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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 5-31-04 (Page 2)
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I dug the Drowning Pool music during the HITC package. I was actually listening to that last week or the week before, and I went, "Why don't they use this as his music?" I'm betting when Orton steals control of Evolution and Triple H takes another crack at being a face, he'll have that music. It's actually pretty cool. And I dislike Drowning Pool and the 1.5 million other bands that sound alike.
Head cheese

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    Originally posted by Toast Jr
    You know who Eugene looks like? The jolly Harley-loving American from Bloodsport (
    I realized that last night when Benoit ran out to save him from his upcoming rival Kane. If Kane throws sand in Benoit's eyes blinding him, and Benoit must think back to his training, I will call Bad Blood the greatest PPV in the history of time.

That would be hella sweet...furthermore, I wouldn't mind seeing "Monkey Man" back on my TV screen

This new Victoria sucks...they ruined everything I liked about her (the raging psychopath...she has become kinda vanilla

Eugene is arguably the best character on the show right now, I am hoping that somewhere in this feud that Regal gets to become GM of RAW

Man, is Orton not ready for the next level yet, he really phoned that match in until the end

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A couple observations:

1. The guys were really tired from the European tour and it showed. The matches were very slow.

2. When you're top face is booed. Your 2nd face would be booed. Your title challenger loses to a retard. And your main mid carders are in a match where the outcome is obvious, you're going to have a bad show.
Matt Tracker

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The Lovely Mrs. Tracker and I would like to note our confusion about the women's match last night. We could have sworn Lillian said it would be a tag match, and we were both hoping to see Molly. Imagine our disappointment.

Speaking of tag matches, considering Benoit was earlier in the very same corner where Orton couldn't untie the pad, I blame the champ for sabotaging the pad in an effort to keep Orton down. He obviously envies his height, skills, charisma and mouthful of teeth. GLASS CEILING!

Even though I had warned the aforementioned Mrs. Tracker about the Eugene character and could easily detect her dismay with the very idea of a mentally challenged grappler, she had no trouble with his performance last night. Wasn't offended at all. And she's about as mainstream and casual a wrestling fan as you could find. I could only think of how much I would like to have the official Eugene t-shirt.

She was however completely thrown by my explanation of the La Resistance as the bad guys ... only to watch them cheered by the Montreal fans. That finisher they used on Edge to win the belts -- who used that before? Someone in NWATNA?

She wondered why Matt Hardy was wearing "hillbilly pants" and I explained he hails from Cameron. We both cheered for Benjamin, as he hails from Orangeburg, S.C., a town known well to both of us.

It was a good show for the ritualistic gobbling of buffalo wings.

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La Resistance's new finisher is pretty swank. They're also probably the best choice for tag champs, seeing as how they're the only regular team with any credibility. That said, the tag division is in pretty sad shape (not that this is news to anyone), and they really need to beef it up with a couple new teams. I still think Rhyno and Tajiri would make for a swank tag team.

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    Originally posted by jjfc
    A couple observations:

    1. The guys were really tired from the European tour and it showed. The matches were very slow.

    2. When you're top face is booed. Your 2nd face would be booed. Your title challenger loses to a retard. And your main mid carders are in a match where the outcome is obvious, you're going to have a bad show.

I think a lot of these Canadian shows have gotten to the point where the fed can't really decipher any meaning out of the crowd reaction as they seem to be stuck in some sort of bizarre Post-Traumatic-1997 Disorder with a side order of mood swings. Benoit got a pretty big pop for his run-in at the end, and for the attempted crossface on Kane, so I think you just chalk up that first match to the hometown flavor (the now hailing from Atlanta might be hurtful to the Canucks, for Benoit). Anyways, decent RAW, not blowaway like the shows were a couple of weeks ago, but nothing out and out horrendous like Smackdown. I don't think Kane was hurt that much by Eugene's cheap win to end the night. Kane dominated more or less the entire match besides some hope spots, and then destroyed Eugene for some delightful monster heat. Victoria, please stop being on my TV until you realize dancing like you're at a Washington Wizards halftime show (what I assume dancing to little or no reaction would be like) and that stupid babyface pandering to the fans is going to cause a backlash against you from all sides of fence. Also, congrats to La Resistance, who have been continually improving in the ring.

