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The W - Guest Columns - One more SmackDown! Recap
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Don't get excited; it's just a one-off. I have three reasons; two are selfish. The first is that there are some friends of mine who may not get the chance to see this show thanks to Izzy; the second, that I was wondering what calling a sixty minute match would be like. I hope The Cubs Fan doesn't mind me bogarting his gig (

TV-PG-DLV - Attitude - Entertainment - WWE

Here's Mr. McMahon: "Whether you're an avid WWE fan or not, tonight, for the first time ever on broadcast television, you'll witness two world-class athletes attempt to raise the bar on their predecessors...and challenge those who would dare to follow. Tonight, Smackdown presents the one hour Ironman match. Tonight, you'll see the first Olympic gold medalist in WWE history, Kurt Angle the champion, challenged by Brock Lesnar." Spying something off camera, Vince's expression changes. Camera pulls back to reveal...The Undertaker. "I just thought I'd take this reassure you, I'm not here to interfere in your Ironman match. I got too much respect in the Championship for that...but I got no respect for you. You see, I know it was you, Vince, that sent Brock after me in my title match against Angle. And you know me well enough, Vince - I don't forgive...and I sure don't forget." Oh MAN - I think they just gave away the outcome of this match!

Closed Captioned - I want it all - all of the Opening Credits, that is

YIPPYRO! Coming to you from the RBC Center on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC 18.9.3 (taped 16.9), you betcha it's on now - tonight, the historic Ironman match for the WWE Championship on the SEASON PREMIERE - yes, episode #214 marks the start of the can you believe it FIFTH season of WWE SMACKDOWN!, broadcast on UPN and The Score, and let's move right to a

TALE OF THE TAPE: Move right to the graphic and a picture is worth right around 35 words, and since you don't GET that picture, here are those words:

Brock Lesnar: 6'4", 295 lbs, Minneapolis, MN, F5, 2-time WWE Champion, 1999 NCAA Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt Angle: 6'0", 240 lbs, Pittsburgh, PA, Ankle lock, Angle slam, 4-time and current WWE Champion, 1996 Olympic gold medalist


REY MYSTERIO (WWE cruiserweight champion - San Diego, California - 175 pounds) and CHRIS BENOIT (Edmonton, Alberta - 229 pounds) v. TAJIRI (Japan - 206 pounds) and RHYNO (Detroit, Michigan - 275 pounds)
Graphic: Next week, the title is on the line as Tajiri meets Mysterio! C'mon, look at Tajiri and Rhyno standing in the ring and tell me that Rhyno REALLY outweighs his partner by SEVENTY pounds. We start with Benoit and Tajiri. Kim notices that Benoit's tights say "agression," which is a misspelling - or a WWE trademark, who knows. Lockup, side headlock by Benoit - Tajiri to the gut, shoves him into the ropes, Benoit shoulderblock down. Time to run the ropes, Benoit up and over, ducks a kick to the head by Tajiri, chops, chop, chop and Tajiri goes DOWN. Tajiri cowering in the corner and Benoit on him - into the opposite corner - but Tajiri ducks the charge and applies the tarantula! Unfortunately, Korderas gravitates to a protesting Mysterio and doesn't see it behind his back. Tajiri lets go...and Benoit staggers RIGHT into a spinebuster from Rhyno! No tag (duly noted by Cole) but Korderas still counts a... 2. Stomp by Rhyno, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, tomp, stomp, stomp. Whatever works. Benoit shot into the corner - head to the gut finds the mark. Cover...but only 2. Cole says that never before has a match been scheduled to go sixty minutes...funny, I thought the implied time limit in the big matches was ALWAYS sixty minutes - maybe he meant something else. Benoit manages an elbow to the gut to turn the tide, chop, chop, into the corner is reversed and Benoit goes sternum first. Back suplex by Rhyno - reversed in midair to a press for 2! Benoit DOES hit the back suplex and both men are down. Mysterio would really like to get in this match - and DOES! Springboard to the cannonball (Cole: "senton!") to start it off, right, right, reversal on the way to the corner but Mysterio gets the back elbow up on the charge by Rhyno - leaping up into a top rope moonsault - HITS! Over to Tajiri for a free shot...but that seemed to give Rhyno *just* enough time to recover - Rhyno with a kick, into the ropes, up...and Mysterio reverses, hitting an inverted bulldog, putting Rhyno down face first - leg is hooked - 1, 2...but Tajiri breaks it up! Benoit over to help, knocking down Tajiri. Stomping away but Korderas manages to pull him off. While they argue in Benoit's corner, Rhyno attempts the powerbomb - Mysterio isn't going for that and lands on his feet - right, right, Tajiri up from behind, spins around Mysterio who ducks the GREEN MIST! and Rhyno takes the brunt! Tajiri ducks a clothesline and grabs the waistlock...but Benoit has had enough of Korderas and runs back in - clubbing forearm to Tajiri's back, and TAJIRI goes for the German suplex ride! Benoit is holding on, Tajiri tries grabbing the ropes, only to eat a 619 from Mysterio which frees him for the SECOND German suplex! Benoit releases and everybody rolls out - meanwhile, Mysterio hits the 619 on a still-misted Rhyno, Mysterio outside the ring, and back in with the "Dropping the Dime" springboard legdrop - that should probably do it...and it does. 1, 2, 3. (3:15) Tajiri tries to go after Mysterio, but he slides out while Tajiri's sliding in. Benoit and Mysterio celebrate - and Tajiri glowers.

TONIGHT: Los Guerreros get a shot at Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin's tag team championship!

TONIGHT: It's a 60 minute Ironman match!

WOW Limp Bizkit is back! I didn't even know they were gone!

