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25.3.19 0426
The W - Ladies Only - Posedown vs. Divas...
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Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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First of all, thanks to Emma for the awesome first person accounts of that friggin' excellent segment. Okay ladies, I've read quite a few reviews of RAW and well, it's as I figured. The guy reviewers saw the posedown segment as "gay", while the female reviewers didn't seem to mind. Both sides did agree that the segment could've been shorter. The point I'm making is this--it's pretty obvious to me, that after years of us women having to make the best out of lingerie matches, bra and panty matches, pudding matches, mud matches, snowbunny matches, and bikini contests, it was time for US to have our own little showoffy contest with the guys, and who better then two men with arguably the best physiques in pro wrestling, right?

We all know that HHH is a big fan of bodybuilding, and Steiner is into it as well. Considering that HHH is still healing that leg, and Steiner's working off rust or something, that posedown was a novel way for the fans (who know of their hobbies in the gym) to see this rivalry build up. By the way, for those of you who wondered who the heck Wayne DeMillia is (HHH called Coachman the Wayne DeMillia type), he's the president of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building), and the announcer at the Mr. Olympia contest. If one of those poses was a lat spread (the back flex), sorry, Scott, but HHH would've SMOKED ya!

So, having compared that to a wedding between two performers I have a hard time respecting or caring about, I think that two big guys flexing their muscles are much easier to swallow, so to speak, hee hee... Oh, and I learned from watching bodybuilding contests with my brother, the big part of the score in a major body building contest is the symmatry (I forgot how to spell it). I can definitely see how HHH would beat Steiner in a real posedown (non-setup). Opinions on this are welcome, and remember, bodybuilders are people too.


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Madame Manga
Boudin rouge

Since: 16.1.02
From: Silicon Valley

Since last post: 974 days
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I had a brief vogue for bodybuilding back in the early '90s (that is, I read magazines; I didn't do it!) So I got the jokes without a problem. ;-)

Much better than the wedding, of course. We turned off the sound on the wedding--heck, the moment we see Dawn Marie, Torrie, or Dildo Al, we reach for the mute switch. But it still wasn't wrestling, alas.

Showing off the guys is fine by me, though most of them wear so little in the ring that I don't really need any special segments just for that! Adding mildly amusing filler segments doesn't make up for really terrible filler segments. I kept thinking, "What if they gave some of this ample time to people who AREN'T injured and/or rusty, and they had matches or something? Wouldn't THAT be cool?"


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Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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#3 Posted on
Ah, Manga, it'll be OK -- you're big ol' Taker will be back soon. :-)

Its quite the dilemma. What do you do with a headliner who can't work for a short time? They want/need to generate interest in the match at the PPV, so they need to have HHH & Steiner on TV. People bitch if its just talk-talk-talk promos. It makes sense that they don't want to give away Steiner wrestling for free. (For a whole variety of reasons!) Given all that, I think the arm wrestling & the posedown were decent ways to give the guys the exposure, advance the plotline, & let them have a little fun with it.

Would I rather see HHH wrestle rather than pose? Yeah. Would I rather see something a little different & fun rather than the standard "grr-grr" talking promo? Yeah. Would I rather see HHH pose rather than not see him at all? Definitely. Would I rather see Johnny Stamboli & a jobber wrestle rather than HHH pose? Not for a second.
Madame Manga
Boudin rouge

Since: 16.1.02
From: Silicon Valley

Since last post: 974 days
Last activity: 689 days
#4 Posted on
I would rather not see HHH at all, at least for a while. ;-) Even though they've cut back on him and improved his character, the memory of the overkill still lingers. I enjoy the guy very much when he is on the mark, and with all these injuries he obviously needs to go rehab for a while--preferably OUT of the gym! Give him a vacation long enough that I will anticipate his comeback. Don't worry, Tripsy--we'll still remember you exist.

This could apply to a lot of people--easing up on the headliners' exposure will prolong careers for all sorts of reasons, IMO.

