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The W - Pro Wrestling - OVW TV Report for 4/2/05
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OVW TV report for 4/2/05

Taped from the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY 3/30/05


Our Hosts are Jim Cornette and Dean "The man, the myth, the mustache" Hill

Welcome everyone to OVW TV, where tonight Jim Cornette will tell us tonight's matches. Tonight, Aaron "The Idol" Stevens/Beth Phoenix v.s. Danny Inferno/Trudic DeNucci in a Jersey Shore Streetfight, MNM v.s. the Thrillseekers in a rematch for the Southern Tag Team Championship, but first.

BRENT "The Shooter" ALBRIGHT v.s. "The Giantkiller" MIKE MONDO (w/ Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin and Miss Blue) - Beat the Champ TV title Match

This should be boss. Dean Hill lets us know that "Ray Ramsey is your referee, kickin' things off on the WB". Why doesn't Lillian have a catchphrase like Dean Hill?
Lockup, waistlock by Albright and a take down, another one, another one. Mondo grabs his back and pain and stalls. Mondo shoves Albright, slaps him. Albright ponders the slap and then SPEARS mondo. Punches and fists a fury, whip to the ropes, overhead belly to belly suplex by Albright. Mondo throws Albright out of the ring. Bolin has the suitcase and sets up to to nail Albright, but the ref actually catches him! That's something they need to bring back in WWE. Mondo however kicks Albright in the midsection field-goal style outside the ring, then throws him in. 2. count. Stomp, kick. Mondo whips him in to the buckle and throws shoulderblocks at Albright. 2 count. Mondo locks in the octopus stretch on Albright, mistakenly called an abdominal stretch by Dean Hill. Man, is Inoki gonna be pissed when he gets his OVW tapes this month. Mondo runs into an Albright boot, double clothesline. Cornette says Albright is undefeated since he became TV champ. Ablright kicks Mondo, clothesline, whip, elbow, t-bone suplex, gets 2.

Whip, reversed, overhead belly-to-belly again. 2 count. Mondo barely kicked out of that one. Punch, whip to the corner, Albright misses chargined in after him. Mondo his the gutcheck (gorilla press---> lays down on the ground with his knees up gutbuster) for 2. Mondo goes up top. Albirght up, turns the slash into an armbreaker. Crowbar (armbar) is locked on! Blue distracts the ref who doesn't get much play according to Cornette. Mondo taps like crazy, but the ref doesn't see it. Mondo accidently hits Blue who goes flying into Bolin and they go down like bowling pins. Crowbar locked back in on Mondo... Mondo taps!!! Another $1000 for Albright Crowd chants "YOU TAPPED OUT", and Albrihgt says it on the house mic. "You just tapped out to the best damn wrestler on OVW today, "The Shooter"(tm) Brent Albright. BLASTER LASHELEY, resident OVW hoss and Bolin Services's muscle runs out to the ring and challenges Albright. Albright runs towards the ring, but about a million refs stop him before he hits the ring.

Winner: Brent Albright

Fun match, probably ** 1/2ish. Albright always brings the wrestling.

-- Ad Break-

OVW INVADES cloverport KY and reclaims it for the Rasslin Territory States of America! 7 big matches!! Sat April 9th. Belltime is 7:30.

OVW in E-town at the Community center, April 22th and 8 pm. Elijah Burke, Thrillseekers, Matt Morgan, etc.

