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24.6.18 1750
The W - Pro Wrestling - Old lucha watching - 3/2001 CMLL pay-per-view
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The CMLL girls dance to welcome us to the show. I'll give that a 100.

1. Tzuki/Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Pierrothito/Fierito

Tzuki is the former Mascarita Sagrada Jr/Max Mini. The tecnico minis throw t-shirts to the crowd.

First Fall: A quick battle of takedowns between Ultimo & Fierito open the fall, ending early as Ultimo dropkicks the rudo outside. Tzuki gets in a bunch of armdrags on Pierrothito, but an annoying SWISH graphic takes over the screen as Fierito sends Tzuki outside, and it sets up the rudo two-on-one on Ultimo. Pierrothito slaps Tzuki around for a bit, and the fall ends shortly afterwards with a wheelbarrow suplex on Ultimo and a submission on Tzuki.

Second Fall: The rudos are working the crowd as the second fall starts. Fierito mocks Tzuki's height by getting on his knees, and still being taller than Tzuki. But Tzuki can get in an incredible tilt-a-whirl headscissors to switch control to the tecnico side. Tzuki dropkicks Fierito outside and jumps onto him with a twisting somersault. Dragoncito lays out Pierrothito with a corner tope (ala Hijo del Santo) and both rudos get counted out. We're even at one.

Third Fall: To start the action of this fall, Pierrothito starts off clothesline Ultimo and dropping the elbow. Fierito also his way with Tzuki, spinning him around by his mask. Pierrothito press slams Tzuki across Fierito's knee. Dragoncito has little success as well when he comes in, as the rudo double team continues. Tzuki returns, and uses his speed to turn the tide. Pierrothito tries a monkey flip, but instead sends Tzuki into a rana on Fierito. Pierrothito then backdrops Dragoncito outside, only for Ultimo to land on his partner. Pier then knocks out Tzuki and planchas him. Tzuki & Fierito are both counted out, and it is one-on-one. Ultimo's first attempt at a rana is turned into a powerbomb, but his second one hits, and he gets the three and the win for the tecnicos.

A good match, although I would have liked to see it get more time. But it is a nice enough opener, and the curtain jerkers on the EMLL pay-per-views are generally in this range. 80.

2. Rencor Latino/Arkangel/Veneno vs. Astro Rey Jr/Pantera/Felino

This one is billed as "Los Reyes Del Aire". Rencor & Astro Rey are now Averno & Mephisto respectively, aligned with Satanico. This is pre-Boricua Veneno, so he's in yellow & black tonight. Astro's outfit is all sorts of ugly.

First Fall: The traditional pairings start off with chain wrestling from Arkangel & Pantera, and the captains are Pantera & Veneno. Astro & Veneno's portion has a little more brawling, while Rencor & Felino's isn't chain wrestling, but a quick collection of spots ending as Felino headscissors Latino to the floor. Ark & Pantero go back in, and Pantera a controls that with a series a takedowns. Arkangel protests, so Pantera tags out to Felino. Felino headscissors Arkangel outside, and that's followed by Latino splatting Felino with a tope con hilo. Back to Veneno & Astro, which ends quickly as Astro gains a submission with your typically strange lucha submission, as Pantera sunset flips Arkangel.

Second Fall: We have the rudos on the floor trying to regroup. The future Infernales start this fall off, and it is all Astro early on, but as soon as their segment ends, the 3 on 1 tecnico beatdown begins. Pantera takes a triple team X-Factor. Felino & Astro take their turn. Pantera will finally get pinned after a Latino powerbomb, followed by a frog splash from Veneno.

Third Fall: This one starts off with Anrk & Pantera again, but it quickly becomes a three on three fight, with the rudos in control. The rudos try a pyramid style submission on Felino & Astro, but get knocked over as Pantera makes the save. Then, it is the tecnicos who team up the rudos. Pantera gets flipped on to Veneno by Astro, and the two then pick him and Irish whip him into a missile dropkick from Felino. Hey! That's a nice spot. Rencor takes Veneno's place. Astro powerslams him, and that's followed by a swanton bomb from Pantera. Felino loses his balance on the buckles, but still hits a senton. It becomes one-on-one with Arkangel & Astro. They fight on the buckles, and Astro will quickly hit a super-frankenastro and get the pinfall. Veneno moves in, and he'll make Astro submit to the rocking chair. Pantera moves in and headbutts Veneno out, then takes him out with a tope. We're left with Felino & Rencor. 2 for Latino when he rolls through a rana, and also off a powerbomb. Felino is on the buckles, where Latino tries a top-rope rana. Felino hangs on to block it, and then drops Latino for the three count with a top-rope powerbomb. Latino needs to be helped to the back after that one.

