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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW 12/27/04 (Page 3)
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RAW Thoughts:

The stipulations sure made this week a lot more interesting....I guess I'm not used to the end of the Monday Night Wars yet, because I was still hoping and praying that the "mystery" opponents would be some new/returning guys, and that the special ref would be, ya know, special. HBK or Mick were really the only two options I thought of as the ref, and when Bisch said no one would be happy, I knew it'd be HBK....Good opening contest. Christian's bump WAS sick....Orton v.s Maven was serviceable....

Lita v.s Molly was short, decent and a good way to bury Molly even more....Simon v.s Rosey was stupid. I think Rosie should return after a lengthy absence in which he loses a bunch of weight to attest to the Simon System. Of course, losing weight isn't as easy as it looks (just as Mark Henry)....Edge v.s Eugene was entertaining, especially with Eugene wasting time on the outside by slapping hands with the fans....

Benoit v.s Viscera was watchable, but why did they use Big Vis here?....Oh God, another debate. Did they learn NOTHING from the Nowinski/Steiner debate?....Batista is getting more and more entertaining each week....The Main Event was pretty decent, too. Good to see the show focused on WRESTLING.

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    Originally posted by geemoney
    Did they learn NOTHING from the Nowinski/Steiner debate?

Perhaps they learned not put a guy who can't string two sentences together intelligently out there with a pulpit and microphone. Hassan's character is starting to look somewhat smart (the writing behind him, that is, although Magnus' delivery is quite good as well). He has very valid points to make about discrimination, and it's understandable that this makes him bitter. Granted, it seems to go way over the heads of the live audience if last night was any indication, but it appears to be a well thought out character rather than just "me (foreign name), me from (foreign country), I hate USA". A debate, while not a traditional wrestling tool to be sure, could be an effective way to lay out the important details of the character.

Sadly, I don't imagine it gets two minutes in before Lawler drops an "America, love it or leave it" reference, and the whole thing goes to hell.

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    Originally posted by oldschoolhero
    I think HBK's involvement adds a level of intrigue to the proceedings, as there's at least three people he has strong issues with (Edge, Jericho, HHH). And why in Hell is it "a given" that he'll start bleeding, just because he's taking part in some capacity? He's a referee, fer cryin' out loud.

Considering it's Michaels, a cage, and Puerto Rico, the question isn't whether he blades, it is whether he as a ref in the cage blades before Flair as a manager outside the cage.
I knew Hassan reminded me of someone, and seeing him in wrestling gear finally brings it to light: Al Perez. If they were to get really creative with the Lawler idea for him, have him kick Lawler in the gut and break out the banned piledriver on him.

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Here we go...just as I am actually drinking coffee, which means I'll probably be awake for hours. I did watch both Raw and Smackdown in Iraq tonight. Sorry in advance about doing this, but I haven't had the time to talk about it.

Raw Thoughts:

1) I really liked the beat the clock concept. It even gave us some thought of who was going to face the EC competitor.

2) Jericho/Christian...part MCXVIXIV -> It could be 2007 by the time they reach Mysterio/Juventud match number status. Lawler had the thought of if Christian wins, and wins the EC. My thought is this...Maybe a HBK type of champion, smaller than a normal WWE champion. Man, Christian did take a nasty spill on the floor.

3) Orton/Maven...Maven needs a complete makeover. A) Grow some hair/facial hair. B) New tights. C) New darker music. In my opinion, he just gets the same response now as he did when he was a face...not much. Nice match, more even than what I thought.

4) Lita/Molly -> Quick match, we need new divas as we see #2 on the matchup count. At least get divas that can wrestle.

5) Rosey/Simon -> Funny that Simon rants about the fans in Mississippi being pigs, and the next shot is some old fat guy in overalls and a baseball cap. Not ha-ha funny, but funny in strangely funny. Ha-ha funny is Simon putting on his weightlifting belt and trying to slam Rosey, but does the Hogan trying to slam Andre the first time at WM III. Rollup by Dean wins the match. Simon: "Yeah!!!!!!" Me: "Noooooo!!!!!" The winner: The guy with his mug on his jacket.

6) Edge/Eugene -> The battle of the E's. Nice match, and good strategy by Eugene. Just spending time with the crowd, wasting Edge's time. Funny: Edge asks what is going on, and Eugene shakes his hand!!! OK match, but Eugene's antics was the price of admission in itself.

