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The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 10-20-03 (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.88
Lawler: You got to give him props, JR.

JR: Mad props, mad props.

Dear lord, that was the first time I've honestly laughed at anything on this show for quite a while

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.92
-Austin/Test/Stacy interview- Austin says someone left him a note to meet him 9PM in the ring (I'm guessing Test) I'm right! Test comes out with Stacy. Test acts like a jerk towards Stacy, Austin acts like a jerk towards Stacy saying you have no choice but to drink with me. Stacy pushes Test into Austin. Test gets a stunner with a bad foot (that's risky). Stacy being the fine female character decides to submit to Austin and drink with him even after she got stunnerd... I like Stacy, she's pretty and I think got some charisma about her, but man her character is getting on my nerves.

-Dudley Boys vs. Dupree/Conway- J.R informs us that both Sylvan and Spike got injured in a houseshow on Friday. Interesting selling point for houseshows. Go see houseshow you won't know who will get hurt... Bubba seemed very emotional in this match. Dupree still looks a little eww in there but the match was good. Nice ending with the doomsday device.

-Booker vs. Orton- After a very good exchange backstage (bitch slapping Orton is always a good thing LoL), We are joined in progress with some pretty decent action. Booker was in control of most of it, Orton had enough of that and he left dodge. Kinda disappointed with the sudden countout runaway.

-Jericho/Steiner vs. RVD/Storm- Man I forget how good Storm is sometimes, he was fantastic in this match, a total standout. Storm being thrown to the corner to in one motion leaping up and jumping back with a flying elbow. You gotta give him Mad Props! mad props!. Plus him flying off the apron into the barrier extremely hard. Jericho was fantastic for his team as well, man his prick meter was on 10 this week. Really hamming it up to the crowd plus adding some nice mix of mat and aerial wrestling which makes him so good... Match of the night easily, heck even Steiner was somewhat entertaining, the roid rage jerk fits him so much better then his previous WWE character. RVD didn't do much this week but was okay as well if you ignore one little whiffed spot but the recovered fast. Funny line by Lawler after JR said "RVD can hit you with his feet, fits, any part of his body. Lawler responded "I'm betting on his feet"

-Victoria/Molly vs. Trish/Lita- Victoria rules LoL. She gives out directions. Molly OUT! then she looks at Trish and Lita and points at Lita and says "Out", then points at Trish and "I want You" LoL(feuding for a year and she still want's a piece of Trish). Trish looks at Lita shrugs her shoulders and says "Okay lets go". Trish starts off and wrestles most of the match. Nice forward headscissor from teh corner by Trish. Wow took a nasty kick right in the kisser by Victoria. Victoria dominates most of the match hitting her spiders web. Molly goes for the Go-around but Trish moves and tags Lita. Lita's in there for a minute and tags Trish who's just getting up LoL. Some nice team work from Xterme Stratusfaction. Lita tackles Molly. Trish goes up on Victoria's shoulders for a victory roll but Stevie comes from behind and hits a very scary type of reverse powerbomb the completely folds Trish. (I hope she's okay)...

All heels attack Lita but Christian comes out and saves it. Lita and Christian? That's odd and creepy (well Christian is the CLB creepy little bastard) but I also thought Christian likes Blondes, which would make you think he'd come out and help Trish as well (Maybe setting up something with him and Jericho). Don't know about Lita/Christian, I really hope they don't overbook this thing because I think Jericho/Trish could be alot of fun together in whatever capacity. Maybe they can do something that Lita sees right threw Christian and wants to convince Trish to do the same on Jericho but she can't and does trust him or maybe Trish wants to bring the good out of the "real" Chris that she know it's inside(that always works LoL). Who knows, but like I said last week there's a few interesting options you can do. Where was Jericho after Trish's scary bump, he should have been there tending to her

-Flair vs. Maven- Flair is so much fun, even a simple eye poke is a joy to watch when done by Flair. Maven getting most of the offence in with Flair changing the tide with dirty tricks and chops and lots of them. Flair bumps for Maven well even taking a backbody drop on the floor. Flair wins by reversing a Maven pin attempt... The reactions of both men after the match was great! Flair strutting around shoving it in Maven face. While Maven gave a great look of respect, disappointment and awe towards Flair.

-Kane interview- Very over the top but I think it worked. They did a good job scarring up Kane. The promo was good, it was very oldschool. He came in, talked a lot of trash, gave his message out and left.

