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Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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#1 Posted on
I really want to get this out there, with Stephanie still fresh in everyone's mind (because seperation makes the heart grow fonder)

Rank your the women in whatever is important to you, could be looks, skill, able to get stuff over, personality. Whatever you like

mine are

1- Trish Stratus - I LOVE HER, hot as hell, my 2001 RSPW most improved "wrestler" of the year. If half the guys put the effort Trish did, the fed would be a much better place.

2- Molly Holly - best in ring wrestler, cute as a button

3- Lilian Garcia - I don't care she says Jericho is from Winnipeg Canatoba or Kane is the IC champ when he's not, she's beautiful and love the way she ALWAYS SMILES HARD when Trish is in the ring and taking off her coat. (look for it)

4- Ivory -she just seems like a real cool person to me, I dig her.

5- Stacy Keibler - she's got charisma, I like her

6- Jazz - great in ring stuff.. pushed too fast.

7- Stephanie McMahon - I think in a smaller role she's good, but don't overdose us on her

(edit in) 7.5- Jackie - forgot her, she really is strange, at times I really dig her, and then I don't. I think she's a little overated in the wrestling aspect. Plus she went to crazy on her chest. But I do like her character.

8- Debra - Here's a guilty pleasure, I don't hate Debra, I like the accent, and I really did like her in the heel Stone Cold wife stuff.

9- Torrie Wilson - I guess she's hot and all, but Tajiri went down hill the second he went with her. And now it looks like she's going back to her legit boyfriend (errrr)

10- Terri - really a diva of the past. Does nothing, and I don't find her attractive.

11- Nadia - her breasts beat out Taylor, she started off on the wrong foot wiht me, I liked Taylor (she's not even on TV anymore so don't even know this counts)

12- Lita - I can't stand her, a year ago she would be in the top 3 now she's at the bottom. She could have done so much and was marketed perfectly. And if she had half of the desire Trish has she would be a top perfermer like Molly. I can't stand anything about her now, her ring style, her interviews, even her gimmick (which I did like before)

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Since: 7.4.02

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#2 Posted on
1.Jazz-watched her in ECW when she wrestled with Simon Diamond, Kid Kash(Jungle Fever), and the like. Plus I gotta support african americans in wrestling.

2.Trish-I don't know about LOVE her, but I believe she is what the WWF was supposed to do with Sable. Plus she has a big butt.

3.Ivory-always liked Ivory's ring work. She is a non enhanced diva if you know what I'm saying.

4.Molly-again with the great ring work. I remember her wrestling in her Miss Madness attire.

5.Jacqueline-Again ring work.

1.Stacy Keebler Elf-She's got long legs.......AND?!?! To me she is overrated. She is a standard valet but people put her over as if she is the finest looking woman to ever enter professional wrestling. Whatever.

2.Lita-Her good girl act has gone stale like her thongs. I truly believe that she brought the Hardy's down and should go on her own. Matt needs to dump her again.


Since: 2.1.02
From: nWo Country

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#3 Posted on
They should turn Lita into a skanky heel. I really think they could pull it off.

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Since: 3.1.02
From: Philly

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#4 Posted on
All right, then:

1) Molly. She's got it all -- wrestling ability, natural attractiveness (i.e. cute without having truck tires implanted on her chest), decent mic ability and in-ring experience.

2) Ivory. A solid veteran, still not hard on the eyes, capable of most ring fundamentals and sometimes hysterical on the mic.

3) Jazz. Decent wrestling fundamentals and a larger moveset than most of her WWF peers.

4) Jacqueline. More of a Lifetime Achievement award than anything else -- she's been around long enough to wrestle a convincing match, even if she is smuggling two-liter Pepsi bottles under her shirt.

5) Trish. She has improved, but not to the point where she can match any of my top four. She seems willing to learn and to participate in stupefyingly bad angles, both of which are good trends.

6) Lita. At the bottom of the Women Who Actually Wrestle bin, but I can't rank her below the mere eye candy. She needs a character reboot.

7) Stacy. A perfectly adequate valet -- it's too bad that they try and make her "wrestle" at intervals.

8) Stephanie. The negatives are glaring, so I'll put out some positives; she's not afraid to look silly on national TV, she's moderately attractive even in her overenhanced state, and she's a natural heat magnet (for good and bad reasons).

