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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW 4/4/05
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Big Brother

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.44
Yeah, I got nothing to say either. WrestleMania was last night? At least we now know how many seats were taken up due to the Titantron setup (about 3,500).

I mean, I get where they're trying to go with a lot of these post-PPV storylines, but...well, maybe next week. Okay, YOU say something

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.93
Great video package to open the show- really made you feel like you missed out if you missed WM (I should know)....A short (for him) and sweet Triple H interview. I thought it was decent....Gotta be tough for these guys to perform at such a high level the night after WM, but the triple-threat was a great match....

Surprised to see Orton- and fighting Batista?....Hey, we didnt have to suffer through a Christy/Trish match!....Surprised they showed Hogans WM moment on free TV. To be in the crowd when he comes out must be just electric....Anytime HBK does the lounging on the top turnbuckle spot, then hes worth my TV time. Good promo from Hassan, especially the losers love losers comment....

Nice touch with Benoit trying to stretch the arm out. This match made Benoit look pretty stupid- every move he did made his arm worse. Im surprised he didnt do his dive thru the ropes onto Edge, with his arm hitting Edge and the guardrail. But, he got the win....Steve Austin: The perfect foil for Simon Dean....Not sure that the match against Orton did much for Batista, even though it was a win....Good RAW.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.79
Flipping between RAW and the game for much of the time.
New World Champ, and he gets no mic time? Very unusual.
Surprised they didn't take the I-C belt off of Benjamin by him not losing, thus giving him a chase for a few weeks/months.
Seemed like the crowd wasn't that upset when White Trash Social Disease, I mean Lita, got taken out. Actually, it seemed to turn Trish face.
Are they trying to recreate Jake Roberts 'Trust Me' with Kane? If so, not the right guy, as he pales in ringwork and mic work when compared to Jake.
Please tell me that Austin won't be back again any time soon. If his neck and knees are fine, then I'm all for him being back. But, if it is just to fill the 'Beat the shit out of people and never give anyone any offense role', let him disappear.
Did someone actually allow Arn Anderson some input into the show, with the focus on working on the arm, selling the arm, and working on the arm some more?
I thought they should have had Batista give Orton multiple Batista Bombs in order to provide extra reasoning behind his absense. At least the RNN updates are pretaped and brief, unlike the yawn fests of his in ring talk sessions.
Shem the Penman

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.04
I thought Orton's promo was pretty good, myself.

I'd complain about Austin once again being allowed to beat up guys who can actually wrestle, but a) he'll probably be gone once they leave LA anyway and b) it's Simon Dean and Maven, who really cares?

Looks like Benoit/Edge at backlash. No complaints from me.

So Shawn wants a rematch with Angle? Yeah ... death, taxes, HBK getting his job back.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.16
I was expected A LOT more than that tonight. I figured we'd at least see someone new make a debut tonight.

I know Orton needs shoulder surgery and this was probably away to get him off of TV tonight, but geez, how lackluster was that ending?

I'll admit, I loved that Stone Cold segment. It's not like Maven & Simon Dean are really going anywhere, right?

Can they really milk the HBK/Angle thing until Summerslam?

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Summer 2005

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.74
Did they completely bury Orton tonight or what? I'll admit I wasn't paying that much attention, but it looked to me like he got demolished inside of three minutes. Oh well, not complaining.

Trips starting the show? Jesus, it doesn't count as "doing the right thing" if he is still the centerpiece of the show. This is why the criticism against Hunter is justified. The main thread of the show is either Hunter having or obsessing about not having the belt. It is never about the people who have it for those brief spells where it's not welded to his hipbone. Benoit got the belt, but the second he wasn't against HHH, he was a World Champ midcarder. Now it looks like Batista is going to get the same treatment. I'm willing to keep watching and not cast my vote too early, but how many times does your skepticism have to be verified before it's no longer skepticism and just becomes, y'know, logic?

Was the entire video recap of Wrestlemania necessary? Was showing almost the entire production with Hogan/Hassan necessary? Was the entire Austin Gladiator skit necessary? Jeez, backstage segments and in-ring promos are one thing, but I didn't pay fifty bucks so you could show all those cheap-asses out there the same shit free of charge and without rest-holds.

Speaking of backstage segments and in-ring promos, by my count we had three matches tonight. I'm not one these fanboys with tunnel vision who wants one-hundred and eleven minutes of wrestling every week, but only seven guys have to work tonight? Were there injuries I wasn't aware of? Of the seven who worked, five were in the most physically demanding match on the card and are most likely to be hurt, so I'm not entirely sure this was the best booking. I hope I'm not alone in thinking Chris Benoit has earned a night off.

Not a good RAW at all, and definitely didn't feel huge like a post Mania RAW usually does.

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(edited by Hogan's My Dad on 4.4.05 2103)

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Lap cheong

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.49
Even when HHH isn't champion, its still clearly HIS show.

