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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 4-18-04 (Page 2)
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What the hell? RAW in Calgary and no Lance Storm! This is an OUTRAGE! AN OUTRAGE I SAY! I weep for you, Lance.

Terrific promo by Benoit early in the show. He was decent on the mic pretty much all night. Big improvements. The crowd loved him. Now he's a double champ. Awesome.

Tonight was a good night for Edge. He needed a boost, and I think he can run with it from here. He's gotta get rid of that pink cast, though. Any know how bad the break is?

I would like Lilian Garcia to show me exactly where "Winnitoba" is on a map, because I sure as hell can't find it.

While she's at it, she can explain to me how "Korea" (just plain "Korea") is a place someone can actually be from.

Randy's WTF look when the crowd was chanting for him was priceless. What if he gets over despite trying so hard to be a heel? That would be hilarious.

Tyson Tomko? Are they going to be billing him as Batista's little brother?

Cade looks like he's getting pushed to the midcard, now that he's Coach's boy. I have to admit, that was a sweet flying elbow. I haven't seen its equal since Savage.

Tajiri was in fine form tonight. I hope they don't bury him.

I'm eager to see the Eugene character wrestle. The comedy bit with Regal and the T-shirt gun was all right. I think the crowd is starting to take Eugene under its wing. Could be better than I thought.

I'm a little tired of Flair's over-selling. He and Taker (bless them) need to find a good middle ground in the selling department.

A nice mark-out moment for me when Benoit and Edge won the tag titles. Overall, a great RAW. I don't miss Stone Cold at all. They don't need him anymore. He was great in his day, but I feel pretty good about they way things are shaping up.

So sayeth Randy Stilton, the real Stinky Cheese Man!

(I'm told that, in the UK, my name is actually hilarious.)

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(deleted by CRZ on 20.4.04 1327)

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Victoria, thanks for breaking out the Pink Outfit of Self Love Fantasy for me.

Anyhow, At first I thought that Tyson Tatanka Tonka Truck whatever his name is, was Horshu, but, alas, he wasnt. I was hoping it was, so I could see him some more, I liked what he did in UPW, at least the three or four matches I saw, he looked like he had some potential.

How sad is it when the WE WANT BRET chants faded out in less than 20 seconds.

BTW, is having HBK make the save against HHH to the benefit of Benoit, whilst in Calgary just too illogical to try to figure out?

It's Official, I am a Shelton Mark, because I was really disappointed that he didnt show up tonite. I am just glad it was Edge who took the straps with Benoit and not Benjamin. Maybe Benjamin gets a IC push and title. Or, they go the "DOUBLE DOUBLE" route and Edge gets IC gold while he and Benoit retain the Tag Team straps.

Thank you for your irrelevant opinion.

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    Originally posted by Stilton
    Cade looks like he's getting pushed to the midcard, now that he's Coach's boy. I have to admit, that was a sweet flying elbow. I haven't seen its equal since Savage.

Dude, not even close. Not ever.

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    Originally posted by XManiac24
      Originally posted by Stilton
      Cade looks like he's getting pushed to the midcard, now that he's Coach's boy. I have to admit, that was a sweet flying elbow. I haven't seen its equal since Savage.

    Dude, not even close. Not ever.

I always thought Saturn had the best post-Savage elbow drop. He threw one off a 15-foot high scaffold in an ECW match that was brutal.

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    Cade looks like he's getting pushed to the midcard, now that he's Coach's boy. I have to admit, that was a sweet flying elbow. I haven't seen its equal since Savage.

Savage? Who is this Savage? Clearly it's Shawn Michaels who's known for having a spectacular flying elbow...didn't you hear JR and the King?

A good edition of RAW that edged over into the 'very good' category due to the red-hot crowd. Most crowds would've been killed by the "Michaels/Benoit? Not tonight!" thing, but they kept it going all night long. Hell, even Molly's match and post-match heelery got major-league heat.

Eugene, Johnny Nitro, Tyson "Don't call me Brett" Tomko and now this Hirohito guy? Since Smackdown is the show with the depleted roster, shouldn't they be getting the lion's share of the young guys? Especially since there's less pressure on them for a taped show.


