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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #651 11/14/05 A Tribute to Eddie Guerrero
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Putting aside the fact that the show was a lot better in person (commercial-free) and there was some noticable post-production here and there, there isn't much I need to add that wasn't said in the live report I posted yesterday - so the adding falls to YOU, now that you've had a chance to see it. So won't you please add to this thread?

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I recapped it all the same.


At a time like this, especially at a time like this, I absolutely refuse to make this recap about myself. This is Eddie Guerreros night, a night well all remember for the rest of our lives, and no doubt tonight and on Friday Night SmackDown well see WWE put on not just one, but two touching tributes to a man wholl be known as one of the greatest in-ring performers and greatest entertainers to ever set foot in the squared circle.

But Id be remiss if I didnt take a moment to share my own experiences in the last 24 hours. No doubt most of us will share these thoughts with each other, and if I may be so bold, I invite each of you to tell us Where were you when you heard the news? in this thread, if you havent done so already.

At about 11:00 p.m. last night I went to the Pacers Digest forum, where they also discuss the Colts, and I was prepared to read the thoughts of my fellow Colts fans regarding our ninth straight victory to start the season. I did a quick browse of the forum index and saw the most recent topics posted to.

And right there, under Sports Pub, was the news. I clicked on the link and, believing (and hoping) it to be a hoax, I quickly went to to verify it.

WHAT?! came the shout that was heard from the next room by my mother. What is it, Eddie? she called back. I was momentarily speechless, then I said, Eddie Guerrero died! Who? she askedan honest question, since she flatly refuses to watch professional wrestling with me. After a brief explanation, I checked for cause of death, and found that it was undetermined.

Now I like to think of myself as being a cool guy, but Ill admit itI started crying. No, I started bawling. Im 23 years old and I spent five minutes crying in my mothers arms over the death of another man, a man fifteen years my senior who I only knew from watching on television and in person performing. And Im secure enough in my manhood to admit it.

I watched the press conference, I watched the video tributes, and could never quite get the tears out of my eyes. I turned to one of my favorite methods of stress reliefplaying a video gameand before long the light in my peripheral vision began to flash. I was having the start of a migraine, and I didnt quite realize it until about half an hour later when the actual headache part of it began. I felt overheated, my neck felt crooked, and I couldnt get comfortable enough to even begin to sleep.

After taking a nice, long shower and putting a wet washcloth on my head all night, I was finally able to get some sleep. I felt down at work, but didnt lose my composurebut as I was listening to some music a few minutes ago (another form of stress relief), I began crying again. No doubt if you were here with me, youd still see the red in my eyes.

Ill no doubt need an entire box of Kleenex to get through this night, but my fellow Ws deserve a recap, and a recap youre going to get. Just forgive me if I glaze over the wrestling a little bit to strike at the true meaning of the whole thing.

Standard The Power is Back opening, but no doubt thatll be the only thing standard tonight. The entire locker room stands at attentionboth RAW and SmackDownas the fans chant his name.

Vince is on the mike. Eddie Guerrero has passed away. Eddie was in the prime of his life, 38 years old, the prime of his career. So tonight we celebrate the life of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero loved this business, he loved it, he had a passion for it like nobody else. Eddie loved to perform more than anything else, whether he was booed or cheered, he loved to perform for all of you. Eddies goal every night, [] was to steal the show.

No doubt hed want the show to go on, and so it shall. Tonight we pay tribute to the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

Kurt, Booker, Chris Benoit, JBL, Triple H, theyre all in tears. Were asked to stand in silence as we toll the bell ten times for Eddie Guerrero.

A retrospective video, one of no doubt many, play for Eddie. And Im glad I have the Kleenex box right here, Ill tell you that.

Eddie Guerrero1967-2005. I still cant believe it. Sheltons teared up, Chavo has just about lost it

Viva La Raza! Vince shouts.

The crowd replies with Thank you, Eddie! *clap clap clap clap clap*, and God, this is so powerful and moving. We see that Big Show isnt immune to the emotion of this, either.

JC: Today youre gonna hear a lot of things from a lot of people, some you like, some you dont, but the one constant youll hear [] is that EG was a great man. He was one of the most passionate individuals. []

When Cena didnt know anything, Eddie treated him not just as a partner but as a mentor. He taught Cena to find his heart, and embrace it.