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Matt Tracker

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.52
Has there ever been a feud where the heel champ didn't hit his finisher on the challenger? I can't recall Batista eating a Pedigree.

ANOTHER Simon shill skit? When did it ever work to get him over?

Trish is on a level of cool evil that I don't think any female North American wrestler has achieved. Only Akira Hokuto can compete.

The IC triple threat match stole the show from the start.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.93
    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    Was the entire video recap of Wrestlemania necessary? Was showing almost the entire production with Hogan/Hassan necessary? Was the entire Austin Gladiator skit necessary? Jeez, backstage segments and in-ring promos are one thing, but I didn't pay fifty bucks so you could show all those cheap-asses out there the same shit free of charge and without rest-holds.

Like I said earlier, the video recap was effective in making ME wish I would've gotten somewhere to see the show, which I think is what they were trying to do there- make people who DIDN'T order WM feel like they missed out on something big. Then, maybe it won't happen next time. But yes, I thought recapping the whole Hogan/Hassan thing was a bit much.

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.71
I thought Raw was a lot of fun tonight. I didn't buy the PPV (I never do) and had read the recaps, so I wasn't expecting great things other than that I knew we'd see Jericho and Christian mix it up (they always fight after a PPV). I was expecting Daivari/Hassan since per the recaps they didn't get into too much last night, and I also figured we'd see Edge get some mic time.

I was surprised that Orton wrestled after the reports of his injury. I thought we'd see the tag champs since we missed them last night, and I thought we'd hear from the new champ.

The 3 way match was terrific, and it felt like it went longer than it did. I thought Christian stayed in the walls an awfully long time, waiting for Benjamin to break it up. Edge and Benoit had a great match for free TV, helped a lot by a hot, hot crowd. Great story, Ross and King did a good job emphasizing Benoit's arm injury. I don't know how hurt Benoit's arm was, but they did a great job keeping the focus off his stitches - which were more likely legit.

Speaking of the hot crowd, they were still enjoying their nachos and beer when interrupted by Simon and Maven. The recaps from Stone Cold on Piper's pit last night sounded underwhelming, perhaps due to other activity on the card. Stone Cold got his due recognition tonight. Dean and Maven both held their own with Stone Cold on the mic tonight, and the crowd ate every bit up.

By time we got to Batista/Orton, I was sure the crowd was worn out, and we'd seen the best of the evening already. I was right.
Lap cheong

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.65
I liked them opening the show with last night's video recaps. I love those end of show recaps they do each year at 'Mania, and it made for a nice way to start off RAW and make it seem important.

For once, I was happy about a Hunter promo. It did not drag and didn't seem to be as ego-inflating as usual. He went out there, got right to the point, and made me actually want to see the rematch between he and Batista. The yelling right in that one fan's face was a nice touch.

The 3 way was a great match, especially considering it was only 7 or so minutes long. Benjamin continues to inch his way up as my favorite performer on RAW. He's just so damn fun to watch.

Edge/Benoit was a great match. I totally dig the heel Edge, and I hope they save his title match for an important show and don't just throw it out there on a random RAW.

Speaking of me digging somebody as a heel whom I hated as a face, I thought Randy Orton's promo was great tonight. It's actually too bad that he has the injury, because his promo made me want to see a program between he and Batista. I'm sure the matches would leave a lot to be desired, but the build-up could be fun, with a smart backstory.

I thought Austin's segment was more entertaining tonight then it was at WrestleMania.

I must say that I enjoyed tonight's RAW. It wasn't blowaway or anything, but it seemed to set up some future angles. And since the months right after WrestleMania are generally bland because all the storylines have ended, at least this year they seem to have some stuff up their sleeves.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
So Orton showed Kane he "understands" what? How to job?

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.99
Still laughing at Austin calling Simon Dean a "little purple bastard."

WHO is the front-row sign mark with the red cap? I see him at nearly every show and he shared the damn camera with HHH at the end of the first segment.

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.38
That triple threat match was more entertaining and dramatic than the Smackdown title match at 'Mania. And it's a true testament to Benjamin's awesomeness that with minimal promo time and paper thin storylines/feuds, he's gotten over with the fans because of his awesome work inside the ring. Kinda makes me wish they moved Paul London over to Raw and had the two of them fighting over the IC title.

it says so right here in the wcw handbook!
Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.47
(Staples Center is the most annoying building I've ever gone to for wrestling! Remind me to tell y'all about it sometime. Suffice it to say that, when you watch Heat & there's nobody in the building, it's not the fans' fault.)

Hey! I was at Raw tonight! Good show. A little shorter & less intense than last night's -- go figure. :-)

Probably a dark match: Viscera vs. Ricky Reyes & Lil' Nate (introduced as something like Vic Vickerson?) -- big hit with the UPW fans in the audience. More fun than the usual squash, since the kids got some double-team offence on Viscera before the inevitable.

