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The W - Pro Wrestling - Predict the 2003 Survivor Series (Page 2)
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Well, my football picks may be looking unilaterally sucky two months on but I seem not to do so bad with this ppv predicition malarky.

So having pre-cursed my predictions....

Lita vs Molly

I'm guessing Lita given the push she's been getting lately. Honestly couldn't give two hoots though.

Bashams vs Guerreros

Eddie and Chavo look to be going there seperate ways which given RVD/Kane logic would mean they win and remain tagging through to WM. Aint gonna happen here though. Bashams win. Chavo blames Eddie. Singles careers ensue.

Tajiri vs Noble

Tajiri wins thanks to interference from his mafioso types I'm guessing. Wonder what the FBI have to say about this Yakuza business. Noble IS Nunzio's cousin after all. I digress....

Team Angle vs Team Lesnar

I've missed SD the last couple of weeks. Nothing's on the line here other than kudos right? Usually that would mean heels going over but I fancy the faces here wi8th either Benoit or Cena being booked to look like a million bucks leading to a Brock feud.

Team Bischoff vs Team Austin

I just cant see them taking Austin off tv for any period of time. Team Austin wins, Coach gets stunnered. Heels, faces, young women and OAP's alike sob gently.

Kane vs Shane

Ambulance match stip means the losers probably gonna be off air for a while. Kane's popped a few ratings lately when ME'ing on RAW so I fancy his reign of terror to continue, this time with Shane getting pushed from a high place to a hard place.

Spaceman Spiff

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    Originally posted by SOK
    Noteworthy will be the possible return of Matt Hardy, hopefully without the Mattitude thing.

Care to elaborate? Why would you want him to drop the Mattitude gimmick, much less team back up w/ Lita right away? Hardy worked hard to create a name for himself other than "Jeff's brother", so I'd hate to see him revert back to Team Extreme mode with Lita overshadowing him by iterfering in all his matches.

Buried Alive Match: Vince VS Undertaker
->Vince, with help from his harpy daughter.

World Heavyweight Championship: HHH Vs Goldberg(c)

Team Angle VS Team Lesnar
->Team Angle

Team Austin VS Team Bischoff
->Team Bisch

Ambulance Match: Shane McMahon VS Kane
->Kane, in an easy pick

WWE Tag Team Championship Titles Match: The Bashams(c) VS Los Guerreros
->Bashams, and Eddy's window of opportunity slams shut as he goes on to feud w/ Chavo.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Title Match: Tajiri(c) VS Jamie Noble
->Tajiri (*I* recognize the greatness that is Jamie Knoble)

WWE Women's Championship Title Match: Molly Holly(c) VS Lita
->Lita, since the women's division is overloaded w/ heels. Hopefully, sans Matt Hardy interference.


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I'll be in attendance for this one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Molly vs. Lita
Lita overcomes interference by Gail Kim to win with her swingy DDT

Bashams vs. Los Guerreros
Bashams win; Shaniqua lands her own UPN television show. Eddie goes on to feud with Chavo, I guess. After that... Zach Gowan! Or maybe Shannon Moore!

Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble
Tajiri uses mighty kung fu kick. No victorious trailer park homecoming for Noble this time.

Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar
Cena wins it for the faces

Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff
Austin's team definitely goes over. We're gonna be in Texas and they'll want to send the marks home happy.

Undertaker vs. Vince
I guess Vince wins, given all the "return of the Dead Man" hype. Good to see Undertaker putting the young talent over.

Shane vs. Kane
Surely, they won't put Shane over. Right? Let's be optimistic. Kane wins.

Goldberg vs. HHH
At first, I thought that Goldberg might retain, because the heels are probably gonna run the table on this card. But they'll set up Austin to be the big face winner of the night. HHH wins after a 45-minute technical masterpiece, cementing his legacy as the best in the business. But the REAL winners are the fans.

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I predict this PPV ain't gettin' my money.