Eddie was a man of faith, so I know hes in a better place, but selfishly, every single one of us will miss him. We love you, Eddie.

Unlimited starts up.

KA: I just wanna talk a little bit about Eddie Guerrero, and what he meant to me, uh, he was one of the most loving, caring individuals I ever met. When he was on, he was one of the best wrestlers in this business. He may have even been the best ever. Eddie Guerrero taught me a lot about this business. He taught me what this business was about, the respect of this business.

Eddie taught Kurt Angle a lot of things about the business, not just personally but professionally. Kurt calls Eddie a saint, and says hell miss him.

We see footage from Eddie Guerreros Intercontinental Title victory over Rob Van Dam at Backlash 2002, shortly after his return.

Coming back, we see Eddie Guerrero spraying Big Show with raw sewage from the septic truck. Nasty, but you could tell Eddie was having fun.

And speaking of Big Show, hes coming out, apparently to compete, with one of the World Tag Team Title belts in hand. And this will be a tag-team match, so presumably Kanes out next.

Yeah, here comes Kane. Styles: If you wonder what it takes to make a seven-foot-tall, 500-pound man cry, it is the love of a co-worker and a friend [like Eddie Guerrero]. Hes not the only one, I promise you.

Oooh, inter-promotional tag-team match, huh? Here come the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM! This is a wonderful idea, great way to provide some memorable matches on this very special night.

Big Show and especially Kane are looking at MNM like theyre nuts, by the way. Nitro starts off with Big Show, circles through the ring but tries to stay away from Kane at the same time. No diceBig Show grabs him, hits the Shh! chop, another one, Kane gets a corner big boot and is tagged in. He has a little fun cleaning out MNM himself, with clotheslines on both, and after a sidewalk slam Kane tries the flying clothesline, but Mercury off the top rope to the floor. While Big Show cleans out Mercury, Nitro hits Kane with the title belt, rolls him in, gets two. Neckbreaker by Nitro, tag to Mercury, off the second turnbuckle with a sledge. A tag back to Nitro for a double-team kick, and Mercury continues the assault. Nitro knocks Big Show off the apron, Kane tries the double chokeslam, but MNM says uh-uh. They get double-suplexed anyway; Show gets tagged in, hits a corner splash on both men, double-clothesline, and he calls for the chokeslam. Melina jumps on the ring apron, tries to slap Big Show, but Big Show kisses her instead. Mercurys hit with a flying clothesline, and Nitro gets chokeslammed by both Show and Kane at the same time. Three-count, and the tag-team champions of RAW have defeated those of SmackDown.

Lillian was lucky enough to know Eddie from the moment he got here, and as they shared their heritage, they spoke in Spanish to each other a lot. Her fondest memory of Eddie was last year in Iraq when she grouped with him, going from base to base and seeing the faces of the troops who were so excited to see him. Eddie was so humble, asking, Why are *you* thanking *me*? I should be thanking *you* for what youve done for our country. And that was the kind of man he was.

Lillian says a farewell in Spanish, but the only word I know in there is Adios.

On Unlimited, Eric Bischoff talks about the last time he saw Eddieon Wednesday, when they talked to each other about their families, and Eddie talked about how important his family was to him.

William Regal, tears in his eyes: Im hoping that everybody, every single person realizes that, if they spent any time with Eddie, theyve certainly been blessed, because he was a truly great human being. Thats all Ive got

Eddie and Rey win the WWE Tag Team Title.

When we come back, Eddie puts all of Kurts stuff up for auction on, including the wheelchair that hes gonna put some hydraulics on, hee!

And here comes the aforementioned Kurt Angle, and the you suck! chants are still going even on this night. But we do it because we all love him. Were reminded of Eddies defense of the WWE Title against Kurt at WrestleMania XX.