-Goldberg vs. Michaels- Michaels was bumping like a mad man. Very telegraphed spear on Hebner... Batista runs in and destroys Michaels and Goldberg. I guess here's your big man vs. Goldberg mini title feud part 2.

-OtherStuff- I really loved the Jericho/Trish backstage chat. It came off really good. Trish looked smart saying "I know you did it just to get one over on Austin, but you did help me so I feel it's only right to for me to say thank you". Of course Jericho being so smart as he is pulls out the RESPECT card... Hey you want a nice reaction from Trish at an autograph signing. Don't say she's hot (She'll be polite and say thanks) but if you really want to get a nice reaction say you respect her hardwork, she'll chat you up for certain. And Jericho totally knows that, what a sneaky dude.

I also saw Randy Orton in a different light tonight. First time tonight I saw some real character in him, someone I can get interested in. First him budding in on Bookers interview just to get bitchslap. Then a big mark out spot when Team Green of all people punked him and stole the money (that was great!). Then Randy's reaction, which we all lived through. Do we tell someone that we lost it or do we try to get it ourselves... LoL Flair saying he wants the case to be shown to Shawn in a couple of minutes and Randy's worried reaction. Then after Flair match Randy finally has to say what happened and Flair screams "you what!" Funny! Kinda of too bad that it's HHH getting the briefcase back and doing his too cool for school act. But it was funny seeing Flair quickly squeal on Randy to HHH.

-Line of the Night: Lawler "Okay I'll give him some props for that".. Ross "Mad props, mad props"
-Sign of the Night: "Push RVD"
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Storm. 2)Jericho. 3)Trish. - Honestly there's like 10 people I can give this to tonight.

I totally awesome show. Funny backstage stuff. Interesting story development. And a real good 10PM timespot match that made this a full package show. You got good ol' faithfuls bringing the goods (Jericho/Trish), you got some new comers showing some personality backstage (Team Green, Orton). You have veterans working awesome (HBK/Flair). And youngsters having good matches (Maven/Conway). Throw in a Storm push with a good match, Victoria insane yelling. A pretty intense Kane interview. Hell I even laughed at some of the King and JR stuff and was interested in what they were talking. Tonight, heck for the past three weeks Raw really seem to be going in a good direction. Oh yeah and the return of LILLIAN! All and all a real great 2 hour show

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.00
"The funniest thing about the main event was listening to the announcers talk about how beat up Goldberg was from Mark Henry's attack ... while, meanwhile, Goldberg sold absolutely none of the effects of that attack."

He continualy sold shoulder. None of HBK's offense really was shoulder oriented but Goldberg had to use shoulder to hit his own offense it was sold throughout the match. Even as far as the double count section where HBK slides to ropes to help himself up...Goldberg goes to lift himself up with his arms then struggles with the shoulder and has to shift his weight to other side.


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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.95
Random RAW Thoughts -

Tribute - Rest peacefully, Hawk, and thank you.

Austin & Test & Stacey - Stupid. I just can't stand Austin on my TV anymore. What the hell was Stacey wearing? Her outfits are getting more atrocious each week. Boo. We're told there will be a classic SS match. Yay!

Dudleyz vs. Renee Dupree & Rob Conway - Decent match. I marked like mad for the Doomsday Device. Bubba's armband was touching.

Booker T vs. Randy Orton - I'm just glad that the Five Time! Five Time! Five Time! Five Time! Five Time! WCW champ is back! Also, he's the perfect person to slap the taste out of Orton's mouth. Wit his punk ass. Booker looked solid. Countout. Hrm? Book joins the face team for SS. Yay!

Y2J & Scott Steiner vs. RVD & Lance Storm - Yep, I live for these, folks. It was the first time I got to see Lance's Cabbage Patch down to the ring, and I laughed for at least ten minutes. Awesome match, I was into it 110%. Even Steiner looked good and like he did his part in keeping up with the smaller guys.

Y2J & Trish - They were cute!

Victoria & Molly vs. Trish & Lita - Appeared to be a bit of clusterfuck to me? I didn't really get to watch this with my full attention, though, so I reserve judgement.
Stevie joins in a post-match beatdown and a weird, frightening modified powerbomb (?) on Trish and Lita, Christian (?!) makes the save. Heh.

