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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 11-24-03 (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.11
Sailor Moon theme: Dun remember about the original theme, but that's the only real halfway decent part about the dubbed version. Go hunt down the originals and enjoy it in all its unedited, Sapphic (in later seasons) goodness. (Hey, that was my intro to anime, not gonna hear me slag it.)

Batista? The line's "I've had chunks of guys like you in my stool!". (pours a 40 for Phil Hartman)

Fuck, I missed an actual Capture the Midget match. Fernando's probably glad he picked JR's lap.

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Today's Out-Of-Context Quote, Courtesy of Tribal Prophet:

"...but you don't see non-stop 'Grab my Cock' shirts for Chris Benoit."
Tribal Prophet

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.43
    Originally posted by Mr Tuesday
    What if the Jericho/Trish ends up a double-turn? Jericho turns face for his lady love, but it's revealed that Trish was in Bischoff's corner all along, and breaks poor Jericho's heart.

You know, I was just going to post about that. After Trish tells Jericho not to turn on his partner tonight, and he follows like a good little puppy, how long until Trish starts sending him out to take care of any wrestler that's bugging her, just because she can?

Tribal Prophet

Wrestling exists in the eternal present. What is, has always been, and when it no longer is, it never was. It has no past and no future, and sometimes even today is in question. - Madame Manga

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Peter The Hegemon
Lap cheong

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.11
Overall, I was pretty happy with the show despite the irritating screw-ups. I liked the cage match, I liked the main event, and both HHH/Goldberg and Booker T/Mizzark were good until the ending, for different reasons. (I always thought the heels were supposed to get the cheap wins and the faces the clean ones.) The mismatched tag match was good too. (Geemoney had me trying to figure how I'd managed to sleep through a mixed tag match before I figured out what he meant.)

Not that anyone thinks that the Roulette wheel is a shoot, but could they give a *little* help to my suspension of disbelief? When you mix up spins to determine someone's opponent with spins to determine the stips of an already-set match *on the same wheel*, it just makes it hard to get lost in the story. "OK, Lita and Victoria, you're in...a Legend Killer match? Now what the heck do we do?"

I'm just dying to know what an "It's Legal In Utah!" match is. The first one to get married to two people at the same time? Nah....The icons and stuff on the wheel were well done.

Line of the night: "Merciful Minerva!" Someone knows their old-school comics.
The Yak
Polska kielbasa

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#24 Posted on
Tio and Tuesday, I couldn't agree more about Mark Henry. If you want to push him, fine, but not at the expense of Booker T. What the fuck was that all about? T cheats to beat him last week, and gets pinned clean this week. This guy was in the WM main event last spring. That's just beyond fucked up. Mercer, you bring up a good point, and I wish that were cause for optimism, but if it is the match I am thinking of, Mizark had help from D-Lo....and Rock whipped Mizark's ass clean a week later.

Fuck, that Lita dive was brutal. That couldn't have possibly been intentional. And what happened with Flair? Did he just hit the ropes wrong? I've never seen anything like that happen so damn quickly. You know it must've been bad if Flair rolled out.

I thought that the Cade/Bubba thing spoke volumes. Matt/Christian was great,'s fun watching two heels go at it, because less is held back. Christian was even still acting heelish on the way to the ring, so hopefully he won't turn.

Anyway, so-so RAW, made better by the efforts of Mattitude, Christian, Jericho, and Cade.

Oh, and line of the night honors.....and this is an APPROXIMATE quote, "Now I know that you guys out there are asking your three or four wives..." That made me laugh out loud. :)

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.67
    Originally posted by Tribal Prophet
      Originally posted by Mr Tuesday
      What if the Jericho/Trish ends up a double-turn? Jericho turns face for his lady love, but it's revealed that Trish was in Bischoff's corner all along, and breaks poor Jericho's heart.

    You know, I was just going to post about that. After Trish tells Jericho not to turn on his partner tonight, and he follows like a good little puppy, how long until Trish starts sending him out to take care of any wrestler that's bugging her, just because she can?