His opponent is Shelton Benjamin, woo! They bring the technical stuff, and Shelton has the cocky smile on his face as he shows off a little. Overhead BTB by Kurt allows him to grab the advantage, beating away on Shelton in the corner. Snap-suplex gets two, and another two. Rear waistlock on the mat, Angle sucks chants, and we see that Kurts wearing an EG black armband. Kurt continues holding the advantage, gets two twice after a knee breaker, and now Kurt applies a chinlock, etc., after a suplex both men are down, but they get up and trade punches, Shelton gaining the momentum. Shelton with two forearms, whip into the corner, Kurt hits a boot to the face. But Shelton hits a Samoan Drop when Kurt rushes at him. Shelton goes for the T-Bone but Kurt reverses almost into an Ankle Lock a spinning sidekick counter by Shelton gets two. Shelton goes up top, Kurt tries to get him, but is deniedflying clothesline connects for Shelton! Stinger Splash misses, Kurt with one, two, German Suplexes, but Shelton reverses the third into a rollup for two. Kurt hits the Olympic Slam and gets two! Cmon, Shelton!

Uh-oh, the straps are off, now. Kurt goes up top, but Shelton catches him , sets him up, SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! HOLY SHIT! But Shelton takes a long time to capitalizefinally he gets the cover, one, two NO! Shelton cant believe it, but as he jaw-jacks with the ref, Angle gets him in the Ankle Lock, Special Fuck You Variation, and finally Shelton taps out. One of these days Sheltons gonna beat Kurt, maybe, but what a hell of a match these two always put on.

Joey Styles: Losing myself in play-by-play is the only way I can keep my mind off of Eddie Guerrero. I know *exactly* how you feel.

HBKs memories of Eddie Guerrero are their discussions of their faith, as theyre both born-again Christians, and though they never wrestled on Earth, he looks forward to seeing him in heaven and maybe even wrestling in front of the audience of One, the Lord Jesus Christ. Wouldnt *that* be something? I wonder how He determines the winners, though.

JBL talks about his memories of Eddie, and hes thankful that Eddie went to bat for him and said he could be a main-event wrestler. He was a groomsman at his wedding, helped him through a divorce, brought him Scriptures every day and hes grateful that Eddie brought him into his heart and was a friend to him.

When we come back to USA, we see parts of the Eddie/Chavo Lie, Cheat and Steal vignettes. This particular vignette was on, but its still just sooooo funny.

Chavo. EG was my uncle, technically, but we were brothers, we were three years apart, I was the little brother he never had, he was the big brother I never had.

Eddie and Chavo grew up together in the business, and had their first match against each other, at the ages of 8 and 4, respectively. They wrestled during the intermissions, and eventually they had to stop doing it because they werent selling concessions. They were able to fulfill their goal of being tag-team champions together, and it was like they were one person, they were so connected in the ring.

Eddie, I just wanna tell you, youre my brother, youll always be my brother, I love you with all of my heart, you were a great inspiration to me, and you still are a great inspiration to me. Through my faith, my career, my family, every aspect of my life I came to you and you helped me.

Chavo says that hell always love Eddie, and hell see him again.

On Unlimited, Matt Hardy talks about how Eddie fought so hard to come back from all the addictions hed gone through, and how he was truly one of a kind as a person and a performer.

Trish Stratus talks about how Eddie lived everything he did, and how wrestling was his passion. He loved what he did, and he loved his family, and thats so important. To walk away from this experience puts things in perspective for Trish. She thanks him for everything he did in the business and as a friend.

I am the WWE Champion! Or should I say, WE are the WWE Champion! We see Eddies first SmackDown after winning the belt, and his thank-you to the fans for standing by him all the way.

As we come back to live action, Shawn Michaels comes out wearing an Im Your Papi! T-shirt, and yeah, it looks kinda odd, but its sweet. He respectfully takes off the T-shirt, folds it, kisses it and throws it to the crowd.

And Rey Mysterios his opponentironically ALSO wearing that T-shirt. And this is another match thats going to be something special, and something weve never seen before. Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio, people! Wow.

Shawn and Rey shake hands, the bell rings, and they circle. Lock-up, Shawn works the arm wringer, Rey rolls through and applies a hammerlock, Michaels reverses, Rey frees himself, they run the ropes, and counter-wrestle way too fast for me to recap. Standoff gets respect from the crowd. Interesting note by Styles: HBKs the bigger man for once, so he cant rely on his own speed and quickness like he usually does. Inside cradle by Rey gets two, and after some more high-speed moves HBK wrenches on a headlock. Rey gets vertical, breaks it, they run the ropes, but the leapfrog is dodged, and wow, theyre going fast.

