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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 11-3-03
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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.96
Why won't they wake up? Really, why? It's time for Raw, live from Cleveland, OH...and a Fashion Report, too!

BookerT, in black hot-crotch flamin' "BookerT" undies, and Rob, in blue "RVD" singlet with yingyangs, the IC Title slung over his shoulder, with FOOTAGE!, vs. Jericho, in red tights with silver splats, and Christian!, in black tights with pink "C"s on white crests. Hebner the Elder, in black/white stripes, officiates. Ow - Jericho gets an nasty abrasion on his cheek. Some kind of neckbreaker +Christian's interference for a pin on Rob. A nice match.

In the back, Austin gets upset. Coach wants that post-SS-match interview.

Terri, in blue denim, interviews Molly, in pinstriped top and bellbottoms, the Women's Title over her shoulder. Interviewer beatdown spills-over into the arena. Hey, Molly's jeans have holes in the knees. Eventually Lita makes the save, but Gail, with wrench, comes with the assist. Molly is bouncy - me like!

In the back, Austin visits HBK. Austin wants, no, NEEDS Shawn to be on his team. Shawn is apprehensive, but eventually he does join.

In the back, LIta is tended to. Christian!, ever the opportunist, arrives to act concerned.

Batista, in black undies with red snaking flame, with Flair, with FOOTAGE!, vs. Maven, in black "M" fullcuts. Powerbomb to a pin. An averagematch, reminiscent of a Saturday-morning show.

JR, in black hat, sportscoat and shirt, and King, in purple shirt with gold swirls, commentate. And show FOOTAGE! of Shawn/Mark.

Out back, Kane lovingly caresses the ambulance (with video effects!) while he cuts a promo.

In their lockerroom, Cade and Jindrak psyche themselves up for their match.

Dudlyes, DVon in sleeveless black "Dudley Boyz 3D" tshirt and camo pants, wearing the Tag Title, and Bubba, in "Dudleyville 3D" jersey and black warmups, with "Hawk" bicep tape and carrying the Tag Title vs. Cade, in blue undies, and Jindrak, in black latex undies with something across the front. Charles Robinson, in the stripes, is the referee. Yeah, again JR says "Lance Cade". At some point, "Lance' gets a busted-up lip. Mid-match, Steiner appears on the stage, threatening to slam Stacie, allowing the rookies to get a "fluke" win. An average match.

Austin, in black sleeveless "F0CK Fear" tshirt, jean shorts, and kneebraces, calls-out Bisch, in black leather sportscoat, black tshirt and blue jeans, with the contract. The ring has the red carpet, desk and chairs. Bisch announces Randy as his fifth member. Randy, in white sleeveless shirt and black slacks, talks on the stage. They sign the contract. Bischoff points-out the irony of Austin having to trust five men (not that the announcers haven't been dousing us with that for weeks). Austin gets all Fashion-Report-y and gives the bird. The sign says "Less Talking More Wrestling". Yeah.

In the back, Batista talks-down Austin (the coward).

Val, in a towell, with three hos, is out - why? Rico, in tassled rainbow-colored leopard-print tights, sparklies in his hair, with Jackie, in yellow/purple hole-y bodysuit, vs. Lance, in red undies. Half crab to a submission. Post-match Val and the hos dance with Lance.

In the back, Jericho meets up with Trish. Aww - it's just like Junior High, all over again (well, except there's no blushing). John Heidenreich arrives to break-up the love. Eww - he showed Trish Little Johnny (and Jericho is outraged).

FOOTAGE! from house shows in Ohio.

Trish, in sparkly grey trenchcoat, black top and black/silver pants, and John, in gold fullcuts with black stripes, vs. Victoria, in sparkly gold bra and sparkly gold/black pants, and Stevie, in pink "Stevie Night Heat" fullcuts. Charles Robinson officiates. JR, you are such a rube. In the back, Jericho watches. John with some kind of backbreaker to a pin.

