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The W - Pro Wrestling - Predict the 2003 Survivor Series
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WWE RAW and Smackdown!
X Box Presents The 17th edition of Survivor Series:
Location: Dallas, Texas
Theme: Build a Bridge by Limp Bizkit

***(Smackdown) Buried Alive Match***
The Undertaker Vs. Vince McMahon
my guess, Mcmahon, of course, possibly due to Kane...setting up a return that was shot down by Taker himself, the dead man...

***(raw) ten man tag***
Team Bishoff (jericho, christian, stiener, henry, and orton) Vs. Team Stone Cold (Michaels, rvd, booker, dudley boyz)
my guess, i dunno, i think team angle will go over in their elimination match, but will faces win both of the elimination matches? my guess, team bischoff wins, but is bait and switch just like coach and snow.

***(smackdown) ten man tag***
Team Angle (Angle, Benoit, Cena, bob holly, bradshaw) Vs. Team Lesnar (Brock, Show, jones, morgan, train)
my guess, Team Angle, benoit over brock with angle remaining on team angle

***(raw) world title***
Champion: Goldberg Vs. triple h
my guess, triple h, welcome to the family Jean Paul McMahon

***(raw) Ambulance Match***
Kane Vs. Shane
my guess, they had dinner together, kane shocked his balls, shane threw him into fire, kane beat him up in a hospital...goes on and on...also shane did a best of shane at unforgiven..such as the high stage spot, van terminator, and thrown into the set..what now? Kane beating throwing him into the slick taker and vince tombstone and then putting him into the ambulance, stealing the ambulance, then driving him into water, which shane will be gone for 2.3 months...

***(smackdown) cruiserweight championship)***
Champion: tajiri Vs. Jamie Noble
my guess, tajiri, with yang (or whatever they call him, akira or something) and the other guy (or whatever they call him, akira or something) beat down on Noble, hey jung dragons do it again! 3 years later, a beat down on the hich who trys to pass himself off of japanese, very good jamie-san

***(raw) women's championship Match***
Champion: Molly Vs. Lita
my guess, Lita due to botched (accidental, or scripted, or gail kim style...) kim interference

***(smackdown) wwe tag team title match***
Champions: Bashams Vs. Los Guerreros
my guess, bashams, starting the eddie/chavo fued, then the buring of chavo...

card looks nice, and i am actually hyped for once, havent been hyped since xix...

isn't bizkit going to perform?

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He asks for cookware, he gets a big, gold belt. Fathers-in-law are cooky, aren't they? Triple H.


I don't think beating up heels will get Austin in ring condition for WMXX. Team Bischoff.


Cena starts to get a title push by pinning Lesnar to win. Team Angle.


If Noble comes out with Nidia, Tajiri wins after a heel turn. I don't like it, but that sounds like what they'll do. Tajiri.


Chavo turns heel and feuds with Eddie until Royal Rumble. Bash Thems.


Lita hasn't won squat in two weeks. Thus, she gets the belt. Lita.


I love Shane McMahon. He has great spotfests every few months, can be electric on the mic, and seems to legitimately care what people think. That said, I hope he is thrown from the stage repeatedly. Kane.


I think WMXX is gonna be Taker's last match. I also think he needs to go out as the Phenom. Vince with help from Steph/Heyman.

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hooo boy...

Ken-dolls vs. the Stone Cold Team--I'm guessing the evil forces prevail with Jericho and Orton likely surviving.

Molly vs. Lita-- Lita, giving them about 4 months to come up with a way to have Trish surpass Moolah's title reign...(number of times, not years)

HHH vs. Goldberg--dunno really don't care.

Should have ordered the picatta vs. the scion of Mcmahon-- Kane SHOULD win, and therefore not be stuck wearing the weasel suit.

Tajiri (with Yang and Sakoda) vs. Noble (with Nidia?)--Tajiri, probably with interference.

