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The W - Pro Wrestling - On This Day: WCW Nitro - April 29, 1996
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redsoxnation: You do realize if the split up desegregate the Nasty Boys and Public Enemy that means 2 matches a show involving those teams rather than 1, right?
Look Mr. Nation, I don’t know who you’re trying to impress with your jokes, but let it be known that this idea is NOT FUNNY.
Stefonics: I love Meng.
You speak for us all. And you speak the truth.
LIVE from an undisclosed location, the WCW World Title is on the line when our current champion Ric Flair defends against The Giant. ERIC BISCHOFF, BOBBY HEENAN, MONGO MCMICHAEL, and PEPE are calling all the action. Heenan predicts bad things in store for Flair.
HARLEM HEAT vs. STING and LEX LUGER (for the WCW World Tag-Team titles)
This rematch was ordered of course after Jimmy Hart ran interference on Saturday Night, once again causing questions about whose side Luger is on. Sting’s full of energy tonight, while simultaneously wearing his Serious Face. He starts with Booker, as is the norm. A Harlem sidekick drops (or hoof kick sez Bischoff) drops Sting, but he’s up quickly with a clothesline. Scoop slam sets up an elbowdrop for 2. Luger comes in, but is delivered into the awaiting arms of Stevie Ray, who channels all his energy and uses his rarely seen rapid fire punches. That should end Stevie’s contributions to this match. Luger tags in Sting, and the pair double clothesline Stevie. Booker comes in with a shoulder tackle, but it doesn’t faze Sting. Dropkick gives control back to the champs, and Luger comes in with an axehandle off the top. Commercial break!
We return to Sting taking a sidewalk slam from Booker. Spinarooine sets up another Harlem sidekick, and Sting is dizzy. Stevie Ray comes in with a bicycle kick for 2. He must have eaten his Wheaties today to be pulling off high flying moves like that one; he was at least 3 inches off the mat. Sting tries to get something going, but Stevie rakes the eyes and tags in Booker. They promptly clothesline each other, and the fans try to rally Sting to tag out. He gets there, hot tag! Luger clotheslines each member of Heat, and slams Booker. Stevie breaks up the pin attempt, and dumps Sting, leaving them alone 2-on-1. Double team powerbomb draws out JIMMY HART who throws a towel immediately; but Stevie catches it in mid-air! He jumps to the floor to attack Hart, but in the confusion Sting is now back in and schoolboys Booker to retain the belts at 8:24! Luger celebrates like he just beat cancer. **
Ice Train starts with Rick Steiner. Bischoff can barely contain his protruding manhood from making a verbal appearance while discussing the fact that the Steiners will be on opposite sides of the ring at Slamboree. Ice Train powerslams Rick, and gives him a pretty rockin’ avalanche. Not that it matters, cuz Rick launches him with a German suplex, and tags in little brother. Norton’s in, and he’s T-Boned. If that’s not enough, an overhead belly to belly sends him crashing to the floor, and probably seeing stars. Back in, Scotty tries to come off the top, but Norton catches him and spikes him like a football. Running clotheslines have Scotty on edge; but the third attempt is turned into a hotshot. Rick tags in, but is dropped with a shoulderblock, and we go back to Ice Train. Train clotheslines the brothers. Norton and Rick square off on the floor, while Train works over Scotty. Norton comes back in and clotheslines Scott Steiner to the outside, but behind his back, Rick has rushed Ice Train with a clothesline and gets the pin at 3:26. Both teams share a little mutual respect, and several uncomfortable hugs. *1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND welcomes RIC FLAIR, WOMAN, and ELIZABETH in the not yet named Shank of the Evening! Flair asks Gene to stare deep into Woman’s eyes, and ask if he really believes he’s afraid of The Giant. Woman says Giant is a small man compared to the champ. Liz concurs.
“LORD” STEVEN REGAL vs. FIT FINLAY (in a parking lot brawl)
We’re joined in progress, with Finlay putting his foot through the passenger side window of a car trying to karate kick Regal, and it explodes everywhere. That doesn’t slow him, as he picks up a cinder block, but Regal blocks it with a poke to the eyes; never failing to find ways to make me laugh. Finlay grabs a giant tire instead and swats Regal. A bumper is ripped off a truck, and Finlay whips Regal with it. Regal retaliates by throwing Finlay onto the hood of a truck and pounds away. Finlay grabs the seatbelt of a truck through the window, and hangs Regal with it. Just to add a little insult to his impending death, he bitch slaps the Lord. Regal tries to mount a comeback, but just gets dumped across the guardrail separating these guys from the fans. Bischoff calls this “out of hand”, because apparently he expected them to hug it out or something. Finlay sent face first through a window, which shatters (the window, not his face). Regal pulls Finlay on top of a car, and goes for a piledriver, but Regal backdrops him onto the roof. He tries a German suplex, but Regal reverses and piledrives Regal on the roof for the pin at 6:12!! Best parking lot brawl in wrestling history. Heenan caps off the segment beautiful: “Hey, wait a sec ... THAT’S MY RENTAL CAR!!!!!” ****
THE GIANT (with Jimmy Hart) vs. RIC FLAIR (with Woman and Elizabeth) (for the WCW World Heavyweight title)
Once again, Ric stops to hit on MONGO’S WIFE on his way to the ring. Mongo’s getting really sick of this; but Bischoff orders him to stay put in the announce booth. Off the bell, Flair charges at Giant, throws all his weight at him ... and bounces off like a tennis ball on a brick wall. A second attempt yields the same, and Giant roars his giant roar. Flair is press slammed in front of the ladies, causing Woman to scream for mercy. Whip to the buckle sends Flair to the floor, and Giant lumbers after him. Woman and Liz are used as human shields during the chase. Realizing there’s nowhere to go, Flair gets back in the ring. Giant follows, and Flair thumbs him in the eye. Knife edge chops are laid in, which do nothing. Flair dodges an avalanche, but stupidly goes to the top rope, and gets slammed from at least 8 feet in the air. Vertical suplex has Ric begging for mercy. Giant tries a chokeslam, but Flair holds the ropes for dear life, drops to his knees, and goes low. Giant down to his knees is the same height as Flair, and he just shoves Ric that sends him flying. Flair reaches into his tights, and wallops the Giant with brass knucks – the referee misses it completely! Now’s his chance, and the Figure Four is applied dead centre of the ring! Giant pops RIGHT up with a big meaty fist around Ric’s throat, and the Chokeslam connects giving us a NEW World Champion at 5:50, and the fans pop HUGE! This was a thorough domination by Giant, and definitely should have ushered in a new mega star. *1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND wants a word with the new champion and Jimmy Hart. Giant says this belt should have been his dating back to Halloween Havoc, and now that he’s the champion, nobody else will ever get it. This includes Hogan, Sting, Savage, it doesn’t matter.
Mongo couldn’t be happier with Flair’s defeat, which Bischoff recaps the events of the night. Heenan thinks this is part of Flair’s plan; to now become Lord of the Ring and take the entire company over. Yes, Lord of the Ring is where it’s at kids.
Prime later!

