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24.5.18 2036
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 6-16-03
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Since: 1.2.02
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Oh no, tonight Raw is in Texas.

...and a Fashion Report, too.

Mick, in red flannel, "Bad Blood" tshirt, and grey sweats, with his new book, talks. Now, The Evolution, with a group theme and video, are out. HHH, in black suit and white shirt (top three buttons undone) with belt over shoulder, Flair, in grey suit and white shirt (top two buttons undone) and Randy, in blue silk shirt (top two buttons undone) and black slacks. What - can't anybody wear a tie anymore? But wasn't Bautista the fourth member? Half-naked Randy speaks well against Foley. A heel beatdown ensues, but Maven, in black "M" fullcuts, and Al Snow, in a black "Hurricane" (the wrestler) tshirt and blue jeans, make the save.

Meanwhile, Bischoff, in black leather jacket, yells at Mae and Moolah. Book a match? I shudder.

Gail Kim IS the Matrix.

Bubba, in black "Dudleyville 3D" vest and black warmups, DVon, in black "Dudley Boyz 3D" tshirt, and Ivory, in purple, vs. Harvard, in destro-mask and red "H" undies, Mack, in black undies with a silver face on the butt, and Jazz, in white top with three "see-my-boobs" holes and warrioress skirt, with Long, in a WHITE suit. A nice match - Ivory is Jazz's bane.

JR, in green shirt and black hat, and King, in black/white with gold shirt, present the Lazy Writer's Poll of the week - who will join The Evolution? I say Bautista - 'cuz he's ALREADY a memeber.

Kane and RVD talk in the back. The tension is palpable. FOOTAGE! from the PPV last night. Mick, Maven, and Al celebrate Maven's getting a match on Raw.

Lance, in red boots and undies, vs. Garrison Kain (?), in black undies. Stone Cold is upset at the lack of wrestling, so he interrupts the match (well, delays it, really) to put-down Storm. Fan Fashion - purple "WCW" jersey with a "Bored" sign. Okay match, but Austin killed it, along whith any chance of Lance being taken seriously ever again.

Jericho, in sparkly blue "Highlight" shirt and blue silhoutte tights, and Christian (with NEW new music), in red tights with gold "C" plates, wearing the IC title, vs. Booker, in black hot-crotch flamin' "BookerT" undies, and Goldberg, in half black/white fullcuts with white trim and barbed wire butt. Ad break interferes. Is Jericho bleeding? The Evolution actually watches this show, in the back. Okay match - I'm saying Christian is the kind of heel who MUST cheat.

Pie Eatin' footage - not helping my heterosexuality.

Bisch storms out to introduce Mae, in black, with Moolah, vs. Adbreak? vs. Test, in black fullcuts. Um, no. Steiner, in chainmail and black "Freakzilla" shirt, with Stacie, are out. This segment was disturbing and unsettling.

Meanwhile, Rico does up his hair. Ditzy "Miss Jackie" applauds the glamoured guy.

Glam Rico, in sickly neon green coat and bellbottoms, with Jackie Gayda, in pink/blue tiedye bikini-top and bellbottoms (Rico has silver tights under his pants), vs. Spike, in black "Dudley Boyz 3D" tshirt and camo pants. Rico has less heat than Lance Storm. He gave up on the Samoans for this? Well, his sideburns are almost long enough to be a connecting beard, Amimsh style (sans the mustache). Oh, so THAT'S what those fans are holding the "2"s for. Oh man, this was BORING!

In Austin's Room of Fun, he chews-out RVD and Kane. Rather, he tries to "motivate" them.

Randy, in black "Orton" undies with silver bolts, with Flair, vs. Maven, with Mick. Ha - King says 100,000 have voted in the Lazy Writers' Poll; I doubt it. Dear Mr. "I Need a Job" - get one! Hey, is that La Parka? A nice match for two young guys. Mick as a cagey manager was nice.

