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25.4.18 0402
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 4-5-04
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Shelton Benjamin-centric FOOTAGE! from last week.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, because it is time to WAKE UP! It's Raw, live from Houston, TX...and a Fashion Report, too~! (So I just felt like adding a tilde this week, okay?)

HHH, in black suit with Black tee, is out to speak; he badmouths Shelton and Benoit. Shelton, in red singlet with silver trim, is out to crack wise. (HHH really likes to say "the fact is", I've noticed.) Book a match - HHH vs. Shelton.

FOOTAGE! of Monterey's house show.

Benoit, in red tights with black slashes, wearing the Heavyweight Title, vs. Conway, with Rene, now from Quebec City, both in sparkly blue military coats and black "La Resistance" undies, carrying blue flags with white fleur-de-lies. Johnny Weekly, in black-and-white striped shirt, his left arm in a sling, announces he's the special guest referee. Johnny gets dumped to the outside, so Chad Patton comes out to officiate. Crossface -> submission. An average match.

In his room of fun, Bisch, in black leather jacket, welcomes William Regal, in black suit with white shirt and hanky with tie. William now will manage Bisch's nephew, Eugene Dinsmore.

Jericho, in black/pink "Jericho" shirt and red/black/pink silhoutte tights (he's now from Manhattan, NY) vs. Mattitude, in red/black "MHV1" shirt and red/black pants with red pockets. Christian! and Trish watch from a recliner they've placed on the stage. (Hey - the Titantron's a rhombus!) Chad Patton is the referee. Walls of Jericho -> submission. An average match.

JR, in grey suit and black hat, and Lawler, in a black/white vertical striped shirt with gold scrolling, kick us over to Mick. Mick rocks in a chair, sniffing a tuklip and talking about his trusted flannel (making it sound like he's talking about groupies). Eventually Mick goes full-throttle intense, destroying the set with his barbedwirebat. Randy, Rick and Batista watch from their lockerroom. Randy looks downdast while Rick tries to buck him up.

Flair, in black suit and blue shirt with red tie, is the special guest ring announcer. He announces Batista, in black wifebeater and black slacks, as the special guest time keeper. Orton is the trainer, in steel-blue longsleeved tee and black slacks, with his IC Title, a water bottle, bucket and stool. HHH, in black iron-cross undies, vs. Shelton, in same as before. Hebner is the official. Shelton wins via countout. An average match. Post-match, Evolution picks-apart Shelton. Shelton does a nasty blade-job. Benoit, Shawn, and Foley, with barbedwirebat, come off and makes Evolution bail.

Bisch joins JR and Lawler to announce that Benoit, Shawn, and Mick will face dire consequences later tonight for their interference in the last match.

Lita, in black winged "Lita" heart tanktop and pink capris, vs. Jazz, in turquoise top and skirt, vs. Nidia, in white top and fullcuts, vs. Molly, in a strait blonde wig, white back-laced top and black pants, vs. Stacie, in black bra and black hotpants, vs. a returning Gail Kim (now from "Korea"), in tan bikini top and black hotpants, vs. Trish, in sparkly black top and blakc leather pants, vs. Adbreak. (Yes, the introductions took up an entire segment.)

Joined in progress. Apparently this is according to battle royale rules, modified (the ladies don't have to go over the top rope). Stacie, Molly, Gail, and Nidia have all been eliminated by the time we get to the match. Jazz is quickly eliminated. Shelton's blood-stain is still in the ring. Jack Doan and Chad Patton are doing the officiating. Jericho comes down to ringside to taunt Trish. Trish is eliminated; Lita wins. Eh.

Smackdown! Rebound shows FOOTAGE! of the WW show no-one watches. Focus is on the Real-American Award. Way too much Bradshaw (the stuff I FF'ed through).

In the pack, Regal tries to find Eugene. Apparently Eugene is a mentally-handicapped bearded man. Well, actually, the character is mentally-handicapped; it seems like the guy is not. (This can only be bad. Maybe even worse than Beaver Cleavage...but at least Chaz shat on that whole thing when on live TV.) Is it some kind of autism? Sorry, I can't exactly place it.

Coach comes out, in tan shirt and backwards black cap, with FOOTAGE! of last week's unfortunate misting.