There's some really good action in this one, and Veneno doesn't stink up the proceedings in his usual style. 86.

3. Apolo Dantes, Dr. Wagner Jr, Scorpio Jr vs. Atlantis, Super Porky & Negro Casas

Encuentro de Estrellas is the subtitle for this one. Wagner & Porky are the captains. Negro is wearing the extra-rare white tights.

First Fall: They open with a Negro/Scorp mat segment, which was semi-watchable at best. Wagner & Atlantis were somewhat better, but Porky & Dantes was just a write-off. Comedy spots. A Porky Bronco Buster on all three rudos. If you've never seen Porky, he's as wide around as he is high. After that, it is an armdrag fest with Atlantis & Scorpio. Scorp heads outside, where Porky planchas him off the ring apron. Atlantis then Victory Rolls Apolo followed by a Casas rana on Wagner to give the tecnicos the first fall.

Second Fall: Wagner & Casas paste each other with slaps to start. After Wagner dropkicks Negro in the knee, we're into the rudo control portion of the match. Thankfully, there's a little wrestling here with the brawling, mostly from Wagner & Dantes. Apolo pins Atlantis after a top rope splash, and Casas falls after a Scorp powerbomb.

Third Fall: The rudos control with their 3-on-1 attacks on Porky, Atlantis & Casas in turn. Negro starts the comeback after Apolo misses an elbow off the top. Then, it is tecnico triple teams on Scorp, Apolo and Wagner. Atlantis had some good energy when he was in the ring. It ends suddenly, with a Magistral on Scorpio, and with Porky doing a sitdown on Wagner.

Not as bad as it looked on paper, but still not good. 74.

4. (Trios titles) Signo/Blue Panther/Fuerza Guerrera vs. Safari/Olimpico/Mr. Niebla

Olimpico's ring girl is incredible, even on the scale of EMLL's quality leerworthy ring girls. Niebla's are less so, but they help him load a t-shirt gun which is fired into the crowd. I had to include the t-shirt adjective in there or this would sound sick.

First Fall: The matwork fall. It opens with Blue Panther/Olimpico, and the whole thing is perfectly done. The way EMLL edits their shows nowadays you never see anything of that nature. Fuerza is a good dickish heel, embracing Safari to start their segment, pulling back without clocking him, and then throwing the cheap shot. The second segment with Olimpico/Panther works in more takedowns and throws, ending with a top-rope drop kick. Then the spots starts. Fuerza is kicked outside and plancha-ed by Safari. Niebla wrecks Signo with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Olimpico goes for a Victory Roll, but Panther blocks it, and turns it into a rolling tapitia to give the first fall to the rudos.

Second Fall: The highlight here is an incredibly solid segment with Panther & Niebla. Niebla quebradoras Panther, Olimpico springboards in with a dropkick, and just like that Safari evens the falls with a rana.

Third Fall: We start off with Safari & Fuerza in the battle of the spinebusters. Niebla & Panther then exchange 2 counts. Monkey flip to the floor ends that, but Niebla follows up with a baseball slide and a rolling headbutt (swanton bomb) to the floor. Signo tries to do some dickish things to Olimpico, only for Safari to dropkick him to the outside and Olimpico to launch a plancha. Fuerza comes out on top in his segment with Safari, ending this one with a somersault off the apron. Niebla & Panther are back. Quick moonsault by Niebla. He goes for a second one, and despite the crown and Olimpico warning him not to, he still does it - and hits it. Panther fights back with an armbar, but Niebla is right by the ropes. Niebla gets knocked outside, and Panther goes upstairs with a beautiful plancha. The remaining for go at it. Simultaneously, Safari ranas Fuerza for a pin, as Signo ties up Olimpico. The captains and one-non captain remain for each team, but only for a second, as Signo celebrates, and Safari rolls him up for 3.

