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The W - Pro Wrestling - PPV Prediction Thread
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Since there are no SD matches on the card, might as well start it now. Card of course is subject to change, depending on if anyone stubs a toe and has to take 6 months off to rehab it (which could be 5 or 6 guys on the RAW roster).

Trip vs. Nash (HITC-Foley Ref): Remember the good old days when it was the face who had to overcome incredible odds in order to achieve victory, rallying the fans around him? Well, yet again the heel has to overcome incredible odds. Foley/Trip would have been interested, Nash/Trip has me apathetic. Trip retains.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair: Would have preferred it last month in Charlotte, and would have probably been a better main event putting these two in the cell for the world title, but still should be match of the night. Now, considering both guys have broken their backs and one of them is in his mid 50's, that's a scary thought. Match is in Texas, which means Michaels is not jobbing, thus keeping his record 1 year into his return with only 1 loss. Michaels wins.

Jericho vs. Opponent: The only question is whether Jericho gets any offense in. Highly doubtful. Jericho jobs.

Test vs. Scott Steiner (winner gets Stacy, loser gets to keep social disease): History shows the heel always wins under this stipulation, thus Test keeps Stacy, and Steiner goes further down the midcard ladder. What a wonderful signing he was. Test wins.

Christian vs. Booker T: Should be easiest match of the night to pick, as they can't job Booker out in his hometown again. Wait, of course they can. Goldust turns and becomes Christian's wacky peep. Christian retains.

RVD/Kane vs. La Restistance: Yet another tease of RVD and Kane splitting. Have been doing that for 6 months. Will believe the split when I see it at this point. RVD/Kane retain.

Dudleys vs. Nowinski/Mack: Should be the opening match. Mack gets pinned, but Teddy Long blames Nowinski for the loss, thus it doesn't count. Dudleys win.

Redneck Triathlon: Don't care.

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I care a little about Steiner-Test. I think that Test will go over Steiner, and they'll continue the abusive boyfriend angle for another month or so to build up someone else. And who better to push in that role than my main man, Spike Dudley?

As for the rest of the card, I don't really care.

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HitC Nash vs. Trip- rips retains in a bloody contest where Nash hits the big boot at least 5 times. Trips and Foley will likely get into it at some point.

Michaels vs. Flair- great buildup for this one and these guys will deliver. Flair goes with some help from Orton.

Jericho vs. Goldberg- Goldberg has a chance to show that he can do something here. Personally I hope Jericho works stiff and this one turns into a shoot fight. Sadly it won't and Goldberg will win.

Test vs. Roid Rage- Roid Rage will win, but I won't know because I will go to the bathroom during this one.

Christian vs. Booker T- Booker T wins. Christian cries over a warm Peepza with extra Peeparoni.

RVD/Kane vs. French Toast- French Toast wins when Kane drops the ball FINALLY setting up the big RVD/Kane feud the world has been beggng for.

Dudleys vs. Nowinski/Mack- Dudleys win, lets just hope they put Teddy Long through the table.

Redneck Triathlon- I am sure Austin will win this in some shape, form, or fashion.

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#4 Posted on

Redneck Triatholon- Not a real match, therefore I don't care.

Dudley Boys will defeat Christopher Nowinski & Rodney Mack by pinfall.

La Resistance will defeat World Tag Team Champions Kane & RVD by pinfall (Maybe Kane will turn on RVD) to win the titles

Booker T pins Intercontinental Champion Christian to win the title

Scott Steiner will beat Test

Goldberg squashes Jericho

Shawn Michaels beats Ric Flair

World Champion HHH pins Kevin Nash

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Well, I won't be seeing this, as I'll be off on vacation. Which is too bad, because I might actually have bought it. Sorry, Vince. Your loss is Brazil's gain.

Nash vs. Trips: If I did buy BB, it wouldn't be for this. I think Monday shows that the bookers have finally woken up to what a disaster Nash is. I was half expecting they'd switch the title to him so Trips could win it back at Summerslam, but no way are they doing that now. Yeah, like Trips needs a lot of urging to keep the title.