"WrestleMania XIX" for the Gamecube ad - hey, that guy sounds JUST like Hulk Hogan! Lemme check....hmm, WrestleMania XIX WAS six months ago

Here's a look at GQ Magazine, featuring The Rock on the cover

TORRIE WILSON ( (with Smackdown is sponsored by Limp Bizkit's "Results May Vary," THQ's "WrestleMania XIX" for the Gamecube, and "The Rundown!") and NIDIA (with Dawn Marie) v. SHANIQUA (with the Basham Brothers - and next week, Smackdown is in Philadelphia!) in a 2-on-1 Women's match
referee: MIKE SPARKS
Let Us Take You Back One Week, when Dawn Marie gamely challenged Shaniqua and got her butt kicked...and got saved by her stepdaughter (look it up). THIS week, Dawn happens to come out with Nidia to offer some moral support, we are told, and I guess I'm probably saved from having to make crack like "Dawn Marie and Nidia are now friends because...umm....err....I'll get back to you on that." Oops, I did it anyway. You know, that Shaniqua, she's an AMAZON! AN AMAZON! Or so we hear about a *million* times during the introduction. Kim asked me, "does that mean she's from the jungle...because she's BLACK?" Although Doug and Danny come out with Shaniqua, they head backstage as she walks the aisle. Shaniqua vaults the top rope and ends up in a heap of catfight pounding from both opponents - Shaniqua rolls under the bottom rope to the outside after a kick from Torrie - Nidia and Torrie running the ropes for a double baseball slide! Everybody outside and stomping away. Shaniqua back in the ring - Shaniqua is an AMAZON! Nidia stomps away as Sparks decides somebody needs to actually be on the outside in the corner during this match. Elbow, chop, chop, gutshot, off the ropes...into a Shaniqua powerslam - cover, no, Shaniqua's up as Torrie runs in to try to help - and eats a big clothesline. AN AMAZON! 1, 2, Nidia kicks out. (WWE Live onsale crawl appears here) Shaniqua goes for Torrie...but Torrie manages a jawbreaker, and Shaniqua falls back into a schoolgirl by Nidia - 1, 2, NO! Shaniqua up, Torrie and Nidia down after the double clothesline. Scoop...and Torrie is bodyslammed onto her partner. Shaniqua puts Torrie through the ropes and to the outside. Got Nidia by the comes the powerbomb - and MAN, Nidia sure knows how to take a powerbomb. Also, maybe it was a bad idea to have Lita try to use the powerbomb on RAW. But I digress. 1, 2, 3. (1:41) Shaniqua leaves the ring and does her "rotating my fists" pose...then, seeing Dawn Marie in to check on Nidia, goes BACK in the ring to give Dawn Marie a boot in the face that takes her out of her shoes - then throws her through the ropes to the outside. Back out after her. (Cole: "This chick is a freak!") Up on her shoulder - and driven into the STEEL post "like a spear!" (So he just called her a spear chucker? Let's all hope not) Back to the "rotating my fists" pose - pausing to adjust her top because we can ALMOST see a breast

To the Room of Fun, where Stephanie is on the phone with me about what a great exhibition the ironman match is going to be...and drawing devil horns and facial hair on a promotional photo of Sable. She's interrupted by Vince, Sable, and Big Show (in his big suit) and has to hang up. "I didn't bother knocking, but--" "Well, you never do, dad." "No, 'cause I don't have to, do I now. You know but I must say I was surprised at your decision making last week - rather than quit, you actually chose to get into the ring with Brock Lesnar." "Well, Dad, it might not have been the smartest thing to do...but you can't make me quit." Show grabs her by the arm...but Vince calls her off. "Easy, Show, easy...I've got it. I'll handle this. And I am gonna make you quit. That's the one thing I will do." I think Steph forgot her line, so Vince continues - "As a matter of fact, you wanna play rough, you kicked me in the groin? Last week--" "Dad, why don't you just fire me and get it over with?" "Because I do what I do, when I wanna do it. I don't want to fire you. I want you to quit, on your own volition." "Well, I'm not going to." "Oh yes you are. You played rough last week, you kicked me in the groin...I'M gonna start playing rough, and when I start playing day you're gonna wish - in fact, you may even beg me to quit."

COMING UP: Tag team titles are on the line!

"Hideous...gruesome...sadistic..." shouldn't be taken out of context as you watch Shane McMahon and Kane in this Unforgiven promo

Triple H's surely-soon-to-be-award-winning YJ Stinger ad - say, how come the only brother in this ad is the BUM - HUH? (Also, how much spare change do you suppose a "Thou Shalt FEEL THE STING" sign will getcha these days? Maybe yellowjackets in your cup - ooh, now THAT sounds painful)

Here's a look at the glamourous exterior of the RBC Center. I wonder what "RBC" stands for?

Let Us Take You Back to WrestleMania and SummerSlam for two previous meetings between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle - missed shooting star press, F5, Brock looks GONE but he did win - counter, counter, anklelock and YOU TAPPED OUT - TONIGHT: - BROCK LESNAR - KURT ANGLE - 3 - man, that "3" is coming right at us, man

To the locker room, where Chavo tells Eddie how he went to Stephanie McMahon and got Los Guerreros a tag team title shot and it's NEXT. After tonight, Eddie will have double gold! Eddie says "simon" (" a lot. "You know...I think I could USE some more gold, man! I think I look GOOD, ese!" "Bro, you're gonna look *great* with more gold..." "Simon vato!" " I tell you what - let's stop talking about it..." "Orale!" "...and let's go out there and kick some butt! And bring home that WWE tag Grandma." "Simon, ese, por la raza! Por familia! Me 'n' you, Chavito! Los Guerreros ride tonight!" "Orale holmes!"

NEXT: Los Guerreros - Haas & Benjamin - Tag team championship match!

"Where can I see these fine performers in the weeks to come?" I hear you asking...well, wonder no more because Saturday, it's MSG! Sunday is Binghamton! Monday is Bethlehem and look for Shapiro! Smackdown is Philadelphia and next Saturday it's Winnipeg!

Can you imagine the television executive who said "you know....the world NEEDS to give Dan Cortese another shot"

Off to the WWE Rewind, sponsored by THQ's "WWE WrestleMania XIX!" From last week, Chavo makes his return, helping Eddie take down John Cena to win the Circle of Iron...wait, that's not what they called it, hmmm...Latino Heat Streetfight

EARLIER TODAY: From what appears to be the roof of the arena, JOHN CENA (retro Braves) has a few words: "I underestimated the Guerreros - I don't know what to say, bro / Those dudes are better at cheatin' than Ben Affleck is with J.Lo! / I don't got the US title, but I didn't lose any steam / Screw Ted Turner and the Braves, I'M America's team! / John Cena's more American than silicone strippers / Leaving cats dead in they tracks from heart attacks ("like John Ritter" is muted) / And next week, John Cena fulfills his patriotic duty / I'll be higher than hippies at 4:20 watchin' a "Cheech & Chong" movie. / And I'm an American thug standin' on top of this buildin'! / Leaving all opposition dead, like Saddam Hussein's children. Word life." He's gonna...challenge Sergeant Slaughter?