Doug E. and Dan E. with like whatever girlfriend talk to the hand vs. Edward and Chavito-- I assume the bashams retain and shenigans set up the heel turn.

JR's Dream Team plus Brockachu vs. the Olympic canadian hardcore redneck rappin' dudes--well, half of these guys should just hit their signatures and get out...i assume the good guys win with hopefully some semblance of Brock ph33ring the crossface.

The Reverend Vince vs. Taker, Bury everyone aside from ourselves-- the power of VINCENESS prevails after he counters the iconoclasm with the AT lock, or not. then the HOSSES will arise and use their main event digging skills ala the last time. and hey, didn't people say XIX was going to be Taker's last, or was that X8, orX7, or...


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In all honesty, there are several matches that can go either way and remain just as interesting to me.

Raw 5vs5
If Austin's team wins, he can whoop ass..nothing really changes.
If Bischoff's team wins, Austin is gone..this will probably result in him being hired by Bisch as part of the crew or whatever and AUstin somehow managing to get back into the ring as a wrestler..

The 2nd seems the most logical way to go, but it is very predictable so I wonder if they will find a swerve that is interesting enough to keep people well..interested.
I hope they have some cool plan.
Interesting will be to see the elimination pattern.
Will Jericho be the last one standing, glaring at AUstin?
Perhaps HBK remembers he really dislikes Austin and turns..
Lots of options here.

HHH vs GOldberg.. Hard to say. Give the belt to H and GOldberg is never going to recover. Let Goldberg retain and what the fuck do you do with HHH then?!
Again, I hope they have a plan, no matter which way they go.

Lita vs Molly. Yeah, whatever. I love the women's division. Don't care who the champ is..Lita will probably win though.

Kane vs Shane. Hopefully they know what they are doing this tiem around. Make it brutal but make sure Kane looks badass instead of having Shane job himself out via silly stunts.

SD 5vs5 match.
Ooh..the options here. Unlike one of the earlier posters I think Cena should NOT get a titleshot at Brock out of this. He isn't there yet. Let him fuck around with Show for a while, great insult possibilities and have him win the US title.
Ofcourse I would love to see Benoit and Brock get a feud out of this, yet I wonder where this will leave ANgle.
Perhaps 1-give him a rest (see neckinjury threat) or 2- let him be a tag wrestler for a while to help that division a bit.

Noble vs Tajiri. Tajiri retains, hope they get enough time though as they can put an interesting match together. (I doubt if they get that time)

Bashams vs Guerreros..Hmm..Eddie gets pinned and Chavo snaps right after, or (what I hope) Chavo gets pinned, yet starts blaming Eddie in the weeks after..
Bashams starting to grow on me (showed some nice moves in last weeks Smackdown) so I hope they get a nice feud after this.

Taker vs Vince
The signs for the Dead Man's return are everywhere if you wanna read into it. Yet will they go do it? I don't know..
Let's be honest, he needs to mix the biker and dead man a bit. SImply running around with an urn would be unbelievable. THey are laying a sweet foundation though.
Vince will probably win, but it will be a hard battle. Expect some surprises and a truck or something to get the undertaker underground..

Overall, it sounds like a good PPV. THere is something for everyone. Wrestling, drama, suspense, surprises!

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World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple H vs Goldberg(c)

Women's Championship:
Lita vs Molly(c)
MY PIC: Lita thanks to Jazz

Ambulance Match:
Shane McMahon vs Kane
MY PIC: Kane finally gets a win over Shane

Survivor Series Match:
Austin Loses He Must Leave As GM/Win He Gets To Hit Wrestlers;
Team Bischoff vs Team Austin
MY PIC: Team Bischoff, oh please God let Easy E's team win


WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Tajiri(c) w/Mafia
MY PIC: Tajiri takes to a Nidia heel turn

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Los Guerreros vs Bashams(c) w/Shaniqua
MY PIC: Bashams cause WWE will go ahead with the stupid Eddie/Chavo feud

Buried Alive Match:
Undertaker vs Mr. McMahon w/Sable
MY PIC: Vinnie Mac thanks to Steph who makes the distraction and Kane does a big attack from behind

Survivor Series Match:
Team Lesnar vs Team Angle
MY PIC: Team Angles thanks to finale win by Cena to give him a good push

    Originally posted by Staplegun
    isn't bizkit going to perform?

