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19.6.18 0901
The W - Guest Columns - NWA TNA Victory Road
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Our opening package highlights the fact that while this is a huge moment in company history, we should not forget that in fact that there are a number of guys chasing their dreams tonight, and ultimately, THEY are what this is all about. “Welcome to the dawn of a new era in professional wrestling!”

We are welcomed LIVE to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! Our hosts tonight are the talking head duo of MIKE TENAY and DON WEST, and to celebrate this momentous pay-per-view, let’s BLOW UP SOME PYRO! Matches are hyped.

Earlier today, MY LEAST FAVORITE WRESTLER, now apparently my least favorite backstage interviewer, bumped into TRIPLE J. Jarrett assures us that Kevin Nash won’t be appearing tonight.

20-MAN GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD (for the X division gauntlet cup)

For those unfamiliar to Gauntlet rules, it runs like a Royal Rumble, with a new guy hitting the ring every 60-90 seconds. However, you can eliminate people either over the top, OR via pinfall/submission. The last 2 then engage in a wrestling match that must end via pinfall or submission. They’re also a lot of fun. FRANKIE KAZARIAN and SONJAY DUTT draw the unlucky #1 and #2 spots. Kazarian tries to dump Dutt early, but he hangs on, and hits a flip rana! A tornado DDT follows, and Dutt tries to send Kazarian over, but can’t quite make it. PUMA is #3, making his TNA debut. Dutt quickly takes care of him with a rana, but can’t toss him before Kazarian gets involved. Puma takes Dutt out with a package Michinoku Driver that serves to kill our young Indian friend. LA PARKA gets a decent pop upon his entrance at #4 - and takes everyone out with chairshots. We get the Parka Strut, but Kazarian gets back in and takes it to him. JARELLE CLARK rushes in at #5, and nails Dutt with a rana immediately. A springboard corkscrew splash connects with Dutt, and everyone pairs off. Dutt gets Clark on the ropes as MIYAMOTO arrives, and I SWEAR he looks identical to Muta. Puma eats an enzuigiri, and Clark tries to dump him, to no avail. Clark opts instead to kill Puma with his 630 senton! The very underrated MICHAEL SHANE bounces out with TRACI BROOKS as our #7 guy. Sweet Chin Music for Puma!!! He and Kazarian dump Puma, to finally see our first elimination at 5:54. Clark follows behind thanks to this duo at 6:00. Miyamoto? 6:07. Parka takes on both guys, while the fans start a “SONJAY” chant. HECTOR GARZA arrives at #8, and kicks the crap out of Shane and Kazarian! Garza runs over Dutt, and Parka flies in with a dropkick. Poor Sonjay’s taking a nasty beating out there. NOSAWA is #9, and immediately goes for Garza. He dropkicks the knees, and follows with a Shining Wizard. Parka jumps in to that mess, but can’t dump Nosawa. MIKEY BATTS, Jarelle Clark’s jobber partner, comes in and lets Michael Shane give him a t-bone. Batts and Parka double team Shane, but Nosawa gets involved. ALEX SHELLEY is #11, and dropkicks Dutt over and out at 10:10. Parka follows courtesy of Kazarian at 10:20. MATT SYDAL returns to TNA, and hits Shelley with a standing moonsault off his back! Shelley