Caped Boy: Excuse me, ladies. You may remember me as the guy who came to dinner a few weeks ago with underwear on my head. My name is Keith Stat from Milbourne, New Jersey. State bird, the mosquito. And as you may have heard I am recently a crowned class B dungeon-master. So if any of you would like to play D&D today, please speak now or forever hold your peace.
[He chuckles, and there is an awkward silence at the table.]
Caped Boy: Anyone? Alexa!
[Alexa gives him a withering glare.]
Caped Boy: Maybe you would like to join in? We do need a druid, and you have definitely cast a level 5 charm spell on me.
Alexa: In your dreams, douche-bag!
Caped Boy: Douche-bags are hygienic products, I take that as a compliment. Thank you.
[Keith walks off]
Alexa: Ewww!

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I don't usually reply to show threads but I am making an exception here.

A couple of random thoughts:

Would it have killed the fed to just put Kane over Eugene clean and have Benoit make the save? I mean, Eugene didn't really gain anything from this match and it only hurt Kane. If the guy can't beat a retard, then why are we suppose to think he can beat the World champ? Eugene would have lost nothing by losing cleanly to Kane.

I agree with Erin Anderson over at the OO. NO MORE CLOSEUPS OF LITA!! Keep the camera as far back form her face as possible and good things can happen.

I was a huge Victoria mark. She has been my favorite diva since she came in and everyone was harping on her acting abilities. Yeah, she was my favorite before it was the big thing to dig Victoria. Now, I can't stand her. I still think she's the hottest diva around, but for entertainment value -- at this point my money goes to Trish.

Also, and I know I am in the minority here -- hell, I think I am the ONLY person who has this opinion. But......for those of you with weak hearts you may want to skip this part.......I LIKE the "You screwed Bret" chants. I think what the WWE did to Bret in 1997 was horrid and those involved SHOULD be reminded of it every chance they get. I know I am not the most popular person for saying that, but hey it's how I feel. Then again, I've been known to hold grudges for long periods of time.

However, how many of you read comic books (I don't, so I can't give specific examples, but I know these type do exist) where the main protagonist's only motive is revenge on something that happen to him years and years ago? I have seen the X-Men movies and I notice no one tells Wolverine to "Get over it". I don't know, maybe you guys do -- who knows.

Just stating an opinion, man.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.11
I would have no problem with the "You Screwed Brett" chants if it didn't affect other stuff. Did we need the crowd actually booing the champ?(Although maybe it was for blowing the enziguri and the sharpshooter TWICE)

Also, I'd like them to turn down Evolution's intro music. I see a lot of Orton signs. And "we're not worthy" gestures with occassionally "Randy" chants, but I can't for the life of me tell how over he is.
Nuclear Winter
Boudin rouge

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Raw Thoughts of the Random Variety:

- I bet it's been years since Stevie Richards was featured in the recap of what happened on last week's Raw

- I guess Canadiens don't remember that Rob Conway ISN'T REALLY CANADIEN

- If Shelton gets a title shot if he wins tonight, why not just have the title on the line tonight? (I know, the almighty $Dollar$, but I like asking smartass rhetorical questions)

- Kane has been in a really huggy mood lately

- I appreciate the camera guys' valiant efforts to keep Jazz's ass off my TV

- Randy Orton struggling to get the turnbuckle pad off. Live television at its finest

- If Batista was smart, he'd have gone backstage, and told Ric Flair to stop taking my old lady for a ride on Space Mountain fat boy, so he could go down to the ring and help Orton

- So, Stacy's having a photo shoot right in the middle of Raw?

- The Very Best of Triple H Hell in a Cell Matches, available now at I Don't Give A Damn

- It just occured to me: J.R. is a ventriloquist, and Jerry Lawler is his dummy

- My dad during Matt Hardy's match: "C'mon, where's Kane? She said yes!"

- Why does it look like Kane is standing underneath the entrance ramp?

- I always knew the way to make Kane look like a viable challenger is by having him job to a mentally challenged man

- So, Kane was disqualified because he was DDTed on a chair...

In other news...

Castrol GTX High Mileage and Mario VS. Donkey Kong have faught to a draw, so next week, the two will face each other one on one for the World Commercial Championship

Shawn Michaels explains that he was never actually deactivated, because he wasn’t the droid Eric were looking for.

(RAW Satire, 5/17/04)

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But see, I would've told Wolverine to if the situation totally wasn't life or death. What it was, however wrong, was something that could have been avoided. There wasn't necessarily any malicious intent from the root of it, and its not like there weren't two sides.
I could picture Bret himself telling the canuckians to put it to rest. The chants may have been flattering in '98, even '99, but they're like a self-parody now. They weren't the victims, and I bet half of them weren't even watching wrestling at the time and just chant to conform.
(Its funny that HHH gets cheered though, seeing how he lied to Bret's wife. They can't even be consistent? :0)

That out of the way, I hope they're not planning to continue destroying Mattitude. Seeing him trying to throw up the V1 signs is uninspired and contradictory. He might as well bring back the polyester cargo stitched pants and grease his hair down his face. I was anticipating the interference of a cheatacanra. Might as well have done so, since it was a bland match. Why wasn't a word about the Kane situation so much as uttered?