We are back and Cornette is in the ring. He says Rasslemania is tommorrow, and 3 OVWers will be in the main events... Randy Orton, John Cena, and Batista. Batista gets a big pop. Cornette says come to Derby Park Expo 5 for OVW matches at 6, WM at 7. Now let us take you back to last week... wait a minute, what a serve... live in the ring here comes MATT MORGAN. He is super roided up like he is going to be called up to TV in a few weeks. Morgan rips on Orton, Cena, and Batista. He says he's the baddest and has the most potential of anyone who has come through this damn arena. He says all the hicks know it too. He wants to know who's fault it is that he's not at WM. He says Cornette called Morgan a Wrestlemania Moment waiting to happen. He blames OVW, WWE, and Cornette. Cornette says he'll tell you whose fault it is. He says take the silly mask off and look me in the eye. Cornette says he's not going to threaten him, but he'll tell him the truth. He is 7' 300 lbs. He says he has the most amazing skills of anyone who has come through OVW. He says Morgan has beaten everyone, and has more upside than anyone in this industry. He says Morgan has been held down... by MATT MORGAN. Morgan goes crazy. Cornette says it is your fault, because he has all the tools and skills. He says Morgan wasn't content to wait, Morgan tried to go to WWE before he was ready. He said Morgan turned his back on OVW and the OVW fans, his trainers and everyone. YOU Matt Morgan are your own worst enemy. He says Morgan's worst enemy is look in the mirror, it's you. Morgan grabs Cornette like he is going to destroy him. Morgan says calmer heads will prevail. He says he wants one more match against Elijah Burke. Cornette says Elijah Burke has never backed down from a fight. Next week, Cornette will give you an answer on challenging Burke. Morgan says with or without that mask, Morgan will show why he's the Blueprint of OVW. Great segment.

Next, Tag Titles on the line


SEE WRESTLEMANIA FOR FREE ON OVW'S DOLE... er for $10 but it's cheaper than $50... and you get to watch it with toothless white trash ruining it for you!!

Holy fuck, a cell phone commerical during OVW? White trash have cell phones? Ok, here's a gun show ad... that's more like it!! YEAH!!2nd poker ad of the ad break!!! w00t!

We are back...


Melina will be cuffed to the ringpost, TONIGHT. No sign guys tonight for MNM due to lack of mark trainees to hold signs. Is everyone gone for springbreak? No splits under the bottom rope for Melina tonight.... the refs handcuff Melina to the ropes. Crowd doesn't like no splits. Melina is "handcuffed" to the post. The Thrillseekers come out looking like a bunch of thugs. Ref is Rob Briscoe, the lost Briscoe brother. The Thrillseekers' white boots look really bush league tonight like they bought them at K-Mart. MNM try to release Melina. MNM hide by Melina. Refs break them up and try to get the match start. Matthews and Matt start. Matt cleans house, Matthews, whipped into the corner. Matt slides under Matthews's attack in the corner and goes outside the ring, kisses Melina. Matt back in with a sunset flip from the apron, but blind tag made to Nitro. Trade punches, whip, reverse, clothesline ducked. Nitro chase Matt around the ring. Nitro goes for a sunset flip from the outside but he hits nothing but air. Double elbow, Jeter in. punches to Jeter. Matthews in, whip, double clothesltne ducked, double clothesline to MNM. whip reversed, forearm, dropkick by jeter. Hiptoss. Neckbreaker. 1, Nitro breaks it up, Nitro punched out of the ring, whip whip reversed. Nitro back in and backdrops Jeter over the top rope !! HOLY SHIT... that was a sick bump. Nitro throws Jeter into the ring, 2 count, Nitro tags in.


That was a 70 seocnd ad break instead of a one minute ad break, Cornette = A LIAR. Don't rust that carnie scum. Back in the ring, knee to the gut, two count. Nitro taged in, double suplex. 2 count but Matt breaks it up. Jeter in trouble. SCOOOOOP slam.. 2 count. WB logo fucks up in the corner of the screen and swells to take up the whole screen for a minunte. Double breakbreaker in a nice spot, sort of a rockbottom on both knees. Double arm whip into the corner and Jeter does a flair flip to sell. Stomp by matthews, Matthews chokes Jeter on the ropes. Nitro punches Jeter on the apron. Backbreaker by Matthews... now a bow and arrow submission on Keter.

