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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 6-9-03 (Page 2)
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Polska kielbasa

Since: 10.3.03
From: Elmwood, IL

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#21 Posted on

    Originally posted by Venom

    Funniest line: Goldeberg backstage with Terri; "Someday at Badd Blood, Chris Jericho is next." Someday? They still don't know when they're holding the event?

Are you sure he didn't say "Sunday"?

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Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.03

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#22 Posted on

    Originally posted by Captain_12_Pack

      Originally posted by Venom

      Funniest line: Goldeberg backstage with Terri; "Someday at Badd Blood, Chris Jericho is next." Someday? They still don't know when they're holding the event?

    Are you sure he didn't say "Sunday"?

Sounded like "someday" the first time and the replay...I could be wrong.

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#23 Posted on
i don't know who said it earlier, but teddy long is *very* irritating. i can't stand him, and not in that "heel" kind of way. he just seems so.. bland. in my opinion jazz's two sentences this evening made her look like a bad ass more than long's rambling ever has.

it says so right here in the wcw handbook!

Since: 10.1.03
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#24 Posted on

    Originally posted by Underwater
    It's starting to seem like the wrestling on Raw is just filler for the next segment. Week by week, the amount and the quality of wrestling on Raw is declining. I wonder how long it will take for creative to just abandon wrestling alltogether and have two hours of people talking about how they're going to kick eachother's asses.

I like the concept of less wrestling, and more angles on free TV. Might actually make the PPV's seem special instead of seeing the same pairing that's been done 1000 times on free TV. Now we just have that little aspect of making the angles creative and meaningful.

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Some general thoughts..

Is it bad that the person that probably did the most to sell the main event is the ref? I was thinking during the last segment that if Foley was in shape they could sell tons of ppv by starting up the Foley and HHH fued all over again. Foley and Rock have always had the best chemistry with HHH.

WWE needs mid-card angles that build up and climax. Ivory going over Jazz would mean so much more if the fans were given a reason to like and cheer for Ivory. Yet the last time I remember Ivory having a personality was back with the Invasion when she was paired up with Lance Storm.

Speaking of personality, can we get an update on what happened to Orton's? Oh and does anyone else cringe everytime Orton takes a bump because they're afraid he's going injure himself?

[Ebony and Ivory 2003]
Plus when you start an angle then don't pick it up for almost 2 weeks you're really killing any momentium that it could build up. Plus would it kill them to actually show footage of important stuff that happened on Heat instead of just talking about it?

[Plugging the PPV]
New Raw drinking game, everytime JR works the name of the ppv into a comment take a sip. I think that would get someone wasted before the second hour started. There was so much "bad blood" going around tonight according to JR that I really hope no one needed a tranfusion.
Big Brother

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#26 Posted on

    Originally posted by jwrestle
    PS: When in the blue blazes did Screaming Head Guy get the Raw thoughts post, no offence, just wondering.
Well, I deleted your "I started the RAW Thoughts thread!" post because I thought it was retarded. STOP BEING RETARDED.

Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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#27 Posted on
-Goldberg vs. Rosie- When they were just going for their power moves it was pretty decent. I'll be in the minority and say I'm glad it wasn't a total squash, I hate those!... I appreciate Goldberg trying to add stuff to his arsenal but what a weak dropkick and lame kicks, which didn't make better that JR put it over that he had Judo lessons. I bet he skipped class to play arcades (Simpsons reference)

-RVD vs. Dupree- I'm digging this angle and I like these guys so I was into the match. With only 3 minutes nothing spectacular but it was good.

-Ivory/Trish v. Jazz/Victoria-I agree with Venom, Trish was waiting for Jazz to get up & get close to the apron to hit a baseball slide. I'm going to give Jazz some major slack because I think she hurt her shoulder after the tumble over the top rope. Shortly after Vickie was bringing Ivory back to her corner & wait for a tag while Jazz was outside with Teddy and he was rubbing her shoulder and pulling her arm! And then Jazz jumped on the apron and tagged in!... Match went 6 minutes & it was Match of the night. Both heels took amazing top rope spills. All parties were aggressive & looked really good. Trish and WWE both made a good job giving Ivory some nice needed rub, and Ivory looked great, now we an interesting female face to go along Trish. It's about time. Really like these 4 women. The women are really shining these past few weeks, why don't they have a match on the PPV. Major Hugging, Ivory HUGS

-Steiner vs. Storm- After seeing the women go full speed. It's dreadful to watch Steiner really give out some weak looking offense. How can I guy who looks so powerful wrestle so softly. Storm gets his few shots in but it's a 2 minute match so not much happened... Test gets abusive with Stacy, lame-o.

