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23.4.18 2220
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 2-16-04 (Page 2)
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Big Brother

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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.65







Pickled pork

Since: 22.9.03
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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.06
I'm picturing CRZ doing his best Joey Styles impression "OH MY GOD!!!"

"dubya never talks while cheney is drinking water...check that shit out"

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.35
    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    There's one way to make it clear that you're a babyface now and that's wearing little yellow booty shorts!

I am sure the Undertweener will remember this rule when he returns!

BTW, was it me, or was Kane just on FIRE (no pun intended) tonite. Moving great for a big guy, and his promo was pretty damn intense. I wasnt sure what to make of the rain though, and, shouldnt they have tried it first, so they could tell if the rain would decrease the fog machine, like it did?

Good main event, No real complaints about it.

I was once WOTD, and nobody bothered to tell me?

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.95
Did it seem to anyone else that the crowd ringside were really getting bored with the Benoit/HBK match? It looked like they were starting to do the wave at a couple of points. Certainly many of them were playing up for the camera.

Maybe no more than normal, but it did strike me that way.

Now, once the camera pulled back to show the people above those in ringside, it was a different story (that was near the end of the match and they seemed to be going wild), so maybe it was just the jaded people below. :-)

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Since: 16.2.04
From: UK

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.38
i cant believe i have to wait until friday to see Victoria's shorts DAMN!!!

Oh and that wrestling thing as well

True intelligence is the ability to admit you know nothing (or something like that)

Since: 6.8.02
From: St. Louis

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Pretty good Raw.....Christian is the freaking man, nuff said...(insert additional Victoria looked hot comment)...I cant believe nobody has figured out that Vince's big announcement will be Goldberg vs Lesnar at mania (possibly in a retirement match if GOldberg doesnt go for an extension)...Benoit vs HBK was a classic....I was kind of shocked with Booker and RVD winning tonight....I thought tonight would be the Rock's return, hell it een looked like Orton kept looking towards the entrance ramp, expecting someone...Kane was cool tonight, but that rain thing was kind of lame...overall a pretty good show

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Here comes the thnikkaman!!

Since: 17.11.03
From: Tallahassee, FL

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.30
The Random Sheet 2/16/04, Take Two (Random Safety Tip: don't ever try to eat breakfast and come up with a random sheet at the same will find the escape kay and lost what you're doing)

-Now no one loves a 3/1 beatdown like I loves me a 3/1 beatdown, but it occurs to me that two B-grade beats could have been condensed into one A-grade beating to establish that Mick can't handle them by himself that he needs help, if you're olfactaring what I'm preparing.

(Sorry, I'm on chapter 10 and they're only on chapter 8...and no I didn't bring gum for the rest of the class)

-Considering the color of the light and the effect given, I think I now know what message Taker is sending...and it's not one of hate and revenge, it's of love. Because based on the message he sent last night, he never meant to cause Kane any trouble and he never meant to cause Kane any pain. He only wanted one time to see him laughing.

He only wanted to see him laughing in the Purple Rain.

Kane, by the way, now joins Morris Day and the Time as the only bad guys that Purple Rain has used as a thrwarting tactic.

-Sorry guys, the run-in HAD to be done...although is it me or was Triple H creating a diversion like Bart Simpson would ("hey, lookit me! I'm up to no good!!")? But I still think the 3-way build is going OK...that is, if I didn't see the Pedigree to Michaels about a mile off.

-You know, rather than just fighting Bischoff, why not go all the way with this concept and have an I Respect You Bookerman Battle Royal with the two of them, Heyman, Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Crockett, Ole Anderson, Bill Watts, Bruce Hart, Jerry Lawler, Jim Cornette, The Shiek and Verne Gagne...c'mon Vince, you can piss on Verne one last time...won't that be fun? And Vince? Tell Undertaker to bring Fritz along with him for the ride on his way back from hell just so we can have Bingo.

-OK, I'll ask: one of them is someone who's wearing a Sexy Beast t-shirt, who doesn't have the balls to admit to the hot chick he likes her but is still calling dibs on her, and the other ends up saving her from peril but ends up landing in FRIEND PURGATORY's the question: who's the babyface?

-I never used to beleive the stories I've heard about places like Bakersfield growing the good shit...and then I saw RVD try to wrestle last night and I'm a little more convinced.

-blah blah blah yellow booty

"Americas top dog is a big, slobbering, barking dog named Josh" [AP]
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.00
Hate to be a wet blanket, but since I didn't have to work last night, I saw the show and well, I think Scott Keith said it best for me:

"And Austin joins us to make the predictable announcement of a three-way match at Wrestlemania. GROAN. They laid out TWO perfectly good ideas for better scenarios in the very first segment (either the WMX deal or having HHH defend before the show and the winner meeting the remaining guy) and then went with the laziest, most boring idea that no one wants to see instead. Three-ways are DEAD. And if they make it a ladder match, as rumored, that wont suddenly make the match not suck. And again, Shawn Michaels has NO CLAIM to the title shot!