Triple H > Goldberg

Lita > Molly

Kane > Shane

Team Bischoff > Team Austin

Tajiri > Noble

Bashams > Los New Feuders

Vince > Taker

Team Angle > Team Lesnar

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Jamie Noble vs Tajiri
Lots of interference by Yazuka, who are taken out by Rey Rey & Ultimo Dragon, but Tajiri retains due to a heel turn by Nidia

Lita vs Molly Holly
Lita takes the gold thanks to Jazz

Los Guerreros vs Bashams
Bashams retain and Chavo turns on Eddie a la Bret-Owen Hart at Royal Rumble '94

Kane vs Shane McMahon
Big Red Machine demolishes Shane-O-Mac to set up montser run for World Title

Team Angle vs Team Lesnar
Set up for Cena-Big Show US Title Feud, and Benoit makes a move for the WWE Title. Team Angle wins Angle & Benoit 'survive'

Team Bischoff vs Team Austin
Booker T turns heel costing Austin his job and giving him a Big Push, and chance to feud with RVD or HBK Randy Orton & Y2J 'survive'

Vince McMahon vs Undertaker
Vince overcomes the odds by using all the heels to take out 'Taker

Triple H vs Goldberg
Goldberg retains to set up World Title feud with Kane. HHH gets turned on by the Revolution on Raw to go face for a while

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Buried Alive Match: Mean Mark, the Biker vs. Da Boss

Prediction: Taker, we will never see the dead man gimmick again *sigh*

5-on-5 Survivor Series Match: Team Bischoff (Chris Jericho, Christian, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry, and Randy "Pedigree to" Orton) vs. Team Austin (Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and The Dudley Boyz)

Prediction: Team Austin, so he can be the non-wrestler who beats up heel wrestlers and ruin their pushes.

5-on-5 Survivor Series Match: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly, Bradshaw, and John Cena) Vs. Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan, and A-Train)

Prediction: Team Angle, when the sole survivor(whoever it is) pins Lesnar and sets up a match at Royal Rumble.

WWE Triple H Championship: Goldberg (Temp. Holder) vs. Triple H

Prediction: Triple H, to start another long rein.

Ambulance Match: Kane vs. Shane McMahon

Prediction: Shane McMahon, thus killing Kane's monster gimmick.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Tajiri w/Japanese Mafia vs. Jamie Noble w/Nida and her bigger and better boobs

Prediction: Tajiri, it 3-vs-2 no matter how you see it. Numbers game wins.

WWE Women's Championship: Molly Hottie (C) vs. Lita

Prediction: Lita, because she's getting the "retun form injury" token title rein.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Basham Bros. (C) w/Maniqua vs. Los Guerreros

Prediction: Bashams, leading to the Chavo/Eddie fued. A fued that might bury them both.

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    Originally posted by asteroidboy
    Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff
    Austin's team definitely goes over. We're gonna be in Texas and they'll want to send the marks home happy.

Actually, with WWE logic, being in Austin's home town all but confirms that Team Bischoff is winning here. WWE LOVES burying people in their home-towns.

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Lita vs. Molly (c)
-Lita. You have to put a face over, as the rest of my picks are heel-heavy.

Undertaker vs. Vince
-Undertaker. 'Cuz I really want Vince off the TV.

HHH vs. Goldberg (c)
-Goldberg. Flair and Batista may interfere, but...TheHype - I believe it. Besides, I want to see a Kane vs. Goldberg program.

Kane vs. Shane
-Kane. The Brothers of Destruction go 2-0 against the McMahons. Shane should NEVER go over a wrestler they're trying to portray as unstoppable. Really, since he got involved with Shane, when was the last time Kane destroyed someone? And a solid dominating by the bare-chested Kane would do well to propel him into that program with Goldberg.

Noble vs. Tajiri (c)
-Tajiri. Tajiri has his yakuza, but Noble just might call on help from his cousin, Nunzio, and the FBI. Actually, that might make the match more exciting as the whole "you tried to blind my girlfriend" thing doesn't really seem like much (I mean, Tajiri and Noble/Nidia were a crowd last year).

Team Lesnar vs. Team Angle
-Idunno. Really, as long as this is a well-worked match I will be pleased whoever wins. If it's Team Lesnar, I expect some underhandedness. If it's Team Angle, I expect only one member will be left.

