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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW 15th Anniversary (#759) 12/10/07
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Once again, no recap from me next week, as I'll be live in Buffalo for the show.

TONIGHT: Only the potential to be the greatest RAW ever. Ladder match for the IC Title, Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito. 15-man Battle Royal with former RAW superstars. Appearances by Sunny, Trish Strauts, Lita, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin. An Evolution reunion. Also, I hear they’ll have the kitchen sink.

-WWE Open.

-A video splicing together past RAW openings aired.

-Lots o’ fireworks and we are LIVE from Bridgeport, Connecticut as JR and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the 15th Anniversary Raw celebration. And the first man to come out is THE man, Vince McMahon, as well as Shane and Stephanie. No Linda, curiously. It’s Vince’s time to gloat, as he even uses RAW’s first tag-line, the “uncut, uncooked, uncensored” line. He said Linda couldn’t be there due to a gastro-intestinal problem. What are the odds she shows up? Vince introduces his kids by saying what titles they’ve won. Vince asked for a photographer for the family portrait, but he should’ve known he wouldn’t get away with forgetting Hornswoggle. Crowd seems hot, even starting a “Horn-swog-gle” chant. Vince proclaimed his love for his son and daughter and even the little guy. Most importantly, he loves us. Vince wants the family to say “money” on three. As he got to two, Triple H’s music played. Did they forget another family member? Triple H is even amazed at the pop he got. Trips said he doesn’t think it’s a secret any longer, that we’re smart and we know what’s going on. He said he feels a part of the family, almost like he could be a son. “What’s up Steph” he adds in there to a loud cheer. Triple H wanted to bring out some of the people Vince has loved, since they are like family too. Representing the current crop of divas that Vince has loved: Melina. Vince claims he did not have sex with that woman.

Next is the past diva: Sunny. Mild pop for her. She looks good. Horny lives up to his name, giving Sunny a big hug. The next crop of girls is represented by: Mae Young. She hugs (and dry humps) Vince. He said his encounter with Mae was at Moolah’s funeral, and he had a lot to drink. Apparently disgusted, Shane walked out. Steph is equally disgusted when Vince told her he was thinking of her mom. Trips said “anyone can do the pretty ones.” Trips said any employee Vince tried to hit on suspecting it was a woman, to come out. Howard Finkel came out with Bastion Booger, Pat Patterson, Big Dick Johnson, Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz and Gerald Brisco. “I guess the Brooklyn Brawler was busy tonight,” said Trips after asking who Schwartz was. Steph said Vince has embarrassed the family long enough: It’s time she embarrasses him. And she makes out with Triple H. “See ya at home” Trips said, as Steph left. Vince said he hates Triple H and told everyone they can go straight to hell. Ok, this is already the best Raw ever. Triple H apologized to Hornswoggle and said if only there was someone who could make this all better with just the sound of their music. Of course, that meant The Godfather and about 10 women. Godfather said it was time for Horny to hop aboard the hoe train. Then everyone started dancing. Awesome.

-Oh, and Hardy vs. Carlito for the IC Title is next.


-Tonight, we will found out who the greatest superstar in RAW history is!

(1) Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito, Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title
I understand them wanting to reward Carlito for staying, but after the jobbing he’s been doing, to give him a title match out of the blue? Carlito went for the ladder right at the bell, then nailed Hardy in the face with it when Jeff came to the outside. Carlito went to climb, but Jeff stopped him. Carlito hit a hard clothesline though and went back to the ladder. Carlito went to hit Jeff but got the ladder rammed right into his head. Jeff tried to hit a move similar to the one that put Mercury out of commission, but Carlito dodged the ladder. Carlito was on the apron and Jeff dropkicked him off (from inside the ring) and Carlito took a bump onto the ladder, which was propped up against the barricade. Jeff got the ladder and climbed it, but Carlito springboarded onto the ladder and hit what looked like a sunset flip off the ladder and both men landed with a thud. “Holy shit” chants as we went to break.


