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The W - Pro Wrestling - Predict WrestleMania 22
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Mr Shh
Lap cheong

Since: 9.1.02
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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.93
While thinking about the winners and losers at this year's big (time) show, I got a headache. I've never gotten a headache thinking about a wrestling show before.

Rey v Angle v Orton (World Title)
Does Rey win for sentimentality? If he does, is it long term? Not likely. Angle's the only guy not being pegged to win, which means he will, right? Probably not. It's all about the golden boy, I guess.
Prediction: Orton

Cena v HHH (WWE Title)
I honestly have trouble picking this one. HHH's semi-shoot, semi-ad-libbed comments towards Cena from a few weeks ago seemed like a one-time thing. Blah, blah, blah...HHH buries Cena and all that crap. He had a live mic at the time. But, now they're using HHH's comments (in the training video) as a major selling point. Throw in Cena's training video, and it's as if they're saying "at WrestleMania, watch as John Cena legitimizes himself as a true main event player and as he reaffirms our faith in him as such." I'm going against the grain.
Prediction: Cena

Flair v Shelton v RVD v Hardy v Lashley v Finlay (Money in the Bank)
Last year's MitB was a good trainwreck. This year's can be a very bad one. These guys have no experience working with each, relative to last year's crew. The SD guys are either not yet relevant enough to win or are not relevant at all. Flair is almost my pick to set up a near-future, short-term title reign (what, he's gonna wait a year to cash it in??) My original picks had HHH and Flair winning, with Flair cashing the shot in at the end of the night. If I'm going with Cena above, then my pick here is the next most relevant guy (not that that's saying much). I can't wait to see Finlay kill people.
Prediction: Shelton

Edge v Foley (Hardcore Match)
I don't care about this at all. I can't stand Foley anymore. Not only should this program not have taken place, but the program makes Edge look bad, win or lose.
Prediction: Edge, just because

Mr. McMahon v HBK (No Holds Barred)
Can't really say I care about this one much either. I don't doubt that it'll be highly entertaining though.
Prediction: HBK

Undertaker v Henry (Casket Match)
Oh dear Lord. The end result is obvious. Based on past events with Henry doing bad things to people with tables, and Daivari's recent interaction with a seemingly indestructible casket, I'm predicting that the match will be built around a spot where Henry splashes Taker through the casket (assuming it's the wooden type). How they salvage the ending after something like that though is beyond me.
Prediction: Taker

Benoit v JBL (US Title)
Should be one of the best matches on the card.
Prediction: JBL

Boogeyman v Booker and Sharmell
Should be short, entertaining & harmless.
Prediction: Boogeyman

Trish v Mickie
Entertaining, to be sure. Do we need another month to see how much crazier Mickie gets after losing, or do they pull the trigger now? Hard to say, for me.
Prediction: Trish, by DQ or CO

Pillow Fight (whatever): Candice
World Tag Titles: Carlito and Masters

Does Bret Hart make a live appearance at the show, for whatever reason?
Prediction: Yes
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Reverend J Shaft

Since: 25.6.03
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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.23
Sure, I'll take a stab

Rey v Angle v Orton (World Title)
This seems like a major setup for Rey to win. The more he appears on SD trying to convince others he belongs in the WM ME the more sure I become. I can see him losing it quickly, though, to Orton.
Prediction: Rey

Cena v HHH (WWE Title)
No way I'm picking against HHH in this one. Especially with the WWE knowing what the reaction will be like in Chicago if Cena wins. Plus, HHH is gonna keep winning and losing these things until he passes Flair's count.
Prediction: HHH

Flair v Shelton v RVD v Hardy v Lashley v Finlay (Money in the Bank)
This one is going to be good - I honestly have no clue who's winning this. There are good reasons for all of these guys to win, except Finlay - he already has a foreign object to tattoo people with. I'm gonna go with Flair making one last run at HHH in the summer.
Prediction: Woooooo!