Long story short, HBK gains the advantage, and starts chopping away on Rey. Off the ropes, Rey kicks him in the face, prepares for the 619 but its well-scouted by Michaels. Rey does a fake dive through the ropes, HBK almost falls for it, but Reys top-rope suicide dive *does* happen, as we go to commercial.

Both men are being counted out as we enter Unlimited. Rey rolls Michaels back in and gets two. HBK backs up into the corner but kicks at Rey, chops him in the corner, they head to the other corner, Stinger Splash attempt by Rey denied, and HBK hits some kinda move I cant remember that knocks Rey down. He gets two as Unlimited ends.

According to the press conference, Chavo Guerrero was going to wrestle tonight. I hope he does so as Chavo Guerrero, and Kerwin White never returns. It feels kinda weird saying this at such an early time, but I think Chavo will be over huge with the crowd for some time because of this. I hope no one takes that the wrong way.

As we come back, Michaels has a sleeper hold on Rey, and hes starting to fade out. Rey isnt gonna go down, though, but the suplex is reversed into a body block for two. As both men get up, Rey eats a hard chop. Backbreaker by HBK. Michaels hits Rey in the back several times with his knees. Rey goes out of the ring, and when he comes back HBK punches him in the back and applies a chinlock. Michaels is torquing it, but Rey still gets to his feet, breaks out with elbows, and leans up against the ropes. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors by Rey, they go off the ropes, springboard cross-body by Rey, Rey kicks Michaels several times in the knee, does an Eddie dance, dropkicks him in the knee, gets two. Reys the first to his feet. Whip into the ropes, but flying burrito by HBK! The ref counts to five, Michaels nips-up, but a body-scissors into a bulldog by Rey, 619 misses, clothesline by Michaels gets two.

Michaels whips him into the ropes, tilt-a-whirl, clothesline by Michaels knocks him down. HBK heads up top, Macho Man elbow connects, and its time for Michaels to charge up the superkick. Rey staggers to his feet, ducks the Sweet Chin music, hits a hurricanrana, 619, guillotine legdrop, and three! Rey Mysterio wins, and its fitting on an night like this. And what a great match.

Rey helps Michaels up, they shake hands, kiss each other on the cheek and embrace. And I know Eddies smiling at this.

Batista woke up this morning and got a call from the doctor telling him that Eddie was dead. It just didnt seem real. Theyd become really close, and Eddie had helped Dave out in some tough spots, helping him through his title reign, inspiring him with Scripture, helping him out with personal problems. Batista particularly loved how damn funny Eddie was. And it amazed Dave, because it always seemed Eddie was in such pain, but it disappeared when he walked through the curtain. He loved being in front of the fans, and thanks.

Christy Hemme is almost unable to put together a sentence, as much as shes crying. But she loved him.

Booker and Sharmell are both going to miss Eddie, too. Bookers glad hes a believer in God, so he knows hell see him again. Sharmell will miss Eddies smile the most.

We see Eddie pinning Chris Jericho for the WCW Cruiserweight Title.

Coming back, we show the same video we saw at the beginning of the show, and it makes me cry again though Ive already seen it.

And now well have ourselves a Diva Battle Royal from both RAW and SmackDown. We have Ashley, Maria, Christy, Victoria, Melina, Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Candice Michelle, and Trish Stratus. All come out wearing the Im Your Papi T-shirts.

Each girl takes off their shirts at the same time and throw them into the crowdthats sweet. Trish and Victoria go nuts on each other, and Trish and Ashley double-team Victoria. Mickie James brings the head-scissoring, but gets eliminated by Jillian. Maria quickly throws Jillian out when shes distracted. Thats more strategy than I gave her credit for. Candace and Victoria double-team Ashley, slingshotting her into the top rope, but shes not thrown over. Melina and Victoria try to clothesline Trish, but she Matrixes out of it and makes someone eat a clothesline, Christy is eliminated by Candice. Hows Maris still in here? Victoria hits a firemans carry into a twirly slam on Trish, but Maria eliminates her, and shes getting a little too excited, jumping around and punching the remaining competitors, Trish and Melina. Big mistake. They throw her out together, but then Melina eliminates Trish! Whoa. Melinas the winne.