rolls out, in serious pain. THE SON is #13, and annoys me just by being here. Of COURSE Siaki gets the honor to destroy everyone standing in the ring before dumping Nosawa at 12:14. Batts dropkicks Garza, but then stupidly follows with a charge, and sees himself elevated over and out at 12:32. My copy of the show seemingly skips forward at this point, with SHARK BOY and JASON CROSS having entered at #14 and #15. Cross tries to eliminate Sydal, and Shelley finishes the job by yanking him off the apron at 13:07! Shelley does jumping jacks to show he was faking the back injury, while PSYCHOSIS arrives at #16. Garza kills him with a German suplex, while Tracy helps Shane avoid being tossed. D RAY 3000, your hero and mine, is #17 - and teams with Shark Boy. They use a battering ram technique to take out a series of guys, but get dumped by Siaki seconds later at 15:02. Asswipe. Psychosis does a giant swing with Cross, and Garza dropkicks Cross while he spins. DON WEST’S FAVORITE WRESTLER is #18. He goes straight for Siaki. Alex Shelley makes the mistake of going up top, and pays for it when Cross shoves him out at 15:45. Psychosis puts Cross on the top rope, and hits him with a spinning heel kick, but Cross falls back in. SPANKY is #19, and beats the holy hell out of Michael Shane. Kazarian tries to toss Spanky, but he hangs on. Back in, Spanky eats Sweet Chin Music. Finally, CHRIS SABIN heads out with the #20 spot. He DDTs Kazarian, and goes after Siaki. With the help Spanky, they double team clothesline him over and out at 18:17. Michael Shane puts Spanky in an electric chair type position, and tries to run him back - only to see himself take a rana and fall at 18:40. Psychosis faceplants Jason Cross, while Kazarian winds up taking a Tower Of Doom Superplex from 7 guys!!! An inverted DDT plants Jason Cross courtesy of Psychosis, and he’s quick work from there, saying goodnight at 19:54. Red and Psychosis get into it, and Red wins that battle, sending Psychosis over and out with an enzuigiri at 20:21. Red tries to take out Kazarian with a rana, but both guys land on the apron, and Kazarian sweeps Red’s feet out, causing him to fall out at 20:34. Spanky tries Sliced Bread #2 on Sabin, but instead is elevated high enough to send him crashing to the floor at 20:44. Kazarian heads up, but Sabin follows, and hits a German superplex, sending Kazarian flying into Garza - and EVERYONE’S dead at this point! Sabin’s first up, and uses a slingshot dropkick on Kazarian, leaving him dangling dangerously on the ropes. Garza takes an enzuigiri, but comes back and winds up dropping Sabin over and out at 21:58. So we’re down to Hector and Kazarian. Kazarian takes Garza out with a legsweep, and follows with a springboard legdrop for 2. Wave Of The Future is blocked with a clothesline, and Garza hits his picture perfect moonsault for 2! Kazarian comes back with a slingshot DDT, getting 2. Both guys are clearly exhausted. Garza counters a rollup with a dropkick to the back of Kazarian’s head, but misses a corkscrew moonsault. Kazarian tries to package Garza, but Garza rolls through, and gets the victory out of nowhere at 24:42!!! ***1/2 Garza is presented with a trophy, and celebrates his victory. The usual fun involving the gauntlet.

