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23.5.18 0814
The W - Pro Wrestling - PWG All-Star Weekend (a.k.a. the OTHER wrestling show in LA this weekend)
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(seeing as other people occassionally make posts for ROH and other indy events, i'll do the same since the SoCal indy scene doesn't get much exposure... )

I'm sure for the past few weeks, you've seen me pimping PWG's All-Star Weekend in my sig. It's a really good idea. You've got Wrestlemania weekend with wrestling fans from all around the world in town, so why not put on a two-day show with some of the finest indy workers in the country? Though almost every PWG show is a showcase of the best indy talent local and nationwide, two nights is just wet-your-pants amazing. Here's the lineup already announced for the first night:

Friday April 1 / 8pm bell time:

PWG Championship Match
Super Dragon (C) v. El Generico v. Kevin Steen

AJ Styles v. Samoa Joe

American Dragon v. James Gibson (Jamie Noble)

TNA X-Division Championship Match
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (C) v. Alex Shelley

Frankie Kazarian & The Aerial Express (Scorpio Sky and Quicksilver) v. Arrogance (Chris Bosh, Scott Lost, and Joey Ryan)

The Havana Pitbulls (Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes) v. Kendo Ka Shin & Puma

Jonny Storm v. Petey Williams

Chris Hero v. Chris Sabin

Now that is one STACKED lineup. with the exception of Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, AmDrag, and Noble, (since they'll be at the ROH show) everyone else will be on the card for the second night. This is also the last two indy bookings for Frankie Kazarian before he's off to WWE. Seeing as SoCal is where he started (plus he was the first PWG Champion), he's sure to put on an awesome performance.

I'm wondering if any other W's in town have thought about going, or if you're just hearing this for the first time now, if you're interested at all? If you've never been to an indy show before, PWG is awesome for your first time. I've been to two shows and they've been some of the greatest shows i've ever seen live.

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I can't really go, on account of being at the opposite side of the continent, yet I'm gonna make the bold prediction that Steen & Generico are going to own the main event, while Super Dragon (with all due respect) will content himself with watching.

Go guys! :P

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I would have liked to go to that show. Having gotten involved in CZW, I've gotten to see Chris Hero, Super Dragon, and others quite a bit. I was very impressed with Kevin Steen, and the Generico gimmick is tremendous (OLE!).

In fact, I got to watch an American Dragon/James Noble match recently on DVD. It was very good, and I think you can expect more of the same from them.

I'm just upset that PWG is stealing many of the good guys that I won't see when I go to the CZW Trifecta show on Saturday night.

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Thanks for a great season, Pick of the Week fans...see you this fall at Planet Magic in Denmark, WI!

I can vouch for Styles and Daniels from their brief visit to ACW-NWA WI as well...even w/ injury, they managed to entertain.

Good for you, GrubbyLongJohns...SUPPORT INDY WRESTLING.

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Night 1 was AWESOME! I don't know how they're gonna top it tonight. the place was packed (varying reports so far range from 450-500). Daivari, Molly, and Jesus were there too looking on for most of the night. We ended up in the section that everyone decided to do their dives into, it seems. it was nuts.

Top Gun Talwar, Hook Bomberry, Ronin & Davey Richards over Disco Machine, Excalibur, Phoenix Star, Zokre
-PWG always opens their shows with a crazy lucha spotfests. this had one of those spots were a couple guys dive on the outside on everyone else...right in front of our section no more than 2 feet away from me. Disco Machine hit the floor or a chair hard and had a bloody nose afterwards. So much went on here. The finish was Davey Richards breaking up Excalibur's pin on one of the heels. Excalibur had a german suplex bridge pin and Richards did an SSP on him! holy crap

Chris Hero over Chris Sabin
-good psychology in this match with Hero working over Sabin's arm and Sabin working over Hero's neck the whole match. Hero made Sabin tap out in a variation of the crossface.

Jonny Storm over Petey Williams
-People were hot for Petey and begging to see the Canadian Destroyer. Petey even busted out a sharpshooter at one point. He lost this one though. But we would eventually see the Canadian Destroyer later

Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero over Puma & Kendo Kashin
-A pretty good match. Kashin told the announcer that he'd like to be called Dragon Solider instead. I guess this has to do with some angle back in Japan. I don't remember the finish to this one.

