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The W - Pro Wrestling - On This Day: WCW Nitro - February 26, 1996
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ekedolphin: Probably a good decision, all things considered, that Kimberly stuck with Johnny B. Badd (temporarily) rather than going over to Chris Benoit. Of course, if Chris and Kimberly had started spending a lot of time together and had fallen in love like Chris and Nancy did in the real universe, who's to say the same thing would have happened. You never know.
I’m guessing she stays with DDP. The only reason Nancy bolted from Sullivan was amiss constant accusations of infidelity with Benoit; that were created by his own decision to have them stay at hotels together on the road 24/7. Nancy figured if she was gonna be accused, she may as well be accused for the right reasons. She seduced Chris, and not vice-versa. There is no way DDP (or any reasonable husband) allows his wife to spend overnights upon overnights together to sell an angle.
BigDaddyLoco: WCW actually tried for years to mold Scott Norton into what Mark Henry is now only the best they ever did was turn him into what Mark Henry was with Rodney Mack.
An angry black man speaking out against whitey?
THIS ... is WCW! And it’s coming to you live from the deck of a battleship. No, I’m sorry, that’s Janet Reno’s Dance Party, we are actually LIVE in Knoxville, Tennessee - and ERIC BISCHOFF is feeling explosive. Go easy on the Mexican food my man. BOBBY HEENAN, MONGO MCMICHAEL, and PEPE are also here. Bischoff’s all talk about the Booty Spy; a Froot Booty?
Bischoff quickly spoils the ‘World Whining Federation’ results: “DQ, Yokozuna in a handicap match, Jake the Snake Roberts pulverising Yankem, and Diesel over Bob Holly, he’s still around?” As petty as this is, this is one area Bischoff totally had the right idea; basically spelling out that the shows were stale, canned, and boring. As long as he’s not going to give away any long time beloved and popular guys winning the World Title, this should never backfire. The guys lock up to the corner, and the referee orders a break. Bubba backs off gently, and informs Sting “see, I’m a nice guy!” with a sleezy grin on his face. He offers the hand of friendship, and Sting punches him. Wait, Sting is the good guy? Bubba is quite offended, and in a blind rage, he walks right into a face plant. Tables are turned when Bubba throws down, and a big right gets 2. A spinebuster plants Sting mid-ring, but the arrogant cover only gets 2. Avalanche splash knocks Sting out cold, which Bubba takes advantage of by walking around and telling the crowd to kiss his ass. Bubba sets Sting up for a Russian legsweep, but changes direction and punches him in the face instead. A STUNT GRANNY gets in Bubba’s face, and the ensuing distraction lets Sting get a shot in. Back in, Sting hits a spike piledriver that he nearly botches because Bubba’s so damn heavy. Slugfest is won by Sting, and a big boot sets up the Vaderbomb ... but Bubba blocks with the knees. Sting heads out, Bubba heads up, but Sting cuts him off and sends him back in to the ring. Top rope crossbody gets the win at 7:14. Really fun match. ***
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND grabs a word with STING, LEX LUGER, and THE ROAD WARRIORS. Animal says Sting is their brother is paint; and wants to know where the hell his head is at. Luger cuts them off and offers to wrestle them in any kind of match, anywhere, anytime. This breaks down into an argument over who’s more from Chicago; Luger or the Warriors. Sting sides with the Warriors, cuz they from the streets, and Luger’s white collar. Hawk finally gets to the point and challenges them to a Chicago Street Fight, which Luger immediately accepts before asking “what does that mean anyway? I’m from Chicago, what’s a Chicago Street Fight?” Sting takes off angrily.
No doubt the sudden return of the Renegade is completely unrelated to the Ultimate Warrior hype kicking into high gear on the other channel, as he was getting set to return at Wrestlemania XII. Renegade hits Luger with a series of shoulderblocks that sends Lex to the floor for safety. Back in, Renegade continues his assault, though mostly with punches and kicks for lack of any other moves that resemble wrestling. Luger comes back with a backdrop for 2. Snap suplex rocks Renegade, but when Luger calls for the Rack, Renegade pops up and clotheslines him. Handspring back elbow sets up a Bulldog, and Renegade heads up to finish. JIMMY HART runs in and shoves Renegade off the top rope, and Luger applies the Torture Rack to finish at 5:47. STING rushes down to ask what the hell Jimmy Hart is doing out there. Luger cries innocent, and hilariously raises Renegade’s arm. Sting snaps and screams in Luger’s face “WHAT IS GOING ON?” Luger continues to play dumb, and Sting takes off. 1/2*