Back from break, Jeff had Carlito down on the mat and he was climbing to the top rope and then to the top of the ladder. He missed a legdrop. Carlito stomped the ladder into Hardy’s leg. Another ladder is brought in by Carlito. He slammed that on the leg too. CCC set the ladder up and began the usual slow climb but Jeff pounded him down. Carlito went for the chop block. Carlito propped the ladder against the turnbuckle, but Jeff hit a HIGH back-body drop to Carlito onto the ladder. Brutal looking. Swanton by Jeff. Hardy set the taller of the ladders up in the middle of the ring and Carlito pushed the ladder over, but Jeff landed on his feet as he wasn’t high up. Carlito avoided the Twist of Fate and hit the Backstabber (w/o the knees) onto the ladder. Carlito climbed the ladder and got a hand on the belt. Jeff came up and pushed him off and got the belt.

Winner: Hardy at 13:45. Good ladder match. They still fit in some new spots.


-Todd Grisham was backstage with Shawn Michaels. Grisham asked Michaels about being a part of the first RAW. HBK couldn’t remember who he defended it against. He said last week was a low point for RAW, and was curious about what Kennedy could do with the REAL Marty Jannetty. Jannetty walked into the shot and talked really fast about being excited. HBK did the Kennedy promo but using his own name. A major thumbs up for Jannetty, but a mild thumbs down for no Max Moon appearance to remind Shawn who he fought on the ifrst RAW.

-Some classic RAW clips are shown including 1-2-3 Kid’s upset, Cena FU’ing Federline, Austin pushing Tyson, Bubba powerbombing Spike off the stage, the tender moments between divas and superstar, “THERE’S PEOPLE IN THERE!!” Funk and Foley getting shoved off the stage by the Outlaws, Venis and Yamaguchi-san, the reveal of Kane, chairshots, GM Eric Bischoff, brawls on the outside of the arena and Shane buying WCW.


-Santino Marella and Maria were in the ring. He was sick of the nostalgia show and wanted to focus on the future. He said he issued an open challenge....and RVD’s music hit, and out came Mr. Monday Night. Wow. Didn’t really expect that.

(2) Santino Marella vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD caught a Santino boot and kicked him. Then he hit the Five-Star Frog Splash. Crowd is WAY behind him. He did the “RVD” point and then the pin.

Winner: RVD at :41.

-An Evolution video package aired. Their get-together is NEXT.


-Lillian Garcia introduced “all four original members” of Evolution. Weren’t there only four ever? Ric Flair came out first, dressed for battle. Triple H was next, then Batista and finally, the black sheep, Randy Orton. Orton, though, stopped at the top of the ramp and said he wasn’t going to come out to join them. He said the rest of Evolution wanted to ride the coattails of his current success. He said last time he was champ and associated with them, he could recall what happened. In case anyone else couldn’t, we got a video refresher. Triple H remembered and said it was pretty cool. They didn’t beat him up because of his title, rather, because he was a giant pain in the ass. He said he wants to be remembered on a team, but not Evolution- Rated RKO, and Orton brought Edge out. Batista encouraged Edge to come out and trash-talk to his face. Flair did his classic “shutup!!” He wanted them to get a partner and face Evolution. Orton said he figured he’d say that, and already got a tag partner: Umaga. This six-man is next!


(3) Triple H, Ric Flair & Batista vs. Randy Orton, Edge & Umaga
Edge stiffed Flair with rights in the corner to start, but Flair chopped at Edge. Lawler brought up Flair and Vince’s deal, and I guess it only applies to singles matches for Naitch. Back-body drop for Flair and Umaga tagged in and went to work. Nerve hold by Umaga then a tag to Orton. Kneedrop by Orton for two. Whip into the corner and another back-drop. Flair held onto the ropes on an attempted Orton dropkick. Tag made to Batista, who hit a hard clothesline on Orton. Batista bealed Edge into the ring, then hit him with a side slam. Orton came in and Triple H cut him off. Stereo spinebusters by Batista and Trips. Umaga though knocked both of them down then the ref, who called for the DQ. Umaga was about to hit the spike on Flair when Trips knocked him down. Edge and Orton headed up the ramp.