James Gibson over American Dragon
-great back and forth technical showcase. people were distracted at first since this is when Daivari, Molly, and Jesus showed up. Dragon managed to give Gibson a 40+ revolution airplane spin which drove the crowd nuts. They were dizzy as hell and Gibson accidentally rolled up the ref. Again, the ending to this match is a blur to me but Gibson looked happy to be there and was really enjoying the love from the fans at the end.

Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver over Scott Lost, Chris Bosh & Joey Ryan
-One of my favorite matches of the night with an awesome aftermath. Arrogance (Lost, Bosh, and Ryan) get some insane heat from the PWG fans and are just pricks to the core. One crazy spot saw everyone outside again except for one of the Arrogance guys and Frankie. Frankie gave the guy the one-man revolution to the outside onto everyone else knocking down even the ref. They were down for a good minute and a half before anyone got up. Finish was Frankie reversing a Ryan/Bosh attack and simultaneously giving them a spinning neckbreaker and a Roll the Dice-like move. The heels beat down on Frankie afterwards though. his partners were knocked out, so Sabin and Petey ran in for the save. Petey gave one of the heels a Canadian Destroyer and everyone went crazy go nuts. They hugged, raised Frankie's arm and we all broke out into a "TNA" chant. Someone had a replica of the TNA title, Sabin got it and they put it on Frankie. Frankie then did the Double J strut.

Christopher Daniels over Alex Shelley to retain the TNA X-Division Championship
-It was a little slow at the start but I got into it by the end. Although there was so much on this other show that again, I can't remember alot. Afterwards Daniels issues an open challenge to anyone who wanted to face him for the title tonight. Chris Hero accepted.

AJ Styles over Samoa Joe This match was insane! First off, if you haven't seen Samoa Joe, he's a 270 pound Samoan that'll kick the ever living crap out of anyone. It was stiff as hell just as expected. AJ got the crap kicked out of him. His nose got busted open too. He was standing on the apron outside and Joe gave him a sweep. AJ hit the apron face first. the sound of the impact was sickening. Joe did his crazy dive to the outside too...right in front of our section. The moment he threw AJ outside, we knew what was coming and backed up as far as possible. He dove outside and AJ Style sold it like he got hit by a rocket jumping back an extra 5 feet or so. One girl wasn't able to get away in time and tripped over one of the chairs that went flying back. Styles came back though putting Joe in a torture rack and then into a DVD. But the finish....GOOD GOD....STYLES CLASH TO THE 270 POUND SAMOA JOE! that was un-fucking-real! I still can't believe what I saw. Match of the night, without a doubt and a definite SoCal MOTY candidate. I looked back and the WWE guys looked like they were impressed.

Super Dragon over Kevin Steen & El Generico to retain the PWG Championship
-another great match. Steen is a great heel and really got the fans to hate him. Generico is awesome and everyone going "OLE!" with every move was pretty funny. Steen's compact piledriver is bad ass. Generico gave Dragon a brainbuster off the top rope, which had both guys on the top turnbuckle. Generico lifted Dragon up, turned and drove his head down onto the top turnbuckle. Sick head drops throughout this and Generico tasted two curb stomps. Dragon hit the Psycho Driver at the end on Generico for the win. AJ came out after and told Dragon the belt was gonna be his tomorrow (his match with Joe was for a title shot)

this was such an amazing show. i'm still exhausted over it and can't believe there's one more night to go. I'm lucky I get to see awesome indy action like this. It's just an amazing experience. The venue is great too. It's hot but it's crazy when everyone starts stomping their feet and the building shakes.

announced for night 2:
Hero v. Daniels for the X-Division title
Joey Ryan v. Petey Williams
Arrogance v. Sabin and Kazarian for the PWG Tag Titles
Super Dragon v. AJ Styles for the PWG title


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Sounds like a great show. I am also glad to hear that El Generico got to give someone the Brainbustaaaaa

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    Steen's compact piledriver is bad ass.

For those wondering...

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Good results, man. Sounds like a solid show.

    Originally posted by GrubbyLongJohns
    Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero over Puma & Kendo Kashin
    -A pretty good match. Kashin told the announcer that he'd like to be called Dragon Solider instead. I guess this has to do with some angle back in Japan.

Yes, Kendo Ka Shin is wrestling as Dragon Soldier B and will compete in New Japan's Best of the Super Juniors tournament. He won the ROH qualifying tournament the night after your event. Apparently, the crowd chanted "Don't come back" to him, so I'm not sure if it's a sign of his workrate, a bad crowd, or just a bad night for Ka Shin.

Here's the 04.02 PWG results from their site, though I'd love to hear a live account.