Jeter knees out. Nitro tagged in, grabs Jeter. Jeter tries to fight his way to his corner for several seconds. Enizugri, a TSN-style quick cut away to the crowd so the spot must have been fucked. Matt in cleaning house, many clothlesines, jumping leg lariat. Matthews flajacked onto Nitro (!)... nipup. shakey-shakey legdrop. 2-count! Matthews suplexed in... reversed into a crossbody... long 2 count.! Jeter baseball slides Matthews. Matt/Nitro in, but Jeter is back in too! DOUBLE SUPERKICK. Matthews makes the save. Boot to the the gut... jeter thrown outside. Matt throws Joey out out. Matt up to the top... Matthews back in, throws Matt off the top to the outside! MNM call for the snapshot. Jeter in to bust it up... double rollup by the Thrillseekers on MNM gets 1-2-3! MNM go crazy! Double superkick to MNM. Melina is unhandcuffed and in the ring. She tries to hit The Thrillseekers with the handcuffs but it doesn't have much effect. They go to spank her but MNM blindside THe Thrillseekers. Massive beatdown. Snapshot (It's a 3-D, but the guy holding the neck does a DDT instead of a Diamond Cutter) on Jeter... Snapshot on matt. MAC JOHNSON is back along with his partner SETH SKYFIRE!. Big dropkicks for everyone .. they clear the ring and make the save. Mac Johnson says MNM put him in the hospital and now they want 3 things M-N-M. You put me in the hopsital but you didn't put me 6 feet under!

Winners: The Thrillseekers

Really fun match, probably in the *** 1/4 neighborhood.


Summer Sizzler Series is coming at Six Flags!

Ancient "Disney's Greatest Hits" commercial How come OVW has some sponsors all of a sudden that weren't pawn shops/poker/dating services?

We are back and the Heartbeakers/Mo Greene are selling gay sex in the crowd in exchange for money for the WHAS Children's Crusade.

Let us take you back to last week after we went off the air. TES!

TOMMY DREAMER is in the ring. He says he works behind the scenes in WWE. His job is to see who is going to be the next Rock or Stone Cold. Dreamers says people who come out of OVW are the top guys in this business, from Randy Orton to Rob Conway to Eugene. "Now for business I wanted to come out here and make an announcement". M-N-M come out and intterupt. No sign marks last week either. Nice to have your own red carpet ready for your run-in. We do get our splits from Melina on in this segment... sweet.

Matthew says these people don't want to hear your special announcement Dreamer. Matthews say we're kind of a big deal around here. He says we're the stars... we're the reaons people come out here. He says we're the reasons the OVW TV ratings are through the roof. He says it's 2005, we make the headlines... Dreamer is maybe 1995. Dreamer says I don't mean to interrupt the great MNM. Dreams says the 400 people here think you're an ASSHOLE. Matthew says Dreamer is a hasbeen, washed up. He says he sucked in WWE, and sucked in ECW. He says as much as we hate your fat stinkin guts, there's someone in the back who hates you even more! He does the NWO point..

It's LANCE STORM~!~! Storm has either done nothing since he retired but lift or else he's on the juice for his comeback, because he looks much bigger than he ever has in his career. "IF I CAN BE SERIOUS FOR A MINUTE. You're out here braggin about all the young talent you've hired. You want a real superstar. You go hire someone from CALGARY, Alberta Canada."
Does this mean Ted Hart is on the WAY IN? I'm marking like crazy at this point.

"Let's face it Dreamer. Let's face it dreamer, when ECW folded you were nothing." Storm says he went onto WCW to be a 3-time US champ.. he held the Hardcore, US, and Cruiserweight titles all at once. He says in WWE, while Dreamer was curtain-jerking on heat... he held the IC title... and was a 4-time tag champ. He says the only time Dreamer was anything in this business was in ECW, and "I was kicking your ass there too!"

Dreamer is going to come out of retirement and have his "alleged" last match here in OVW. He said he was going to have an open challenge, bu the has two friends who would like to be his tag team parnters. The DUDLEY BOYS are out and the crowd goes crazy and we have a six-man tag team match! ECW ECW ECW ECW


It's an ECW PPV preview with five former roster members in a match. Dreamer does the uuuuultimate warrior rope shank. Dream has a red OVW t-shirt proving he is the biggest company suckup ever.