Cade & Jindrak & Randy Orton & 100k - Very funny stuff. One of the first times I really warmed up to Randy

Ric Flair vs. Maven - I love to watch Maven in the ring, and the Nature Boy can make anyone shine. Good match.

Ric Flair & Randy - More funniness.

Tribute 2 - Nice package on Stu Hart.

Kane - Scary ass mofo. I loved this promo.

Trips - The cheese probably stands alone, but I popped for him right here in my living room. I also love the "too fucking awesome for you to even know" exterior he's sporting. Rawk. Stah.

Goldberg vs. HBK - Good match. Batista's a big bastard, lord. Evolution has a fourth member now.

Overall? Excellent, excellent show. Here's a standing O for Vince & Co.

Signs! - The much-mentioned PUSH RVD was amusing. I didn't really see anything else particular. Tons of HBK signs.

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.75
I loved tonight's show, I loved watching Randy Orton look like a complete punk bitch (he has become a more likeable X-Pac to me), they really could build upon this and have HHH and Co. show some "tough love", have Orton's dad come to the show to talk to him, then Orton could find daddy laid out later and find out HHH did it to teach him something, then Orton could freak and turn on them. Kinda like those old kung fu movies where the dude would take on 3 generals one by one and knock em out.

That was the 1st time I also had seen Storm's new entrance, absolutely classic stuff, he really seems to have stepped it up (as everyone has stated), I wouldn't mind a respect thing b/w Storm, RVD and Booker (there would be some AWESOME promos from this one). Kane's promo was AWESOME, I really REALLY wanna see him beat the living piss out of Shane now and see him get the push before this character's window closes.

I like the thing they did with Hawk, that was great! I also liked the skit with Jindrak/Cade, when Cade said oh we know how to get the money I marked out like a complete bitch. How come HHH had to ruin what was arguably the best moment on the show?

I liked the idea that someone came up with for the whole Y2J/Christian/Divas thing. That would be classic Y2J!!!!

I hate this new Stacy character, the idea I came up with for her if Nowinski (I think the spelling is right) came back would be to make her his administrative assistant, she was always the best as the bitchy no-nonsense hot babe anyway. Besides, those business suits she wore were always 1000x sexier than the stuff she wears now.
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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05
Eh, a passable show.

The Jericho/Steiner vs. RVD/Storm match was pretty good, but none of the other were anything special. Dudz/Les Res was blah, Book/Orton was just filler, women's match was OK (although Lita's offense looked bad), Flair made his match w/ Maven watchable (crowd wasn't into Maven at all), and HBK/Goldberg was kinda plodding.

Other Stuff:
Austin segment was more of the same, but at least he beat up Test, whom nobody cares about anyway. Jindrak/Cade stealing the briefcase was great, but too bad Our HHHero had to show up, proving himself to be the only competent heel on Raw (whattashock!). Not into Kane at all, so while the promo itself was technically good, it did nothing for me. Christian/Lita was kinda WTF?-ish, not sure where that's leading.

Overall, a watchable show. I'll still take Smackdown over Raw, though.


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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.01
I thought Raw did a pretty good job tonight. Storm was on, and that tag match was pretty damn good. I like how the two C's are trying to give some vitamin C to the to divas. Kanes promos was awesome, though is it just me or did the cuts and blood on his head kind of look like devil horns? The tributes were nice, and that was a nice touch doing the doomsday device. Jindrak and Cade were awesome as you can just see that coming, I think the 2x4 should have been swung by Bautista and just dont have them show you who it was, set up the surprise for later. I know I may get dragged into the street for this, but Mark Henry is starting to look like the monster they wanted him to be, and Teddy Long continues to be tha man playa. I enjoyed the main event, and whoever said Goldberg wasnt selling was wrong. After almost every power move, youd see a wince, hed be slow to follow up, I think for someone that isnt used to selling ijnury, he did a good job with it. Overall great show.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.33
A few thoughts:

Was a little turned off initially when Good 'Ol JR was in full shill mode when discussing Hawk's death as the Dudley's were entering the ring.
A 'minor' plothole in the whole Kane scenario: Now, when Kane decided to demonstrate a new method of roasting pig to JR, they had him under house arrest and shackled to the ring. Now, when Vince McMahon's son has twice tried to murder Kane, the cops are out surrounding Kane, while no mention is made of Vince's spawn being under house arrest? But, I'll give Kane credit: His promo was somewhat Foley'esque.
Outside of RNN Updates, Randy Orton still is less enjoyable to watch than paint drying.
I was really hoping this was the night Flair went into full Nature Boy mode and broke the leg of the Tough Enough kid. And then, after Batista Pillmanized (name deleted), it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Flair to run out and finish the job with a rope assisted Figure 4.
For one brief moment, it appeared they might be giving Jindrak and Cade a personality.