Tajiri, in black pants, yellow dragon on the right leg and flaming left hem, vs. (in the back, Christian! tells Trish that the match at Backlash is them vs. Jericho) Christian!, in blue tights with black "C"s on white crests. Jack Doan DID get a haircut - and he referees this match, too. Wait - since when does Lawler stick up for Coach (and don't say "tonight")? Unprettier -> pin. A poor match.

The announcers run-down the card for Backlash. Wow - Edge looks like he really beefed-up.

In the back, Regal tries to weasel out of the whole Eugene thing. Meanwhile, Eugene has made his way out to the announce table.

Kane, under the towell, in black tights with red barbedwire stripes, vs. Rhyno, in black "Rhyno" stripes. Mike Chioda officiates. Holy shit - they snapped the ring rope? Post-match, edge comes out...why? Oh, and it looks like Edge has a broken hand.

In the back, Shawn and Benoit do a mutual-respect/competition thing. Then, together with Mick, they go a-walking to the ring.

Bisch is in the ring, and he demands Benoit come out; Benoit complys. Bisch wants Mick, and Mick comes out, too. Then, Bisch wants some Shawn (wouldn't you know), and Shawn walks down the ramp. Bisch books, for next week, Mick, Benoit, Shawn and Shelton vs. Evolution. HHH, with Mjolnir, walks down the ramp, with the rest of Evolution attacking through the crowd. The heels thoroughly dominate the faces in a fast beatdown.

Overall: An okay show, nothing special. Mick's promo made me care about the match-up. Shelton's blade job - EWWW! While he might not have worn a crimson mask, the laying-in-his-puddle thing was a stronger visual.

What's up with everyone being from new places, now? Benoit is "now residing in Atlanta", Jericho is from "Manhattan", and Kim is from "Korea". And many other wrestlers are from different places. Did the WW just decide to update their directory?

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If Rhyno's GOAR couldn't keep Kane down than why would Edge's scrawny assed spear?

Was Benoit announced as 'Now Residing in Atlanta, Ga'?

Mick Foley can't cut the crazy hardcore promo anymore. Cactus Jack is dead Mick. Just be Mick the the fat guy that gets his ass kicked. The crazy hardcore guy just isn't believable anymore, we know to much about Foley to think of him as the Jack of old.

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Somehow, they dumped on Dinsmore the worst traits of Jamison, Norman the Lunatic and Evad Sullivan. On the bright side, at least he didn't have to spike his hair red and become a farm animal. Unless, that's what he has to do next week.
So, La Resistance has now gone from being French to being Quebec?
Benoit/Conway was a nice little match.
I'll give Trip credit, he had a nice match with Benjamin. And, after jobbing a few times its understandable him having to get his heat back by destroying everyone. Surprised though that Orton didn't come out armed with 'Barbie'.
Nice interview by Foley. That's the Foley that should be on TV, not the buffoon Foley.
Flair is gold as ring announcer. Perhaps Lillian can get sent to the corner they dumped Terri on.
Unless it leads to Christian and Jericho reteaming to destroy Trish, Christian making it a handicap makes no sense.
Perhaps the battle royale would have been better if they went to commercial during the entrances rather than during all of the eliminations.
Nice to see crap continues to get some sort of push, as Lita continues being awful yet gets a PPV match.
Interesting 8-man for next week.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I just said.

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RAW Thoughts:

Just Another Trips Interview, til Benjamin injected some life into the segment....Since when does the champ wrestle in the opening match?....I loved the Nitro music for Johnny Nitro. I couldn't put my finger on what the music was and where I'd heard it before til Johnny-boy came out....Eugene Dinsmore? Well, at least they saddled Regal with him. His facial expressions and responses should be hilarious....Didn't Jericho just beat Matt a few weeks ago?....Are they making the faces from the U.S (Jericho, Benoit) and the heels from Canada (Christian, Trish)?....

Man, Edge looked like Van Hammer when they were previewing the matches at Backlash....Good Mick interview, but I thought he was gonna pull out the hardcore belt from the box he had....The Trips/Benjamin match was a notch below last week's, but fine for the length it was....Nice to see where the women stand. Why did they hype this match at the beginning? Unless they were running short. And I think I see where Gail's been in her time off *wink**wink*...