-Foley interview- I was glad to see Foley. But knowing he's going to be involved with THIS main event. It made me sad, it's upsetting to Foley come back just to give a rub to a match that has HHH and Nash. If the match bombs they deserve to be the only two people in the ring with mud on their face.

-Orton vs. Hurricane- This segment was strange right off the bat with Flair's music playing for Orton and then stopping mid tune to total silence. The match was actually okay, as okay a 2 minute match can be. I like the Diamond Cutter finish... Strange beatdown at the end, Flair bleeding all over the place and Shawn easily beating both heels, Orton seemed lost just standing at times with even Lawler screaming "Go Help Naitch".

-Spinarooni contest- I was ready to hate this but Christian totally saved it. What an awesome dance!

-Mack vs. D-von- The highlight of this match was the commentating of Teddy and Jerry. Teddy calling D-von "Brown" and then Lawler questioning "What does that make Rodney Mack, he's Beige". Then bringing up Ivory out of no where and saying "You must hate that name, It doesn't get whiter then Ivory" and Teddy playing off Lawler great. That was a riot... Oh yeah the match LoL I thought it was a solid enough effort, with the real enjoyable commentary made it a good segment.

-HHH/Foley confrontation- Foley did more bumping tonight then HHH/Nash-1 but together. I did dig the "Foley will count HHH shoulders down come hell or high water" they were pushing. Nash shows up finally with his s.l.o.w powerwalk to the ring while Foley gets beaten 3 on 1. I've never seen someone wrestling for the World Title in a week, get mentioned less then Nash did tonight (he's winning it on Sunday).

other stuff- "Pie" eating contest for the PPV, that can't be good... Jericho/Christian backstage were awesome, very funny stuff. Christian concerned about Jericho interaction with Goldberg It's all part of Jericho's master plan (Hope it's better then Raven's master plan)... Trish's Robin Hood outfit in the UK was as cute as cute can get.

Line of the NIght: Lawler "What about Rodney Mack, he's Beige!"

I thought the show was good. A lot of enjoyable matches. Women match was match of the night, it was fantastic (come on how can you not fit Jazz vs. Ivory on this lame PPV card). All matches were enjoyable somewhat except for Stenier/ Storm... I'm actually getting into a lot of the undercard of Raw, I'm just not feeling the main event even with Foley.

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#28 Posted on
The best thing about Foley's appearance last night, which was awesome, was that he didn't plug his book, which I thought he was going to do.

Christian's Spin-A-Roonie was hilarious. Also hilarious was when Orton came out, and the music stopped.

This week's Goldberg-Jericho segments weren't that good.

Victoria looked hot.

Overall, RAW was so-so, but Foley was good.

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Since: 27.2.03
From: Parts Unknown

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#29 Posted on
Women's match was AWESOME. I think what really helps the women is not just that they're technically sound, but that they all have compelling stories to back up the matches. Last night we had Trish vs. Victoria and Trish vs. Jazz, two pairings that have a lot of history and "Bad Blood" (this Sunday only on PPV!) as well as Ivory vs. Jazz, a followup to last week that now looks like it will continue to a PPV match. Good match, great storytelling.

Since: 16.10.02
From: Connecticut

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#30 Posted on
Seeing Foley step out onto the ramp brought a big smile to my face. Kind of like seeing an old friend.
He's such a storyteller on the mic. Though I'm quite sure his caller ID didn't say "Austin, Steve".
I don't like HHH, but for some reason Mick brings out the best in him. Don't know why, but his promos suddenly get better when he's addressing Foley.