One of the most enjoyable things about the Sherri/Parker wedding at Clash of the Champions it that it temporarily closed the door on their presence, allowing Harlem Heat to just do their business without them. The downside is that we really haven’t seen the Disco Inferno since then either; but presumably he’s passed out in a ditch somewhere, desperately clinging to the bottle of champagne he swiped in the chaos. Booker and Hawk start, while Bischoff talks Harlem Heat: “They can use axe kicks, side kicks, spin kicks”; which is theoretically correct, but if you eliminate Booker T from the equation, they can do “nerve holds”. Hawk drops Booker with a neckbreaker, hits a legdrop, and gets 2. Both guys change out, while Bischoff goes on about Stevie Ray’s “well developed upper body”. I think I need to hear how long he is; maybe we can cover that next. Animal hits a clothesline and tags in Hawk. Booker hits him from behind, and Stevie drops Hawk with a powerbomb. Fans chant “LOD”, which must be for some WWF team, because I don’t know no LOD. Axe kick from Booker gets 2. Bischoff: “The Legion of Doom is not to be confused with the Dungeon of Doom”. What IS it with promoters? That statement is right up there with the decision to rename Shane Helms to “Gregory Helms” lest we confuse Shane McMahon with him. I mean, one of them is a superhero wannabe who does a lot of flashy things, and the other is a multi-time Cruiserweight Champion, they’re not hard to differentiate. In this match, Animal has hot tagged in and is clotheslining everyone. However, Stevie and Animal wind up on the floor where the referee follows. Booker hits the Harlem Hangover on Hawk, but because there’s no ref, Animal comes back in and kicks him in the face. Hawk gets the pin at 7:53. Isn’t that the same kind of nonsense they’d call Luger out for? *
Coming up after Nitro, Kickboxer II. Bischoff: “It’s a back leg round kick right to the teeth!”
Bischoff: “The Macho Man, the Booty Man, and The Man!” Gag me already. Our heroes clear the ring quickly, and Arn is left alone with Brother Booty. KIMBERLY walks down the aisle with flowers in hand for some reason; and is eyeballing someone. I assume Arn Anderson has won her over with his repeated wins over Hulk Hogan. Booty hits a running knee on Arn, and Mongo suggests that Hulk Hogan read Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and put spies in the enemy camp. How many other spies might be working for Hogan? Shark? One Man Gang? Super Giant Ninja? Flair tags in, and Booty struts like Ric to absolutely no reaction. I’ll give WCW credit, they’re trying like hell to get this loser over, but at the end of the day, he’s the same Brutus Beefcake we’ve never given a damn about. Savage tags in and FINALLY the crowd wakes up. All 3 heels work over Savage in the corner, but he fights his way out. Savage stays near his corner and calls in Ric. Flair comes in for the test of strength, but instead he punts Savage in the groin and chops away. Back elbow drops Mach, and he goes up. Flair is caught as was the style at the time, but Savage comes off the top right into a fist from Flair. Flair poses, but Savage has tagged out and Hogan’s in. Flair chops him, and struts, but Hogan’s breathing heavier than an overworked walrus, and sends Flair to the outside. Sullivan and Arn attack, but Hogan dumps both of them too. Back in, Hogan bites Flair’s eye because he’s been taking those darn bath salts again, and Booty teams with Hogan to hit duelling big boots, but it only gets 2. Savage tries to get a shot in at Liz, but Arn is there to stand in the way. Savage gets back in, and both ladies try to trip him up, so he grabs them by the hair to a MASSIVE pop. Sullivan stops THAT, and works over Savage. Arn stomps a mudhole, and catapults him in the ropes. Savage rolls out, where Flair throws him into the guardrail and lands some chops for good measure. Sullivan drops Savage with a big boot. Arn comes in, but Savage dives to the corner to get the hot tag to Booty to NO reaction at all. He takes out the entire anti-Hogan Alliance, and Hogan drops all 3 with Big Boots. Arn gets hit with the Legdrop, and Hogan wins it at 12:05. **
Post-match, Liz handcuffs Hogan to the ropes, and Flair starts teeing off on him with a belt. Savage chases the ladies off – Bischoff says we’re out of time ... and what the heck WAS up with Kimberly?
We’ll cover this on Saturday Night. Prime is next, later tonight.

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I am loving this Liz heel turn. Its hard to think of a heel turn that could be more shocking. (Other than Luger turning heel. Sting would be blown away by that.)

Was there any reason for why Booty Man decided to go by the name Booty? Perhaps that was edgy in 1996?

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Wasn't Sting the Road Warriors brother in paint in '88 when he substituted for Dusty in a 6 man match and the Road Warriors absolutely destroyed him?

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he went by booty as a reference to having been the other person in Hogan's first sex tape
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The brawl at the end of this show remains one of my favorite moments in wrestling history. This Wrestlemania's build felt more perfect than any other's. (Wrestlemania XIX came close.) Perfectly connected chaos. Edit:
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