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The W - Pro Wrestling - Post-Rumble Raw Reaction thread (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.41
Pretty good Raw overall. I liked HHH's work both on the mic and in the ring tonight, as it advanced the storyline well enough.

How many people thought HHH would kick out after the spear from Edge, then the sloooowww cover from barely conscious Orton, followed by the looonnngggg count by the ref? This is almost always followed by the kickout.

This selling by HHH made Edge's spear look far more credible than it has since Edge's return from his neck injury. This will be replayed before next week's title shot - of course we all expect HHH to retain, but I wonder who gets cheered the most in Japan?

I would love it if they only had the three announced matches next week - let Jericho and Benoit go for an hour, let the tag title match go 20 minutes, and a half hour for HHH/Edge. Edge is thisclose to being taken seriously, and I've got a strong feeling HHH will bring out the best in him, ala what he did for Shelton. Prediction - tossup between either shenanigans or HHH DQ via countout, etc.

HBK's sweet chin music to Edge's jaw was top notch.

Thankfully Maven's getting a new finisher, and kudos to Hurricane for selling it so well. Does it have a name?

You gotta love any Raw that gives you Snitsky loves shoes, Sweet Chin Music, both the Flair flop and Flair chops - whooo!, complete burying of Simon Dean, and Sgt. Slaughter with a Cobra Clutch, fighting out of the Bear Hug, and a Camel Clutch. Perfect use of Slaughter's skills, and give credit to Hassan for making the bear hug/rest hold look strong.

Loved Jericho setting up Conway in the ropes, then hitting Grenier on the apron.

To me, the only serious drawback was the divasearchwhores graduating from Lita's school of bad acting.

Run, Eugene, Run!

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.44
    Originally posted by hhhgamewmx7
      Originally posted by Mayhem
      So are Orton & Stacy an item in "real life" or something?

    Test this is a Test, Test, Test, this is a Test. If ya missed it she's still goin out with an injured Test, maybe he's not doin it in the bedroom at the moment.
Maybe YOU missed it, but the story that they're not going out anymore made the three weeks ago, I think.

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.06
    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal
      Originally posted by Matt Tracker
      Slick finisher for Maven tonight. Don't think I've ever seen that before. The only thing close would be the Goldust slingshot into the knees.

    I've seen Alex Shelley do it a couple of times, but I *think* Shelley holds the guy's wrists, with the opponent's arms in an "X" in front of him.

    It looked pretty sweet, though, and I think I might actually like Maven's version better -- holding the head adds a nice neck snap to it.


Yeah, ROH Pure Champ John Walters uses it as one of his finishers. He calls it the "Lungblower". He has no charisma, is that why Maven is using it?

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.71
    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by hhhgamewmx7
        Originally posted by Mayhem
        So are Orton & Stacy an item in "real life" or something?

      Test this is a Test, Test, Test, this is a Test. If ya missed it she's still goin out with an injured Test, maybe he's not doin it in the bedroom at the moment.
    Maybe YOU missed it, but the story that they're not going out anymore made the three weeks ago, I think.

    (edited by CRZ on 1.2.05 0853)

That's the same thing I had heard, too ... the reason I asked is that somewhere I read about the storylines mirroring real life in regards to this situation.

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.46
Dave wrote that there is apparently some reality to the Stacy/Randy storyline.

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.32
(deleted by davidlister on 1.2.05 1605)

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#27 Posted on
Hopefully the brain damage storyline leads to Randy dumping Stacy and him dating a mop and saying "you're welcome" a lot.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.79
Really, sorry about that CRZ, maybe I did hear it and didnt care cause he was fired. I'll think more carefully before I post again, my humiliation is complete.


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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.12
Here it is, the way I saw it...which is the first reply since I got layed off from my job, due to a loss in business. Now, I have to go through all the unemployment stuff.

1) HHH/Flair/Batista/JBL Video -> What I got from it...Batista is the best thing going, HHH wants Batista in WM 21. As for the tape, hope this does not end up being the "who pulled up the briefcase" thing that went for a while without an end. Great, get to see JBL twice in one week.

2) Benjamin/Simon Dean -> Nice to see Simon lose, but that was too fast of a match.