I heard nothing about this so I don't think so.

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Goldberg/Triple H: I've been burned repeatedly this year assuming that Triple H will do what's best for the promotion instead of clinging to his belt. Part of me still wants to think that now that Trips is ensconced in the bosom of the McMahon family with his future security more assured, he'll be able to pass up the belt now since he can probably have it back any time he wants. Still, I'm not dumb enough to bet against him again. Triple H.

Lita/Molly: Lita. They rarely get fancy with the booking in this division, and a multi-month title chase isn't something you see often.

Shane/Kane: Kane, if there is any justice at all left in this cursed, McMahon-ridden globe of ours.

Team Austin/Team Bischoff: I wish it could be otherwise, but... Team Austin.

Tajiri/Noble: Tajiri, with the help of the Yakuza.

Guerreros/Bashams: Bashams. Putting the tag titles back on the Guerreros, especially with the tag ranks as sucky as they are, is a dead end. Of course, they may do this match on SD instead, but the prediction still applies.

Taker/Vince: Taker. Vince may book himself into too many PPV events, but at least he has the sense to usually job.

Team Lesnar/Team Angle: Team Angle.

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Los Guerreros vs. Bashams: Eddy should be teaming with Benoit and Angle while moving up to main event territory, but that's a different argument. Since everyone expects a Los Guerreros feud, they swerve us by having them regain the tag titles, with them then losing the tag belts and breaking up a week later. Los Guerreros win.

Brock Lesnar and a Ton Of Crap vs. Angle, Benoit, Cena and Two Jobbers: This could be the special night the IWC has been waiting years for. Yes, the night Albert finally is able to overcome all odds and pin Chris Benoit. Nathan Jones should be able to demonstrate to the world why he is such a By Gawd Hoss by eliminating Angle. Match ends when Bob Holly pins Lesnar cleanly, thus propelling the feud we've been waiting over a year to occur through the non-PPV month and into the Royal Rumble. Angle, Benoit, Cena and Two Jobbers Win.

Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble: Since this is in Dallas, part of me hopes for the Dynamic Duo Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams to show up and demonstrate how to do a good blinding angle. Then, another part of me realizes both are dead. Nidia turns, Tajiri retains.

Taker vs. Vince: Gee, this one isn't obvious. Vince's daughter returns, screeches until everyone in the building tries to grab a shovel to beat themselves to death with to escape the pain. Vince wins, our ears lose.

Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff: RAW makes it obvious that the heels go over. Thus, the faces win, and miscommunication between Orton and Jericho leads to a Jericho face turn. Of course, since this match is in Texas, Booker T will be the first person eliminated. Team Austin wins.

Lita vs. Molly: Molly dedicates the match to her cousin Crash. Molly then jobs. Lita wins.

Vince's Son vs. Kane: Hmm, wasn't this feud supposed to be over months ago and Kane being a main eventer by now, either in a World Title match or trying to cause Austin to retire? Thus, when all else fails, pick a McMahon to win, as we slowly build towards Son vs. Son In Law for the World Title in the Main Event at Mania XX. Vince's Son wins.

Trip McMahon vs. No Name Provided: It really is pathetic that except for Booker T at Mania, I've had to root for Trip in all his single world title matches this year. Trip is a McMahon. Thus Trip wins to slowly build-up to Mania vs. his brother in law. Trip McMahon wins.

Why Pro Wrestling proves the INS cannot keep terrorists out of the United States: If a felon like Nathan Jones is allowed into the United States with no special skills (unless being totally inept in the ring counts, but I think there are enough totally inept people in the US to keep that skill from being unique or special), then how the hell can they justify keeping anyone else out?