    Tribal Prophet

Or he turns her heel? It might be the only way..
Bring her in touch with her evil side.

This story is SO interesting..the acting is nice, they aren't pushing it down our throat and all options are open.
And it can tie in nicely with several other stories.

*sigh* Why bother?

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.53
Bah, you guys don't know what you are talking about. Raw was a damn fine show this week. It was well written and besides the ring bell fuck up and Ric Flair killing himself running the ropes it was well performed. The wrestling was solid.

- HBK called Batista a "jacked up nimrod" to start the show.

- Matt Hardy Version 1 is still a dick to the world.

- Goldberg vs Triple H had a big time feel to it.

- Mark Henry got a win over the most overrated man in wrestling.

- Jericho was great backstage again.

I wasn't to high on the last match though. Flair is muffing simple rope spots and killing himself and Batista blows.

Raw is on the comeback boys and girls.

Since: 17.7.02
From: Nanaimo, British Columbia

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.76
Was it just me, or did it look like at the very end of the Sarge/Orton match where Slaughter was celebrating(sort of) with RVD, just 3 seconds before they cut to the HHH promo, Sarge puts the cobra clutch on RVD? JR never said anything about it and I was like WTF??
Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.25
    Originally posted by thefraserman
    Was it just me, or did it look like at the very end of the Sarge/Orton match where Slaughter was celebrating(sort of) with RVD, just 3 seconds before they cut to the HHH promo, Sarge puts the cobra clutch on RVD? JR never said anything about it and I was like WTF??

He absolutely was, but it was in more of a playful manner than a heel turn. They were just clowning around.


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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.82
Decent raw tonight....I dont understand the hate for Mark Henry he is playing the character pretty well as the monster heel who the smaller guys have to be resourceful to beat, plus Teddy Long rules, y'all need to lose the hatorade, b'lee dat...the ref sure did screw up in the title match, I think what was supposed to happen was Flair was supposed to distract the ref so Orton could RKO goldberg, and HHH would almost get the pin until Kane showed up....the steel cage match was a nice change of pace, and I wouldnt mind seeing the women in more specialty matches....during the capture the midget match, all that was missing was some Benny Hill music....I still cant figure out if Christian is turning or if this is all an elaborate set up, despite what some people think though this should be a good fued between Christian and the sensai of Mattitude...Cade dropped one of the most beautiful elbows I have seen in awhile, and I am looking forward to seeing him and Jindrak get the belts, that finish of theirs is pretty impressive....when they did the blatant product placement with the YJ stinger, I couldnt help but think of the simpsons the mattel and hersheys chocobot hour "put down thos entertaining mattel toys, colonel crispy is up to his antics again"...Flair kinda screwed up, but hey he stuck to it and finished the match....Bischoff was on tonight...a pretty decent raw overall

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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.00
Oh, before I get into my comments, all I have to say is that I have the original Japanese Sailor Moon theme song in my MP3 Folder, hah-hah... Seriously, go to Kazaa, and type in Moonlight Densetsu (the japanese name of the theme), and there you go. Onto the comments...

I appreciate a different kind of women's match, but the cage match between Lita and Victoria was kinda there. Maybe it's because of the whole thing with Matt and Christian. I want to care, but my eyes are already half closed. No blood as far as I know, but thanks for being you, Victoria.

The Raw Roulette didn't have the same pizzazz as the first time, I feel. It came off real flat. What I did enjoy is Trish and Jericho. I am still hesitant to say nice things about it, because the moment I do, it goes to hell. So I'll just say... big ups to you guys. My god, HHH, what is happening to you?! Please don't get fat on me, I'm begging ya!

When the ref rings the bell for interference, the match is over. Yet this guy made the count on HHH afterwards, even though every wrestling fan newbie or vet knows that the damn thing is over. I have to admit, that annoyed the hell out of me. Do they not know the BASICS?

Next week: Will we ever know WHAT's legal in Utah?

After a quarter of a century on this planet, there's three things I know for sure...
1)I'm smarter than I was a year ago.
2)WWE isn't.
3) I'd make a fine Mrs. HHH II.
1300 bitches and counting....