Edge v Foley (Hardcore Match)
The more Foley keeps coming back for these things, the less credibility he seems to give his opponents.
Prediction: Edge

Mr. McMahon v HBK (No Holds Barred)
This is the slam-dunk prediction of the night. No way is HBK gonna let the McMahons piss (no pun intended) all over him and also win the payoff match.
Prediction: HBK

Undertaker v Henry (Casket Match)
Oops, my bad. THIS is the slam-dunk prediction of the night.
Prediction: I will be answering nature's call while Taker feeds his ego again.

Benoit v JBL (US Title)
I'll be damned if JBL isn't growing on me. Still, I think Benoit's the choice
Prediction: Benoit

Boogeyman v Booker and Sharmell
I love Booker and I hate Sharmell, but she's necessary to make Booker so hilarious. They can still go further up the card with the Boogeyman, but the clock is ticking on the gimmick.
Prediction: Boogeyman

Trish v Mickie
I'll take Trish here, by DQ when Mickie does something super-malicious. And I will chuckle with delight at the entertainment brought back to the women's division.
Prediction: Trish

Pillow Fight: Next

Big Show/Kane v Carlito/Masters(World Tag Titles)
I rather like the Carlito/Masters bickering. This could actually make Masters entertaining if they let them run with the ball a bit.
Prediction: Carlito and Masters

Does Bret Hart make a live appearance at the show, for whatever reason?
No way. No, sir. No how. Not a chance
Prediction: No

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Since: 12.12.01
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.46
Aw man, what's not to love about Sharmell?

Rey lost on Smackdown the last two weeks, so he's winning the belt.

With the face going over in that match, it means Hunter can beat Cena here instead of waiting until Backlash.

And Van Dam wins Money in the Bank to challenge HHH at the ECW PPV.
Lap cheong

Since: 18.6.02
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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.36
Boogeyman d. Booker T & Sharmell in a quick comedy match.

Candace Michelle d. Torrie Wilson in the popcorn stripper match. She'll probably get stripped in the end too.

Carlito & Chris Masters d. Big Show & Kane to win the titles, probably by either fluke or heavy cheating.

Mickie James d. Trish Stratus for the Women's Title, via something PSYCHOTIC~!

Chris Benoit d. JBL to keep the US Title. This one could go either way, but I'm predicting that this is the opener, and you might as well have the face win the opener to get the crowd up.

Undertaker d. Mark Henry in the "I'm gonna' go see if they haven't sold out of Rated R Superstar shirts" match.

Ric Flair wins the MITB match. Unless they go for the big swerve, then this match is really between two men: Flair and Van Dam. Looking at how the storyline is going, Flair winning and going for his 17th World Title makes the most sense. This could either be tremendously fun or mind-bogglingly horrible.

Edge d. Mick Foley. Actually, I could see WWE thinking that this is too obvious, and go with Foley winning, and then talk him into a rematch at Backlash to put Edge over. But.... I'll go with Edge.

Shawn Michaels d. Vince McMahon. Like the MITB match, this could be really fun or ungodly horrendous.

Rey Mysterio d. Kurt Angle and Randy Orton for the World Title. Normally, I would have gone with Orton, but with Rey jobbing these past two weeks, and Meltzer reporting that Vince is coming around to seeing Rey Mysterio as a legitmate draw, I'll go with Rey. Angle is awesome, Mysterio is awesome, and Orton isn't too far behind. This is my pick for match of the night.

John Cena d. Triple H for the WWE Title. This is probably the most unpredictable WrestleMania main-event in YEARS. I could easily see it going either way. If this goes on last, Cena should win. Not that that's how it will go down. Either way, I'd say put this on 2nd or 3rd to last, and let the World Title match close the show, as Rey Mysterio winning the World Title is a MUCH better WrestleMania ender than anything that could happen here. However, they've really driven home the past few weeks that THIS is the REAL main-event, so this will probably go on last. I'll go with Cena... I guess.

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Checkmate, El Super Lucha-Bitch~!

Since: 24.7.02

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.34
Mysterio vs. Angle vs. Orton: Orton's the golden boy. He gets his belt.

Trip vs. Cena: This is going to be like Starrcade '87 in Chicago where the crowd shit all over Ron Garvin as champ and Flair was cheered. Trip isn't Flair, but Cena isn't even Ron Garvin. Trip wins, Jim Ross complains about how the microphones around ringside must have been sabotaged for the Cena reaction to be negative.