Tomko vs. Val Venis. Don't know what happened -- I was dealing with Staples Center issues, part 3.

(Does anybody care enough for me to bother to spoiler these Heat matches?)

Hurricane & Rosey vs. Regal & Tajiri vs. La Res.

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
La Res is eliminated first, but run back in, breaking flagpoles over the remaining four. DQ the whole thing. Was generally fun stuff.

Jobber Shawn Evans vs. Chris Masters.

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
They're giving Masters quite a bit of mic time -- he's actually OK in presentation, but I'm skeptical about whether he can sustain much in the way of content. He invites the jobber to leave, but that offer is declined. Short squash, & Masters managed not to damage the jobber with the axehandle. (You damage Stevie Richards, you piss me off!)

Building is sold out to the rafters again. Lillian's national anthem totally kicks ass, as always.

HHH promo was very good -- putting over Batista in a huge way -- "awesome" isn't a word HHH usually uses about anybody other than himself. (Incidentally, HHH looking particularly splendid tonight -- hair & suit both pretty much perfect. Ymmm.)

Shelton was limping quite badly out to the ring, but still put in a fantastic performance, along with Christian & Jericho. (Shelton was pending outside while Chris had Christian in the Walls -- he was just waiting for his cue.) I was astonished that at one point, a "CLB" chant actually broke out! Very good stuff.

Randy's promo started off pretty well while he was talking about the Undertaker ("If it wasn't for my shoulder..."), but wandered astray when he got to "no respect for Batista". Randy just still needs a little support, poor baby.

I was thrilled when Trish just cut to the chase & kicked Christy in the head. OK, then she had to deal with Lita, but still...

Nice tie, Shawn. Orange sherbet? Tonight we get the HBK love that was lacking last night. He's limping considerably too. More HBK/Angle has to be a good thing! Love the lounging on the corner of the ropes. But, shouldn't Shawn have friends in the back to help him with a 2-on-1 beatdown? (Crowd was calling for Hogan, naturally. Nah.)

Edge got a suprisingly big pop on his entrance, but that didn't hold. (Bringing out the briefcase was funny.) Benoit, however, got a good pop on his way to the ring, & a big standing ovation as he was leaving.

I kinda like Maven with Simon Dean; one thing Al made damn sure of was that his kids know how to listen in a promo setting. Otherwise, standard Austin segment. Steve's moving pretty friskily these days -- the down-time seems to have been good for him. Also good to see that Austin's beer guy has his arm back -- he was a tad rusty last night.

That big, green, multi-part "Batista" sign? The obverse of the "T" was "I still [heart] Randy". Some negotiation was needed among the group when the ME was announced.

Batista/Randy was a nice little match. Randy got some offence at the beginning, before Dave got to be super-dominant. Mostly gave HHH the opportunity to applaud sardonically. Interesing visual though that HHH is beat up looking after last night, while Dave is totally unscathed.

No real after-show. Batista did a lot of posing for & appreciating the crowd. He's still basking in the fun of it, which is just fine with me.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.98
    Originally posted by emma
    (Staples Center is the most annoying building I've ever gone to for wrestling! Remind me to tell y'all about it sometime. Suffice it to say that, when you watch Heat & there's nobody in the building, it's not the fans' fault.)

It sucks trying to get ANYWHERE in LA, Let alone, Staples in rush hour.


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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.85
I thought it was a pretty good show last night. There were only three matches, but they were all good matches, and that counts for a lot with me. Man, did anyone else notice how little Austin looked? I mean, I know he's not keeping ring shape now (and why should he?), but I just wasn't prepared for that. And I think they think they're protecting Batista by not having him talk, but I want to hear him. Batista didn't catch on with his ringwork, he caught on because of the little things he does so well out of the ring. Like when HHH was making the "I want the belt" sign and yelling "That's my title!" Batista just calmly pointed to the nameplate on the belt. I loved that.

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
I wouldn't be surprised if the Austin segment actually adds heat to the Maven/Dean team. This team could have a small future.

I liked Benoit's win. I don't know how much he was selling and how much is real, but he really looked battered in there and worked a really solid match.

Batista clean over Orton was a nice way to strat his reign as champ.

I was entertained by this Raw, but it didn't feel like a postMania Raw.


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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.27
I agree that this had to be one of the weakest post-Mania Raw's I've ever seen. The only real bright spot was the Edge-Benoit stuff, otherwise, a totally skippable show.

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The Goon

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.08
    Originally posted by emma
    That big, green, multi-part "Batista" sign? The obverse of the "T" was "I still [heart] Randy". Some negotiation was needed among the group when the ME was announced.

I never realized the politics involved with displaying signs at a WWE show.

The show wasn't excellent by any means, but it seemed to be cleaning up Wrestlemania fallout. Hopefully a clearer direction will be pursued in the next couple of shows, including the draft.
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