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Interesting that after Cade's elbow drop, Coach said that no one has ever done it better. And JR responded immediately with “Shawn Michaels”, but not a whiff of the Macho Man. I guess you're not allowed to mention someone who isn't with the company anymore, even if that someone was one of the most successful wrestlers in WWF history.

Anyway... my thoughts on RAW. It turns out I had a lot to say about both Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy in this post, so for the benefit of those of you with flash photography, I'm going to delve into those subjects in separate threads.

--Jericho's new entrance video? I don't like it at all. And the timing of his music was completely off, too... I think the music was actually playing during the countdown, because the very first lyrics I heard were “Step in the arena and break the wall down/Step in the arena and break the wall DOWN!”, which takes place at the end of the first verse.

Unless they changed the entrace music slightly, which would be a tragedy. Best entrance music in wrestling, still after five years. My God, has it been that long?

--OK, I was wondering where they were going with the Jericho/Christian feud, since Y2J beat them both in a handicap match. Tyson Tomko, huh? I wonder if he's got any talent. In any event, they need to build him up before putting him out there against Jericho in an actual match. And you know Jericho's gonna have fun making jokes about the guy's name. Sounds like a robot put out by a toy company or something.

--I always have a spontaneous mark-out moment whenever Benoit holds the World Title belt over his head, and tonight was no exception. So we got a World Title match between Benoit and Michaels in two weeks, but you bet your ass Triple H is going to try and interject himself into the title scene yet again. Hey, pal... you twice failed to beat Benoit. And you've still got the audacity to think of yourself as the rightful champion, even though you submitted your title at the main event of the biggest WrestleMania of them all. When is enough enough already? Let Triple H take a few steps back, anyway, and feud with someone who's not the champion.

--It's about damn time that Molly went psycho! Shit, it took forever, and numerous humiliations, to finally push her over the edge. But man, it was worth it. When Victoria ripped Molly's wig off, she was looking at Molly very smugly, figuring Molly was gonna flip out and run away in embarrassment like she has a couple of different times.

Didn't quite work out that way this time, did it, Victoria? It's nice to see Molly's fire return. It's time she stopped caring about her looks (which aren't an issue anyway, she's a hot chick) and started worrying about kicking people's asses. Go Molly~!

--Hunter's lack of gold was extremely conspicuous when he came out of the limo. Good for them, having three champions come out, and then having Triple H come out after a delay. You can tell it's an extremely sore spot for him. But once again if you ask me, they ought to say “tough shit” for the next few months at least.

--I'm spicy!! Hilarious. They oughta give that catchphrase to... I don't know, Val Venis or something.

--“I demand a sacrifice... no, I'm not going to beat up on someone WWE's actually pushing... I choose... Matt Hardy!” (More on this later, though).

--Did Randy Orton beat Mick Foley at Backlash? Yeah. Did he pay his dues? Oh, yeah. Is it save to call him a living legend? Hell, no. See me in a few years after a couple of World Title reigns and WrestleMania main-events, kid.

Possible feud with Edge is interesting. I doubt they'll go the double-title route for both Benoit and Edge, though. Man, wouldn't that be cold, though? Benoit beats Triple H for the World Title. Benoit and Edge beat Flair and Batista for the Tag Team Title. Edge beats Orton for the Intercontinental Title? Wow. Suddenly all of Evolution's gold (once evenly distributed throughout the team) is around the waists and shoulders of just two guys. Now have Benoit beat Edge for the Intercontinental Title (while keeping the I-C Title separate from the World Title) and we've hit the jackpot. (I'm just kidding, by the way.) If that were to happen, though, Triple H would probably send someone to have Benoit killed or something. (Again, not to be taken literally.)

--The less I talk about the Cade/Tajiri match, and that whole stupid angle, the better. So, what's next?

--Olele, Indianapolis! Nice to see some footage of the very event that I went to last week. That “nah-nah-nah-nah hey hey goodbye” chant, by the way, was completely legitimate, and took place even before Eddie Guerrero prompted it. What a blast it was to be there in person. I just wish the SmackDown roster didn't generally suck the way it does right now.