Tajiri/Christian was too short to be anything worthwhile....The WWE is walking a VERY thin line with this Eugene character. I can imagine the fans booing the character too, if they find it offensive especially. That could be tough to take....Well, the rope broke. That's about the only interesting thing in the Kane/Rhyno match....Fine final segment (was Mick wearing JEANS?!?!?), and I love the backstage interaction the four guys had.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.35
    Originally posted by EastCoastJoe
    If Rhyno's GOAR couldn't keep Kane down than why would Edge's scrawny assed spear?

    Was Benoit announced as 'Now Residing in Atlanta, Ga'?

    Mick Foley can't cut the crazy hardcore promo anymore. Cactus Jack is dead Mick. Just be Mick the the fat guy that gets his ass kicked. The crazy hardcore guy just isn't believable anymore, we know to much about Foley to think of him as the Jack of old.

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Benoit has been "Now Residing in Atlanta, Ga" since WMXX. And I have to disagree about Foley. Good promo, happy to see the bat with wire again. for some reason I thought he was gonna pull out the "Mankind" mask.

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A few Raw thoughts:

-Foley's promo was magical. He's tapping into the stuff which made his ECW work so powerful. I was literally on the edge of my seat at the end.

-Johnny Nitro coming out to the old Nitro theme was a brilliant move. I guess they've finally got a name they want to stick with.

-Every tag team needs a strong finisher, and the one La Resistance pulled out tonight was perfect. Conway did his half a few weeks ago on Heat to Spike off the middle of the top rope (ala Tully Blanchard) and it was just brutal.

-They've finally figured out a way to diminish Matt Hardy's opening face pop: send him out immediately after a bigger face. Too bad they won't do anything with him.

-It's great to see Regal back on TV, no doubt, but I truly wonder how long this Eugene gimmick will last. If people were upset about Goldust's "stuttering" I can't imagine what they'll be like over this.

-JR made my night with one quote: "If I hurt my eye, I'll have to keep that in mind...Lenscrafters." Awesome.

All in all, it was an enjoyable show. The wrestling end was a bit short and sporadic, but what was there was entertaining enough. I'm just happy that Austin didn't come out in the end to beat on Evolution and usurp all the heat.
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Whoever Garrison Cade was talking to on the cell phone prolly has a bigger push then he does. I dont think he will ever get a decent push in the next decade at this rate.

Also, Coach's "lencrafters" line was awesome. As was Regal's "more ups and downs than a whores drawers" one.

I miss the GWF.

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Overall good show. They put themselves in a hard spot with HHH and Benjamin. You cant have HHH getting pined two weeks in a row leading up to a huge ppv rematch. You also cant have HHH killing Benjamin ala Jeff Hardy so I think the outcome was good all around, plus Benjamin gets to hang with the big boys for at least another week with the awesome 8 man tag.

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Also, Coach's "lencrafters" line was awesome. As was Regal's "more ups and downs than a whores drawers" one.

The line of the night, though, came during this exchange:

JR: Trish is really full of herself.
King: JR, if you were a hot woman like that, you'd be full of yourself, too!

That's just good writing.

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You know what RAW didn't have: Stone Cold. And that helped make it a very good RAW. I loved Foley's promo. Great to see Regal again. I am OK with hHh beating everyone up this week. He was angry that he got beat two times two times by Mr. Benjamin and lsot the title at Wrestlemania. I am some what glad to see a good 4 vs 4 tag match next week with it being the biggest heels vs biggest faces.

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Eugene is brutal - but if anyone on the roster can make it work, it's Regal. I forgot how awesome he was on the mic. He's got some crap to work with, but his outrage and British slang may just get the job done.

(Especially since Dinsmore is, by all accounts, pretty damn good. [I know he got mad over in my copy of EWR, if that counts for anything. Which it doesn't.] It might be interesting if, once he finally wrestles, he winds up being something of an idiot savant in the ring.)

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Pretty good RAW, and I think Shelton winning again was obviously awesome. I want good things to happen for Mr. Benjamin and this is a great step in the right direction. Moment of the night was definitely Johnny Nitro coming out to the old Nitro music. Oh how I miss you WCW.

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I don't know if it's possible, but Eugene actually turned out WORSE than I expected. Have pity on poor Nick Dinsmore. And pity William Regal. His triumphant return gets wasted on this drek.

