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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 3-22-04 (Page 3)
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#41 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.98
    Originally posted by Peregrine
    Then, Christian came in to give Eddie the DQ win, which didn't make that much sense.

    (edited by Peregrine on 22.3.04 2109)

I can't see how it could have ended any other way. That match had to be a DQ, because HHH can't jump brands and just start losing clean, and the show really needed to end in a smoz, since, well, everyone, or almost everyone, was there.

(edited by Stilton on 23.3.04 0020)

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#42 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
    Originally posted by Texas Kelly
    Actually, Theodore Long as GM wouldn't be a bad idea. (I seem to remember he did a pretty good job as GM for a night courtesy of Mark Henry's Team Bischoff favor.) Certainly a better idea than Stephanie the Screeching Valkyrie, since storyline-wise it doesn't make sense for Vince to hire her back.

Unless, this time, she actually dresses up as a Screeching Valkyrie, which would be *awesome.*

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#43 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.40
I have no clue what Tajiri is gonna do on Raw. Maybe a crazy ethnic tag team. Probally just Heat.

Teddy Long soo needs to manage John Cena. They can call HHH cracker.

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#44 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I honestly think Tajiri and Long were just thrown in to be traded back again. Henry would be nothing without Long when he returns.

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#45 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.97
Best thing to happen all night: TRIPLE H SPIT TAKE!

(edited by Kane Is Ugly on 22.3.04 2333)

I miss the GWF.
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#46 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.09
Heyman and Bischoff were ruling it all night trying to out-sleaze and out-scenery-chew each other. "Congratulations, Nidia. Hope you go blind again."

And it was even funnier watching the Dudleys and Steven Richards shout at each other in horror as Heyman's drafting to Raw was announced.

Jindrak? Jindrak?! Hell, I always thought Cade was the talent in their team, which I know isn't saying much. Other than that, I have no objection to the draft choices. Tajiri being drafted is really going to suck for Akio and Sakoda ... without him to play leader, there's not much for them to do but be the foreign jobber tag team.

I'd have hoped Edge's neck surgery might convince him to give up on the spear. No such luck, apparently. And his version still isn't a patch on Goldberg's, let alone the Gore.

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#47 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    I'd have hoped Edge's neck surgery might convince him to give up on the spear. No such luck, apparently. And his version still isn't a patch on Goldberg's, let alone the Gore.
You're right on the lackluster spear. For a few seconds, I thought Edge was playfully tackling Bischoff, the same way a 5-year-old might do after his Dad returns from a long business trip.

However, maybe the reason for the weak spear was because he was being a bit too cautious. You don't want to re-injure yourself by spearing ERIC BISCHOFF, do you? That would be a humiliating re-injury of Kevin Nash proportions.

(edited by The Great Thomas on 22.3.04 2142)

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#48 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.79
Personally i always thought Jindrak was the more talented of Jindrak/O'Haire and Jindrak/Cade, he wasn't really flashy with a swanton bomb but was a better mat wrestler. I think reteaming Jindrak/O'Haire is a good idea but give Jindrak a gimmick like O'Haire's and not vice versa, because Jindrak and Cade were just so bland, they both need a character of some kind.

Last week Dupree got the Stone Cold bit, Shelton did well in the gauntlet, this week they both go in the lottery. Yup, they are definitely this year's Orton and Cena, and honestly I think they are better choices than Orton and Cena were. And yes the "La Resist-dance" is going to catch on. Charlie should do well as a singles wrestler too

I think Triple H going to Smackdown is a good thing. Smackdown needed a heel and they got one. WWE promised "a big shakeup" and Triple H changing sides is about as big as you can get. I for one was pretty surprised. And yes I realize that this means Eddie, Kurt, etc will probably get buried, but you have to have Triple H on one of the shows and I think it's good that the other show will get to have some other people shining now.

RVD is a good addition to Smackdown too but I don't like what Smackdown gave up. Tajiri, Rhyno and Shelton and they get Teddy? And Spike? Raw already has some good midcarders like Storm, Hardy, Stevie, Hurricane, Val, Rico, and they get little to no time. So Tajiri and Rhyno will either get lost also or give the others even less air time. While Smackdown could use a couple of guys to solidify their midcard.

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#49 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.52
I think overall the draft was very good... it seems they managed to shake things up without screwing things up.

Of course, this could change after the trades that'll be announced on SmackDown!, so we'll see.

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#50 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.02
I am filled with glee to see that, finally, Jericho is using that sweet enziguiri as his finishing move.

The Walls of Jericho were hard to apply convincingly onto big men or anybody without a lot of flexibility, and the Lionsault... well... paralyzed Hayabusa, so it's a relief to see him move away from it.

(And there's the Breakdown, but it's not very often we see that one any more from him.)

The return of his springboard dropkick is interesting -- he seems to be able to shift his movelist fairly dramatically when he turns from heel to face or vice versa.