Michaels vs. Flair: Do not doubt the Power of the Clique. Michaels goes over.

Jericho vs. Goldberg: Hopefully they don't do this as a total squash, and give Jericho a chance to actually carry Goldberg a bit. It's no secret Goldberg is gonna win, though.

Test vs. Steiner: If they're serious about pushing Test as a heel (now stop laughing), Test goes over. If they're smoking an exceptionally high grade of crack before the PPV, Steiner wins. I'll bet on Steiner.

Christian vs. Booker T: Booker T. They damn well better, is all I'm saying.

RVD/Kane vs. Les Grenouilles: Kane turns, spends two weeks as the silent, hulking destructive force he used to be, and then they forget it and have him go back to doing comedy.

Dudleyz vs. Nowinski/Mack: I'd actually rather see Jazz/Ivory than this. White and Whiter win.

Redneck Triathlon: Duh. Austin.

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#6 Posted on
Trips over Nash-gotta set up Goldberg's title win

Michaels over Flair-should be a good match

Goldberg over Jericho-Jericho will get more offense then some think, and cheat a lot, but Goldberg will win

Christian over Booker-set up a gimmick match at Summerslam

RVD/Kane over La Resistance-they'll win, then drop the belts shortly thereafter to set up their Summerslam match (I dont see them giving the belts to such a new team)

Dudleys over Mack/Nowinski-Nowinksi takes pin, Mack thugs and bugs

Steiner over Test-the only way I can see this going the other way is a Stacy swerve

I though JR mentioned a womens match, if so Jazz retains

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Since: 19.3.02
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Nash/HHH: I'm trying to be optimistic that this won't be a steaming load. No matter how much I try, I can't. I'd rather watch Cien Caras vs. Rayo de Jalisco (aka the 2 worst wrestlers in Mexico) than the Nash/HHH match. At least Rayo can get a babyface pop. HHH wins, and hopefully Nash goes the Steiner route to midcard.

Michaels/Flair. Shawn. For some reason, I can see this one approaching the **** level. It just seems the type of match that both will put on a good 15-minute match. Not enough for me to investmy money though.

Goldberg/Jericho. All I can do is hope that the dirt doesn't pile too deep on Chris' cranium during the burial.

Booker T/Christian. It's in Booker T's hometown. Of course he'll lose, just so he doesn't get too over and threaten the position of Nash.

Test/Steiner. Test is no Randy Savage. He's no Randy Hogan. But he's not a former WCW guy who McMahon blew a wad of cash on. In a situation like this, take the homegrown 'talent'.

Kane/RVD vs. La Resistance. The faces.

Dudleys vs. Mack & Nowinski. The heels.

Bischoff vs. Austin in a redneck triathalon. To quote that great thinker, Crow T. Robot "I'd rather spend a weekend in Robert Bork's underpants than watch more of this".

Heat: Let's say, Spike Dudley pins Rosie with a Dudley Dawg.


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#8 Posted on
Triple H vs. Nash (Hell In a Cell) Winner- HHH.

Jericho vs. Goldberg Winner- Goldberg (sadly)

Booker T vs. Christian (IC) Winner- Booker T.

Kane/RVD vs. La Resistance (World Tag) Winners- Kane/RVD.

Test vs. Scott Steiner Winner- Scott Steiner.

Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels Winner- Shawn Michaels.

Dudleys vs. Rodney Mack/Nowinski Winners- The Dudleys.

Bischoff vs. Austin (Redneck Triatholn) Winner-Austin.

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Since: 10.8.02
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#9 Posted on

HHH d. Nash
Goldberg d. Jericho
Michaels d. Flair
Booker d. Christian
Frenchies (w/o Frenchy Martin, for some reason) d. RVD/Kane
Test d. Steiner
Mack & Nowinski d. Dudleyz
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#10 Posted on
I'll give them credit on one thing, they did a pretty decent enough job building the undercard. Majority have a decent story going in. Plus half the card is a total toss up on who I think will win.