9) Lilian Garcia. She's not as awful on the mic as she once was, and has had some decent skit moments (the rapid-fire Spanish when attacked in mid-interview, playing along with the Rock's Strudel bit).

10) Torrie. I'm really not sure what (besides standing around and looking nubile) it is that she's supposed to do well.

11) Debra. A few brownie points earned during last year's Heel Austin months are about all that put her ahead of...

12) The Godfather's Hos. Mindless, faceless T & A, but at least they don't get mic time. Which puts them ahead of...

13) Terri. Not only do I have no idea why she's on the payroll now, I have _never_ seen her justifying her paycheck. Cheap-stripper face, ridiculous cleavage, a series of thoroughly-unlikeable characters and angles, can't wrestle a lick after years in the business... ugh.

No rating for Sharmell or Nidia, as they're thoroughly milk-cartoned at this point, and apologies to Mae Young -- she's been off TV long enough that I can't list her (else I'd put her at #5 and bump the rest down one).

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Big Bad

Since: 4.1.02
From: Dorchester, Ontario

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#5 Posted on
1. Trish Stratus
2. Stacy Keibler
3. Torrie Wilson
4. That chick from the Austin/Booker T confessional skit a few months ago. That was one put-together woman.
5. Lita
6. Lillian Garcia
7. Dawn Marie (just got signed)
8. Ivory
9. Molly Holly
10. Jacqueline
11. Stephanie McMahon (she just looks too much like Vince)
12. Terri Runnells

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Lap cheong

Since: 7.2.02
From: New York, NY

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#6 Posted on
1. Ivory
2. Trish Stratus
3. Molly Holly
4. Nadia
5. Stacy Keibler

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Since: 4.1.02
From: Clearwater, FL

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#7 Posted on
1-Molly Holly (the new, mean Molly cracking chicks over the head with paddles.)
2-Jaqueline (The only woman in the WWF cool enough to hang with the APA-as anything but scantily clad eye candy, that is!)
6-Trish (Learning, yes. Improving, kinda. Without the implants and double entendres she wouldn't get the small amount of tv she's getting now)
9-Lillian Garcia(Remember that skit where she looked like she was ready to rape the Rock? Yeah, that's the ONLY memorable thing she's done! But she is a KICKASS singer, so I can't put her dead last.)
10-Stephanie McMahon (Bad, but still better than...)
11-Stacy (she has too much of that Porno For Pedos/Skinny White Chick vibe for my taste.)

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Mr. Boffo

Since: 24.3.02
From: Oshkosh, WI

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#8 Posted on
1. Trish Stratus-seems to be okay at wrestling, plus she is hot!
2. Jazz-who has plenty of wrestling ability, but has a face only a mother (or Eddie Guerrero, from the looks of his time with Chyna, HA) could love.
3. Mighty Molly, and face Molly Holly-she's attractive, and has some good moves, so why do they have to make her a heel?
4. Lita-I like her looks (they're thongtastic!), but her wrestling is much to be desired, (those punches really suck), but at least she's been consistantly on tv, unlike Ivory.
4. Ivory-I understand they had to get her off TV after that RTC debacle (just like Godfather and Val Venis), but she disappears for three months between December and March? Plus, I personally don't see her as very attractive.
5. Jacqueline-She was good, which is why it's too bad that she's a Ref now. BTW, what was up with that dancing with Rikishi before the PPV? It looked like a sea-lion trying to hump a oak tree or something.
6. Torrie Wilson-My favorite of the non-wrestling women. I dont' know why exactly. Perhaps I'm just marking out because of how much I liked her with Tajiri.
7. Stacy Keibler-nothing much to say. But really, couldn't she learn something else besides that ONE kick?
8. Terri-God, I hate here. I don't know, she seems too skinny and curveless for my tastes.

Since: 28.2.02

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#9 Posted on
I love's me some listin'!

1) Stephanie - I guess I'm probably gonna be the only one. Maybe because I loved the McMahon-Helmsley Era. Maybe because I just think she's gorgeous. Is she a master in the ring? Hell no, although her match with Trish at last year's No Way Out was pretty good. I've just always liked her. Sue me.

2) Trish - For a long time, I didn't like her. Her breasts were just pushed up TOO high and her character was non-existent. Slowly, but surely, she's built herself into a pretty fair wrestler and, somehow, has also seemed less plastic as I just kind of adjusted to her proportions. Now, I'm usually happy when I hear her music.
3) Molly - Very natural, very sweet, very cute. I'm really intrigued as to how she'll work as a heel.