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Guerreros vs Bashams-Chavo walks away from Eddie during the match setting up the fued, Bashams retain

Lita vs Molly-Since Raw has a PPV next month, I can see Molly retaining due to some trickery. However, Lita will win this match because as someone pointed out she hasnt come out ahead in anything yet.

Kane vs Shane-if done right this can bring Kane back as a monster. Shane will fight valiantly, but Kane will destroy him.

Tajiri vs Noble-This should be a great match, I look for Tajiri to win, with a little help from his friends.

Vince vs Taker-Vinnie Mac wins setting up for Taker's last run, more prediction of this to come.

Team Angle vs Team Lesnar-Faces win with Benoit getting the win. I can see this setting up Benoit vs Lesnar with there being a slight chance that Benoit finally gets the title.

Team Bischoff vs Team Austin-Team Bischoff wins with Jericho and Orton remaining.

HHH vs Goldberg-Apparantly this match is the easiest to predict. I dont think so. I see Goldberg going over, he has ben set up perfectly as the underdog due to the "injury". This will allow him to overcome the odds and beat trips setting up Goldberg vs Kane. I can see kane taking the belt from him, and setting up Kane vs taker for the belt at mania. I know Im crazy but you never know.

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Team Angle vs Team Lesnar: Angle, Cena, and Beniot survives. Beniot makes Lesnar TAP OUT(!) and starts a heated feud which leads to a PPV title shot next month.

Team Eric vs Team Steve: Inspite of miscommunication, Team Eric wins. Jericho gets eliminated after aformentyioned miscommunication. Bicshoff starts screwing him over. Jericho needs help, and finds that Trish is also getting screwed over. Who to call? WHy someone who may just happen to be in ring shape by the tiem this angle pays off. Steve Austin.

Eddie/Chavo vs Bashems: Bashems after Chavo heel turn.

Noble vs Tajiri: Ultimo Dragon save Noble from a post-match beatdown after Tajiri retains.

Molly (who is hot) vs Lita (not as hot as Molly): Lita wins, starts feuding with Victoria,

Taker vs Vince: Taker loses.

Goldberg vs HHH: Goldberg wins in a nice match, will face someone from Team Bischoff next.

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The optimistic side of me says that Goldberg has to retain. It says that Vince has to realize that there can't be much value (if any) to HHH getting the belt again with Hollywood calling. It says that there are no strong babyfaces to step up to take the belt from HHH, while there are several good heel bets other than HHH to take it from Goldberg. Then my cynical side remembers who HHH gets to screw every night and that HHH has already jobbed once to Goldberg. Advantage: Cynic.

The entire free world has known the outcome of this match for over a month now. Next.
PICK: Vince

Two reasons that make me pick Team Bischoff here despite my better judgment: 1) The creative possibilities would be far stronger; 2) The total job-out by Team Bischoff on Monday. If Team Austin wins... all I ask is that they start setting up Austin's corporate heel turn.
PICK: Team Bischoff

Wow, heels going over in the top three matches. Time for the John Cena megapush to begin.
PICK: Team Angle

Shane can fight back and no-sell death all he wants... but he's gotta do the right thing in the end.
PICK: Kane

See UT v. Vince.
PICK: Bashams

Heels in 5 of 6 matches. The Mega-Comeback of the Century. In a word... duh.
PICK: Lita

Please, please, please resist the temptation to turn Nidia heel. It just makes things confusing. The Yakuza's involvement will be enough. This has the potential to be a really hot drawn out feud if they don't fuck it up.
PICK: Tajiri

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Okay, here we go:

Goldberg v.s Triple H for the World Title: As long as he's breathing by Sunday, Trips will win.

Undertaker v.s Vince, Buried Alive: If you listen to the rumors (which I do), Vince wins.