--With Hirohito, yeah, I'm with SHG. Go ahead and make Tajiri his loyal subject, because fuckin' cleaning toilets for him couldn't possibly be worse than jobbing to Jonathan Coachman and fuckin' Garrison Cade on consecutive nights. Remember how over Tajiri was when he debuted with WWE in 2000? He could've won the King of the Ring tournament and no one would've had any problem with that. Of course WWE can't push everybody all the time, but Tajiri's being buried right now, which is far worse than simply not being pushed.

Oh, and welcome to RAW. Best chance you have to win a title is to beat Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Title. Suddenly, Chavo Guerrero doesn't seem impossible to beat, does he?

Maybe they oughta put Tajiri back with William Regal. Heck, keep Eugene in there as well, and let the MIRTH~! and HILARITY~! ensue. A “special” guy, the wacky Japanese guy, and the fun-to-pick-on Brit. We'll make millions!

--Good tag-team match, although the referee actually saw some Triple H interference late in the match and blatantly turned back in the other direction, where other stuff was going on. Oops. Interesting that Randy Orton didn't make an appearance. Is there gonna be an Orton/Edge feud, or isn't there? On the other hand, having Triple H feud with Edge (on the basis of The Game attacking Edge during the match) would be a good way to keep The Game the hell away from the World Title scenario for a little while. He'll just have to try and resist the temptation to pull a Booker T/RVD/Kane by making Edge look like a big piece of shit.

Speaking of which, I just realized that with Triple H's failure to win the World Title at Backlash (which I suppose counts as a loss, although the submission was scored on Shawn Michaels), that makes six consecutive losses for Triple H. He lost to Benoit at WrestleMania, lost by DQ to Guerrero on Draft Night, lost to Shelton by pinfall the following week, lost to Shelton by countout, teamed with Evolution to lose to Benoit/HBK/Shelton/Foley, and then failed to re-capture the title at Backlash. That has to be an unprecedented losing streak for Triple H since his very first WWF Title reign. Makes me wonder if they're actually de-pushing Triple H, or if they're doing this now so we can't bitch when they shove him back down our throats before long.

So, anyway. Those are my thoughts for RAW, except for the detailed Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy thoughts. For those, stay tuned.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.36
...and no Lance Storm. Raw is in his freaking backyard, and there's no mention of him. What the hell is going on?

Why the hell didn't they put Lance Storm and Chris Benoit together for the tag titles? That'd blow the roof off the hizowse.

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Reading the results it sounds like a good RAW but the Tag Title change to Benoit/Edge seemed to catch my eye as a strange move. Im not too sure where they are going with this one apart from giving Benoit/Edge another win in Canada. The only thing i can see happening with this is Benoit/Edge jobbing the titles straight back to Evolution next week, i certainly hope they dont keep the titles and make a run in the tag division as this would set up Benoit to lose the World Championship. Anyone got any thoughts on where they are going with this as i cant seem to figure this one out.

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Hirohito's going to SmackDown, last I heard, with Funaki slated to be his heel manager. This most likely falls into the "Sean O'Haire" category of vignettes on both shows.

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RAW was much fun tonight, and the hot crowd only improved things.
The best part of the whole show? Hearing an entire stadium chant "You tapped ooot!"

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The Random Sheet, edition I Lost Count

Miss This? Neither did I.

-Yes, according to Lawler (in not so many words), Trish and Xian has become not only the IT Couple in America, where neither of them has for ring announcing purposes moved to yet, but not moving allows for them to become the new IT Couple in Canada, replacing That Guy From Our Lady Peace and his lovely wife, Mrs. That Guy From Our Lady Peace.

-For the first five minutes of this, Xian did what he did best, selling, bumping, and not trying to do moves. He does that last part particularly well. But when your primary offensive weapon is CHOKING, you may want to rethink your moveset. Hell, you may want to THINK your moveset. When the girl outside gets in a better transition move than you do, you need some help. This is why I should never be in charge of a promotion, since one of my first moves would be locking Christian in the basement with no food and no water and tell him not to even knock to get out until you have 10 minutes' worth of a heat sequence. So the fact that I won't be running the E anytime soon is a wealth and benefit to all.

-By the way, adding to the WWE-Endorsed List Of Things You Can Say In Singles Bars That Will Never, Never, EVER Get You Laid, in addition to going up to a girl and referring to yourself as "Johnny Blaze" is saying "I'm Spicy" in a high-pitched voice. Thank you Burger King. Thank you.

