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The W - Pro Wrestling - overrated wrestlers
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Since: 24.10.02
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I'd be interested to hear who you all think are the most overrated workers in wrestling today.

Personally, I don't see what the big deal is with Lance Storm and Sean O'Haire, who have never entertained me, ever. Granted, to be fair I never saw them outside WWE, but I tend to agree with Austin in regards to Storm, and as far as I'm concerned whoever was responsible for landing O'Haire the #1 spot in the 411 Countdown for so long should be strung up by his lower extremeties.

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Since: 13.5.03
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Well I agree about Sean O'Haire but not Storm. I never got ECW in my area tell it got on TNN, so I cannot really comment on him in ECW but I enjoyed him in WCW. Renaming titles and he had a good stable going for a while. They could do the same thing with him in WWE that they did in WCW but they don't, and it sucks cause I think he can be entertaining to watch and he can actually wrestle.

On a quick side note, I was on Percy Pringle III's (aka Paul Bearer) website today, and on his message board some ask him some word associations about wrestlers and Bearer list Rob Van Dam as "nothing special". So I guess maybe Bearer thinks RVD is overrated.

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You cant spell OVERRATED without RVD.

Since: 24.10.02
From: backwards uncivilised cesspool

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    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    You cant spell OVERRATED without RVD.

I must admit, after his very first WWE match at Invasion when seemingly the entire IWC was in awe at his superstar quality, I just couldn't see it. Still can't.

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I used to find Jeff Jarrett very entertaining during his USWA days, but I find him very boring now.

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(preparing to be pelted by hate mail....)
Ultimo Dragon.

Let me qualify that a bit. I've never seen any of his work outside the WWE, okay maybe a WCW match or two, but nothing that sticks out in my memory. So I've heard all this hype about him leading up his debut a few weeks ago.... and I was terribly disappointed.

I don't know what it was; he just didn't seem... fluid in the ring. There were some nice moves, but nothing like what I was preparing for. Then I saw his bout against Eddie at the SmackDown taping last week and... ehhh.

Now, I know the guy came back from a career-ending injury, and that he's going to have ring rust and have to adjust to "WWE style" for him to completely click with his opponents. I just compare him with Mysterio's WWE debut (and all of WCW and ECW stuff I've seen) and see worlds of difference.

I hope I'll be proven wrong over the next little while, because if the match is anything like the hype, Dragon-Mysterio should be awesome. But so far... I'm not impressed.

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RVD's old spotfest matches in ECW were a lot of fun, and it was even nice to see him show up in the WWE when he did. But I remember that there was a good reason Heyman never put the world title on him, and after watching RVD try to compete in real matches with real psychology over the last few months, I put him right at the top of my overrated list. I mean, he's good at what he does, but he's nowhere near world title status as so many people seem to think.

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Chris Benoit- bores the hell outta me
William Regal- See above
Rhyno- He has just never done anything for me. Best memory of him is when he gored the ROck
Brock Lesnar- Fairly pedestrian in my opinion. Preferred him as a heel killing people but still I do not feel that he is all that they push him to be.

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Booker T

Lance's Response:

Lap cheong

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Vince McMahon

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boring much?
wow, he comes out, spears someone, then jackhammers a limp body and gets the 3 count. his matches, for the most part, don't last longer than the wrestlers introductions. i can't believe he's as big of a draw as he is.


Ric Flair.
this guy couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. woopdydoo!
he comes out, chops a little, struts a little, gets beat down a lot, chops a little more, the end.
he should just admit he's past his day, and let HHH and Randy Orton do Evilutions fighting.

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Billy Kidman, during WCW's dying days everyone was acting as if he was the next Rock. I personally never seen it in him.

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Since: 13.5.03
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I really haven't been into Kidman since he left Raven's Flock in WCW. I kinda got into him again during the end of WCW when he teamed with Eric Bischoff against Hulk Hogan but not as much.

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Hulk Hogan
The Rock

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I know this goes against a certain IWC tide, but I really have to say that I have never ever been able to get the love for Kanyon. He just bores the hell out of me.

In a weird way, I would also say that HHH is overrated by a lot of folks here on the net. Everytime I read something that talks about his interviews or his charisma, I find myself failing to see it.

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RVD was cool in his ECW days, but I guess he's had to tone it down for Vince ...

Me, I think that Regal is extremely overrated ... He's a great cure for insomnia ... ... putting the "DEAR GOD" back into wrestling ..
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Since: 18.6.02
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    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    You cant spell OVERRATED without RVD.

Remember when RVD used to be an internet darling? My how times have changed. I can't wait until the wienerboard is filled with "Please fire Chris Benoit" posts. Don't laugh... it could happen.

Personally, I love Booker T, but never thought his ring work was anything special. His moves seem pretty basic, although he IS a lot crisper at pulling them off than others.

Perry Saturn is another who used to be somewhat of an internet darling, but I never found him to be anything remotley special.

This next one is pointed soley at Vince McMahon;

Billy Gunn. Seriously, the guy is HORRID! He never got over (his DX days don't count. Road Dogg was over, Billy was just along for the ride) and he never will. So stop shoving him down our throats! Please.

    Originally posted by Mayhem
    Me, I think that Regal is extremely overrated ... He's a great cure for insomnia ...

Regal is great only when working a specific style with specific people. Personally, I love to watch his really stiff matches. But very few are willing to work that style. He's had excellent stiff matches with Fit Finlay and Chris Benoit. I'm sure other guys like an RVD could have a great match with him, because they don't mind getting potatoed (or potatoeing back).

But I doubt a match with Undertaker would be very special, as he (American badass that he is) would be the first to complain to Vince McMahon about it.

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I'd say Kidman, O'Haire, Gail Kim and Rico in WWE. I kept reading all these things about how good Rico was in the ring, but I just haven't seen any of it in the time he's been on tv.

There are numerous guys on the indy circuit. I'd say the most notable are the SAT. Those guys have a bunch of hype around them and none of it is justified.

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Kane -- I hear a lot about how good he is in the ring for a big man, but I find that his matches are all the same spots and moves. I have to admit that his new character-tweaking has me more interested in him than I've been in years, though

Billy Gunn -- I don't know if i can call him overrated, since no one else seems to like him either, but the man is truly terrible

Austin -- I love what he's done with his character in the last few years but he bores me to tears with his ring work. I find the punchy-kicky, Thesz press, stunner matches that he puts on especially egregious given that I know he can really go in the ring but doesn't because of his ass-kicking tough guy character (and, to a lesser extent, injuries). His "wrestling match" with Benoit a year or so ago, for instance, showed just how good he still can be.

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somewhere on the web it's been reported raven is booking hwa along with bruce pritchard. dreamer and credible are working tag matches with matching tights.
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