Triple H vs. Nash (HITC-Foley Ref): PICK NASH - Call it a sick feeling but I see Nash winning this. But not certain at all, don't think it's an obvious HHH win as most of the predictions on this thread so far thinks. Also see major blading compensate for what goes on in the ring.

Michaels vs. Flair: PICK MICHAELS - One of 2 Texas born wrestlers is going over on this card. Guess which one!

Jericho vs. Golberg: PICK GOLDBERG - Yup Pretty explanatory. But I could also see something screwy that Goldberg going completely insane and getting DQed but one way or the other Jericho is left laying

Test vs. Steiner (winner gets Stacy): PICK STEINER - Stacy is obviously the deciding factor. She will either get her payback on Test and go with Steiner. Or this could be one big plan and Stacy turns on Steiner and becomes heel with Test. I'll go with the former because I can't see Stacy turning heel, they tried that, it doesn't suit her

Christian vs. Booker T (IC Title): PICK CHRISTIAN - Michaels will have the Texas win so Booker can have his usual Texas loss. Plus they were focusing way too much on Christian going into the PPV weak

RVD/Kane vs. La Restistance (Tag Title): PICK LA RESTISTANCE - Dissension buh gawd Dissension

Dudleys vs. Nowinski/Mack: PICK DUDLEYZ - Nowinski takes a pinfall, but not totally certain of it either. They might want to push a comedy team of Nowinski & Mack. But I'll say Dudley's win This on the PPV over the women title? Errrr

Bischoff vs. Austin (Redneck Triathlon): PICK AUSTIN - Prediction, Wackiness.

(Heat match?)Jazz vs. Ivory: PICK JAZZ - This match should be on the card. Last two weeks the women shined and should be rewarded. The build looks like these two should be meeting each other.

Hard predicting this card, seems like alot of faces going over. So I could see one of my babyface picks losing. Probably Nash will lose or a Dudleyz loss.

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#11 Posted on
Trip vs. Nash (HITC-Foley Ref): Take a nap...there promise is gore. I expect HHH to be bloddy as always yet I don't expect Nash to spill a single drop, could be wrong. Foley should make it a bit interesting. PRAYING for HHH to Retain. If he doesn't, please return your seat to the upright position and quickly grab your barf bag because the WWE just hit the SHITTER!

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair: This might steal the show...Shawn going to beat the man that he stole the torch from.

Jericho vs. Opponent: The INCREDIBLE HULK wins again :-)

Test vs. Scott Steiner: Test MILLION and ONE heel turn has saying he's somehow going over Scott. So Stacy expect to enjoy the ride. Test win.

Christian vs. Booker T: If Book don't cook up the win in this then there in no hope for him in the WWE. Hey that rymed a bit. Book the new IC champ.

RVD/Kane vs. La Restistance: Expecting a defence for Kane and RVD. For some reason I'm not going to be to surprised though if La Restistance walks away with the straps due the the problems America did have with the French over the war.

Dudleys vs. Nowinski/Mack: Dudleys win. If they don't it's due the the smart one in the match. Nowinski or long distractions could cost them. Then again it might be time for "D-VON GET THE TABLES!"

Redneck Triathlon: Secretly rooting for Bishoff because first of he'll try to cheat somehow and secondly he'll come off smelling like a rose one way or another. Still Austin will probably out do him. Exspecting Austin to continue his win this to continue the Austin better than Bishoff story.

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#12 Posted on
I haven’t done a PPV prediciton in a while. For some reason I feel inspired to this time.

HHH/Nash – I’m not sure how this one’s going to play out, but I’m going with HHH retaining here. I can’t imagine why they’d go with Nash as champ at this point. I’d say Nash wins by DQ, HHH retains, but that’s not an option in this type of match. The only way I can really see HHH winning this is some big stupid spot that knocks out all three guys cold, and then HHH wakes up to cover Nash and slap the mat with Foley’s unconscious hand three times. Then again, maybe they’ll give Nash a two week reign or something.

