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The W - Pro Wrestling - On This (Yester)Day: WCW Hog Wild - August 10, 1996
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“You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history.”

  • The late Robin Williams, on WCW

Due to the previous intentions conveyed by the NWO (New World Order), WCW would like to emphasize that all views & opinions expressed by the NWO, do not reflect those of World Championship Wrestling, Inc. A Turner company.
WCW didn’t get a lot right in its brief history – but MAN did it figure out how to sell this angle.
LIVE from Sturgis, SD – this is Hog Wild! This is the 56th annual Harley Rally, with 250,000 bike fans in the city. There is a never ending sea of leather behind the announce crew, who by the way, are DUSTY RHODES, TONY SCHIAVONE, and BOBBY HEENAN. The ring is set up like an elevated stage so that everyone gets the chance to see the show. And for the second time in 2 paragraphs, I’ll give WCW credit for taking a chance at expanding their brand. There’s a lot of new eyeballs on the product here, even if hindsight screams “bad idea”.
THE ULTIMATE DRAGON (with Sonny Onoo) vs. REY MYSTERIO JR. (for the WCW cruiserweight title)
Ultimate would become Ultimo before long, and as far as I know this is his WCW debut unless my old age is forgetting an appearance a few weeks ago somewhere else. MIKE TENAY joins the broadcast crew, of course, as WCW’s resident smark, making him the only man qualified to call this. Rey works a grapevine, and tries to weaken Dragon’s leg – showing his versatility a little here, as he’s capable of mat wrestling against smaller opponents. Fans chant “USA”, clearly rooting for … oh hell, I can’t make sense of anything here. The fans show their respect for the athletes here, as a blow up doll is tossed around in the front row while Dragon hits a spinning heel kick. Dragon throws a dropkick to Rey’s midsection which leaves the champ winded and vulnerable. A handspring back elbow connects, which sets up a running power bomb! Unfortunately, he tries an arrogant cover and only gets 2. Dragon moves to a figure four leglock, but Rey is able to wiggle to the ropes, and drops down to the stage. Rey comes back in, but he’s put in a reverse Torture Rack, complete with an airplane spin, before dropping down (ala Abyss). Dragon rocks backwards into a surfboard, but Rey twists in midair into a pin for 2. Dragon tries another handspring back elbow, but misses and Rey is up with a springboard dropkick before he can even act, and follows with a baseball slide that knocks him off the stage to the floor. He stands, and Rey’s ALREADY in the air with a springboard plancha OVER the stage at to the gravel exterior by the gate! Holy hell, great sequence. Dragon crawls back in, but Rey’s waiting, perched with a top rope hurricanrana! Dragon charges, but takes a spear! Rey is back up, but this time Dragon is waiting for a dropkick to the midsection. Rey is on the stage, where Dragon hits a slingshot plancha, flattening him like Wile E Coyote. Back in, an Asai Moonsault gets a CLOSE 2! That was his move, so what’s left? Dragon tries another running powerbomb, but Rey turns into a rana! They battle to the top, and Rey calls for the finish, hitting the super rana for the pin at 11:38! **** Amazing opener, and just a couple months into his career Rey is already a Cruiserweight legend.
SCOTT NORTON vs. ICE TRAIN (in a Challenge Match)
What in the bloody frickin hell is a “Challenge Match”? Tony starts carrying on that this is MORE than a Challenge Match but also a GRUDGE match. You know, you can cover this crap with as MANY names as you want, it’s a match. A one on one match. A singles match. A MATCH. I want to light a match and set fire to this match because I’ve seen this match a hundred thousand times in the last 2 months. So what happens in this match? No challenging, that’s for sure. But there is clubberin. Lots of clubberin. Ice Train is taped up, so Norton RIPS OFF THE BANDAGES which is only like 1 layer of gauze. Seeing as how he’s not sporting any sort of open wound, I fail to see how this adds any advantage. Then Train slams Norton anyway, and holds his shoulder in agony. Norton pops up and attacks, and Ice Train howls but just won’t tap because he’s so big and muscly! Tony continues to drive me insane by talking about the separation of “one of the most effective tag-teams in WCW”. If jobbing to the Steiners on 40 consecutive editions of WCW Saturday Night, and occasionally defeating the Barrio Brothers is effective, then Men at Work is the greatest tag-team in wrestling history. Eventually the referee forces the bell at 5:07 because Ice Train is too injured to continue. Let’s hope he can’t continue this feud, either. *
BULL NAKANO (with Sonny Onoo) vs. MADUSA (with Harley (not Race!))