-As for the finish, I realize that Jericho has pretty feathered hair right now that even resembles Sam Jones in "Flash Gordon", but does that mean he has to feud with Ming The Merciless?

-We continue seeing SOME GUY kick Jericho in the head. And we find out in the back what his name is, but before they can finish, we hit the Benoit music and out he comes. DAMMIT, CHRIS BENOIT IS BURYING THE NEW TALENT!! HE JUST KILLED TYSON WHATEVER THE HELL HIS LAST NAME WAS...I WOULDN'T KNOW BECAUSE THE MUSIC DROWNED IT!! DAMN THAT BENOIT AND THE WORLD HE THINKS REVOLVES AROUND HIM!!!

-Not that there was anything awful about Benoit's promo, but is it me, or is his speaking voice better suited to being a heel? I think it's because of his accent that everything sounds disdainfully toned. For instance, he could have had a lovely and delicious breakfast at a diner in Calgary that morning but coming out of his mouth, you'd think that it was the worst french toast ever.

-Anyway, he drones on and on about himself being the best for 10 minutes and cue the screams. And of course, wearing a black shirt, black tights and a black hat...they're not IMPLYING anything about Shawn Michaels, are they? Well, teh crowd sure is, chanting about an alleged and unfortunate homosexual experience with some guy named Bret. That guy is pretty over with the crowd, whoever this guy Bret is.

-Understandably, the crowd is a little pissed about not having the match now but in two weeks. If I were in Calgary I'd be pissed too. But rather than just GIVE away a match with no lead in, they're gunning not only for ratings in two weeks but ALSO for a PPV mainevent in June which'll be most likely be set up from this match. Hype is good in wrestling. It really is.

-Since the last time I did one of these, it seems like the WWE Women's Antidepressant Belt is working on Victoria only too well. And look what not having it is doing to Molly. Just as a quick reminder, it is however worth noting that the WWE Women's Antidepressant Belt may cause such side effects as:

Extreme mood swings; tremors; heart problems; abnormal bleeding; chest pain; breathing problems. Common: Depression: Headache; flushing; weakness; sweating; nausea; drowsiness;dry mouth; constipation; diarrhea; decreased appetite; gas; sleepiness; dizziness;sleeplessness; tremor; nervousness; anxiety; abnormal skin sensations; decreased sex drive; yawning; blurred vision; abnormal ejaculation; urinary frequency;urination disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Weakness; sweating; flushing;rash; nausea; dry mouth; constipation; diarrhea; changes in appetite; drowsiness; dizziness; tremor; nervousness; decreased sex drive; abnormal dreams; difficulty concentrating; temporary loss of personal reality; muscle twitch; abnormal vision; abnormal ejaculation; female genital disorders; impotence;urinary retention; urinary disorder.

Please consult your doctor before nagging the booking committee to be put over.

-And they go with one of the tried and true methods of heeldom. Note to Christian: THAT'S how you choke someone. JR: There's been a noticeable change in Molly's attitude. Me: Because she's off her BELT MEDICATION, silly!!

-You know, Jim Cornette always referred to Glenn Jacobs as Sid-Lite, and with that interview I think he proved his point.

-Speaking of cures to neurological disorders, apparantly Randy Orton has proved that accupuncture does absolutely NOTHING to help people who have problems with saying things twice. By the way, remember the Edge who was kinda fun to watch even though you felt like a goof if you called yourself an Edge-Head? Uh, neither do I. Anyway, Edge goes on and on that he saw him on TV and say he doesn't like Orton, and that he saw what he did to Foley and could he please do that to him. Also that he saw Randy Orton drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's, and that Orton's hair was perfect.

-And by the way, Evolution all falls down like the G.O.O.N. squad in a Batman episode but HHH just has his way with Benoit? Niiice.

