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The W - Pro Wrestling - Puder defeats Angle? (Page 3)
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Big Brother

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I don't know if it's MONEY! or not, but I will note that we sure got a lot of search engine hits about Puder/Angle (or some keyword combination thereof) last week... so it's reckless at best to simply deny out of hand that there's ANY buzz out there.


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(deleted by CRZ on 9.11.04 1529)

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IN MY OPINION,, this Tough Enough sucks. Sucks as entertainment, sucks as reality television sucks as 'so bad it's funny' humor, sucks as people doing cruel things to amuse viewers - it wasn't even in the same galaxy as My Big Fat Obnixious boss on that count.

IN MY OPINION,, it sucks because it's taking 15 minutes out of SmackDown!, it sucks because it took Al out of the announce booth for garbage, it sucks because it's a complete opposite of what I loved about the first three TEs, it sucks because we're going to be stuck with a guy who's not ready and has no purpose for the next year, and it sucks because it's another sign the people in charge are lacking a clue. Any clue.

IN MY OPINION,, I feel pretty stupid to have to say IN MY OPINION, because I thought that was freaking obvious without the wacky text. Hope this helps.

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#44 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.31
    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    If he can't beat a unknown UFC guy, can we really believe that Kurt Angle would be able to take beat Andre the Giant in a K-1 match?!?!?!

That would depend on if they were fighting under K-1 or MMA rules.

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#45 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.85
I think anyone suggesting that they dropped a huge moneymaking angle based on something 90% of the audience didn't notice is sniffing some seriously stale crack.

Cubs, I agree with you but just out of curiosity what DID you love about the first tough enoughs? I mean, the first one had its own "what's this gonna be like" charm, but the second one with the tubslut and Shaniqua winning was a total waste. And the third one gave us...who did it give us again? Johnny Blaze? Some other kid we're never gonna see again?

I just don't know what was to like.

Edit: Fixed, and thanks to Mr. Boffo for noticing my mistake.

(edited by Hogan's My Dad on 8.11.04 2318)

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Mr. Boffo

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#46 Posted on
    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    I think anyone suggesting that they dropped a huge moneymaking angle based on something 10% of the audience didn't notice is sniffing some seriously stale crack.

I think you have that backwards. It's more like something 90% of the audience didn't notice. In fact, looking at the clip from the first page, even after being told what's going on, at no point does Kurt Angle look in trouble to my 'totally unknowledgable about MMA' eyes.

NOTE: The above post makes no sense. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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#47 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.42
It seems to be a case of the MMA mark in Dave jumping on something before he had time to really think it through. Whilst it would seem like a good idea initially, you have so, so many thing to consider:

-The angle itself. How to book it? Would it be booked? If not, what's the fed's stake in it? Why launch a totally new venture just because some fans of an outside sport latched onto one incident?
-The total lack of professional training in Puder. meaning that if the angle/match were to be at all regulate dit would be FUGLY.
-The devotion of one of their biggest stars to an angle that is a huge flop risk, a potential embarrassment to said and, at worst, could lead to him being seriously injured.

As a news source I value Meltz as much as the next guy, but he does have other interests which can occasionally colour his judgement. It's no big deal.

"Come on! Who REALLY wants to see Shawn Michaels, bum leg and all fight HHH for the umpteenth millionth time already."

I think you're really underestimating how much goodwill and fondness the general fanbase has towards Michaels.

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(deleted by CRZ on 9.11.04 1531)

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(deleted by CRZ on 9.11.04 1531)

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(deleted by CRZ on 9.11.04 1531)

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(deleted by CRZ on 9.11.04 1531)

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#52 Posted on
Thank you all for supporting Dan Puder and watching tough enough. Dan is a close friend of mine and my personal trainer. Although I am 3 years older than him, he has always been an inspiration to me.

Dan trained w/ Frank Shamrock for several years after winning the championship CCS tourny at 219 lbs. I remember watching Dan fold seniors on the mat as a 190lb 8th grader.