La Resistance, both in sparkly blue long military coats, black berets with yellow lining, black tights with yellow lining and white/red/blue thigh, wearing the Tag Titles, vs. Adbreak (he gets around) vs. Rob, in black "RVD" singlet with spiked wrecking ball, and Kane, in arm-baring black and red straps 'n spandex. Rene's right thigh is white/red/blue, while Sylvian bears the colors on his left. Another Ad break! Kane, eventually, gets pissed and starts clobbering everything. I never got into this match, and the adbreak didn't help.

During Kane's clobbering time, HHH comes out to offer him membership in the Evolution. But Austin interrupts and plays the "good angel", I guess. Then Bisch comes out and makes some stipulations. Kane does a nice tease there. Book a match, for NEXT week!

Overall: Except for pacing problems in the last quarter hour, and the disturbing Mae spot, a nice show. I smell another Kane push (hopefully handled better than last time).

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Since: 13.1.03
From: S. Attleboro, MA

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#2 Posted on
A few random thoughts...

* Foley didn't get much love from the Dallas crowd in his opening talk segment, did he?

* Did I see Al Snow run the world champion out of the ring? AL SNOW?!? For that matter, didn't he clear out Naitch too?

* Getting Austin to chant "boring" during a match? Boy, this is WCW...

* I didn't get the PPV yesterday. I was hoping I'd dodged seeing Mae Young in a thong. Unfortunately, I looked up briefly at the wrong moment. What demographic are they aiming for, exactly?

* Why not just get Nash to special referee the Test/Mae Young match? He's the only guy that would take longer to get there. At least Test had the brains to get the job done. If that had been Nash's music, he might have been paralyzed like HHH. The old gal still can take a bump, though.

* From what I've seen so far, Kwee-wee did this act better than Rico... He had better chemistry with Paisley than Rico seems to have with Gayda too. Oh well, they've probably got 2 more weeks before getting shuffled to Heat anyway.

On the positive side, I liked the Booker/Goldberg vs Jericho/Christian match.

The new Evolution music is good. Now maybe it can replace the Motorhead too? I can dream... And Flair's hair is dry!!!

That DDT from Orton on Maven was schweet. I'd love to see Maven develop into a big player. He sells like a champ and the crowd seems to get behind him. Now if he just had a character and a finisher...
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Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

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#3 Posted on

    I'd love to see Maven develop into a big player. He sells like a champ and the crowd seems to get behind him. Now if he just had a character and a finisher...

And some moves...

Pretty blah Raw. When Orton/Maven is the 2nd best match on the show, they've got problems. Book/Goldy vs. The Chrises was an OK match. And a Kane push? ::rolls eyes:: Where is Helms?

Nothing horrible (well, maybe Austin getting a boring chant going), but nothing outstanding, either. Thumbs in the middle.


Since: 28.4.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#4 Posted on
And finally, over one year later, the winner of the coveted "First Guy To Screw Up And Say WWF" award goes to Mick Foley, of all people, leaving longtime front-runner Michael Cole in the dust.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I think Austin said it once, too, but it's still a suprisingly rare slip-up.

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Since: 5.10.02
From: Battle Creek, Michigan

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#5 Posted on
A much more wrestling based show this week, which makes me glad. Now they just need to put on some great matches and they're all set.

Evolution finally getting a group theme was a good idea. Especially since Orton's music sucked hard. It was ironic when Orton talked about Foley disfiguring his body when you consider how ugly Orton's tatoos are.

Poor Jazz is looking really weak right now. I wonder if this means that Gail Kim will be brought in as a heel. It's weird to see Ivory get the big push, but it has brought a little variety to the division.

Poor Lance Storm. Stone Cold BURIED him on air. Not that he wasn't speaking the truth. Hopefully this leads to Lance snapping and becoming interesting again. Was that Lance Cade he was wrestling?

At least Booker got to go over once in Texas. Match was decent, and Goldberg seemed to have recovered from getting booed at Bad Blood. BUT WHY DID THEY CHANGE CHRISTIAN'S MUSIC??? It's bad enough that they bastardized it with the remixes, but they replaced it with a very generic theme.