Madusa gets the biggest pop of the night so far, which is no surprise. Nakano attacks with a nunchuck which sets Dusty into a tizzy. “IT’S A NUNCHUCK! A NUNNNNNN CHUCK! TONY, A NUNCHUCK!” Nakano throws Madusa around by the hair, and an angry Mark Curtis lets her know he means business by shouting “LAY OFF THE HAIR!” Of course, if he’d said “LAY OFF THE HAIR GEL”, I’d support that too. Mad “USA” chant. Madusa eventually bridges out of something, hits a bunch of swinging clothesline things, and gets 2. Nakano slaps on the Lasso from El Paso, but Madusa won’t tap, so Nakano grows bored. Madusa is hung across the top rope, and nailed with a DDT for 2. Fans chant for “HARLEY”, which Dusty has fun with by announcing the American made Harley Davidson is in big trouble and needs the fans support. Frankensteiner out of nowhere from Madusa gets 2, but she misses the follow up and Nakano kills her with a clothesline. Then Madusa hits a German suplex with a bridge, again seemingly from nowhere, but Nakano kicks out. Then she hits one of her own, which can’t get the job done either. Sunset flip leads to a botched early pin kickout by Madusa, and then Nakano hits a belly to back suplex for 3 – but the referee changes his mind? I don’t understand. Then Sonny grabs a sledge hammer and attacks the bike, which causes the referee to ring the bell at 5:22. Madusa steals the sledge, and destroys Sonny’s bike instead. Or at least tries to, but it’s quality Japanese material, and doesn’t really break despite Madusa working it over with sledge shots for about 3 minutes. Eventually the announcers decide that Nakano was the one “pinned” because she didn’t get HER shoulder up from the pin attempt. The match was **, the finish was -***, so we’ll call it a DUD and move on.
DEAN MALENKO (with Jimmy Hart) vs. CHRIS BENOIT (with Woman and Elizabeth)
Deano was promised a Cruiserweight title shot in exchange for taking out Benoit, which he was allegedly awarded on Pro this morning but he already lost. However, I don’t recap Pro because I do not have it, so it never happened. With that in mind, I have no idea what Dean’s motivation would be now since he’s already been paid. Strap yourselves in kids, this one is gonna go awhile. They roll around throwing punches like high school kids for a bit. Benoit gets early control with a knee to the midsection, and he follows by slamming Dean’s head to the buckle. Malenko comes back with a vertical suplex for 2. Neckbreaker gets another 2. Benoit starts headbutting Malenko down, and the announcers focus on the important matters: what the nWo might do later. The boys trade pinfall attempts, back and forth, but no one gets the win. Great chain wrestling, which has the crowd completely asleep. I’m talking backslides, bridges, standing switches – none of which have giant breasts, American flags, leather, or motorcycles. Malenko grapevines the arm, but Benoit stands up with Malenko on his shoulder, and drops back with the electric chair! Bobby talks about how nobody can take their eyes off this match, standing and watching – as the crowd is CLEARLY walking around all over the place. Tony doesn’t want anyone to feel old, but we’re only 3.5 years from the new century. And hearing that makes ME feel old, because now we’re 14 years PAST the turn of the new century. Double crossbody connects mid ring with some serious force – which acts like a brick wall, and both guys drop dead in the middle of the ring. Back up, Benoit hits a snap suplex and heads up to the top, nailing the flying headbutt for 2. Malenko reverses a piledriver attempt, and FLATTENS Chris with a jumping tombstone for a whole series of 2 counts! Malenko goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Benoit reverses into a package for 2. Malenko rushes Benoit, and a crossbody sends both guys crashing down to the staging area. Malenko recovers first, and slams Benoit’s