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23.5.18 2329
The W - Pro Wrestling - Post-WM X8 RAW Thread (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on
Well that show sure took one hell of a nose dive around the last half hour. Nice to see Nitro booking back in effect.

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Shem the Penman

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Eh. Raw was pretty promorific, but I guess they have to set up some fresh angles after Mania (especially since everyone seems to be feuding with the same people as last night, with the obvious exception of Rock and Hogan). Not much in the way of good matches, beyond Kane 'n' Edge/Booker 'n' Angle, but at least the split is finally moving toward actuality.

I think Brock Lesnar looks weird because he has even less of a neck than Kurt Angle. It's like his head just budded out of his shoulders. Damn, but he looked impressive there, even if I do have to stop and remember that -I- could look impressive beating up Spike Dudley.

They're not giving themselves a lot of time to set the ground rules for the draft and promote the drama of it, are they? Especially not with the HHH/Jericho and Stephanie match also coming on next week's Raw. I know it's weird wishing the split would be delayed just a little longer after it's been put on three months already, but it feels like they're dumping it on us all at once.

And could they PLEASE not refer to the separate shows as "brands"? Call them divisions, federations, organizations, whatever -- brands just reeks of marketing-speak.
David Adams

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#23 Posted on
In recent years, the Raw after Wrestlemania had less to do with wrestling rather than setting up future angles. Tonight's did just that. You had the split, a new, unknown(to most) but HUGE guy debuts with Paul Heyman and destroys Al and Spike, and HHH makes his first speech as champ while setting up his match for next week.

Nothing that blows you away but it sets the tone for future shows.

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Has RAW - or any WWF show before tonight's - ever ended with a count-out in the main event? What a dud ending - and the crowd knew it, too.


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#25 Posted on
I can understand why they didn't let Rock go heel. His movie isn't out yet, remember?

I don't think he would mind going heel again - but this isn't the time yet. That's a crap load of marketing $$$ the WWF would flush down the toilet there if they turned him.

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I thought it was a great show- except for that ending of course. Damn, I was soooo waiting for HBK or X-Pac to sneak up behind Hogan and Rock and take them out with a chair or something. True, X-Pac isn't that big of a deal, but he could have a good short term program with Hogan due to that shoot interview he did when he returned to Raw. Ah, well. I guess my disapointment is once again my fault for getting my hopes up for something I should have known wouldn't happen.

Still, a weird ending though. I guess they didn't want to give away an ending to that match so they can extend the fued for the next PPV or something. If that's the case, then maybe they shouldn't have tried to put that match on tonight. They could have some kind of brawl wit the four of them to hype it up instead.

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Did anyone notice how wierd that Hogan legdrop looked? It appears that Hogan doesn't know (or just chooses not to) how to give a leg drop left-legged, which this situation called for given which way Hall was lying on the mat, and the direction Hogan was running in. You would think after all these years Hogan could land the legdrop with either leg.

I think they probably need to limit Hogan's actual wrestling appearances if they are going to try to stretch this out for a year. He is crazy over right now, but I think after a while, bites and back finger-rakes will not receive those kind of pops (it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction Hogan gets back in the States).

I would think that a good portion of the show was a smarks dream. Announcement leading to nearly 50% less Vince McMahon. Announcement of match that could lead to 100% less Stephanie on the air. Numerous references to being tired of Steph being shoved down everyone's throats. So is there any chance of Stephanie jobbing next week? What if Stephanie gets the pinfall, she isn't champ, is she?

Hey, Paul Heyman is back. And as an actual wrestling manager? Not one who is just eye-candy, but a real old-school manager? That will be good to see, and gives Brock Lesnar a sort of instant credibility.
Eddie Famous

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#28 Posted on

    Originally posted by Excalibur05
    So who does Stacey end up with now?


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#29 Posted on

    Originally posted by Kawshen
    I can understand why they didn't let Rock go heel. His movie isn't out yet, remember?

It comes out next month. We'd probably be more pissed about a hotshot face turn to promote the movie than we would about keeping him face.

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#30 Posted on
I love/hate Canadians. Jesus, these people better damn well make up their minds who to root for. First, they give Hogan, the loudest pop he heard since WM III, then when the Main Event comes up, the crowd dies. Second, they boo and chant Rocky Sucks when Rock comes out. When he cuts that promo on the NWO, they cheer his name and in the main event there were more Rocky chants than Hogan chants. Pick a side, wait a minute, they are part French up there right? Well, that explains everything. I will give them street cred, Christ, I can't believe I just said that, for the Hey, Hey Goodbyes to Vince. That was classic.

As for Raw minus the silly ass ending, this was one of the best Raws to date. They did everything they needed to do after Wrestlemania, bring in storylines, talent and do a major heel/face turn. The promise of no Steph on future WWF programing also rules as well. Apperantly, the WWF does read these websites, God Bless them. I was hoping for the return of Syxx as well, but there is plenty of time for WWF NWO version 2.0. I also don't believe the face Hogan will last long either, so they can do that on Smackdown. All in all, a great Raw.

If there was one thing, I want to bring up about Raw. The Regal/Matt/Lita scene was great. It did a great job of telling the story of the split far apart then anyone did tonight. Call me crazy, but I like those moments on my TV. Nice job guys.

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.37
Why does Vince hate me? I admit to be the leader of the he-man NWO haters club but I really want to stop "bitching". I could have taken this Hogan love fest if he would have just came out in the damn yellow and red, played I am a Real American and got it over with. I could have been ok with a swerve and him turning on TheRock. I could have enjoyed TheRock turning on Hogan and The Outsiders giving TheRock the old school NWO t-shirt presentation. Instead we got ... NOTHING.

