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27.4.18 0227
The W - Ladies Only - purple flames -- SmackDown 4/17
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Miscellaneata on tonight's SmackDown ...

Rey is fun with absolutely anybody, isn't he? Big Show holding him up in the air, effectively with one hand? Oh, yeah! Even though Rey & Tajiri lost, I didn't think it was a squash -- they put up a good showing. Big Show plopping onto his tush like a toddler, ATrain moaning about being blinded by the mist, "I eat meals bigger than Rey Mysterio." I thought it was fun.

This Brock smiling thing is very odd. I swear we have never actually seen him smile before last week. Now he's smiling, & chatting. It may be heresy, but I got just the tiniest Mick Foley vibe from his interview with Michael Cole.

Was today Aretha Franklin's birthday or something? The theme of the show was certainly Respect. Practically every segment had somebody respecting somebody, or getting in trouble for not. Brock: "I respect the hell out of you Kurt." Benoit: "You respect the title even if you don't respect the man wearing it." Brock: "Are you saying you don't respect me?" Benoit: "Not unless you're saying you don't respect me." Actually, I totally enjoyed this set of promos. (And I don't even much care for Cena's "Vanilla Ice Wanna Be" (his words!) character.)

I missed most of the first "Mr America is coming" commercial. Although the predominant shots of the American Bald Eagle might indeed be a hint.

Shelton (in thick, fake, Eddie accent) to Eddie: "We respect your family. Your grandmother's easily the best maid ..." Regardless of context, I was astonished they let Chavo say "the rumour is you guys go down on each other all the time". (That's where Chavo's accent went -- he'd loaned it out to Shelton.) Fun stuff in the match, but it seemed like it was short.

The French hommes visit the UN. "Don't you Americans know respect?" (Don't these dogs that I'm babysitting know to respect SmackDown, & not get into a fight in the middle of a promo?)

Nathan choking Nunzio up against the chain link fence, & Nunzio selling the voice -- Nathan might turn out to have some redeeming social value after all. (I can wait -- I'm in no hurry.)

Maybe DDP will show up to give Sable some stalker hints. (* rolls eyes *)

There was some babbling in the early part of Piper's Pit, but he got refocused pretty quickly. (Cowards, computerboards, & "people are getting free". Huh?) Although he still did get in there that he has respect for those fans chanting his name. Or someting like that.

A "new millenium wrestler who has brawn, intelligence, & the cojones ..." And Sean O'Haire appeares in black trunks with purple crotch flames! (Yes, purple!!) :-) And indeedy-doo, Jimmy Snuka appears.

"Matt's favourite sushi is freshwater eel." Hey, good choice, Matt! Brian Kendrick fun-ness; big, pretty air just for an elbow. Seemed like this was pretty short too -- maybe it was just me.

I thought Nathan's quickie with the FBI was fine. Not much of a match, but he moved a little, & got moved around a little. Stamboli was having just a little trouble trying to get Nathan muscled up for the drop onto the guard rail, but he did manage. Dunno where they're going (in plotline) with Nathan's possibly broken ankle. I can't believe they're just going to have him sit out til Taker gets back, but maybe that's the plan. We'll see.

I hate commercials in the middle of matches. They've been doing it on both shows for the last couple of weeks, & I just hate it. It completely tosses me out of the mood of the match. Any psychology that they do while we're away is lost. We have to rely on Tazz to tell us who's been winning while we were gone. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Given that, I was having trouble staying with Benoit/Cena. Chris kept trying to get me back interested, but Cena kept losing me. However, I'm quite willing to accept that that was just because the flow of the thing was all messed up. The one detail thing that was odd: Chris had the crossface on Cena, & then slipped it down to more of a choke -- don't know what the deal with that was -- just odd.