Team Austin v.s Team Bischoff: I've always said that Bischoff's character has un-tapped potential. I'd like to see him get the win here.

Team Lesnar v.s Team Angle: I can't see the Jolly Green Giants winning. I just can't.

Shane McMahon v.s Kane, Ambulance Match: Kane. One McMahon winning on this show is enough.

Bashams v.s Guerreros: The Bashams prove they AREN'T lame-duck champs, pick up the win, and the Guerreros break up.

Molly v.s Lita: Lita will win, in her "return to glory" match.

Tajiri v.s Jamie Noble: I'd like to see this feud play out, so I'll go with Tajiri.


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Goldberg vs. Triple H: Tough choice, but I'll go with Goldberg retaining via DQ. That keeps the title on Goldberg, HHH doesn't get pinned, and no one egos are bruised.

The Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon: Vinnie Mac all the way. A Kane run in would be the most logical thing if they're fighting at WrestleMania.

Team Angle vs Team Lesnar: Lesnar is the sole survivor, Benoit being the last guy eliminated after being outnumbered for the last 5 to 10 minutes.

Team Bischoff vs Team Austin: Jericho and Orton survive. Austin said in an interview that there's some interesting stuff for his character planned post-Survivor Series, and losing the co-GM position would be the catalyst. Could be a good match if they give it time.

Kane vs. Shane McMahon: This will probably be a competitive match, unfortunately. However, I think Kane will win and put Shane on the shelf for a few months.

Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble: Should be a good match, as they always seem to click. Tajiri wins via Yakuza interference.

Molly Holly vs. Lita: Molly retains when Christian screws up. This can lead to Matt Hardy jumping to Raw and Lita wins the title a few weeks later.

I think this PPV could surprise a few people. There won't be any fantastic matches, but I feel it'll be really entertaining from top to bottom, IMHO.

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Hmmm...last prediction thread, I think I batted over .500, so I'll try my luck again.

I'm working the night of the SurSer (yes, sir!) so I won't catch it. I even worked out my schedule until March 2004, and I'll be working the night of Wrestlemania XX. Grrrrr. It may be the same clusterfuck as Wrestlemania 2000 was; not a single singles match on the card.

Anyhow, another thought for another thread. Onto the predictions!

Team Bischoff vs. Team Austin:
Total crapshoot here. I'll have to go with Team Austin, simply because of Orton. He'll cause the end, and screw over Team Bisch. Could be a face turn for Orton, as HHH will take issue, since HHH and Austin aren't friends.


Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar
Let's see...the green hoss team takes on the greatest cross section of wrestlers today. Hmm. As much as I'd love to see Cena turn on Angle and cause the win for Lesnar, I'll have to go with Angle's team, if anything to offshoot the two heel main event wins.


Triple H vs. Bill Goldberg
Hunter will win. Sucks, I know...but as much as I'd love to see Goldberg continue as champ; no, not going to happen. Vince McMahon is clueless, we need something new, but Triple H will continue winning the title, holding it for a year, dropping it for 3 months, and winning it again for the rest of his life.


Geez, another win for the McMahon family. What a crock. If I were to watch the show, I'd use it as a piss break or to cook a five course dinner. Yes, it'll seem that long.

WINNER: Everyone who misses this match! Seriously...McMahon.

The only McMahon I can stomache. I actually liked the restaurant promo on Monday, soap opera cheeziness and all. Guess they complimented the low brow comedy writing of Gerwitz with a soap opera cameraman and writer from some stupid soapie my girlfriend watches. Grrr....

WINNER: Kane, cuz the McMahons can't win it all.

(NB: I can see these two joining forces together afterwards, they'll find they make a great team, bound by their mutual hatred. I'd actually like to see them do that.)

Los Guerreros vs. Los Bashams
The Guerreros will lose, but the ending will suggest further battles. I'd love to see these two teams tangle.

WINNER: Latino Heat and Chavito Heat!