That was fun, with great chain wrestling, especially on the part of Blue Panther, and also with everybody except the tubby Signo busting out at least one highspot. Not too crazy about Safari going over two rudos, but that's my only problem here. 95.

5. Tarzan Boy/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Satanico/Shocker/Black Warrior

The winner gets the right to the Infernales name.

First Fall: They're brawling off the start, as Tarzan's team takes out Shocker, Satanico and Warrior in 3-on-1s. The big highlight is an electric chair variant with Warrior standing on Ultimo's shoulders. A double armbar following that sees Warrior eliminated, and Shocker falls soon thereafter with a triple team submission.

Second Fall: The triple teaming continues. Warrior and Shocker both get stomped, and Satanico's short flurry quickly falls to the numbers game. However, as Rey & Ultimo start up the turnbuckles, Shocker and Warrior pull them down and the comeback. All three take turns pitching Tarzan around by his hair. We get to one-on-one as Satanico and Tarzan trade shots in the middle of the ring. You have to love Satanico's surliness. Easily the best 50+ wrestler, and yes, he is better than Flair right now. While I digress about that, Warrior gives Bucanero a Super-Frankensteiner, and Shocker moonsaults Ray for that pin, as Warrior moves over to tie up Ultimo for that submission.

Third Fall: Lots of nice stuff here to show the hate. Warrior dropkick right to the face. More of Tarzan being pitched around by his hair. Great veteran vs. youth stuff. The groups pair off all in the ring at the same time, with them each fighting for a pin or submission. The first dive sees a picture-perfect plancha from Tarzan Boy to splatter Satanico on the Arena Mexico floor. Ultimo then backdrops Warrrior over the top turnbuckle, where he lands into a tope on Bucanero. Shocker backdrops Ultimo outside, then tope con hilos him. That leaves Satanico and Tarzan. Tarzan does get in a top rope dropkick, but he gets backslid for 2 99/100ths. Back up, Tarzan misses a clothesline. From there, the veteran hooks one arm, and then the other, gaining a submission on the young punk.

It took a little while to get going, but when it did there was a great match there. The stuff from the tecnico comeback in Fall 2 to the end is a perfect combination of high-flying showmanship and hatred-feuled brawling. 97.

Magadan interviews Perro Sr. He has the only forehead with more and deeper grooves than Abdullah's. Perro, not Magadan.

6. Perro Aguayo vs. Universo 2000 (Hair vs. Mask)

This is Perro's final Arena Mexico match. Thankfully, it isn't against Universo's incredibly crappy bothers. (Think of Universo as Booker T to Mascara Ano 2000 and Cien Caras' Stevie Ray)

First (and only) Fall: We get to see the worst tope in this sport's history from Perro. The rudo referee gets involved stopping Vilano 3 (Perro's second) from interfering as one of Universo's useless brothers (couldn't tell which, and really don't care) gets in a few shots. The brother will eventually get his when the expected happens as he holds Perro for an Universo tope. The brother gets involved again, distracting the ref and allowing Universo to foul Aguayo. But Aguayo gets his foot on the ropes. Universo then goes to the top, and misses a splash. As it continues, the rudo referee tries to hold back Perro, only for him to get clotheslined himself. A second ref, Roberto Rangel, comes out, and orders the brother (actually, I think it may have been Mascara Ano 2000), and as he is getting to the back, Perro low blows Universo. 2 there, and then the double stomp, only for someone in a Pierroth mask to run out and throw a drink into Perro's face. As Pierroth is escorted out, Universo plants with Aguayo with a piledriver (SHEE-IT), there's no DQ, so it wasn't martinete enough. But it was enough for Perro to get pinned, and get his head shaved while still out like a light.

See my comment for match #3, except this time the quality bar was set far lower than in that match, and this one was far beyond expectations. 79.

Great show, the main event was well worked considering who was involved, the crazy heat made up for it. You really can't go wrong with of the EMLL pay-per-view shows, except maybe the final one from 3/2002, and this one is probably the second best of the bunch (behind the 3/2000 outing).

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