Why isn't Jazz given more match time? She can outwrestle practically all of the division. Is Victoria supposed to be a mix of a Nitro girl with the in-ring style that Lita and Gail couldn't pull off? Why is WWE trying to rid everyone of their edge?

I actually wasn't completely sure if La Rez were fighting out of the Sharpshooters, or if it was Benoit having trouble. Its not like him to screw spots up...I'll just attribute to the weariness. Edge looked better tonight than he has been, though. Bringing out his old spots.

Is there some non-story reason that Christian's taking so much time off? And where are they taking this rivalry at this point? Another Christian-Jericho match?

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Christian's back was seriously hurt during the cage match. He's looking to be out for about two months. Which is a real shame, because he's built up a great amount of momentum lately, and it'll probably all be gone when he finally gets back. And Nuclear Winter, Kane got DQ'd because he disregarded the referee's instructions, and then tossed him to the mat.

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.00
I can't believe how many people are praising Trish. Am I the only one who thought that promo was horrible, maybe the worst of the year. I felt like I was watching a comedian bomb. It's a shame that Jericho is still stuck in this feud. The teasing of Trish being put in the Walls of Jericho is kind of pointless when he has had her in it like 5 times since Wrestlemania.

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RAW Thoughts:

Nice intro honoring our troops, past and present....The opening contest would've been much harder to sit through if it were in the states. The Canadian fans made this match seem pretty good. And like many other, I NEVER in my wildest dreams imagined hearing a crowd chant "Let's go Sylvain", unless The Rock started it.....The Coach/Eugene segment was all-right, and Kane was well-positioned as an insane monster by going after the heel Coach first, then Eugene....

The Benoit DVD, the Hall of Fame DVD; WWE just LOVES taking my hard-earned cash....Ya know, I wouldn't mind the new Victoria if someone had bothered to explain how she changed from a psycho to a happy dancer....Orton v.s Benjamin was disappointing, and it seemed real slow. I'm surprised more wrestlers haven't had trouble taking the turnbuckle off in the past....Interesting to put a video package in the middle of Trips' interview. It was likely more interesting, though....

Matt wins! But it's against Cade....I loved Bischoff's segment where he's talking to Eugene before the Kane match. He came across real well there, adding another dimension to his character....Trish's promo wasn't awful, but it wasn't a gem either....Kane v.s Eugene was a bit disappointing. At first, I thought Eugene was getting DQ'd, not Kane....An okay show, but not great.

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Did anyone notice the crowd actually chanting "popcorn fart" when Coach was leaving?

"Boy, I've crippled more people than Polio!"

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    Originally posted by Greymarch
    Did anyone notice the crowd actually chanting "popcorn fart" when Coach was leaving?

Yeah, I thought I heard that too.

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-La Resistance vs. Edge/Benoit- Benoit is from no fixed address this week. The crowd cheers like crazy for La Rez even thought Conway is the furthest thing from Quebec but he carries a flag(what sheep). "Let's go Sylvain" chant is just disturbing. I decent match that was made better with the hot crowd. La Rez wins in front of their supporting fans, so I guess it makes the title switch mean more... Don't know how that makes Benoit/Edge look, do they look like 2 guys who aren't popular. Or do they get even more support in America as they fall victim to stupid Montreal crowd. It was somewhat funny Lawler showing Ross ignorance in not knowing anything Canadian. Not knowing the PM!

-Coach/Eugene/Kane interview- But first Bischoff tells Coach to apologize in the ring to Eugene. Coach gives an apology and says Eugene as alot of friends and one of them is right behind that curtain. KANE!(No one can complain about Raw needing more Kane, he's a part of every storyline). Ahhh Kane actually looks pretty hugable out there with his hands extended(I can see what Lita saw in him). Eugene has watched wrestling on TV so he doesn’t trust the heel, but Kane's charm wins him over and we get a hug (awwww). Coach does what all good sneak attackers do and call his spot of "He might be your friend but I'm not" Wham. Kane doesn’t like it and gets in Coach's face but it was ALL A BIG SCAM as Kane clotheslines Eugene, damn that Kane. Coach oversells laughing at this situation almost as bad as his oversell of the pain of mist... In the back Regal is bloody damn mad at what happened.