Vince vs. HBK: Since the heels will win the 2 title matches, this goes on last. Hart helps Michaels defeat Vince, demonstrating that his recent comments were a work, and causing Canadians to question the meaning of life.

Taker vs. The World's Ugliest, Fattest, Least Talented Man: Yeah, this one really is in doubt. Taker.

MITB: 17 years to the day after Flair goes 2 out of 3 falls in a classic against Steamboat, he is in this match. Anyone who saw that then should take the old WCW hotline number and become a psychic. Shelton wins.

Benoit vs. Justin Hawk Bradshaw: This match will probably be overshadowed by an Austin appearance and Jim Ross' wish that Mania was in a state that allowed gay marriage so he could finally marry a man named Steve Williams. Benoit wins.

Edge vs. Mil Mascaras, oops, I mean Foley: Edge wins because he gains nothing from jobbing here. Doesn't gain much from winning, but at least he doesn't lose anything.

Trish vs. Mickey: Mickey wins with help from Moolah who fears her longevity streak is in danger.

Kane/Paul Wight vs. Carlito/Masters: Should take belts off Kane/Wight, but they won't here. Save that for the next night on RAW. Kane/Wight via DQ.

Pillow Fight: Unless someone load a pillowcase with a brick, don't care.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T: This is up there with shampoo contract match for Booker. Booker uses nefarious means to win and while doing a post-match beatdown, the crowd starts to hear the beat playing. Yes, the Boy From New York City starts playing, and the Boogey-Woogey Man Jimmy Valiant starts bopping his way down the aisle, planting a calcium deposit enhanced elbow on Booker and then embracing the Boogeyman and announcing to the world that the Boogeyman is his long-lost son. DEAN weeps, Paul Jones plots how to start a war with the off-spring.

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.43
Candice v.s Torrie: Candice somehow cheats to win. How do you cheat in a pillowfight match though?

Big Show/Kane v.s Carlito/Masters: You'd think with the way Big Show/Kane have been getting the advantage during the buildup to this match, that Carlito and Masters would have to go over. I say they break up here though, with Show and Kane retaining.

Mickie v.s Trish: I'm gonna say Mickie- she'll be too unorthodox for Trish.

Boogeyman v.s Booker/Sharmell: Boogeyman wins. Sharmell faints.

Benoit v.s JBL: I'll say with Rey going over later, Benoit will do the job here.

Undertaker v.s Mark Henry: Easiest match on the card to predict. 'Taker.

Mr. McMahon v.s Shawn Michaels: I actually want to say Vince here for some reason. So I will.

Edge v.s Mick Foley: Edge wins after a brutal match. Brutal for the competitors, not the viewers. I hope.

MITB Match: RVD wins, in what will probably be the biggest push WWE will ever give him.

Cena v.s Triple H: The Game gets the title back.

Rey v.s Orton v.s Angle: Rey. Oh yeah.

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.46
    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Hart helps Michaels defeat Vince, demonstrating that his recent comments were a work


    Kane/Paul Wight vs. Carlito/Masters

Enough is enough: the W needs to know why you refuse to call the Big Show by his true name, the Big Show.

Since: 12.1.02
From: BC, Canada

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.09
Rey v Angle v Orton (World Title)
I could see them put the title on Rey, but I don't thing they will. Orton has already proven he can't carry the title, though they may give him another shot. I say Angle hangs on to the title through some shady tactics. It would be nice to see Angle swing back to a heel role.
Prediction: Kurt Angle.

Cena v HHH (WWE Title)
WWE is realizing Cena has a midcard feel about him. Trips wins the title and beats Cena again at the next two PPVs.
Prediction: Trips

Flair v Shelton v RVD v Hardy v Lashley v Finlay (Money in the Bank)
Finlay, Lashley and Hardy have no chance of winning this, but it does give everyone a chance to raise their profiles. Flair will have a good run, but not win. I see them bumping either RVD or Shelton up to a title threat. I'll pick RVD, but Shelton has a good chance too.
Prediction: Rob Van Dam

Edge v Foley (Hardcore Match)
Foley doesn't benefit at all from winning. Edge wins after they beat the hell out of each other
Prediction: Edge

Mr. McMahon v HBK (No Holds Barred)
McMahon wins with help from Shane-o. Or HBK wins by DQ.
Prediction: Vinnie Mac.