-Another one of my fledgeling ideas for the WWE (that will of course never happen but they're fun to think about) is then having spin-off programming, ala the already proposed shows "Ric Flair and Steve Austin Give Pep Talks", "The Rock Hosts Telethons"...and now we have a third with a show that if it were on, I'd watch entitled "William Regal Get Hit In The Junk With A High Velocity Object". All the to-do about Eugene aside for a sec, just remember Rule #2 of comedy after "Midgets Are Funny" which says "Other People Getting Hit In The Balls Is Funny Unfailingly". And well, I HOPE that show would get a hell of a rating, since the show that would most likely follow it ("HHH Spits Water, Grunts And Talks About Himself") needs all the lead-in audience it can muster.

-Garrison Cade needs something besides Coach, but I can't put my finger on it. Again, that's why I'm not running the WWE. Well, that and the fact that Xian would be locked in the basement.

-I swear on my firstborn child that I saw the whole segment before it happened as soon as Lita's music hit, up to and including the part where Matt Hardy went up to save her. Which either means I'm really good or the booking was really bad. Although Kane looked a little despondant going back to the locker room. Probably because he was looking to kill someone's career, and then realized that it was Matt Hardy he just did it to and the booking committee beat him to it by 6 months. But don't cry for Matt Hardy, in his 44-worker strong Action Figure Wrestling Alliance, he's booked himself champ over Spider-Man.

-Edge doesn't look comforatable yet, but then again, he's nursing 3 injuries right now and hasn't been wrestling in over a year. I'll reserve judgement for a few months before I say he's deteriorated or not.

-And when Edge and Benoit won the tag titles, either you could say the crowd was abuzz with joy, abuzz with excitement, or abuzz with "You know, if we leave right the fuck NOW we can be home in time for the second period". But who cares as long as they were abuzz. And somewhere in heaven when that happened, Stu Hart stopped stretching St. Peter until the blood vessels in his eyes popped long enough to look down and smiled. And then went right back to teaching St. Peter discipline.

NEXT WEEK ON RAW; Chris Benoit acknowledges the fans in Kansas by saying by once working the curtain match there versus Dutch Mantell in 1987 for $50, they helped him get to where he is today...We start the road to Phoenix, where there are no such things as playoffs right now...Triple H says "That's MY Match" about 14 more times...Hirohito's tag team partner Henry Winkler is introduced (10 points to whomever gets THAT reference)...The WWE tries to figure out who this guy Bret is that's so over with the crowd...and also tune in next week when you'll hear Johnny Nitro say:

"I'm SPI-CAY!!!!"

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Raw is doing all the right things in the main event. They have pushed Benoit in a great position by making him the underdog/scrapper champion who beats all the odds. They put Shawn tweener role which was needed for the Canadian part of the tour. Plus, HHH without the belt is always a plus.
They really have done a great job with this fued and everyone looks like gold.

Now the midcard is a mixed bag. Christian/Trish vs. Jericho is a nice fued, but with addition of this new guy, I'm starting to see it slow down, a lot. Might be time to end this one now. Kane beating up jobbers is probably the best suited for him now since it won't be getting a meaningful win from either Benoit, Edge or Shawn anytime soon. Turning Matt face is a good idea as Christian/Trish could use adversaries like Matt/Lita. Eugune is over and I honestly, I don't know how to feel about it, but its as bad as it could or at least not yet. Shelton will be a big time player if they move him to fued with Orton if not him then at least Batista.

Randy/Foley has been a huge letdown to me. I have seen Foley do this before with better wrestlers like HHH and Rock. Orton is by no means the future of the company, see Cena, John. Randy can be a main eventer, but I don't think the casual fan will buy it. Foley did go a long way to make look good, but if you look closely at the match, the thumbtacks are stick ons as they disappear at the end of the match and Foley's barded wire attacks don't really connect. So, lets not praise Orton as the new hardcore legend just yet. Its a shame they decided with the Foley as the constant loser for this angle, because if damages both guys. Foley's legacy is tattered by not beating some midcarder like Randy Orton, in the fan's eyes, didn't beat the real Cactus Jack. I think it was a great fued with two terrible matches.

There is no tag team division and until they start getting one they might as well have the big names have a shot at them. I don't know who to restart the division, but it needs it. The Women's division is ok could be better with the addition of Trish has evil woman's champ, but they like Molly, so whatever.