    Originally posted by PWG website
    "All Star Weekend - Night Two"
    RESULTS FROM 04.02.05

    8. AJ Styles def. Super Dragon to become the fifth PWG champion *
    7. Scott Lost & Chris Bosh def. Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin to retain the PWG Tag Team Championship
    6. Kevin Steen def. Jonny Storm
    5. Christopher Daniels over Chris Hero to retain the TNA X-Division Championship
    4. El Generico, Phoenix Star & Zokre def. Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver & The Human Tornado
    3. Petey Williams def. Joey Ryan
    2. Disco Machine & Excalibur over Hook Bomberry & Top Gun Talwar
    1. Ricky Reyes def. Puma, Davey Richards & Ronin in a four-way elimination match

    * - This is AJ Styles' first reign as PWG Champ

    Los Angeles, CA - Attendance: 375


Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, Cali

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.67
Sorry, after a Mania party on Sunday, I was just exhausted and had a math quiz to study for on Monday. Saturday had a smaller crowd but there were still alot of people. I guess i'll just run down the results and post some notes like the first night:

Ricky Reyes def. Puma, Davey Richards & Ronin in a four-way elimination match

Disco Machine & Excalibur over Hook Bomberry & Top Gun Talwar

-These two openers were fantastic as they showed off the great talent of the local guys. The second one was your typical PWG comedy/spotfest match, which is a trademark of each show. There's a joke between Talwar and the fans, I guess Talwar works at Chipotle, so people started up a "CHIPOTLE SUCKS!" chant. People went nuts as halfway through the match, Disco Machine pulled out a Baja Fresh bag and started choking Talwar with it. We then broke out into a "BAJA FRESH!" chant. Talwar got his revenge though pulling out a Chipotle bag, placing it on his fist and hitting Disco with it. Hook is a great grappler/striker guy from PWI up north. He always gets the "ARRR" yells during his matches. This may annoy some but Hook plays it up and was really having fun. Hell, everyone was having fun here.

Petey Williams def. Joey Ryan
-Petey won this one with the Canadian Destroyer, which pleased the crowd. He was a total face tonight after the Kazarian save the night before. I love his entrance music too (RATM's "Calm Like a Bomb").

El Generico, Phoenix Star & Zokre def. Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver & The Human Tornado
-This match was INSANE. Generico put his cape on ring announcer John Ian before the match and Ian did Generico's little run around the ring in the cape. heh. Generico and Tornado had a "you got served" dance-off. Somehow Generico served the disco dancin' Tornado with some white boy dance moves. go figure. Again, more crazy action from everyone. The highlight was Tornado with a somersault plancha on Generico and Zokre that took him all the way to the wall! It was over about 4 or 5 rows of chairs. thank god the walls are padded (since it's a basketball gym), still, the man's got hops. Afterwards, it was announced it was Scorpio's 22nd b-day, so they put a hat on him, gave him balloons and we all sang.

Christopher Daniels over Chris Hero to retain the TNA X-Division Championship
-Great psychology in this match. I didn't know much about Hero before this weekend, all I knew was people love him back east. Two nights in a row, he put on great technical matches. You wouldn't expect that he's at technical guy by looking at him. Daniels worked over his leg the whole match, pretty much and won it with the Angels Wings. Hero put up a great fight though. Daniels got the mic and gave him props afterwards for stepping up to the challenge and giving a great fight. The two shook hands afterwards. Very classy.

there was an intermission after this. when the show resumed, we were told Carlito and Paul London were in attendance(!!!) They were right behind the entrance curtain, visible to most of the people on our side.

Kevin Steen def. Jonny Storm
-Steen is a great heel, but the guy really has won everyone over with a good chunk of the crowd on his side, myself included. He went for the moonsault again tonight and missed. Storm pulled off an amazing reverse hurricanrana on Steen off the top turnbuckle. It wasn't enough though as Steen got the win with the Package Piledriver (I've been calling it the compact piledriver, but finally found out the official name). I looked back and saw Paul London cringe after he hit the move. hah.

Note: In another post from another indy show someone (JST, I think) asked if Steen was wearing his shirt with his name in big letters on the front. For PWG ASW, yes, both nights he had it on.