And yes, thank goodness, the 'Taker will be back from HIS long vacation in a little while, and Madame will feel less cranky. ;-)

Ana Ng

Since: 6.8.02
From: Naples, FL, USA

Since last post: 5451 days
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#5 Posted on
I don't know. I'm a chick, and I thought the posedown was pretty damn gay. Gay as in the way Eric Cartman would call something gay.

I'd be all for it if the guys involved were more attractive. Hunter's all right on the eyes, but not with that weird orange goo all over him. And Steiner's just scary.

As mentioned above, we do get to see quite a bit of guy almost nudity anyway. They wrestle in next to nothing. But if, say, Shane McMahon were to take off his shirt in a segment that was viewed as long, boring, and pointless by most, you wouldn't hear me complaining. I don't think that boy's ever even showed ankle.

It was better than the wedding, but that's not saying much. It gets points for having something remotely to do with wrestling, but that's, again, not saying much.

I'm with MM on H needing time off. Ditto for Jeff Hardy. Both of them have the ability to make good tv, but they're not doing it right now. Take a break, get in shape that's more practical for competition (maybe H can give Jeffy some of his muscle?), and come back after we've had a chance to semi-forget how much they're NOT on at the moment.

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Think Happy Kurt Angle Thoughts.
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

Since last post: 4289 days
Last activity: 4288 days
#6 Posted on
I kiss HHH's ass as much as possible, but a vacation (for any reason), sounds not too bad. At least we are saying that his promos and character are improving slowly. That overkill, to he honest, wasn't kosher with me either. But as much as I get tired of seeing him (sometimes), I would'nt even think of wishing injury on him. But, a vacation is not a bad idea. But, as we know, the chances of a main eventer getting an asked vacation are very slim.


The PEAKS come out at night!

Since: 19.7.02
From: Trenton, NJ, USA

Since last post: 4409 days
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#7 Posted on
Awww... I thought the posedown was actually entertaining. You knew that HHH had something up his sleeve and that's what made it funny. I enjoyed how Steiner kept one-upping HHH during the segment. The only thing that really took away from it was how predictable it was. But I did like it very much.

When comparing this to that wedding on Smackdown last week, I was more apt to shoot myself during the wedding than this. Man, I can't stand Dawn Marie and wish that she would sincerely get off my tv with this stupidity. This angle is dead. Hell, Torrie didn't even care to run out to stop the wedding. Anything to make them go away for a while. Let's just hope this Stepmother/Stepdaughter match kills this angle before I kill my tv.

Not trying to deviate from my original thought, but I also agree with MM here. HHH does need some time off because I'm not enjoying him as I did years before. At the same time, I think that the McMahons sincerely think this guy is the future of wrestling or something. The way he's crammed down our throats make him stale. Thus, he needs to go away for a bit, tweak his image, and come back refreshed. Let someone knock him down a peg and let him start from the bottom up again.

As far as Jeff Hardy, I don't want to see him until after Wrestlemania, personally. He REALLY needs to take a break, get some direction, and overhaul his image. I don't want to say that he should come back looking 'normal', but him losing the hair coloring and face paint would please me. The glow in the dark clothing can stay, so can the music, but dude needs to take a break for a little bit.

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Since: 29.1.02
From: PA

Since last post: 53 days
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#8 Posted on
I have to agree with Ana - the posedown lost all value for me about 6 seconds into HHH removing the jacket. Someone went a little heavy on the bottle tan. HHH's physique is impressive, but Scott Steiner's is just gross. Seriously, that arm vein looks like it's going to pop off and form its own appendage at any time. But that was still better than the wedding stuff they've been doing on Smackdown, especially this "Al is dead" thing. I worry when my soap and my wrestling have similar storylines.

As for HHH getting time off, I'm more inclined to think he just needs a better foil. It's almost like he's the heel de facto in the Steiner/HHH feud because Steiner is new. To me, Steiner's done nothing to establish himself as a face. He rambles about freaks, peaks, and hollering. Can't have a heel without a face

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Hey, I think he looks great! I always found him to be one of the coolest guys in the WWE. He always stops and acknowledges people when they shout out to him, and always waves and yells back and stuff.
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