In the back, Coach asks Austin questions. Austin makes himself the Special Enforcer for the main event.

The announcers hype the Survivor Series card - the Raw half at least.

In the back, Sarge is reduced to passing notes from Shane to Kane.

Austin is out to enforce, specially. Adbreak avails itself of this opportunity. Shawn, in mirror-studded chaps and sleeves, with black/red tights with sundered hearts, vs. Mark Henry, in sweat-soaked white singlet with red slashes, with Teddy Long, in grey suit. Hebner is the referee. Mid-match, Austin tosses Teddy from ringside. SweetChinMusic to a pin. A nice match. Post-match, Austin congratulates Shawn and he hits the ring to call-out Batista. Adbreak, again, comes to get him some. (Man, Adbreak really has it in for Austin.)

When we're back, Batista (to HIS music, not the Evolution kind), in same, is out and he goes toe-to-toe with Austin. Stunner to Mark Henry. Batista demolishes Austin, but Goldberg, limping, in black sleeveless "Believe the Hype" tshrit and black jeans, with a chair, is out. Spear to Flair, and that gives Batista time to escape. Austin books Goldberg vs. Batista for next week. Then the two bald, facial-haired men drink beer. Lite beer?

Overall: A nice show. I was thinking the final segment was going to be so anti-climactic, but it actually turned-out alright. JR and King were pretty good for some segments.

Fashion Reporter Extraordinare is proper.

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.23
    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    Some kind of neckbreaker +Christian's interference for a pin on Rob.

It's the Flashback! Must I go go through the Jericho finisher flash cards?

Breakdown- See The Stroke, Reverse Russian Leg Sweep.
Flashback- From a sleeper position, Jericho drops straight down ala the Slop Drop.
Lionsault- Standard-issue Asai moonsault.
Walls of Jericho- Sadly, it is now but an overhyped (and undersold) Boston Crab.

I thought it was a pretty good show, all in all. Good to see Batista get the better of Austin, even if it was with some help. It's generally good to put the wrestlers over the non-wrestlers. This can apply to McMahons as well (Shane).

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.26
The Steiner/Stacy stuff made me laugh, since seeing him hold up and carry away Stacy reminded me of Donkey Kong.

A really, really good RAW tonight overall.

KILL BILLy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

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Since: 25.2.02

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.10
Once again, a show with a good flow, and a show that is doing a better job of building to Survivor Series than either RAW or Smackdown have done for any PPV in recent memory.

I REALLY enjoyed Kane's promo. I thought he was going to take out the ambulance guys, but it all rounded out nicely.

Memo to Terri: Halloween was LAST week.

That was a nice little promo they made up for the house shows. House shows really are a whole different vibe, and a lot of fun.

Some good matches, it mostly made sense, and Victoria worked tonight. I'm a happy camper.

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Since: 10.1.02

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.85
Batista's growing on me. He's like your typical roid monster, with the glaring difference that he DOESN'T come across as a total idiot.

Very good all around tonight. And once again, Stevie and Victoria steal the show

That spinning.....whatever just looked like it KILLED Stevie

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Since: 8.5.03
From: North Carolina

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.18
An empty-calorie show this week.

Booker/RVD/Christian continue the holding pattern. Jricho would be in the same boat where it not for Trish. Will we see Jericho demolish Little Johnny with the new finisher, the Schoolboy Crush? Stay tuned ...

Molly lures Lita to ringside where a disguised Gail can wallop her with a wrench. And JR posits that it MIGHT be a setup. He's a crafty Sooner, that one.

Nice Austin/Shawn bit. Good chemistry allowing both guys to stay in character (Austin=stubborn, Shawn=smarmy).

Maybe Maven and Batista are both too green to try a singles match together right now. If Batista's power bomb continues to be that unpolished, we'll have to call it the Sloppy Joe.

The Steiner interference suggests collusion with Cade/Jindrak. As King would say: "are they in CAHOOTS?!"