So Jericho's from Manhattan now? Are they purposely trying to kill any Canadian face pops for Backlash? Benoit was bad enough, but this is just baffling.

I gave Hunter a lot of credit last week for putting Shelton Benjamin over. But as time goes on, I just keep having a bad feeling that in the end, everything will just result in another Pedigree.

Wow, they're setting up Benoit as the major underdog AGAIN. I hope they know that if he DOES choke, it'll make him look like a huge loser.

I pretty much put Edge in that same class as John Cena, in that he needs a better worker to work a classic match. Kane is not that worker. Backlash could very well be Edge's worst match since his "classic" with A-Train back in December 2002.

Good matches this week. Benoit/Conway and Jericho/Matt worked. HHH/Benjamin II didn't have that same magic.

Ok show overall. Nothing to get too excited about, with the exception of Foley's golden promo. I don't question the intentions of this feud, but if all this leads to Orton going over cleanly again, it'll really deflate the live crowd, IMO.

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Just goes to show you, kids... work hard for years in one of WWE's developmental territories, and you too can debut as Sean Penn's character from I Am Sam!

In addition to being a pointless and somewhat offensive gimmick (hey, it's the retarded guy, let's make fun of him!), I bet Nick Dinsmore is wondering just what the hell all that work was for. I'm sure that having William Regal as his manager will mean that MIRTH~! and HILARITY~! will ensue (if you're eight years old, you probably won't be able to stop laughing), but it just doesn't amuse me. And if anything he did were to crack me up, I'd feel guilty about it.

Wow. Thanks for showing up today, Molly, Gail Kim and Stacey Kiebler! At least Molly didn't get her wig ripped off again this week. But getting enough TV time for an entrance and nothing else could actually be considered a step backwards.

Then again, I can't imagine that the Divas Battle Royal was actually any good, so maybe missing most of it was a blessing in disguise.

Shelton Benjamin gets his second consecutive win against Triple H-- this time, in an improbable countout despite liberal interference from Evolution. Wow. This victory was actually almost as impressive as the first one, with Shelton having to crawl his way back into the ring after Random Evolution Member attacked him. It was a struggle for Benjamin just to not get counted out, let alone win. It didn't mean as much as Shelton pinning Triple H like he did last week, but it was a very impressive, “heart-proving” match.

The eight-man tag-team match will be very interesting. Jeez, how long has it been since Foley wrestled on free TV? And man, how vicious is the match between Foley and Mr. Corona With Lime going to be at Backlash? I'd been waiting for him to bring out the barbed-wire baseball bat.

Benoit/Conway was pretty good. From what I've been told, Rob Conway's an outstanding technical wrestler. I'd love to see these two guys in a longer match when Conway's more established.

Nice to see Matt Hardy on TV, and hey... he put on a good match with Jericho! Didn't win, but didn't get his ass kicked either, which is an improvement.

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.49
Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway are Quebequois now? How'd that happen? And I know that Benoit now hails from Atlanta, but I still couldn't reconcile the crowd chanting "USA! USA!" during that match. When you've got a Canadian (Benoit) pretending to be an American, and an American (Conway) pretending to be a Canadian, I couldn't figure out who they were supposed to be chanting for. It was just too confusing.

Some HHH thoughts. Trips has lost four matches in succession. It breaks down like this:
1) He tapped out to Benoit at WMXX.
2) He was DQ'd on the lottery show, giving Eddy the win.
3) He was pinned by Shelton Benjamin last week.
4) He was counted out tonight, Benjamin wins.
Seems like he's covering all the various ways that one can lose a match. That's four losses, four different ways to lose. Something tells me HHH's jobbing streak might quickly be coming to close. Unless they find a new way for him to lose, he might just be done losing.

Regal is awesome. Welcome back, you sour, pasty, English bastard. We've have missed ye so.

I'm not sold on Eugene yet. He's more retarded than I thought he would be. Though Dinsmore doing the Bushwhackers march then licking Lawler's forehead was pretty funny. I'll still give it time. I want to see what he does with this character, in and out of the ring, before I pass judgement.

Shelton is so far proving to be worthy of the push. The fourway next week could have some excellent moments.

An afterthought:

I was kinda looking away for just a split second when the rope broke during the match with Rhyno and Kane. How exactly did it happen? Can someone give me a play by play?