If you look at the booking for the last two years and compare it to now, there are major improvements. They still need to get a tag division in there and maybe another big trade to free up some guys as the midcard does look crowded. Plus, Smackdown has been just getting by. Smackdown as made the best out of a bad situation, but the lottery did them no favors espically the instant heat fom a Cena/HHH or HHH/Eddie fued. I like Booker and RVD, but they need another big star.
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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.49
    Originally posted by Blanket Jackson
    Hirohito's tag team partner Henry Winkler is introduced (10 points to whomever gets THAT reference)
    (edited by Blanket Jackson on 20.4.04 0937)

Please tell me it's a reference to "The One and Only," a severely underappreciated comedy classic.
I wonder if Chavo Sr. ever gets a check from that movie...

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.83
    Originally posted by Evil Buddha
      Originally posted by Blanket Jackson
      Hirohito's tag team partner Henry Winkler is introduced (10 points to whomever gets THAT reference)
      (edited by Blanket Jackson on 20.4.04 0937)

    Please tell me it's a reference to "The One and Only," a severely underappreciated comedy classic.
    I wonder if Chavo Sr. ever gets a check from that movie...

Your non-prize is in the mail, sir.

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I certainly hope Hirohito winds up on Smackdown!, the last thing Raw needs is ANOTHER guy using the spear as a signature move.

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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.31
-Christian vs. Jericho- Y2J has a new tron video, but still with the Y2J thing erh, you need more then a new tron to be fresh. Jericho springboard plauncha hits Trish & Christian hard. Trish gets a nice kick on the outside of the ring on Jericho. Christian sells the running hairpull/bulldog Jericho does amazingly as he falls like a lawn dart. Nice reverse tornado DDT by Christian. Walls on Christian but some big dude runs in and kicks Jericho as big dude falls on his ass (ahh Nathan is that you?)... Christian says this guy is "their new problem solver" as this feud keeps going and going and NEVER ENDS. It's like Test/Stacy/Steiner except with talent(well not fair I like Stacy, but still). Please end this angle, I've had it with these three and Tyson Taco or whatever he's called doesn't help, Let Jericho, Christian and especially Trish go their separate ways PLEASE!

-Benoit interview- I'm going to be branded in being a jerk here but I thought Benoit interview was way too long winded and the constant pauses left me uneasy, I know the crowd was cheering but his delivery in interviews is certainly not his strength. Who is the director who decided to show the sign that reads "Benoit + mic= zzzz"!... Shawn comes out and the Canadian crowd gets on him (Would you get over it already, it's been 7 years!). Shawn tries his best to play off it and compliments Benoit(fans not even buying anything erhh), wants to have a one on one match with Benoit as Benoit says it's ON! Too bad no one mentioned it too Bischoff as he says he'd rather hype this match for 2 weeks from now in Phoenix.

-Victoria vs. Molly- Good clothesline from the apron by Victoria on Molly. Very little time in the ring as the match only went 2-minutes but they looked good in there... The real story is that they finally is doing something with Molly's shaved head, she snapped which is a perfect reaction for her embarrassment, I'm happy for Molly. Victoria seems to be getting more accepted as a babyface, but just might be the nutty Canadian crowd but whatever the case I hope she succeeds cause the babyface cabin is bare after Victoria, don't really know about the kissing babies act she's doing and going totally away from her coolness of a heel.

-Orton interview- Oh Randy, Randy you had a great line written for you & you messed it up "I came in the Legend Killer but then after that night I became a Living Legend". But he said "I came in a Hardcore legend errrr Legend Killer but I became a Living Legend". Fans chant Randy as he looks confused add to it a Orton-supporter that is King tells the crowd to shut up & stop chanting. Decent promo by Orton even though like Benoit it tended to drag a bit... Out comes Edge with his pink cast. Edge says he's been 14 months WATCHING Orton, Orton looks uncomfortable(ha) Edge's speech reminds me a tough fighter cartoon. Spit in my face, Orton says he's not worth it & IT'S ON! Evolution runs in & knocks out Edge, Benoit runs in as HHH runs in after& Canuck(for this week) babyfaces are left laying. Tag title match for tonight. Should Lawler be playing up Edge's popularity with the ladies, that could turn off some fans.

