowd was siding more with SD! during the lumberjack match, especially when Batista came out.

Now the debate is $35 bucks for something that's not looking that appealing, or try and stomach a Jets/Saints game on Sunday night...


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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.74

    It sure seemed like the crowd was siding more with SD! during the lumberjack match, especially when Batista came out.

The crowd seemed quite weird/awesome the whole night. People cheering for Angle has come to be expected (and i'd hoped one of the guys Cena put the mic to in the crowd would just shout "ANGLE RULES~!"), but Cena was getting quite a few boos along with the cheers; maybe someone else got out of JBL's limo out of shot at the same time as him, but i'm sure he got a bit of a positive pop too (as did "fish and chips", which was cool).


Shem the Penman

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.09
So sue me, but I liked this show. Yeah, even Cena's segment, although they really should have come up with something better than reprising a much-rehashed line from Legally Blonde.

It was kind of odd to see JBL playing face for most of the show, and even odder to notice he was pretty good in the role. If you'd told me in 1999 that I'd be voting for BRADSHAW for best interview in the RSPW-ies, I'd assume brain damage ...

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.61
The Davari thing could potentially be good in a Bill Alphonso sort of way. It'll definitely get huge heat on Angle (especially if he wins). I also like the build between Angle/Benjamin. Hopefully, this blows off at WM.

By the way, Storm's gimmick includes 1.) telling the audience to shut up, and 2.) occasionally making everyone stand for the Canadian national anthem. You know they don't know what to do with a wrestler when he's making fans stand for a national anthem. It's like waving a white flag and saying, "This guy has no personality -- we give up."

ESPN's Bill Simmons

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.35

    I also like the build between Angle/Benjamin. Hopefully, this blows off at WM.

With Angle as the defending heel champion? I'm with you there.



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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.22
I watched RAW for the first time in at least a month if not longer... got REALLY burnt out by the whole "yay multiple handicap matches, and we're pushing Chris Masters, and we're ruining a perfectly hot feud btwn Edge and Matt" ... anyways, I took a look again after Guerrero's passing, taking Dawn's words to heart on the ECW dvd .. to paraphrase "I learned to cherish what you have while you have it"

hell of a great match with Angle and Shelton, everything else was either bleh or trainwreck like. I'm with the other posters -- the alliance of faces and heels just doesn't make sense and isnt' believeable, and the complete lack of an attempt to explain it bugs the hell out of me.

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