Winners: Batista, Triple H and Flair by DQ, 3:44 shown.

Umaga was left in the ring with the remnants of Evolution- Flair low-blowed him, Batista speared him and Trips hit the Pedigree. The Evolution music came on as Jeff Hardy looked on from backstage. Evolution celebrated in the ring.

-Some more vehicular RAW memories: Austin & the beer truck, Kane and Lita’s ambulance ride, Austin’s four-wheeler, Hogan driving the semi into the Rock’s ambulance, Kane crashing inside the limo, Vince’s axle going to hell, Austin’s monster truck running over Rock’s car, Bischoff into the garbage truck, Austin cementing Vince’s limo, Angle’s milk truck, Edge’s Nature Boy road rage, and Austin’s zamboni.

-Backstage, Hornswoggle was freaking out Molly Holly when Mickie James saved her. Regal came in and told Horny he had a re-match against Great Khali tonight. Oh....and someone cancelled Finlay’s flight, so he’s not around. And the’s next.


(4) Hornswoggle vs. Great Khali
As soon as Khali put his hands on Hornswoggle, “Real American” played and Hulk Hogan came out in black and white. Khali signaled for him to just bring it. The two stood inches apart and jawed with each other. Hogan started Hulking up and blocked a right hand. Khali got a boot though and started hammering away at Hulk. Crowd chanted for Hogan as the adrenaline went through him and he did the point and finger shake. Hogan fought back as Khali tried to cover up. A right hand put Khali down, and the giant rolled out of the ring. Hogan wanted Khali back in to lift him up. Runjin Singh successfully talked Khali out of going back into the ring.

Winner: No contest.

Hornswoggle was clapping in the ring. Hogan got the mic and proclaimed Hulkamania alive and well. He thanked everyone for keeping the dream alive, and congratulations to the greatest company of all-time (WWE, duh) for 15 years of RAW. He was happy WWE invited him to hang in the back. He missed everyone and never say never, “ooh yeah” ala Randy Savage. He plugged American Gladiators and then got the fans to cheer one more time and he posed with Hornswoggle. Would’ve been nice to see him have some verbal interaction with the little guy.

-Raw clips were classic DX moments, including making fun of the Nation, their standards and practices “press conference,” Triple H as Vince (who loves cocks), HBK as Shane, telling Sarge to suck it, cooking sausages, attacking WCW, spray painting Vince’s jet, Chyna giving Michael Cole a wedgie, mooning the crowd, a manure bath for the McMahons and Spirit Squad and putting (Coach?) through the wall.


-RAW flashback: Mick Foley entertaining Vince in his hospital bed and Austin’s attack as well.

-The Fink is in the ring to announce the battle royal. Participants include: Al Snow, Bart Gunn, Doink, Repo Man, Steve Blackman, Pete Gas, Mr. Backlund...and the rest will be out after break.


-Gangrel comes out as Goon, Skinner, IRS and Flash Funk were out during the break. Scotty 2 Hotty, Jim Neidhart and Sgt. Slaughter. One more I guess: Gillberg, as he even does the full entrance, with security knocking on his door and everything. Sparklers of course, too.

(5) 15-Man Battle Royal
Gillberg was ganged up on and carried around the ring and tossed out first. Mr. Backlund was tossed by Skinner soon after. Come on, Keirn couldn’t even grow a beard for his role? Snow tossed Doink out about a minute in. He used Head against Gangrel to toss him out. Funk side-kicked Snow out. Gunn knocked Gas out, then Blackman tossed him. Funk tossed Blackman but he went out too. Repo Man threw out Goon. Repo Man missed a right hand and Neidhart backdropped him. Skinner tossed Neidhart. Oh, I guess Keirn has a light beard going. Clothesline from IRS on Scotty. The briefcase was used against him, and then Scotty did the Worm. Skinner threw out Scotty, then was Cobra Clutched by Sarge. Keirn looks in better shape than when he was Skinner. Skinner missed a charge and Sarge through him out. Then IRS tossed Sarge.

