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The W - Pro Wrestling - On This Day: WCW Nitro - March 11, 1996
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Lots of really good discussion on the last couple of pieces.
graves9: Great stuff as always. No tapes of WCW WorldWide? If not that makes me a sad panda as that show was a huge gem of classic matches like Bobby Walker Vs Buck Quartrmaine and sometimes they would have a big match like Savage Vs Flair where Flair was the champion at the time of the airing, but Savage was wearing the title because the show was taped at the time Savage was the champion and Tony would have to stammer about why Savage was wearing the title.
Sadly, I’m a little light on WCW Worldwide from this era. I do have entire years of Worldwide gone by, and the occasional show sprinkled here and there from 1996-closing. Worldwide was a gas, you never knew if we’d sunk so low that even El Dandy might get a win.
BigDaddyLoco: Everything about Eddie except his wrestling ability sucked in his early WCW days. He looked like our friend's dad if he was wearing white spandex. If you were all about the wrestling his look and blandness wouldn't have bothered you. I wasn't all about the wrestling at the time. I dug Benoit because he was this mean little bastard with a crisp move set even if he couldn't cut promos, but could really care less about Malenko and Guerrero.
JustinShapiro: Wouldn't it have been weird if this had happened? From the 01/06/96 Observer: There was actually discussion of having Guerrero upset Flair and win the title similar to how Flair made Steamboat in the late 70s in the Carolinas.
Disaster. Eddie was nowhere near ready. His in ring work was rock solid, but there is NO chance that would have flown in the eye of Hogan's world against the Dungeon of Doom. Everything revolved around Hogan from the minute he walked into the federation, right through 1999. Aside from the impending hiatus in 1996, he was either champion, or the straw that stirred the drink. Guerrero wouldn't have gotten over, and the result would have been getting the title back to Hogan as fast as possible to "restore" the lost credibility from Eddie, making Flair look bad, and Eddie a paper champion goat that would have taken years to recover from.
And with that ... it was a booming economy so set fire to the money and light that pyro, we are LIVE from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and ERIC BISCHOFF is a screaming Ken Doll about lumberjacks and straps. BOBBY HEENAN, MONGO MCMICHAEL, and PEPE are also here. Pepe is dressed like a wizard, but like much of WCW, it isn’t explained.
“HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN vs. THE GIANT (with Jimmy Hart)
Hacksaw’s been getting a mini push leading into this, by being the first midcard guy to take Giant off his feet with his taped fist. However, he doesn’t get much here to start, as his punches are no-sold, and gets thrown into the ringpost like nothing. BRIAN PILLMAN shows up at ringside, running back and forth with signs that scream “CALL BRIAN – 1-800-288-PILL” on camera. Bischoff angrily spots him, and leaves the announce table to deal with it. Pillman tries to jump the security guard rail, but security is all over him and drags him out of the building, with the cameras trying to avoid it as best they can. Giant bearhugs Duggan, so Duggan bites his way out, but does anyone really care right now after the Pillman arrival? Giant misses an avalanche, and Duggan clotheslines the big man to the floor. Heenan: “Duggan needs his tape, to make himself rock solid hard!” Well, something for everyone I suppose. Giant gets back in, and headbutts Duggan to the floor. Duggan pulls the duct tape off the floor that keeps the cables taped down, and several big shots drop Giant! Jimmy grabs Duggan’s loose tape, so Duggan pulls him in and headbutts him. However, the distraction is plenty, and a Chokeslam finishes business at 6:30. *1/2
STEVE GRISSOM and “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND get in their regular Motor Sports update. This last week, Grissom started in 43rd spot, and ended in 4th. They’re 3rd in points, and ... I’m done. This ain’t no wrasslin.
THE STEINER BROTHERS ride in to the arena on motorcycles, to a MASSIVE pop, as this is their first appearance in WCW in nearly 4 years. We were supposed to have the Nastys facing the Road Warriors, but the Nastys have been beaten down and sent to the hospital by someone. Instead ...