Reys talking now. Putting wrestling aside, Ive got a lot of good memories that you left behind in my heart, not only for me, but for my family, my son Dominic, my wife, your family and my family bonded real good. Im gonna miss you. I miss you right now, I wish you were here with me. Wish this thing was a whole dream, I could wake up and you were still here with us. Everybody misses you, Eddie. I love you, Eduardo. [Spanish]

After a moment of bowing his head, Rey unstraps his mask, prompting a whoa from me, but he doesnt take it off. Were gonna miss you, Eddie. Youre a big inspiration to everybody, as a fan, as a person, as a human being. You had a good presence, you had such a great presence. I love you. He blows Eddie a kiss, and bows again, finally taking off his mask and holding his hands to his face

On Unlimited, Gerald Brisco talks about how he knew Eddie almost his entire life, as he was familiar with his dad, uncles, brothers, and the entire family. The Guerreros were always pioneers and fighters, and Eddie proved himself to be one of the top Latino talents ever in the business. Eddie wasnt a giant but he had the heart of a giant. He opened doors for many other Latino wrestlers, and proved that you dont have to be a giant physical specimen to make it in WWE. He sends prayers out to his family.

We see Eddies celebration with Chris Benoit post-WrestleMania XX, which I dont think anyone who saw it will ever forget.

And now Eugene will battle Simon Dean? Hee, which ones more nuts?

As the bell rings, Simon offers Eugene a protein bar, which Eugene takes a bite of, giving Simon a chance to roll him up for two. They have a push-up contest, Simon tries to elbow him, but Eugene bites him on the ass, and starts throwing him around. Eugene tries to start up the Dean Machine, but apparently you dont mess with the Machine, because Simon punches him angrily, gets him back in the ring, gets two, and continues punching and wringing Eugenes neck. But Simon makes the mistake of slamming Eugenes head into the turnbuckle and doesnt learn from that mistake, as he does it twice more and Eugene hulks up. You! point, punches, airplane spin, and Simon falls into the corner, quickly grabbing his Power Band to try and stop Eugene from rolling him up. It stretches to halfway across the ring, it snaps back, he hits the corner hard, Rock Bottom ends it.

Chris Benoit talks about Eddie. He was his best friend, and words cant describe what kind of a wonderful person he was. Theyd known each other for 15 years, they went up and down each mountain together Eddie always led by example. Chris could always pour his heart out to Eddie whenever he had a problemhe was the one guy who would always understand and help talk him through it because of Eddies own experiences. They never left each other without telling each other they loved one another, and Chris loved Eddie Guerrero, and loves his family. He cant imagine what his familys going through right now, but Chriss prayers and thoughts are with them. Eddies in a better place now, looking down on Chris right now, and he knows that he loves him. Chris breaks up here, again says that he loves Eddie, thanks him for everything hes ever done for him, and quickly walks off camera.

Unlimited. Ric Flair says Eddie had a fabulous peace about him, and everything he did was real. He was a fantastic performer, a wonderful father, and Ric respects him so much, and he knows that Eddies girls will always be proud of him. His legacy will just get better as time goes on, and hell never be duplicated.

We see Los Guerreros winning the WWE Tag Team Championship against the other four members of the SmackDown! Six at Survivor Series.

When we come back to USA, we see highlights from Eddies WWE Championship victory over Brock Lesnar. Thankfully in this, and every other highlight of this match Ive seen today, Goldberg is nowhere to be seen. Not that Goldberg really cost Brock the match.

Triple H: Eddie was an amazing guy. From a professional standpoint, Ill always remember Eddie as being one of the best. Technically in the ring he was incredible, he could do anything.

Eddie could make you run through any emotion he wanted to with a twinkle in his eye, smirk in his face he was just a phenomenal talent in every way. Triple H will always remember Eddie as an inspiration. Eddie had a lot of demons and issues in his life, but he overcame all that to become what he ultimately became. Eddie succeeded in life where so many others would have failed.

He bows his head. Im gonna miss you, man. Paul wipes away a few tears. Just, uhI want Eddies wife and kids to know how much they meant to him, theyre all he ever talked about. I know somewhere Eddies gonna be looking down on this night, proud that all the guys went out there and put on a show for him. Its what Eddie would have wanted. Eddies up there somewhere, lying to somebody, cheating somebody, and stealing all our hearts.

OK, but Im not sure thatd be a good idea to do that in heaven.