Undertaker v Henry (Casket Match)
Undertaker. Why would Henry win?
Prediction: Undertaker

Benoit v JBL (US Title)
Benoit puts on a clinic.
Prediction: Benoit

Boogeyman v Booker and Sharmell
I'm not feeling this one at all, but Boogeyman is logical here. He has the push, no need to kill it.
Prediction: Boogeyman

Trish v Mickie
Mickey wins and kicks the hell out of Trish
Prediction: Mickey.

Pillow Fight: Who cares?

Big Show/Kane v Carlito/Masters(World Tag Titles)
They need to move the titles onto a more interesting team. When's the last time Big Show and Kane defended them?
Prediction: Carlito and Masters

Whatcha gonna do when Mahkan-mania runs wild all over you?

Randomly selected W of the Day: November 19, 2005

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.69
Big Show/Kane V Carlito/Masters:Carlito/Masters

Foley V Edge: Edge

MITB: For me the hardest to work out. Finlay was my immediate thought but would he get a title match 1st/2nd year in? NO...thats why my pick is Shelton


Boogeyman V The Bookers : Bookers

Undertaker V Henry: Mark Henry is not the person who will break the UTs streak. Undertaker

Benoit V JBL : I like both these wrestlers and would not find the title on either of them out of place. Time for a change so JBL to win

Ladies matches

Trish V Mickie:Trish

Candice V Torrie: The audience once again as nipple slipple nearly occurs..oh ok Candice

Main Events

Like Omega I dont know which of these is last. If the HHH/Cena match is last then Rey doesnt win the SD title.

But meh

HHH v Cena : 2nd last match. I dont know how to play this one. I will go for HHH just because someone in the family has to win.

Rey V Angle V Orton: Whether it is for one night or one month Rey winning the title will raise the roof and more importantly to VKM , raise cash. Wrestlemania has always had its ''underdog triumphs'' feel about it, and I think this is no different. Rey to win and the ghost of Eddie to be allowed to RIP

Hart to show?

No.. the latest Eddie memory booking would have Bret feeling the same nausea as he had when Owen died and remind him once again of why he should never have gotten into bed with VKM

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.59
Rey v Angle v Orton - Since I don't watch SD, I guess I don't know all the angles here, but I figure Kurt goes over. Just because he's friggin Kurt Angle, dammit.

Cena v HHH - been thinking about this one, and while I usually pick the guy who didn't get his tail kicked in the Raw before, I don't think Cena goes over. I think we have to have Trips win this, but absolutely get his ass handed to him, including a few Moljiner shots at the end by Cena. Then Flair (see below) Calls his shot, pins the game for the belt.

Flair v Shelton v RVD v Hardy v Lashley v Finlay (Money in the Bank)- Flair and then he cashes it in

Edge v Foley - Edge has got to go over here. I look forward to much bleeding from both participants and Lita wielding some deadly weapon on CJ to finish it.

Mr. McMahon v HBK (No Holds Barred) - Shawn - But I suspect that there will be some run in from both sides - Don't be surprised to see any Shane (depends on Baby, I know), Marty, XPac, Stephanie, Linda, Road Dogg, or heck, my first hope was for, of course Bret - but we have been told, no, no, a thousand times no. Yeah. I believe that when it doesn't happen. If I can't get Hart, Hogan's in town, hell, Send the whole Hall of fame down to the ring to kick VKM's ass. That'd be fun.

Undertaker v Henry (Casket Match)Taker. I agree with the "through the wooden casket" slam, then both Henry and Davari in the casket together - the hidden, Andre-sized casket. And could that be the last of Mark Henry - pleeeeze?

Benoit v JBL (US Title) Wow. I don't watch the SD guys much but I want to see this. Wild Peggy looked a little motivated the last time I saw him and the new Million Dollar Maan don't need it. Benoit.

Boogeyman v Booker and Sharmell - Uhg. Who knows? Booker and Sharmell somehow.

Trish v Mickie - Mickie wins, then drags Trish's dead body back to her shrine.