head into the ringpost. Back in, Malenko goes up, but Benoit’s shaken off the head injury and cuts him off. A superplex sends both guys flying, but Benoit hits his head hard on the back of the mat. He recovers fast, but Malenko hits a release German suplex that Benoit absorbs with his head. I’m not pointing this out because of events 11 year in the future, but because it’s actually being used as a focal point of this match with the announcers talking about it when they can get off the nWo for 5 seconds. The lack of protection for the head in 1996 was flat out insanity. Benoit starts up with his suplexes now, including a sweet gutwrench suplex with a bridge for 2. German with a bridge gets 2! DAVE PENZER announces just 5 minutes left in this match, which is basically an audible screaming “WE WON’T HAVE A WINNER”. Benoit applies the real version of the Liontamer, complete with knee being driven into Malenko’s head. He later taught that move to Jericho, so no surprises he’s the master. Malenko heads out to the staging area for protection, but Benoit’s behind him with a slingshot plancha. Back in, Benoit applies one of the sweetest pinning moves I’ve ever seen, bridging back with Dean’s legs hooked, but still just 2. Penzer continues to countdown the minutes, to alert the fans when they can stop being bored and go back to their seats. Malenko hits a backslide for 2. Both guys look spent, but that doesn’t stop Chris from hitting a crisp powerbomb for 2. Back to the swandive, but Malenko cuts him off this time and now he has a superplex for 2. Oklahoma roll gets 2. Fans count down the last 10 seconds, as Malenko’s powerbomb fails to get the win while time expires at 19:53, which is the standard time limit. A 5 minute overtime is offered, and Benoit hits a gutwrench powerbomb for 2 while the fans boo mercilessly. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker can’t get the job done, so Benoit applies a Texas Cloverleaf of his own! Deano crawls and crawls, but Benoit keeps him locked in the middle of the ring. Eventually he makes it, but Benoit keeps the leg locked on – so with only one chance to escape, Malenko throws an enzuigiri that connects! The guys fight as they get on their feet, but a double headbutt knocks both guys out. Benoit recovers first again, and he grapevines the leg, wrapping his whole body around like Mr. Peepers in a science lab. Malenko manages to get a small package, and time expires a second time at 5:03 into the 5 minute period. Nick Patrick declares there must be a winner, so they will go 5 minutes more. WHY HAVE A TIME LIMIT THEN? Goddamn WCW! Of course, the fans lose their shit this time, and I’m honestly surprised they aren’t launching beer bottles. Malenko starts with a dragon screw whip, and Benoit starts favoring that knee. Still, he hits the Dragon Suplex – that’s his move, but he still can’t score the win, getting only 2! Benoit tries the 69 next, but that fails to win. He misses a dropkick, landing on the back of his head again, and now Malenko applies the Texas Cloverleaf, DEAD centre of the ring. Benoit makes his way towards the ropes, so Malenko turns it into a Crossface! Woman interferes for a split second, so Dean grabs her hair which gives Chris enough time to small package Dean for the win FINALLY at 1:59 of double overtime. Great wrestling, but the crowd was a major factor here and unfortunately knocks points off because they thoroughly killed my enjoyment. This would have worked MUCH better in front of a traditional crowd. Let’s go ***.
THE STEINER BROTHERS vs. HARLEM HEAT (with Colonel Robert Parker and Sista Sherri) (for the WCW world tag-team titles)
Stevie asks how often suckas get 2 shots at greatness? If Randy Orton is any indication, a HUNDRED MILLION. Fans are all over the Heat right away, with a gang of Duck Dynasty looking guys literally waving them into the crowd to fight.
