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20.6.18 1029
The W - Pro Wrestling - Piper Fired
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Since: 2.1.02
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Roddy Piper was officially announced as being let go tonight after the conclusion of the taped Smackdown show where he did the job for Eddy Guerrero in a tag match.

WWE claimed that since Piper had not signed his new contract, which would have run through August, and "to assist Piper from engaging in any self destructive behavior," they have ceased doing business with him.

This came as no surprise, as it would have been impossible for Piper to co-exist in the locker room after his appearance on the HBO special.

But to the general public, once again, the WWE comes off looking worse than ever.

...that was quick.

Somebody told me Air Bud's playing volleyball now???

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Statement regarding Roddy Piper

Since March 31, 2003, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (“WWE”) and Roderick Toombs, p/k/a “Roddy Piper”, have attempted to negotiate the terms of an arrangement for Roddy to appear on WWE programming through August of this year. The parties have been unable to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

On Tuesday, June 24, Piper appeared on an HBO program and revealed disturbing facts about his own personal drug use. Piper stated that he used drugs for many years while working in professional wrestling and that he does not like the person that he becomes when he actively performs as a professional wrestler.

In view of WWE’s inability to reach agreement on a contract and to assist Piper from engaging in any self destructive behavior, the WWE is ending any further discussion with Piper regarding a contract.

The WWE sincerely hopes for Piper and his family that Roddy can find happiness.


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    Originally posted by rv581
    ( "The WWE sincerely hopes for Piper and his family that Roddy can find happiness."
WOW. Talk about a slap in the face...


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Damn! I was hoping to see him Tuesday at the Smackdown! tapings in Rochester.

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It's about time Piper's double-talk came back around to bite him in the ass. He's been bad-mouthing McMahon for years, even recently with that TNA appearance just before he hit the WWE.

Don't diss your boss on television, especially in such a high profile situation. Duh.

- Sam

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I was curious about that upcoming Piper's Pit in Calgary they keep hyping up. Oh well.

On the plus side, stepping out of the shadow should hopefully be Sean O'Haire.
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Those Piper promos for Calgary are so old school; all it needed was the bluescreen background.

I wonder when HBO started production on this segment. If Piper shot this back in March or something, then he must feel like quite the fool.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    Those Piper promos for Calgary are so old school; all it needed was the bluescreen background.

And Kenny Resnick(or Billy Red Lyons) welcoming Piper in...

Edit: how could I forget Billy Red Lyons? "Doncha dare miss it!"

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From: California

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    Originally posted by SamRulezTheWorld

    It's about time Piper's double-talk came back around to bite him in the ass. He's been bad-mouthing McMahon for years, even recently with that TNA appearance just before he hit the WWE.

    Don't diss your boss on television, especially in such a high profile situation. Duh.

    - Sam

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Vince McMahon, and even the people at TNA (supposedly not Russo) knew what they were getting when they hired him. Piper knew that, when he signed with McMahon that he was pretty much going to do whatever the hell he wanted, and he did.

Piper's actions (working for WWE) did seem to contradict his words, if you could understand them, but I don't think this bit him in the ass at all. He was doing what he has always done, being a loudmouth ass. And thank God for that.

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From what I could tell, Piper was just telling the truth. A truth that is probably very real to some on the WWE roster as well. So WWE let him go because he admitted that drugs are a part of wrestling. They would have looked like the WWE knows about the drug use and lets it go on unchecked. Of course they can't let that be publice knowledge, so they let go of Piper and pretend that he is the only one doing drugs.

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Ugh... go figure. I was just getting in Piper's work again (and I didn't expect to when he returned at Mania) and then this happens.
Everyone here is right, though. He ran his mouth off in his book, on television, in TNA, and he actually expected there to be no problems going forward? Did he expect to KEEP his job? And now,what recourse does Piper have to state his case? It's not long he can go on mainstream television and say he was wrongfully dismissed... and I doubt even TNA would take him back.
I think, in time, this will be to the WWE's benefit. He was the proverbial loose cannon who had slightly more than a cameo appearance on SmackDown this year. He helped O'Haire get a bit of TV time, and had some funny exchanges with Hogan, McMahon and even Jericho.
That said, Vince is probably glad to be rid of the headaches. And unlike what (I think) Meltzer said, its not gonna bode badly for the WWE at all, because everyone will forget about this over time.
The only regret I have -- I was REALLY hoping they'd put a Piper DVD out at one point. Guess I can kiss the chances of that happening goodbye....