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.26
    Originally posted by tomk
    "The funniest thing about the main event was listening to the announcers talk about how beat up Goldberg was from Mark Henry's attack ... while, meanwhile, Goldberg sold absolutely none of the effects of that attack."

    He continualy sold shoulder. None of HBK's offense really was shoulder oriented but Goldberg had to use shoulder to hit his own offense it was sold throughout the match. Even as far as the double count section where HBK slides to ropes to help himself up...Goldberg goes to lift himself up with his arms then struggles with the shoulder and has to shift his weight to other side.

I agree with tomk. Everyone (well, at lot of us on this board) gets on Goldberg for failing to sell and for poor or absent psychology, but I think he should be commended for his selling in this match. The King was constantly drawing attention to Goldberg's weakness in his shoulder and the fact that he favoured it after every power move. He's certainly not the best wrestler in the world, but last night showed that he's perfrectly capable of putting on a decent match without having to be the invulnerable monster.

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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.01
Jerry Lawler saying nice things about Stu Hart... You know, that angle's about ten years old now, and that still seemed sureal to me.

I hope they bust out more Survivor Series matches than just the one. Like Queezy said, you've got a ready-made team in Evolution (and throw in Mark Henry as the fifth man) - and a ready-made set of challengers in Goldberg, HBK, Maven and the Miracle Jobber Connection.

(You'd need something on Smackdown to balance it out, though. How's about Angle, Eddy, Benoit, Kendrick and Gowen against Lesnar, Show, A-Train and the WGTT? Or maybe a Cruiserweight Survivor Series match? Or come up with something for the women - although I don't think there are ten women on RAW, unless you get into the Stacy Keiblers and Jackie Gaydas of the world.)

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.41
This was the first Raw I've sat down to watch for weeks, which probably says something--though I skipped the first half hour entirely and only glanced in to see what was going on. I didn't mean to settle down on the sofa for the rest, but somehow they sucked me in. I read no speculations on Batista or HHH this week, so was actually surprised and somewhat entertained when they appeared. I often enjoy Raw much more if I have casually dropped in after an absence--trying to follow things week to week is irritating rather than illuminating. Smackdown doesn't seem to operate that way; the writing is on a different wavelength.

Chris and Trish are genuinely cute together, yes. Even Hubby thought that was an interesting skit, and is arguing that Y2J is, for once, sincere. Though I think the 'getting into her pants' theory is plausible.

Kane is really learning to cut a promo. It wasn't perfect, but an impressive performance. His demasking has worked out much better than I expected it would, frankly, and I would give a lot of the credit to Glen Jacobs.


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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.08
OKay, first things first, MAD PROPS (thanks JR) to the WWE for the very classy Stu Hart tribute. I wish they would have done more for Hawk than just a photo at the start, and then babbling about him while the Dudleys were in the ring. Great job of them using the Doomsday Device, even if they blew the spot.

I also found it amusing that the King would be on my side, and FINALLY give Molly some love for that fine rump of hers.

Okay, I was turing back and forth between the football game and RAW so could somebody please tell me, (since I only saw the last minute or so) was Kane talking about killing Katie Vick? I was lost on that one. Kanes mic skills are getting better every week.

I would LOVE to see Smackdown vs Raw matches in Survivor Series fasion. That would be sweet!

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#33 Posted on
Thought this was an excellent RAW. Seems like we've flip-flopped from last year ... now it's SmackDown! giving us the horrible angles and RAW giving us solid matches and good booking. Maybe one of these days both shows will be "on" at the same time ...

Did RAW get a new creative team? Hard to believe that this is the same group of jokers who gave us Katie Vick a year ago ...

Dudleys/La Resistance, Take 537 - Decent enough match, liked the tribute to Hawk (RIP) and using the Doomsday Device for the finisher.

Gotta love Booker T bitch-slapping Orton ... I've been hoping someone would do that for awhile. Glad the man's back, and they had a decent enough match before Orton bailed.