Team Bischoff vs. Team Austin
-Team Bischoff. I don't like Austin (I've never really liked him, except when he turned heel for the InVasion - kinda), so I'm rooting for anything to get him off the show. Jericho will get the final fall.

Guerreros vs. Bashams
-Eddie scores the pinfall, but NOT by cheating. Chavo will do most of the celebrating and actually take the credit, thus creating unstable champions. The Bashams will win in the rematch.

Other Stuff
-I expect someone in the audience will be wearing a Rey Mysterio mask, and they'll make it on camera.

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.95
    Originally posted by OMEGA
      Originally posted by asteroidboy
      Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff
      Austin's team definitely goes over. We're gonna be in Texas and they'll want to send the marks home happy.

    Actually, with WWE logic, being in Austin's home town all but confirms that Team Bischoff is winning here. WWE LOVES burying people in their home-towns.

Normally I'd agree, especially with Booker, but Austin always seems to go over in Texas. Who knows.

-- Asteroid Boy

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Goldberg vs. HHH -- PICK: TRIPLE H -- It's a repeat of last year almost around the same time HHH with HBK. HHMcMahon will get the title back, hell he needs to rack these up to catch up to The Nature Boy.

Molly vs. Lita -- PICK: LITA -- Lita has had all of one singles match(a poor match with Gail) on TV and only tag matches on houseshow. But they are still going to give her the big comeback title win.

Shane vs. Kane -- PICK: KANE -- Lets move on please

RVD, Booker, HBK, Dudleyz v. Y2J, Christian, Steiner, Henry, Orton -- PICK: TEAM BISCHOFF -- They done a good job with this, i'm very interested in seehing how this turns out and if you keep the right people in late could be a fun match. Austin gave a great speech during the cotnract signing about the we haven't seen the Stone Cold for a long time. This has always been a GM thing not getting off Raw. I see Austin turn wrestler or a non-authority character. After the match Austin goes into a stun-a-thon.

Tajiri vs. Noble -- PICK: TAJIRI -- Tajirir is just too darn interesting not to keep the title on him

Bashams vs. Guerreros -- PICK: BASHAM BROTHERS -- Well Basham's don't interest me like Tajiri, but seeing how Guerreros seem to be on a splitsville. Bashams keep the title

Taker vs. Vince -- PICK: VINCE McMAHON -- With tons of interference. But I sure hope Undertaker wins and gets Vince off TV too. It's a very heel-heavy winning show. Undertaker might take this. This one falls under tossup more then any other match

Angle, Benoit, Cena, Bradshaw, Hardcore v. Lesner, BigShow, Albert, Morgon, Jones -- PICK: TEAM ANGLE -- Cena's big babyface coming of age party.

**Not a bad PPV, very interested in the RAW SerSeries match. The CW match should be good(Even though I'm not huge on Noble as most seem to be). I'm a Raw Women mark so I'll keep an eye on how Molly does with Lita. Vince/Taker I'm going back and forth on who will win, I'm leaving to Vince... What do guys think the main event will be? I'm think Raw SerSeries match has to be it.

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Molly Holly (c) VS Lita
Honestly, I can't believe Molly's still champ. She only got the belt because they bailed on the Gail Kim mega-push. I'd have thought she'd have dropped it at the earliest possible oppurtunity. It seems like they're establishing Molly as the Chris Benoit of the womens division - the best actual wrestler. Not that's it's going to do her a lot of good Sunday.
FUZZY SEZ: Lita wins. She just got back from her injury, she's crazy-over and she hasn't had the Womens Title since she won it from Stephanie McMahon (and lost it to the RTC-era Ivory.)

Kane VS Shane McMahon
This fued, and the unmasked Kane push in general, started out so good and got sillier and sillier as the weeks progressed. It's gotten to the point that I'm enjoying it on an Al Wilson level. This should be the end of it, though.
FUZZY SEZ: Shane does something insane, survives something brutal, and bleeds like a stuck pig, but ultimately falls victim to Kane.

Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T and The Dudley Boyz
Chris Jericho, Christian, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry and Randy Orton
Okay, toss out the Dudleyz right now. RVD's Intercontinental champion, and a readymade fued comes from pinning him, so he's gone as well. Booker's been pushed pretty hard since his return, and Shawn Michaels always has a shot.

On the heel side, we can lose Mark Henry, Christian and Scott Steiner right away. Jericho's been playing the top heel on RAW in HHH's abscence and Randy Orton's been getting the push from hell, so they both could survive as well.

That leaves us, realistically, with HBK/Booker v. Jericho/Orton.
FUZZY SEZ: Then you have to look at the booking. And there's a lot more storyline possibilities to come out of Bischoff's team winning (plus, I hate to say it, a way to write Stephanie McMahon back onto TV). Plus, Austin's team dominated on RAW last week, and I see no sense in putting them over again here.
SOLE SURVIVOR: Chris Jericho, due to treachery of some sort. Austin beats up the Coach anyway.

Goldberg (c) VS HHH
Yeah, HHH pretty much sucks. But you know who sucks even more? Bill Goldberg. HHH has a death-grip on his main event spot, makes the other talent look bad and has strong political pull because he's now technically a McMahon. You know what? He's still not Bill Goldberg. He still gives a shit about the business, he still didn't only get his spot because he kinda sorta looks like Steve Austin and he still never used 9/11 to make himself look better than the WWE. Fuck Goldberg.
FUZZY SEZ: HHH regains the title. And at least one guy in Pittsburgh will cheer.

The Basham Brothers (c) VS Los Guerreros
The Basham Brothers? Man, you miss Smackdown a few weeks and everything goes all topsy-turvy.
FUZZY SEZ: Of course, Los Guerreros are about to break up, so the Bashams are going over here. Chavo will take the pin, find some way to blame it on Eddy - they'll fued on Smackdown for a few weeks, probably cultivating in some gimmicky match the week of Armageddon and then, hopefully, Eddy will move onto bigger and better things.

Tajiri (c) VS Jamie Noble
Good to see both these guys on PPV.
FUZZY SEZ: Jamie should get his revenge here, but I have a feeling the Not Yakuza are going to help stretch this one out a little further. Tajiri retains.

Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Hardcore Holly and Big Dumb Bradshaw
Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, A-Train, Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones For Some Reason
Again, you can get rid of Holly and Bradshaw right away. Any of the other three have a shot - especially Benoit (who's likely Lesnar's next opponent) and Cena (who should be in line for a big face push soon).

As for Lesnar's team, ultimately you can get rid of everyone except Brock himself. A-Train's a mid-carder at best and, despite Vince's big-man fetish, he ultimately realizes this. Morgan and Jones sure as fuck aren't winning this match yet, and Big Show's the U.S. champ and will lose for the same reason RVD will earlier.
FUZZY SEZ: And, actually, the same holds true for Brock Lesnar. He's gotta job himself - and he'll go early - probably at the hands of Chris Benoit. This match will wind up with Benoit and Cena against most of Brock's team... and they'll pull it off.
SURVIVORS: Chris Benoit and John Cena.

Vince McMahon VS The Undertaker
Vince's promos leading up to this have been so good, in a train wreck sort of way. I mean, the priest, and the terrorists burning down the Undertaker's house and raping his wife, and telling Sable about how he shit the bed and whatever the hell he did in the ring two weeks ago... Pure gold.
FUZZY SEZ: Yep, everyone knows what's going to happen. A lot of people seem to think Stephanie's going to return and help Vince - and while that wouldn't make any sense (therefore making it the most likely plot development), I'm more in the Kane camp. I mean, Shane did remind us all that Kane and Undertaker are related last week. After destroying Shane earlier in the show, Kane comes and helps his father - jumping to Smackdown. He can fued with Angle - they always had good matches - in the interum between now and the return of The Real Fucking Undertaker, leading to a huge match at Wrestlemania XX.