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Since: 7.1.02
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Least shocking news ever. I figured Piper needed WWE more than WWE needed Piper. So Piper wasn't exactly in a position to be as outspoken as he apparently was on that special.

And I also doubt this will look bad for WWE, nobody outside of the internet circles will either know or care what happened to Piper.

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Since: 20.6.02
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Well, good job, WWE! It took you guys three months to come to your senses, but let's see how much damage Piper's presence has caused in three months. After the stunt he pulled with TNA, you'd think that ANYBODY with any kind of sense would have seen the danger in hiring a self-contradictory, babbling idiot like Piper, but not Nostalgic Vince McMahon.

So after he basically bad-mouthed the product through endless rants and shows how dangerous he is with a live mic by nearing turning TNA upside-down (in a BAD way), Vince McMahon actually HIRES Piper and proceeds to give him precious TV time that included one of the worst PPV matches in recent memory. And now WWE is actually SHOCKED that Piper would pull something like his HBO interview. REALITY CHECK! Roddy Piper plus a live mic equals danger! The fact that Piper ran his mouth off AGAIN shouldn't come as a shock to ANYBODY, but I guess it did to the higher-ups at WWE. Oh, but what do we all know? We're just stupid kids on our parents' computer, right?

But worst of all, Vince McMahon willingly sacrificed one of the biggest sure-fire, can't-miss characters to get RODDY FREAKING PIPER over!

Sean O'Haire could have been one of the coolest characters in wrestling today. The vignettes intrigued fans to no end. People were legitimately curious. The character had limitless potential and possibilities. Whether he came in as a face or a heel, it didn't matter--people just wanted to see what he would do. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for O'Haire to debut. So what does Vince McMahon and the alleged "creative" team do? They flush it all down the toilet and turn him into a second banana for an ungrateful, selfish old fart who never should have been re-hired in the first place!

Guess this means O'Haire will need to be repackaged AGAIN, doesn't it? Hey Sean, enjoy the next few weeks off and dream of what could have been. WWE revisionist history could try and dust off the past few months, brush them off like they never happened, and try to resurrect the Devil's Advocate character through hell or high water, but it could very well be too late. The original aura and intrigue can't be duplicated. WWE blew their load. They can either try (and fail) to re-capture the magic or they can wait for another old fart to come along and make O'Haire HIS second banana.

Hope you got a big rush from your nostalgia trip, Vince. But in the end, was it really worth it?

Rant over.

And Mr. Piper: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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Don't believe a word of this.

They actually fired Piper because he kept eating entire buffet tables before anybody else got to them.
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I don't think Piper did anything all that bad. Vince, on the other hand, should be canned on the spot... but that's not likely.

You know, while those "Kiss My Ass" Club spots wore out there welcome a while ago, I found it particularly unfunny after seeing the HBO special.

Vince needs to go away for a while - and get some therapy while he's at it.

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Urg... so Piper get's fired for saying something that he really feels strongly about?

We need more Piper's out there... there's very few people who have the balls to do what Piper says. He's about the only 'big' star aside from Bret who's talked about unions in wrestling.

This pisses me off... I don't much care for Piper's work, but to let him go because he reveales some of wrestling's dirty secrets... ... URG!

I'm damned glad I retired from the business...

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Since: 4.4.03
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Hey it could have been least they didn't change O'Hare to much so mabe he won't fade into no where now that he's not a lacky anymore.

This is getting annoying now isn't it?
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Since: 6.1.02
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Does anybody know when that segment for the HBO show was taped? I feel like the WWE had to know what he said, as he's been saying it for quite some time now. It's all ridiculous.

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    Originally posted by The Goon
    Oh well.

    On the plus side, stepping out of the shadow should hopefully be Sean O'Haire.

I hope they decide to push O'Haire into the spotlight on his own.......but I have a bad feeling that he will be left to just fade away on Heat.

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At least he got to be at MSG one more time. I'm not sorry to see him go, since a) WWE won't let him talk and b) I'm not sure I want to hear the current nutjob Piper talk anyway.

I hope they FINALLY start pushing O'Haire now. The guy is a freakin' monster and shouldn't be wasted the way he is now.

Anyone got an over/under on days until Honky Tonk Dumbass pops up online somewhere ripping on him for getting the boot?

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