Winner: IRS at 4:09. Not pretty, but good for nostalgia purposes.

-When IRS was announced as the winner, Ted Dibiase’s music played and he came out. Dibiase looked to pay off IRS for something. Then IRS jumped over the top rope and Dibiase was announced as the winner. Good lord I love it. Ted got the mic and cut his “Everybody’s got a price” line and laughed.

-Raw Flashback: Slaps heard ‘round the world, with a lot being McMahon involved.

-Eric Bischoff is walking backstage...and we’re going to hear from him next.


-Bischoff was in the ring. He did the fake tears thanking WWE for letting him be a part of this Raw. He said he sees the same people we’ve seen year after year, and he’s not here to put smiles on people’s faces. He said the fans will always be dependent on him to provide entertainment. The McMahons, apparently, will always depend on people like Bischoff to re-invent the business over and over again. He implored the fans to stand up and applaud for him. Some actually did. Y2J’s video interrupted and Jericho came out. This should be good. Bischoff pretended not to remember Jericho, and then reminisced about firing him in that ring a few years ago. Jericho said Bischoff was an assclown then and an assclown now. Jericho thanked Eric for giving him time off, because he was burned out. Jericho said with the time off, he found his passion to be better than ever. Jericho made fun of Bischoff’s hair and waistline. Eric said Y2J should forfeit the match at Armageddon right now to save fans the money of seeing him get whipped. Jericho said he could beat Bischoff’s ass right now and rhymed insults at him. Crowd with a tepid response to it. He then said he’d knock Bischoff’s block off and gave him a right hand. Before he could do anything more, Orton attacked. Jericho countered and put him in the Walls of Jericho. Chris grabbed the title and stared at it, then laid it on the ground near Orton.


-Dusty Rhodes was out near the broadcast booth shaking hands. JR asked, “how can you have the 15th anniversary of RAW without Dusty Rhodes?” Was he ever a part of RAW? He joined the JR and King for the next match.

(6) Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, World Tag Title Match
King finally said what we’re all thinking, that Rhodes and Holly have no chemistry at all. Rhodes and Cade started tings off. Rhodes hit a shoulderblock, but Cade hit a leg lariat. Forearm to the face by Murdoch after he tagged in and after Cade hit an atomic drop. Slam and elbow from Murdoch. Bodyslam by Cade. He missed an elbowdrop though and Murdoch and Holly tagged in. Holly was a house of fire, but the crowd didn’t care. Big dropkick from Holly, who then took out Cade. Cade accidentally hit Murdoch and Rhodes got rid of Cade. Alabama Slam for Murdoch and the pin- we’ve got new champs.

Winners: Rhodes and Holly at 2:34. This is the first thing on the show I’m not a fan of.

Dusty got in the ring to celebrate with Cody after the match and raised Holly and Cody’s arms in victory.

-This Raw Flashback showed celebs on RAW. Donald Trump, Ben Stiller (interviewed by Jarrett), Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Tyson, Dennis Miller, Papa Roach, William Shatner, Mr. T, Kid Rock, Motley Crue and K-Fed were among those shown. Those shown in the audience were part of the clips too, not just those who appeared in-ring or as part of the show.


-RAW flashback: The Divas. Mick Foley and Matt Hardy talked about Sunny being the pioneer. Her, Sable, Lita, Trish, Stacy, and Candice were among those featured.