Jamie Noble vs. Tajiri
I'm looking forward to this one. To add fuel to the fire, I see Noble squeeking a victory out of this one, but will have his ass handed to him by the Japanese "Don't call them the" Mafia afterwards, thus leading to (a) a Nidia run-in to support Noble afterwards, and (b) a great series of matches involving those two. I'd mark out for that.

WINNER: Jamie Noble

LITA vs. Molly
I'd kill to see this match, for the simple reason that my other favorite WWE babe is in it. Nummy Molly, please be mine! Anyways...Lita's gonna win it, since Molly's doing nothing. I'd like to see Trish turn heel and battle Lita for the title. Noteworthy will be the possible return of Matt Hardy, hopefully without the Mattitude thing.


Let's see on Sunday if I do good. I just noticed that tje next Smackdown PPV is in February, Decembers' is RAW, and January is the Royal Rumble. Grrrr.

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.44

Buried Alive Match: Vince VS Undertaker
VINCE wins the match due to Kane's or Stephanie's interference.

World Heavyweight Championship: HHH Vs Goldberg(c)
HHH just married the boss's daughter for good reason and here's one of them...MORE WORLD TITLE REIGNS!! So....HHH wins.

Team Angle VS Team Lesnar
Either Cena or Bob Holly pins Lesnar to a start a fued with Lesnar over the WWE Title until the Royal Rumble. I see Holly winning, dedicating his BIG victory and comeback to his deceased cousin, Crash Holly, for a nice feel good moment. Cena then wins the Rumble.

Team Austin VS Team Bischoff
All I can see is that Orton and Jericho are going to be the last ones on Bischoff team. HBK will be that last one on Austin's Team. HBK pins Jericho after Orton "accidently" hits Jericho. HBK and Orton then tease Round 3, HBK falls down on the mat and Orton pins him for the win. This sets up the HBK/Austin WM XIV rematch at WM XX. Jericho then fueds with Orton. Oh and the other Texas native, Booker T, is pinned first, completing the "every Texan failing miserably in Texas" sweep.

Ambulance Match: Shane McMahon VS Kane
Kane better win this otherwise his Monster gimmick fails miserable at the hands of a McMahon. So Kane wins.

WWE Tag Team Championship Titles Match: The Bashams(c) VS Los Guerreros
This is so obvious, Bashams win after Chavo turns on Uncle Eddie.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Title Match: Tajiri(c) VS Jamie Noble
Noble loses after Nidia betrays him and joins Tajiri's mafia stable.

WWE Women's Championship Title Match: Molly Holly(c) VS Lita
I'm also going out on limb here and say that Molly Holly wins by her nefarious cheating and also interference from Trish Stratus. Settng up the rematch at Armageddon, which Lita wins with Matt Hardy V1's help.(Matt Hardy still has to put Shannon over cleanly before he leaves)

There's going to be few twists and turns at Survivior Series, being that it's a major PPV and that it always sets the pace going in the "Road to WrestleMania XX", which starts with the Royal Rumble.

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.96
I hope I'm wrong...

-The Undertaker buries Vince McMahon alive
-Triple H pins World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg to become a 3-time World Heavyweight Champion
-Chris Benoit & John Cena are the sole survivors as Team Angle (Angle/Benoit/Cena/Bradshaw/Holly) beat Team Lesnar (Lesnar/Show/Morgan/Jones/A-Train)
-Chris Jericho is the sole survivor as Team Bischoff (Jericho/Christian/Henry/Steiner/Orton) beat Team Austin (Booker/RVD/HBK/D-Von/Bubba)
-Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri pins Jamie Noble to retain the title
-WWE Tag Team Champions The Basham Brothers pin Eddie Guerrero to beat Los Guerreros when Chavo turns on Eddie
-Shane McMahon sends Kane home in an ambulance
-Lita pins WWE Women's Champion Molly Holly to win the title for a second time