Jericho/Steiner v RVD/Storm - Three of the workers in this match are freakin' awesome, and even Steiner turned it up a notch for the match. Love him venting his roid rage on random people in the front row. Storm jumps BACKWARDS halfway across the ring, impressing me mightily. Excellent match, and anytime Jericho gets to win is a good thing.

Great seeing Jericho pimp on Trish. Hey, they're both blonde Canadians, so why not?

Didn't give much attention to the women's match, though I wanted to shoot both of the announcers; JR for not bothering to find out how to pronounce Lita's real name, and King for "Molly Hotty". She does have a nice ass though. Afterwards Christian pimps on Lita, but she doesn't seem impressed.

Team Green Steals the $100,000 - LOVED it! That's what you get for leaving someone as incompetent as Orton sitting around with a briefcase full of money. The segments on this only got funnier as it went on, and unlike most people I didn't mind HHH teleporting in. At least he didn't make them job to him ... a 2x4 to the back of the head will do it for most people. And of course, classic Ric Flair after HHH shows up; "He lost the money!"

Flair/Maven - Decent enough match. Afterwards, Maven looks bemused.

Nice makeup job on Kane, there ... very realistic. This guy is scary as hell, though his inability to swat a gnat like Shane kinda kills the whole thing. Hopefully he'll use Shane's head for a bowling ball at Survivor Series and we can move on. Any guesses as to what wacky gimmick Vince'll give this match? Hell in a Cell? Inferno? Linda on a Pole?

I'm found the HBK/Goldberg match to be quite good. Of course Shawn is one of those who they say could carry a broom to a *** match, but I thought the big dude did a good job of selling the shoulder. Afterwards, Batista returns and looks ripped as hell.

I hope WWE keeps up the good work; as long as they continue to give us some good comedic segments (Rosey last week, Orton this week), some good intensity from the big guys like Henry and Goldberg, and they let Teddy Long keep holla-ing at us, playa, I'm happy.

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.11
I think the point of Christian's rescue tonight was that he imitated Jericho and it didn't work. Lita did not seem too cuddly. Is Jericho supposed to be showing greter depth by admitting that amongst friends he is not the King of Bling-Bling, but a likable guy? Cute Canadian love.

Maybe Shawn wanted in the vignette to show that he too missed Stu Hart? The workrate report got me thinking about this...maybe that's something I should not overanalyze.

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.24
I only saw RAW from Maven-Flair to the end this week, so I don't have too much to add, BUT I'm glad I did watch the Flair match, even though it really doesn't help anything that Flair won, unless of coure WWE could develop a Flair/Maven feud, which would be pretty cool.

One thing I have to say about that match is that I could've sworn I saw the image of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat superimposed on Maven, flickering in and out. I mean, did you see the way he was selling Big Naitch's punishment? Especially the chops! Flair made Maven look good last night. Maven made himself look good last night. And if it weren't for John Cena (and maybe others, but I can't think off the top of my head just now), I'd have to say Maven is the most improved wrestler on WWE's roster this year. Bar none.

If there's any doubt, just go to this link for a confidence boost, brothas and sistas!
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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.59

I'd like to see Mattitude get all up in Christian's face at SS for mackin' on HIS babe.

Decent show. as usual, the women impress me most, Closely followed by Y2J's tag match. I'm sure that JR would say that RVD's IC Title reign constitutes a "push."

The Dudley's used to do a modified doomsday device when the first started in WWE. they never really gave it a name but I thought at the time that "Prophecy of Doom" would have fit perfectly.

You know what would be a cool addition to the recap shows? a house show report.maybe even a bonus match, something to make them worth actually watching.

What's up with "a special saturday edition of heat?" what will air sunday?

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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.22
Hey, this Raw takes the cake for a while!! Decent in ring work except for ole faithful spots blownburg. Not totally long backstage skits.

+Do like the Jerchio/Christian.
+Finally Classic Survivor Seris match
-Should have been against Smackdown for braging rights.
+Goldburg Selling
+Dudelys paying tribute to LOD Hawk
+Jerchio/Steiner paying silent tributes to Hawk and Stu repectivly.
+Production of the show running smoothly. That's about it for now.