-Jillian Hall was in the ring back live. She said she is the only RAW diva to have a Christmas album coming out, on iTunes tomorrow. She started singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” She only got to the second day when Trish Stratus came out. Jillian said she hadn’t finished her song yet. Trish apologized and said she was so happy to be back. Trish congratulated Jillian on her album, then told her straight-up that she was really bad. Jillian was not happy, but then Lita came out. Hall was happy to see her and the two former divas immediately went face to face. Jillian wanted Lita to smack Trish, but Lita got the mic and said not only does Jillian’s singing suck, but her voice is really bad. Jillian called them has-beens. She started singing again until Lita and Trish teamed up to take her out. Chops by Lita and Trish, and that sent Jillian packing. Lita and Trish hugged in the ring, then raised each other’s arms.

Raw Flashback: Raw Humor. Doink pouring water on Heenan, the Stinkface on Steph, McMahon peeing himself, Trips and Trish in the 69 position, GTV, Rock ribbing Hurricane, Jericho urinating in Regal’s tea, Christian & Edge, Rock & Eugene, Pat Patterson (“he’s single fellas!”), Vince as Flair, all the midgets, Steph’s boobs, Cena rapping on K-Fed, Austin & Angle, Foley & Rock, Henry & Sammy, Vince getting caught with his pants down, Goldust & Booker, Mae and her hand, Goldust with Tourettes, Owen as a Slammy winner and others.

-The greatest superstar in RAW history will be revealed tonight.


-RAW flashback: Holy Matrimony. Steph and Trips, Lita and Kane, Test and Steph, Lita and Edge.

-Backstage, Lita was watching that video as Kane came up from behind her. Kane asked if she’d seen any good movies lately. Not really, she said. They tried to make small talk, but it wasn’t going so well. So Ron Simmons came up to them and shouted “damn!”

-JR and Lawler ran down the Armageddon card.

-Mr. Kennedy came out for his match with Marty Jannetty. It’s next.


(7) Mr. Kennedy vs. Marty Jannetty
Kennedy worked the arm of Jannetty. Marty got a front face-lock, then reversed it. Low dropkick by Jannetty. Kennedy took over with some forearms. Whip into the buckle by Jannetty, but Kennedy came out with a dropkick to the knees. Half-crab by Kennedy. “Let’s go Marty” chant from the crowd. Jannetty got to the ropes, but KK still worked on the knee. Kennedy started jaw-jacking, but Marty hit an enziguiri. Jumping back elbow by Jannetty, then a suplex. Marty went for the ten-count of punches, but Kennedy atomic-dropped out of it then Marty did the classic over-sell of the clothesline. Jannetty went for the Rocker Dropper and hit it. He went to the top, but took too much time and Kennedy used the ropes to knock him off. Jannetty almost got the roll-up win when he got out of the rolling samoan drop. Kennedy hit the face-first slam-thing for the win.

Winner: Kennedy at 4:40. Not much crowd heat but at this point, it’s probably to be expected.

Kennedy kept after Jannetty post-match, but Michaels attacked. Kennedy ended up getting the upper hand and that’s when Triple H made his way to the ring. He distracted Kennedy long enough for HBK to throw him out of the ring. Trips gave Michaels a DX hat and shirt and they were together again. Might mean something if they didn’t just do this for no reason a few weeks ago. They did the crotch chop with the “X” fireworks and posed. Ah, I was hoping for Scott Hall during this segment.

-Mr. McMahon was backstage getting ready to come out and announce the greatest RAW superstar ever.


-Mr. McMahon was in the ring for the final segment. He said that person has to be synonymous with the program and also made the single biggest impact on Raw. Vince was given the envelope by a cop at ringside. The winner, he announced (with a drum roll) was Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He thanked the little people, but didn’t get too far as Mankind came out. Vince told Foley to get out of the ring. Without getting any mic time, Foley put the claw (with socko) on Vince. Undertaker’s music played and Taker came out. He gave Vince a chokeslam (with a bit of difficulty). The fans were anticipating who would be next. The glass broke and sho ‘nuff, it was Steve Austin. “Austin, Austin” chants. He got the mic and called McMahon, lying on the ground, a pitiful sight. He said he came out to give his congratulations for 15 years of RAW. He got two beers thrown his way and wanted to propose a toast, but Vince was still on the ground. Austin got down to Vince’s level so they could drink a beer together. Both were near each other on their backs as Austin joked. The beer spilled behind Austin. He said that wasn’t working, so Austin helped Vince up. McMahon got up slowly and Austin gave him a beer, then congratulated him for 15 years of RAW. Austin toasted him and called him a dumb son of a bitch. As McMahon sipped, holding his neck, Austin stunned him. He then wanted to card and said the greatest superstar of RAW wasn’t on the card, and wasn’t in the ring. He called the fans the greatest superstars on RAW. Austin talked to the camera, saying the fans sitting at home were the greatest superstars, and that’s the bottom line. Austin brought 15 years of superstars down to have a beer bash with him. And they did (except Regal, who had a Coke).