ARMANDO QUINTERO meets Hector on the ramp, and asks about his victory. Garza mentions he’s happy to be back in TNA, and appreciates the support of the Hispanic fans backing him.

We get a Dusty Rhodes video package, hyping his bid to become the Director Of Authority. “I’m Dusty Rhodes and I approve this message.” Good lord.

SCOTT HUDSON brings us the current polls, and shows Rhodes with a 54.8 to 45.2 margin over Vince Russo. He mentions that Texas has been overwhelmingly in favor of Rhodes, and New York for Russo. Georgia’s up in the air, and in breaking news, there’s been a webserver crash in Stamford, Connecticut. KID KASH, DALLAS, and THE NATURALS join Hudson, and Kash says he’s the veteran, so he’s in charge. “I’m the greatest of all time.” Ernest Miller may have something to say about that...


Killings is above this crap. Tenay mentions he hasn’t seen Kevin Nash today, but Scott Hall is definitely around. Kinney hits an armdrag on Kash to start, and tags in Badd. Andy Douglas enters on the other side, and takes a series of hiptosses. Badd faceplants Douglas, and brings in Watts. Chase Stevens gives Watts a chop block at the knees, and tags in Dallas! Big man showdown, and Watts chokeslams Dallas to win that one! Dallas comes back with a side slam and goes back to Kash. Kash walks into a big boot, and Kinney re-enters. Kash chops and punches away and goes back to Dallas. Kinney tries to fight Dallas off, but a big boot fights him off. Dallas heads up...HOLY SHIT - misses a moonsault!!! Killings finally tags in and cleans house. Stevens takes an axekick for 2. The ring is cleared of everyone except Badd and Douglas - and Badd hits a rana off the top! Killings heads in with a Pedigree, and wins it at 4:37. 3/4* The faces all slap hands and pose a lot.

Backstage, SHANE DOUGLAS lurks around a limo apparently containing Kevin Nash. SOME LARGE BODYGUARD blocks his path, and Douglas suspects that Nash may not be inside...

MANKIND is locked up somewhere, and has apparently been so for 24 hours without food or water.


Piratita is considerably larger than Sagrada, at 175 pounds to 90. Sagrada hits a rana, and a dropkick sends Morgan to the floor. Sagrada follows with a springboard plancha to floor Morgan - and heads back in. The fans start a “GET THE LADDER” chant to amuse me. A victory roll gets 2. Morgan comes back with a fireman’s carry slam, and follows with a splash to kill Sagrada. He checks for a heartbeat, and when he finds none, Morgan prays for his opponent. Sagrada suddenly comes back to life, and starts armdragging everything that moves, including the ref. Morgan then kicks the ref in the face by mistake, but immediately takes a crucifix rollup from Sagrada, and mercifully it’s over at 2:58. DUD

SCOTT HUDSON pimps Backyard Wrestling 2 - and gives us the latest director update that still sees Rhodes ahead by 10%. California and the West Coast still haven’t been counted however. 3 LIVE KRU pops in and Konnan promises to bring the titles to their camp.

SCOTT HALL wanders towards the ring, wearing colors you never should after Labor Day. After a few false starts, Hall is able to choke out the “Hey Yo!” prompting a “TNA!!!” chant from the fans. Hall mentions he never misses a party, but Kevin Nash unfortunately has and won’t be around tonight. “I was at the first TNA show, and I’m here at Victory Road, and seeing that I’m the guy that’s been in the ladder match, nobody is more interested in the main event than me. Everybody stay tuned and may the best Jeff win.”

3 LIVE KRU vs. TEAM CANADA (with Scott D’Amore) (for the NWA world tag-team titles)


- Canada’s title domination
- 3 Live Kru earns title show
- Experience vs. Youth

Konnan does his pre-match spiel, followed by Road Dogg’s pre-match spiel. Tenay expands on the “Experience vs. Youth” noting that James and Konnan have a combined 29 years experience to the 11 of Roode and Young. James starts and cleans house on both guys. Coach D’Amore tries to regain control - and a crossbody from James misses, causing him to tumble to the floor. Roode attacks on the floor, and drives him back first to the ring. Back in, James is beat on by Young in the heel corner. A backbreaker gets 2. Roode enters, slams James, and follows with a kneedrop for 2. The fans try to rally BG back to life - but Roode knocks Konnan off the apron, and makes a blind switch with Young when K-Dawg throws a shit fit. Young works a front facelock, but James escapes and makes the tag...only the ref isn’t looking, and forces Konnan to stay put. An elbow off the top gets 2 for Young! D’Amore keeps the referee busy while the Canadians try to use the hockey stick on James, but James escapes - and knocks the Canadians together. Konnan enters and hits the rolling clothesline on Young. A double leg slam takes Young down, and he applies the Tequila Sunrise...but Roode saves. James gets hit with a spinebuster by Roode while Konnan and Young fight on the floor, but he can’t follow up, and gets hit with a big boot from James! BG goes for the pumphandle, drawing in D’Amore, but RON KILLINGS appears and chases him off. James is hit with a Northern Lariat, but before he can follow up Konnan hits Roode with an X-Factor, and at 6:57 we have new tag-team champions!!! *1/2 D’Amore screams at Young while the Kru poses with their new belts.