-Cade vs. Tajiri- Coach is Cade's personal cheerleader which can only help him. But everything from Cade from his look, to his presence, scream Jobber. Cade looks like the default in a CAW in a video game... Tajiri really is an untapped talent, I truly believe his natural body language and style could really connect on a very positive level if given a chance.

-Eugene/Garcia/Regal interaction- Wow special day indeed, how many times can I put Lilian's name on a segment header. Eugene is the ring with a tee-shirt blaster Lilian breaks out her awesome thespian abilities as acting all happy and friendly with Eugene... Regal comes out and YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. T-shirt to Regal groin, I'm sure I've seen this happen before but can't remember how. I think it was Stacy and Test.

-Val/Lita vs. Hardy/Kim- A part of me REALLY wants to see how a Lita vs. Gail match would come out! It would be interesting to say the least. Okay Kane sacrifice hasn't happened yet so I really expected it coming up in this segment. Lita! I don't like over the top male of female violence, but if they are going to sacrifice Lita so she can go to OVW and get some freakin wrestling training I think I could look away just this once... But no such think Matt sacrifices himself for Lita again(ha nice play on words considering him leaving a nice spot on SD and be lost on Raw). Looks like Matt will be partnered with Lita once again so it can be LITA! and matt. So it doesn't sound like I'm trolling on Lita I'll give her credit that her scared facial expressions was good. But this was exact carbon copy of Y2j/Trish with Kane even too the girl scrambling out of the ring as the guy directs her to "Go, Go!"

-Edge/Benoit vs. Batista/Flair- Kind of an unusual way to go giving Benoit and Edge the tag gold. The match was good no near as good as Benoit/HBK vs. Batista/Flair. But good none-the-less... Kind of a surprise ending. HBK aiding the Canadian duo after he says himself that he's "the least popular man in the building" is ironic, will the fans "let it go" ha don't think so either.

-OtherStuff- Ha Batista slaps Flair in the head with the belt strap, HHH seemed very cool in his outside interview... Kane interview was reboot anger but done pretty well until the cheesy warp-speed Mr. Kane Star Trek effects at the end... Bischoff & Nitro are scared and hears a knock at the door but it's Regal LoL He lost Eugene playing hide & go seek, umm are they portraying Regal as being slower then Eugene?... Benoit & Edge chat in the lockerroom, I chuckle as Edge wants a fist pump from Benoit but Benoit leaves him hanging HAHA... America bombed his homeland 2 generations ago and Hirohito is pissed.

-Line of the Night: Lawler "Jericho dad used to play hockey, he's got a family tradition of not scoring" - 2 weeks in a row for Lawler.
-Sign of the Night: "Benoit + mic= zzzz" Mostly just for the shock of it being shown during a Benoit speech.
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Benoit. 2)Molly. 3)Christian.

It was a very good Raw, the opening match was well performed but this angle needs to end NOW. Christian got a bodyguard, I really want Trish to leave this storyline ASAP. All 3 main players here should go their separate ways. I'm happy they finally are using Molly baldness to her advantage. Tajiri impresses me, Cade doesn't guess who takes the loss, yup. The main event was good but after watching HBK in there instead of Edge hard for it to live up to those tag matches of the past few weeks... Benoit & Orton's promos weren't bad but it dragged just a bit. Eugene/Regal was predictable but it had Lilian sighting so that's always a good thing. I was thinking that Lita was going to get sacrificed so she can train for awhile. But I guess not, so Matt/Lita back together. If that takes her away from the Women wrestlers & the most harm is her taking Matt's heat as being his girl. I'm more then okay with that

13 Leaf Wins to add another banner behind Trish

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Your Molly report: Looking butch, but still shockingly hot!

And is Tyson Tomko a nod and a wink to legendary western Canadian wrestler/manager Sgt. Al Tomko? Stampede watchers should remember this guy...

Are you ready for Mahkan-mania to run wild all over you?

I mark for Molly Holly and Lance Storm.
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Is it my imagination, or has Albert yet to appear on Raw since being traded?
Not that I'm complaining.

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Albert got traded?

Thank you for your irrelevant opinion.
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In the very long game, maybe an individual heel run for Reigns would buy him some good will with the other half of the fanbase. Not that they think that way... This is an outstanding idea and should happen.
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