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: LOS GUERREROS (Chavo & Eddie [WWE US Champion] - challengers - El Paso, Texas - 441 pounds) v. CHARLIE HAAS & SHELTON BENJAMIN (champions - already in the ring - 489 pounds)
referee: MIKE CHIODA
It was four months ago when Chavo suffered a bicep injury just before Los Guerreros got their shot at the tag team championship - will they make good tonight? We snip the champions' entrance in order to see all of the challengers' drive up in the lo-rider. Quick plug for the Saturday show at MSG - tickets still available (I know, *I* can't believe it either!) Pretty good "Ed-die" chant greets Eddie as he starts with Benjamin. HERE WE GO: Lockup, waistlock by Guerrero, Benjamin grabs an elbow and counters, THAT'S quickly countered with a single leg by Guerrero, floatover, Benjamin escapes, they roll to the corner and Eddie manages a drop toehold and Chavo gets the tag, coming in with a stomp (stomping Benjamin's hand...but Benjamin sells his head - ohhh-kay) - stomp by Chavo, Euro uppercut, again, head to the corner, tag to Eddie, holding him for Eddie's kick, into the ropes, double back elbow. Benjamin manages to muscle Eddie to the corner for a tag out. While Chioda works on getting Benjamin out, Haas sneaks in a choke. In now, kick, kick, kick, kick. Into the corner is reversed, no reversed into a whip back into the CHAMPS' corner. Haas with...another kick. And now he tags out to Benjamin, who presumably has some non-kick moves in his arsenal. Kick - oops. Guerrero right, Benjamin right, Guerrero right, Guerrero back elbow to knock Haas on the apron, right for Benjamin, back elbow for Haas, then busts out a Northern Lights suplex onto almost a chickenwing on Benjamin's arm - and rolls to his corner to tag in Chavo! They head to a neutral corner and Guerrero is in control - right, right, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, kick, kick, shot for Haas who is trying to come up from behind, Benjamin reverses the Irish whip but Chavo hits a monkey flip - nice dropkick for Haas - runs into a double rotation before the spinning head scissors! Chavo with a pescado onto Haas on the floor...and Eddie hits one on Benjamin at the other side of the arena! Guerreros in control...let's take an ad break.

"The Rundown" ad

So this video game line phone number is PLY-2-WIN - is there a lot of plying going on, you think?

Finally back and Eddie is choking Haas with the tag rope while Chioda has his back turned arguing with Benjamin - they're lying, cheating and stealing, you see. Eddie tags in and it'll be him on Haas. Stooges eyepoke! Chop! Into the ropes, back elbow. It's all Guerrero - tag to Chavo for a knee in the back over the top rope. Eddie with a snapmare as Chavo runs the ropes for the dropkick to the head. They're on all cylinders now - Chavo hooks the leg but Benjamin breaks it up at two. Somehow, Haas manages a knee and a clubbing forearm and takes him to his corner for a tag from Benjamin. Clubbing forearm to the back by Benjamin. Elbow. Chavo kicks back, kick, forearm in the back, another, into his own corner, right, right, European uppercut, tag to Eddie. Eddie goes for the suplex but Benjamin shifts his weight and counters with a crossbody - 1, 2, Chavo FLIES in to break it up. Benjamin wants the powerbomb, but he's not Shaniqua (Bradshaw: "He's NOT?!?") so Eddie counters into a sunset flip for 2. Double clothesline and BOTH men are down! Eddie starts the crawl - he'll make it before Benjamin, but both men DO tag - Chavo with a gutshot, shove to the corner, into the OPPOSITE corner, but Haas gets two boots up. Eddie tries to come in and Haas goads him - Chioda looks the wrong way once again and Benjamin comes in with the SUPERKICK (aka "noisy slap my own chest to heighten IMPACT") to Chavo's...well, chest, to be honest. Cole says he was pinpointing the bicep - nice cover. Haas must have heard him and grabs Chavo's arm, dropping it over his shoulder in an armbreaker. I guess they're targeting the bad arm - bicep first into the top turnbuckle. Wrapped over the top rope and Haas screams a lot. Right hand. From the outside, Benjamin grabs the arm and yanks it over the top rope as he jumps to the floor - owch. Haas with a hammerlock Northern Lights (!) and bridge (!) but only gets 2. Hammerlock reapplied, tag to Benjamin, stomp by Benjamin as Haas goes out. BENJAMIN keys the lock. Chavo to his feet - but they back to the champs' corner, and Haas is in again, kick, kick, takeover (Tazz: "freestyle underarm spin"), knee to the bicep. Haas picks him up, and Chavo fires back from the good arm - right, right, right, right, off the ropes, flying jalapeno (!) and both men are down. Eddie reaches for the tag - but Haas has the ankle and keeps him from completing. Benjamin comes in and knocks Chavo down. While Chioda works at getting Benjamin back to his corner, Chavo DOES make the you know that the ref didn't see it. Eddie manages a right hand to each man before Chioda can assert himself. Now the champs go to work on the doubleteam - Chavo into the ropes, Benjamin leapfrogs him up...only to set up a missile dropkick on Haas! Benjamin, not seeing it, mouths off to Eddie while Chavo leaps to his corner - although Benjamin catches him, Chavo makes the HOT TAG! Eddie in - clothesline for Haas, clothesline for Benjamin, clothesline for you, clothesline for you, into the ropes with Haas, back body drop, he's FIRED UP, over to Benjamin for a vertical suplex, hanging on and swinging his legs to hit two, wants three but Haas has the ready forearm and clubs him in the back. Haas with a German suplex on Eddie - 1, 2, no. Atomic drop is BLOCKED by Guerrero...elbow in the back by Guerrero, then pulls him up just high enough to make sure that HE is the target for the incoming SUPERKICK by Benjamin! Taking it in the back of the head ensures Haas is out COLD, so Guerrero goes to work on Benjamin - gutshot, laces the fingers, scales the corner, leaps off for the lucha-style armdrag and ALSO manages a simultaneous headscissors on Haas!! Eddie is FEELING IT - and so is the crowd, chanting "Eddie!" Is it time for the frog splash? Benjamin thinks not - heading over to the corner before Eddie can fly - right is blocked, Guerrero right, right, Benjamin right, Benjamin climbs up - Guerrero shoves him off hard - wants the frog splash on Haas but Haas is up and Eddie has to roll through on the landing...Haas in and Guerrero dumps him over the top to the outside. Haas relieves the ringside crew of two STEEL chairs and arms both himself AND his partner. While Chioda works on separating Haas from his chair, behind has back BENJAMIN advances on Eddie - but Eddie spots it and ducks. Benjamin still manages a back elbow to Eddie, but Chavo is in from behind, kicking the chair into Benjamin's knee!! Clutching his knee, Benjamin rolls to the ropes - Haas back in, and now getting Benjamin to the outside so he can check on him. Alone, Haas heads back into the ring - but Los Guerreros are waiting. Forearms into the back - into the ropes - HOLY CRAP they folded him up with a...hell, I don't know WHAT that was - it started out as a double back body drop, but Haas kinda STOPPED rotating about halfway through, tucked his head and landed pretty high up on his back. He must be okay, though - Chavo his him up for a brainbuster and Eddie is waiting for the frog splash - can it be? 1, 2, 3 - YES!!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have new WWE tag team champions. (2:32 + 7:25) I wonder...I wonder if that's it for Haas & Benjamin as a team. Cole wonders if this is an omen of things to come in the WWE Championship match. Replay of that WICKED double back bomb...and of the frog splash...and the celebration. Chavo wants a celebratory hop from the lo-rider...and Eddie is happy to comply.