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From: WI, now in the land of the Vikings...*shudder*

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.14
    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Who brings a sign to a wrestling show that says “WAX YOUR DOLPHINS”?!?

Thank you! When Staplegun didn't have a sign of the night, I was trying to think of what sign made me go "WTF" last night when watching RAW...yep, that would be the one.

Then there was the "Bring Steph Back" sign...anyone see that? Yikes.

Never thought I'd admit this but I was amused by the midget chase.

And the Jericho/Trish thing has me completely intrigued..

Since: 13.5.03
From: Woodbridge, VA

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.99
Damn, they need to make Stacy a heel already!

I am tired of seeing the angle of the "bad guy" boyfriend bossing around the "good girl" girlfriend. In upcoming weeks, have Test and/or Steiner MAKE Stacy cheat to help them win matches. But still build up that she plans on leaving/turning on them at any moment. Then at the PPV I guess have Stacy cheat to help Test/Steiner win by herself. And make her happy about it.

It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!
Net Hack Slasher

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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.66
Last weeks Raw thoughts I wrote "Hope they don't screw things too bad with Raw Roulette. But first time in ages I have confidence in the writing. So I'll go in with an open mind"... I guess I got myself to blame because I thought this was pretty pathetic

-Bischoff/Shawn/Batista- The wheel of misfortune turn and turn. HBK comes out and says he did look at himself in the mirror(did Bischoff really need to suggest that to a guy who calls himself the HeartBreak Kid and has Sexy Boy Toy repeated in his song). Batista comes out and talks about his stool sample(I thought they tested steroids in urine)

-Victoria vs. Lita- If you ignore Lita slipping off while climbing the cage, it was a pretty good Cage match. Lita's moonsault to a standing Victoria was nice. Victoria was in the defensive most of the night and bumped big especially on powerbomb while standing on the turnbuckle... The old slam the door in the persons face while crawling out spot was used. Victoria wins. Matt's going to beat on his ex-girlfriend(huh) but Christian comes out and makes the save.

-Orton vs. Slaughter- They had to fly in the Sarge. Isn't he always there?. Not much to say about this. RVD looked major over when he stood on the turnbuckle and point to self the entire crowd was standing with him

-Cade/Bubba vs. Christian/Hardy- We didn't get a cool Mattitude entrance. I guess this segment plot developing more then anything. The match was a little uninspired. If Christian is teaming with superface Lita why are they still calling him CLB?... After the match Cade held on to the tag title just a bit too long for Bubba's liking

-Goldberg vs. HHH- I heard people talk about it but I have noticed now, H3 does look like he's been eating wedding cake. How funny would it be now that he's married into the McMahon family(I still get shivers when I write that out) he gets himself all fat & out of shape because his desire to look good is not there LoL. Oh yeah the match. Probably the best match out of the 2, but considering I hated both their PPV bouts don't know how much that says. I think it was better because Bill wasn't selling an ankle injury. The bell rang unexpectedly, I'm thinking Lillian whispered in the timekeepers ear "I'm booked to lose my top" Timekeeper DING DING DING. Yeah H3 calling Eric a "jack off" was funny. But it got overshadowed by the disturbing huge Kane standing behind not as huge H3, both breathing heavily, chest heaving. H3 wanting to look back but can't. Very disturbing indeed. HHH in another World title match, Gosh!

-Henry vs. Booker- Haha at Booker hiding in side of the entrance. What's with Henry needing to bend stuff for no apparent reason? Gawd help me I actually like this match and think these two have some inring chemistry together. For whatever reason I enjoy these two in the ring together, Henry never looks better and the odd thing is Booker looks better then he does then when he was in there with more talented opponents. Cant' really explain it. Booker hit Henry with various kicks including a missile dropkick and scissors kicks. Pretty cool finish with Henry viciously throwing Booker into the Trash can that was position in the corner.

-Test/Steiner vs. RVD- Is there 3 Singapore canes out there. How did RVD get one? Everyone is hitting everyone with cane shots, RVD took some brutal cane shots like when Test and Steiner used it as a clothesline and the Finish Him shot.