As Eric Bishoff asks if he's ok I get this message ------------

ssjaj23: Goldberg: What's wrong? I can't sell, I'm sloppy in the ring. I don't like being heel. I have no ring phycology

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#38 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.77
Jerry Lawler's praising Molly is actually more consistent. When she first went to the WWE, Jerry, knowing her from her work in one of his Memphis circuits, praised her for having more work ethic than any other wrestler, man or woman. That work ethic evidently rubbed off on all of the other Divas. All of them that is except for Stacy, who is punished for her lack of inring work ethic by being in humiliating angles.

As long as Stacy does not put in the effort to being an asskicker, women's wrestling will be still regarded as a joke by the uninformed masses.

I think the best build up for the current Stacy saga would be that Mollywood would have enough of Stacy being helpless, and force her to either get wrestling skills, or quit. That would make Molly get super heat for being a very cruel taskmaaster, and Stacy pop as she transforms herself.

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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.23
I love how the second Jindrak and O'Haire do something that might, you know, get them over and help them stand out as something other than Whiteboy Babyface Tag-Team in Hot Pants 2003, (or "the New High Voltage") Triple H takes them out with something out of a Warner Brothers Cartoon. Why did Randy Orton and Flair act all scared when he lost the money about what Triple H's reaction would be? If my closed-captioning had said "Dad'll be home any minute!" I'd have believed it.

No, Batista is not welcome. I don't wish injury on anyone, but I didn't miss this massive clod and I don't want to see him in matches with Goldberg. Any match Goldberg has to carry is bound to suck all kinds of AIDSy wang. Tune in next week as Batista pulls three entire muscle groups while performing the strenuous physical feat known as the "deep breath".

The Dudleys are so stale now they spoil the food in my fridge if the volume's too high on the TV.

The crud aside, RAW was good tonight. Jericho was golden, Booker T apparently found some actual desire while he was gone, Orton was cast as the bitch/boytoy of wealthy men/pool-boy that he is, Teddy Long said "mo money mo money", Lance Storm picked it up, and most of the matches were at least passable. The crowd didn't turn on Goldberg, and Shawn didn't blame him for "killing our lord". Would have been a good show for Smackdown, but being that this was RAW, it was a great show.

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#40 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.47
What an excellent show! Almost everything worked extremely well for me, & the biggest thing that didnt ... we got that out of the way early on. I'm a happy girl!

Austin stunnering Test with a broken foot is a lovely way to transition into Bischoff's suggestion of the SurSer match. I'm not enthusiastic about going back to Austin stunnering everybody, but at least we should get some good wrestling out of the thread.

The Austin/Stacy interaction was at least as inappropriate as last week's. Don't get me started. She did make a nice interception of the beer in mid-flight though.

Dudleys/La Res v2 was very good. I know we've seen them a billion times, but it helps considerably that we've replaced Sly with a significantly more experienced worker. I still like Rene's taunting dance, & it keeps working to draw the ref to Bubba on the outside, while La Res beats up (always) D'Von. You'd think D'Von would yell at Bubba about that. The Doomsday Device finisher was a lovely tribute. Good match.

[[ Y'know, it's very difficult to swap between vi & a WYSIWYG edit window. Please excuse any stray ":w" that I may not realise that my fingers have executed autonomously of my brain. ]]

"As long as King Arthur here follows my lead, ..." Jericho has been so on lately -- I love it. "You're just mad that I've got the largest arms in the world." Steiner didn't even acknowledge that Chris had said that. :-)

Flair, to Terri: "He [Orton] can't go out & play tonight." Orton: "You know she wants me." That stuff always makes me snicker. I loved the way that Booker's Hand entered first. When Booker slapped Randy & whacked the microphone on the follow-through, Terri bailed to behind Booker for the rest of the segment. I liked the way her arm with the mic were just protruding out from the side of Booker's left bicep, & the rest of her was just gone.

Booker vs Orton, in progress. One of the things that was so great about this show was how they had so much stuff to cram into the time. We were in serious "Keep it moving!" mode. Short match, but very good. Apparently the Spinaroonie has a new added component -- that "up yours" gesture at the very end hasn't always been there.

When he wears that ensemble, I always laugh at the heart-shaped Texas flag on HBK's crotch.

Big ambush on Goldberg's Door! Isn't there even a partial reward for taking out the door? Nicely done ambush.

Manager wants status. Clearly Shawn is the senior member of staff, since he's the one who briefed Austin on what happened to GBerg. (No, apparently Austin doesn't watch the damn show!)