But God I love that enziguiri. Here's hoping it gets over very quickly.

Anyway. Anybody else find it weird that they mentioned Tajiri's ECW TV title run but not RVD's? I mean, the man held the title for something like two years straight. Or maybe I'm just having a brainfart and they actually did mention it, in which case never mind. Heh.

Lawler was priceless during the ending brawl. "JR! It's a war between RAW and SmackDown! Get down there and hit Michael Cole and Tazz!"

What I liked -- shot of the ring filling up with people, then a shot of Steve Austin punching Billy Gunn in the face. Then a cut back to the ring, then back to the same spot as before... except now with Shawn Michaels punching Billy Gunn in the face. That was pretty funny, though I'm not sure why.

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#51 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.40
    Originally posted by Quezzy
    RVD is a good addition to Smackdown too but I don't like what Smackdown gave up. Tajiri, Rhyno and Shelton and they get Teddy? And Spike?

Well, Spike could be injected into the Cruiserweight picture, much like Nidia's going to be in the Womens Division now...

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#52 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.14
For what it's worth (which is probably nothing), A-Train is listed on the Raw superstars page, but clicking on his name leads to nothing. He is not on the Smackdown page anymore.

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#53 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.40
    Originally posted by BoromirMark
    Hi, I'm a bitter Triple H hating smark, can I join your club?


    (edited by BoromirMark on 22.3.04 2319)

Is that ALL you ever do?

Anyway, this wasn't the show to watch for wrestling, but for what is was (purely for rebooting purposes) it was fun and entertaining. Heyman carried it on his back with his charisma and it'll be sad to see him gone from Smackdown, especially if they bring back Stephanie. Once again she 1)Isn't a wrestler 2) Isn't particularly good on the mike 3) aside from her breasts, is very plain looking and 4) it violates the continunity of a huge blow-off match they spent most of the summer and fall building to just 6 months ago.

Triple H moving to Smackdown was a good move on their part. He's already gone over most of the Raw roster, and there wasn't really anything left for him to do there. Plus you have the Lesnar gap they need filled. Here's hoping he puts Eddie over strong before leaving for Hollywood this summer.

If they ARE serious about restarting ECW, there's only one man who can lead them there...RVD. I can't really see Rob doing anything really important on Smackdown, so you might as well use him as the guy for your new "renegade" brand. Plus, if Heyman is given booking control over the new ECW, he knows how to book RVD right and make him look like a threat. Ditto for Rhyno...did we ever get that Rhyno vs. RVD blowoff match before the company folded?

Edge's return was pretty ho-hum. They really should've saved it for something special rather than "come on out and beat up the boss." Everyone's done that.

Splitting up The World's Greatest Tag Team was probably the low-point of the night. Sure, Shelton and Charlie will probably be awesome on their own, but the tag divisions are sorely lacking (consider you just had one makeshift tag team lose the titles to another makeshift tag team, and another makeshift tag team are still the champions!). Usually you want a tag team to gain some semblance of credibility and status before splitting them up, which I feel TWGTT never got a chance to do.

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#54 Posted on
i think shelton's charismatic performance during the apa skit a few weeks back spelled the end of the tag team. it's a shame they went with the 4 way at mania, because twgtt going over the acolytes would have made the split more significant.

the red/blue brawl at the end was just like the movie "colors". except these gangs used their steroid bloated bodies instead of machine guns.

(edited by Joseph412 on 23.3.04 0141)

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#55 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
I sense a Cena/HHH feud on the horizon. Cena is the one who picked HHH's name. HHH is pissed about going to Smackdown. HHH will cut some boring promo on Cena and Cena will come out and verbally DESTROY him. Can't wait.

Fun lottery, but kind of underwhelming---Spike Dudley? Shelton Benjamin? Rene Dupree? Lah-Dee Freakin'Dah
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#56 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.03
This looked like a good show i'll try to watch it this weekend the separate t-shirts is a brillant idea. A War is coming methinks

Oh yeah HHH spitting Classic

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#57 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00
I am hoping that Dupree develops into more of a "metrosexual" type character who along with a toned-down French thing that wears Armani suits and always looks like a million bucks...then give him Fifi to walk down to the ring with...he has the persona to carry that off...I laughed my ass off when he was asking people to see him dance, that dance totally rocks everything, he has "it"

I think there will be some trades (Tajiri will be back on SD! in no time)

Here is to Teddy Long, the next GM of SD! I for one am patiently waiting for him and Cena to interact.

(edited by wordlife on 23.3.04 0536)

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Am I the only person who hope this kid signs into the NFL and Roy Williams and Parcells get to let that comment stew for the next 7 months?