Snip and Buh Buh slaps Matthews in the corner. Pulls Matthews hair and goes for anosther slap. WOOOO. Matthews rolls out of the ring. We cut and D-von and Storm are in. D-Von an house of fire. Storm gets shoulderblocked. Nitro backdropped . Flapjack to storm. More clothesline. Melina in the ring. Slaps buh buh, but Buh Buh blocks. Buh Buh pulls down Melina's skirt~!, revealing her luscious booty. SWEET. Matthews and Buh Buh in. slam. Wazzup headbutt. We cut to Storm doing the job. Matthews comes back out with a tennis racket and beats everyone up them up.

The Thrillseekers make the save. Buh buh says for the past 10 years. He says they have the honor of being in one of the best teams in pro wrestling. He says that the Thrillseekers will be one of the best teams in pro wrestling. he says they are the future of tag team wrestling. Dreamer says there is another great tag team in OVW. They are... THE HEARTBREAKERS (w/ MO GREENE).

It's Raining Men and the Heartbreakers come out in street clothes and doing a bunch of gay dancing. They hop on the dudleys and start humping them. Dudleys clear the ring. Buh Buh grabs a kendo stick and tries to hit them. Dreamer says they're good people. Dreamer says he's seen the Dudleys do everything in this business, from barbed wire to TLC matches, but he's never seen the Dudleys dance.

He tells the sound guy to hit the music again and "It's Raining Men" fires up again on the PA. Everyone except Dreamer/Dudleys start gay dancing with The Heartbreakers. Hilarious. Mo Green and the Heartbreakers start grinding on D-Von Dudley until he starts dancing in about 10 seconds. Everyone urges Buh Buh to dance.. he holds out for about 20 seconds. .. he does some crazy super white boy dancing. Buh Buh does the WORM. D-Von, does a spinarooni. Mo Greene marks. They get Tommy to dance after much gay humping by all three Heartbreakers for about a minute. This is like some bizzarre hazing ritual by Cornette for the ECW guys. Dreamer busts out some even better, Napoleon Dynamite-style, white boy dancing. it's official, Dreamer is whiter than Buh Buh. We cut and everyone on the roster starts gay dancing with a bunch of little toothless kids JYD style (or they may have been midgets, who can tell in a 6 second clip) and PEDOmania is running wild. Did Rob Feinstein book that last part? Perhaps the greatest segment ever in the history of wrestling.



150th episode of Charmed... how the hell does that show get to 150 episodes?

Singles line ad cuz all OVW fans are virgin losers


Inferno comes out with New Jack style plunder. PUnching. Girls are fighting on the announce table. Dean hill looks all horny at this display. Cornette leaves the table like the geek his is. Idol punches Stevens. women run around rinside. Trudi has a trash can lid. hits Phoenix on the head. Opens up a sack. it's hairspray. sprayed in the eyes! Another panties shot from under Phoenix's skirt. And people think Heyman's bad? Trudi puts lipstick all over Beth. She's got a oversized BRA. Choking phoenix with it. That looks like one of Synn's Chokes beth in the ropes.

Idol in the ring, grabs Trudi by the hair. Oh yeah, the men were wrestling too off-camera Infero in.. lowo blow, slap, punch. Ref counts down Idol. Apparently this is yet another version of a "Jersey Shore Streetfight" where you just get counted down instead of having to get pinned before the ref starts counting. Gets to an 8 count before Idol gets up. Beth thrown out of the ring. Trudi punches agway. Idol Women fight to the back. Inferno gets backdropped over the top rope. Iodl grabs a mop handle and breaks it over inferno's chest. Phoenix back out. Throws coffee in Denucci's eyes. Everyone bounces heads off the annouce table old-school Raw main event style. women fight on the announce table and start rolling all over it. This is pretty wild here. Stevens grabs a broom from the janitor's closet and clocks infero. Dean is out of commission. 9 count and the faces are up. Heels take over again. both back into the ring. Dean is back now. Lots of punching. Double whip, double duck. Faces come back with punches in stereo. Both go down. Stevens tied up in the tree of woe. Trudi grabs Phoenix the hair. Phoenix goes into Steven's crotch! What a low blow. Cornette says "that's the most painful time she's been down there". Double whip. Double trash can shot. Chris Kay counts Stevens down. 10 count... Stevens is koed.