Ooooh, how's this for a teeny continuity point that they did right? Austin muttered that he was "gonna throw that summabitch [Mark Henry] outa the building." So later, Teddy has to phone Flair from the parking lot, attempting to collect the bounty. "I'm not walking out to the parking lot & paying you any money." Subtle! :-)

Jericho/Steiner vs. Dancin' Lance/RVD was excellent. I assume that the black armband that Jericho was wearing was for Stu Hart. And Lance was also trained at the Hart's school. I'm thinking that Chris & Lance were out there to have a great match for Stu. They sure did. I've never seen Lance be that hot -- yeow, amazing! Jericho was just about as good as he gets. Beautiful stuff.

Manager #2 wants status. (Hey, this is just like a big corporation -- you spend more time statusing clueless managers than you spend getting stuff done!)

The eulogies were well done, & the video montage was very nice. I was suprised that Vince narrated it himself -- I think that was a good thing.

Jericho was so cute with Trish! Awwww. :-) (Chris has lost some weight -- he's showing off abs much better, & he's less pudgy in the face. And the hair is getting longer. It works.)

I'm so glad that it occurred to somebody to take a shot at stealing the money! If they were really smart, they would have taken the money out of the briefcase & hidden it someplace for later retrieval, just in case. We never did see anybody open the briefcase after HHH recovered it. Naaaaah.

Good to see that JR is there to prompt Lawler with "puppies" when he missed his cue. Ahem.

Ladies' match was good. Molly & Trish seemed to be either "go slow" or overly cautious at the beginning, but I pretty much decided that it was just "go slow" trying to ensure a good match crescendo. Perfect camera angle of Victoria's kick to Trish's face, & Victoria's celebratory dance. :-) The Trish bump at the end was scary-wicked (but at least it looked wickedly effective) -- we didn't see the ref-X, but he was kinda hanging out during the after-match action, keeping her from getting run over.

No, Lita surely doesn't seem interested in getting any Vitamin Christian. Apparently she's no Peep.

Frantic Orton & Flair were both great during the whole stolen briefcase thing. "Hunter's gonna kill me." Flair ("Hunter, we were just talking about you!") punking out Randy to HHH ("He lost the money!") was just fabulous. Flair with Maven was great. Maven is indeed coming along so well, as are his abs. Flair is still The Man. :-)

Bunch of cops surrounding a guy who's ... standing there. Silly, although a nice visual.

Excellent, excellent, excellent psycho-promo! (Best ever? Maybe. Is this an RSPW award category?) Kane is amazingly good at this character. Killer good.

There's my HHH wielding that 2x4!! Looking fabulous! Even a brief HHH appearance makes me happy. (For those concerned, just because he "dropped by" doesn't mean that "he's back". Try not to get all prematurely frothed about it, m'kay?)

HBK Entrance #2. Not sure why, but I laughed at the concept of HBK getting dressed again, so he could get undressed again. (Kinda like when Kurt pulls the straps back up, so he can pull them down again.)

(Y'know the Goldberg phlegm problem has settled down considerably in the last couple of weeks. Thanks, Bill -- I appreciate it.)

Having GBerg's kayfabe'd injury really helped make this match work. They could go slower, selling that Shawn wasn't going all-out either. It was quite watchable, & a good handling of the "who's over?" question.

Almost everybody who's a (healthy) Raw regular got something significant to do. ('cept for Hurricane & Rosey -- hopefully they're not in trouble.) I like that.

Excellent, excellent show!

Now there is one thing that I'm confused about. (Not obsessively, mind you. But still...) Flair said a couple of times that he guaranteed that somebody would get the bounty that night. That sounds like he's got a plan. After the money had been stolen, he said something about wanting to show it to Shawn Michaels again, presumably as an enticement? But then it was Batista that ultimately made good on the guarantee. So: Did Flair know Batista was there? Was Batista the backup plan in case Michaels didn't get the job done? Did HHH suprise Ric & Randy with Batista? Am I thinking too much about this? Probably. :-)
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Jericho defeated Austin in a cage match the night after WWF Vengeance. And Angle won that cage match on Benoit in the summer of 2001. HHH once defeated the Rock in an UK WWF ppv in October 1999.
- The Vile One, Heels in Cage Matches (2002)
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