I am trying real hard here Ringo. I guess I'll get nothing and like it.

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I wonder how Stephanie feels about killing one of the hottest crowds I have ever seen/heard.

The show seemed really rushed tonight, especially the Booker/Angle vs Kane/Edge match where all four entrances took up about two minutes (I estimate).

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#33 Posted on

    Originally posted by TheBucsFan
    IThe show seemed really rushed tonight, especially the Booker/Angle vs Kane/Edge match where all four entrances took up about two minutes (I estimate).

They really milked the crowd for cheers during all the promos. It seemed to me that they started running out of time towards the end, and as the result the matches had to suffer.

I couldn't believe the count-out at the end. When the hell was the last time that happened? The way Hall/Nash were acting on the ramp, I expected somebody to show up and take out Rock/Hogan.


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#34 Posted on
round-trip tickets to Montreal: $1500

front-row seats at Raw: $200

An arena full of Canadiens chanting "You Screwed Bret!" at Vince McMahon: priceless

(Did you notice Vince giving Flair that little "speed-it-up" signal when the chants started? Too much.)

PS: One MAJOR disappointment was Rock having to inject himself into, and then take over, the heated dressing-down Nash was giving Hogan at the top of the show.

Rock's ridiculous schtick ruined the segment and the angle got lost in the shuffle. It's a cool angle, too: that the nWo were supposed to take out Austin 3-on-1, but Hogan's ego (!) got in the way. Nash was just getting warmed up when Rocky stepped in and screwed it all to hell.

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#35 Posted on
My main question is. . .

. . .where in the hell was Jericho? He just came by to beat up someone, wander around back for a few minutes and leave?

I would think, you know, logically, that he would wanna be there for the RAW match, but I guess Steph really HAS leached off all his heat to the degree where he's no longer neccesary.

What's even sadder is that this match could go either way, and the idea of Steph with a title (besides the women's title) is enough to make me wanna gag.

But Ivory came back, and that's nothing to sneeze at. For one of the WWF's elder stateswomen, she's looking *good.*

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#36 Posted on
Jericho showed up, got pissed at the stagehand - and Montreal in general - for making fun of him, then packed up his ball and mitt and headed home. Perfectly within character.

I wanna know what the guys in the third or fourth row were singing to Stacey during the tag title match.

Steve Gerding
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#37 Posted on
It sounded to me like "Hey Baby", originally by Bruce Channel (think back to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, if you can stand it).

In her black outfit and matching neck brace, didn't Stephanie look like the photo-negative of the Michelin Man?

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Since: 24.2.02
From: Weston, Florida

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#38 Posted on
Things I liked about Raw:

-The open interview segment. I was in awe of the massive pop Hogan got (and I noticed he milked it a bit too, typical Hogan). I don't like Hogan, I've never liked Hogan, but damn that was impressive. I was LOL as Rock knocked down Kevin Nash and Scotch Hall.

-The Flair/McMahon confrontation. I loved the "You screwed Bret" chant (anyone else notice the "We Want Bret" chant during the opening segment?), and I applauded when Flair said that Vince shoved her daughter down everyone's throats. Tell 'em Flair! As for the split, I wouldn't be surprised to see the WWF give up on it by Summerslam.

-Brock Lesner comes in a destroys everyone...with Paul Heyman as his manager? Could work, though the WWF never seems to push "monsters" correctly these days. I really digged the powerbomb he gave Al Snow to the garbage can.

-Triple H, please pin Stephanie please...if you do, you can hold on the title till Wrestlemania XIX for all I care...just get rid of of the car alarm disguised as a human being...I'm begging you.

Things I didn't like about Raw:

-Regal walks up to Matt Hardy and Lita and says how much he enjoys seeing young people in love. Then Matt and Lita diss him. Well fuck them, If I was Regal I would of screwed with their minds too. Segment deserved a re-write, even though it did help get over the magnitude of the split.

-Where was the wrestling? Hopefully this was a one week deal. I don't mind it too much f it's cut down for one RAW, but if this becomes a trend...(though I doubt it)

-The main event booking. I was waiting for JR to say "This is the biggest main event in the history of our sport! The nWo are leaving...we are desperatly out of time! See you next week!". Ugh, what a stupid move. Build the match for Backlash, where at least you can pop a buyrate for Hogan before the fans get tired of him (and keep him out of the ring so you can take advantage of him for a while longer).

Overall I enjoyed RAW, which is something I couldn't say for a few months.


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#39 Posted on
I would NOT get my hopes up if HHH wins next win and Steph McSlut has to leave.

Winner takes all after SS last year anyone? She came back after two weeks, if my memory is correct. My guess is she will be back after a few weeks w/ some lame excuse.

oh, well, it was nice that HHH spoke for all of us.....

EDIT: it not is

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#40 Posted on
I can't help but think that the countout was a last minute decision since they were running out of time after all the interviews took twice as long as expected due to the hottest crowd I remember ever seeing.

The "Na Na Na Na"s were great.

Also, someone asked who Stacy will end up with. I may be reading too much into things but after the Greco-Roman Liplock which Jeff Hardy laid on her at WM, could it be possible that she'll end up with him? Maybe then people will finally stop calling him gay!

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Well, personally, I don't think her getting picked had anything to do with Vince liking her. I mean, Dusty Rhodes was a joke in WWF. They saw him as some random fat guy and turned an over the top classic into a straight up ass.
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