Graphic lists off Tazz' KEYS TO VICTORY:

BROCK LESNAR (Challenger): 1. Strong Style 2. Numerous F5's 3. Channeled Rage

KURT ANGLE (Champion): 1. 1st Ankle lock 2. Mat game 3. No Angle slam?

Let's look at that Tale of the Tape graphic one more time. The Ironman match is NEEEEEEEEEEEEXT

"RAW Magazine: Special Edition" ad

You know, I've noticed something about the local ads here - none of them are for California gubernatorial candidates ( - I guess they figure people watching this show have already made up their minds and can't possibly be swayed by advertising, right? (No, they figure people watching this show AREN'T VOTING.) Oh...

The WWE SMACK OF THE NIGHT! is brought to you by Clearasil Acne Defense Cleanser (It's For Your Zits) and is "highlights" of last week's Brock Lesnar/Stephanie McMahon epic

Your hosts are MICHAEL KING COLE & TAZZZZZZZZZ. Holy crap, Cole shaved off everything but a TINY soul patch and now that he's dipped into Eric Bischoff's supply of BrylCream, he looks JUST like Todd Pettengill - frightening. Cole says this is the third WWE ironman match after Hart/Michaels and Triple H/Rock. Didn't Hart and Flair have ironman matches all over the country?

Backstage, in the locker room, the heels place bets on Brock Lesnar

Meanwhile, in the APA offices, Bradshaw shouts a lot. Say, who are the two women?