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I remember really liking that Figure Four/Chokeslam spot.

I thought Jimmy Hart had moved on.

Were Finlay and Regal fighting in jeans and dress pants?

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I think The Giant winning the World Title was the first signal that things were starting to get good in WCW. His reign was actually really well booked and the way Flair put him over huge here made an impact.

The next three PPV events were all really entertaining. I think, mostly because there was no Hogan BS dragging down the show and they were forced to center around building new stars like The Giant and the new people coming in from the WWF.

Slamboree/GAB/BATB I remember all being really good. Hog Wild was weird, but still moved things forward. Fall Brawl had a great storyline going into it.

The Giant had a pretty good reign, too, if I remember correctly, going over decisively over top guys until the nWo storyline rightfully took over.

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WCW World Heavyweight Championship
New Champion: The Giant
Previous Champion: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
1996 Title Changes: Third

This is The Giant's second reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion; he won his first WCW World Title by defeating Hulk Hogan via disqualification at Halloween Havoc on 10/29/95. Of course normally titles wouldn't change hands by DQ, but on that occasion Hogan's manager, Jimmy Hart, secretly inserted language into the contract making an exception in this case-- specificially so he could screw Hogan out of the title and ally himself with The Giant.

The WCW Commissioner (if I recall correctly, Nick Bockwinkel) stripped The GIant of the title six days later and put it up for grabs in the World War 3 battle royal at the next pay-per-view; the title was won by Randy Savage after Hulk Hogan was incorrectly assumed to have been eliminated.

Therefore this is the first title reign of The Giant's that is without controversy; there'd be no stripping of the title due to screwjobs on this occasion.

The Giant's title win ended the 71-day reign of Ric Flair which started at SuperBrawl VI on 2/11/96 with a win in a steel cage match over Randy Savage. Flair's title reign was his fourth as WCW Champion; he also had 9 previous NWA reigns and two WWF reigns, making him a 15-time world heavyweight champion.

As of today in real life, Paul Wight (aka The Giant, aka The Big Show) is a seven-time world heavyweight champion. He has won the WCW World Heavyweight Title twice, the WWF and WWE Championship twice, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship (WWE version) once, and the World Heavyweight Championship (WWE version) twice. He is the first and only wrestler to have won all four championships.

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Costume contest- Lillian Garcia wins it if she is truly in the contest. Jillian protests. If Lilian is absent, Maria wins. Matt Hardy over MVP in a wrestling match (I voted for MMA).
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