WHAT'S THE MAIN EVENT: Let's see - both Survivor Series matches, the World title match and the Buried Alive match could logically be the main events. For as much as Vince pushes the McMahon family, they rarely main event a PPV - no matter how hyped up their matches might be - especially if he's going over. (I can only remember him main-eventing twice, once he lost to Austin in the famous steel cage match in Feb '99, and once he lost to HHH in the match when Steph first turned heel in December of the same year.) On the other hand, the Buried Alive match is also a big set piece and would probably benefit from closing the show. As much as I hate to admit it, that's probably your main event of the evening.

OVERALL: I've got to admit - the return of the classic Survivor Series matches - and a realization that the McMahons never disappoint in PPV matches - have me more excited for this show than anything else since the Royal Rumble. I didn't even give out a Pissbreak Special, and if I did, it would be a match with Eddy fuckin' Guerrero in it. (Meaning, it ain't gonna be that bad.) Should be an entertaining show, even if it's not the type that's gonna get a lotta snowflakes from the Scott Keiths of the world.

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    Originally posted by OlFuzzyBastard
    FUZZY SEZ: And, actually, the same holds true for Brock Lesnar. He's gotta job himself - and he'll go early - probably at the hands of Chris Benoit.

Early? I certainly hope not. Brock's gotta be the last one on his team to be eliminated. You can't have Jones/Morgan/A-Train (and I happen to like Train) last longer than Lesnar. Maybe Show, but I'd have him go right before Brock.


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I see that others disagree with me, but I oddly see almost all the Raw matches going the way of the face, and the SD matches will mostly go heel. So quickly:

Team Austin
Team Angle

Molly, Stacy and Daffney all in WWE? I suddenly lost all my will to complain about anything regarding the WWE. Hope I don't lose my street cred for this.

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Tajiri retains over Noble thanks to copious four-fingered interference-although I would LOVE to see the FBI brought out to back up Noble.
Lita beats Molly. Simple as that.
The Bashams keep the belts by pinning Eddie after he does something stupidly heroic, like tagging himself in when Chavo's getting beat down. They will split, feud and have great matches, and people will STILL say it sucks.
Shane will beat Kane in some highly implausible fashion, pissing everyone-including me-right the fuck off.
Chris Benoit emerges as the sole survivor after getting a tap-out victory over Brock Lesnar.
Goldberg retains over HHH via less-than-stellar means, possible DQ.
Jericho and Orton stand tall on Team Bischoff, and Austin beats the shit out of them as a going-away present.
Mr. McMahon buries The Undertaker with a little help from Kane.

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1. TAJIRI over Noble - He has a faction now. He must be kept strong. The blood feud must continue. And for all who predicted the Nidia heel turn, I say BAD IDEA. (However, using Nidia as a stipulation in the rematch netween Noble and Tajiri would work.)

2. LITA over Molly - It's a shame, as I was getting into seeing champion Molly with the strap, but the WWE isn't really into building a chase for Lita. Especially as highspot-free Lita won't be building organic pops through her ringwork. (However, it would be cool to see Gail Kim, armed wth all of Lita's old spots, challenge the new champ, as "afraid to fly.")

3. LOS HERMANOS BASHAMES over The Guerreros - I'm hoping that the match is hard fought, as people are really starting to open up to the Bashams, now that they are showing some personality. However, in a lot of ways, the former Team Angle is being forgotten; this feud between the OVW alumns should simmer for a bit while Heyman stokes the flames. As for the Guerreros, the heel turn will ome easy for Chavo, but it's always the postturn promo that cinches it.

4. THE UNDERTAKER's BROTHER over The Boss' Son - Yeah, Shane should've been decimated long ago. Hopefully, this match is decisive enough to sell the audience on Kane "playing with" Shane, rather than him actually having had a chance of losing. Then Kane-Goldberg could happen, an actual World Title feud that doesn't involve Triple H. Except...

5. THE CENTER OF THE WWE UNIVERSE over Kane's Brother - When Vince is no-selling PRAYER, you know that Taker has no chance. Too bad Vince didn't make a deal with the Devil (Sean O'Haire) to get the duke. Still, we will see blood, and around No Way Out, we'll see the Ghost Rider...