RAVEN is locked up in a room, like Abyss and Brown he has no food. He screams that locking him up was the worst mistake anyone could make - because he’s now completely and justifiably insane.

Vince Russo loves New York and hates Bionic Elbows. He’s Vince Russo and approves this message.

For god knows what reason, TNA’s dragged RODDY PIPER out of the mothballs again, and give him a live microphone. The fans chant “YOU’RE A LEGEND” while Piper rants about liars and thieves. He welcomes the man who was X Division before there was an X Division, JIMMY SNUKA. Piper puts over Snuka’s career, and mentions that something has bothered him for 21 years. He pulls out a coconut, and hands it to Snuka - who’s wide eyed of course. Piper wants Snuka to even the score, and begs him to hit him with the coconut. “Give it to me one time!” Snuka doesn’t move, and KID KASH enters. Kash calls Piper an old fart, and asks to take over. He mentions that Snuka was good for falling off cages, but then reminds the world he’s done a rana off the top of a 20 foot cage through a table - and basically, Piper can’t carry his jockstrap. He goes to take a shot, but Snuka blocks it and chops him down. MICHAEL SHANE and FRANKIE KAZARIAN hit the ring, and go at it with Snuka and Piper. SONJAY DUTT attempts to save, and moonsaults Kash’s hitmen. They both get dumped. Kash winds up with the coconut, and smashes it over Dutt’s head!!! Piper goes after Kash, who bails.

MONTY BROWN skulks around in the dark, and promises to destroy anyone who gets into his path. “Raven, no more mindless delusions. Abyss, no more constipation problems.” He promises that both men will feel the pounce.

Turning Point promo.

TRINITY (with Johnny Swinger and Glen Gilberti, manager of champions) vs. JACQUELINE

The angle here is that Trinity had thrown out an open challenge for the PPV - and nobody was willing to take her up on it. After seeing that nobody answers the call, Trinity celebrates, only to find Jacqueline attack from the crowd. She takes out Swinger and Gilberti in one swift move (headscissors/DDT combo) - and delivers a drop toe hold to Trinity right into Glen’s crotch. A dropkick sends Trinity into the arms of Gilberti and Swinger, and Jacqueline follows with a plancha onto the group. Back in, the match officially starts, and Trinity gets a rollup for 2. Trinity works a headlock, releases, and chops away. A bicycle kick is followed with a powerslam, and a spinkick gets 2 for Trinity. Jacqueline throws a series of rights, and hits a German suplex for 2. Into the corner, Jackie tries the 10-punch count-a-long, but Swinger gives her a jawbreaker, and Trinity follows with the moonsault for the pin at 1:53. 1/4* This pay-per-view is going down the crapper fast... I need a good match and STAT.

SCOTT HUDSON brings us the latest update on the Director Of Authority election, and Rhodes has increased his lead to 55.5% overall. TRIPLE X comes into view, and Chris Daniels offers and apology to Skipper for having wasted a year of their time. Tonight, they promise to get themselves back on track - and will eat AMW alive.

MANKIND vs. RAVEN vs. MONTY BROWN (in a monster’s ball match)