My guess: HHH wins by pinfall to retain.

Flair/HBK – I feel safe to predict that Orton will be used here to save face for the loser. Either his interference causes HBK to lose, or his botched interference causes Flair to lose. Which will they go with? Your guess is as good as mine. I think I’ll go with HBK.

My guess: HBK wins by pinfall.

Goldberg/Jericho – This is more a hope than a prediction, but I would love to see Jericho trick Goldberg into his first loss in the WWE. Lure him out of the ring maybe?

My guess: Jericho by CO.

Booker/Christian – They seem to be going for an HTM-2003 gimmick for Christian, so he has to retain. But the Texans wouldn’t care for that outcome much. The simple solution: Booker wins by DQ, but Christian retains, and takes a big post-match beatdown from the Book. I think they may actually use the simple solution this once.

My guess: Christian loses by DQ, but retains.

RVD+Kane/the French – If the Kane vs RVD feud does not start here it is definitely time to start the tearing of hair and rending of garments. Please, get on with it already!

My guess: One of the french guys pins RVD to gain tag titles.

Steiner/Test – Stacy as Test’s reluctant manager (whore?) doesn’t seem like the sort of thing they would set up as a possible outcome, but then not actually do.

My Guess: Test wins Stacy

Dudleyz/Rodney+Harvard – Well, if the Dudz win, Long will have to blame Harvard. No-one wants to see Harvard as a face. So I think it will go another way. Perhaps Harvard will use his superior intellect to trick the Dudz into DQing themselves.

My Guess: Dudleyz lose by DQ.

Redneck triathalon. One thing I'm sure of, no-one will actually eat any poon. How they will explain why they said that they would and aren't actually is a bit of a head-scratcher. I'm sure Austin will win. I'm just about as sure that it will be really retarded.

Austin win's retarded contests 2-1.

I just realized that almost every prediction above involves a screwy ending. Sad, but probably not true. I’m sure there will be more clean finishes than I have guessed, but the question is, which ones? I think I’ll stick with my guesses and see how it goes.


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#13 Posted on
HHH vs NASH I don't see these two doing anything crazy with the cell. Should be a regular match with a cage around them. Foley won't allow HHH to cheat, but HHH will still somehow pick up the win


Flair vs HBK Can't really say, the "dirtiest player in the game" will try something.


Goldberg vs Jericho I really hope Jericho wins. He is doing a great job with this angle. He says he has Goldberg right where he wants him. Hopefully some assclown manuever puts him over. BUT I don't think Billy Goldberg would like losing cuz he never had to do that in WCW


Booker vs Christian I like Christian as champ, but Booker should win this one.

Winner--Booker T

RVD/KANE vs Frenchies Kane's new thing with Austin means something has to happen with RVD. The Frenchies need the titles to piss people off more.


Steiner vs Test Otherwise known as the "who F'n cares?!" match. If I were booking this match, I would have a DOUBLE COUNTOUT, and Stacy would be free to leave both of them, but that won't happen. But here's my dire prediction, Stacy helps Test pick up the victory in a turn, but we all ask the question WHY? This thing has been set up for months! And she just goes straight back to Test. Why, why why!


Dudleyz vs Mack and Nowinski Hmm, the Dudleyz haven't done much in awhile, so it would be nice for them to pick up the W. But something needs to happen with Teddy Long and Mack. Either Nowinski costs the victory or just a clean win. I'll go with the former.


Average PPV, but has some potential if they decide to make something happen somewhere in the card storyline wise, make us scratch our heads!

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#14 Posted on
Wow, Nowinski gets on a PPV, yet Helms is nowhere to be found.

So much for his "push".


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#15 Posted on
Well, I expect Hurricane to show up somewhere, like Ric vs Shawn!