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#58 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.78
    Originally posted by The Great Thomas
    However, maybe the reason for the weak spear was because he was being a bit too cautious. You don't want to re-injure yourself by spearing ERIC BISCHOFF, do you? That would be a humiliating re-injury of Kevin Nash proportions

      I think that may have been it. Remember that Edge came out at an OVW show less than a month ago with a brace on his leg and concerns that he might have screwed up his foot the first day back into training. I would bet money that he's still not 100% clear, but willing to come out for the show and give it what he could.

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#59 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.62
My favorite part was how much delight Bischoff and Heyman took in announcing such shitty draft pick selections. It was almost as if they were trying to have poker faces on, despite being dealt awful hands:

Bischoff: "The next pick to join Raw.... I don't know how you'll be able to keep SmackDown together after this one, Paul... we would like to proudly welcome... Orlando Jordan!"

Heyman: "That's nothing. For SmackDown's next pick... oh ho ho.... this is too good.... ha hah ha... oh ho ho..."

Bischoff: "Just say the name"

Heyman: "Sergeant Slaughter."

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#60 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.81
The Random Sheet VIII: BattleBowl 04

-We start with a RNN Update, saying the Randy Orton's throat is unfortunately down to 40%..but a couple of scoops of ice cream and it'll be up to 42%. But he WILL be talking like his old man for a while.

-And we start with the most immediate-impact #1 pick this side of Kwame Brown. And of course immediately he jobs to Jericho and eats a stunner...HAVE FUN STORMING THE CASTLE!!

-What, no t-shirt for Kane? And I figured as soon as he said "I don't want to be on the same show as Taker" I would have bet the house at that moment that either Taker was going to RAW or Kane would fufill his Blue Man Kane destiny and head to S/D.

-I think Cena would have been better served to find himself a Billy Sims throwback considering wearing a Barry Sanders jersey in front of a bunch of Detroit fans is the opposite of suck-up heat. Then again, anyone know how much street cred an Erik Kramer jersey'll get you in the hood?

-And happened. Although that spit take ought to be preserved in a time well as letting all of us getting to have a big smarky chuckle when HHH got the Brock sendoff.

-This draft was all about giving some spotlight to the next generation most of the evening, and I think that HHH kid if they just give him a shot might have a chance to prove himself now that he's been moved over to Smackdown. Thinking about the children now, I'm guessing they make Evolution a 3-piece band now and let Orton play Phil Collins to HHH's Peter's the GENESIS of EVOLUTION, if you will. Who says creationism and theology don't mix?

-You know, there's one way to solve Xian's offense problem, and that's don't give him any until the end and let Xian's middle offense come in the form of Trish taking cheap shots.

-Rhyno needed a fresh start...or at the very least he needed to get away from working with Bob Holly every week.

-You had to know that once RVD and Booker not only lost the tag title but after they lost with no beef on the miscom spot, that one of them was going bye-bye. Putting on my Smark Conspiracy Goggles for two seconds, was HHH all "if I gotta go to that show, I'm taking someone down with me!!!". Let us ponder, but only for 0.2 seconds. Since it's not worth any more than that.

Tweener Shawn I have to admit is more interesting than Jesus, that guy's no dummy. He knows there's a FOR SALE sign in the Top Heel Lot on RAW now that HHH is off RAW.

-Orlando Jordan, your TICKET TO STARDOM HAS ARRIVED!!! And it showed up at the station saying SUP PLAYA?

-Benoit-Rhyno was just a match, really. But it kept Benoit looking strong at least. But really, BENOIT IS HOLDING RHYNO DOWN!!! HE MADE HIM LOOK LIKE A CHUMP AND IS HOLDING HIM DOWN!!! DAMN BENOIT AND HIS EVIL EVIL BACKSTAGE POLITICS!!!

-Ladies and gentleman, we have a new stick-it-to-the-man babyface, and his name in Edge...I guess a year on the shelf'll suck the happy fun right out of ya.

-The ending to HHH-Eddy had to be done for two reasons: one, that match is going to headline a PPV at some point, and couldn't have a finish to it now..two, you had two locker rooms full of guys who had been sitting there all night...LET THEM PLAY!! LET THEM PLAY!!! And play they did, in a sight not seen since the Los Boriquas-DoA-NoD warz of 1997...but really, the WWE talent needs to be reminded of one important thing: They're All In The Same Gang.


NEXT WEEK ON AN ALL NEW RAW: Shawn Michaels finds his smile again, the evil, smug one...he'll also manage to find his I'M TOO SEXY FOR THIS CROWD jacket out of the attic in San Antonio...Chris Jericho forgets his entrance cue YET AGAIN and gets politicked to task for it by Chris Benoit, who tells the brass that this is why Jericho shouldn't get a main-event push...Randy Orton's throat will be forecasted to be about 60%...Shelton Benjamin debuts the Self Proclaimed World's Greatest Cabbage Patch to pick up the slack of Dupree going to Smackdown.

And all this happens in the face of this awful awful colors war...self destruction, ya headed for self destruction.

(edited by Blanket Jackson on 23.3.04 1201)

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