4) Lita - I dig chicks with tattoos. Plus, I'm a sucker for anyone who uses a rana, even an occasionally sloppy one, on a regular basis

5) Stacy - She has a unique look, very different than the others, and has a beautiful face. I'm just not really a leg-man.

6) Ivory - Older, but she looked damn good in that cowboy hat outfit.

7) Torrie Wilson - She's pretty, but she's just kind of there. Nothing really distinctive about her, in character or physical terms.

8) Jazz - Her wrestling is great, but I really wanna see her wrestle in the first "paper bag on the head" match...

9) Nidia - I didn't watch Tough Enough 1, but she seems okay. Just haven't really been exposed to her much.

10) Terri - Well, she seems like a nice person at least...

11) Debra - She can't cut an interview, she doesn't really look good, and she serves no purpose whatsoever.

I don't really care enough about any others to have a real opinion...

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Just outside Dudleyville

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#10 Posted on
1. Molly - Probably the best balance between skills and looks of the bunch. Plus seeing her crack a paddle over Trish's head ruled more than words can say.

2. Lita - I never understood the constant Lita bashing that goes on on this board. She's a great high flyer and she has that "real" look which goes a long way to raising my opinion of her.

3. Ivory - By far the best heel in the women's division.

4. Trish - She could easily get by on her looks alone, but she's not... and I respect that a lot.

5. Stacy - I'm not ashamed to say that I like a little eye candy.

6. Jaqueline - She's a female APA member. For better or for worse.

7. Torrie - Eye candy but without Stacy's assets (or her ass for that matter)

8. Jazz - I hate Jazz. She's a division killer. Not quite as bad as Chyna but none of the women, except Jaqui, are a credible threat. Still she's better than...

9. Terri - Why is she even on my TV? She can't wrestle and she doesn't look good at all!

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Since: 2.1.02
From: The Las Vegas of Canada

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#11 Posted on
1- Trish: I love the fitness model look, she has gotten better in the ring, and she comes off, while obviously not bright, as someone who has at least an ounce of personality. She just looks sexy as hell and just dirty enough to play with your mind.

2- Stacy: She seems kinda empty character wise, which is the only thing keeping her from #1. Those legs make me cry every time I look at them, and I think she has the best face by far in the WWF. The lack of any discernible wrestling talent doesn't help much either.

3- Torrie Wilson: Again, the fitness look just makes me happy. Even though I think she has possibly an even more appealing body than Trish, but she comes out totally vapid. Again, the lack of wrestling skill keeps her from the top as well.

4- Lita: Yeah she botches up ranas, yeah she looks funny running the ring ropes. But I love the punk/raver chick look, I dig the tattoos, and at least she does have some ring skills. Plus she has the most fully realized personality in the WWF.

5- Jazz: She's a really solid wrestler for an American woman. Not much else really to say about her. She seems like she might be able to pull off having a definable character, but we don't much know yet.

6- Ivory: A solid wrestler, a happy link to the GLOW days (and if you have any of the non Apter mags from the late 80's and early 90's you can see ads for her doing some really odd wrestling videos), nice body, different personallity...just not quite able to jump over the top 5 IMHO.

7- Lillian Garcia: Except maybe for Stacy she's definitely the nicest looking facially of the WWF women. And yes, I too have noticed that she seems to look a bit harder at Trish than any other woman, and I can't say I don't like that.
8- Steph: Worst booker ever. Horrid voice. Looks a little like her dad. Really bad boob job. She gets out of the basement for only 2 reasons: 1- being part of the most overacheiving match of the last few years, her vs. Trish at NWO 2001, which I thought was a legit 3.5 star match, and 2-she at least gets to have a personality, even if it's one she's responsible for poorly writing.

9- Molly: Her being this low isn't because I don't like her. She just comes across as a bit nonessential. But I love her look, just not quite as much as the other good looking ones, and I like her wrestling, just not quite as much as the other wrestling chicks.

10- Jacqueline: And now begins the list of women we could cut and I wouldn't mind. I haven't liked her since her time with Kevin Sullivan. She's solid in the ring, but I just don't really ever want to see her on my tv.

11- Nidia: One winner of Tough Enough doesn't suck. Sadly, it's not her. They should have picked Taylor.

