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27.5.18 1653
The W - Ladies Only - RAW 4/28 & Test
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Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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Well, I already gave my opinions in the main board, plus it's that time of the month when I get all bitchy, so I'll leave it to you go leave your thoughts on RAW and especially that studmuffin (?$@!) Test. What do you think of his storyline? What do you think of HIM? Did Stephanie save herself from some serious trauma or what?


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Since: 6.3.03
From: Jersey

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I totally loved Raw! Well, I did miss the first hour so that could have something to do with it...and I had a few beers in me, AND I walked in the house, turn on the tv, and WHAM! There's my boy, Hunter "I'm back in black baby" Helmsley beating the crap out of RVD! It doesn't get any better than that!!! WHOOOOO! Okay, sorry about that. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is going on in there but Hunter running from Nash was just hilarious.

Somehow I don't remember much of the Test match except the two eye candies coming out. Now, if they could shut their mouths and just stand there and look good - I would like them. Until then - I am rooting for Steiner...grrrrr

I do have to say I caught the Test temper tantrum. Stacey - you're a babe - go get someone else!!! It's all so easy from this side of the television...

I have a bruise on my chin from my jaw hitting the floor when Goldberg put Rosie through the barricade. THAT is quality television. I reserved my judgement on Goldberg to see what they would do with him and I'm glad I did. If he continues to come out and spear people through barriers for shits and giggles - I am all for it. They have to get the spear victims to start coughing up blood - that would make my night!

Linda - what the hell are you wearing???

Stone Cold - yeah we knew he was coming back and I'm happy he is. Bischoff and him are gonna be golden.

See how easily I am amused?


Since: 19.3.02
From: panama city, florida

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Well, I have to confess I didn't pay much attention to most of Raw. I was at my sister's house and kept getting distracted. I did like the Jericho "HiLite Reel" segment. (Am I getting the wacky WWE spelling right?) It's funny, though, how they had gotten away from the 20-minute promo and now it's back, just in repackaged form. If anyone can make it work, it's Jericho.

I did get to impress my family with my seemingly psychic prediction that Linda was going to name Austin a new GM. See, all this time I spend on the net isn't a complete waste after all. You know, Linda is one of the most forgiving people in the world. Apparently, she's forgiven Austin for trying to drive her company out of business, just like she forgave Vince for cheating on her, drugging her, and having her confined to a mental institution. She's like the Hilary Clinton of the WWE.

Maybe I shouldn't do this, but I have to confess that I like Test. I always have. He first caught my attention with his tilt-a-whirl slam. He was one of the few guys that could really pull that move off, and I wish he hadn't stopped doing it. His battles with Shane and the Mean Street Posse were great. (While I'm confessing, I might as well admit I liked the Posse, too.) Then, there was those pants that looked like they were made out of black garbage bags. And, his bouncy, shiny blonde locks (although I like his hair even better now that it's cut short). I even liked his entrance music (his old music, not the remix), and the no-nonsense way he strides toward the ring.

Yeah, I know he's goofy. He can't act. He's not exactly a workrate wonder. He's not even really my type. There's just something endearing about him. I can't explain it.

I agree with Tomboy, though, that for storyline purposes, Stacy needs to send him packing. But, for Steiner of all people? She must have a thing for men who will treat her badly.
Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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(Yeesh -- you miss a couple of days around here, & it takes practically a full day to catch up with the main board!)

Hurricane doing the Val Venis grind with his cape as towel -- loved it.

Trish saying, "I'll do whatever it takes" to Bischoff to get a title rematch -- hated it. OK, last week she was so dumb she stood around waiting for the Dudleys to squash her. Now she's so dumb that she baits Bischoff to sexually harrass her? (Actually, if that were the intent, we might have been on to something.) I'm liking her wrestling work, but her character has no self-preservation instinct at all!

I thought RVD was terrible in their match -- he had been making progress with the unrealistic punches & stuff, but he was waaay off here. HHH, Kane & Flair were all perfectly fun though. The one thing that they didn't do: when HHH works with the really big guys (eg. Kane, Undertaker) they usually do work in HHH getting chokeslammed; there's something just too cool about the way that he just drapes while he's up in the air for that. I laughed at the obvious "sledgehammer envy" allusion, where Nash has to have a bigger sledgehammer than H's. (I actually thought it was a croquet mallet at first.)

Maybe I was just being easily amused (even without beers), but I kinda enjoyed Rico & Nowinski vs. Steiner. Rico was really doing a good job out there.

Why Stacy seems to think there's some reason to put up with Test's behaviour? Well, her character (at least) isn't necessarily supposed to be the sharpest crayon in the box...

"Judgement Day, presented by Clearasil" -- there's just something very wrong with that. Somehow like putting a "Knowledge, the Anti-Drug" spot too close to an RVD segment.

There was a while there where Booker stopped spinning mid-match. Now that he's back to doing it, I feel he deserves getting squashed for it. Overall, I'm already getting bored with Goldberg spearing anything that moves, but the spear through the retaining wall was very nice. Putting the yellow caution tape across the broken section -- that's funny.

Trish continuing to be a spineless twit did not thrill me. Having stood there letting him threaten all that crap, she got one good roundhouse to the back of Bischoff's head, then stood there & looked at him, waiting for Victoria & Jazz to wander in & beat on her. Woooonderful.

Not the brightest line from Bischoff to Trish either: "After all, Trish, you bit off a little more than you could chew." Probably not the wisest suggestion to make, in among all the other suggestions he was making at the time.

Linda, however, was excellent! I love her totally no-selling his obsequious backpedalling. "Charming. You're just too charming ... unprofessional, abusive, harrassing, dare I say egomaniacal." I'm actually skeptical that Austin will make Eric's life sufficiently miserable, but we'll see!


Since: 29.1.02
From: PA

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This is the hardest thing to admit about RAW:
Not enough Nowinski

I admit, I wasn't paying really close attention to RAW, I had other things I needed to get done, but I wasn't gonna miss it. I lived in Boston for 4 years, went to 2 RAWs there (one blew, one rocked) and it's just weird living somewhere where Yankee bashing is frowned upon. I'm not a Nowinski fan at all, but I thought for sure he'd have a phenomenal promo on Monday. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but in Boston, with all that history surrounding the American Revolution, I was seriously expecting a killer promo - American arrogance via the Boston Tea Party, secret meetings of the Continental Congress - hell, even a "the only redeeming quality this city ever had was proximity to Cambridge" cheap heat would have satisfied the history freak in me Very very picky, I admit, but it was there.

I almost cried when Linda came out. My first RAW in Boston was the one where she told Vince SHE wants a divorce. The pain of the non-stop talk show all came flowing back.

That's a great point about Trish's character, Emma. It's almost like they're trying to push a "more guts than brains" vibe, which doesn't seem like it fits her character at all.

I have a bruise on my chin from my jaw hitting the floor when Goldberg put Rosie through the barricade.
That was a huge "Holy Shit!" from me, too! It wore off by about the 23rd replay. Tangentially, what was the whole point of the "Did you hear the fans boo you last night?/Yup, they pay their money, they can boo me if they want" spiel? It seemed really weird and out of place.

All walls are great if the roof doesn't fall.

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Those thighs really were yummy, weren't they? Of course HHH wasn't on much, but when he was I had a smile on my face. I really can't remember much else about Raw. Well, Molly's smart move, but that's it. The women (except a couple)
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