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: BROCK LESNAR (challenger - Minneapolis, Minnesota - 295 pounds) v. KURT ANGLE (champion - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 240 pounds) in an Ironman match
In case you forgot Lesnar is a heel, the distinct lack of a three-octaves-higher Tazz saying "WELL! HERECOMESTHEPAIN" ices it. Graphic runs down the rules: "1. Superstar with the most falls at the end of 60 minutes will be the (logo) Champion. 2. Falls scored by pinfall, submission, disqualification or countout. 3. After each fall, there will be a 15 second designated rest period." Ring introductions are done during the entrances as usual - I would have had them with both men in the ring, but maybe that's too ECW. There goes Cole again - "only four men in WWE history have competed in an ironman matchup." I mean, Flair is CURRENTLY with the company, for crying out loud. Or did they call them something else back then? The TV-PG-DLV ratings back is up and we better start soon or we'll be out of show! "You tapped out" chant to raise Lesnar's ire. Angle and Lesnar standing toe to toe - Angle hasn't removed the belt yet. Clock in the corner, Angle removes the belt, Lesnar surprises him with a kick in the gut and HERE WE GO! Lesnar with a clubbing forearm, forearm, forearm, kick, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Standing on the neck. Hebner isn't having much luck getting him off. He breaks at 4 - back to it - breaks at four again. Another kick. Angle back on his feet, another kick by Lesnar. Into the opposite corner, and Lesnar bowls him over. Another boot on the neck for 4. Clock is off the screen, by the way. Stomp. All Lesnar in the early going - shoulder in the gut, and again. BIG hiptoss out of the corner by Lesnar. Angle clutches his back. Kick in the gut. Angle finally fires back with a right - right, right, Lesnar with a knee to turn back the onslaught. Angle whipped into the opposite corner, but gets the elbow up to stop the charge. Angle with a clothesline but Lesnar stays on his feet. A second clothesline fails to fell the big man. Off the ropes again, Angle ducks a clothesline attempt, turns round and dropkicks the back of the leg to FINALLY take him off his feet. Lesnar back up, clotheslined down! Angle with a belly-to-belly! I guess the mat wrestling is right out, then. Lesnar rolls out of the ring. Hebner starts up the count as crowd works up another "You tapped out" chant. Angle won't be sucked into following him outside at this point. Hebner up to 5 and Lesnar climbs the steps to get back in the ring. Finally through the ropes and back in. Brock's back to the Happy Dance! Feeling out...but Brock stops and clutches his right knee. He wants a timeout...I don't think he's gonna get it here. Angle approaches him - ah, he was just playing possum here - gutshot for Angle - clubbing forearm. Stomp, stomp, stomp, kick, kick, kick. Forearm in the back. Into the ropes, Angle reverses, what an armdrag, another armdrag, THIRD armdrag, and Lesnar rolls out and into the barricade. Lesnar is a little frustrated here. Angle again waits in the ring while Lesnar does a little damage to the STEEL steps. NOW he's got the TOP of the steps...that'd probably be a bad idea there. Hebner is up to NINE when Lesnar tosses the steps back to the floor and gets back in the ring - but just so, immediately heading back outside. Angle STILL doesn't want to go to the outside - in fact, he's daring Lesnar to get back in and fight. Lesnar onto the apron - Angle runs at him and Lesnar backs off. Hebner starts the count again. Looks like mind games over mat wrestling for the opening part of this match, as Angle start to show frustration with the stall tactics. Crowd starts to get on Lesnar. Lesnar onto the apron - Hebner to six - Angle runs at Lesnar and Lesnar hops back onto the floor. Clock shows us that five minutes have elapsed. FINALLY Lesnar is in the ring. They circle - Lesnar goes wild-eyed and maybe we'll finally get a little mat action here. Angle drops down to try for a single leg...and Lesnar LEAPS out of the ring and onto the floor. Crowd is getting livid. Commentators suggest that Lesnar is scared to death that Angle could clamp on the anklelock...could be! Lesnar back up the back steps...goes to part the ropes - Angle runs at him and Lesnar ducks - then throats Angle on the top rope while dropping to the floor! Angle whips back and hits the mat, and Lesnar seizes the opportunity. Lesnar with a gutshot, forearm in the back, another forearm, stomp, standing on the neck and using the top rope to add a little something extra. Straight right hand. Into the ropes, but Angle reverses into another belly-to-belly suplex! Angle clotheslines Lesnar over the top rope to the floor! I don't know how wise that was, given Lesnar's proclivity for staying outside, but Angle looks pretty pumped about it. Lesnar again clutches his right knee and begs off. Angle leaves the ring on the opposite side and starts to walk over to Brock's side. And he attacks - right hand, stomp, picks him up, elbow, head to the STEEL steps (!), rolls in to stop the count...and rolls back out. Right. Right. Right. Lesnar manages a knee, forearm in the back, and DRIVES Angle back first (Cole: "kidney first!" ) into the apron. Now picks up Angle and puts his back into the STEEL post!! Angle rolled back in the ring - Lesnar scares off the ringside crew and procures a chair. Well, this can't be good. Lesnar back in the ring and in full view of Hebner - WHACK to Angle's head! Hebner calls for the bell and that's the first fall (DQ 8:30, Angle 1-0) - Lesnar takes the chair to Angle's back - WHACK - WHACK - WHACK - WHACK - well, five shots for one DQ is probably a decent tradeoff, but we won't know until later in the hour. Lesnar asks the commentators for some water. The fifteen second rest period is a bit longer, but I reckon Angle doesn't mind. Hebner starts a count and Lesnar is back in at three. Lesnar taunts Angle, then slaps him in the face. Angle tries to climb up Lesnar, but Lesnar isn't having it. Stomp. Forearm in the back, forearm. Angle seems out on his knees. Lesnar helps Angle up - and then gives him the Key on My Keyboard! 1, 2, 3. (10:20, 1-1) Tazz: "I get it now." Lesnar does the happy dance while waiting for the fifteen seconds to be over. We take a replay of the first chairshot - and one of the F5. Lesnar sneaks in a boot to the head before the bell rings. Back to work with 11:10 elapsed. Another stomp by Lesnar. Lesnar really putting on the badmouth here. Stomp. Lesnar's putting his thumbs in his chest. Another stomp. The pace has turned deliberate. Lesnar motioning to the crowd that he's going to get another fall now. Lesnar with an ANKLELOCK! AND ANGLE TAPS!! (12:07, Lesnar 2-1) Hebner manages to get Lesnar to release the hold...and at 12:24, we take an ad break.

DURING THE BREAK, Lesnar tried an Angle slam (!) - but only got a 2 count on it - tried again, another 2.

When we come back, Angle is firing back with rights - ducks a clothesline off the ropes, but Lesnar buries a knee in the gut. I just described the replays, and we come back to Lesnar trying a whip into the corner - and connecting with a shoulder in the gut. Angle isn't leaving the corner. Another shoulder in the gut. And one more. Lesnar with a headbutt that looks like it hurts HIM just as much as Angle. Another headbutt. Stomp. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Lesnar tells Hebner to get off his back. Whip into the opposite corner, but Angle escapes and Lesnar shoulders the post!! Angle tries to fire back - right, right, right, right, into the ropes, reversed by Lesnar, Angle DUCKS the clothesline...and hits the flying jalapeno off the ropes! Ducks another wild swing - and hits a German suplex! Lesnar tries to grab the ropes but Angle pulls him away - and hits the SECOND! Lesnar again grabs the ropes - AGAIN Angle pulls Lesnar off the ropes and hits the THIRD! He released him after that one. Angle tries to capitalise...but Lesnar pulls him through the ropes and onto the floor! Lesnar staggers out after him. Hebner starts the count as Lesnar grabs Angle and whips him into the aisle barricade. Hebner is up to five...Lesnar back in...and back out. Back to Angle - but Angle is back up - gutshot to Lesnar - right hand, right, right, Lesnar with a knee in the gut, picks him up on his shoulders - F5 ON THE FLOOR!! Lesnar struggles back to his feet...and into the ring at nine. For some reason, THIS time Hebner *continues* his count and hits ten. (COR 19:55, Lesnar 3-1) Replay of the F5. Hebner is out to check on Angle...and with the clock at 39:40, we take another ad break.