Also, Rhyno looked like he hurt his shoulder. I couldn't tell if he was just selling really well, or if he really bunged up his shoulder. Did something happen to his shoulder when the rope snapped?

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.47
Renegade Raine says:

"Seems like he's covering all the various ways that one can lose a match. That's four losses, four different ways to lose. Something tells me HHH's jobbing streak might quickly be coming to close. Unless they find a new way for him to lose, he might just be done losing.

You forgot about KOs! Although I highly doubt I'll ever see that happen from H.

It was awesome seeing Regal tonight. Hell, I marked out for him when he appeared on TV. I wonder how any person who has to job to Eugene...the "Special" Person will feel.

I think Ric Flair could be put in ANY role and he would still rule at it.

Triple H...putting over a young star two weeks in a row?! Wow...I thought I'd never see that coming.

Man...I'm going to sound like a twelve year old for a second here, but Johnny Nitro has a nice ass. I never noticed how...kawaii he is. ANYWAYS...

What was the point of showing all the entrances and having most of the match during the break of the women's match? Oh...I cut all the spots that Lita probably blew. Okay, although Molly was in the match and I wanted to see how well Gail Kim did in her return (probably not any better), I understand.

The eight man tag next week should be good. I'm glad to see Shelton's getting such a good push.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.44
You're right, I did forget about KO's, but I agree it's also highly unlikely Triple H will do it. Sleeper hold? Hmmm...

Oh yeah.. one more thing...

Immature chant of the night: "Randy's gay! Randy's gay!"

What the hell? Not even Rico gets that anymore.

Oh yeah... one more, more thing...

No Stone Cold? Could this because of his legal troubles?

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.90
    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Surprised though that Orton didn't come out armed with 'Barbie'.

You know, that was probably EXACTLY the one thing missing. Mixing the bigger picture (Evo wanted to kick all of their asses) with a slightly smaller one (Randy is willing to go a little hardcore himself to put Mick down). Heck, assuming anyone at the WWE ever bothers to read that for some reason, they'll probably be kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.
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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.79
I was wondering why orton didn't come out with 'Barbie' either. Am I missing something, or is there supposed to be some tension between Eric Bischoff and Evolution? If so, then yeah, it would kinda' make sense that orton didn't have the barbed wire bat.

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to see where RAW is coming from next week, and I missed the segment where rhe week's events are taking place. If there's a really hot crowd at RAW next week like there has been in NY/NJ, Detroit and Houston, the 8-man tag with Benoit/HBK/Foley/Benjamin and Evolution could be great--hell, even EXCELLENT, although I doubt that it can have the same heat the Dallas ten-man four years ago did. (Then again, what matches CAN have the same type of energy that the Rock/Cactus/Rikishi/Too Cool vs. dx/Radicalz match did?)

And that was over four years ago already? Gosh I feel old.

RAW was decent as a follow-up to last week's AWESOME edition. It could have had more as far as wrestling goes, and I am SO NOT looking forward to seeing Eugene again, unless, as OlFuzzy suggested, he might be some type of wrestling dynamo once he wrestles. That may be the ONLY way WWE can get away with this gimmick.

And one last thing-- what IS THE DEAL with the Christian pose thing (for lack of a better term) for the Backlash PPV promo vignette? He does that goofy thing with his face, and I SWEAR I feel like smacking him!!! It's totally in line with his personality, though--that piece of crap heel who is just BEGGING to get the sh!t slapped outta him.

Please, WWE. Push Christian into the upper tier SOON!

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.74
Ummm, why did trips get counted out in his match???? Benjamin went back in the ring, which is supposed to break the count...right? Watch Jericho VS HBK WMXIX, it worked then. I really hate it when the "rules" fit whatever storyline the WWE wants them to.

Did anybody else catch that?

"Huard, gonna go back to throw the ball. Sets up, looks, throws towards the corner of the is INTERCEPTED INTERCEPTED, THE DUCKS HAVE THE BALL! Down to the 35, the 40. Kenny Wheaton's gonna score! Kenny Wheaton is gonna score! 20, the 10, Touchdown! Kenny Wheaton on the interception, the most incredible finish to the football game!"
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I also thought it was funny when John Cena was feuding with one of the guys in charge, who says that he'd given Umaga the night off. "Right. Which means he'll jump me at the end of the night, right?
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