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Best Raw I've seen in the last five years. Period. Sure, it was all nostalgia and next-to-no substance, but it was 101% Pure Entertainment from start to finish.

I'm absolutely shocked (and pleased) that WWE resisted the urge to make zero mention of the TNA stars. Some of the best Raw moments of the past 15 years came from those stars. Kurt's Milk Truck, Edge & Christian's kazoo, BOOKERDUST~! The hits just kept coming all night long.

Some of those cameos we all saw coming, but who could have guessed they would have gone to that much effort? I can't believe they got MOLLY HOLLY to cameo!

I have to be completely honest. I seriously forgot RVD still existed. Nice to see he hasn't completely dropped off the face of the Earth. Wonder if they'll remember it was Orton that took him out?

That battle royal was a lot of fun. I missed the old Repo Man theme and it was great to hear it again! I liked that they brought in Bart Gunn and mentioned him being half of the Smoking Gunns and yet somehow avoided making any reference to his old partner. I couldn't believe it when Steve Blackman attacked Al Snow and there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO mention of Head Cheese, possibly the greatest tag team in the 15-year history of Raw! On a similar note, Blackman looked to be in incredible shape. On a similar note to THAT, while Ted DiBiase obviously isn't in the best shape, he's aged very well. I nearly marked out when it looked like we'd get to see inside IRS's mysterious briefcase, but the markout moment came when we got the DIBIASE LAUGH!

I'm astounded that someone back there remembered the Kane/Lita marriage. Never has a Ron Simmons walk-on been more appropriate.

An Evolution reunion was quaint and all, but it was great to see the Rated RKO reunion! Some might cry foul over Umaga getting beat down again, but he was outnumbered. And it's not like he backed down, either. I just give Umaga credit for going after the weakest link (Flair) first, even though it didn't go his way tonight.

The Hulk Hogan appearance was great stuff, though I was almost hoping for a one-time return of Big Show. Hogan's "Ooooh Yeah!" will undoubtedly have the 'net talking for weeks and I almost wonder if it was done solely to gauge interest in a possible Savage return. Either way, the buildup to Hogan/Khali looks to be on for year after it was originally planned.

The last segment was a great way to end the show, but it's disappointing to see Mick Foley get no mic time. Time constraints are a bitch. That aside, there was really no better way to end the show than to have Vince McMahon get his ass kicked repeatedly by Raw's biggest stars. It almost looked like Austin mouthed "Gets him every time" after the Stunner.

I seriously cannot wait for the DVD of this show (The W at Amazon) and whatever else is in the set. There was just too much good stuff from the last 15 years and they remembered almost all of it on tonight's show (except for anything know...that guy, for obvious reasons). The Rock's chairshot to Ken Shamrock is still absolutely SICK to this day! And who didn't get a smile on their face when they saw the clip of the Slammy-Award Winning Owen Hart? Up in heaven, he's gotta have at least ten of those things by now.

One last note: I realize he's rehabbing and all, but I'm very surprised that they went through the big 15th anniversary show without a single John Cena appearance. I mean, I thought for sure he'd be there at the very end, considering he's supposedly Raw's biggest draw of the past few years.