I have few doubts that if these guys were to actually head over there, they’re not coming out alive. There isn’t a black person to be seen in this sea of fans – and there is good reason for it. Look, not all racists are bikers, and not all bikers are racists, but they are having NO part of the Heat for no other reason I can make out. They start revving their bikes as loudly as they can now – and Tony celebrates this as a historic moment in WCW history. Yes, amongst the least progressive moments, but a moment nevertheless. Scott Steiner kills Booker with a tigerbomb, while Rick hits Stevie with a clothesline, and the fans are just going mental. You would not believe the noise. Booker misses a Harlem sidekick, which Scott uses to powerslam him over his head. 10-punch count-a-long gets a crazy reaction, and the subsequent hiptoss sends Booker to the staging area. I recommend he STAY THERE and NOT go down to the guardrail if he wants to keep himself alive. The Colonel runs over to defend his property, and gets Booker back in the ring to tag in Stevie. Booker, eating this up, screams at the “HILLBILLIES” to shut up, garnering another loud angry reaction. Scotty hits a gutwrench suplex, and tags in Rick getting thousands of barking fans going. It doesn’t even matter thathe slows it down with a chinlock, because they rev their bikes and honk their horns. A running clothesline gets Rick a standing ovation, and Scotty comes in with a headbutt to Stevie’s groin. Stevie gouges the eye, and goes back to Booker while Sherri yells she’s having a nervous breakdown. Scott kicks him in the face, and just destroys him with a belly to belly for 2, getting cheers like he just captured the world title. Rick hits a vertical suplex which only gets 2. Sherri keeps up, Rick screams “SHUT UP BITCH”, to another loud reaction. The Heat make a quick tag and double team Rick, shutting them right up. Sherri wants Stevie to “break his neck!”, but Stevie fails to deliver in the ring yet again. Back to Booker, but he gets caught on a leapfrog and powerslammed, and the fans are wide awake again! Scotty hits a dropkick, and applies a Crossface, broken up by Stevie. Rick pounces while the referee is distracted for a false tag (which the referee asks the crowd if it happened, to a resounding “YESSSS!”), and puts on a headlock. Stevie pulls down the top rope as Rick rushes the ropes, so he crashes to the staging area. Stevie throws him head first to the ringpost, and fans start throwing water bottles at Sherri. Full water bottles. Back in, Booker misses the Harlem Sidekick, and crotches himself. Rick nails him to the staging area, but Booker rolls himself back in to tag in Stevie. Stevie uses his best move, the rear chinlock. After slowing matters down, Rick fights loose, but Stevie hits a bicycle kick to keep him down. Booker misses an elbowdrop, but a Spinaroonie gives him strength and hits the Harlem Sidekick. Stevie enters with a backbreaker, and follows with a vertical suplex for 2. Nerve hold, because lord knows this match needs more time. Eventually Booker gets the tag, points to the crowd … and misses a kneedrop! Rick rolls to the corner, and makes the hot tag to Scott who hits anything dark! Overhead release suplex on Booker gets 2, saved only by Stevie. Rick sends him outside, and now Colonel’s up on the apron. A handful of powder is tossed right into the eyes of Booker T by mistake! Scott loves it, but Sherri has some of her own for him and now he’s blinded. Colonel cracks his cane over Scott Steiner’s head, and Booker gets the pin at 17:53. ** The fans start throwing a little trash. This is absolutely worth checking out on the WWE Network for the sheer insanity of the ridiculous fans throughout this thing, assuming you can stomach 18 minutes of Stevie Ray.
EDDIE GUERRERO vs. RIC FLAIR (with Woman and Elizabeth) (for the WCW United States heavyweight title)
Bobby is half in the tank at this point, slurring his words and making no sense. Ric, on the other hand, is in full character, screaming to the fans about the “1200 CCs of Nature Boy!” The boys get into a shoving match, which Ric figures he’s won with a loud “WOOOOO!” He takes particular attention to a biker lady, telling her “you got it honey, when this one’s over it’s you and me baby.” Eddie starts with a shoulderblock, and after a few more shoves, Ric gets in the face of Mark Curtis who shoves HIM away. Guerrero with a bitch slap, and Flair can barely keep his balance, so he heads to the stage to confer with the ladies. Back in, Ric hits a shoulderblock, but both guys blow a move here and Flair lands right on his wrist. He shakes it off, and we’re back to action with the knife edge chops. Eddie hits a tornado bulldog, and holds on to the neck. Flair shoves him off, but Eddie kips up and Flair isn’t happy to see him. Eddie attacks with the chops, and a backdrop has Flair begging off. It gives him enough of a distraction to eye gouge the challenger, and Ric goes back to the chops. Eddie catches fire, and punches Ric in the corner repeatedly, followed by the buckle whip spot, and a dropkick sends Flair to the stage. Back in, Eddie sends him right back with a clothesline. Flair comes back in again and begs for mercy, but Eddie is relentless and chops away causing Flair to flop in the middle of the ring. Eddie approaches, but Ric thumbs the eye and kicks him in the pooter turning the tide right over. Bobby responds with racist jokes about Eddie’s mom which I’m sure went over well with this crowd. Eddie tries a super sunset flip, but Ric blocks and tries a dropped punch – but THAT misses and Eddie applies a Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Ric makes the ropes, which forces a break. Eddie hits a springboard rana, and sits down for 2. Tornado DDT gets 2! Flair begs off again, so Eddie struts this time, which sets Ric off. He heads up which gets him caught of course, and the slam gets 2. Ric tries to get up, but Eddie pulls him by the tights (Dusty: “He’s got him by a crack boys!”), and keeps Ric in his possession where he thumbs the eye. Eddie goes up, hits the Froggie Splash … but something happens with his knee buckling on the impact, and Flair smells blood now. Straight to the Figure Four, and of course Flair quickly uses both the ropes and leverage from Woman. Eddie won’t tap, but he’s counted down at 14:19. This was a little bit slow paced all told, and a little sloppy – both guys are capable of so much more. **1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND has tracked down JIMMY HART and THE GIANT because talking to them in the Dungeon of Doom just two hours ago wasn’t enough. The Giant’s all kinds of mad, bro. He promises that tonight he’s gonna be the man to stick it … TO HULK HOGAN! ROAR!