DURING THE BREAK, Lesnar ran into a belly-to-belly suplex...and Angle immediately followed up with a SECOND

As UPN is home of the 3:30 ad break, the clock is at 36:07 when we return. Angle is firing away on Lesnar, but by the time we are done watching replays, Lesnar has reversed a whip and lets Angle run RIGHT into this shoulderblock. Angle BOUNCES off him and heads outside. Angle is slow to get back into the ring...ang Lesnar is waiting. Big right hand. Kick in the gut. Stomp, stomp, standing on the neck. 25:00 down, 35:00 to go. Lesnar drops an elbow. Another elbowdrop. Hooks the leg - 1, 2, no! Lesnar with the right hand. Kick in the gut. Kick. Kick. Into the opposite corner, Angle attempts a reversal, Lesnar attempts a clothesline, ducked, gutshot by Angle, ANGLE SLAM!! Angle hooks the leg - 1, 2, 3!! (25:54, Lesnar 3-2) Angle tries to suck it up in the corner as Cole tells us UPN has granted the WWE permission to run over if the falls are tied at the end of sixty minutes...that's gonna take some suspension of disbelief from you and I because we KNOW that the syndicates aren't gonna take kindly to pre-emption of THEIR local programming, but heck, let's roll with it, why not. It's nice of them to think of an explanation for a tie...and you know, this match DID start at 8:58 so there COULD be a (very brief) overtime...anyway, this break was closer to thirty seconds but Angle is back on Lesnar as soon as he hears the bell. Right hand by Angle, right, right, forearm to the head, right, stomp, stomp, legdrop, stomp. Angle picks him up - and there's a suplex. Hooks the leg, 1, 2, no! Lesnar tries to beg off - it ain't happening. Angle stomps. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Brings him to his feet - right hand. Another right. Lesnar manages a knee to the gut, another knee, a third knee, Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex. DOWN COME THE STRAPS!! Angle waits on him - Angle slam attempt FAILS - Lesnar with a gutshot, going for an F5!, Angle lands on his feet, single leg, ANKLELOCK!! Lesnar should tap now and save himself for later...but instead he manages to roll forward and throw Angle off - and almost into a crash landing on Hebner! Lesnar tries to take advantage of the distraction with a lariat - Angle ducks it - but Hebner DOESN'T!! Oh no....we got a ref down here. ANGLE SLAM! Leg is hooked, but of course there's nobody to count but the crowd. Crowd gives him a five count but that doesn't help either. Commentators examine the replay and speculate as to whether Lesnar floored him on purpose or not. Lesnar with an uppernut on Angle (ohhhhhhh) and that'll turn the tide. That's two potential falls for Angle that won't show up on the scoreboard. Lesnar leaves the ring...and yells until ring announcer TONY CHIMEL runs away. Timekeeper MARK YEATON isn't as lucky - Lesnar throws him across the floor and grabs the WWE Championship belt. We're at the halfway mark as Lesnar CREAMS Angle with the title! Crowd boos lustily as Lesnar paws at Hebner with his boot, then picks him up by his belt and drags him over to count very slowly...1, 2, 3. (30:26, Lesnar 4-2) We take a replay...and an ad break.

"WrestleMania XIX" ad (again) - nice to see they found a use for all that movie footage they shot, isn't it?

WrestleMania XX ad - plan on NOT getting tickets on the 27th!

In case you care, my clock and their clock seem to be off by one or two seconds - still close enough for government work. Finally back, mine says 34:53 elapsed and their says 25:05 to go - Angle on the outside and Lesnar on the inside...but Angle ankles Lesnar and brings him out! Right, right, right, whip into the STEEL steps! Angle rolls in - and Hebner stops the count. Angle ready to go out again - climbing up to the top (!) - and hitting an AXEHANDLE FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!! Lesnar rolled back in - Angle hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! We take a replay of the axehandle as Angle goes up top AGAIN - Lesnar makes it to his feet - Angle with a MISSILE DROPKICK!!! Close to the ropes, but Angle pins the near arm while hooking the leg - 1, 2, NO!!! Angle with a scoop...and a slam. He's telling the crowd he's going to go up top one more time - and here he goes! MOONSAULT!! - MISSES! ohhhhh Both men are down and Hebner starts another count. Let's see him miss it again. Of course, a double countout doesn't really change anything, but it DOES run up the score...looks like Lesnar is up - both men are up at 7. Angle ducks the swing, schoolboy, 1, 2, no. Lesnar pops up with a clothesline...but both men are down again. Lesnar's up first - belly-to-belly RELEASE and Angle SAILS across the ring. Lesnar crawls over and hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! Lesnar's up at 2 - wants another belly-to-belly but Angle slips under the arm, counters, drops down and grabs the anklelock again! But AGAIN Lesnar is able to roll forward, this time throwing Angle through the ropes to the floor! While Angle struggles to beat the ten count, we take another replay of the anklelock counter. Well, Lesnar must think Angle's gonna make it because he's out after him now - Kick in the ribs, and a HARD whip shoulder-first into the STEEL steps. Angle rolled back in, Lesnar following, hooks the leg, 1, 2, NO! Forty down, twenty to go. Lesnar leaves the ring and goes for the top half of the backside steps - he wants to bring them into the ring? But it's taking him too long - while he has them hoisted onto the apron, Angle runs into a baseball slide dropkick to the steps that rams Lesnar! Angle leaves the ring to follow up - Lesnar rolled back in, Angle hooks the leg - 1, 2, no! 1, 2, nope. We take a replay of the dropkick into the steps - one angle much more impressive than the other. Angle with another stomp, stomp, kick in the gut, stands on the neck and HE pulls on the ropes to accentuate it. Clock pops up again to remind us that it's Lesnar 4, Angle 2 with 18:30 to go. Into the ropes, shoulderblock by Angle, 1, 2, NO, and Cole says we *have* to take our last ad break - noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Unforgiven promo - Triple H vs. Goldberg - Sunday - is there ANY chance it'll be better than THIS match? (maybe a teeny eentsy tiny one - MAYBE)

"The Rundown" ad (again)

During the Break, Lesnar hit a top-rope superplex and pinned Angle to go up 5-2 - no idea what time that was