Winners: Danny Inferno and Trudi DeNucci

Really intense brawl, albeit with no much sense to it. Let's say about ** 1/4.

Beth Phoenix in the ring. throws powder in Danny Inferno's eyes. DeNucci mounts Phoenix and starts wailing on her with punches. Idol has Trudi, and sets up a piledriver. Stiff piledriver looks wicked. DeNucci sells it Memphis style and lays motionless on the canvas. Cornette reminds us that piledrivers are ILLEGAL in OVW. The heels act like they may have crossed the line and went to far.


We are back abd Cornette talks in the serious "Owen died" tone that always pisses me off. Trudi getting stretchered out and still isn't moving. Cornette says this is tragic and we will update you on Trudi's condition next week.

Really awesome show, after a couple medicore ones the last two weeks. All the matches were good, plus a kickass Cornette/Morgan segment and the ECW segment from last week after we went off the air. No replays of footage from last week makes me a happy camper.
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The Morgan/Cornette segment sounds good. Morgan is lucky to have a savant like Corny to carry him and make him seem interesting in the least.

MNM and the Jeter/Capotelli teams sound solid...would OVW have anyone else if the WWE called them up? Or would the poor man's Christopher Street Connection (Heartbreakers) run everything?

Dancing...feh. Really proves that they're WWE junior. Cornette must be secretly slashing himself.


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Hey! I'm the one that does the OVW reports around here!

No, just kidding, although I was about to write something Sunday about the "ECW" match from the show, and saw you already covered it pretty well there.

Two minor thing -- The ref is Rob Brisko. Kinda ruins the joke, I know, but I thought I would mention it.

And Matt's "shaky" legdrop is actually the way he always does the move which he calls the Electric Slide Legdrop and involves a couple of dance moves before dropping the leg.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying it's that great, but it actually IS supposed to look like that.

Oh, and don't forget that while Matthews had Cornette's old tennis racket, Nitro had Heyman's cellphone to use as a weapon when beating up on Dreamer and the Dudleys.

Anyway, always good to have another OVW fan around these parts.

As for other teams, they're grooming a team currently with Deuce Shade and Vik Delicious; there's Morgan in a team with Mordecai/Seven (although that already appears to have been stopped); and there's former tag-team champs Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire. Besides Seven and Morgan (both who will probably be called back up soon enough), the rest will probably all be around for a while

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Matt Morgan on WWE TV again soon. I didn't think he was all that terrible the last time around. Granted he was green and did need more seasoning, but he was still ahead of Snitsky & Heidenreich.

What's his finisher that he uses in OVW? During his first WWE run, he used the Sit-Down Powerbomb (AKA the Batista Bomb), but I would suspect they'd want him to change it.


Summer 2005

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    Originally posted by Snookum
    Oh, and don't forget that while Matthews had Cornette's old tennis racket, Nitro had Heyman's cellphone to use as a weapon when beating up on Dreamer and the Dudleys

Do they still use the "long distance charges" line when he nails someone with it?

They better...*shakes fist*


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    Originally posted by Mayhem

    What's his finisher that he uses in OVW? During his first WWE run, he used the Sit-Down Powerbomb (AKA the Batista Bomb), but I would suspect they'd want him to change it.

I've seen him use a couple of finishers. He does a simple chokeslam (a "big man" standard if there ever was one), a fireman's carry into a Michinoku Driver, and a move where he picks up his opponent for a vertical suplex, then drops them down into a Rock Bottom. I've even seen him pull out a Styles Clash on Matt Cappotelli at a house show.

Mattitude: Practiced in over 100 countries!
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Well that was a misleading headline...
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