Pillow Fight - I care? The PLayboy (current) girl. Everybody sees puppies, Candace does her GoDaddy spin and we go on.

World Tag Titles Kane and Show retain, Carlito and Masters finally blow up

Does Bret Hart make a live appearance at the show, for whatever reason? - I say no. But I hope I am wrong.

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.93
Triple H over John Cena
Randy Orton pins Rey Mysterio, sets up title match with Angle while Batista gets to 100%
Ric Flair wins Money in the Bank, cashes in tomorrow night on Raw, wins
Edge over Mick Foley
Shawn Michaels over Vince McMahon
Undertaker over Mark Henry
JBL over Chris Benoit
Boogeyman over Booker T and Sharmell
Mickie James over Trish Stratus
Candice Michelle over Torrie Wilson
Carlito and Chris Masters over Kane and the Big Show
Bret Hart DOES appear, but does NOT interfere in the HBK-McMahon match

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.05
Rey v Angle v Orton (World Title)
Prediction: Angle (I'm going against popular opinion and logic)

Cena v HHH (WWE Title)
Prediction: HHH

Flair v Shelton v RVD v Hardy v Lashley v Finlay (Money in the Bank)

This will either be won by Flair or RVD. If this is the first match on the card, I can see Flair winning by just letting every one else beat the crap out of each other and he steals the win. He would then exercise the money in the bank match that night and beat HHH. If not then I see RVD winning and having the match against HHH at One Night Stand 2. Choosing between those two options, I go with...
Prediction: Flair

Edge v Foley(Hardcore Match)
Prediction: Edge

Mr. McMahon v HBK (No Holds Barred)
Prediction: HBK

Undertaker v Henry (Casket Match)
Prediction: Taker

Benoit v JBL (US Title)
Prediction: JBL

Boogeyman v Booker and Sharmell
Prediction: Boogeyman

Trish v Mickie
Prediction: Mickie

Pillow Fight
Prediction: Torrie

Big Show/Kane v Carlito/Masters(World Tag Titles)
Prediction: Carlito and Masters

Does Bret Hart make a live appearance at the show, for whatever reason?
Prediction: Yes, but just to wave to everyone as a last goodbye. Won't get involved in the Vince HBK match.

"Speaking of Thomases, I loved your recent Atrocious GM Summit column, although I think that you flatter Isiah Thomas far too much by suggesting that he is merely one of a number of atrocious GMs. The truth is that Rob Babcock and Billy King are Einstein next to him. The mess he is creating right now in New York will be studied by business school students 50 years from now alongside Enron and"

Malcom Gladwell, from an e-mail exchange column with Bill Simmons.

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.51
Here are some more thoughts from a demented mind in Central Florida:
WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: Big Show/Kane (c) vs. Carlito/Chris Masters: I'm uncertain on this. WWE really doesn't give a damn about regular tag teams anymore (Why isn't MNM at WM? My point exactly.). It might make a good start to rebuilding your tag division by having Carlito and Masters win the titles. Then again, they've looked like chumps the past few weeks against the champs in individual matches. And what the hell happened to the animosity between Carlito and Masters?
Prediction: Big Show and Kane win via heel miscommunication, setting up a Carlito face turn.

"He's Hardcore" Match: Mick Foley/Cactus Jack vs. Edge: No farging way does Edge job here. Foley continues his tradition of legitimizing main event heels here, in one hell of a hardcore brawl. In fact, the match we'll actually see here will be what the WWE should have done with Edge/Hardy at Summerslam last year, rather than the debacle we got.
Prediction: Edge.

Money in the Bank: It's way too soon for Lashley, and I can't picture seeing Fit Finlay, World Champion. I like Finlay, but Finlay as champ could be an even bigger disaster than Ronnie Garvin, NWA World Champ. WWE wouldn't even let Hardy beat Edge, so he's not getting it, and that eliminates Smackdown's side. As for Flair winning - does WWE really need to put Flair in a position to be champ again, and have mainstream media hooting that the E's champ was charged with road rage less than a year ago? Nope. And as much as I'd love to see RVD win this sucker, I don't have faith in creative to pull the trigger. Guess who that leaves.
Prediction: Shelton Benjamin.