Coming back, their clock and mine are now off by TWENTY seconds - somebody must have snuck an ad in somewhere! Coming out of the replay, their clock says 14:00 remains. Angle is outside, Lesnar is outside, commentators are deep into overdubs. Lesnar meets Angle at the commentary table and drives hits a right. Head to the table. Both men are getting deep in the tank. Lesnar wants the F5 into the ringpost - but Angle gets back to his feet, posts *Lesnar* - grabs HIM on his shoudlers and ANGLE hits the F5 into the ringpost!! Cole notes that Lesnar did that exact move to Angle months agao (not to mention to Spanky and Zach Gowen) and he's FINALLY gotten a taste of his own medicine. Angle breaks the count and heads back out to work on Lesnar - stomps the injured knee, puts him back in the ring, grabs the leg and applies a half crab - BRILLIANT! Lesnar has three falls on him, he REALLY should consider giving one back just to stop the pain - but Lesnar hasn't tapped yet, so why should it be any different now? Lesnar crawls and reaches for the bottom rope - and gets it - but Angle switches to the anklelock! This time Lesnar gets to the bottom rope...Angle's taking his time releasing the hold, though, and Lesnar has to use his other leg to get enough leverage to break it up himself. Angle back on him, stomping on the knee. Another shot to the targeted body part. Lesnar manages a right hand. Angle runs back at him...and runs RIGHT into an F5. Both men are down. Lesnar tries to crawl over for a cover - hooks the leg - 1, 2, Angle kicks out! Lesnar slowly gets to his feet...and goes outside to the apron...and climbs up to the top. What is he thinking? All that can happen here is Angle can pop up, climb up the corner and superplex him...sure enough, Angle pops up, stairsteps up the ropes, grabs Lesnar and delivers the top rope superplex! Cover - 1, 2, 3! (50:28, Lesnar 5-3) The clock reappears on the screen saying "9:51" and it's gonna stay there for the rest of this match. *This* time the fifteen seconds is pretty close to fifteen seconds...but nobody's moving. Hebner starts a ten count, for what it's worth. At six, Lesnar makes it to his knees - Angle as well. Hebner stops after seven as they both slowly make it to their feet - Angle rares back and throws a right hand. Lesnar takes it and answers with one of his own. Angle with a right. Lesnar with a right. Angle. Angle. Angle, Angle, Angle, ANGLE, ANGLE, ANGLE, ANGLE, backed Lesnar into the corner, right, right, right, right, right, forearm in the back. Angle steps back to the center and tries to catch his breath. Crowd tries a "USA" chant. Angle brings Lesnar to his feet - suplex! Angle puts his straps back up...and DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Angle is HOPPIN' - going for the Angle slam - but NO - Lesnar shoves Angle into the ropes, gutshot, DDT!!!! Leg is hooked - 1, 2, NO!! Angle kicked out! Lesnar DARES Angle to get up - but Angle strikes back with a right, right, right, Lesnar ducks the next one, grabs the waistlock and hits the German suplex! Lesnar grabs him again - ANOTHER German suplex! Cole says Lesnar can start to think about just milking the clock. Lesnar grabs the waistlock for the third time - and AGAIN gives Angle another released German suplex! Both men are down now, and staying down. Hebner gets to five before Lesnar grabs Angle...AGAIN going to the waistlock, but THIS time Angle laces the leg to block. Angle with a standing switch - ANGLE with a German suplex! Angle is first back on his feet - got the waistlock and it's ANOTHER German suplex! Angle looks like HE wants to go for the trifecta - Lesnar manages to block THAT one, standing switch, but Angle drops down, rolls him up and ends up grabbing the anklelock!! Brock tries to reach for a rope but Angle will only let him circle without getting any closer. Brock's been in the anklelock a good thirty seconds now but won't tap. And now Lesnar FINALLY manages to inch to the bottom rope - he DOES grab it but Angle pulls him back to the centre - Hebner DOESN'T call for the break - and for the first time in this match, LESNAR TAPS!! (56:11, Lesnar 5-4) We're down to four minutes left in the match and Cole again reminds us that UPN has cleared overtime if necessary. The bell rings to end the rest period and the clock on the screen says 3:41 remains. Angle back to his feet - and AGAIN puts on the ankle lock! THIS time, Lesnar manages to roll forward and Angle ends up landing on the second rope, bouncing back into the ring. Angle's up first - maybe Lesnar CAN'T get up. Three minutes to go. Lesnar desperately shifts his body so Angle can't put on the anklelock again - but Angle manages to grapevine the leg - Tazz says Angle is going for a "freestyle bow and arrow," which I've never heard of, but I'm not gonna argue with him. Angle grabs the headlock and still has the leg grapevined. But time is rapidly running out - I don't know if this is a good idea. Lesnar manages a shot to the head to break it up. Lesnar rolls out of the ring - Angle is hot on his trail. Angle picks him up - Lesnar's dead weight. Angle stomps. Angle with an anklelock on the outside! This is a BAD idea. Angle puts Lesnar back in the ring. Lesnar rolls out! Ninety seconds to go! Angle puts Lesnar's head into the STEEL steps. Lesnar put back in the ring - Lesnar swings and Angle ducks - Angle with a German suplex! He's holding on - ANOTHER German suplex! ONE MINUTE TO GO! Angle wants the third German suplex - and he gets it! He's got to get another fall to tie it up - a FOURTH German suplex! FORTY SECONDS! Lesnar's grabbing Hebner's belt - and as he pulls Hebner close, his trick knee acts up and Angle goes DOWN to the unseen low blow!! TWENTY seconds to go and Angle is down. Lesnar shouldn't go anywhere NEAR him but he does - and sure enough, Angle grabs the anklelock one more time, and adds a leg scissors to boot!! Can he hold on ten more seconds? How bad does he want the championship? 3...2...1....HE HELD ON. Cole: "Damn it! Damn it! Time has run out on Kurt Angle!" Brock Lesnar, 5....Kurt Angle, 4. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new WWE Champion. Cole: "Brock Lesnar came into this matchup with one gameplan - to CHEAT his way to the WWE title. And that last low blow with less than a minute to go was the exclamation point. ... Brock Lesnar had no intention of playing the game of 'who's the better athlete' here tonight - Brock Lesnar never wanted to play that game! Brock Lesnar wanted to cheat his way to the WWE title - Brock Lesnar did that here tonight!" We go out with two shots of exhausted competitors - one, defeated and distraught...the other, with a belt in his lap and laughing.

Oh yeah, the THIRD reason I did this was to remind you that my wedding is in fifteen days. Hit ( if you're feeling generous! Thanks!