FLAMES: 5-7-0-1; 11 pts
SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS: 9 Remain [Tijuana, RyanO, Darrah, Jon, Rupert, Christa, Sandra, Burton & Lillian]
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Buried Alive Match: Vince VS Undertaker
Vince is sadly on a bit of a PPV winning streak. It won't end here

PICK: Vince

World Heavyweight Championship: HHH Vs Goldberg(c)
Well, the honeymoon's over. HHH will never job again until the day he dies


Team Angle VS Team Lesnar
Jones is cannon fodder. Big Show'll get counted out or disqualified, Cena will finally beat Brock

PICK: Team Angle

Team Austin VS Team Bischoff
I'd personally love to see Austin go apeshit on his own team after losing and turn heel again. They've hinted enough at it with his random beatings of Stacy and the like.....

That said, he'll get provoked somehow and end up winning the thing himself

PICK: Team Austin

Ambulance Match: Shane McMahon VS Kane
They're certainly hyping this thing as the end of the feud, finally. I kind of doubt it, but I'll still say Kane kills Shane dead

PICK: Kane

WWE Tag Team Championship Titles Match: The Bashams(c) VS Los Guerreros
This is the mother of all obvious heel turns.

PICK: The Bashams

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Title Match: Tajiri(c) VS Jamie Noble
Nidia will wander out and get taken hostage by Not the Yakuza, leading to a kick to the head

PICK: Tajiri

WWE Women's Championship Title Match: Molly Holly(c) VS Lita
Terri will have her skeletonal revenge

PICK: Lita

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My only prediction is the Austin/Bischoff match. HBK will turn heel, much like Austin did at the Invasion PPV. That's all I can say. I think the way Austin and HBK interacted a couple of weeks ago this is the set up.

Of course, I could be wrong.

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Here we go:

Tajiri v. Jamie Noble
Should be a good match, if given the time. Both of these guys are awesome. Everyone sees that in Tajiri, but I'm not sure how many people realize how good Noble is. Hopefully this will be his chance to prove his work. Look for Nidia to return here. However, Noble ain't gettin' the title, as I see no one short of Rey Misterio de-throwning Tajiri.
RESULT: Tajiri wins with help from the Japanese Mafia

Lita v. Molly Holly
Well, it's Lita's big comeback, so I see no other result than Lita winning the title here. However, I'm not happy about it. Lita's just SO far behind from the rest of the women's division. And with the title centered around the awesome-foursome of Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Victoria, and Jazz over the past two years, I think Lita might come as a dissapointment. Oh well. Better than Gail Kim, I guess.
RESULT: Lita wins the Title

Basham Brothers v. Los Guerreros
Well, no matter how much Eddie needs to be pushed to the main event, IMMEDIATLEY, the WWE seems to be determined to put him in a feud with Chavo first. Oh well. Should result in some good matches, at least. Eddie gets pinned, and Chavo does the heel turn.
RESULT: Bashams retain, thus continuing their reign as the most under-promoted Tag Champions that no fans could actually give a shit about (hey, nothing personal, but let's look at this realistically...)

Shane McMahon v. Kane
WORST! FEUD! EVER!!!! Let's hope this ends it. I'm guessing Kane wins, but first, Shane get's to prove he has a bigger dick than anyone else in the WWE by having the upper hand on the monster for most of the match.
RESULT: Kane wins

Team Lesnar v. Team Angle
Can Benoit and Angle carry eight men? Let's hope so! Hopefully, this will be the beginning of big things for either Benoit or Cena, but I have my doubts. Just for fun, let's predict the order of elimination, shall we?
1. Morgan pins Bradshaw.
2. Holly pins Jones.
3. Lesnar pins Holly.
4. Angle pins A-Train.
5. Lesnar pins Cena.
6. Morgan is DQed.
7. Show pins Angle.
8. Benoit pins Show.
9. Benoit pins Lesnar.
RESULT: Benoit is the sole survivor, thus leading to Benoit v. Lesnar at the Royal Rumble