-Trish v. Gayda-Seeing Trish's potential new shirts & now this match. Did Trish see The Ring & now is going to lose her credibility in 7 days. This was just stupid & takes away from her character people looking at her as an individual & therefore knocking the potential of something really cool with Y2J back. She did one of these was in the Vegas roulette but that one was planned alot better & kept her character somewhat legit, this was just stupid...Trish walks up the ramp & teases a thong showing to Lils direction, Lils happy but Gayda doesn't like it & rips Lils blouse My GOD! So some see Lillian in her bra for the 1st time & think of me LoL If I was booking I'd have Trish come back, chase Gayda away, ask if Lil is okay, console her & give Lil her props then raise each others arms wearing matching bras. Why can't Lillian go down with Trish(for a diva shoot of course!) Trish+Y2J=chemistry, Trish+Lil=heaven

-Michaels/Jericho vs. Flair/Batista- With a lot of my favorites in there, this match just didn't flow well. Having the ring fogged up for half the match didn't help either. Flair getting caught under the top rope like that was just surreal, how does something like that happen? Don't think that will make it in his next DVD set. He got cut really bad and quickly went to the outside but his opponents had no sympathy for him and quickly threw him back in. Flair gets knocked out, Michaels gets poked in the eye and can't see and punches Jericho. In return Jericho superkicks Shawn onto Flair for the pin... Jericho quickly leaves the ring in record time with a smile on has face and making a V-line backstage. Shawn gets his aftermatch beatdown by Batista, Who believes in Armageddon

-OtherStuff- Trish talks to Jericho about not being Bischoff's puppet just before she goes out to do a Bra n Panties match that Bischoff ordered, Nice Timing WWE, Idiots. But they are both so good backstage now that they made a bad scenerio and made it work. Trish being confident in her track record in BnP matches(does she have a stat sheet at home LoL). Jericho's psychic power in predicting a BnP match and Trish calling him Cleo... Midget thing was cute to first 2 or 3 skits, once it started going 4 or 5 crossed the line to stupid.

-Line of the Night: Ross "Lillian's got nothing to be ashamed of" - damned straight!!
-Sign of the Night: "Be Nice to Stacy"
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Lillian. 2)Booker. 3)Victoria.

Roulette took away from the show, the concept might be good when no storylines are working and they need a shake up but they were ON for the last month or so and the roulette wheel didn't do anything to advance any storyline and in some cases actually detracted from it. The only matched that I was real happy with was Henry/Booker. The rest were on par or just bad. Does HHH HAVE to be in another PPV World Title match!... Goldust is fun comedy, the midget got boring for me after a while. No storylines truly advanced maybe with the exception of Christian/Lita. Turned off Raw thinking "Well that was not as good as it could have been". Even Lillian in her bra couldn't make this show achieve. Speaking of bras, I always kinda noticed that Trish isn't that busty when she's wearing a normal bra(like tonight). I think she gives a larger illusion with her pushup bras, but I like her wearing a normal one which she had tonight.

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 25.11.03 0924)

The Best of the WWE
Mawngo the CHango

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.25
But WHatever...

Mawngo is in the hizzy straight representeezy from that Beverly Hillseezy with the RAW FActs!

Before we get started, I just want to say, I get HYPED for RAW. It's been good lately. So I have to chimes in with my recap straight from BH!

BTW... iPOD batteries are not rechargeable and only last 18 months! Mad sleazy yo. got mad comix news, Wrestlecrap got Turky day shiznat up, and Mawngo's chillin on this board all day yo! Thank you. Now time for--

Spin the Wheel-Make The Deal!
HHHaterizer vs. THE Man
And more!

Big promo starts the show- Batty's a big fool.
But WHatever.

Victoria the Queen (she'd mad representeezy in BH!)vs. Lita-
This automatically gets ***** for the hinas being in a cage match. Good action--where's the blizzunts?!