12- Debra: Those of us in Chicago were sick of her by the late 80' took the rest of the country another decade and a half to catch on, but they did eventually.

13- Terri: Graft her nipples on someone else, fire her and her ex-husband.

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#12 Posted on
Didn't somebody do this thread recently?

(Hasn't someone done practically EVERY variation of "let's all make lists for 100 posts" thread yet?)

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Since: 6.1.02
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#13 Posted on
1. Dawn Marie

2. Molly Holly

3. Ivory

4. Torrie

5. Trish

6. Lilian Garcia

7. Jackie

8. Stephanie

9. Debra

10. Lita

11. Jazz

12. Terri

Lance's Response:

JimBob Skeeter

Since: 2.1.02
From: MN

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#14 Posted on
This thread was good for the first half because everyone was ranking Lita last, then someone passed out the crack and she was then ranking 2-4. What the hell? She should be a heel cuz she has always CHEATED!, and she's a skank. Thanks for turning the thread back around, quezzy.

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Since: 4.1.02
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#15 Posted on
Hey, sorry, I just don't buy into the "Lita sucks" bullshit. Hey, some dig the raver chick look, some don't, but don't dare accuse those of us who do of being on drugs. I mean, how would you like it if I were to say you must be gay if you DON'T like Lita?

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Since: 12.2.02
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#16 Posted on
my rankings:

1. Molly--has overall best talent, has both great ground (rolling figure four) and air finishers (450 degree Molly press). Wholesome face with new self-righteous attitude. Can actually pull off a Right to Censor gimmick beause she is that way in real life. What more do you want?

2. Jazz--meanest wrestler man or woman. Gets too intense sometimes. Needs a little Clint Eastwood-type humor to really get over.

3. Trish--former fitness trainer adapting well to pro wrestling. Hard to believe a couple of years ago we put her as another example of WWF eye candy.

4. Jacqueline--The once and always Miss Texas has now become a referee. No male wrestler dares to touch her. she earned that respect.

5. Ivory. The veteran with the bunch along with Jacqueline, she recovered nicely from GLOW (not that GLOW was bad mind you ).

6. Lita--She is naturally talented but she does dog it sometimes--a big big no-no if you are a woman wrestler. Male wrestlers can get away with dogging it (and many do it all the time).

7. Stephanie--hey, you got to hand it to her. She took more on-air embarassment than the rest of her family combined, Vince included.

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Since: 4.1.02

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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.37
    Originally posted by oldschoolhero
    They should turn Lita into a skanky heel. I really think they could pull it off.

Maybe they could call her Miss Congeniality or something. That would rule!

(edited by Jackson on 9.4.02 0154)
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#18 Posted on
how about a list of women who AREN'T in the WWF but should be??

1. Daffney
2. Malia Hosaka
3. Kimona Wanalaya
4. Riot
5. Becky
I could go on but,
Dawn Marie is getting another round of "try outs," so she is in limbo (she got a few once before in Memphis.)and the women's div is almost at about the fullest strength I expect them to go with.

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Since: 7.3.02
From: Baltimore, MD

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#19 Posted on

    Originally posted by EastCoastAvenger
    Hey, sorry, I just don't buy into the "Lita sucks" bullshit. Hey, some dig the raver chick look, some don't, but don't dare accuse those of us who do of being on drugs. I mean, how would you like it if I were to say you must be gay if you DON'T like Lita?

If we're rating work, you have to admit that she's gotten even *worse* than she already was. Other wise, I'd like to point out that she look-a-like-a-man ( Ms. Swan)

and speaking of indy women, I hear a buzz around Cheerleader Melissa, who works SoCal (sleazy, natch) Indies.

There's also Lexi Fyfe, Lelani Kai, and Little Jeanie
Danger was a decent worker too...and she had a SWORD.

Kimona Wanalaya is a stripper again, no longer in the biz (that I know of).

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#20 Posted on
Speaking of women not in the WWF, I got to see Kara Slice about a month ago in Pine Hill, NJ at a PCW show. She also does the "head cheerleader" gimmick, and she was managing Julio Dinero. She was hot but more than that she did a great job as that character. She even took a few good bumps in the match, so I will have to give her some props.

And yes, don't ever forget about Daffney!!!

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They used Devon (not Dudley ) too in an earlier graphic. Not sure whether this was discussed here or another board I go to but it's pretty ironic.
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