Before the opening bell even rings, Abyss crotches Raven on the guardrail while Brown sets up a table. Abyss quickly finds Brown and posts him shoulder first, then turns back to Raven. With a trashcan in hand, Abyss beats the hell out of Raven in the crowd, and adds a couple shots to Brown for kicks. On the steps, Abyss gives Raven a Baldo Bomb while A HOODED FIGURE watches on from the rafters. Back in the ring, Monty Brown takes the torture rack backbreaker, and Abyss gets 2 before Raven saves. Abyss responds by clotheslining both men. Brown eats an avalanche courtesy of Abyss, but Raven’s able to slug it out with the big man and take him down! Raven quickly dives under the ring and comes up with a chair...which Abyss quickly kicks back in Raven’s face. Abyss grabs the chair, but Raven superkicks him and clotheslines Brown. The chair is setup in the middle of the ring, and Abyss takes the drop toe hold onto it for 2. Brown jumps over a drop toe hold attempt, and throws the chair both into Raven’s face, and then Abyss’. Abyss is dumped with a clothesline, and Raven takes a running kick to the face. A t-bone suplex sends Raven across the ring, and a fallaway slam does the same. Pounce is set...but Raven moves, and Brown clobbers the referee!!!! He’s dead. Back in, Brown scoops up Abyss and powerslams him!!! That gets the crowd going - but he can’t capitalize because Raven inadvertently trips Brown up, and Brown winds up staggering into a Black Hole Slam!!! Abyss heads underneath the ring, and comes up with a bag. This prompts a “FOLEY!!!” chant from the fans, as Abyss positions Brown on the top rope. Abyss goes to the bag, and hauls out thousands of thumbtacks!!!! He heads up for a superplex...but Brown fights him off, and Raven enters! Raven quickly gets himself underneath Abyss, and powerbombs him off the top INTO THE THUMBTACKS!!!!!! Raven covers...and the ref awakes to count 2! Good LORD! Raven hauls a table into the ring and stacks it into the corner. Abyss jumps back onto the apron, but Raven fights him off - and sends Abyss crashing through a ringside table earlier setup by Brown!!!! Raven turns...right into a POUNCE from Brown, and that’s enough for the win at 9:02! **1/2 That match *really* needed another 8-10 minutes at least considering the brutality they were trying to go for.

In the back, SHANE DOUGLAS is still trying to get past A BODYGUARD in order to talk to whomever’s in the limo. DON HARRIS shows up and starts shoving around Douglas for some reason.

SCOTT D’AMORE and PETEY WILLIAMS stand with SCOTT HUDSON. Hudson reminds us that AJ Styles is the greatest X Division champion of all time - but Williams reminds Hudson that he’s the champion. D’Amore says that if Williams loses, he’s going back to Windsor, Ontario. That’s just harsh.


- Team Canada’s strategy
- AJ’s passion
- Canadian Destroyer vs. Styles Clash

AJ STYLES vs. PETEY WILLIAMS (with Scott D’Amore) (for the NWA TNA X division title)

They slug it out briefly to start, but AJ quickly takes Williams down with a series of waistlocks. A cradle gets 2. Williams and Styles start trading pin attempts, getting off a series of 2 counts to a small ovation. They trade chops, and Styles hits a rana. A picture perfect dropkick takes off the head of Williams, and AJ follows with an enzuigiri on the floor!!! Styles heads back in, and hits a hands free tope con hilo!!! Williams rolls back in, and hits a jawbreaker. D’Amore sneaks in a couple of cheapshots, and with Styles down, Williams ties AJ to the tree of woe! Williams stands on Styles’ CROTCH, and starts singing the Canadian National Anthem! PRICELESS! The crowd splits off into 2 sections, alternating between “LET’S GO AJ!” and “LET’S GO PETEY!” Williams ties him up a second time - but this time AJ manages to do a situp in mid-move, and gives Williams an upside down German! Styles is back on his feet, and just clocks Williams with an enzuigiri! A backdrop suplex hits the mark, and Styles follows with a springboard forearm for 2! D’Amore nearly has a heart attack. Williams counters something in midair, and hits a side Russian legsweep! He goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Styles counters with a double leg slam head first into the turnbuckle! Vicious! Styles attempts a Styles Clash, but it’s blocked, and they roll around with AJ on top, getting 2 before D’Amore interrupts! Williams grabs the hockey stick, but the ref pulls it away, allowing Williams to clock AJ with the belt behind the ref’s back...for 2! Williams sees the match ticking away. Williams again goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Styles runs him back to the top rope! They fight up top, and D’Amore grabs Styles’ leg. Williams blocks the superplex, and follows with the Canadian Destroyer, retaining his title at 9:50! ***1/4 This is the second match in a row that REALLY needed more time. Styles gets in a couple of shots on D’Amore after the match before TEAM CANADA saves.