Randy vs. SGT Robby Remus. Orton's a foo. He'd get gunned up and clacked quick here in BH. Why's everyone on the nuzzles? He's a weak copy cat of the OG Rock- nawmean?

Strange Bed Fellows? Tighty match though. *** cuz it was different.

HHHaterizer vs. THE Man
Horrible pace, HHHaterizer's been eatin mad food yo. Horrible ending, and only the H bomb ends up looking good. Go away already. **

Mizzark vs. The dude WWE destroyed.
But WHatever.

Holla if you Hear me and Test vs. RVD.
When RVD comes to the BH hood, he'll get mad matched on the blazij kid. RVD can work though! All you haters with no ice listen up, BPP is mad crazy. Get off his nuzzles. **
They need to do something with Stacy. Manager in Peril doesn't work anymore.

Nipple vs. Trish vs. Lillian's shirt. Any female match gets automatic *****. Jackie could become somethin nice given more training and time. Trish RAWks!

Batty and the Legend vs. HBK and Y2weezyJreezy
Great ending on this. Eric S. at 411 is mad on when he says the blocking was good, and proves the worth of a true mat veteran foo. WHere da blazij at foo?

Big up for RAW. See y'all on this board later. Goo go fire up the Rolster or da Bent Knee to go roll in the Beverly Hiizzle. I'm out.

"Doop Doop!" Wig peela, cabbage cuttah, sucka stompa, heart stealah, dj stompah, mcDonald Characta slayah- mega fresh dope playa- Z Gangsta! "Doop Doop!"

Straight up the Hills of Beverly Biawntches!

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.76
I'm sorry, but I did not understand a word of that. I guess I just don't speak or read 'hood.'

Can we get a translator up in here?
Mawngo the CHango

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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.25
(deleted by CRZ on 25.11.03 1333)

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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.35
All these posts and no screen capture of Lillian in her bra... Net Hack Slasher most likely already has a poster made of the capture, no doubt.

January 4th 1999 - The day WCW injected itself with 10 gallons of Liquid Anthrax...AKA...The day Hogan "Defeated" Nash to win the WCW title in front of 40,000.

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#38 Posted on
I’m surprised by the lack of posts bemoaning HHH’s involvement with the title match at the PPV, but there’s potential to build this one up to be a strong one. Especially if they do what I think they might do here – have Kane pin HHH for the belt, keeping Goldberg alive as a monster for the chase, building Kane up as a monster with the belt, and having HHH retain his heat by losing after getting pummeled by two monsters. They can even play HHH as a tweener in this match – forced to face the monster that he helped create when he forced Kane to unmask.

The Babyface Girls vs. Vitamin C is also shaping up to be a nice storyline for a soap opera. The question we need to ask now is – did Jericho score? Plus... hell, it’s the better half of the Hardy Boyz vs. one half of their most bitter rivals. Or the better half of the Hardy Boyz possibly ending up in a tag team with one half of their most bitter rivals. Either way, the true winners will be the fans.

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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.29
    Originally posted by Phantom
    I’m surprised by the lack of posts bemoaning HHH’s involvement with the title match at the PPV

I'm not complaining because I actually like what they've done with Triple H lately. He's not made to look like a "dominator-can't-lose-cuz-I-married-the-bosses-daughter-i'm-smarter-than-every-wrestler". It's quite refreshing.
Shem the Penman

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#40 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.93
The most fun part of the Orton/Slaughter match was watching Sarge go "Nooooo! Nooooo!" whenever the ref tried to get him to release the cobra clutch.

"I do have a degree in electrical engineering... from almost 20 years ago. Punchcard systems were just becoming obsolete, we had rotary phones in the dorms, and a modem was still a gizmo the size of a shoebox into which you squooshed the phone receiver itself. In short, we lived like animals.

The instant obsolesence is why I became a writer. The rate of punctuation in a sentence doesn't double every 18 friggin' months, and you never have some 22-year-old looming over your shoulder, shaking his head, saying "dude... you're still using adverbs...?"

-- Bob Harris
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- Downtown Bookie, NWA-TNA (2002)
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