Theodore Long knows that everyone loved Eddie, and always took time out to lend his advice for the young up-and-coming guys. He was funny all the time, and was a joy to work with. He was a beautiful person.

We see hidden camera footage as Eddie tries to crash the Playboy shoot with Chyna.

As we come back, Ric Flairs music plays, and here comes The Man himself. This is probably gonna be the main event, so please let Chavo be his opponent. Huh. Instead its William Regal, interesting. Maybe it *isnt* the main event?

Whos a dirtier player, anyway? Ric tries the test of strength, but does the obvious Woo, slicking the hair, and Regal isnt impressed. Ric works on the arm, but Regal gets him in the corner and punches him. Ric comes back with some chops, and a punch to the nose. Front kick and European uppercut by Regal, two-count. Ric applies the abdominal stretch after some rope-running, and Regal distracts Flair by unlacing his boot, giving him a chance to get to the ropes. Knee to the head, punches and uppercuts, Flair Flop, and Regal gets two. Knees to the face and a European uppercut sends Flair to the floor. Regal follows, but that was a bad ideaFlair hits some chops on Regal. Regal slams Flairs back against the barricade. They get back in the ring, more chops by Flair, and several knee clips now Flair applies the figure-four! And Regal quickly taps.

Its only 10:51probably still time for one more match. WE WANT CHAVO! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Stephanie McMahon first met Eddie at Vinces house, and he was there for an interview, trying to make a decision whether or not to jump from WCW to WWE. Eddie was humble, sweet, good-looking and fun-loving. Eddie eventually jumped and Stephanie got to work with him behind the camera. Eddie could do anything, he could give you so many different emotions. When he went out to perform, he stole hearts, and he could hold the audience in the palm of his hand. Stephanie last talked to Eddie on Friday, and he mentioned that he was going to be the World Champion again, and he wanted Stephanie and Vince to know that. And as Stephanie breaks down, the most important thing she thinks about is his family, because he loved his family more than anything else in the world. He lit up when he talked about his family, and they were his whole life and his whole world. He was a son, a husband, a father and a friend, and now Eddie will always be a champion. Ill miss you, Eddie. Everybodyll miss you, we love you.

On Unlimited, Shelton said that Eddie went out there and performed for his fans and particularly for his family. Eddies an inspiration, a leader, and a great man all around. Shelton thanks God every day for the time he spent with him.

And we see Eddie Guerreros last match ever, with Ken Kennedy. One of the managers I work with says she heard that the chair shot from Kennedy was one chair shot too manyplease, someone tell me that isnt true. I dont want to believe that, but she obviously heard it from *someplace*, cuz she didnt see SmackDown.

We come back, and Chynas Intercontinental Title was on the line in a triple-threat match between Eddie, Chyna and Kurt. Eddie accidentally pinned Chyna for the belt. Hee.

And now John Cena, the WWE Champion, is in action. Hes got an Im Your Papi! T-shirt on as well. What, no love for the Scarface shirt tonight? That was probably the coolest shirt he ever had.

Cena will face Randy Orton? Another match weve never seen before, but I was really hoping to see Chavo in tonights main event. It might be dickish of me to notice that Ortons wearing an rKo T-shirt, but he is.

Cenas keeping an eye on Bob Orton as he and Randy circle up. They lock up, side headlock applied by Orton its appropriate, by the way, that all these inter-promotional matches are happening the day before SmackDown vs. RAW 2006 comes out. Orton kicks Cena down, gets him up, punch blocked into a kick, Orton punches, thumb to the eye, two-count, and Randy now with the Supreme Headlock of Doom. Cena is starting to fade out, but the referee doesnt start counting, because Cenas coming back pretty fast. Punches, Cena off the ropes, he eats a dropkick by Orton for two. Orton picks him up, they collide in the corner, and both men are down.

The referee starts counting both men down, and gets to seven before they make it up. Cena ducks a clothesline, shoulder block, clothesline, clothesline, BTB sit-down powerbomb, You Cant See Me, Five-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena pumps it up, sets him up for the F-U, but Bob Orton comes in and interferes a disqualification ending? The Ortons start punching away on Cena, but Cena battles back Orton tries an RKO, blocked, F-U! Cena stands tall in the ring, play his music.