Hawk hiptosses Scott, and poses in a mocking fashion. Scott takes a series of chops, and responds to that by giving Hawk a cross-ring belly to belly suplex. Doctor bomb is done RIGHT in front of Animal to send a message, but when Hawk is placed up top, he headbutts his way out. Top rope clothesline drops Scott. Neckbreaker firmly puts control back in the Warriors camp. However, this is Scott Steiner we’re talking about, and he’s able to shake it off and hit a tiger bomb. Rick comes in, and so does Animal. Powerslam from Animal sets up a dropkick. Rick fires back with a pair of forearms, and it stuns Animal enough so that Rick can hit a German suplex. Top rope superplex launches Animal across the ring, and Scott is back in. Overhead belly to belly connects, and Scott has a staredown with Hawk on the apron. Animal is hung to the tree of woe in a neutral corner, and Scott chokes him out from the outside. Rick is back in, and claws at Animal’s face. Animal kicks loose, as the fans chant for “LOD” because they have no taste. Scott locks on the Steiner Recliner, but it is not yet patented and thus no submission. Hawk breaks up the party. Scott misses a dropkick by 8 feet, but Animal sells it. Double clothesline knocks both guys down, and Hawk gets the hot tag. Both Steiners are killed with clotheslines. Rick is flattened with an assisted clothesline, and Hawk hits him with the Doomsday Device. Scott breaks up the pinfall, and Rick is left alone with Hawk, while Scott kills Animal outside. Rick hits Hawk with a belly to back, and now the Steiners go for a Doomsday Device of their own! Sadly, Animal breaks up what would have been epic, and he hits Scott with a top rope clothesline. All 4 guys lie dead. Back on his feet, Scott hits Animal with the Frankensteiner, but Hawk breaks it up at 2. Scott kicks Hawk to the outside, and Rick hits an assisted top rope Bulldog off Scott’s shoulders! But behind Scott’s back, Animal hits Rick with the spiked padding from their uniform, and Hawk gets the pin at 10:11. Cheating bastards. ***1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND wants to ask Scott what’s up. Steiner says he’s been waiting for 4 years to get his hands on the Warriors, so they’ve returned to WCW to get them, and for them to cheat is a disgrace. Rick vows this isn’t the end.
ALEX WRIGHT vs. LEX LUGER (for the WCW World Television title)
Bischoff: “Wright was supposed to face Johnny B Badd here, but he wasn’t feeling up to it. Badd had a chance to be a man, walk the walk, but instead he played the role of a woman. We’ll talk more about that.” Well, suffice it to say, see ya Mero. Wright hits a dropkick while Bischoff continues his burial of Johnny B Badd; a little difficult to do in this case considering he’d pretty much won every match he was involved in for the previous 8 months leading up to his leaving. Wright hits a headscissors takeover, and Luger takes a powder. Wright hits a crossbody, rolls Luger in, and nails a top rope axehandle for 2. Luger comes back with a knee to Wright’s back, which sends him sprawling to the floor. Back in, Luger casually picks Wright above his head for a powerslam, and threatens the Rack. Wright tries to jump to the top to perform something, but Luger catches him and gives him the snake eyes. Wright is paintbrushed, which frustrates him and he starts kicking loose of Luger. A trifecta of European Uppercuts set up a back elbow. Dropkick gets 2. Missile Dropkick connects, but a second one brings out JIMMY HART who trips him up. Lex hits a hotshot and gets the pin at 6:38. Jimmy celebrates after the match, but Luger flips out when he hears what he did and tells him to get lost. Still, he poses between chewing out Jimmy, because it’s all for the fans of course. *1/2
RIC FLAIR (with Woman and Miss Elizabeth), ARN ANDERSON, and KEVIN SULLIVAN vs. THE MEGA POWER-BOOTIES (in a Lumberjack Strap match)
I spy MENG, THE BARBARIAN, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE, and STEVEN REGAL on one side of the ring. THE GIANT and LOCH NESS are also here, and THEY start fighting! No joke, Booty Man is SO orange here that quite frankly I’m surprised he hasn’t been confused for a cancerous Florida citrus tree and quarantined. HAWK and ANIMAL are also at ringside. Through the melee in the ring, KIMBERLY wanders down with a bouquet of roses and biting her bottom lip. Flair takes a man-sized beating, and tries to get the hell out of Dodge, but Animal chases him up the ramp and hauls him back. Hogan whips everyone in sight, so he’s dumped to the outside and is attacked by ROBERT EATON. DAVE TAYLOR is sent noggin to noggin with Regal, and Hogan whips everyone. KONAN is around and doing little. It’s honestly impossible to follow anything, every single lumberjack is whipping each other, and the camera cuts back and forth so fast you can’t even keep up with what’s happening in the ring. Hogan ties himself to Flair, so Flair thumbs Hogan in the eye to a HUGE pop. Horsemen country baby. Hogan whips Flair fairly hard, and chokes him in the corner. Booty dry humps Arn Anderson while Hogan drops a leg on Flair for the win at 6:27. This was absolutely horrible. DAVE SULLIVAN gives Hogan a pat on the back after the match, which about sums it up. The presence of Dave Sullivan alone warrants his average match rating; -** for the entire mess.
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND hits the scene to talk to the heels. Sullivan reminds Hogan he has to face 4 different men in 4 different cages at Uncensored, Arn, Sullivan, Luger, and Flair. Arn: “When you marry someone, the supposed answer that you tell God, is til death do us part. Well we’ve been married to you Savage, Hogan, and big Brother Booty for some 10 weeks now. And it won’t be over until death do us part.” Flair grabs Liz and starts goading Savage. Woman: “Savage, he’s god your woman.” Flair: “Hogan, Savage, I’ve got the WHOLE world in my hands!”
As the announcers wrap things up, Flair takes over the announce booth as usual. And that’s it; see you for Prime later. Enjoy your week.

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Thread rated: 6.81
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Call me cynical or call me a realist, but I was under the impression that Steve Austin requested feuds with Guerrero and Benoit so that they could make him look good. Guerrero and Benoit are great at making other people look good.
- ekedolphin, Stone Cold Steve Austin (2002)
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