Rico's gimmick looks interesting. He's definitely a guy who will run with the ball if you give it to him. But nobody cared about him at all tonight. Why is he struggling with Spike Dudley? Spike Dudley is the first step in a heel push. You're supposed to squash him.

Orton/Maven was a good green guys match. Not overly exciting, but it's the best work I've seen from the two of them in a while. Orton's gonna have to get much better soon if they're going to give him a huge push.

Do the Frenchies know any moves besides the flapjack and restholds? The main event was not good. On the plus side, they set up the main event for next week, and maybe RVD will get out of jobbing to Kane at Summerslam. And hey, retiring Kane's gimmick is sure to get HHH more over. Because it's all about the game.

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Since: 21.6.02
From: Germany

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#6 Posted on
Raw was interesting tonight to say the least. I was really into the tag title match especially towards the end when Kane layed out the chair shots. I am damn happy that they went w/the double swerve. If Kane had joined the Evolution it wouldn't have been unprecedented but it would've pissed me the hell off.

I thought La Resistance were going to be the ones joining Trips and crew. It woulda been real nice if they jumped Kane from behind while he was gettin sweet talked by HHH, instead of the overbooking mess that was the last five minutes of Raw. At least Kane push #4435 is going to end up with the mask finally coming off.

So did Randy Orton steal the diamond cutter or what? And did I hear that right, He's calling it the face cutter? If they slow burned this really good(slow) we could be seeing Orton/HHH main eventing WM 21.

BTW, I'd pay money for HHH/Foley and/or Flair/Foley.

T-minus 2 days till Lou Pinella throws another tantrum.
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Since: 25.2.02

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Austin said it best. "Boring".

Christian's new music sucked. The HHHorsemen's new music sucked. Rico's new music sucked. On the other hand, Rico's new character could be interesting. I hardly recognized Jackie Gayda. Wow. Spike comes out and I say "At least it's not Dreamer".

Man, Austin was THIS CLOSE to calling Lance Storm an action figure!

What was the point of bringing the French Rockers out before the commercial break?

Okay, so they did set up an interesting possibility for the main event next week. H loses the belt? Kane gets unmasked? Or a schmoz that ends in nothing? Guess which one I'm picking.

Lap cheong

Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#8 Posted on
Wow, way to treat RVD like a total jobber there, WWE! Jesus, the poor guy just has to lie there for 10 minutes, because WWE doesn't want people to confuse him as a main-event star. God, I hate Vince.

So, MLW was good tonight, huh?

Remember when WWF treated RVD like the main-event star he is?
Neither do I.

Since: 9.7.02
From: Sleep (That's where I'm a viking)

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#9 Posted on
The following post expresses the opinions of a raving Jerichoholic. He is biased, opinionated and bitter. You have been warned.

Please don't take my head off about this. Let me do that next week. I'm about to say something that I never thought I'd say (again) and mean (again).

I think Kane has a pretty good chance.

Think about it. The show's at Madison Square Garden, the home of WrestleMania XX, the World's Most Famous Arena, and the crowd was seriously into Kane tonight. Plus, the show's in the Northeast, where (so I've heard) there is a large collection of Smarky Smarks who get Smarky with their Smarkism, so you know that the HHHate will be HHHigh. If there's anybody (besides Jericho) who deserves the title right now, it's Kane. He hasn't had a truly bad match in a wwhile, and he'll be a good way to get the belt onto Nash without making Triple H do the job to him and without depushing anyone that the Smarky Smarks absolutely love. However, should Kane lose, I think it would be best if he were not scarred at all underneath the mask. Maybe a couple of surgace scratches, but not much. Do you remember (or does WWE remember) that it was Paul Bearer who told everybody about Kane's horrible scarring, and that it was Paul Bearer who made Kane put on the mask in the first place? This would require some major continuity, but it would be neat to have Kane be all scared about taking off the mask, only to find out that all this time he's been running from nothing and hiding from everything. Or something like that. All we need now is some figure from Kane's past to say "Ha, ha, I knew all along and didn't tell you!" Please not Undertaker, though, unless he can get traded to Raw for Jericho.