TRIPLE J tapes up his arms while SCOTT HALL looks on.

Meanwhile, JEFF HARDY rubs paint on his face.

TRIPLE X vs. AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (in a death match)

Pier 9 brawl to start - and everyone winds up on the floor. Eventually, we sort things up and James Storm starts with Skipper. Inverted suplex hits, as does a double team clothesline - getting 1 for Harris before Daniels saves. Storm superkicks Daniels, and they go for the Death Sentence, but Elix saves halfway through the move - and winds up taking the legdrop himself!!! Harris nails a TKO on Daniels, and scores a pinfall at 1:48. Daniels gets up at 8, but Harris is right back on him with a 360 powerbomb causing Daniels to scream like a girl. He manages to give Harris a side slam, and Skipper comes in for 1. Skipper slams Daniels on top of Harris - and then hit a powerplex for 2. Daniels starts driving his knee into the back of Harris, but he fights up and clotheslines Daniels! Storm tags in and takes out both members of Triple X. Daniels takes a rana, and Skipper suffers a powerslam for 2. Storm goes for a superkick, but Daniels dropkicks him at the knees. Triple X quickly takes advantage with a variation of 3-D, and score a pin at 5:32. Storm gets to his feet at 9, but in a distraction, Daniels nails the injured knee of Storm HARD with a chair, and gets another pinfall at 6:09. He ain’t getting up this time, leaving Harris in a 2-on-1. He heads in, but walks into a Rock Bottom, but Daniels’ BME misses - and Harris hits a spear for 2. Skipper comes flying off the top with an elbow, but hits his own partner! Skipper goes up again, and Harris shoves him hard off the top into the guardrail below!! That’s gotta smart. Harris then connects with the guillotine off the top rope, and gets in a pin at 7:36. Daniels can’t respond, falling back down at 10 - and he’s out! Skipper and Harris go at it, and Harris manages to block the Play Of The Day with a powerbomb for 2. Skipper again tries the Play Of The Day, but Harris’ back goes out, and he just collapses - but still gets in a dragon screw at the same time. Skipper rolls out to get a chair, but Harris blocks it - and hits a Catatonic onto the chair, getting a controversial 3. Skipper fails to answer, and AMW scores a questionable win at 11:17. **1/4 Post-match, Daniels takes down Harris with a chairshot, and attempts to handcuff him before Storm saves. Then he’s taken out with a chairshot - and both members of AMW wind up handcuffed together, beaten with chairs. This one never even got going, and once again time is definitely a factor. Couldn’t they have just cut out the women and the midgets earlier and added 5 minutes to each of the last 3 matches???

TRIPLE J skulks around while SCOTT HUDSON hypes the main event. Jarrett says that climbing the ladder and retaining the title is the only thing on his mind - and reminds Hardy that Nash isn’t around.

MIKE TENAY stands mid-ring to announce who our new Director Of Authority is. Our winner with 55.6% is DUSTY RHODES, who makes his way to the ring. A dejected VIC VENOM stares on from the back, standing with LARRY ZBYSZKO. Rhodes whoops it up with the fans, and announces in light of our last match that we’re getting a rematch between Triple X and AMW at the next PPV in a cage. Rhodes then leads the fans in a “TNA” chant so that the boys up North can hear ‘em loud.