So overall, very different than SmackDown's typically are. Didn't seem like there was as much wrestling, but most of the promos were good to decent. HLA stalkers are boring. But the purple flames on the trunks made my night! :-)
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I noticed the respect thing, too. I don't know if Aretha had a birthday or not, but when things like that happen I always think that there's some hidden message thing going on. Or maybe that was just the catch phrase of the night. Or maybe the writers do things like that to make us question our sanity (like it needs to be questioned - HA!).

I so noticed the purple on Mr. O'Haire. I so noticed everything about Mr. O'Haire.

Brock smiling - agreed - very disturbing.

Shelton = f-ing hilarious!!! I love those boys.

SD was good.

So looking forward to Raw tonight. Need my Hunter fix...preferably without purple trunks.


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emma, I read your post before watching Smackdown! so I knew what to expect. I laughed every time someone said the magic word. We could make a drinking game out of it.

The Big Men vs. Little Men was a lot better than I thought it would be. I loved the over-the-top selling. "I'm blind! I'm blind!" What happened to Funaki, though? He's on for one show and then disappears.

Brock seems to have moved from the angry monster portion of his career to the benevolent king. Makes sense now that he has the title belt and no Heyman to bother him. I like his smile, but I wish he wouldn't talk. It's not that he can't cut a decent promo. It's that he has a rather high-pitched voice for such a big man. Sort of spoils the illusion for me. And Cena got all "insider" on us with his promo. I wonder if many people in the audience even knew what he was talking about with his references to Dynamite and getting a release.

Every time we hear from the French guys, all I can think is that their accents sound fake. But, aren't they supposed to actually be French? Maybe, I've just watched too many bad movies.

The FBI is starting to grow on me. Jones owes them big for making him look so good. All in all, I enjoyed the show. None of the storylines are really hot right now, but most of my favorite people were on. Personally, I'd like to see them move Jericho over to Smackdown to feud with Brock, and then move Christian up to take Jericho's spot on Raw. Not likely to happen, though.

Tomboy, I'm really looking forward to the HHH/Booker match tonight, too. I just hope it's not another bait-and-switch. I will be very cranky if that happens.


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That Smackdown is a fun little show - I should get home more often! As good as it was, it was on too much past my bedtime, so I missed everything after about half of the Matt Hardy match.

Emma - so that's Brian Kendrick, huh? He's a fun, fast, zippy kinda guy. At first I couldn't figure out why Spike Dudley was on Smackdown, but then it all made sense. That was a rather fun little encounter.

I missed out on Piper's Pit the first time around, but I'd heard of it through family and friends, so this was my first time actually seeing it, and all I could think was, "Welcome to all things Scottish, where our slogan is, if it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!" Sean O'Haire seems a lot less composed in the ring than he does in the commercials (that "Hey, I'm not telling you.." sounded awfully forced and tacked on).

I was really looking forward to seeing some Team Angle action, but I guess I'm not that lucky. Seems like a pretty interesting dynamic with them and Eddie & Chavo. I personally like Chavo without a beard, but it was good. They had to leave RAW why again?

Sable = scary. Went a l'il overboard with the tweezers there, too. I remember when she used to have eyebrows. She's in fantastic shape for a woman nearing (at?) 40, but she just had some sorta weird, severe Dragon-lady look going.

Brock seems to have moved from the angry monster portion of his career to the benevolent king.

Agreed, but it also made him seem like there wasn't even a fire under his ass anymore. So he beat Angle and now he just respects everyone, fights all comers, etc etc etc... but I miss intense, scary Brock from like 4 months ago.

I will now commence missing UPN on Thursday nights. Sure, this Joey-Rachel thing they're teasing me with on Friends is nice, but now that I know what I'm missing...*sigh*

All walls are great if the roof doesn't fall.

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Aw, man, I grew up with Paul Bearer too. I hope he can pull through. That sounds real bad. Okay, I'm not good at this sad stuff.. I hope he can recover from this, and I wish him the best.
- Ringmistress, Sad news from Paul Bearer (2003)
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