"Who's the Bigger Asshole" Match: Vince McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels: I'm going to go way out on a limb here. McMahon wins initially when he puts Michaels in a sharpshooter and re-enacts Montreal all over again. This may lead to Bret Hart coming out, having the ref restart the match, and Michaels winning shortly thereafter with SCM. After the match, Bret lays out both of them. You heard it here first.
Prediction: Michaels wins after match is restarted after Montreal re-enactment.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T and Sharmell T: Boogey's got the push going on here. No reason to stop it now.
Prediction: Boogeyman.

The Dead Man vs. "Might As Well Be Dead" Man Match: Undertaker vs. Mark Henry: Henry's contract will run out soon. If Taker didn't end the streak for HHH, Orton, or Kane, no farging way does he end the streak for Mark Fuckin' Henry.
Prediction: Undertaker.

U.S. Championship Match: Chris Benoit (c) vs. JBL: Being a huge Benoit mark, I'd love to see him win here. But if Benoit loses the belt here, I guarantee he's in TNA by year's end, if it even takes that long.
Prediction: Benoit retains.

WWE Women's Championship, a/k/a "The Two Females That Smarks Would Really Like To See In Playboy Match": Trish Stratus (c) vs. Mickie James: In an absolute shocker, the Trish-Mickie angle has been one of the best things that's been done lately. Trish has had the belt for about 14-15 months now. They need to keep this angle going, and the best way is to have Mickie James win the title.
Prediction: Mickie James wins WWE Women's Championship.

Gratuitous T'n'A Match: Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson: This has the potential to be even more of a letdown than the WM XX Evening Gown Match that became a straight wrestling match. And who really gives a crap about Torrie these days?
Prediction: Candace Michelle, possibly via interference from Victoria.

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. HHH: We could have another Rock vs. Hogan here, with the fans turning on the face and cheering the heel. Unless this is the final match of the night (in which case, Cena retains to send the fans home happy... er, so to speak), HHH gets another reign to his credit.
Prediction: HHH wins WWE Championship.

World Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio: Similar situation to the WWE Championship match. If Cena vs. HHH is the last match of the night, then Orton wins the title here. But, if this is the final match of the night, Rey goes over by pinning Orton to win the title. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see Orton win the title somewhere down the road, since several rematches for this have already been scheduled.
Prediction: Rey Mysterio wins World Heavyweight Championship.

Does Bret Hart appear? Yes. See above. And don't be surprised if Hulk Hogan shows up to challenge Steve Austin to a match at Summerslam, as well.

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#14 Posted on
Mysterio Over Angle and Orton
Triple H Over Cena
Shawn Over Vince
Edge Over Foley
Mickie Over Trish
JBL Over Benoit
Taker Over Henry
RVD Wins Money in the Bank
Masters/Carlito Over Kane/Show
Torrie Over Michelle
Boogeyman Over Sharmell and Booker


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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.04
    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Vince vs. HBK: Since the heels will win the 2 title matches, this goes on last. Hart helps Michaels defeat Vince, demonstrating that his recent comments were a work, and causing Canadians to question the meaning of life.

You know, in regards to Montreal, has the IWC just completely psyched themselves out?

"It's a work!"
"No, it's not a work!"
"It is a work, it's obvious it's a work! You're such a mark!!111!1"

I have read so many columns from IWC and/or wrestling "journalists" over the last few days and so many of them are like, "He'll be there! It's a work!" that it annoys me to no end! I don't see how people get the idea that he'll be there despite him saying to everyone under the sun -- for years -- that he has no interest in doing anything in the ring again.

Bret Hart is not showing up at WrestleMania. Sometimes I wonder what it'll take for the IWC to quit being so skeptical about every little detail about pro wrestling -- especially as it pertains to Bret Hart and the WWE.

By some of the stuff I've read, some of these people would probably still claim it's all a work even if Bret Hart actually killed Shawn Michaels.

In fact, if he does show up, I'll go out and say that I'm a douchebag and a sucker. BUT, that goes as far as him showing up. All the claims that somewhere, somehow he and HBK have made up I completely believe to be very FALSE.