-Victoria vs. Jazz- I liked Victoria going for the splits and Jazz catching her with an elbow and legdrop. Victoria goes and does her shaky shaky standing moonsault and says "I can't hear you Montreal"(don't worry Victoria no one can). Jazz pulls her tights for a pin attempt, kick out Victoria gets a quick rollup for the pin... This "great" Montreal crowd gave nothing to this match.

-Benjamin vs. Orton- I thought Batista was Vinnie Mac when I saw him walking out I have no idea way. Orton had best out of 3 battle with the turnbuckle, turnbuckle 2, Orton 1. Crowd pops as Orton removes the buckle. It looks like Orton & Benjamin bumped heads. Batista jumps on the apron and slams Orton head into the exposed turnbuckle and this match truly needs a commercial break... More unfair play by Batista as the ref catches him and throws him out. (Oh come on ref, he won't do it again promise). Na Na Goodbye chants. Faint "Let's go Shelton chants" J,R sells it like it's deafening (Yeah that "great" Montreal crowd again) Second part of the match was better then again Orton didn't have to boy scouts untying skills.

-HHH interview- HHH talks, shows video's of him defeating guys in Hell in a Cell. Don't worry he's not burying anyone all his opponents aren't full-time in WWE anymore. Foley, Nash, Jericho. Oh wait, well it's just Jericho.

-Hardy vs. Cade- Lita now is in every Mattfact, he's officially p*ssified. Mattfact: "Matt is whipped". Why is Matt getting less cheers now as a face then he was as a heel? "Great" Montreal crowd are chanting for names of the past. Matt wins... He and Lita are all happy and Lita is so proud of the man who slammed her head with a Steal cage door. And here's KANE. umm heeeeeeere's Kane. Cue Kane! Where's Kane?

-Stratus interview- Interview much like Tomko's kicks was hit & miss. The frog comment is somewhat racist but could have said it without having to spell it out for everyone saying there all over the arena. Alpha brings a good point, I do see a bit of Jessica Simpson act going on which is lame. She talks about why she lowering herself(to do the Highlight Reel), I'm questioning why is short-changing herself to do such a lame character. She had a few good lines in there. The JR impression was gold. Luxurious Stratustron 5000 was cute. The call up to report stealing the show was okay as well but the delivery is way too ditzy J. Simpson like to take seriously at all(will this character work as a wrestler? I don't think so)... Y2J runs out & puts Trish in the Walls(oh wow). Trish has the chick kick I guess Tomko has the miss kick as his batting average is as low as most Expos players as he misses another one.

-Eugene vs. Kane- Eugene hulks up as Kane throws punches, am I watching a freakin houseshow here or is this actually television to hype up Pay per views. Kane just punched him as hard as he can and Eugene no sold it, it's cute and all but what are we suppose to take seriously. Eugene wins by DQ... Kane attacks, Benoit comes in and makes the save and they play Eugene music instead of the World Champion (I know it's a little thing but strange)

-OtherStuff- Stacy gets asked what might be the most insulting question in the workplace by Todd whats-his-face "What exactly do you do"... Todd also talks to Orton backstage... Nitro goes gets Eugene. Bischoff informs Eugene that he's got a match with Kane. I can't really figure if Bischoff face is showing second thoughts or cold stare.

-Line of the Night: Trish "Buh Gawd that jezebel and Tyson Tomko just broke our table"
-Sign of the Night: "HBK will end the HHH" - What does that mean??? LoL
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Kane. 2)Benoit. 3)Jazz- I guess I don't know

First of I really don't want to hear about the "great" Montreal crowd. The crowd took away from most of the show then add it. With the exception of Eugene, did any babyface get anything from this crowd?. In the preview they hype what Lita question was and now ignores it. Oh, Matt should just go back to his Hardy gear, cause that's what he is now. Eugene hulks up to KANE of all people... The women division seems to be circling the drain as Trish being wasted away playing a go no where Jessica Simpson rip off. The Orton match was ruined by turnbuckle laces of doom. The only thing that was interesting was the tag title switch mostly because of the crowd even though the Babyface World champion was booed. Two bad weeks in a row for Raw.

smark/net attack wienerville advisory stays at BLUE alert - Guarded (With Benoit & Eddie being World & WWE champions you'd expect all's be right but couldn't do it due to Trish/Y2J character switches & whats the deal with JBL PPV main event)- 5/6
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Obvious question coming out of the interview: Who was the guy they originally tagged for the Inside Out role? Mr. Anderson perhaps? Not sure when it was filmed but I imagine it could've have been sometime around when Anderson left.
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