The motorcycles are distractingly loud again. Hall and Nash play Rock Paper Scissors to determine who starts the match, and Hall wins, starting against Luger. He throws his toothpick at Luger, which is just dad gummed HILARIOUS, but Lex doesn’t find remotely funny and attacks. Tony smartly wonders where Macho’s at tonight, considering he’s been Motorcycle Loud with his absence thus far. Hall takes Luger down, and laughs it off because this is far too easy. He goes for more, but Luger blocks a hiptoss and throws Hall across the ring. A running kneelift drops him, and Luger roars his approval. Nash eyeballs him like he’s got leprosy, and tags in while Lex wiggles his titties. Nash demands Sting, and tells Luger to step aside like an unworthy prom date. And just to emphasize his choice, he spits on Sting. Sting tags in and hocks a loogie right back. They stand toe to toe, but one right hand from Nash rocks Sting. Sting pops up after a moment down, and gives it right back, sending Nash sprawling into the ropes. Sting goes for a slam, but Nash beats him down. Sting continues to find thunder and wins a punchfest, pokes the eyes, and slams Nash to a MONSTER pop! Just like Andre and Hogan, with zero historical significance. Nash picks Sting right up, gives him the snake eyes, and as Sting stumbles away Hall runs him over like a truck. Hall in, and distracts the ref allowing Nash a free shot in the corner. Nash back in, and delivers the high knees. He laughs at Sting and tells him to stay down. Sting staggers to his feet, and Nash offers his hand … in order to give him a short clothesline. Bobby wakes up from his liquor coma to mumber that nobody’s tougher than Nash, and passes out in a puddle of bourbon and vomit. Hall in with a corner clothesline, and paintbrushes Sting on the mat with his boot. Nash uses his boot to choke Sting out, which Nick Patrick has a big problem with… for now. Luger tries to rush in, but Patrick’s all over him. Sting shows a little energy, kicking away at Nash, and a double collision midring drops Nash, with Sting RIGHT behind, head to Nash’s crotch. Hall tags in first, and quickly cuts off the ring. He rocks Sting with punches, but can’t score the pinfall. Big boot from Nash connects dead centre, and Nash demands a Razor’s Edge to finish it. However, it’s too early, and Sting backdrops loose just a foot from Luger! He makes the tag, and Luger hits Hall with a slingshot dropkick! Clotheslines for you, clotheslines for me! Full-fledged brawl erupts, with Luger and Hall left in the ring. Nash is locked in the Scorpion outside the ring, and Luger tries for the Rack but Hall’s foot kicks Nick Patrick in the eye. He falls, clipping Luger in the process, then fast-counts for the pinfall at 14:35. Patrick falls out of the ring holding his eyeball, but still has the strength to raise Hall and Nash’s arms. Is Nick Patrick an nWo stooge, or was he simply dizzy and unaware? How will Cobra feel about this? ***
Before we can speculate too much, MICHAEL BUFFER’s out to call the main event which fires up the crowd, as well as their bikes. Helpfully accented by Bobby Heenan suddenly screaming “VROOOOOM”.