Scott Lost & Chris Bosh def. Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin to retain the PWG Tag Team Championship
-Arrogance has really grown on me and like I said in the Night 1 report, they are great heels, Bosh especially who has started to show great charisma, to the point where people were chanting "LET BOSH TALK!" before the match began. I found out their theme is Rick "The Model" Martel's old WWF theme too and they just have this cool swagger when they come out to it. Anyway, Petey was at ringside for the faces (he was also seen singing along to Frankie's theme song with the rest of the crowd, a.k.a. "You're the Best Around" from the Karate Kid soundtrack) and Joey Ryan was at ringside for his team. Good tandem work from Sabin and Frankie. Finish came while Frankie and Lost were brawling outside, Petey and Sabin were fighting with Ryan and Bosh in the ring. Simultaneously, Sabin gave Ryan a Cradle Shock and Petey hit the Canadian Destroyer on Bosh. To say it was "sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" would be an understatement.

Afterwards was a great moment as all the boys came out from the back and gathered in the ring for Frankie Kazarian's farewell. Although him and his team got their asses kicked, PWG Co-owner Joey Ryan had some words for Frankie, as Frankie was one of the first guys he trained with when he was breaking it. Sabin then said a few things as well as Chris Daniels who saw Frankie start out and work his way up. Finally, Excalibur, another PWG co-owner made sure to acknowledge that Frankie was the 1st and 3rd ever PWG champion and that he has a permanent spot on the roster, if ever he wants to come back. It was pretty emotional and Joey looked like he was holding back tears.

Frankie took the mic, thanked everyone, wrestlers and fans alike, and says he'd put PWG up against any big indy fed in the East any day and finished it with his trademark line, "I am the future, and the future looks good", and with that, the coolest man alive, Frankie Kazarian left the ring and we all sang along to "You're the best...around" one last time. It's funny too since he's got the whole cool gimmick and Carlito was there and all. It was a great moment though and i'm happy I got to witness that.

AJ Styles def. Super Dragon to become the fifth PWG champion
-First of all, alot of people were wondering whether Dragon was going to work tonight seeing as he got knocked loopy by Generico the night before and was out of it after the match. But he did go out there, and the two put on a great match. The crowd was split. The Dragon fans busted out a "Draaaaaagooooooon's gonna kill yooooooooouuu" chant to AJ at one point. Though Styles would have the last laugh. No Styles Clash here, but instead he beat him with a SICK lariat. This is the second time i've seen him do it live (first was at PWG's one year anniversary show last July to Rocky Romero). GOOD CHRIST, he took Dragon's head off with it! It apparently knocked Dragon silly again as Excalibur, Disco Machine, ref Rick Knox and a doctor (i'm guessing) rushed out to check on Dragon. They were pouring water down his neck and loosening up his mask. Dragon managed to get up and shake AJ's hand, but damn did he get fucked up.

I got to meet Daniels and Styles earlier in the night as they were signing autographs and taking pics at the merch booth. Hopefully next time around I can get a pic of Styles with the belt next show, Daniels posed with the X-Division belt in my pic which was awesome.

This was one helluva weekend, and really, it possibly spoiled me to the point where I couldn't fully enjoy Wrestlemania. I mean I enjoyed more than half of the show, that's for sure but PWG made this weekend for me. Thanks to PWG I now see why everyone LOVES Generico and Steen (and why I am now a huge fan of both of them), Joe solidified his spot as my hero, got to see the Canadian Destroyer about 3 times, plus the great sendoff to Frankie (not to mention unexpectedly seeing Daivari, Jesus, Molly(!), Carlito(!!), and London(!!!)). I will definitely try to make it to their May 13th show and now that AJ's the champ, that could mean another AJ/Joe match down the line or even an AJ/Joe/Super Dragon three-way that would literally tear the building down.

I'm exhausted just retyping this thing. So i'll leave you guys with some pics:

Night 1 pics:
Disco gettin' down
Disco is dead!
bodies everywhere
Petey locks on the Sharpshooter
AJ after a Joe plancha
Joe drags AJ back to the ring
Steen and Dragon have a staredown (they pushed Generico away)

Night 2 pics:
Petey posing
announcer John Ian running around in Generico's cape
The Fallen Angel
Bosh channeling The Rock
Frankie's farewell/Frankie and Joey Ryan hugging (check out the crazy short shorts on Generico)
more from Frankie's farewell
Frankie and Sabin hugging
Frankie takes one last bow
Styles, pre-match
Dragon, pre-match
Dragon out cold
The new PWG champion
a handshake

Misc. pics
Carlito and London looking on
Me and AJ Styles
Me and Daniels

I hope that was detailed enough for everyone. maybe even a little too long, if so, I apologize. If you want better night 1 photos, you can check out the "official" pics here

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