7) Benoit/Viscera -> Actually a good match, even by Viscera's standards.

8) Royal Rumble Ad -> Hilarious

9) Stacy -> ZZZZZZ. Then Hassan and the Other Guy come out. Hassan...ZZZZZZZZZZZ. I just wrote the entire time about DirecTV changing the spelling again for Spike TV, so I had to set up the Season Pass for Raw again, yet I realize that I did not add the 15 minutes after Raw so I could get into the entire program. This will come into play later. The two get into it with JR & King and Hassan smacks JR. Hey, you can't hit a guy with glasses. King & Hassan stare at each other, then we break.

10) JR/King return, with JR cut -> How dare you, Hassan.

11) Batista/Rhyno -> Good match with these two big guys competing.

12) Hassan complains about the announcers. Bischoff sets a debate with JR/King vs Hassan/Other Guy. Great, just what we needed.

13) HHH/Benjamin -> Nice touch with all the competitors at ringside. I ran out of time just after HHH ran out of time to get the last to enter the EC. I did miss the HBK announcement, but not much.

Now, a short look at Smackdown in Iraq:

1) Note to WWE: Have Lillian sing the anthem live on TV once or twice a year. My dad noticed the respect the troops had in not starting to cheer in the middle of the song...unlike one place in my area (The United Center for Blackhawk games [if they play], who starts at the end of the announcement for the National Anthem).

2) It seemed to drag on with the meeting of troops and going to the bases.

3) Mysterio = Mask + Camoflage + guns = not a good sign.

4) Actually a fun program to watch on that Christmas week.

5) Try bringing Cole and Tazz to Iraq next time. It doesn't have the feel when they are broadcasting from the WWE studios in Connecticut.

That ends it for me tonight. Have a great new year, as I probably won't get to Smackdown until 2005 due to our differing schedules.

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#45 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.75

I think Edge just keeps getting better & better each week. He's playing the heel role quite nice. I love the fact the he busted out the Edgeucator, even though JR didn't seem to know what it was.

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    Originally posted by BigVitoMark
    Sadly, I don't imagine it gets two minutes in before Lawler drops an "America, love it or leave it" reference, and the whole thing goes to hell.
Right up there with, "Gee, there is a cake in the ring with a lot of frosting. I wonder if someone will be wearing it in 5....4.....3....2......wait for it, wait for it..."

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#47 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.89
    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Jesus, am I the ONLY one who heard the ref tell Vicera "DONT TAP YET"? when he was first in the crossface?

I thought I heard that, but wasn't quite sure....but no, you weren't the only one.

Which reminds me, that Samoan Drop Viscera hit on Benoit was one of the sickest moves I've seen in a while.

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#48 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.22
Christian's ringside bump during his match made me wonder if he was trying to upstage Lita's dive of doom. Yikes. But that out of the way:

    In my opinion, Christian is, in fact, the new Owen Hart. He's really picked up a lot of the little things that I always liked about Owen.

I agree, he reminds me a lot more of Owen Hart than he does HBK...though I still don't feel he's quite on the level of either, but he has his moments.
But its also interesting seeing that Edge recently seemed to be showing Bret '97 vibes...even if he seems to be going more toward a HHH 'obsessed with belt route'. Nevertheless I'm really interested in a seeing Hart Foundation '97 stable that sees E & C reuniting the way Bret and Owen did...where in not a tag team but rather fighting a common cause. Why not, they've redone the Four Horsemen and plus, anytime E & C interact is gold.

Either way, I marked out for the return of the Edgeucator submission...and liked the unique way he utilized the spear in this match. He should definitely continue on this route from here on, spear as more of a set-up and Submission or DDT as the finisher. He wrestled a fun match and is doing a great job. Guess he wouldn't necessarily need a stable, but having one down the line would at least seem fun.

Ah, and I think I might be starting to care about Batista. I'm not one usually to jump on internet hoss bandwagons(I wasn't sold on Big Show's "improvement", A-Train's "good for his size" or all the previous Batista love), but it was sort of hard to ignore the little things he seemed to be displaying.
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I would be surprised if Nova keeps that gimmick (or name) upon arriving on WWE T.V.
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