I have to agree with the man as far as three ways go. It's pretty lazy when you think about it. I agree with the other scenarios they seemed to lay out at the beginning of the show, but then to choose the most obvious (but clumsier) one is so.... That's WWE for you. Anyway, remember what I said about Foley/Helmsley having more going for it than Foley/Orton? After seeing the second longest group beatdown in Raw history (the first was Nash's attack on HHH during the Highlight Reel), I KNOW that for a fact. Okay Raw, but annoying.

After a quarter of a century on this planet, there's three things I know for sure...
1)Ain't nothing like a Dirty Pair marathon on New Year's Eve.
2)I'd make a fine Mrs. HHH II.
3) I'd make an acceptable Mrs. Orton.
1400 reasons to luv me!

Since: 27.2.03
From: Parts Unknown

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.90
I really miss the old ECW three-way-dance. Where the rules were that a pinfall just eliminated a man, so that you had to have two pinfalls to end the match, and at the end it was one-on-one? I always thought those matches were so much better than the boring first-pin-wins kind.

Since: 21.10.03

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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.18
    Originally posted by mercer
    DANG Victoria looked fine tonight...though ive already said that. And yes that sound was the ring being loose, i was afraid all night long that it was going to collapse.
    Oh PS: Dang Victoria is hott!

hows about some pics?

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.33
I thought last night's main event was a great match -- just that the finish, although plotline needed, was eh.

So here's my question -- with the amount of ring psychology that was used during last night's match, do you think any of it will be used in the WMXX Raw main event, or is it just going to be IJustKilledHimSoHeCanGetARestBreak?

Oh -- Baaa Baaa Baaa Victoria's yellow booty. (CRZ -- You took out the PBI filter? Damn!)

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Since: 5.3.03

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.63

They had to put Michaels over to set up for the three-way. Otherwise, he would have had even less claim to the match. So that wasn't that disappointing to me. Plus, at least we got one hell of a match in return.

For everyone saying HHH is a jerk by burying SmackDown: How come no one says the same thing when Heyman does the same thing to Raw? There will eventually be a cross-promotional InVasion-y type thing (maybe even by the end of this year), so kudos to someone for firing the first shots..

The Jericho-Christian-Trish storyline, week 315, is starting to make me want to slap my head in frustration. "Tonight, after my match, I am going to tell Trish how I really feel about her and give her this rose." Why not add "Gee, I am going to turn around right now and close my eyes and hopefully when I turn back around no one is going to attack me." A little subtlety goes a LONG way, guys....

Glad to see the veteran team of Booker T and RVD are finally getting their just due as tag team champions.

A legit interview with Tammy Sitch? Possibly!!! The latest ITR is available right here!!!
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Dr Unlikely

Since: 2.1.02

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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 9.33
I'm totally digging Randy Orton's "Guy who says everything twice" gimmick. When he was calling out Foley, I was a bit sad knowing that there'd be no detailed transcript of his latest double-talking. "I'll bash that into your skull, Mick Foley! I'll bash that into your skull, Mick Foley!" I think he managed a few more before that in the interview, then got some more in during his trash talk during the marathon beatdown. "Stay down, Mick! Stay down...Mick!" Five stars.

I, too, was puzzled by the refusal of anyone like RVD or Booker T to come down during the assault on Foley, but once again, we missed the logical storytelling: Bischoff said that the interview segment was unsanctioned, so the timekeeper was unable to ring the bell over and over to call out the faces to make the save. Poor Booker and RVD were probably standing back there at the monitor, pleading for the bell to start ringing so they could come down and save Foley, but alas, they could not. Drama.

It almost feels like the Foley/Orton build should be going to Benoit/HHH instead. Benoit coming over from SmackDown as the man who had his title shot and revenge match stolen away by technicalities, and having to go through all of Evolution to get a title shot on the other brand, would play to Benoit's strengths nicely. He could take beatdowns every week and go into WMXX seemingly with nothing left. That would be a great underdog build. Instead, he's brought over as the guy who just ditched his old show because it's less important and stole the title away from poor Shawn Michaels, which was a pretty terrible way to introduce him as an underdog face.

To Michaels' credit, he's at least doing enough obnoxious stuff to swing Benoit back into a more sympathetic role, like the pre-match Striking Up the Band to play off his jerk-ass Superkick from last week. That actually built a nice story in the match, with Benoit catching the Sweet Chin Music several times, building up that Michaels isn't going to be able to hit him with it without something to distract Benoit (say, a big doughy boring guy wandering down during the match).