JEFF HARDY vs. TRIPLE J (in a ladder match for the NWA TNA world heavyweight title)


Hardy                Jarrett
6'2" Height 6'1"
224 Weight 238
10 Years Pro 18

- The rematch
- The ladder
- The Outsiders

JEREMY BORASH has apparently been reduced to the Michael Buffer role. Jarrett attacks before the bell, but Hardy was prepared and hammers back. Jarrett positions a ladder in opposite corners - but winds up getting whipped into both by Hardy. They start a tug-o-war over one of the ladders, so Hardy lets Jarrett win, and spears it into Jarrett’s midsection. In a scissors style position, Jarrett is placed between a ladder, and Hardy starts cutting back and forth. He then turns the ladder upside down like stilts, and stands on Jarrett in the middle. Hardy uses an inverted legsweep on Jarrett, positions a ladder on the corner, and tries his leapfrog legdrop...but misses! Jarrett immediately grabs the ladder and starts smashing away at Hardy’s back. Outside the ring, Jarrett positions a ladder between the guardrail and ring, and hotshots Hardy stomach first across it. Back in, Jarrett uses the ladder as a battering ram, knocking Hardy off the apron and on to the referee. Jarrett starts his climb, but Hardy bounces back in off the top rope, and dropkicks the ladder away. Hardy positions Jarrett on a ladder in the middle of the ring, and delivers a Swaton!!! SCOTT HALL comes out at this point and attacks Hardy...hitting an Outsiders Edge off the middle of the ladder! DON HARRIS runs in to chase off Scott Hall, but Hall decides instead to take a ringside seat. Hardy grabs a chair and legdrops it across the back of Jarrett. Hardy sets up one ladder on top of another, heads up, and does a senton backsplash onto the edge of one - causing it to slingshot into Jarrett’s face! Hardy starts his climb, but Jarrett’s on the other side, and they meet at the top. Hardy decides to face jam Jarrett off the top - and kicks away. Scott Hall attacks again, and pounds away on Hardy on the floor. Jarrett climbs during the distraction, but Hardy scoots away from Hall, and shoves Jarrett off the top of the ladder and into the turnbuckle! Hardy heads up, and gets within a finger of it...however, Jarrett recovers and shoves Hardy off the top to the floor. Hall tries to attack again, but Hardy is able to fight him and Jarrett both of - and escapes to the safety of the ring. The two start to recover, so Hardy hits a pescado onto both, and yanks out the Great Big Huge Ladder from under the ring!!! Jarrett and Hardy both head up this thing, and wind up shoving eachother off...onto Scott Hall, flattening him like a cartoon character. No shit, I mean they flat out squashed him!!! The Jeffs head into the ring, and set up 2 ladders. They slowly climb and meet on top, where Hardy delivers the classy kick to the balls - and follows with a sunset flip over one ladder. Jarrett scurries to the ring apron, so Hardy simply sunset flips him AGAIN, this time to the floor in a powerbomb position. Hardy gets back in, and Scott Hall follows him in for the zillionth time with a chair, so Hardy has enough and gives him a Twist Of Fate, followed by a Swanton. Up he goes again, but Jarrett catches him with a chair to the back. Jarrett goes up, guitar in hand...but KEVIN NASH strolls out slowly. With a guitar in each hand, he heads in. Nash calmly hands one over to Scott Hall, and all 3 guys get in a shot on Hardy. Hardy’s dead, and Jarrett retains with ease at 18:33. **1/4

Nash isn’t done, and grabs the stick. “You know, I was wondering why Jeff Hardy was green in the match. Then someone pointed out that he was green with envy, because he must have been standing next to me earlier at the urinal. Oh yeah, that’s us, we’re back. Let me tell ya something, these things we do, we take over.” The rambling continues, and Nash calls out anyone in the back with a sack. AJ STYLES wastes NO time in running out, and hits a springboard double clothesline on Jarrett and Hall - and then takes Hall out with an enzuigiri. Styles and Nash go face to face, and Styles dropkicks him!!! He goes for the Styles Clash on Jarrett, but Nash hits a big boot. 3 LIVE KRU attacks next, but the Outsiders win that easily - including a gorgeous Outsider’s Edge on Killings. BG James eats a powerbomb when we cut to the back and the limo...and next thing you know RANDY SAVAGE is headed to the ring!!! And as always, we’re out of time... WCW rolls on!

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