HHH vs Nash is gonna be brutal. Foley & H will bring the intensity and Nash will dominate HHH who will bump and bleed like crazy. As a result Nash will look somewhat bad ass but still doesn't get the win.
It will be more of a Taker-Shawn HITC..or maybe Taker-Brock)
HHH wins.

Flair vs Michaels..hmm..toss up. I say Orton interferes, and so does Hurricane. They do not however get involved in the finish
HBK wins
Oh, and Flair will bleed!

Booker T vs Christian.
Tell me..folks want Christian to keep the belt and look strong. But they always bitch about Booker losing in Houston. So who should win this one and is there a way to keep folks happy? I say Christian gets away with a sneaky win, but gets whooped post match, followed by an "Everything is bigger, so the same goes for the"SPinarooni..

RVD/Kane vs La Resistance
Err...RVD/Kane retain but are no longer on the same page..
It's more fun to build the tension when they are forced to team
RVD/Kane win

Test vs Steiner.
I'd let Test cheat his way to a win, so Steiner can chase after him and Stacy..
Test wins

Dudleyz vs Mack/Nowinski
Mack & Nowinski win, because they need to put over Rodney (& Chris)
Even the table spot gets reversed (or just teased but someone gets saved)

Red Neck Triathlon
Err...Dunno what to think of it. It still could be funny, but will it matter? I say Bisschoff wins it, just to stand out from what others believe..

*sigh* Why bother?

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#16 Posted on
The Dudley Boyz VS Rodney Mack and Christopher "No Win" Ski

Hmmm, Mack never loses, but Nowinski never wins. The Dudleyz used to rarely job, but they lose all the time anymore. (See what keeping those stats'll do to you?) The one person in this match getting a push is Mack, so I'll go with his team.
FUZZY SEZ: Nowinski and Mack, believe that, playa.

Jazz VS Ivory

Seems obvious to other people, right? Why the hell else would Ivory have gone over the Womens champ twice in a row? I know the booking doesn't have to make sense, but I still can't see any other reason for the buildup.
FUZZY SEZ: Jazz retains, if it happens at all.

Scott Steiner VS Test

Who cares?
FUZZY SEZ: I dunno, let's say Steiner.

The Guy I Want To Hate But Is One of the Only Entertaining People On RAW VS The Other Guy I Want To Hate But Is Also One of the Only Entertaining People On RAW

Years of hating Bischoff, pure disgust at Austin's actions last spring, but these two have been bringing the comedy since the co-GM angle started. I have no idea exactly what's going to happen, but I'm sure it'll be entertaining.
FUZZY SEZ: Austin wins, because this is just a comedy segment or three.

Rob Van Dam and Kane VS La Resistance

Hopefully, Kane finally turns here. I'd have him go apeshit after RVD gets pinned and "injure" his partner - building the whole thing up for some big gimmick match between the two at Summerslam.
FUZZY SEZ: La Resistance takes the tag belts. They're crazy over, and I'm not sure how long this xenophobic angle can last (especially when it's looking more and more like France was, you know, right.)

Christian VS Booker T

Hmmm, a tough one. Booker gets screwed over all the time - and they're in his hometown. Still, I don't want to see Christian drop the belt just yet, considering this New People's Champion gimmick is quickly becoming the highlight of the night.
FUZZY SEZ: I say Booker wins it, but Christian manages to steal it back in the very near future.

Goldberg VS Chris Jericho

I don't think there's any doubt about who's winning this one. I just hope Jericho can make the overrated sack of shit look like he was worth at least a fraction of what they paid for him. (I maintain, if people wanted to watch Goldberg, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner, WCW would still be around.)
FUZZY SEZ: *yawn* Goldberg with the jackhammer.