The Lance/Val victory celebration was a nice try to make me care. Is Lance's armguard just a precaution or is he still busted up? And why does Rico work his best offense in a match that he loses so abruptly. Lance doesn't look any better for beating him with that moveset because the whole bit was to set up the Val angle.

John Heimlich is gonna kill someone. I don't know what he was trying on Stevie.

I'm not sure if the Henry/Michaels main event was supposed to end that abruptly or whether Shawn pulled the chute after Mark stepped on his face. Looked scary.

I know I watched two hours worth but not a whole helluva lot seemed to happen. It wasn't BAD; just kinda ... yeah.

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Since: 24.4.02
From: Illinois

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#7 Posted on
That powerbomb on Maven looked incredibly harsh.

John's..whatever thing..knocked Stevie out. He looked dead. If you caught it, ref pulled up the "x" sign and the camera quickly went to Heidenreich leaving the ring. Steve must have been really hurt.

I don't know what that was. Looks like it was a Canadian Backbreaker into a release powerbomb, but it looked stupid anyway.

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Since: 25.4.03
From: Nashville, TN

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.12

I, too, caught the ref's X sign for Stevie ... that John Heimlich is just plain horrible ... nothing else can be said about that ... he's just terrible ... it's a shame that guys like Richards have to put over such wastes of TV time like that ... I just hope he's okay.

I'll be damned if JR didn't bust out with another "Lance Cade" tonight ...

I thought the show was decent ... nothing special though.

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Since: 26.1.03
From: Naples, FL

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.90
Random Raw Thoughts:

The opening tag match was pretty good....Molly looked good again this week. I loved when JR said something along the lines of "Did they plan this all along?" No, Gail just happened to buy a ticket ringside and bring a pipe with her. Here's your sign....The Austin/HBK thing was effective, but by God, it was LONG....It looks pretty obvious where they're going with the Christian/Lita thing....Nice squash by Batista. A much needed one too. But squashing Maven? Questionable....Kane/ambulance was what it was....I didn't see any commercials hyping either of the RAW or Smackdown! ten-man tag matches. Just Vince/Taker and Shane/Kane. Hmmm.....The Green Monkeys beat the Dudz with a clothesline?!?!....I wish I got paid for coming out and lifting Stacy over my head for 10 seconds.

I HATE contract-signings. Especially LONG ones. This goes in that category....Batista dressing-down Austin was awesome....PUSH RICO!....I continue to be intrigued by the Jericho/Trish angle....Stevie, with all his neck injuries, probably got injured again by "Big" John. "He can't work, but we like his 'Little Johnny' gimmick!" This just amazes me. He can't wrestle and has no charisma. Rico CAN wrestle and HAS charisma. Yet Heidenreich gets pushed because he's almost 7 foot. Unbelievable....Michaels/Henry was decent. Henry hasn't embarrassed himself too much, except with that outfit. Someone get him a codpiece. Yeesh....Goldberg/Austin segment was good, except we've seen them drink beer together before. Not a bad show, but nothing standout either.
Shem the Penman

Since: 16.1.02
From: The Off-Center of the Universe (aka Philadelphia)

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.86
I guess Hindenburg must have been told to lay off the Rock Bottom after last week, but hadn't quite thought his new finisher all the way through. It looked almost like he was trying for the Widow's Peak/Train Wreck for a moment there and then just said "Hell with it" and threw Stevie down like a sack of hay. Regarding whether Stevie's actually injured, though, remember that they've faked the Big X before.

I liked Maven/Batista, surprisingly. It walked a fine line, making Batista look well 'ard while at the same time not wasting all the effort they'd put into building up Maven a bit over the last few weeks. That's a lot better planning than they've been doing lately.

Cade and Jindrak/Dudleyz was okay. I'd rather not have C&J partnered with Steiner, if only because they seem to be doing okay on their own. As a way to build up rookies, they're doing a lot better than the whole "earnest but wimpy" thing that Maven, Spanky, Zach Gowen, and others have gotten stuck with lately.