6. THE AUSTINAUGHTS over The Anti-Austinaughts - The WWE isn't prepping him for a full-time wrestling role, so from their standpoint, featuring him on WWE TV every week as the voice of Authority is their Best Case Scenario. Allowing him to punctuate his rulings with a Stunner is the icing on the cake. But now, what that means is that for the duration of his reign, Chris Jericho should NEVER take his medicine. In order for the Austin-Y2J "feud" to work, Jericho should always find a way to escape a Stunner, to the point that the fans are BEGGING for it...
Oh yeah, the match. RVD is pinned by either Orton or Henry, setting up their feud. Steiner, if Test is due back soon, eliminates one or both Dudleyz, and Booker or Michaels gets the final fall over Chris Jericho.

7. TEAM ANGLE over Team Hoss - Cena cancels the Show, Holly gets DQed, Team Lesnar (Morgan & Jones) look strong against all, but fall victim to Benoit, who either (a) wrestles through three men or (b) wrestles through two men before getting cherry-picked by Lesnar. Having Team Lesnar pummel Angle, taking him off TV, would be a good way to take advantage of a bad situation; it could also propel them into a feud with Haas & Benjamin.

8. GOLDBERG over HHH - Against my better judgment, I am predicting that Hunter does the right thing. The sad thing is that, had the WWE really pushed the agenda hard, they could've made Goldberg-Batista a PPV-worthy feud. They could've said that Trips was still hurt, so he'd double Batista's bounty if he delivered the World Title on a silver platter. They could've had Batista demolish guys in short order using the Spear-Jackhammer combo, all the while having Flair and HHH talk Batista up as The Upgraded Version, and the announcers express true uncertainty regarding whether Goldberg can defeat the monster Batista. The convergence of an injury angle, a bounty storyline, and a battle between dopplegangers would've gotten the saame amount of buys as a HHH-Goldberg rematch, especially when this match isn't the focal point of the PPV. But alas, better to fail at creating new stars than to give a wholehearted try, I guess....

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#36 Posted on
Stripping the title off of Goldberg would be the most stupid ass decision I can remember, but would they put HHH in this match to lose? That would be 2 jobs in a row to Goldberg, so it's obvious.

Someone please tell me how the hell Vince is supposed to take this one?
PICK: Taker

I'd actually chose Team Austin, but I don't see two face sides win the traditional SS matchups.
PICK: Team Bischoff

Team Angle? Isn't this Angle, Haas and Benjamin? Still scratching my head over the participants on both sides, especially Team Hoss. Angle and Cena remain.
PICK: Team Angle

What could be more stupid than having HHH get the title back? Right, job Kane to Shane. That's why this is what they will do.
PICK: Shane

Sledgehammer booking 101. Predictable for a 3 year old.
PICK: Bashams

Lita, Lita, Lita, Lita, Lita. What else?
PICK: Lita

With help of the japanese mafia, Tajiri wil take this one.
PICK: Tajiri

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World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple H vs Goldberg(c)
Winner: Triple H

Women's Championship:
Lita vs Molly(c)
Winner: Lita

Ambulance Match:
Shane McMahon vs Kane
Winner: Kane it has to be, right?

Survivor Series Match:
Team Bischoff vs Team Austin
Winner: Team Austin wins (remaining members;HBK and BookerT)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Jamie Noble vs Tajiri(c)
Winner: Tajiri, he's got things going for him Noble is just stagnet

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Los Guerreros vs Bashams(c) w/Shaniqua
Winner: Los Guerreros so we can have feuding champs

Buried Alive Match:
Undertaker vs Mr. McMahon
Winner: Vinnie Mac, it's his toy he can do what he wants with it

Survivor Series Match:
Team Lesnar vs Team Angle
Winner: Team Angles (Angle, Benoit)

Thoughts: New England should beat Dallas in a great Sunday Night Football game on Espn.

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This PPV has got some HEAVY competition with the Dallas-New England Primetime Game, the American Music Awards, and the Grey Cup in Canada.

I think I'll order unless the Grey Cup is really close. It'll be a last minute buy for sure.


Vince McMahon vs The Undertaker
-This has been promoted as the Main Event but will they put this on last? I surely hope not. Vince always makes his matches fun because he's the boss and gets to use every trick in the book. I see Stephanie returning as a heel but I don't see Undertaker losing to Vince without massive amounts of plunder and interference. Stephanie turns heel by bringing out Kane to put Undertaker in the grave.