Belly laugh of the night:
Christian's spinarooni

Best Acting of the night:
Stacey. She had me believing that she was really hurt by Test.
Especially that noise she made when he grabbed her and saying "Andrew, my arm!". This made Test's horrible acting even worse. "My whooooore!" Cue funny face.
The Red Sox Fan

Since: 31.3.03
From: Philly Burbs

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#31 Posted on
Maybe I'll get flamed out the yin-yang for this, maybe not.

There's been a lot of talk about how the split PPV concept is a bad idea. Maybe it's not the greatest idea in the world with the business being down right now, but quite frankly, in my opinion, the build-up for this PPV has been pretty damn good.

Now, I don't think for one second that Nash/HHH/Special Ref Foley will make for a 5 star classic, and I think Nash should have at least been given some mic time last night to get his thoughts across. But, again, the Cell being there last night, Foley and HHH battling inside it, Nash and Michaels coming to save, I thought was fairly effective.

I want to see Flair/Michaels. Two legends going at it in a dream match. Good buildup, effective promos.

Ditto Jericho/Goldberg.

I just think having the focus on one show and building angles for a lot of the mid-carders has been done well, and I'm going to pay for the show. They've sold one person that this show could be special without Hogan, Brock and Co.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy. I liked last night's show, and like I said, I'm coughing up the dough on Sunday.

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Since: 24.7.02

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#32 Posted on
A few random thoughts:

Watching Foley take a chairshot to the skull, one thought came to mind: Thank God he wasn't taking it from Jericho's opponent.
For one brief moment, I thought we'd go the entire show without the 'power walker', but I guess he finally dragged himself out at the end.
Flair bladed like it was 1982 and he was defending the World Title against Dusty in the Orange Bowl.
I'd care about the potential RVD/Kane split if they had done it in January, instead of dragging it on for 6 months. In all likelihood, they don't split up anyway.
Booker seems to have it as a lock to win the I-C Title in his hometown. Early prediction: Goldust turns and costs Booker the match.
Disappointment of the Night: No Foley/Uncle Eric confrontation. With so many levels of dislike between the two through the years, why pass up the opportunity to exploit it.
Overall: Decent show and a vast improvement from last week.

I consider the switch from Pathetic to Loser to be a promotion.
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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#33 Posted on
HHH/Foley. I can't fault a show that brings these two back together. I know much has changed since these guys were in the ring last, but I don't care. I'd pay to see them a MILLION times over. You can call me a mark if you want, but I know quality stuff when I see it, and this is it. Oh, there were other things on the show? Right. Well, I also have to give Raw marks for the other big things, first, Victoria. Second, Victoria wrestling. Third, Victoria wrestling and BITING. Fourth, Ivory wrestling (and pinning Jazz) for the second week in a row. I think we're seeing the beginnings of a deeper women's division. All we need are Lita, Molly, and Gail, and there you have it.

Christian RUUUUUULES! ::kiss:: back at you, C-Man. One more thing. Test and his Whooorrrrrreee. LOL. It's a TV show anyway, so allow me to get this off my chest. "Ow my arm"?!?!?! I'm referring to the characters here, by the way. Stacy had two or more good chances of kicking Test's field goal, and slapping him upside the head. All she could muster is an "Ow my arm"?! You have to understand that I'm from the city. If he did that with me, I'd go Aja Kong on his ass, AND his testicles.

Speaking of Test, he's awful on the commentary. I didn't understand a word he said. I did hear what he said, I just didn't understand it. Maybe he's still working out the peanut butter on his gums so he could clearly say the word "whore". I'm sorry, when he chewed out Kiebs, who here had Mr. Ed flashbacks? Don't be shy, I know you're nodding as you read this. Anyway, not bad Raw, and yes I'll see Bad Blood. After all, I don't have to feel guilty if it tanks, it's my brother's money anyway.

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Matt Tracker

Since: 8.5.03
From: North Carolina

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#34 Posted on

    Originally posted by Ringmistress
    HHH/Foley. I can't fault a show that brings these two back together. I know much has changed since these guys were in the ring last, but I don't care. I'd pay to see them a MILLION times over. You can call me a mark if you want, but I know quality stuff when I see it, and this is it.