Still, not a lot memorable from tonight. Too much time wasted with the Austin/Bischoff feud that I still don't care about. Even Shawn couldn't drag a good match out of Mark Henry. Jericho and Christian/RVD and Booker should have been a lot more fun, but it was just a perfunctory exercise in going through the usual spots. And making Val the engineer of the Ho Train feels like a sign that they've given up on him ever getting over on his own and are just going to try and give him Hey, Boobies! heat.

(edited by Shem the Penman on 4.11.03 0057)

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.70
*** RVD is kinda stiffing Jericho, isn't he? Someone else mentioned
RVD's kicks looking a lot stiffer on Jericho a couple of weeks back.
And a lot more convincing.

*** Always nice to see Austin not acting like a caricature of himself.
The Shawn and Steve segment was priceless - they must've having been
saving up their continuity rations.

*** What are the stips of this 5-on-5 match again? Go over it one more time.

*** Ok, Jericho is sincere. Christian either wants to get in Lita's
pants, or he has some diabolical scheme that will end up with Christian
confessing his undying love for Jericho, Molly announcing that she is
Bret Hart's illegitamate daughter, and Lance Storm losing his

*** Is it just me, or does Stevie really not belong at the bottom of
the card?

And if you think that its fake try to receive a chokeslam, a sweet chin music or a spear without scream or drop a tear..

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.44
Yeah, A nice RAW tonight. It had a nice flow it too.

And yes that move Heiden-whatever did to Stevie was BRUTAL!! It look like a variation of Kenta Kobashi's Diamondhead. Very ugly and dangerous move.

Great to see Victoria wrestles too. No Molly doesn't though. 1 for 2, OH WELL!!

The Val Venis/Lance Storm/Rico segment was pointless too. At least Storm got some air time, and that's a GOOD thing. Still pointless nonetheless.

Good Shawn/Austin, Bischoff/Austin and Batista/Austin segments. Randy Orton did good too. Goldberg's destruction of Henry and Batista ruined Austin's glory though.

It looked like the HBK/Henry ending was little rushed do to the time. It just ended abrutly with no comeback or anything. May have been planned, but didn't like it was.

And a nice Kane promo too with video effects too.

OVERALL, A very nice RAW show. RAW's on a roll, SD! is not.

(edited by talena696 on 10.11.03 0817)

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15
Chris Jericho LEANS into the kicks from Rob Van Dam to make them look good because he's a MAN and a WRESTLER and not afraid to get a fat lip or a black eye for his craft.

Benoit and Guerrero would also lean into Rob's kicks to make them look good. Funny thing is that I don't recall these three getting busted open very often or badly at all. Must be something about mastering your craft.

Get Heidenreich off TV before he kills somebody. He's clueless in the ring and an accident waiting to happen. Same thing with Nathan Jones on Smackdown when he almost dropped Benoit on his head. These big greenhorns doing power moves is a major injury waiting to happen.

(edited by fuelinjected on 3.11.03 2329)

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.00
2 things that came to my mind:

1.)i get chills and all mark-like everytime i see goldberg and austin face-to-face in the ring. tonight it seemed like there could be a possible slow build to a match at wrestlemania.

2.)during the contract signing was the first time i've ever heard randy orton get as much heat as he did.

my god it looks like raw is actually starting to do exciting things again. (minus stevie being murdered in the ring of course.)

it says so right here in the wcw handbook!

Since: 26.8.02

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.22
[quote gugs Must I go go through the Jericho finisher flash cards?

Breakdown- See The Stroke, Reverse Russian Leg Sweep.
Flashback- From a sleeper position, Jericho drops straight down ala the Slop Drop.
Lionsault- Standard-issue Asai moonsault.
Walls of Jericho- Sadly, it is now but an overhyped (and undersold) Boston Crab.

breakdown has a full nelson like Memory lane/whatever duncum called it.

he actually was Lance cade before "JR gets confused if 2 people have the same name, er we want everyone's name to be unique rule" took effect.