-If they weren't burying Haas/Benjamin on Velocity, they could have had a perfect angle here by Team Angle reforming for one night to defy Heyman. Instead we get the Rejects from the New Generation (Sparky Plugg and Justin Hawk Bradshaw). Angle's neck is fucked so it's up to Benoit and Lesnar to carry this MF'er. Morgan/Jones get themselves DQ'ed but probably get pinfalls on Bradshaw and/or Holly. I'd say it comes down to Show/Lesnar vs Benoit/Cena with Cena and Benoit having a misque, Benoit snapping on Cena and Big Show beating Cena. Somehow Benoit survives with a fluke pin on Show then makes Lesnar tap. But it's Benoit so you never can tell if they want to push him this month.
PREDICTION: Team Angle (Benoit survives)

JAMIE BY GOD NOBLE vs TAJIRI - Cruiserweight Title
-Noble needs to get some measure of revenge against Tajiri but he won't win the title. Nidia returns with her new boobies but the Yakuza attack, Noble beats them up but falls victim to a kick from Tajiri. Mysterio cleans house bringing us back to the Rey/Tajiri program. It's nice to see the Cruiserweight Title back on PPV.
PREDICTION: Tajiri retains
**Match will be way too short

-Chavo's turning heel one of these days out of jealousy. He either turns tonight or the final seed is planted and he turns on Smackdown.
PREDICTION: Bashams retain


-There's simply more storylines available if Bischoff's team wins especially if Austin's going to wrestle at WrestleMania XX. That being said, Mania is many months away and I don't see Austin staying off TV that long. I don't see him going to Smackdown either. The dueling GM thing is played out. Jericho gets to be the guy to win the match and rub it in. He also scores bonus points with Trish.
PREDICTION: Team Bischoff (Jericho survives)

PAUL MCMAHON vs GOLDBERG - World Heavyweight Title
-Why is this match even taking place? The bounty thing was going well and then just ended abrubtly with Triple H returning. HHH's going off to shoot that bad WWE produced movie for a month. It makes no sense for him to take the title back. That being said...
PREDICTION: Triple H regains his title

SHANE MCMAHON vs KANE - Ambulance Match
-Flashbacks! Mike Awesome! Ahhhhhh! Shane will get in way too much offense and steal Kane's thunder by doing a crazy dive.

LITA vs MOLLY - Women's Title
-There's another RAW Brand PPV next month. The title switch would just get lost in the shuffle here. Molly gets a lot of heat by derailing Lita's comeback but Lita takes it next month in a blowoff match.
PREDICTION: Molly retains

HEAT PREDICTION: Rey Mysterio gets a match because it's silly that he's not on the PPV.

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Goldberg vs HHH -- I can't quite believe that almost everyone has HHH slated to win back the title. It is just NOT going to happen. Goldberg will overcome the odds and retain.

Undertaker vs Vince -- Seems as though Vince will win, but the return of the dead man is questionable at best.

Team Austin vs Team Bischoff -- This one could really go either way, but I reckon that Team Austin will win.

Team Angle vs Team Lesnar -- This is a match that should be better than many people think, at least in terms of crowd response. All of Team Angle will get a big pop, and this match should have a foregone conclusion. Any of Angle, Cena and Holly could be left standing, but I don't think Benoit will.

Shane vs Kane -- This will probably be very good, but this feud has too often gone down the laughable set-piece route. Kane should be a certainty.

Los Guerreros vs Basham Bros. -- I look at the Bashams and I think I see an uninteresting team with an awful gimmick and an abysmal manager. They will still win though.

Jamie Noble vs Tajiri -- The Yakuza look very good, but the lack of a convincing speaker makes me fear for their future. Tajiri should still retain.

Lita vs Molly -- I think Lita will win the title, but there is little justification for her doing so

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The next Impact has not been taped yet so I guess it's still possible for Styles and Daniels to win but I doubt it will happen.
- Quezzy, iMPACT! 6-28-07 (2007)
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