I thought Triple H and Foley and the writers did a marvelous job with this. Any casual fan (i.e., someone who might not usually buy a PPV) saw:

why Foley's return was special,

why he might be unfair to Hunter,

why Hunter has the upperhand,

why Foley earned his titles despite being overweight and burly (the complete opposite of Brock and Hunter),

why Foley is the right person for a HITC referee,

why Foley can take Hunter's ass-kicking and still be an effective ref,

and why the match will actually be interesting.

How will Hunter convince Foley to make that three-count against Nash? He can't knock Foley out because you need the ref to end the match. Will Foley be fair? Will Hunter count to three using an unconcious Foley's hand, a la Austin/McMahon?

I don't want to see Foley take another chair shot ever (and dammit there were three last night), but now even I wanna see this Hunter/Nash match.

And --AND -- they didn't show the Foley Freefall from the infamous HITC and instead left it to casual fans to create the image, meaning it won't overshadow the obligatory bump at Badd Blodd. That's smart.

God bless Mick Foley, and Vince is as moronic as my avatar to not sign Foley permanently as a talker in some capacity.

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#35 Posted on
I didn't see much due to the Game 7 (Damn you Devils!). I saw the Foley interview. Solid, but nothing special I suppose. Orton/Hurricane was fun, and I loved Flair's (over)acting when Michaels came out with Helms. Christian saved the "spinaroonie" segment. I had just watched "Beyond The Mat" earlier in the day, so seeing Mick take those chairshots at the end was kind of eerie. Did I actually hear the crowd pop for Nash and his powerbomb? I thought JR was having an aneurysm at the end-i guess that was just his "hard sell" for Bad Blood.

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#36 Posted on
(Wearing army helmet so NetHack doesn't kill me) Did anyone notice that Trish is starting to look a little bit worn out and raggity? I don't know, she didn't seem her usual vuluptuous self last night. I think she needs to lighten up on the wrestling and go back to more of a managerial/wrestler role. I would hate to see her run herself into the ground just by going too far with her ring work.

Victoria is absolutely awesome...the look, the character, so far I haven't gotten sick of either one. I love those "low" pins she does where she's perched over her opponent like some animal. She has been gold from day one; absolutely good pick-up by the WWE there, no doubt.

Orton just needs time to develop. He's boring in some ways, but I'm willing to give the guy some slack considering his heritage. As far as "Horsemen" go, I think he'll play a good "Enforcer" role. They just need to build him up a whole lot; give him some jobber squashes on Heat.


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Matt Tracker

Since: 8.5.03
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#37 Posted on
"Victoria is absolutely awesome...the look, the character, so far I haven't gotten sick of either one. I love those "low" pins she does where she's perched over her opponent like some animal. She has been gold from day one; absolutely good pick-up by the WWE there, no doubt. "

I thought from the first day she debuted as Victoria she could be the big mainstream breakout star the Diva category is supposed to create. She's not petite compared to Terri and Trish, and that works in her favor I believe.

The Widow's Peak is also the best finisher in the women's division since the Molly-Go-Round.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

Since: 12.2.03
From: New York, USA

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#38 Posted on
Ok, maybe I've gone crazy, but I could have swore that during the RVD-Dupree match there was a spot where Dupree kind of pulled a Jackie Gayda. If anyone taped the show it would be alot of help if you could take a look at the match and check it out again. It appeared that right before RVD went for the split-leg moonsault spot Dupree kind of stared up at him and immediately threw himself down onto the mat in a very contrived way. Again, did anyone else recognize this, or did I perhaps see it wrong.

what you say

Since: 27.2.03
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#39 Posted on
If you ask me, the Widow's Peak is probably the best finisher in wrestling, period. It looks like it just kills the other woman.

Since: 26.3.03
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#40 Posted on
On the Redneck Triathlon:

How in the hell are they going to pull off the...ahem...pussy eating contest that they implied was going to happen? I realize that Austin will bait-and-switch Bischoff leading to a "Gawrsh, he sure did fool that city feller! HAWR! HAWR!" moment, but do Vince and Co. really think they picked up a few extra buys by hinting that there will be oral sex on PPV?

::Rereads last sentence, realizes who he's talking about::


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