Dan got Angle in a nice Kimura lock, one that sriously damages the shoulder bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscle. I give Kurt extreme credit for not tapping on one of Puder's arm-locks, cuz they hurt, no matter which lock or appendage he applies it to.

I was excited when I watched last week b/c I did not expect to see this action on WWE especially after they put those guys through exhausting exercises. Imagine if Dan was fresh??!! His endourance has outlasted all the other competitiors since Day 1 in Venice with the fastest course time! And he did it again with Angle, he made Angle look tired. I want to see a re-match.. Who is with me?!!!

I encourage you all to vote for Dan when the time comes. Thank you all for listening. Take care.
Famous Mortimer

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#53 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.96
As a moderately knowledgeable MMA fan, it was very clear that Angle didn't have much hope of getting out of that kimura. He was on top, which helped as he didn't have Puder's weight bearing down on him as well, but his leg was also locked in (if you notice the footage) so he really did have Angle tied up.

About them missing an angle...absolutely true. A lot of the crowd may not have noticed it, but all it would have taken is for a replay and for the fans to be clued in about it, and there would have been a major angle on their hands. I agree he's pretty untested in pro wrestling, but if Kurt is the carry master that his marks claim him to be, then he could easily work a good solid technical match with Puder. The crowd would be clued in to submissions by this point, so they'd be popping every time Puder tried to get something locked in. Bang, a new star who you're only paying a third as much as the other guys and Angle has the chance to build his rep up again after the time off. They can rewrite history on the website but this is a chance gone wasted.

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#54 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.27
Excellent points bro.... Dan is the type of guy to lock up a submission, and do it fast. ANd considering that the guys were tired, he didnt hesitate more than 10 seconds to go go for the submission. Falling to the ground only helps his leverage after that point. Allowing him to use his hips and arch his back to dislocate or break the shoulder. He also had Angle in a "half gaurd", he didn't even let angle have a side mount after the take down. And if you think about it in a true manner, Dan took down ANgle by falling backwards, allowing him to fully execute the hyper-extension of the arm. ANgle didn't have a chance once Dan locked his arm. You do not see any hesitation on Dan's part to go down to the ground, but it did look like Angle was surprised. Angle at least knew that if they went to the ground, Dan would have the leverage to throw the arm out and snap it.

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#55 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.70
OK, you win Cubs, this hideous stuff does suck. Good to see that they're trying to have a competition for a WRESTLING contract by having the competitiors make out with a 95 year old woman. (As an aside, who is Mae Young. I mean, I've seen her plenty of times in the past, but there did she come from originally? Does she just tag along with Moolah wherever she goes? I need answers to these questions!)

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#56 Posted on
Here's an article written in 2000 by Dave Scherer about Mae Young.

An excerpt:

    Originally posted by Dave Scherer

    Young became a top draw by feuding with Burke. In 1954, she and Burke were among the first female wrestlers to tour post-war Japan. She also trained women to follow in her footsteps. Her most famous pupil is the Fabulous Moolah, who still works in the WWF.


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#57 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
My estimation of Angle is in no way diminished by watching the clip in this thread.

Angle is (or was, at least) an Olympic-level amateur wrestler. That was eight years ago, and he's been slumming it in a sports-entertainment fake-being-punched-in-the-head-and-stagger-a-lot environment since then. MMA-style submissions are not part of amateur wrestling (correct me if I'm wrong), so it's not as if he has a strong background facing and defending against such holds. Pro wrestling has holds, of course, but they're meant to only _appear_ as if they're hurting the recipient.

If you put a boxing champion in an MMA ring, he'd be in trouble. His skills would be undeniable, but they'd be of diminished value in a venue where opponents could use a much wider variety of tactics and moves to counter them. The same goes for a highly-trained amateur wrestler like Angle or any one-dimensional fighter (paging Tank Abbott, white courtesy phone).

On a given day, anyone can be tapped. It only takes a small mistake to land someone in a match-ending hold. It happens.

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On a side note, I remember Hardy saying in an interview that he never takes elevators. This may explain why he was found in a stairwell. Or it could just be a work.
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