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Was CM Punk dring BEER at the end there?! I guess it could have been a Pepsi, but it looked like a Miller Lite.

Also, that was the most fun I have ever had watching RAW. Nothing short of amazing. I just wish The Rock was there. Seeing RVD, Trish, Lita, and Molly Holly was totally awesome. I also loved seeing IRS win the rumble only to have Ted Dibiase pay him off and win it for himself.

Wow, I am so tired from marking out so much.

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This show was wonderful.

Bischoff doesn't 3 Minute Warn Jericho with Umaga = no buys
3 HHH segments = zero buys
Shane walks out in disgust of Fabulous Moolah joke = some buys
Lita and Kane confrontation = a million buys
Trish and Lita bury the hatchet = priceless

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#5 Posted on
Great show. Crowd was dead for the Kennedy-Jennety match and it was dead after the intros of the Battle Royal but IRS winning then selling out was a good ending.

The ending of the show with Austin was very predictable but still good.

Carilto is back in good standing after signing a new contract.

Crowd would have popped big if Hogan would have been allowed to slam Khali (even though Kane has already done it)

Sunny looked really good, I hope she gets a contract.

Too bad Nash, Hall, and Angle weren't part of the show but it's obvious why they can't.

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Dear WWE,

Please re-sign Sunny, Steve Blackman, and Bob Backlund. Especially Sunny.

The King of Keith.

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If they weren't going to let Mr. Backlund get serious ring time in the Battle Royale, they should have at least let him commandeer the broadcast booth after his elimination.
I know he who shall not be named wasn't shown, but was there a clip of former WWF Champion Sid at any point?
Perhaps Khali just wants to be wanted. He was quick to join the DX reunion a few weeks back, and he was one of the first to come out upon Austin's invitation. Maybe he is just misunderstood.
Nice drop-in of the Fab One's for Keirn by Ross.
Would have liked Barry Windham in the Battle Royale or at worst in the sexually propositioned by Vince segment.
Now that they have put the loophole in for Flair, why should he ever wrestle a singles match?
How much does it help Marty Jannetty to be a 'Recent RAW Main Eventer' on the indy ciruit for the next year?

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    Originally posted by Kane Is Ugly
    Was CM Punk dring BEER at the end there?! I guess it could have been a Pepsi, but it looked like a Miller Lite.

That's what I was watching very closely!!

Overall really fun, mark-out centric show...HEAD CHEESE COLLIDES! Molly!!

Much like Jericho, Trish is head and shoulders more at ease on the mic than anyone else. Oh those Canucks... Though Jillian's goading of Lita (and mic'ed beat down) was pretty funny.

And I guess it's in-continuity now that Hunter & Steph are back together.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the following public service message is brought to you by your friends from D-Generation X, who would like to remind each and every one of you that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you...

    Originally posted by Kane Is Ugly
    Was CM Punk drinking BEER at the end there?! I guess it could have been a Pepsi, but it looked like a Miller Lite.

1. Pepsi cans and Miller Lite cans look pretty similar when you only get a passing glimpse of them.
2. If it was Miller Lite, give the guy a break, it's a special occasion.

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While the switch from Cena to RVD should alleviate some complaints, the inevitability of the belt's return to Cena (note where Summerslam is this year) and the poor initial showing by the new ECW are enough to keep the indicator where it is for now. The pieces are in place, though, especially on RAW, for improvements to be made to the IWC's psyche in the near future.
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Was it just me or did that not seem like it was Foley out there under the Mankind mask at all? Maybe it was the weirdly crimped and puffy hair... I know it was him, since theres pics of him backstage up on but it really didn't seem like it.

Pretty fun, nostalgia wise. RVD was a great surprise, Hogan was pretty clearly just there for the paycheck I thought.

Every Straight Edge messageboard is buzzing right now over CM Punk allegedly getting caught on camera drinking a beer.

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- RVD's return was better than Jericho's.

- Hornswaggle is just *this* close to becoming the official WWE mascot. Nice reverse 'oops' beer spill on Vince to close the show for him.