Cena takes off his shirt, lays it in the ring, places the WWE Title belt on top of it, walks away, and thats the last image of the night. A fitting tribute. Eddie Guerrero was a champion in the ring, and a champion in life, and hell always be missed by everyone who knew him, and everyone who saw him perform.

DASCOOL!: Every match was either unique, exciting, or both.

YOU SUCK!: Im not gonna go there, not tonight.

WHAT?!: But I will askwhy didnt Chavo wrestle tonight?

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I think the show was very well done and heartfelt.

WWE has now made me cry twice: once during the Evanesence Freddie Blassie tribute video, and now sporadically throughout the night.

I've been listening to my gut since I was fourteen. And I've come to the conclusion that, frankly, my guts have shit for brains.

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Very classy show tonight. Caught myself shedding a couple of teardrops in some spots.

Loved the Mysterio/Michaels match. I thought Joey Styles did a fabulous job on it as well.

Not really much else I can say that hasn't been said before.

Long live Latino Heat (it was nice to hear the King say it tonight).

Now where was that phone booth?

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I had a hard time watching this tonight. Nothing against the WWE since I think they handled it about as well as you could considering the circumstances it was just too painful to through. Maybe Friday will be different.
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Nuclear Winter: Celebrating two years of mediocre posts.

There were tears dropping throughout the course of the night, but I absolutely lost it the last fifteen minutes. I don't know what it was, I was just gone.

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Having now read the lineup for Friday Night SmackDown (I wanted to avoid the spoilers, but after RAW suckas hads'ta know), I rescind my question of why Chavo didn't wrestle on RAW. If you want to know why, read the first part of CRZ's post.

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A wrestling show focusing on wrestling. Why does it take death to allow that to happen.
Shocking to see Benoit break down.
Weird having one of the tag team champs do a clean job.
If they don't get the World Class library, they need to get "Heaven Needed a Champion" from the Parade of Champions.
Shelton desperately needs to turn heel. Have him interfere to help Angle get the belt.
Eugene really did not fit in with the theme of the show.
Was that the first Orton vs. Cena match outside of OVW? If so, surprising they threw it together for this card, as that would seem to be something that would saved for a First Time Ever at Mania XXIII or XXIV.
I know they have an agreement with a branch of NBC. Still, during sweeps month, going on a cable news network that generally draws less than public access to discuss a wrestler's death seems to be walking into a trap. All it is going to do is rehash the bad episodes of Eddie's life and delve into the dark side of wrestling.

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The beginning really had me. I joined the entire roster with teary eyes. The realization of never seeing another Eddie Guerrero match just had me missing him throughout the entire night as well. Good show overall.

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The chat room I was in totally was giving props to Eddie all night. Yet the people were all upset about the "Drop of the Dime" finsh on Shawn. Tells me I shouldn't have stayed in there. Anyways, the memory I will have forever from this...

Flair is right...he'll be remember for generations or as he put it, "he'll still be on TV years to come."

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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    A wrestling show focusing on wrestling. Why does it take death to allow that to happen.

Because they werent shilling a PPV and the matches of said PPV all night?

Anyhow, some pretty good matches, all things considered, especially the HBK v Rey match. I believe its the first time Joey has done his patented screeching "HE GOT HIM!" on a Raw telecast.

Seeing Benoit break down and Batista crying brought me to tears.

Good show WWE.

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I'm not sure how well having company heads like Helmsley and Steph getting the last word sits with me? Those two spots really should have been for Chavo, Rey and Benoit ... but what do I know.

It was still a very good show and those guys put on very good matches considering all that they had to deal with that day. Flair/Regal would have been great if given the remaining time, but that's just me being selfish.

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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    And we see Eddie Guerreros last match ever, with Ken Kennedy. One of the managers I work with says she heard that the chair shot from Kennedy was one chair shot too manyplease, someone tell me that isnt true. I dont want to believe that, but she obviously heard it from *someplace*, cuz she didnt see SmackDown.

This was conjectured by Superstar Billy Graham on Meltzer's WOL show last night. Paraphrasing (and someone correct me if my memory is foggy, I was in a fog all day yesterday after the news), Superstar told his wife that the chairshot looked a little off, like too much side of the chair and not enough of the flat edge. He wondered if it might have triggered an anyuerism from Eddie. Superstar's conjectures, not mine; I have the match on tape, but haven't watched it yet, so I can't give another take on it.