Either that or Tripps will overcome all of the odds to barely win a bloody battle after kicking out of the chokeslam by pinning Kane 30 seconds after a Pedigree.

The preceding post expressed the opinions of a raving Jerichoholic. He was biased, opinionated and bitter. You were warned.

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Since: 12.12.02
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#10 Posted on
I think the show tonight should have just been Jackie Gayda being sprayed with glitter spray for two hours. Mmm.


Since: 12.2.03
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I'm usually if not always positive about Raw, but tonight just seemed off for me, and its NOT just because my boys were conspicuosly absent(though I'm guessing that may not upset anyone else here). La Resistance in the fudgin main event?? These guys are anything but impressive. Its too soon, too stupid, get them on Heat where they belong, they are greener than George Steele's toungue. And how the hell did Rene Dupree get a WWE contract so young? I'm not supposed to feel old watching these guys yet.

Goldberg did some nice selling during his tag match, though. And the fans definitely seemed in tune with him tonight. Is it me or has Christian's ring performance has become about as exciting as a toothpick? People on this board say he's more skilled than Edge? Hah, sorry keep telling yourselves that cause he sure don't care to show it, at the least Edge could keep you awake when he steps in. Oh that reminds me, Edge owns all and I want him back on my TV pronto(I know, he's on SD).

I don't know about everyone else but I'd like to see Kane's mask removed if only because its practically the ONLY OPTION LEFT they have to evolve him and make him once again interesting...even if for a week or two.

The stuff with Mae Young was just redundant. Didn't these beat up on the helpless old horny women angles play out three years ago? Enough is enough. It ain't 'attitude' anymore its just crap.

Did I mention La Lameistance in the ME sucks donkey balls? This better be a one-timer.

Preppy H and Evolushit is back in effect and with a new song! Whoopdeefuckindoo! This is the only possible thing more exciting than a Too Cool reunion. Flair please get away and go back to having a personality.

Well on the positive atleast I didn't have to hear Trish Stratus' retarded entrance song.

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Goldberg actually looked pretty good in the ring tonight. Was that a Roll of the Dice he hit on Christian?

Orton passes the test in his first big interview. Maybe he does have a big future. Orton/Maven at WrestleMania XXV?

From the shallow file....Jackie Gayda and Stacey both looked smokin' hot tonight.

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Unbelievable. They have Austin bring out the boring chants for Lance Storm, and after this they throw out a match like Rico vs. Spike Dudley? And then they give us Maven vs. Randy Orton?

Did they not expect that the boring chants would be back for a too long Rico/Spike match? Are they trying to kill Rico's new gimmick right off the bat? Will Linda then call Rico "disappointing" next week? Oh and if you give a guy a new gimmick, shouldn't you at least change his finisher? It's the same old Rico to me, only now even tougher to root for with TE flunky Jackie acting worse than ever.

To be positive though, Maven made the fans care about his match with Orton. I would think that a Maven/Orton match would elicit more boring chants, but they (along with big assists by Foley and Flair of course) kept the match flowing well.

Giving Kane a new storyline and setting up a match that provides some doubt as to its outcome? Wow, color me impressed. It almost makes up for the dumb "boring" booking...almost.

The Hurricane main eventing a Raw show? See, the WWE is listening to the 'Net. Well, they're listening to me anyways. Look for the next push to go to Molly.
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#14 Posted on

    Originally posted by Torchslasher
    Did they not expect that the boring chants would be back for a too long Rico/Spike match?

Well, they may have -- I'm guessing that Austin's "boring" segment was to make it so that, when we at home hear "boring" chants, we go, "ah, they're chanting 'boring' because they don't like that heel, there." It'll be an indication that fans are into the match and that they're mocking the bad guy.

It's kinda like spinning Kurt Angle's "You Suck" chants into something "respectful" and good. Don't try and change what the fans chant, just change the meaning out from under them.


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#15 Posted on
I liked the Foley-Orton segment. Also of note, when Foley plugged his book, the crowd was dead.