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Mr Shh
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The talk about Rey winning made me think of two things:

1) I didn't even realize that Rey was on a jobbing streak heading into WM


2) Rey *can't* win because no one who's had their theme music performed live ever wins at WM.

At least that's how I remembered it. Then I looked into it and realized I was way off. Live-music wrestlers have performed kinda well at WM...

14: HHH, Won
14: HBK, Lost
16: D'Lo & Godfather, Lost (does this count?)
17: HHH, Lost
18: Dudleys, Lost
18: HHH, Won
19: Undertaker, Won
21: HHH, Lost

*Live-music wrestlers are 3-5 overall, 2-3 in title matches and 1-3 in main events (if you count HHH-Taker (17) as a main event.

*HHH is on that list a lot, isn't he?

*I'm sure I'm missing someone.
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Undertaker wins the foregone conclusion match of the night.

HBK beats Vince in a match that will be stupidly competitive given the fact that Vince is 60, is not a wrestler and looks disgusting. I think there's a better chance of Teddy Hart showing up in this match than there is of Bret making an appearance.

Last year's Money in the Bank had a lot more drama to it, since you could have constructed a legit scenario for any of them to win. This year, Finlay and Hardy have no chance at all, Lashley and Shelton a 10% chance each, RVD a 25% chance and Flair a 55% chance to win since he's the only one with a storyline going into the bout.

Mickie wins the women's title.

I kind of want to see Big Show continue his WM losing streak (he's 0-6 lifetime), but I'd also like to see Show/Kane keep their title reign going until next year's WM against MNM in a unification match. Or, against Demolition, out of retirement to defend their record for longest tag title reign. Uh, anyway, I'll pick Show and Kane.

Boogeyman beats Booker and Sharmell after pinning Sharmell.

Benoit beats JBL in the underrated match of the night.

Candice wins the pillow fight after Victoria interferes....wait, how can you interfere in a pillow fight?

Edge beats Foley, though Foley gets in some big spot for his 'Wrestlemania' moment. Can I mention how dumb this angle is, given how Foley has won twice at WM in the past?

Like others have said, the results of the two title matches will depend on the running order. If Smackdown gets the main event slot, Rey wins the belt and HHH probably wins the WWE title earlier in the evening. If it's reversed, Orton wins the world title and Cena retains. Then again, I can see WWE trying a Bret/Austin doubleturn dynamic in Cena/HHH's match, so who knows. I can guarantee that both heels won't win, since that's too much of a downer for WM. I love, however, the proposed scenario where Flair cashes in his MitB shot that night and wins the title.

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To be fair, Foley's two WrestleMania wins consist of him getting the shit kicked out of him and losing the rematch the next night, and being chokeslammed through six chairs for the DQ. You can see Edge's point, given his own exemplary track record.

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Mysterio Over Angle and Orton via rollup on Orton and holding the ropes for leverage. Later, Rey thanks Eddie for helping him to cheat to win the title.
Triple H over Cena (more of a hope than anything else).
Shawn beats Vince.
Edge over Foley.
Mickie pins Trish.
Benoit over JBL.
Taker over Mizark Henry, because unlike the last two or three years where people actually wanted Taker's streak to end, this year nobody is making the same plea. And because I hate Mark Henry.
RVD wins Money in the Bank, and uses it in at Armageddon against HHH.
Kane/Show over Carlito/Masters after heel miscommunication.
Torrie "beats" Candace Michelle to be then fed to new Women's champ Mickie the next night on Raw.
Boogeyman Over Sharmell and Booker via DQ when Booker uses the clock on Boogeyman. Boogeyman no-sells and everyone cheers...or something.

Bret Hart WILL appear at Wrestlemania, but after the HBK/McMahon match ends.

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    Originally posted by AWArulz
    I think we have to have Trips win this, but absolutely get his ass handed to him, including a few Moljiner shots at the end by Cena. Then Flair (see below) Calls his shot, pins the game for the belt.

You know, I hadn't thought of this, but this could absolutely happen if they were certain Flair was gonna be retiring soon. Have him beat a completely gimped HHH and then lose it back in a few weeks or so (to HHH, of course).

I'm not saying it's the best idea, but I could definitely see it happening.
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