This show was difficult to watch, but I'm glad I did. The "Hurt" video and seeing Chavo had me blinking back tears. I was looking forward to the Chavo match, but its placement on Smackdown is understandable.


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I actually sacrificed watching the NFL game for a couple of hours to watch RAW, even though I could end up in a tie in my confidence pool and I have two players and a defense in my fantasy team, and was it worth it. All I could say is...WOW!!!

The matches were like the golden days of wrestling...great action, mostly clean matches, no backstage stuff. Even the broadcasting was toned down, which I liked. When McMahon and Company have to do this, they deliver, and Friday will be the same. I was surprised on how the matches went with little, or even no planning, especially the first time matchups. The matches were fun to watch, even the Divas Battle Royal. And the wrestlers' thoughts almost brought a tear to my eye too. Seeing Big Show and even HHH shedding tears really made me realize what kind of a man Eddie was. That is one moment that will be with us for a long time to come. For me, like I said before, you could put him in any situation, whether it was as a face or a heel, serious or ridiculous, he always had fun every single night.

Eugene/Simon Dean -> Yeah, we're doing a tribute to a fallen Superstar, so let's put the resident clowns/comedy relief wrestlers of each brand against each other. Only negative the entire night.

I can't wait for Smackdown, and hear what memories Cole and Tazz have to say, especially since they have been with him week in and week out.

Anyway, both my confidence pool chances and my fantasy team's chances are going down.


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I don't think it was possible to watch this show without breaking down at some point, especially when Benoit spoke. I was bracing myself this afternoon, knowing that I was going to see that man cry tonight.

On a totally different note, was anyone else watching the guy with the movie quote, non sequitur signs down in front? "I LOVE LAMP" and I swear I saw a quote from Short Circuit for an instant.

P.S. - FYI Philly area residents, SD! isn't on this Friday night due to the Sixers...looks like it'll be on Saturday afternoon at 4p.

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My 9 year old son and myself just sat next to each other on the couch crying our eyes out. And just when I thought I couldn't get anymore depressed, Shawn Michaels reminds me that he never got the chance to wrestle Eddie.

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I discovered the news by coming here yesterday. I sent a text to wrestling pal Jennifer immediately. She called me faster than I thought text messages could travel. I just...don't get it. I just don't.

I enjoyed the show. Michaels and Mysterio in particular. Michaels has become the "Who could I have an awesome match with" guy and seems to have endless possibilities. When else would these two get the chance.

Benoit's tribute was just gut-wrenching, and that was to be expected. But I didn't expect that from Stephanie. I nearly lost it watching Stephanie.

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    Eugene/Simon Dean -> Yeah, we're doing a tribute to a fallen Superstar, so let's put the resident clowns/comedy relief wrestlers of each brand against each other. Only negative the entire night.

The thing is, on paper I looked at these matches, and really questioned their placement on a tribute show for Eddie... as the show unfolded, I saw Eddie in almost every match (the tag match and main event, not so much) -- and it made me appreciate him as a performer so much... the rey/hbk match for the high flying ability of Eddie, the shelton/angle for his amazing technical skills, the flair/regal match for his fantastic classic heel skills, the eugene/dean match a tribute to his great comedy skills. At the end of the night, I even more poignantly realized we lost one of the greatest of all time. Eddie had everything, and he did it so well. I was brought to tears so many times tonight, and then just a few minutes later laughing my ass off at those classic Eddie shennanigans.

The Benoit segment made me say that man is so godddamn tough, I couldn't believe he held himself together for as long as he did, and he so beautifully captured so much about Eddie that we as fans never got to experience.

My heart is still broken, I haven't been this emotionally shattered for a long time. I guess I'm lucky in that respect, but Eddie shouldn't have been taken from us so young, and its devastating.

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Excellent show. Angle, Shelton, Michaels, and Rey really tore it up for Eddie. The last image of the t-shirt and the belt was one for the history books.

I'm usually only slightly perturbed that I don't get UPN, and therefore cannot watch Smackdown, but this week I am straightup pissed. I'll have to get a recording of the show somehow. This is not something I want to miss.

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Several moments where I had to compose myself there. The Chris Benoit, Batista, Stephanie, and Mysterio interviews were especially heart-wrenching.

A good show for Eddie's memory.

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