Methinks stevie night heat is on hiatus, he landed hard on his shoulder. was more like a messed up attempt at a spiking/dunking slam ala farooq's spinebuster than the DIAAAMONDDDDHEEEADDAAH! Nice of them to name Victoria's canadian backbreaker though, black widow is it now?

(edited by darkdragoon on 4.11.03 0234)

(edited by darkdragoon on 4.11.03 0235)

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.20
Good show. As usual I took my leave of it when the Dudleys came out. I can't stress enough how deeply and hungrily these guys suck. I'm begging someone to put a tag-team together that can actually work and aren't "generic upstarts" like Jindrak and O'Haire. What is their gimmick? They're not good enough in the ring not to have one, so someone give them one...

Goldberg, if nothing else, has presence. Lots of it. The people went nutz for him when he came out there, even though they all seemed to know he was coming out there. For a second I thought Shawn was going to snap some sweet chin on Austin, perhaps as my reward for having sat through seventeen billion segments of him but no biscuit.

Seriously...they did the contract signing, his enforcer bit, and his asking Shawn for "help" (at which point HBK revealed he's the only one that remembers anything ever under any circumstances...he's like this long haired, soma-taking shaman) but was all the rest really necessary? Could Booker, or RVD, or either of the Dudleys have been given a moment to speak to express what Austin means to them, instead of Austin threatening the Coach for the millionth time? I mean, Team Bischoff seems all over the place. Steiner doesn't seem to know what he's doing, Orton was made to look silly and just seems out of place in the match, Mark Henry can't beat anyone he goes after, and both Christian and Jericho seem more interested in hunting pussy than in their match. Weird.

Nice to see Lebron James. He's wasting his money already, showing up at RAW. Kane's dream sequence was good, but the wavy transition was too camp for my tastes.

Still, a good show all around.

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.84
Raw was pretty good tonight....anyone expect Kane to bust out the Wayne's World diddly doo for the dream sequence transfer?..Was it me or was Molly looking very very very very hot tonight. Faarooq said it best, "Damn".....Anyone else catch Christian's little smirk as he was leavin Lita's locker room, I have a feeling that he may be costing her the match at Survivor series....I hope Stevie is OK, maybe before we see Litle Johnny, Heidelberg should learn to wrestle a little more...Batista has really been impressing me lately, that clothesline on he bulldog was awesome...Austin vs coach is getting old, but it was nice to see Austin finally putting someone over with letting Batista get the best of him....That opening match was pretty good, maybe they should have opened with the Dudleys instead and saved that for later....whoever made the Donkey Kong comment gets my vote for poster of the week...It is now official, Lance Storm is the whitest guy I know

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.20
That Kane "dream sequence" or whatever, was the most insulting thing I've seen on a wrestling program since Warrior appeared in the mirror to taunt Hogan. If we're going to suspend disbelief, give us something that actually happens. At least when someone gets hit by a car or falls off of buildings, we actually SEE them getting hit or falling. It's not some imaginary sequence brought to life.

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
I haven't been keeping up with things very much lately so forgive me if this is a stupid question but where the hell is Goldust?

Santa Sangre

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.40
There is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing that they could make Little Jonny be that would make having Hnnnnnr around a good thing.

I enjoyed Raw in bits and pieces, there was nothing too offensive to piss me off. Was surprised that the opening mid card match didn't get the ad break treatment and ten more minutes.

How many segments was Ausin in last night? I was definately sick of seeing his mug by the end of the show and was hoping for Goldberg to punk his ass out.

Funniest part of the show was Mark Hizenry having to job, lay in the ring for an Austin promo, lay on the floor for Austin/Batista, and then get stunnered in his sneak attack attempt. What a tool.

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His new DVD has the Royal Rumble 2000 street fight and for some unknown but welcome reason, Steamboat Vs Flair Wrestlewar 89. (Well I can always get RR 2000 on DVD almost anywhere but I've already got it on video tape.)
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