Ric Flair VS Shawn Michaels

50% of why I'm ordering this PPV is right here. Two of the greatest ever - both past their prime, but more than capable of a great match. Both giving 110% in recent weeks. The match of the night - bet on it.
FUZZY SEZ: Well, neither guy *needs* to win, so give it to HBK on the basis of being "less old"

HHH VS "Goddamn" Kevin Nash
Guest ref: Mick "God" Foley

I don't care how bad this match turns out to be. I don't care who wins, I don't care who's champion and I don't care if the ending is clean. I don't care about backstage politics, or the clique, or Stephanie McMahon. All I care about is seeing Mick Foley bust out Mr. Socko on Hunter for old time's sake. The rest of the match is cake.
FUZZY SEZ: Actually, I really hope HHH wins. I'm not really a big fan, but he's, well, Mick Foley compared to Nash.

You know, it's a bad sign when the three people I'm watching this show to see are all at least semi-retired, isn't it?


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#17 Posted on
I think Kevin Nash, Shawn Micheals, and Bill Goldberg are going to be victorious.
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#18 Posted on
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair: Shawn never loses. Shawn's not losing here.

Jericho vs. Goldberg: Spear, jackhammer, goodnight to one of the most entertaining "feuds" of 1998

Test vs. Scott Steiner: In the touching feelgood moment of the night....Stacy enters the ring at least three times. Then Steiner wins

Christian vs. Booker T: Honky Tonk Christian retains by getting himself DQed

RVD/Kane vs. La Restistance: The frogs win, they STILL don't pull the trigger on the RVD/Kane feud

Redneck Triathlon: Bischoff gets shoved into the crotch of a fat woman. Hilarity ensues.

Dudleys vs. Nowinski/Mack: Dudleys continue to job and job and job and job and job

HHH vs. Nash (HITC-Foley Ref): Yeesh, the more I think about it, the more I think it might've been better if HHH had injured Nash early on, they played Austin's "I got the craziest replacement I could find" bit, then brought out Foley to do the 1, 2, 3 thing on Raw under slightly different circumstances, as in he was fortelling his own beating of HHH at the PPV.

Perfect world....anyway....even though it would make zero sense for Foley to count HHH to victory under any circumstances, I think we've established by now HHH never loses, not even to his best friends. Jesus Helmsley wins again, though I have no idea how

(edited by Evil Antler God on 12.6.03 1626)

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#19 Posted on
Dudleys v.s Nowinski/Mack- I'll say Nowinski/Mack, maybe with some Teddy Long interference. Belie' dat playa.

Test v.s Steiner- Test, who will then make Stacy his manager "against her will".

RVD/Kane v.s La Resistance- RVD/Kane I guess, since the heel tag team won earlier.

Christian v.s Booker T.- God, please let it be Booker T.

Michaels v.s Flair- I hope this gets about 15-20 minutes. Michaels gets the victory.

Jericho v.s Goldberg- Goldberg, maybe by DQ.

HHH v.s Nash- Nash. HAHAHA, just kidding. Trips retains.

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#20 Posted on
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair: Ric Flair teaches Micheals that it's okay to put over younger talent. A lesson HBK will forget Monday Night On Raw.

Jericho vs. Goldberg: They should put Goldberg over here, and they will, but what I'm worried about is *how* they put him over.

Test vs. Scott Steiner: I hope the winner practices safe sex, as Stacy as been around the block in her short career. Seriously speaking, my money would be on Steiner.

Christian vs. Booker T: From what I understand they are really trying (More than likely in vain.) to get IC belt over. What better way then a nice long Booker T title run.

RVD/Kane vs. La Resistance: Yes, the frogs win, Kane gets buried in this match, and something happens to Kane Monday. Will he demask and admit the fire was all a fraud to collect insurance? One can only speculate.

Redneck Triathlon: I... have... no... Clue

Dudleys vs. Nowinski/Mack: Dudley's via a screw job

HHH vs. Nash (HITC-Foley Ref): I see something similar to Summerslam 97 or Summerslam 88 happening. Remember when HBK "turned heel" on Undertaker, or the Body's slow count on Dibese! HHH wins, as Foley makes the long and painful 1...2...3.. on Nash. Too bad I won't be awake to see it.

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Haven't they tried a similar thing before, only to fire the guy because he was saying stuff sucked and there were holes in the plots all over the place? Justin?
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