Team Austin v. Team Bischoff
Going into this PPV, I was sure Austin's team would get the win here. But after last Monday, it looks as if Bischoff's team is going out on top here. I don't know where they're going after that, but I'm guessing it's leading to Austin v. SOMEONE at WrestleMania. Not sure, though. This match could be good if booked right and given time. Here's my bold predictions for eliminations:
1. Jericho pins D-Von.
2. Michaels pins Henry.
3. Booker pins Steiner.
4. Orton pins Van Dam.
5. Christian pins Bubba Ray.
6. Booker pins Christian.
7. Orton pins Booker.
8. Michaels pins Jericho.
9. Orton pins Michaels.
RESULT: Orton is the sole survivor, since they're so determined to make him the next guy programmed with Hunter

Triple H v. Goldberg
With Hunter about to leave to film a movie and Goldberg only two months into his reign as champion, it only makes sense for Goldberg to go over here. So ther for...
RESULT: Triple H wins the title. Because, why the hell not?

Vince McMahon v. Undertaker
I can't believe this is the main event of the fourth biggest PPV of the year. Well, I DO believe it. I just don't want to. Will probably be VERY long. Vince usually can book his own matches very well, to the point where they seem like excellent matches. However, I have a feeling this could be one of those matches that goes on FOREVER and ruins the whole atmosphere.
RESULT: Vince wins, and Undertaker heads to RAW to fight Kane in a ***** WrestleMania classic

I apologize if I came off as overly bitchy here.

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Y'see, I dunno if HHH is the lock that we all think. What if Goldberg wins, and then loses the belt in December or at the Royal Rumble to (hold your breaths) Orton. This sets up Orton vs. HHH for the world title at Wrestlemania, which I have a horrible feeling might actually happen because H seems intent on pushing his protege.

My picks....
Goldberg (crosses fingers)
Team Austin
Team Angle

Pepa: Hello. I'm the mother of the notorious Crossroads Killer. When my son comes home after one of his famous crimes, his clothes are just filthy.
[Pepa holds up a bloody shirt. The police arrive.]
Policia I Spot: Where are the clothes your son wore -
Policia II Spot: At the time of the murder?
[Pepa takes a clean shirt out of the dryer.]
Pepa: Right here. Sparkling clean.
Policia I Spot: No trace of blood.
Policia II Spot: Or guts.
Policia I Spot: Unbelievable!
[Pepa holds up a box of detergent.]
Pepa: Ecce Homo. It's unbelievable.

-- from "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"

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Well, being new to the board I've never done any picking before, but SOK says give it a here goes nothing...

Buried Alive Match: Vince VS Undertaker
Even though 'Taker has scoffed at returning as the deadman, I say this is setting something up (be it Kane vs. Taker or whatever) for WMXX. Therefore...


World Heavyweight Championship: HHH Vs Goldberg(c)
Against better judgement, I'm hoping Goldberg keeps the strap a little while longer

RESULT: Goldberg

Team Angle VS Team Lesnar
I'm hoping as other people have mentioned that this sets up Benoit for a title shot...

RESULT: Team Angle

Team Austin VS Team Bischoff
Honestly, I'm not sure where WWE is going with this I'll go with...

RESULT: Team Austin

Ambulance Match: Shane McMahon VS Kane
I don't know how they will end the feud if Shane still doesn't get his revenge, but I think they will use it to portray and propel Kane as an unstoppable monster.


WWE Tag Team Championship Titles Match: The Bashams(c) VS Los Guerreros
Ditto to what EvilAntlerGod said...

RESULT: The Bashams

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Title Match: Tajiri(c) VS Jamie Noble
I just don't see the point of giving Noble the title right now and with the new "not the mafia" stable, I see Tajiri keeping it.

RESULT: Tajiri

WWE Women's Championship Title Match: Molly Holly(c) VS Lita
As was said, comeback story. But I do like Lita so I can't complain.

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