I see Lance Cade is now Garrison Cade. I don't know what to think of that Austin-Storm segment.

Maven-Orton was alright. I like the idea of a Foley-Flair feud a lot.

You know RAW is bad when the highlight of RAW is the Vengaence commercial with Kurt Angle.

Of course, no mention of Batista. Damn.

Overall, RAW was so-so.

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#16 Posted on
I dug Raw. It was like the first show after a Wrestlemania. It set up the stage for the two months before Summerslam. I'm curious to see how they'll do when they don't have to scramble for a PPV. They may still end up scrambling for SS, but they don't have to.

They set the stage pretty well. I don't like the idea of Foley ever wrestling again. After all that talk of not whoring his name out after retirement, I'll be real disappointed if he steps through the ropes. He is a much needed addition to show though. He really helped make Randy Orton into something. He's revitalized and the sour streak is flat out genius.

With the women, I think they're putting the focus on Ivory right now to either just give Trish some time off or to keep her away from Gail Kim.

I'm all for keeping Goldberg down with Jericho. This is the best smark mark angle in a long, long time. (I'm including myself with the smark marks here.) It kind of sucks that it's mirroring my lame fan fiction story though.

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#17 Posted on
Regarding Batista....why not have him come back as the leader of a new young group of guys from OVW...think about it, show him benching huge amts on a bench press and working out but kinda have it have a dark mood to it all...and have it at the end say something like "I am coming with the old white contacts and that freaking ass scary face he does...."then have a coming soon and have him come back as Leviathan with a new clique of guys and have him be all pissed at HHH for dumping him and be ready to prove him wrong and have him basically be a UT 2003...anybody?
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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
How could the Rico/Spike match have been only 4:33 long? It sure felt like 15 minutes.

The skank scale was off the charts for Gayda.

mmmmmm, Breakfast (

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#19 Posted on
Raw was a'ight. I was dozing off during the main, but mainly because I had taped the show and watched it extremely late (at least that was *part* of the reason I dozed off).

I was hoping that the Lance Storm segment was going to lead to Austin firing him for being boring, so he could go back to Smackdown! Watching the 200th show clips of Smackdown! on Confidential this past weekend reminded me of how much better Storm fit on that show when there was a short clip of him.

Whoever said that Foley (or Austin) was the first to screw up the WWE/WWF thing, you're not even close. Jim Ross messed it up like five minutes into the first broadcast of the newly dubbed "WWE." And yes, Austin did mess it up too. The night he came back he challenged all the "WWF Superstars in the back."

It was so obvious that whomever Evolution offered a spot to was going to turn them down since they just debuted a new entrance video with only Flair, Orton and HHH walking (which I thought was a pretty cool shot, actually). It's too bad that they seem set on keeping three member to the group. They need to have a good tag team and have Flair strictly as the manager who wrestles once in a while.

I had high hopes for the new Rico gimmick, but I wasn't feeling it yet. I think it was that he didn't really act any different than he did before. Now he just has more makeup and Jackie. they really should stick to calling her Miss Jackie instead of Jackie Gayda too. Hearing Gayda gives me bad flashbacks for some reason. Hopefully Rico gets a little more into the role as time goes on. I have faith in him, and want to see him get a big push.

Thumbs down to the new Christian music for me too. I can understand that they want to give him an overhaul to distinguish him from just being a tag wrestler that happens to be wrestling single matches now, but I'm really gonna miss his old entrance. Hopefully that new music will get tweaked into something more interesting as time goes on.

We'll see what happens next week, but I have a feeling that there will be no title change (duh), and no unmasking. We'll see.

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How ironic that on the night of Jackie Gayda's return, Goldberg/Booker-Jericho/Christian put on one of the sloppiest matches I've ever seen. Not one guy looked like he knew what he was doing, or that he cared.

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Tough for Kane to get hurt right after coming back, but since he has just come back and they haven't put him in anything he can't be taken out from (unlikely to make the main event, and no one would really miss the tag team title match)
- thecubsfan, Edge & Kane injured (2005)
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