“HOLLYWOOD” HULK HOGAN vs. THE GIANT (with Jimmy Hart) (for the WCW World heavyweight title)
Buffer announces Hogan as “Hollywood” for the first time, who is dressed in the more customary gear we’d grow used to. He also covers Hogan’s accolades, and finishes with “BUT HE TURNED HIS BACK ON IT ALL!” Giant is introduced as the “Most Dangerous Man on the Planet”. Is there any wonder they spent their lives getting sued? Like really, just light a pile of cash on fire – let’s infringe copyright left and right for our own amusement. Fans understand the ramifications of Hogan’s turn, and give him a heroes welcome. Meanwhile, you could light a match within 40 feet of the announce booth at this point and Heenan would catch fire. Hogan takes a powder for about 30 seconds, before entering with a flurry of punches that do nothing. He’s not excited by that, naturally, so he bails again. Heenan: “Hogan’s not as much of a chicken as you think he is. He hehehehehehehe’s … got mind games.” Christ almighty. Back in the ring, Hogan’s attacked first, so he rolls right back out and wastes even more time while Hart has a laugh attack. Back in, Giant levels him with a backdrop, while Heenan reminds us Hogan’s been in the business so long he understands how to roll out of the ring. Tony: “He’s slowed this match down to a crawl.” He must be new to the Hulk Hogan experience. They go for a test of strength, which Hogan loses handily. Thankfully he’s got a lot of cheat in his blood, and kicks Giant down while the fans erupt at the smarts of their hero, who berates them all with some classic Thunder Lips material. They really should have billed the Giant as The Ultimate Meatball. About 29 minutes into the Test of Strength, Giant fights back to his feet and drops Hogan to his knees. Then he moves to a keylock, to take away Hogan’s speed. Hogan escapes and locks on an armbar. Can someone explain why WCW hasn’t just stormed the ring with baseball bats and teed off on Hogan’s kneecaps? Rey Mysterio, Arn Anderson, Buff Bagwell, they all have beef – DO something about it. Hogan works a keylock of his own, but Giant fights to his feet so Hogan pulls him back to the mat by the hair. The referee misses it somehow, but Hart helpfully points it out, so the referee warns Hogan that next time he’ll give him a warning. You tell him, Pee Wee Anderson! Giant eventually powers out, and headbutts Hogan to the floor where he can stall for another 45 minutes. Giant is pulled to the outside, and Hogan throws Giant face first to the ring post. Giant doesn’t care for THAT, so he does the same. Heenan is slurring words he hasn’t even spoken at this point. Giant hits a backbreaker, but Hogan gets to the ropes at 2. Giant goes for a jumping elbowdrop, but he misses, and Dusty explains why that probably hurts Giant more than it would hurt someone like Rey Mysterio Jr, just in case the fans at home are retarded, or Tony Schiavone. Hogan pounds away, but Giant hulks up all over the ring, including the finger point, and the fans respond with a HUGE apathetic nothing! Big boot sets up the Chokeslam, but SCOTT HALL is on the buckle before he can hit it. He’s tossed aside, and given a chokeslam. KEVIN NASH steals Jimmy’s megaphone, but Giant kicks him in the midsection and chokeslams him! However, Hogan’s snuck back in with the belt, hits Giant in the temple, and we have a NEW heavyweight champion at just 58 minutes into a 14:57 match. *1/2
All 3 men celebrate with the belt, because apparently WCW is totally cool with this outsider faction cheating and stealing their property. THE BOOTY MAN now wanders down to ringside, wearing an nWo shirt, and carrying a giant Hulk Hogan birthday cake, and a gift. He is not accompanied by Kimberly because he’s trying to trade her in for a new girlfriend from the looks of things. He wishes Hogan a happy birthday in front of everyone in Sturgis. He thanks Hogan for being there for him for the last 22 years. Hogan thanks him, reminds him that they are blood, and delivers some fairly passionate kisses. Hogan explains that the reason the nWo is so powerful is because they never mix business with friendship or pleasure. For example, Flair’s weak spot is Arn Anderson. And he has a big surprise for Booty Man … as the Outsiders turn on him and Hogan beats him down. He takes the belt to the face, much like Giant did about 5 minutes ago, and STILL HASN’T MOVED. He asks Flair what his future is, if he’s willing to do that to his best friend. Hogan grabs a bottle of black spraypaint, and paints nWo on the belt. The fans respond with a standing ovation. Welcome to the world of Sturgis.
Let’s never do this again, hmmm?

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As horrible as the match was, Booker and Stevie deserve medals for doing anything in front of this crowd. I'm willing to bet around 40% of the people in that crowd have been to a cross burning at some time in their lives.

40% might be low.

I'm Charlie Owens, good night, and good luck.

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    Originally posted by CEOIII
    As horrible as the match was, Booker and Stevie deserve medals for doing anything in front of this crowd. I'm willing to bet around 40% of the people in that crowd have been to a cross burning at some time in their lives.

    40% might be low.
But more likely 40% is a vast overestimation.

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