2a) Brawl-for-all recap -> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

3) Christy/Edge/HBK -> Can't they get her a few matches. Edge yelling at Christy = pointless to talk about in my book. HBK/Edge -> Hilarious about the adlib on the microphone problems. Funny, that this was the 2nd adlib that took place during HBK/Edge time in the last few weeks. I was worried that my TiVo was the problem...Not 5 days before Super Bowl Sunday when we have 40 people coming.

4) Maven/Hurricane -> All that means to me in this match is that both have to change their gimmicks. Anyway, nice move to finish the match by Maven. Now, he still needs a makeover.

4a) Snitsky/Women -> Whatever

4b) UT/Heidenreich highlights...whoopee, we get to see UT & Kane reunite (once again). Feels like they had more reunitings than Big Show had face/heel turns (and that was the first few years of his contract).

5) Y2J/Benoit vs La Res -> I'm always worried when the announcers, whoever they are, end up talking about "dream teams," they always end up splitting up in the next two weeks. Double DQ? What was that? I don't get it.

5a) The Masterpiece -> How long until he changes gimmicks.

6) Hassan/Daivari -> The boredom meter is rising as each step is made. We show what happened to him at RR. Kind of the "get 10 wrestlers to take out the biggest wrestler" plan. Daivari just babbles...until...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not Slaughter. We were just talking about him to ourselves last week. No comment about the match, except "Sgt. Slaughter, thanks for doing the job, see you in about 6 months, around July 4th, so you can have your next match, and lose again."

6a) Jericho/Benoit argue, thus following my plan about dream teams.

6b) Eugene WM promo -> Funny, but that's all we'll see from him in the next few months.

6c) Matches next week from Japan...looks interesting. Maybe we'll get the grainy picture like when they were in the UK.

7) Orton/HBK vs Flair/HHH -> There's JR saying "lacerated." Heard that quite a bit when he was in Mid-South. We get the typical Flair stuff, with one addition. Get slapped, get slapped again, and then do a reverse Flair Flop. Ric, just get out of the ring -- for good. Funny with Batista. He gets thrown out, does the Earl Weaver fit, then laughs while walking back, thinking "I meant to do that." Ending had a bit of everything...ref bump, concussion angle, fuel to the fire for next week's championship match between HHH and Edge. Orton's concussed look was like mine when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. My parents tried to prop me up while I was sitting down, and it didn't work too well.

8) Kane/Snitsky -> Had the cage coming down with the eerie music. I wonder if Smackdown is going to use the cage, since both Raw and Smackdown going back to back in the same place on the same day. The match wasn't that good for a steel cage blood. Trish coming in didn't do much for me. But Snitsky getting the gate (literally) was very painful to see. He must be singing soprano for 2 weeks.

Other stuff:

Theodore Long on my TV for two days instead of one...the SuperShow idea was a great idea. And we get a mini-promo for the barbed wire steel cage match at No Way Out, too.
We're Raw --- and our ring announcer wears a pink hat. Try that Chimel!!!

I'll be back probably on Friday, maybe Saturday. Get to get Smackdown off my TiVo before Super Bowl Sunday. I have to tape it for commercials, since it will be noisy at the house on Sunday.

So, Smackdown, I have a couple of questions for you...

1) Who prompted the tape?

2) Will you use the cage?


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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.34
    Originally posted by saturn93
    2a) Brawl-for-all recap -> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

...and why is that, anyway. I don't think it made them any extra scratch when they were doing it to begin with, so why drudge that crap back up again? The only reason anyone might remember Brawl-For-All, even remotely, is because of how bad it was and because once a year or so, they dig up that footage of Butterbean knocking 'whatsizname'. Hell, I'M even able to forget about it except when they show the footage and then I try to just unremember it right after.

How does the thought of Brawl-For-All make ANYONE want to see Wrestlemania?

EDIT: The hell? Was I drunk typing that...

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 10.00
It's not that they still think the Gunn/Butterbean match was important or revenge worthy or whatever, it's that they thought it was one of those things when they cut these clips together two (three?) years ago. They haven't much more since, so they can't pull one without repeating the other (many - not all) overshown ones even more.

If this prevents me from having to see Andre choke Bob every three weeks, more power to it.

There's no reason there shouldn't be enough WM moments to have very few repeats between December at WM (enough so they don't have to show the same one three times a weekend), but they've been content to rest upon their laurels when it comes to WM moments.

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.46


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