The whole Benoit/HBK match was good stuff, I really liked it. Michaels, like Brock, gets the Triple German Suplex over as something big by trying to block each one, Michaels being a bit more creative. Benoit made an abdominal stretch look dangerous, that's impressive. The last month or two of setting up HBK's flying elbow drop as a potential finish has also worked nicely to get good near falls. Really liked the Crossface-counter-Sharpshooter tease at the end, too. The only downside was the ending, but it wasn't that major since Benoit looked dominant anyway, and really, the only question coming into Raw was whether both of them get a Pedigree to end the show or just one, so it wasn't unexpected.

The most important development was probably The Electronic Ghost of The Undertaker developing yet another new magic zombie superpower. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't remember UT or Kane having the magic ability to make it rain before. Vampiro could make it rain blood...maybe Gangrel could, too. But that's totally different. We're in uncharted territory now, fans. And this is after we saw The Electronic Ghost of The Undertaker shoot Deadly Mystical Lightning at the ring just a week or two ago, which was previously a magic power we had only Kane had mastered. So now the guy can travel through power lines, control lighting systems, control fire (purely speculation on my part), shoot Kane's Deadly Mystical Lightning and make it rain indoors. He may even be able to fly again, like he could in past magic zombie incarnations. Man, once he regains corporeal form, Kane is screwed.

Heh, Test looks like Christian, kinda. I bet those guys confused or something. When they wrestle. Yeah, that's all I got there.

This was definitely one of those main event saving the show deals, but it was a really cool main event in spite of the backwards booking, so that's good enough for free TV. And next week: Blockbuster announcement! Bischoff! McMahon! To the death! Ratings!

Since: 19.6.03
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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.95
    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    And next week: Blockbuster announcement! Bischoff! McMahon! To the death! Ratings!

What we need is the announcement next week that the three-way match has been changed to the one everyone wants to see: Vince vs. Eric vs. Paul!

Forget about all this HHH & HBK crap.

And, why yes, I am joking. Although I would be just fine seeing Vince vs. Eric at WMXX (although I suspect it'll be a Eric vs. Paul in a Hell in a Cell match).

Since: 17.11.03
From: Tallahassee, FL

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.30
    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    I'm totally digging Randy Orton's "Guy who says everything twice" gimmick. When he was calling out Foley, I was a bit sad knowing that there'd be no detailed transcript of his latest double-talking. "I'll bash that into your skull, Mick Foley! I'll bash that into your skull, Mick Foley!" I think he managed a few more before that in the interview, then got some more in during his trash talk during the marathon beatdown. "Stay down, Mick! Stay down...Mick!" Five stars

I'm just waiting for the episode of RAW where he tells the rest of Evolution that he's going to go get the papers (get the papers)

"Americas top dog is a big, slobbering, barking dog named Josh" [AP]
The King of Keith
Lap cheong

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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.74
Can someone please explain to me how HHH/HBK is "nearly 10 years in the making"? Let's go back 10 years, shall we? HBK had his hands full with Razor Ramon and HHH was nowhere in the WWF to be seen. He didn't even make his debut until after WM XI. They joined up for DX in late 1996, which, logically is when they should be counting from. When their feud started in the summer of 2002, I think they said it was "nearly 6 years in the making".

It's been annoying the piss out of me. Where did those other four years come from?

Please God...

...let it happen again
Deacon Jim

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#37 Posted on
I'm thinking that Vince's Big Anouncement will be a one time only inter-brand match. Since Vince owns both brands, he is the only one who can make such a match. The participants will of course be Goldberg and Lesner. There could even be a "loser leaves WWE stip" to provide for Goldberg's exit.

Oh yeah, then Vince will beat the snot out of Bish.

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#38 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
What was UP with that beatdown of Foley???
Are we supposed to believe that as beloved as Mick is among peers, that NOBODY came to help him? I was hoping for the Rock to run in, then maybe Spike Dudley with a chair, heck Lillian Garcia on the ring apron....Earl Hebner doing a striptease....ANYthing to break up the longest beatdown in wrestling history. They actually made violence boring.

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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
A decent show.. The announcement of the Triple Threat was a letdown of course but.. oh well.

The Widow's Peak is possibly the best finisher in the WWE right now and I'm glad that they don't use it every day. The crowd always pops for it and Stevie really did a good job of selling it at ringside.. He was getting all riled up during the build up and then gave this huge reaction after she hit it, like, "Fuck yeah, this baby's over." It works really well for that finisher, because it's an impressive-looking move that takes a while to set up.

Is Lita hurt and is that why Victoria is getting time with Trish or is this one of those rare times where someone deserving of a little push is actually getting one?
Boudin rouge

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#40 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.41
It is a bit disturbing to see Victoria and Trish all chummy-chummy though... When are we going to find out just what it was that Trish did to her anyways?

"Boy, I've crippled more people than Polio!"
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i think his new gimmick is quite good but not main event material maybe us title
- themaster, Bradshaw is Awesome (2004)
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