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Well, this is nice. Some fresh CRZ recappage. I have printed it and will bring with me to Subway for my noontime repast. I am sure you haven't lost your form.

As for reason #3 - don't you have everything yet?

Gabba Gabba Hey!

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Christmas DOES come twice a year!!!

Thanks for the recapping awesomeness; it's been way too long (even if just for a one-shot deal).

Oh... and RBC stands for `Royal Bank of Canada'. They own Centura Banks, which is in the area of the arena...

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EXCLUSIVE, JAM-PACKED Unforgotten PPV Preview!!! Did Triple HHH dump Stephoney? All this plus an EXCLUSIVE interview with Booker T (Jones) in the latest Inside The Ropes!!!

The official Inside The Ropes archive!!!
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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Up on her shoulder - and driven into the STEEL post "like a spear!" (So he just called her a spear chucker?)

Hey that was MY line. ;-) :-*

The only thing I enjoy more than doing the crossword puzzle is actually finishing it.
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Yay! You've totally made my day. Just to think, "After Thanksgiving" meant September!

In all seriousness, it's good to have the best recapper on the net back, even if it is just for one show.

Hail to the Redskins! Patrick Ramsey will own you! 16-0, here we come!

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Didn't Hart and Flair have ironman matches all over the country?

Thanks, sir. I thought I was crazy.

Best of luck to both of you, and may you have many, many, happy years together.

A ton of kids, too! (HA HA!)

Best wishes,


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    Originally posted by bitchfactor
      Originally posted by CRZ
      Up on her shoulder - and driven into the STEEL post "like a spear!" (So he just called her a spear chucker?)

    Hey that was MY line. ;-) :-*
I didn't want to burden you with heat from ALL of the racist lines. ;-)


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Awesome stuff, it's nice to see you back in top form (if only for a moment).

The girls in the locker room have been positively identified as OVW's Alexis Laree (late of NWA-TNA) and "The Other One Who We Should Know, But Can't Quite Put Our Finger On".

Thanks again.

Wisconsin Badgers: 2-1 (Well...Obviously...Casino Management Majors make good football players....)

Minnesota Vikings: 2-0 (That's a bit more like it. Good game all around...Though they shouldn't have let Chicago get their hopes up.)
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    Originally posted by bitchfactor
      Originally posted by CRZ
      Up on her shoulder - and driven into the STEEL post "like a spear!" (So he just called her a spear chucker?)

    Hey that was MY line. ;-) :-*

That's funny because as I was reading this recap, I kept thinking ALL the funny lines were Kim's! She should write more, you know.

With all due respect to cubs and cfgb, it was nice reading the original again. I liked the flow, the detail and the correct spelling best of all. But was there no walking?

(edited by pieman on 19.9.03 1226)

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    Originally posted by pieman
      Originally posted by bitchfactor
        Originally posted by CRZ
        Up on her shoulder - and driven into the STEEL post "like a spear!" (So he just called her a spear chucker?)

      Hey that was MY line. ;-) :-*

    That's funny because as I was reading this recap, I kept thinking ALL the funny lines were Kim's! She should write more, you know.

    With all due respect to cubs and cfgb, it was nice reading the original again. I liked the flow, the detail and the correct spelling best of all. But was there no walking?

    (edited by pieman on 19.9.03 1226)

Smackdown last night was all wrestling. No time on the show for WALKING! Sadly.

Nice recap, CRZ. Good to see you back for, IMO, the best Smackdown EVER!

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Extreme Warfare Revenge

Wiener Of The Day: Tuesday, March 4, 2003

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But whatever happened to Raymond Stereo?

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#12 Posted on
(sniff) So glad to see you back, if only for this one time. And this is one of the two great possible times for you to come back, a heavy play-by-play edition (the other being heavy on the promos to transcribe). Granted, they're not great for YOU, but they sure give you a chance to flex your completist muscle.

(On an unrelated note, I was WOTD last Thursay! Wooooo!)

Da moon rulz! #1!

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"Korderas" is spelled with a K? Oh man, and here I've been spelling it with a C for weeks. And Benoit's tights contain a typo? I feel mis-spelling-ly.

And nigh-total transcribing of dialogue, too? Man, you must really have had to get the bug out of your system.

Fashion Reporter Extraordinare is proper.


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You know I've really missed the details CRZ brings... usually it's like 'there was a suplex, and then a kick and then a pin." from most recappers these days.

never heard of simon ese though, maybe I should check with the local vatos locos.

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Fantastic recap, really missed those... So the 1 hour iron man match inspired you to do a Smackdown Recap. Here's hoping that something inspired you to do a Raw Recap this week, lets think hmmm GOT IT! Recap it to see how it feels to recap a Raw without Ross and Lawler's obnoxious announcing. Okay not really on the level of an hour long iron man match but I'm greedy I wanna see a Raw recap

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To quote Grady from Sanford & Son - "Good Googly Goo !" - what a surprise....and to think with all the time I spend here in other forums I had to find out about it from OO....printed for the train ride home tonight - thanks

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Aah, it feels great to see the CRZ recap again, even if it is just one time, on Wienerboard exclusively.


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#18 Posted on
Simply awesome. Printed it out and read it during work, greatly improving my day.

I have nothing else to add other than my gratitude. Thanks man, the title of best recapper on the 'net remains around your waist.
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Ohhhhhhhhhh THAT'S where all these threadviews are coming from. That Scaia's a sneaky sumbitch ;-)

As always, thanks for the kind words, everybody. Have you read the The Cubs Fan recap (The W)?

(edited by CRZ on 23.9.03 1157)


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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Ohhhhhhhhhh THAT'S where all these threadviews are coming from. That Scaia's a sneaky sumbitch ;-)

Either you should advertise better or he should get out more, because there's no way I should be more up to date on these things than him.

Wisconsin Badgers: 3-1 (The game didn't start off as well as I might have hoped, but whatever. A win's a win.)

Minnesota Vikings: 3-0 (We were out played most of the game and we STILL won. Dare I hope this is actually a good team?)
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Hey, nothing groundshaking to say, except, WOW. Very nice. Keep up the excellent work.
- squiz, Lines: Triple Threat (2002)
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