- I'm really curious as to where Austin was going with that whole laying side by side bit.

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    Originally posted by Texas Kelly

    2. If it was Miller Lite, give the guy a break, it's a special occasion.

We don't get those, haha.

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The Battle Royal alone made this worthwhile:

The return of Steve Blackman (he has been on injury leave all this time, right?) and THE GOON! I almost soiled myself when I saw he was in the Battle Royal. Jim Neidhart's gut was larger than Hornswoggle. Who was Doink? And to end it all off with Million Dollar Man's laugh - just perfect.

I liked all the clips going into commercial, particularly the calvalcade of slaps.

Lots of fun, very entertaining.


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This was an excellent Raw. Lots of fun. Great to see a lot of the oldtimers.
Not sure they should have had the tag titles switch during this show especially because I don't like Sparkplug and find Cody Rhodes to be dull. Otherwise as close to perfect as you could hope.

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    Originally posted by geemoney

Very nice. I read the whole thing, and I'm not just saying that. Can't wait to see this episode in some manner.
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    Originally posted by Kane Is Ugly
    Was CM Punk dring BEER at the end there?! I guess it could have been a Pepsi, but it looked like a Miller Lite.

My friend freaked out over that same thing and, under repeated DVR viewings, you can see that while he is originally holding a Miller Lite when he's first in the ring, at some point he trades it for a COKE, which may or may not also be against Punk's Pepsi Tattooed beliefs. XD

Regal is also drinking Coke for what it's worth.

It's easiest to see the Coke can right after the shot of Mickie James walking to the ring.

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I have to admit when I saw repoman I was a little sad he didn't come out as Smash,

As for Hogans remarks As cool as a Mega Powers vs Kali and Umaga match will be it wont happen.

Good to see Doink is still alive. Best part of the show was Gillberg showing up, I am glad the reopened that Canned GILL-BERG chant for tonight.

As much as we all knew he wasn't going to be there, I wished at the end Bret would have walked out with Nidthart and gave vince the Hart attack.

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You wanted the best, you got... Out of Context Quote of the Week.

"All because he got over seven years ago forcing rimjobs on people against their will?" (Hogan's My Dad)

    Originally posted by El Pescado
    My friend freaked out over that same thing and, under repeated DVR viewings, you can see that while he is originally holding a Miller Lite when he's first in the ring, at some point he trades it for a COKE, which may or may not also be against Punk's Pepsi Tattooed beliefs. XD

    Regal is also drinking Coke for what it's worth.

Hey, if Punk had a Pepsi, insta-feud with Regal should he move to Raw.

Also, Regal sipping his Coke with the full pinky extension! That would've been the highlight of the night if not for the Kane/Lita segment.

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    Originally posted by El Pescado
      Originally posted by Kane Is Ugly
      Was CM Punk dring BEER at the end there?! I guess it could have been a Pepsi, but it looked like a Miller Lite.

    My friend freaked out over that same thing and, under repeated DVR viewings, you can see that while he is originally holding a Miller Lite when he's first in the ring, at some point he trades it for a COKE, which may or may not also be against Punk's Pepsi Tattooed beliefs. XD

I thought "straight edge" folk do not have caffeine, but maybe it was a caffeine-free Coke?

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    Originally posted by Zeruel
    I thought "straight edge" folk do not have caffeine
Not canon. He's in the clear.

I'm amazed that for a show which I haven't cared about at all for a year or more, they have been managing to make it important for me to watch lately.

I'm also amazed that there are still new ladder spots to be done.

The Lita/Kane thing was pretty great. I was hoping that Simmons would say "...well, this is awkward."

Too bad Dustin Rhodes is in TNA -- it would've been nice for him to be there for Cody's win.


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Nice RAW tonight. When I heard Shelton Benjamin's music play, I stopped writing on the computer... but when I heard HBK's music, I found a comfortable lounge chair, knowing I was in for one hell of a match. And it was, holy smokes.
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